Lilly In The Research Project, Part 3

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by Corn53

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Published: 5-Apr-2012

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This is fiction.

The Research Party: Lilly's Mommy And The Ride To The Party

"Hi, Dana. I'm Nurse Elise, and I'm here to pick up Lilly for the Research Party."

The two smiling women shook hands as Nurse Elise entered Dana's apartment. Lilly was smiling by the door; looking at Nurse Elise. She liked her right away.

Nurse Elise leaned down and shook hands with Lilly. "You're even prettier than Dr. Vicky said! You'll have so much fun tonight, and I'll be with you most of the evening. We'll get your make-up on, and a fancy, party dress, before any of the other researchers get there." Then Nurse Elise opened her purse and took out a large envelope and handed it to Dana. "There may be another envelope for you when I bring your little star back late tonight. A bonus if she is especially cooperative during the party. You'll find other envelopes inside this big one with some little things that you and Dr. Vicky talked about."

This time it was Dana who blushed, knowing that Elise was referring to pictures of other little girls that she could pick from - girls she would undress, kiss all over, and masturbate. She felt her breath catch as she took the big envelope. Dana was excited by the thousand dollars and by the thought of doing those things with cute, little girls. She said, "Thank you. I'll look through these. I made sure Lilly took a long, perfumed bubble bath right after breakfast so she would be so clean and fresh all over for you and the doctors. I reminded her to wash especially good between her legs."

"Very good. We like our girls to be clean and fresh for their inspections and for the games. I'm sure Lilly will have a good time today. I'll be the one who makes sure that Lilly's anus is well lubricated before any of the doctors inspect her there. I'll make sure she is very slippery back here." She bent down again, and patted Lilly's bottom through her shorts. "I'll lubricate the doctor's finger before he pushes it in. Lilly can watch me lubricate each doctor's finger so she will know that his finger is slippery, too. And I'll remind each doctor to push in slowly at first, until she gets used to the bigger fingers. The other girls love it, but it's important to be well lubricated and slippery."

Dana said, "Yes, that's very important." Both women looked at Lilly who was blushing a bright red, but still smiling. "Watch Nurse Elise lubricate the man's finger, Lilly. It won't hurt if it's real slippery. For the research, he needs to feel how tight you are back there."

"That's right." Said Nurse Elise, "In fact..." She looked at Lilly, "in fact, well, it feels wonderful as the finger pushes in, as you know. The other girls like the bigger fingers of the men because it feels tighter. And it's more exciting because it's a man and there will be people watching, and some of the other girls, too. And cameras." She looked at Dana, "We'll let Lilly watch some of the other girls getting fingered first, so she will see that it feels good to them, before we let the doctors push a slippery finger Lilly's bottom. And I make sure all the lubricant is wiped off after each of the men doctors and even when one of the girls fingers her, so none of the lubricant will get on her pretty dresses and outfits. The girls will get to wear lots of special outfits; high heels, ultra-sheer nighties, specialty corsets, garter belts and hose - lots of fun, sexy things. One of the goals in our research is to see how much little girls naturally love acting sexy and getting stimulated. So besides getting fingered and stimulated by each of the doctors and other girls, our girls know they will each have several orgasms - orgasms that are even more intense because of the new people watching, and like I said, the cameras. When a girl is about to orgasm, we usually have one camera on her face and one of wherever she is being stimulated."

"I know she'll have fun." Said Dana. "And remember: this is for medical research, so just do everything they say, and let each of the doctors examine you."

"I know, Mommy." Lilly said, still blushing.

"Take your time looking at the little things in the envelope, Dana. I'll pick up your choices when I bring Lilly home tonight after the party. And the other envelope I give you when I bring Lilly back home will have a little bonus for you, and an even bigger bonus if you'll need to wash her hair, like if she gets something sticky in it - like paste or something from an arts and crafts game or maybe playing with some new things she hasn't played with before. Just maybe. We'll see."

"Oh, but they won't..."

"No, of course not. The doctors know better. But... and it depends on how much fun Lilly is having, some of them might let her play with something as they stand behind curtains. We don't want the girls to know... well, which one belongs to whom, and we can't let them be in the video clips. But we do like to see how well the girls enjoy playing with new things. And then she just might get a little sticky stuff in her hair."

"Well, I guess that would be OK. Paste and things wash out. She got some in her hair at school last year, when her hair was longer." Dana winked at Nurse Elise when Lilly picked up a tube of lipstick that had suddenly fallen out of Nurse Elise's purse.

"You'll like the men doctors in our research program, Lilly. Of course they will each be wearing a white, lab coat, but they might want to hold you on their laps to practice kissing so they can see that you know how to kiss a man. Won't that be fun?"

"Gee. Really?"

"Yes, really!" laughed Nurse Elise. "They will put you in different positions on their laps to get to know you and ask you questions and feel you all over. It's part of the examination."


"And if they put you in spanking position across their laps, they won't spank hard. You'll have on a fancy dress, but usually for the first hour of the parties, the little girls aren't wearing panties, so the doctors can do quick examinations while they are getting to know you and ask you questions. But you'll have fun. You can watch the other girls having fun, before I take you to meet one of the doctors and sit on his lap. Maybe I'll have you just hold a doctor's hand and walk around with him, watching the other girls. He might ask you questions about what you think about the things the other doctors and the little girls are doing. They won't be fingering during that first hour, but just having fun with you girls - kissing, touching, tickling, spanking, dancing, and so on. And sometimes the doctors just watch two of you girls playing together - kissing, dancing, or touching. It's all fun. Very short dresses, and very high heels. Fun. You'll see."

Dana bent down and kissed Lilly on the cheek. "Have fun, Honey, and do everything they tell you. Try not to be embarrassed about anything, because this is for medical research."

"I know, Mommy. I'll do my best." She was trying to stand still, but kept squirming as she thought about all those things she would be doing with the doctors and with the other girls.

Dana looked at Nurse Elise. "I had her wear her usual Saturday play clothes over her new, silky, pink panties. Dr. Vicky said I should have her wear normal clothes so nobody would notice her leaving and ask me about it."

"Yes. Very good. We'll dress her up before the party. Even a little perfume today. I'll be dressing her myself."

They got in Nurse Elise's car. While adjusting her seatbelt, Elise flicked on the tape recorder under the seat. Dr. Vicky and her website editors would superimpose pictures and video clips over Lilly's candid comments. Vicky had given Elise several great questions and themes, and suggestions, that Elise could start conversations with, "When I was your age..., I remember - (doing x, y, or z) - with one of my girlfriends." They headed for the party house, over an hour away. Nurse Elise forced herself not to touch the cute girl, but asked lots of leading question and shared some of her own imaginary experiences from her pre-teen years - always steering the girl to reveal more and more about her developing sex life. By the time they got to the party house in the country both Lilly and Nurse Elise had wet panties.

Some of Lilly's comments and answers that Elise knew would be chosen for video clips were:

"Yes, I did get to play doctor with my friend, Tina, and we took off each other's panties. I kind of made it a game, like to take turns undressing each other. And guess what, we even took turns putting Vaseline in each other's bottoms. I got her to think it was mostly her idea, and I pretended I didn't want to, but then she did it to me while I held my bottom pulled open for her with both hands. I pretended her finger felt too big, but told her to keep pushing it in, and then it felt really good, and then I told her it felt so wonderful and I asked her to keep putting her finger in me - and to go all the way in and out. And she did. She said she had never done that before and I told her that I had never done it either, but I heard an older girl talking about it at the pool, that her boyfriend did it to her during her period. Then she wanted me to do that to her, since I said it felt so good, so she could see what it felt like. She didn't like it at first, but I kept doing it and started to tickle her clitty with my other hand, and then she started really liking it and didn't want me to stop.

"Well, I wanted to kiss her on the mouth, but she didn't want to, so we didn't do that, but we did pretend we were babies nursing on each other - like taking turns. That was fun, and we had done that before, but I pinched her a little bit before we started and she liked it. I even nibbled on her a little bit the way Tanya showed me. She liked it.

"No, we couldn't do any pussy spanking at first, but I did tap her a little bit and she liked it, but she didn't want me to use a ruler to pretend to spank it. Then Tina said that maybe she would let me, if she could spank mine first. She used my six inch, plastic ruler that has advertising and the numbers on one side. I had it sitting out, and had practiced spanking myself in private, so I knew it would work. I pretended it was too hard at first, but told her to keep doing it, and then I asked her to go faster, and then I said she should go faster and harder because it was making it tingle all over and get bigger. She looked at my clitty and said it was getting bigger, so she kept doing it, and then she wanted a turn, so I started spanking her pussy, and then had her open up so I could spank right on her clitty. She really liked that. I didn't spank it too hard. He clitty kept getting stiffer and bigger. It was kind of funny, just like when Tanya was doing it to mine. I wonder if I'll get to do it with any of the girls at the party.

"Ice cubes? What do you do with ice cubes?"

After hearing a few kinky ideas from Nurse Elise, Lilly said, "Gee, that sounds funny. It really makes your nipples stiffen up and get more sensitive? Gee. Well I guess I would try it."

"I know, and I'll let them see me there. I've thought about letting the men look at me there, and touch me there, and it's so embarrassing, but even thinking about it does make it tingle, like Tanya told me it would. She said she likes letting men look at hers. And my friend Tina says she lets men see her panties on purpose sometimes and the thinks it funny how they try to look, but pretend they aren't looking. She pretends she doesn't know they are looking, like especially at the food court at the mall when she's in a short dress, and she sits with her knees apart and lets them look. Tina says it's exciting and makes her panties wet. I'm going to try it with her sometime - like we'll pretend to be doing our homework sometime after school starts next month. But, I'll let them look at it tonight, of course, and I'll let them pull my panties down and touch it. Mommy says I have to, and it does make it tingle when I imagine that - like with men and cameras watching somebody touch it. And like over the last month I've been looking at men's fingers, and I wonder what they would feel like pushing in me, like either in front or in back. Some fingers look too big, like they would hurt, but Tanya told me the big fingers feel extra good when they push in, like especially in the bottom, if it's real slippery."

Nurse Elise assured Lilly that she would make sure the man's fingers were really slippery. "And I'll get your anus really slippery first, too. I'll wipe you off when the man is done examining you there. Try to pretend it feels good when he does it."

"Well, it really does feel good, at least when Dr. Vicky, and then Tanya, and then my friend, Tina did it, but their fingers are smaller than a man's. But I'll try it. And Dr. Vicky said that if I don't want to do something, then I don't have to, but she also told me that I should try it and then I'll probably like it - whatever it is - once I've tried it."

"Good." Said Nurse Elise.

"Oh, and Tanya said something that maybe some of the men doctors would kiss me and lick me there. Is that right? Would they really want to do that? I mean, I'm little and don't even have big boobies. I thought men just liked big boobies."

Then Nurse Elise tactfully explained that many men do, but that many men, maybe even most men, like seeing a pretty, young girl's bald pussy, too, that it really turns them on for some reason. She knew the answer, but Elise asked anyway, if Lilly had ever seen a real cock - a man's or a boy's.

"No, but I did see a little baby's once, when I was at a friend's house and she had to change the baby's diaper. It wasn't even an inch long, but I liked looking at it. I even helped wash it off. And I've seen a couple of videos, like when a man let a girl suck on his big, stiff thing. The girls in the videos kept sucking and rubbing, and that part looked like fun, but then white stuff squirted in her face, and one of the girls even got lots of it in her mouth and swallowed it. Wouldn't that make you sick?"

Before Elise could answer, Lilly said, "But I have heard girls at the pool talking about it, and a couple of them seemed to like it and a couple of them said they always spit it out but they said their boyfriends liked doing that; squirting their stuff in the girl's mouth. It sounds pretty yukky to me."

"So, Lilly, would you like to watch a man's thing squirt out his cum?"

"I've been curious about it. She thought a few seconds. "Well, yes, I would like to see that sometime. Do you ever taste it, Nurse Elise?"

"Well, I have a few times, and I swallowed it. It's not so bad once you're used to it. But I might be able to ... well, to arrange for you to watch something like that."

"Gee. That would be pretty cool, but it would be hard not to tell Tina I saw one of them squirt stuff. But I can keep a secret. I didn't tell her about the research project. I just tell her I went to visit one of Mommy's relatives because she wonders where I go if I'm not home."

"That's good. You need to have something to tell her, especially when you start to do new things with her, like when you fingered her bottom."

"She really liked it once I got her slippery. It was like she dared me to try it first and then she did it to me and she saw how much I liked it so she wanted to try it."

"That's good, Lilly, how you talked about hearing about it from some girls at the pool. But now, back to today, I know the other girls are looking forward to playing with you. They want to kiss you; touch you; see you all over... and everything else. So just have fun, and don't worry about the doctors and the cameras. OK?"

"I know. Dr. Vicky told me. She says, 'Just ignore the cameras,' so I try to do that."

Nurse Elise looked at her watch. "We're running early, Lilly, so we have plenty of time before any of the men get there. Dr. Vicky told me that you are beginning to get a little fuzz. That really turns some men on. They like looking at a little, bald pussy, with just a little wispy fuzz. Unsnap your shorts and tug them down a little bit. We're out in the country now. Let me see and feel how much fuzz you have. Then I'll know if the men would like to see you and touch you there. Of course, once you start getting the wax treatments in a few months you'll be completely bald there again." She looked over at Lilly who was fussing with her seatbelt and the snap on the front of her shorts. "Maybe I should pull over so you can take off your seat belt and just pull your shorts and panties down so I can look at you. Can you tell if you're already getting wet? This will be such an exciting party for you tonight - your first one!"

Nurse Elise Licks Lilly's Wet Pussy

She backed into a narrow, gravel lane with a steel cable stretched between two crooked and cracked wooden fence posts. "That's it, Lilly. All the way down to your ankles. Lay your knees apart as wide as you can for me. I'll be looking at you a lot later on tonight, but it will never be private because people will be milling around - all wanting to check you out." Nurse Elise had Lilly take off her panties and shorts and change positions to lean against her door and put one foot on the seat to spread herself wide open. She pushed the power seats all the way back to have more room. "Lilly, it's lovely. Just perfect. Dr. Vicky told me it was perfect and that all the men would want to look at it and touch it and smell it. I see your panties already have a nice wet spot. And it's just a little fuzzy so they will know you're big enough to finger." Then Elise added, "Big enough to model like this for the researchers. To show them how far apart you can spread your l egs."

"I've been practicing spreading my legs like Dr. Vicky said. But are you sure no cars will drive by and see us?"

"We're not on the main road to the place we're going. This is more of a local road with no traffic. Dr. Vicky told me she smelled her finger that first day after she fingered you, and she said you smelled delicious and she couldn't wait to taste you. Maybe she'll taste you tonight. Would you like that?"

"Gee, she wants to?"

"Yes. That's what she told me. She wants to taste you. You need to let men, women, and girls see you; touch you; and taste you. You know that, don't you?"

"I didn't think about it. I knew about the girls and the men, but I didn't know women would want to. Gee. I think it will be embarrassing to hold my lips apart to let the men see me and then lick me. Dr. Vicky told me they would do that."

"If you want, I could show you how a woman would kiss you there. I see a little bit of fuzz, but it is just perfect to turn on a man. Now I want to see if it smells good... and tastes good like Dr. Vicky said. OK? Then you would be used to it if other women want to taste you, too."

"Well, OK, Nurse Elise. You can if you want to. It's all tingly down there, so it's probably kind of wet and yukky, like maybe gooey, especially after talking about... well, that I have to let men see me and touch me there while I keep my legs apart. So if you don't mind if it's a little gooey, then you can do it." Nurse Elise was gentle and experienced. She soon has Lilly moaning. She didn't mind a bit that Lilly was 'a little gooey.'.

A few minutes later, back on the road, heading towards the party, Nurse Elise felt that her panties were very wet, too; maybe wetter than Lilly's. She knew they would both have a great time! "That wasn't so bad, was it, Lilly? Getting kissed there by an older woman?"

"No, it felt good, but I was worried about cars driving by, but I didn't see anybody. And, umm, well, Dr. Vicky did kiss me on my mouth. We kept practicing that on my very first research session, and then she rubbed me between my legs at the same time, but she didn't kiss me there. I didn't know that regular people did that. I though it was only lesbians who kissed girls down there, but then last week Tanya and me... well we kept doing that to each other."

"Did it feel good?"

"Yes, it felt great."

"And you liked it when I kissed you down there?"


"I liked it, too. I told myself I would wait until we got to the party house before I would touch you, but you're so cute I just couldn't wait, and I wanted some private time with you. And Dr. Vicky was right - you do smell good. And you taste good, too."

"That's what Tanya said."

"I heard you liked tasting her, too. Did you?"

"Yes. It seemed funny at first, but then I liked how she tasted and it felt good on my tongue and my mouth, like feeling her clitty and her lips and even like around her wet vagina. That's where I could really taste her."

"Tanya told Dr. Vicky that she thought you were wonderful in every way, and she wants to play with you again. Would you like that?"

"Yes. Gee. I like playing with Tanya."

"She won't be at this party. She had to be somewhere else today, but maybe next month you and a few other girls could get researched together."

"Oh, I was hoping to see her today, but next month sounds like fun, too. She said she likes hard spankings. I gave her some, but she said they weren't hard enough. I didn't want to hurt her. She's my friend."

"Some girls just love a good, hard spanking. Not too hard, but hard enough to sting a little bit, because that makes it feel even better to get fingered in your bottom. And it gives your bottom cheeks a rosy, red glow - so pretty for the pictures. Lots of our girls get very wet during a spanking. Wet enough to see - some white cream oozing out. And they know that just the site of that white cream gets some men excited. The doctors would notice, so let them spank you. Wiggle around and say 'ouch,' each time the spank hits your bottom. They like that, too. The girls know they are going to get fingered and vibrated right after their spanking and they will have an especially big orgasm. And it's even bigger with people and cameras watching. You'll see. Maybe you'll even get to try it, but not too hard, since you're not used to it yet. You like having orgasms, don't you?"

"Yes, but I still feel funny about other people watching. And cameras."

"Trust me. That makes your tingles even bigger. So go ahead and feel embarrassed and blush, and enjoy the feelings."


"Think about this today while you're letting a man look at your pussy. You know he's looking at it, and he knows that you know he is looking. You'll feel the tingles start even before he touches it. One of the things you girls have to do today during the party, is to carry on a conversation even while he is looking at it or touching it. Just talk as if everything is just fine, because it is. You'll see. It's a fun game. He might ask you about school, or swimming, or watching TV, or licking another girl between her legs and then you just talk to him in a normal voice while he feels you and looks at you. OK?"

"Well, gee. I'll try."

"And if Dr. Vicky wants to kiss and lick your pussy in private, let her do that. And tell her you had been hoping that she would do that ever since Tanya licked you and you learned how good it feels."

"OK. I'll let her. And anyway, Mommy says I need to cooperate with everybody."

"Good girl. Oh, there is the house, down this long lane. We'll park in the grass next to the driveway."

There were already a dozen cars parked in the grass. "I see a few people are here already."

"Gee. How many are coming?" Lilly asked.

"I think about thirty or forty, but I'm not sure. There will be five of you girls, and you are the stars, of course. I think a dozen doctors who will want to examine you, and maybe another ten men who are 'sponsors,' who help with the funding with the whole research project, and they will want to examine you, too. You'll have so much fun."

"What do you mean by sponsors? I thought it would just be doctors."

"I'll explain more later, but they are the men who gave our hospital the money for our research grant. I know they want to meet you. They've seen all your videos and they think you are so sexy and cute and that you're getting so grown up!"

"Gee. And I have to let them see my ... you know."

"Well, of course, Silly. They are paying for the whole research project. You need to be extra nice to them. They aren't doctors themselves, but they are interested in research, so let them examine you. I know they all want to kiss you. They think you're very cute."

"Really? Me?"

"Yes, you! And of course they want to watch you playing with the other girls. A few of them told me they especially enjoyed watching you kiss and suck on Tanya's pussy. They want to sponsor additional research on you. Your Mommy will be happy that you might get to do additional research sessions. Wouldn't that make her happy, Lilly?"

"Well, yes, especially since she hasn't found another job yet. But like what kind of research? You mean with other kids?"

"We need to go inside now, and the other doctors and sponsors aren't here yet. But I think you will be working with other kids in your research. We'll get you all dressed up now, with a little make-up. I'll fix your hair and spray on a little perfume. Remember to be extra nice to all the doctors and sponsors, and of course, with the other girls. They will hold you on their laps and kiss you, so be sure to enjoy it and kiss back however they are kissing you."

"Gee. Oh, it's a big, fancy house."

Lilly heard big dogs barking somewhere behind the house. There was a stock man in a dark suit standing outside the door. He greeted both of them by name and told them to have a good time. "And I'll enjoy watching your videos later, Lilly."

Nurse Elise led Lilly into the house.

"Is he coming to the party, Nurse Elise?"

"No, he'll be standing out in front. The back of the house is protected by the dogs, so don't go out any of the back doors during the party. I'll lead you back out the front door when we leave in a few hours. We know that it's only approved doctors and sponsors and you girls attending the party tonight."

Getting Ready For The Party

Nurse Elise and Lilly walked through the downstairs and met several men. A few of them had on white lab coats, and the other men were dressed nicely, too - either in a sport coat, suit, or dressy sport clothes. Each of the doctors and sponsors greeted Lilly by name. They smiled and said they had really enjoyed her videos and that they were glad she was in the research program. Lilly blushed as she shook hands and thanked them for the compliments. One man, a little older, in slacks and a knit golf shirt said that he thought she had the prettiest, plumpest little bald pussy he had ever seen.'

Lilly said, "Thank you."

"I want to see it up close a little later tonight. OK, Lilly?"

"Yes, OK." Lilly was blushing and still holding his hand since he didn't let go of it when they shook hands. He was bending forward so his face was closer to her face.

He said, "And Dr. Vicky told me you smell great, too, and that you get real wet and have wonderful orgasms. I would like to help you have an orgasm later. Would you like that?"

She was blushing brightly, noticing that other people were listening. "Well, yes, you can help me."

"I watched the videos of your orgasms, and I'm wondering if you like a vibrator on your clitty or a mouth on it, or a finger in your bottom and little pussy spanks. What's your favorite, and what would you like me to do to help you?"

"Umm, gee, well, it's ummm, all feels good, but I guess a vibrator or a mouth and a finger, like you know, at the same time."

"So you want me to push a finger in your bottom, in and out, and use a vibrator or my mouth on your clitty at the same time?"

"Yes. Gee."

Nurse Elise said, "Isn't that great, Lilly? Mr. Thompson wants to help you have an orgasm later."

"Umm, ye - yes." The blushing girl stammered as she scissored her knees and looked at the floor.

"And Mr. Thompson," Nurse Elise said, with her hand on Lilly's back, "She does taste and smell great like you said, and her plump lips are very firm, and she gets really, really wet, just the way you like them, so I'm sure you'll both have a good time later. She knows she has to be extra nice to our sponsors, so she will let you help her however you want. Her bottom is firm, too. Be sure to use lots of lubricant, Mr. Thompson. She loves getting fingered in her bottom as long as she is slippery. Show her the finger you will use."

Lilly was still blushing and squirming while she kept looking at his finger. Then she looked back down at the floor. Several adults were standing around them as they talked.

"Well, I'd better take her upstairs to get her hair done and get her all dressed up and then some make-up." She looked down at Lilly, who was still smiling, squirming, and blushing. "That probably makes it tingle, doesn't it, Lilly, just talking about those things, especially letting Mr. Thomas push that great big finger all the way in your slippery bottom."

"Ye, ye, yes. Tingles."

"Put your hand around his finger, Lilly. Slide your hand up and down on it and imagine him pushing that big, slippery finger all the way in your bottom. It's big and it will feel so good. But before he does that, you'll get to play with the other little girls, and they will get your bottom slippery and loosened up for you, so his will slide in easier later. All of you girls will finger each other's bottoms to help loosen them up for the big fingers later on. And I promised your Mommy that I would make sure you were really slippery, and that the man's finger is real slippery, too. Aren't you glad he wants to help you have an orgasm?"

"Ye, ye, yes. Gee."

"And if it feels really good to you, then he might do some private research with us some other day - like an extra session so your Mommy will get another envelope. And you will have fun. And I'll be with you to make sure you get well lubricated. But you would play other games first, before he does that. That's what happens in the private research sessions. They are lots of fun. Sometimes there are a few other people, like another little girl, and another man, but sometimes it would just be you and me and another adult." She looked at Mr. Thompson. "Lilly knows how to pull her bottom open real wide, so it will be easier for you to get her lubricated. Tell him how you pull it open, Lilly."

"I use both hands, and just pull it open. And like bend over more, depending on what position I'm in to get fingered." Lilly said. She glanced up at him and smiled.

"I'm sure we'll have fun, Lilly, especially if you pull it open real wide for me. Now you run on up and get dressed. I can't wait to see your plump, firm pussy. I hope it is as firm as Nurse Elise says!" He laughed, and scooted her towards the stairs.

Lilly and Nurse Elise were holding hands as they went up the stairs. Lilly said, "He's nice."

As they walked into the big bedroom that had been converted into a dressing room, the met Dr. Vicky. Nurse Elise said, "We talked with Mr. Thompson and he already wants to do a private research session with Lilly."

Dr. Vicky said, "Oh, that's wonderful, Lilly. He told me he loved your videos. You'll have fun with him."

"He's nice." Lilly said.

Lilly Makes A Peeing Video And Gets An Enema

Dr. Vicky said to Nurse Elise, "Get her all dolled up. The guests will start arriving in about an hour, and we'll make sure each girl has an enema before getting them dressed."

"Of course. Standard procedures before a party. I'll supervise Lilly and Robin. And you wanted to do Mary and Amanda. Edward can get Sandy ready when she gets here, even though he'll be busy in the bathroom; giving enemas and doing the enema and peeing videos. Maybe Jim can help him with the make-up, hair, and dressing."

"That would work." Nurse Elise said. "Or we could each do the enemas with our own girls. Edward will be doing the video."

Dr. Vicky said, "Call Edward over. I want him to meet Lilly. Then you can take Lilly and Robin in for their enemas. Do the peeing videos first, and then we'll give them a little privacy right after each girl gets her enema."

"Good idea." Nurse Elise looked down at Lilly who had a puzzled look on her face.

"What's an emena?" She pronounced it like emmy-na."

"It's OK." Said Robin, who had walked over to join them. "Let's go do our peeing videos and then get our enemas so we can get dressed up for the party. Some of the men will start arriving early."

Nurse Elise introduced the two girls who talked for a minute.

"I'm eleven." Said Robin, "and this will be my third party. They are lots of fun. Well, I've done a few private research sessions, too, but the most fun of all is these parties, and the food is good. We're going to get pizza later. Do you like pizza, Lilly? Oh, and I liked the pictures of you, so I hope we can play together later."

"Yes, I like pizza, but what is an emena? Did I say it right?"

Edward walked over to them, since he heard them talking about 'getting the peeing videos,' which was his specialty area. He, Dr. Vicky, and Nurse Elise let Robin, the other little blond, explain to Lilly about enemas.

Robin said, "Well, it doesn't hurt, an enema, like ena with a soft 'a' and then ma, like the first part of 'much.' It's when a grown-up puts slippery stuff in your bottom, and the puts in a little hose nozzle, like black plastic, and then they let a red, rubber bag of warm, soapy water go into your bottom, to help get all the poop out so you'll be real clean for the other games and things. It's easy. All we have to do is let them get our bottom slippery and put the nozzle in. Then they put in the warm water, and then, like a minute later, we poop to let all the water out. Then usually Edward wipes us off with a warm, soapy washcloth to make sure we're clean all over. It doesn't hurt. But first we let Edward get a video of us peeing with our knees apart and kind of leaning back, like to try to pee out over the front of the toilet, kind of like a little game. And then after he gets the peeing video, he will give us each an enema and then a little privacy while we poop. But that only takes a minute because of all the water. He says it 'flushes us out.' I remember being embarrassed about it the first time, but now it's easy, but I'm glad we at least get to poop in private."

Nurse Elise said, "Very good, Robin. I liked how you explained it. Now, let's go into the big bathroom, you and Lilly, and me, with Edward, so he can get a video clip of each of you peeing. Maybe that could be your first game - to see who can pee the farthest over the front of the toilet. OK?"

"OK." Said Robin.

Nurse Elise looked at Lilly, who was looking at Edward and Dr. Vicky. Then Lilly said, "Well, OK. Dr. Vicky took a video of me peeing when she did the research."

Dr. Vicky said, "Yes, of course. And today is part of our research, too. And so is tonight's party. We need to know from you girls what feels good as you're developing sexually. Letting people see your private parts will probably excite you; give you tingles. And so will letting us watch you do things with each other. For example, you may have thought that it is very naughty to kiss another girl, or to feel her all over, or to pull down her panties and look at her pussy, and then feel it and finger it, and kiss it. Pulling lubricant on each other's anus probably would have sounded especially naughty, and yet you will do that in front of people and cameras and then finger another girl's bottom. With people watching you pee, or fingering another girl, it will all give you more tingles and that's what we want to document. These are excellent ways to monitor your sexual development as you go through puberty and learn new things."

"Oh." Said Lilly.

"Now I like letting people watch me do those naughty things." Said Robin. "I used to be embarrassed, but now I know it does give me bigger tingles, just like letting a strange man feel me and pull down my panties and even finger me with his big fingers. I would have never let anybody do that, but it's safe here, and it feels really good. You'll love the parties, Lilly, and the private research sessions. And I like making a man squirt his cum. It makes me feel so powerful. That's what Dr. Vicky taught me. There are lots of ways to make a man cum, too, and we get to be the star. You'll learn some ways tonight. And we'll still be virgins. First we have to get them all excited by letting them watch us do things."

Nurse Elise said, "Oh, Robin. Lilly is a new girl, and doesn't need to know about those things yet. She didn't know what an enema was, so let's start there. She'll learn lots of new things tonight, but we'll start with your enemas."

Dr. Vicky laughed. "Well, I bet Lilly is already wondering about seeing a man's thing, and now she knows she will get to see some tonight, and even watch a man's baby juice squirt out." She looked at Lilly. "It was going to be a surprise for you, but it's OK. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, of course, but you can watch the other girls play games with some of the different cocks. You won't know whose cock it is, when you watch the girls playing with one, but you can touch them or do one of the games if you want to. The cocks won't go in you, though, I can promise you that. Nothing will hurt you, Lilly. Just have fun and enjoy showing your pretty pussy to strange men. It will give you tingles."

Lilly said, "Gee." She noticed that the other two girls were naked and talking with grown-ups as if everything was just fine. There were two other women and three men in the dressing room helping with things as Nurse Elise finished undressing Lilly. Lilly still had her panties on, when Nurse Elise motioned for one of the other men to come over. "Could you take off her panties for me, John? I need to get the make-up kit out of my car. Be back in a minute. Edward is going to take Lilly and Robin to the bathroom for their first peeing videos tonight, and then he will give each girl an enema. Why don't you go with them to watch Lilly. I think she is excited about showing her pussy to new men." Nurse Elise turned and left the room.

John was smiling and looking at Lilly as he sat on a fancy wood chair with a red cushioned seat next to her. He didn't say anything but put both hands on the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. She stepped out of them, and let him turn her around, looking at her naked body. Lilly was blushing, but smiling as the man looked her over. John was smiling and nodding. Finally he said, "You're beautiful, Lilly. Now I want to go watch you pee and then get your first enema." He looked at Edward, "Perhaps we could let Lilly lubricate Robin's anus before you give her the enema."

"Good idea." Said Edward.

Dr. Vicky looked at Lilly. "Don't put clothes on or take clothes off tonight, Lilly. We'll help you with everything. Do you remember me telling you that - about our parties, I mean?"

"Yes. Now I remember." Lilly was still blushing and smiling as John held her by her hips with he face just inches away from her bare, bald pussy.

"OK." Said Dr. Vicky, "Edward and John will take you both into the bathroom. Edward takes all our little girls in the bathroom when they have to pee so he can shoot videos of you. And let him wipe you off. We will be getting video of you tonight every time you have to tinkle, but don't worry about it, just remember to spread you knees and lean back. Try to pee out as far as you can. Really squirt it, like your new friend, Robin, just told you. Wait until Edward has the camera set up before you start peeing. The videos are only for our researchers and sponsors. It's OK if you get pee on the floor. We'll have a towel on the floor in front of the toilet. After both of you girls have peed for the camera, Edward will give you each an enema and then you'll have a little private time while you poop. You'll watch Robin get her enema first. I'll be out here helping the girls get ready for the party. You're doing fine, Lilly. Enjoy the whole evening. Robin will be your partner tonight, so be especially nice to her. Do a good job lubricating her anus before her enema. OK? Oh, and since John keeps saying such nice things about you, and since he was kind enough to pull your panties down for you, why don't you turn around and bend over and pull your bottom open so he can see how pretty your little, pink asshole is."

"Gee, OK." Lilly said. "You mean show him now?" She blushed.

Dr. Vicky said, "Yes, face away from him and reach back and pull your bottom open and then bend over so it will stretch open even wider. Count to ten when you're bent over. Show me how well you can follow directions."

Lilly turned; pulled her ass open, and then bent over, which pulled it open wider - exposing the pink center of her tiny asshole.

"It's beautiful alright." John said. When Lilly stood up, John scooted her towards the bathroom with a spank on her plumb bottom.

Robin and Edward stopped and turned to face John who was still sitting in the fancy chair. Edward said, "You can spank her more later, John. I bet she'll love how you spank and buzz her. Doesn't she have a pretty bottom? Such firm, plump cheeks."

Lilly looked at Dr. Vicky who was watching her with a smile and nodding. Then Robin said, "He gives good spankings, Lilly, but he likes to look at your little anus for a minute first. You'll pull it open for him again, won't you?"

"Yes." Lilly said, blushing brighter. "I will. He can spank me, but not too hard."

Dr. Vicky said, "You girls go on to the bathroom now. John has seen Lilly's videos. He knows she has a beautiful ass, just like you, Robin. Go on. Lilly will help you with your enema, Robin. And then you lubricate Lilly before her enema."

John stood up. He and Edward led the two little, blond girls to the big bathroom at the other side of the bedroom. Lilly noticed that Mary and Amanda were both smiling at them as they walked past. Amanda said, "Have fun, Lilly. We can talk more later. I liked your pictures and I hope we can play together tonight."

"Me, too." Said Mary.

As they entered the bathroom, John laid a big towel on the floor in front of the toilet. While Robin sat down and got into position with her knees wide apart and kind of leaning back, they had Lilly kneel next to her right knee and look down at Robin's open pussy. Edward was fiddling with the camera. "Don't start yet, Robin. I want both of you girls in the shot." Then he asked John to pinch the nipples on both girls. "It makes them perk up for the video." Edward said. "Also, Lilly, did you notice that all the other girls and all the grown-ups are real nice to you? And to each other, too. That's one of our rules during the research. The girls have to be nice to each other and the grown-ups, and the grown-ups are nice to each other. They have all agreed to take turns and to never, ever hurt any of you girls. Later on, some of the men might join in some of the games and, like Robin said, you girls will help some of the men cum." He looked at Lilly." 'Cum' means when they squirt out their sperm. It's how men have orgasms. You girls will all get to have lots of orgasms tonight, but a man, especially us men over forty, are glad if they can cum twice over the course of the evening. But it will be fun for all of us. And you don't have to swallow any of it, unless you want to try it, like for a little bonus for your Mommy."

"It's not so bad, Lilly. I didn't like it at first, but after a couple parties and private research sessions, I got more used to it. So now I always swallow some of it so my Mommy gets a bigger bonus. I don't know how much, but the money is a big help. She always tells me that. And it's fun helping with all the research, don't you think?"

"Gee. It's fun, but kind of scary, too. I don't know. But it does feel good; the things they do. I don't know about spankings, and then big fingers in my bottom or pussy. But I guess I can try it. I don't know about tasting that stuff either. I've heard girls at the pool talking about it, and most of them don't like it. But one of the girls laughed and accused the other girls of lying about it. She said she knew that Jackie loved it. She had heard from her boyfriend that Jackie licked off every drop."

"Is the camera ready, Edward? I really have to pee." Robin said. "I can't hold it much longer, especially while I'm sitting like this. I might pee clear past the towel!"

"In just a few seconds, Robin. First I want Lilly to reach in and feel each of your breasts and then your pussy."

Lilly reached across Robin to fondle each of her breasts with her right hand.

Edward said, "Good, Lilly. Now put your hand on her pussy and flick Robin's clitty a few times, and then she can start when you pull your hand away. It looks to me like her clitty is slightly swollen already. I bet she's looking forward to all the games tonight.

After a few flicks across Robin's clitty, Lilly pulled her hand away quickly.

Robin's stream of pee went over the front edge of the toilet and about two feet past it. The front of the stream retreated back until most of it was going into the toilet ten seconds later. She stopped and started several times as she ran out of pee.

"Now, Lilly, you pull off a little bit of toilet paper and wipe off her pussy. That's it. Both of you did great."

Then Robin stood up. "Your turn, Lilly. See if you can pee out farther than me. We'll leave the towel right where it is and just pull it to one side a few inches so you can pee onto the dry part of the towel. And I liked how you were feeling me. You have a nice touch."

"Thank you." Lilly said as she blushed again while getting into position. She scooted her hips a little farther forward on the seat and practically laid back with her shoulders hitting the top of the toilet seat. "Ready." She said.

Robin was kneeling next to her right leg, in the same position that Lilly had been in just three minutes earlier. She let Robin feel her breasts and pussy. Then she let loose and did pee farther past the front of the toilet than Robin.

Both Edward and John were telling the girls what a great job they did as Edward laid fresh towels on the floor for Robin to kneel on. Then Robin put her shoulders down near the floor, supporting the weight of her head and shoulders with the side of her head. She reached back with both hands and pulled her ass open.

John handed Lilly a tube of thick lubricant and said, "After Robin introduces herself to the camera, push some lubricant in her anus and rub some around the outside. Get a couple finger fulls of it. I've got the warm, soapy enema bags full already for both of you. I'll hang the bag on the shower curtain rod. Put a little lubricant on the black, plastic nozzle, Lilly. That's it. Get it all slippery as if it was a finger getting ready to push in her bottom. Do you think Robin has a tight asshole?"

"Yes. It's pretty tight, even with lots of lubricant."

John said, "Well, you did great, Lilly. I'll push the nozzle in. This first part is on her video, but then we'll all go outside to let her poop in private. Edward will get a close up of my hand pushing the nozzle in. That's it. Keep watching closely, Lilly, so you're both in her video. She'll be in your video, too."

Edward had Lilly step back as John released the clip on the enema back which slowly emptied its contents into Robin's bowels. When the bag looked empty, Edward, John, and Lilly stepped out into the hallway and closed the door.

John said, "You're a natural, Lilly. So good at following directions. Now Robin will try to count to a hundred and then get on the toilet for a bowel movement that will rinse out her anus and empty her bowels. You've never had an enema before, Lilly?"

"No, but it looked like it wouldn't hurt."

"Oh no. It doesn't hurt. You'll feel so clean inside. You saw how to get into position? And by the way, this is something that nurses in hospitals have to do sometimes."

"To clean out the nurses?" Lilly asked with a puzzled look on her face.

Edward and John both laughed. "No." Edward finally said. "They occasionally have to give patients an enema to help clean out their intestines, or bowels, or whatever you want to call them. It's a medical procedure; Relieves constipation. But tonight its so each of you little girls will have clean, little assholes. Clean enough to lick, after we wash you off. You'll have fun tonight, Lilly. Perhaps you might get to help me or John cum later, but you won't know who is who, because... we'll, you'll see."

A couple minutes later, Robin opened the door. They all went in and Lilly watched John wash off Robin's ass and upper legs getting her all clean with soapy, perfumed soap and water. Then Robin washed her hands while Lilly got into position.

Robin and the two men continually complimented Lilly on following directions and telling her how pretty her ass was, or her titties, or her pussy, and of course, her pretty face. Lilly was smiling and blushing as she looked around at the camera to introduce herself, just like Robin had done. Then Robin lubricated Lilly's pro-offered anus. Robin said, "You did good lubricating me, Lilly. It felt good. Do you like getting your anus lubricated, too?"

"Yes. It felt good the way Dr. Vicky did it, and then last week with Tanya. We took turns. And that first time, like with... unnnn, you're going in all the way already. Ohhh, anyway, that first time with Dr. Vicky, unnnnn, she rubbed a little buzzer thing in front, unnnn, at the same time... And, unnnn, I like how you do it, too."

Robin said, "I want to play more with you later, Lilly. I want to kiss your clitty. I remember when Dr. Vicky first did that to me, and it made me have a really big orgasm. Did it give you a big orgasm, too?"

"Yes. I never had that feeling before. It was great; like my tummy and pussy exploded with tingles."

"Well, if you like getting those feelings, you'll have a good time tonight, Lilly. After your enema, then the men will watch us play with each other. We might even help each other have orgasms, like all of us girls, and then the men will help us cum, too. 'Cum' is another word for orgasm. And especially at the parties, we have to look in the camera when we cum. I think it's exciting, like letting people see me cum, especially right after a spanking. It will be fun tonight, Lilly. I can't wait to play with you, and kiss you right on you. But now you're slippery enough so Edward can give you your enema. It doesn't hurt a bit. Then you'll feel so clean."

Robin left the room with John. Nurse Elise and Edward gave Lilly got her first enema. A minute later, Lilly had a forceful, wet bowel movement during her only moment of privacy of the whole evening.

Edward came into the bathroom with warm, soapy washcloths to wash off her bottom. He applied a little perfumed lotion. He said, "I got the lubricant off the outside and you're all clean; kissably clean; ready for the party. You'll have fun tonight, Lilly. You're a pretty, little girl with a plump, firm pussy. I know everyone will want to see it and play with it. And I got a good video of you peeing and when you lubricated Robin. I'm sure that video clip will be very popular with our researchers and sponsors. I bet you'll get invited to lots of private research parties. Your Mommy will be so happy. And you'll have lots of fun. As part of the research, they will help you have at least one big orgasm during every session. And sometimes there will be another little girl there for you to play with."


"So let's go get you dressed up for the party."

When they went out into the dressing room, Dr. Vicky told her she was doing great. "I liked how you cooperated when you got your first enema, Lilly. Good girl. You met Mary and Amanda earlier, didn't you?"

"Yes." She smiled at the two ten year olds with dark hair were looking at her and smiling. Both girls had on red lipstick and a little bit of blush and eye shadow. Amanda, the taller one, said, "I'm so glad you're here, Lilly. We'll have fun. I especially love playing with a new girl." Then Amanda looked at Mary, "And I love playing with you, too, Mary!" The three naked pre-teens giggled, which made the adults near them start laughing and smiling, too. They looked at each others breasts and pussy. Lilly moved her knees slightly as a big tingle ran through her groin.

Dr. Vicky took Lilly's hand and led her over to the dressing area. "Let's get you dolled up for the party. Some of the doctors and sponsors are already starting to arrive."

Lilly noticed Edward and John taking Mary and Amanda into the large bathroom. She heard Edward say, "Pinch your titties, Mary and Amanda. Get ready for your first peeing videos for today."

"Are they going to..." Lilly whispered to Nurse Elise, who was brushing out her hair.

Nurse Elise said, "Yes, Lilly. They are each going to make their first peeing video for today and then they'll get their enemas to be all clean for the party. And anytime you need to pee tonight, just find Edward, and he'll take you. If you're with someone else, ask him to help you find Edward and they will both take you."


"It is fine, Lilly. Whenever you have to pee, just mention that to whomever you're with. Now, let's get a touch of perfume on you and I'll help you on with this dress."

A moment later Lilly was wearing a very short, frilly dress which was more like a skirt with a loose bib. Lots of white ruffles, but it barely covered her hips. Lilly noticed that Robin was wearing a similar dress - actually almost identical. "But what about panties?" Lilly asked. "You can see my... well, it's bare, and this dress is so short. And like, if the top part is just a little crooked, you can see my titties, too." She was looking at herself in the big mirror, with frequent glances at Robin, just a few feet away.

Robin said, "It's OK, Lilly. All the men will be checking up out, so this is like wearing something but letting them see us at the same time. It's OK. All of us girls will be dressed like this at first. Dr. Vicky told me at the first party I went to, that this is part of the research, like to let everybody see our cracks and then they will ask us if it tingles from letting everybody see it."

Dr. Vicky had just come over to join them. "Good explanation, Robin. Now let's get those lacy, ankle socks on. Lots of white ruffles around your ankles, too, so they match your dresses. And platform high heels so you will both be several inches taller."

"But no panties?" Lilly asked as she let Nurse Elise put on the lacy ankle socks and shiny, black, platform, high heels.

Dr. Vicky said, "All you girls will have on these very short dresses for the first hour or so of the party. Have fun, and let everybody see your pussy. We want to know if it gives you tingles letting everybody see it. And it's a fun party, too, isn't it, Robin?"

Robin said, "It is fun, Lilly. And let them all look at it and touch it. We'll get to see their things later, even though we won't know who's it is. I'll show you some ways to play with them, like different games. And your Mommy will get a little extra bonus if you get one of them to squirt, and even more if you taste some of it, depending on the game. But that's not until later. And they don't spank hard during the first hour or so. They just do playful spankings to watch your bottom jiggle. And, like Dr. Vicky told me at the last party, it gives your bottom a rosy glow for the pictures and videos. I think you look pretty, Lilly. All the grown-ups will like you. I know it. And I want to play with you, too."

Nurse Elise said, "Let's go girls. You two are so pretty. Some of the guests have already arrived. The other girls will be down shortly. Sandy should be arriving shortly so there will be five cute, little girls at our party tonight."

No Panties At The Party

With Nurse Elise holding each girl's hand, the three of them walked down the broad stairway to the big living room and foyer. Five men were standing near the bottom of the stairs, looking up at them. Three of the men had on a white, lab coat and a name badge, and the other two were wearing sport coats. Lilly was self conscious since she knew they could all see her bare pussy as she walked down. She was holding Nurse Elise's hand and kept her other hand on the railing so she wouldn't lose her balance in those platform, high heels.

Nurse Elise stopped on the fourth step from the bottom, knowing this would keep the girls' pussies at eye-level to the men. Nurse Elise said, "Here are our first two girls, all fresh and clean for you after their enemas and getting washed off and perfumed. They are kissable all over, from head to toe. Aren't they pretty?"

Each of them men shared several compliments about each of the girls. Although Lilly was blushing brightly, knowing they could all see her bare pussy from less than two feet away, she smiled at the compliments.

Nurse Elise had the two girls turn slowly around on the stairs. "That's it. They will see you all over, so let them get a little preview. Stop for a minute and let themyou're your pretty, firm, young bottoms. Move your hips around a minute and let them look. Very good, girls." She had the two girls turn around to face the men again.

Lilly was still blushing brightly, but smiling at the continuous compliments. Nurse Elise asked, "Does that give you tingles in your pussy, Lilly, to let the men look at you?"


"I thought so." Nurse Elise said. "All the girls get tingles. Let them look another minute. Move your hips around. Your pussy is tingling, too, isn't it, Robin?"

"Yes. A lot."

"Robin, do you want to kiss Lilly's pussy while the men are watching? I mean, in a little while - not here on the stairs."

"Yes, I wanted to even before I met her, but now I really do. She has such a pretty one."

"Lilly, will you let Robin kiss your pussy and then will you kiss Robin's pussy later?"


Then Nurse Elise asked the men if they would like to kiss each girl's pussy later on, and of course, all the men said they wanted to. Lilly was still moving her hips; blushing; and smiling as each of the men said they wanted to kiss and lick her between her legs.

Nurse Elise said, "Lilly and Robin, each of these men want to kiss you and lick you between your legs later on. Isn't that nice?"

Robin and Lilly both said, "Yes," at the same time which made them giggle.

Nurse Elise said, "Joe, why don't you call to check on Sandy. She should be here by now. And why don't the rest of you show these two girls around. No action just yet - remember - we'll save these tender morsels until more guests are here."

One of the men held his hand up to take Lilly's hand to assist her down the steps. Then another man left for the kitchen to make a call. The other men held out a hand to Robin who picked one and went down the rest of the stairs to join Lilly. As they all walked into the big living room, Nurse Elise said, "I'll be back down in a little while girls. Meanwhile look around the place with the men. They might want to hold you on their laps or do some very, very light spanking, and maybe a little tickling, so just relax and have fun with the men." She looked at the men, "No fingers inside yet. OK?"

The men all agreed.

"You may touch them, lightly spank them, kiss them on the mouth, and even pull open their bottoms or pussies, but no fingering or licking yet. And each of you girls be sure to answer all their questions. They are helping with our research."

"I know. No fingers in yet." Said Chris, the burly man who was leading Lilly over towards the bar. He fixed Lilly a soft drink and talked with her while two of the other men took Robin over to one of the big couches which had a blanket over the seat cushions.

Several other men were sipping their drinks and watching the girls from across the room. Chris had Lilly sit on his lap at the end of the couch where Robin was now lying face down across a man's lap.

Lilly seemed hesitant to sit on Chris' lap, so he said, "It's OK with me if you leave a wet spot on my tan trousers, Lilly. I bet you are excited. All the girls get excited and wet at these parties. It's only natural. You're so cute and sexy. Is your pussy all tingly since you know we will all be looking at it, and feeling it?"

"Yes, big tingles."

"Does it give you tingles knowing I'll be licking you between your legs later?" Chris had his big hand on her thigh. Both of her legs were across his, and her bottom was sitting on his right leg with his arm around her back.


"Well, I really enjoyed watching your videos, Lilly, especially when you were licking Tanya's open pussy. I could tell you enjoyed it. That's important for your videos. It looked like you really enjoyed letting her lick your pussy, too. Did that feel good when she licked you there? I hear Tanya is real good at it."


Chris said, "While we watch Robin get a little spanking, tell me about your enema. I heard it was your first one ever."

"It was my first one. It felt good when Robin got me slippery, but then I felt so full inside after they put the little nozzle thing in my bottom and unsnapped the hose thingy. Like all this warm water filled me up side so I had to... I had to..."

"You had to use the toilet?"

"Yes, real bad. I could hardly wait until Edward and the other people left. And then I went. They cleaned me off real good, before we got dressed."

Then Lilly and Chris heard the man seated near the other end of the big couch start to spank robin. He said, "Let's watch George give Robin a playful spanking. Oh, George is pulling Robin's tight little ass open so they can look at her anus. Look, doesn't she have a pretty pink anus?"

"Yes. It's pretty."

"Did it feel tight when you pushed your finger in to get her lubricated for her enema?"

"Yes, it like squeezed on my finger."

They were both watching Robin's ass as George pulled it open and let it snap back. Chris said, "Hold Robin's ass open a minute, George. Is that where you pushed your finger in to lubricate her, Lilly?


George said, "Open your knees wider, Robin and arch your back. Try to open your pussy for them while I hold your ass open. You're doing so good. Does she look like she's getting wet already, Lilly? I think she likes showing off to you, especially after you put your finger all the way in her asshole."

Chris asked, "How many times did you push your finger all the way in Robin's ass, Lilly, and did it feel tight on your finger?"

"Gee, so many questions. I'm getting mixed up. I think about ten times, I mean for all the way in. I pushed it in a few times to get it slippery before I started pushing it all the way in, and she felt tight on my finger, like she was squeezing it, so I had to push hard with my slippery finger, but then the hose thing went in OK, and they said I did good. And Mr. George, I think she is starting to get wet. At least it looks like it from here, like with some shiny wetness and a little bit of white. That's how Tanya got when I was... you know." She stopped talking and blushed.

George said, "When she gets really wet and juicy, would you like to lick her between her legs to get more of her juicy flavor?"

"Umm, gee. This is embarrassing."

Chris said, "But you do want to let her kiss you there, don't you, Lilly?"


Then George asked, "You liked licking Tanya there, didn't you, Lilly?"

"Well, yes. But that was like in private."

"In front of cameras." George reminded her. "And we've all enjoyed your videos, Lilly - kissing another girl; getting fingered in your anus and vibrated on you clitty; dancing and undressing to music; pulling your pussy open for the cameras - all lots of fun, wasn't it? We could tell. Its part of our research to see if it looks like the girl enjoys what she is doing. You did enjoy it, didn't you, Lilly?"


George, who was wearing a doctor's smock, said, "Our research is trying to see how sexual young girls really are. We need to know what kinds of things turn you on and feel good to you. For example, you were shy and reluctant at first, but now I think you enjoy letting new people see your most private parts; letting strangers see your pussy. That gives you tingles, doesn't it, Lilly?"

Lilly was blushing with the attention of the two men, and the other two who were watching and listening just a few feet away. She looked down as she said, "Yes. It gives me tingles there."

Two more men entered the house through the stained glass front door. They walked over for a close look at the two pretty, pre-teen girls on the couch. Chris said, "Lilly was just telling us that it gives her pussy-tingles to let new, strange men look at her bare pussy. Lie back on my arm, Lilly, and lift the front of your dress higher to let them look. That's a good girl. Open your legs for them. Oh, I can tell they like looking at your bare pussy. Is it tingling more now with them looking at it?"

"Yes. Tingles."

"You don't know their names, so they are strangers to you, Lilly, and you laid back and opened your legs to let them see your bare pussy. I bet you can feel yourself getting wet, can't you. Lilly?"


One of the new men smiled. "I loved your videos, Lilly. Made me cum every time I watched you cum. I'm glad to be one of the sponsors of this research project. You're so cute and sexy."

"Thank you."

Mary and Amanda came downstairs wearing similar, ruffled, short, white dresses and no panties. They looked so pretty with their hair in ribbons and a little bit of tasteful make-up. Two more men came in the front door at the same time the other girls came downstairs.

The two men standing by the couch helped Robin and Lilly stand up. Sandy, the petite, red headed, eleven year old came in with the next group of men to enter. Introductions were made, and the girls each kissed each of the other girls during the next fifteen minutes of milling around before Nurse Elise took Sandy upstairs for her enema and make-up and party dress.

A new man led Lilly over to a big, stuffed chair near the side of the room and had Lilly sit on his lap facing him with her knees on either side of his hips. He was bouncing her around like a little kid pretending to ride a horsey on daddy's knee. The compliments were continuous as he also related that he would cum every time he watched her videos. She thanked him. For some reason she couldn't put her finger on, she liked this man the best of all the men she had talked with so far. He started tickling her exposed clitty with his left hand while he bounced her on his knees. "It's OK to tickle your clitty, Lilly. Later on each of you girls will get a vibrator to carry around with you, so you can let one of us tickle your clitty with it. Since that will be the only vibrator touching your clitty we won't have to wash it off after each time we tickle you, since it will only be your own excitement on it. I can tell you're already wet. Are you having fun at our party so far?"

"Yes. It's not like what I expected with doctors."

The man choked. "Oh, well only some of us are doctors. The rest of us are research sponsors. We want to prove what we suspected about little girls enjoying sexual experiences. And you and the other girls seem to enjoy getting stimulated, don't you?"

"Yes. Gee. It's like I tingle all the time during the research. Even like with your finger now. And people are watching you do that."

"Do what?" The man feigned innocence, but kept rubbing a finger across her exposed clitty. He bounced her real hard making Lilly giggle.

"Like that, Silly. Rubbing me there, and with people watching."

He leaned forward and kissed Lilly on the mouth. He pulled her forward against him as he leaned back. Her knees were on either side of his hips and he was hugging her tightly. "You're so cute, Lilly. I love holding you. Let's kiss for a little bit while I fondle your beautiful, firm, tiny breasts." Without waiting for comment he started kissing Lilly on the mouth while feeling inside the bib part of her dress with his right hand on her bare breasts. Lilly kissed back as she knew she was supposed to, softly moaning each time he pinched one of her nipples. She had noticed other girls around the room making out like that, so she figured it was OK, even if people were watching. Both of Lilly's slender arms were around the man's neck. She was hugging him, too.

"Lilly, reach down and see if you feel something stiff in my pants."

She backed off a little bit and put her hand down on his lap and felt what seemed to be a banana in his pants. "Yes, I feel this. Like a big banana."

He smiled. "You get me so excited, Lilly. That's my cock. When I look at you and especially when I'm touching you, it gets excited. Would you like to rub it later? I've been rubbing you between your legs."

"Yes. OK. I've never seen a real one."

"I'll let you see mine. You can play with it and make it bounce around."

"Fun. Thanks. How can I make it bounce?"

"You can pull it down and let go, or just move it around. You can kiss it and play with it. And you can tickle my balls."

"Oh. Those things. I wondered about those. The boys at school joke about them, and sometimes try to kick each other there, but boys act so silly."

The man laughed, "You're right, Lilly. Boys of all ages. Just please don't kick me there. Press you clitty on the tip of my banana and move your hips around while we talk. It's OK if you leave a wet spot on my pants."

"Gee. Like this?"

"Ummm, yes. That feels good to me. Does it press against your clitty and feel good to you, too?"


"Have you heard the other girls talk about playing games with cocks?"

"Yes. Like some of the older girls at the swimming pool talk about sucking on them. That sounds kind of yukky."

"But you like licking other girls there, don't you?"

Lilly tilted her head as she thought about it. "Well, yes. Gee. That's kind of fun, really. Looking and kissing there."

"Later tonight you'll get to see other girls play different fun games with cocks - different ways to make the white juice squirt out."

"The baby juice. I know about that. We talked about it in health class, but we mostly giggled even though the teacher kept telling us to settle down. The boys are in a different class for health. I bet they were really laughing. The teacher didn't say anything about kissing or sucking on them, but just like the man pushes it in the girls vagina and the sperm squirts out. The teacher said it only takes a minute and that we shouldn't do that until we're eighteen or older and probably married."

The man was smiling as Lilly shared her extensive knowledge. "Well, tonight, just watch and learn and have fun. The baby juice won't get inside you, but you're not old enough to worry about that yet anyway. And probably even a finger feels big to you."

"Yes, but I saw a video when I helped a friend babysitting, and the man's thing was real big, but it went all the way in. Lots of times. And then he squirted it all over the girl's face. She looked like a college girl, so her puss... her vagina, was probably lots bigger than mine. Her titties were."

"Your titties are perfect. So firm and fresh. I love them."

Nurse Elise came over and held out her hand. "Let's get ready to play games with the other girls, Lilly. I'm glad you and Mr. Williams had a nice chat. He already told me that someday he would like to have a private research session with you so you could play lots of games. Wouldn't that be fun? I know he wants to suck on your toes and slowly work his way up to your clitty - to suck and lick you there. And maybe we can go out to a nice restaurant all dressed up, and then come back and play games at his house. He'll want to finger you in back and in front and help you have some orgasms. But not until after a nice dinner."

"Gee. I guess, but not in a dress like this. Not with regular people there. You mean a nice place like Wendy's?"

Mr. Williams laughed. "No, not Wendy's. Much fancier than that. And you would have on a regular dress, like the kind young girls wear to parties."

"Would they have pizza?"

Mr. Williams laughed. "If you want pizza, I know some other places we could go. Maybe Nurse Elise could join us. She is very interested in monitoring your experiences, and I trust her completely."

Nurse Elise said, "Thank you, Mr. Williams. Now, Lilly, let's go play some games with the other girls."

Party Games

Mr. Williams followed Lilly over to the Couch which was set up in front of the cameras. All five girls stood next to each other facing the cameras and the guests - now about twenty men, and several women besides Dr. Vicky and Nurse Elise. The doctors and sponsors stepped back behind and beside the cameras, forming a semi-circle about ten feet from the girls. Each girl introduced herself as she held up the front of her dress.

When it was Lilly's turn to introduce herself, she copied the other girls, but with her own information, "I'm Lilly and I just turned nine. I will be in the fourth grade and I like being in the research project. The research always gives me tingles and the people are so nice. Today I'm going to play with the grown-ups and of course, the other little girls. It's fun kissing them. I like to look at and touch the other girls. And I know I have to do it, but it's not so bad because it gives me tingles to let people see me between my legs, I mean like the research doctors and sponsors. People like to look at me there. And, well, Mommy says I have to do what the grown-ups tell me to do during the research sessions or research parties. So I have to show them anyway. It makes it real tingly down there."

Then, after saying, "Cut!" Dr. Vicky walked out in front of the girls and announced they would have a few games in some of the other rooms, to demonstrate to Lilly how to play some of the games before she could play some of them. "And some of the games are 'girl-girl' games, and some of them are 'adult and girl' games. But, like all of our research subjects tell us, all of our games are fun. We won't start the 'strap-on' games for another hour or so. Nurse Elise and I will tell you girls who to go with, and then just have a good time!"

Lilly watched as the other girls left the room - usually just one girl with a few adults, but she also saw Sandy and Robin leave together with a dozen adults - heading upstairs. One of the men walking with them was carrying one of the big cameras that had been set up for the introductions, and another of the men was carrying the big tripod.

Mr. Thompson, the sponsor she had met when she got to the party house, came over. I'll escort you around to the different game rooms, Lilly, so you can watch the other girls doing things. Then later, when you feel you're ready, then you can try them. Let's wait a little bit. It would be fun to walk in just before the little girl has an orgasm. Would you like to see that?"

"Yes, that would be fun. But, umm, would they mind having more people come in to watch?"

"That's very thoughtful of you, Lilly." Mr. Thompson smiled. "But our little girls love having people watch, and I know they will want you to watch them cum. It makes it more exciting for them. I know they will all want to play with you tonight, and the girls know that if you watch them cum it will get you more excited so you'll have more excitement for them to taste when they get to lick your pussy. Each of the girls told me earlier that she could hardly wait to lick you."

"Gee. Really?"

"Oh, yet. They love having a new girl at the party. In a few months at your next party, we'll probably have another new girl. Would you like to show off to her a little - let her watch men licking and fingering you, or watch other girls do that to you? And you know it would make her get wetter and juicier before you taste her. I bet you would like to finger and lick a girl who is attending her very first party, wouldn't you? Especially with people watching. You'll have people watching you all night. One time a new girl had over a dozen orgasms during her first party. Wouldn't that be fun?"

"Yes, gee."

Another man walked in the front door. He was putting his wallet back in his hip pocket. Seeing Lilly, he smiled. "Lovely!" He said. "As pretty as your pictures and videos, Lilly."

Mr. Thompson greeted him. "The other girls are in the party rooms. Fix yourself a drink. We'll start visiting the other rooms shortly. Did you bring the special treat for later?"

"Yes. I'll go out to get him later... I mean I'll go bring in the special treat when it's time."

Mr. Thompson said, "There are two girls putting on a little show upstairs in the master bedroom. You can go up there now. There's a 'slippery saddle' game in the downstairs den." Then he led Lilly back over to the big couch. He sat down in the middle and had her climb onto his lap - straddling him with her knees apart. "Let's just talk for a little while, Lilly. I bet the other girls are getting stimulated and playing games already." He slid his right hand under her open pussy. "So, tell me about your friend, Tina. I listened to that part of your first video several times. You like to play doctor with her?"

She remembered Nurse Elise's advice about letting a sponsor or doctor rub her while she talked, and to pretend she hardly noticed what he was doing, but to keep talking. She said, "Tina and I have been friends since we were little girls. We started playing doctor, well, I guess like in first grade, I think. That was a long time ago. I know she... ohhh, that tickles... I mean, she plays with other girls, but I haven't yet, except for Tanya last month for the research."

"Yes, I saw your videos from that session with Tanya. It looked like you were having fun. Tell me about it."

"Some of the things were kind of funny, like sucking on her toes. It was after we were naked and playing on the bed and Dr. Vicky... unnn... said it would help me learn to suck on things, so I practiced on her toes before... unnn... I sucked on her... you know."

"What? What else did you suck on besides her titties and her toes?"

"It's kind of embarrassing, but I sucked on her clitty while she held her pussy pulled open. Dr. Vicky told me to do that, and she did that to me first."

"It's OK, Lilly. Don't be embarrassed about that. All the girls do that. It felt good when she sucked and licked yours, didn't it?"


"And I bet you liked sucking on her. Did it feel good to flick it with your tongue and suck on her clitty? I know the other girls hope you'll do that to each of them."

"It felt kind of funny, like a stiff piece of rubber or something. I kept doing it and I could tell she liked it."

"Good. And I want to suck on yours, too. OK?"

"Yes, OK. When you want to. Will people be watching us? Oh, and what kind of surprise was that man talking about?"

"If I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise. But it's like a type of desert for you girls later on. And, I'm the one asking the questions, Lilly." He laughed, "So, do you want people to watch me suck on your clitty?"

"Well, if it's OK with you they can watch."

"Tell me more about Tina, Lilly. Did you finger her pussy and ass? Have you kissed her on the mouth or on her pussy yet?"

"Well, we started fingering each other in front like a year ago. Maybe longer. And I did play finger games with her in back, just since Dr. Vicky taught me, but we haven't kissed on the mouth yet. We sucked on each other's titties, like pretending to nurse. She doesn't want to be a lesbian, but I'll try again, and maybe I'll tell her I heard girls at the pool saying it is fun to mess around that way."

Mr. Thompson kept her talking another ten minutes while he kept flicking a finger across her clitty. He felt the opening to her vagina and knew she was getting excited talking about things while he rubbed her. Then he started kissing her on the mouth while he flicked and rubbed her pussy.

When she started moving her hips with excitement, he stood her up; looked closely at her pretty, virgin, hairless pussy, and then asked her which room she wanted to visit first. "The 'slippery saddle' game, or the two girls, or 'catch' game?"

"What are those games? I never heard of games like those, except catch like with a baseball, but I don't want to do that. I'm not very good at catching. Once I missed and it hit my shoulder and really hurt."

"I won't tell you. You'll just have to pick one." Mr. Thompson gave her his most devious smile, while raising and lowering his bushy, black eyebrows.

Lilly laughed. "You're fun, Mr. Thompson. Maybe the 'slippery saddle' game. But I want to see all of them."

The "Slippery Saddle" Game (For: The Rodeo Video)

They walked into the downstairs den. Everyone looked up to see them come in. There was a man lying on the floor, face up, with a blanket over his feet and another blanket over his head, chest, and arms. He was lying on a big, fluffy, white towel. Dark haired, ten year old Mary, wearing only a short, brown, fringed, leather vest with silver stars on it, had her small breasts bouncing as she 'rode the horsie' hard. She was on her knees over the man, sliding her hips forward and back, saying "Giddy up, Horsie," as she slid up and back and bounced at the same time. The man lying on the floor had a rope around the back of his neck that Mary was holding as if they were reins. The rope went through a two foot long piece of green garden hose which was around the back of the man's neck so that the reins wouldn't cut into the back of his neck. Dr. Vicky and five men were watching the game, including one man who was working the camera. Lilly noticed that when Mary slid way back on the "slippery saddle," that she could see the end of the man's stiff cock. She realized that Mary was actually sliding up and back on it, as her weight pressed it against his tummy. Her knees were real wide apart on the sides of the towel the "horsie" was lying on so she could straddle his tummy and hips.

Sometimes Mary grabbed the end of the man's cock and pressed against the front of her pubic mound - sliding it around on her. Mary looked up at Lilly and said, "If the saddle starts to squirt the white stuff, you have to hold it in your hand and press it against the front of your pussy mound. Squeeze hard and keep wiggling it around. You have to ride the bucking bronco real hard. Keep sliding up and back and wiggling around to get it to squirt so you'll win a prize. It's fun."

Mr. Thompson said, "Mary doesn't know who the horsie is because of the blanket over his head and shoulders. She had to get him all slippery with a few handfuls of lubricant - rubbing it all over his cock so he would be slippery. Usually the girl rider has to make sure it is all slippery for a few minutes, rubbing it to make it hard. Then the 'rider' puts one knee on either side of the big horsie and starts riding. Sometimes the horsie bucks a little bit. She is allowed to reach down and hold onto the tip of his cock to pretend it's a saddle horn to hold on to. She has to ride for six minutes or until the saddle horn squirts out some white stuff. Understand, Lilly?"

"Oh, that stuff. Yes. Nurse Elise said I might get to taste some of it tonight. I saw a video once where a girl got lots of it in her mouth."

"That's right, Lilly. That's the man's cum." Mr. Thompson said. "But you can't know who the horsie is. That's part of the game." Then he looked at Mary who was watching him and Lilly. "Mary, are you having fun riding the horsie?"

"Yes. It's my second one. The first horsie squirted right away after a little ride. He was really bucking so I had to squeeze the saddle horn as best I could. Some of it even squirted up on my tummy." Mary looked at Lilly. "If it starts to squirt you're supposed to squeeze it real hard and hold it against the front of your pussy, like to aim it up at your belly button."

"She is a good rider." Said one of the men. "Lots of wiggling and squeezing the slippery saddle horn. Show Lilly how you can wiggle your hips while you ride, Mary. Lie still a minute, Horsie."

Mary was wiggling her hips around as she kept sliding on the horsie. "It feels good on your clitty, Lilly, to wiggle your hips around. The faster you wiggle your hips and slide up and back the better it feels. This is for our 'rodeo' video with all of us girls here tonight. Would you like to ride a 'slippery saddle' and be in our video, Lilly. It's fun. You keep slipping around on the stiff thing; rubbing your clitty on it. I heard you have a nice clitty that swells up and gets stiffer, so I bet you would like it. Want to try? I think this horsie might squirt pretty soon. He was really bucking around. That's fun, too."

Everyone was looking at Lilly. She was blushing. "Well, umm, I guess I could try it."

There was applause from the men and even Dr. Vicky, as they helped her get the dress, high heels, and ankle socks off. Mary handed Lilly the leather vest she had been wearing during her ride. The fringe hung down to the sides of her hips, but was open in the front to give the camera peek-a-boo exposures of her tiny, pale breasts.

Mary squeezed some lubricant into Lilly's right hand and showed her how to rub the 'saddle horn' so it will get real stiff and hard so it's more fun to ride on. "That's it, Lilly. I think you'll be good at this. Keep rubbing up and down on it with your whole hand. Feel how hard it is?"

"Yes, it's really hard. And it's so big!"

Several of the spectators smiled when Lilly said that, since Fred's small diameter, five and a half inch cock was actually below average. But it was hard! Lilly kept rubbing it. Mary said, "Before you sit on it, let me put more of the lubricant between your legs so you'll be real slippery. His thing doesn't go in you, you just slide up and back on the ridge that's on the underside of his thing. See? It's kind of a ridge on the underside." Mary was rubbing lubricant between Lilly's legs while she talked, and pointed out the raised area along the underside of the man's cock.

The man who was working the camera told Mary to keep rubbing lubricant on Lilly's pussy and to put her other hand between her legs from behind to get her bottom all slippery, too. He told Lilly to pinch her nipples so they would stiffen up for her video.

One of the other men asked Mary if she liked feeling Lilly's pussy.

"Yes, I like feeling it. I want to play with it later." She was kneeling next to Lilly who was now standing up and pinching her own nipples. Mary said, "I want to kiss you between your legs later, OK? And I hope you'll kiss mine, too. OK?"

"Yes, OK." Lilly looked at the camera and then around at the people watching her while Mary rubbed lubricant on her pussy and ass. She said, "Ohh, that feels good, Mary." Her knees squirmed as Mary kept masturbating her. Everyone knew that she was rubbing Lilly's clitty and ass, and Lilly knew that everyone knew it.

Lilly heard someone say that Mary and Lilly would enjoy masturbating each other and kissing all over. Someone else agreed and she he would love to watch them. Then a third man said, "They would put on a really hot show. I bet they would both orgasm for us and the cameras."

Lilly was pretending she couldn't hear those whispered comments, but she couldn't help but slide her feet farther apart - kind of showing off.

Then Mary told her to kneel down and put one knee over the horsie and sit on it so she would be rubbing and down on the bottom of it. "There. Good. Now wiggle around while you ride it. Reach down to grab the saddle horn while he bucks around. Good, Lilly. Keep wiggling and sliding around on it. You're a good rider! You'll be in our 'rodeo' video!"

As Mary said that, the saddle horn started shooting white cum, with the first squirt reaching all the way to the blanket over the man's chest. Mary grabbed the shooting saddle horn and pressed it against the front of Lilly's tummy. "Here, hold this against you on the front of your mound, so it will squirt up towards your belly button. Squeeze it hard. That's it. It's still squirting. Some horses only squirt a few times, and maybe kind of dribbly, but this horsie is really squirting. Keep wiggling on him and squeezing the cock until he is done."

He was done a few seconds after Lilly took hold of the writhing cock. Then Mary said, "What I always do, is lick off the back of my hand, like to get a taste, and then we get a bonus for getting some of it in our mouth. Try it. I didn't like it at first, but now it's OK. At one party I got ten different tastes. That was really fun, like a game, and I tried to see how much I could get. Our Mommies get a bonus each time we taste some of it."

Lilly was tentatively licking off the back of her hand while she kept wiggling. She made a funny face, like she had tasted sour milk, but at Mary's prompting, she licked off more of it. Everyone who was present knew that the look on Lilly's face would be a great addition to their 'rodeo' video. After several little tastes, Lilly grimaced as she licked off her lips. "I think I got some of the lubricant in my mouth, too, like from my hand."

"Sometimes I get a little bit of lubricant in my mouth, too." Said Mary, who, at ten years old and a full year in the program, was now considered an 'old hand.' "I don't mind the lubricant they are using tonight. It's kind of a neutral taste. The main thing is to taste some of the horsie's cum, and you did. Good job. Want to ride a different horsie now that you know how to do it? I'll stay here with you and show you what to do from the start."

Lilly looked at Mr. Thompson, who nodded.

"Sure, I'll try it. I didn't get to ride very long."

Mary said, "Now we have to step out in the hall with somebody, while they set up a different horsie for you." She took Lilly's hand and they walked into the hall with Mr. Thompson. Mary was still naked, and Lilly was only wearing the vest.

Mr. Thompson said, "When you lubricate the saddle horn, be sure to rub more of the lubricant between your legs, too, Lilly. Get yourself extra slippery - front and back so you can slide all the way forward and back. Let the camera get some video of you rubbing it on yourself. And rub up and down on the saddle horn, too. Get it real slippery. It won't go in you, of course, but you'll be sliding up and back on it. Could you feel the stiff cock sliding on your clitty?"

"Yes, and I tried to press my clitty against it while I was sliding and wiggling, like Mary said, only I couldn't seem to do all of it at once." Mary said, "I bet you could ride three or four different horsies and get to taste each one of them. Especially since you're the new girl. Mr. Thompson will keep track of how many you taste, and if you get a mouthful and swallow it, it counts as two. I do that sometimes, like in some of the different games."

"You swallow all of it?"

"Yes, and it doesn't taste so bad anymore. It's better than getting it in your hair, depending on which game you're playing. And it counts double when you swallow it."

"Don't worry about getting points tonight, Lilly, although you already got a point a minute ago." Mr. Thompson said. "Just have a good time. If you want, then you could get a whole load in your mouth, and maybe just swallow half of it. The other girls will show you. They like showing a new girl how good they are at getting a mouthful and then swallowing it; like they are showing off. Would you show her, Mary?"

"Oh, sure. I'll show her. And I remember at my first party, some of the other girls would get a mouthful and then like get over my mouth and let some of the white stuff drool out of their mouth into my mouth and then I swallowed it. Dr. Vicky told me later that they even put that in my video - the going from another girl's mouth into my mouth. Maybe we could try that."

"Well, I guess we could try it."

"Very good idea, Mary. We'll do that later. And you get a point for suggesting it. And you both get two points later if you do that in front of the cameras."

Mary giggled and clapped her hands. "Oh, goodie. Won't that be fun, Lilly?"

"OK. I'll do it with you." Lilly liked her new friend.

Then Mary asked Mr. Thompson if he would vibrate them for a little bit before they played that game. Mary turned to Lilly, "See, if we get vibrated first, it's like we're more excited and people like our videos even better. Isn't that right, Mr. Thompson?"

"Yes, that's right, Mary." He smiled and then explained to Lilly that they often got the girls more excited before a video by buzzing the girl's clitty for a minute so it would swell up and get wet for the video. "Kind of like pinching your titties. It helps for the videos."

"And it feels good." Mary added. "So like before that game we could get buzzed. And then, like when a man or maybe a couple men, are standing behind a curtain with the cocks coming out through slits in the curtains so we can't see whose cock it is, and then I'll suck on one of them and play with it until it squirts into my mouth, and the I'll put my head over your head and spit the cum into your mouth, and you can swallow it after you show it to the camera and I'll swallow what's left in my mouth, and then we both show our open, empty mouths to the camera. Maybe while I'm getting one ready to cum, you could suck on another one right beside me, like to get him ready to cum, too, and then after I share the cum with you, then I could suck on the one you got ready and then spit that cum in your mouth, too. We could both get a few points for doing that. We could try it. You never know exactly what's going to happen in a game. Did you ever suck on a real cock before?"


"Maybe you could try it for a minute before you ride the horsie, just to see if you can get the tip in your mouth."

"Gee, OK. Would that be OK, Mr. Thompson?"

"Sure, Lilly. That could be part of your rodeo video."

Then the door opened, indicating that the next horsie was ready for a cowgirl to come in and take a ride. Mr. Thompson walked in with the two girls, and scooted them over to the other side of the 'horsie,' who already had a rock-hard cock, even lifting up from his tummy as he laid on his back. Mr. Thompson said, "Introduce yourselves to the camera. Then Mary, you tell Cowgirl Lilly what to do. Let her take a couple practice rides on the horse to get used to riding, but we won't start the six-minute rodeo clock yet.

The girls giggled as they introduced themselves. Lilly kept looking at the bigger saddle horn she would have to lubricate and then slide on to pretend she was riding a horsie. They played with lots of lubricant, spilling some on the man's tummy as Mary loaded up Lilly's right hand. Lilly rubbed copious amounts of the lubricant on her own pussy, showing her pussy to the camera whenever Mary mentioned it. Then she knelt beside the horsie and kept looking at the stiff cock - larger than the previous horsie. Before Mary squeezed out lubricant on Lilly's hand to put on the cock, Mary said, "I usually lick it for a little bit before putting the slippery stuff on it. That helps get it hard and ready for the ride. Want me to show you?"

Lilly agreed, so Mary started licking and sucking on the cock, barely able to get the big, reddish tip into her mouth. Then Lilly tried it. It took a full minute before she could get the tip in her mouth, but at last she did. This horsie was younger and more athletic than the previous horsie, so when Lilly finally applied the lubricant and got on the seat, still holding the saddle horn, the horse started moving around too.

"Practice wiggling your hips again, Lilly." Mary said, "And slide up and down at the same time. Can you feel the cock rubbing against your clitty?"

"Yes, like sometimes I miss it when I bounce, but sometimes it hits right on it. Am I wiggling fast enough?"

"Ready, timer?" Mr. Thompson asked.

One of the men was looking at his watch. "Ready."

"Go." Said Mr. Thompson. The horse started bucking and twisting, but never hard enough to throw the rider off - but hard enough for lots of contact. Lilly was wiggling and twisting, too, sliding up and back and all around on the bucking horsie.

"Ride 'em, Cowgirl!" somebody said, and the horsie moved faster as did Lilly - wiggling and jumping on the cock.

"Grab the saddle horn with one hand and hold the reins in your other hand." Mary said. "That's a girl! You're doing great."

Four and a half minutes into the ride someone said, "Better squeeze the saddle horn, Lilly, because it looks like you will win on this one."

Lilly squeezed the saddle horn as it started shooting, so she pulled it up against the front of her pubic mound and pressed it hard against her. The stiff cock was squirting and sliding up and back against Lilly's mound. Her hand was soon covered in thick, white, cum.

"Lick off a little bit and then show your tongue to the camera, Lilly." One of the spectators called.

"Now see if you can swallow that little glob." Suggested Mr. Thompson.

Lilly tried it and was able to swallow it. People cheered, so she tried a few more strands as she licked off her hand, cleaning off over half of it. Her face said 'Yuk!' after each taste, but she kept at it, pleasing the crowd.

She dismounted to one side and looked at the shrinking cock. "I hope I didn't break it!" she said, making the spectators laugh. "I mean look, it's getting smaller."

"Do you want to ride another horsie?" Mary asked.

She started to say "yes," but Mr. Thompson took her hand. "We're going to go watch the other games now, Mary, but thanks for all your help. You're a great rodeo coach!"

They helped Lilly take off the vest. Mr. Thompson had her kneel down beside the horse to kiss it for giving her such a nice ride. "Maybe lick off a little of the cum that's still on the tip, Lilly." So she did.

Dr. Vicky helped her back into her shortie dress and the high heels and ankle socks so that she and Mr. Thompson could take her to the next game.

Mary went out into the hall with them while they got another horsie set up for her to ride. Mary was putting the cowgirl vest back on when she said, "You did really good, Lilly, and you swallowed enough to get another point. I could tell the men liked watching you ride. I think they all wanted a turn to be your horsie. You really wiggled your hips a lot while you were sliding up and back on it, and they like that. It gets them to squirt sooner, so you get more points."

Dr. Vicky said, "Yes, Lilly. You did great. And I know you and Mary will have fun making a video later. She's very passionate, like you are, so you'll have fun touching and feeling and kissing and licking each other all over. And I'll even have her finger your bottom for your video and then we'll let her help you have your first orgasm for tonight. That will be a fun video to make, won't it, Lilly? With people and cameras watching the two of you undress each other and then playing."

"Yes, gee." Lilly said.

Mr. Thompson said, "Mary has to go back into the rodeo room in a minute when the next horsie is ready for her. But which game do you want to watch next? There are two girls playing and masturbating each other in the bedroom upstairs. We call that 'The Make-out Game.' and 'The Catch Game,' which is when a blindfolded girl lies on her tummy with her legs together on a big towel while she has on cotton panties. The man gets her all slippery between her legs and gets his cock slippery, and then he slides it up and back between the girl's thighs, while he is in kind of a push-up position, but usually with his knees on the ground outside of her legs. If he pushes his cock against the girl's panties, then she bends her knees to 'catch' him with her ankles on the back of his butt. She presses hard while he has to keep pressing his cock against her panties. If she catches him ten or more times or if he squirts his stuff all over her panties, then the girl wins. Then the man gets off, and she spreads her legs so the camera can see if there is cum on her panties. Usually there is lots of it. And there are other games, but these are the ones going on right now. What would you like to watch next?"

"Gee, both of them, but maybe next we could watch 'The Catch Game,' but I want to see 'The Make-out Game,' too. What are some of the other games?"

"Are you enjoying the party, Lilly?" Dr. Vicky asked with a smile.

"Yes! Gee, I didn't know what to expect, but this is really fun. I liked doing the horsie ride."

Dr. Vicky said, "You did great. Some of the other games we'll play later are the 'Catch The Finger Game,' and then the 'Dancing-stripping Video Game,' and 'The Naughty Boyfriend Game,' with one of the girls pretending to be a boy, even wearing jeans and a T-shirt and she kisses and tries to feel and undress the girl who is being the girlfriend. That's fun, like role-playing."

Mr. Thompson said, "And 'The Spankee-Finger Game,' when the girls gets spanked and fingered in her bottom once her butt cheeks have a reddish glow, and..." He stopped talking.

"And what? What are some of the other games, Mr. Thompson?" Lilly asked.

"Of course we'll do a vibrator-finger game so that each girl gets to orgasm on camera while all the other girls and grown-ups all watching." He looked down at Lilly. "We'll do you girls one at a time, so everybody at the party can watch. You'll get a turn to be the star so everybody can watch you orgasm, Lilly. Won't that be fun - with the cameras and girls and grown-ups all watching you?"

"Gee. Yes. But kind of embarrassing."

"It feels so good with everybody watching." Said Mary.

"I know." Lilly agreed.

"And there are other games, too, but those are surprises. We try to always have a few surprise games at our parties, so the girls always want to come back. Do you want to come to more parties, Lilly?"

"Yes. Gee."

"Oh, good." Said Mary. "I want to play with you."

Lilly smiled.

The door opened for Mary to go back into the rodeo room to ride another horsie. Mary kissed Lilly on the mouth. "See you later, Cowgirl." Mary said.

Dr. Vicky said, "Well, since we're going to 'The Catch Game' room, you might as well leave the lubricant on your bottom since you'll be getting lubricated on your legs in a minute. Then I'll clean you off. I bet you'll want to play, and then you'll get lots of cum on the panties. Ready?"

They went to the next game room... one of many that night.

End Of This Part


The other games, and the session with Lilly's Mommy and another girl will be in the next Chapter. Meanwhile, please share any suggestions for "exciting party games" which I could include in the next chapter, along with any suggestions for how Lilly's Mommy could help a little girl from the research program have orgasms.

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I like how everything in this story has been taking place from Lilly's perspective. It leaves the reader wondering about some of the behind the scenes activities with some of the girls who have been in the program for a while. Like why was Sandy so late arriving with other men? And towards the end of the second part, what exactly happened between Tanya and that man in the hotel room when Dr. Vicky left to take Lilly home? And what was she doing that she couldn't be at this party. My guess is there are some more advanced games going on that Lilly and thus the reader have yet to be made privy to. I like the mystery unfolding, keep it up.


I haven't finished this story because I cummed by the end of chapter 1. I will continue tomorrow and write the final review but so far this is great. I just hope I don't cum too soon again because I'm dying to know what happens.


So i made it to the end. I like the cum swapping. There should be more of that in the future. You could also have 10 guys cum on a girl's face and let it dry on her because 'it's good for her skin'. I hope we see Mommy participating soon too. It would be good if she was present at her daughter's games to assist with props and such.


Include a night out with Mr Williams as he begins to seduce her and she wants to be with him more and more


Wonderful story! This story has it all! I like the tension between Lilly's innocence and her curiosity for more. It seems like this little girl just can't say no! And, no matter what demands are placed on her she complies. And, I love her mommy too: it seems she is quite willing to sell her little girl out in exchange for the 'envelopes' she gets... Another great story!

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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