Sara's Little Sister Kathy's Photo Shoot

[ Mg, nc, rape, oral, anal, ws ]

by Casper

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Published: 26-Oct-2011

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I hope you for enjoying this and if you did enjoyed the story, please send me a note at [email protected] I try my best but my spelling leaves a lot to be desiried. Also, please share any fantasies, memories, suggestions, etc. I'm a new writer and always looking for ideas for new stories. And of course, there is no way for me to verify if something actually happened or if it is pure fantasy. I'm interested most themes that involve Mg,mg, mild sad, bd, mild tort, spank, cons, nc, reluc, coercion I pretty much like everything except for SNUFF this is all just fantasy here fokes. 'NOBODY should ever hurt a child I do not advocating doing any of these things to or with children.'

This is the 2nd part of Daddy & Little Sara's Photo Shoot

Ben called and asked me if he could dropped off Kathy his 8 year old daughter in about 3 weeks and he wanted me to open her up because he knew if he did it with his big 11 inch cock she would surly be damaged he knew with my 6 inch cock she would be hurt a little but not damaged.

Ben also wanted to know if he could leave her with me for a few days so he could concentrate on working over Sara's pussy and ass without any interruption. I told him a month would be better but I would be happy to help him out for a few days. "Like Duh Who The Fuck Would Pass Up An Opportunity To Fuck An 8 Year Old Girl" He also wanted me to do a photo shoot of her.

As soon as I got off the phone I started gathering a few things and making a list of other things I needed. Then I got on line and went to my website and started taking requests of things they would like to see done to the little 8 year old during the few days she would spend with me.

Between the video's and pictures I should make a pretty good chunk of change and enjoying little Kathy's body to it fullest.

When Ben brought Kathy over I let them in "Oh my God I thought" Kathy was even more beautiful the her sister Sara just not quite so big but she still showed budding tiny breasts pushing her shirt out away from her chest. "I could not wait to try those little titties out."

I shook Ben's hand then knelt down and introduced myself to little Kathy. Hello their you must be Kathy my name is Mr. Mark it sure is a pleasure to meet such a pretty little girl I am looking forward to having you stay with me for the next few days.

Ben gave her a quick hug shook my hand and then he was off for a Fuck Fest with Sara his 10 year old daughter.

Well honey I am so glad you are here, did your Daddy tell you that I will be taking lots of pictures and some video's over the next few days as you model lots of outfits for me as we play some naughty adult games.

But first let's get you into the bathtub and get you all clean so we start having you model some nice clothes for me. So I took Kathy's hand and led her into the bathroom and filled the tub after it was done I reached down and lifted her shirt up and over her head before she had anytime to object or protest.

My Kathy you sure have pretty little titties and look at the very nice little puffy's nipples on them. Kathy raised her hands to cover them, what's the matter are you embarrassed or something? She said yes as she looked up at me.

Well there is no need to be embarrassed I like looking and playing with pretty little titties like you have I bet you even have a nice little hairless pussy for me to play with too as I reached out and pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles then lifted each leg to pull them off her little feet which gave me my first look at her little charms.

Oh honey you are so pretty will you please put your arms down and let me have a nice look at your sweet little body that's better Kathy you do not need to be embarrassed at all I really do like looking at it you have very nice titties and full meaty pussy lips and your clit is so big are you getting excited? Do you like having men look at you you're hot little body? She just looked shyly up at me but did not say anything.

And look your clit looks wet and is sticking out like a little penis then I flicked it with my finger causing her to moan and move her hips closer to my hand as I pulled and flicked the little tender bud getting her wetter and wetter then I pulled her closer to me as I licked the sucked on her clit Kathy was moaning then screamed out as she pulled my head into her pussy as she had a nice big orgasm.

After Kathy recovered from her big orgasm I smiled as her and put her into the tub and started washing her beautiful little body taking extra time with her sexual areas. I also kept talking with her the whole time and keeping her excited and aroused and explaining to her that over the next few days she would be modeling clothes, showing off and using her body do all kinds of sex stuff basically anything to please me and maybe some of my special friends.

She would be expected to cooperate and do everything I wanted or I would have to punish her as I looked at Kathy I smiled and said but I am sure that you will be a good girl for me or any of my friends and let us do sex stuff with you isn't that right as I pulled and twisted one of her puffy nipples just enough to get her undivided attention.

Kathy cried then winced as I twisted her little nipple making her dance around trying to escape the pain,. You are going to do everything I say and tell you to isn't that right honey? Yeeeeeees I will pleeeeese stop pleeeeese stop.

Good girl honey as I released her nipple then pulled her close and kissed her and I forced my tongue into her little mouth she surprised me by sucking on it as it entered her mouth then I said to her that we were going to have so much fun as I lifted her out of the tub and started drying her off.

After she was dry I carried her into the other room and helped her into one of the outfits I had for her to model for me it was a tiny skirt tiny white see thru panties and a white thin blouse which I tied so it was just under her little titties.

I was happy with the look I could plainly see her nipples and when she lifted her skirt I was able to clearly make out her full pussy and even better that nice big clit was poking straight out she looked scrumptious. After I added some lipstick, blush and a little eye shadow I knew the camera was going to love her and I was going to love fucking all 3 of her holes.

Oh Kathy you look so pretty and I lifted her and carried her over to the full length mirror and set her down in front of it Kathy was smiling as she turned around to look at herself in it I picked up the camera and started taking pictures.

Kathy was a real ham she played it up for the camera big time putting her hands behind her head lifting up her long brown curly hair as I kept taking pictures she leaned down giving me a great unknowing shot of her puffy little titties.

Very nice now turn around lean over and stick your little butt out at me great keep doing that and then I reached out and flipped up her shirt and took more pictures as she pushed out her tiny butt even farther everything was clearly visible through the see thru panties as I clicked away.

That's it now open your legs wider that's it now bend all the way over great good just like that keep doing that as I continued taking picture after picture of this sexy little minx.

Ok now move your little butt around very nice I kept telling her now reach back put your hands on your butt and pull it apart for me I put the camera down for a minute and put my hands over hers on her butt and said no do it like this for me as I pulled her butt cheeks so far apart I could clearly see her rose bud and up inside her little fuck hole.

Hold it just like that and I picked up the camera and started taking more pictures then I had her stand up and told her to un-button her blouse down to where I had tied it, she bit her lip but did as I asked.

Great now lean forward a little more that it I want to be able to see your pretty titties as I continued taking more pictures after a short time I said now untie the top and let it hang for me again she bit her lip but did not hesitate to do as I asked.

I got more pictures then led her over to the couch then I had her straddle the arm and said to her pretend it is a horsy ride back and forth on it after a few minutes she was really going to town her top was flying open and close as I got some great shots of her tiny breasts as she rubbed her panty covered pussy on the arm of the couch moaning loudly.

As I clicked off another twenty pictures and also knowing the video cameras all over the house would be getting a lot of great action I pushed her off the arm of the couch and onto her back then raised her legs I was treated to the beautiful site of her sopping wet little 8 year old pussy I did not waste much time looking at it and I wanted to devour it and I sank down on my knees and ripped the panties right off her little ass then dove in enjoying her taste Kathy was trying to say something but was unable to because she was well on her way to another orgasm as I licked then chewed showing her no mercy as I pulled on her clit with my teeth then letting it snap back then getting it again over and over till she screamed then went ridged. Kathy came so hard she actually shot cum out of her pussy directly into my waiting mouth which I was more then happy to accept from this tiny soon to be little slut.

I was hard as a rock and more then ready to enjoy this little treat that has been given to me to use by her own Daddy.

Kathy was still in the throws of her big orgasm as I stripped down then mounted her she just laid there till I started pushing into her cunt then she started screaming out and pounding on me as I forced in tearing her hymen then bottoming out at the back of her pussy she begged and pleaded for me to take it out but I just held her and stayed in till she started to calm down.

After about 10 minutes she finally started to relax and I was able to do short thrusts in and out Kathy was crying but stopped asking me to stop as I gradually increased my thrust into this sweet little preteen and after another 10 minutes she was lifting her hips to meet my thrusts.

Is it better yet honey with teary eyes she just nodded? I am glad it feels better now hold on to me as I rolled over onto my back leaving her on top of me.

I looked up at Kathy and said now I want you to be a big girl for me and Fuck your tiny pussy up and down on my cock till you make me cum in you.

After a few minutes Kathy was getting a nice rhythm and was not crying anymore as she bounced up and down I begun playing with her budding titties she started moaning again she started to climax again and I was ready myself so I grabbed her small hips slamming her all the way down my cock till I broke thru and into her womb as she screamed out from the sudden pain deep in her belly as I deposited her first sperm injection into her tiny cunt.

I finally let her get off my cock and she was still crying as I carried her into the bathroom and sat her on the toilet while I filled the tub again well we waited I kissed her again she looked at me and asked why I hurt her I kissed her again and said I sorry but you feel so good inside I just want to go in as far as possible and that she would get used to it.

Then I stood in front of her and pushed my cock to her lips and said open up nice and wide I want you to suck on my cock like a good little slut and clean it for me and make sure you look at that camera over there I sure my friends on the internet will love to see you do a good job.

The tub was almost full again so I told her to stop but I did not let her off of my cock I just held her head tightly in my hands and looked into her eyes and started to pee directly into her mouth Kathy start to choke but I did not let up and as she fought to escape the rank taste I forced her to swallow it all down and into her belly till I was finished Kathy look a little green but other then that she seemed fine she even managed to pee herself before she walked over and climbed into the bath tub with me.

After a few minutes she finally said I did not like it when you to do that. Did what I asked like I did not know what she was going to say. You went pee-pee in my mouth that's dirty your not supposed to do stuff like that.

Kathy honey little girls are meant to be played with and enjoyed you have 3 holes for men to use and abuse as they see fit and I will do what ever I want to any of them and if I want to go pee-pee in your mouth you will be a good girl and let me or you will be punished do you understand?

Kathy looked back at me and nodded I knew her Daddy told her to do everything I wanted and he also told her she would be punished if she didn't.

I took my time in the tub with her making sure she enjoyed most of what I was doing to her I rubbed her shoulders and back then pulling her back up against my chest I washed her tiny titties pulling lightly outward on her nipples and as they became erect I kissed her neck then her ears Kathy was moaning and purring as I stuck my tongue into her ear I kept up tugging and twisting her little buds making them very hard.

As I looked down I seen this little vixen had her hand in between her legs and had 2 fingers working in and out of her little baby cunt. That it I said to her doesn't that feel really nice keep it up go a little faster work your fingers in deeper great be a good girl add another one in too.

That it keep going and as she did I lifted her a little till my cock rested at the entrance to her little butt hole I soaped it up and as she finger fucked her pussy I started lowering her ass down on my cock I only got in about 1 ? inches as Kathy screamed out in another orgasm and her butt muscles gripped tightly on my cock I could not move in or out at this point so I waited to she finished climaxing then I was able to continue Kathy started grunting and then crying as I went deeper and deeper into her rectum she tried to lift up but I had a good firm grip on her and made sure she kept going farther down on my cock till she finally rested firmly on my lap.

I had all 6 inches up her little ass as she cried begging me to take it out. I made her lean back against my chest as I played with her nipples for a while then her clit till her rectum finally started to relax a little then I was finally able to lift her up a little then back down it took about another 15 minutes before I could finally move her up and down about 4 inches Kathy finally stopped crying but still grunted loudly every time I bottomed out deep in her ass.

Kathy finally started helping me she lifted herself up then down. Now that a good girl I said keep doing that. Now that I had a free hand I pushed my finger into her little pussy and I used my thumb and first finger to play with her clit.

It only took a few minutes before I was blowing a load deep inside her rectum as Kathy felt me shoot into her it triggered her to have another orgasm I thought she was going to brake my cock off she gripped it so tight I just held her tightly till she finished her orgasm and slumped back against my chest.

After that I cleaned us both up dried myself then I lifted Kathy out and dried her off I lifted her up into my arms and I kissed her as I carried her into the bedroom I said I think we need a little nap after all this love making you wore me out young lady as I snuggled with her in the bed kissing her neck I said Kathy I think I am falling in love with you she just squeezed my hand and push herself tightly up against me as we nodded off to sleep.

I awoke about 5:00 pm Kathy was still asleep so I eased out of bed and headed to the kitchen and started making dinner I was just finishing up when I heard a scream come from in the bed room so I ran in to see what had happen Kathy was sobbing and shaking I immediately pulled her into my arms and asked what's wrong? I woke up by myself nobody was here and I got scared you weren't here I thought you left me all alone I don't like being all by myself.

It's ok I didn't leave you "As I calmed her down I played with her nipples and squeezed her nice small ass" I did not want to wake you because you looked so peaceful I wanted to let you rest so that after dinner you can model another outfit for me and then I can fuck you again. But I still sore from earlier she said. Oh honey it's ok if you're a little sore even little sore pussies can still take cocks in them that what they are made for.

Kathy did not say anything else she knew that it was no use she was going to get fucked no matter what that was the whole reason her Daddy brought her here was for her to get fucked and stretch out enough so her Daddy could fuck her after he picked her up she said to herself.

I lifted her up into my arms and gave her a very passionate kiss and Kathy responded by excepting and sucking on my tongue then I lifted her a little higher and brought her puffy nipple to my mouth and sucked it like I was nursing for it that got a nice little squeal out of her as she ran her fingers thru my hair I kept up the attack as I alternated between each nipple soon I was sucking the whole breast into my hungry mouth as I enjoyed my little preteen to the fullest.

I finally carried her into the kitchen so we could have our dinner. I hope you like steak I said to her, Kathy said I don't know Daddy never let us have any before. Well I think you will like it but if you don't I have some chicken tenders in the freezer.

Kathy tried the steak and love it she even liked the bake potato and rolls but she said she didn't like the broccoli but she did eat the salad. I told her later tonight we could have some apple pie with ice cream on top, I love apple pie she said.

After I we cleaned up dinner I took Kathy into the other room I had a very tiny micro bikini it was so small it just covered her tiny nipples the bottoms had a strings attached to a gold metal letters top line said "SEXY" and directly under that it said "SLUT" the rest was just strings I made sure the strings divided her pussy and mashing her clit into the folds of her pussy next I added some bright red lipstick and a pair of 4 inch Fuck Me pump sandals and I put her hair into 1 long ponytail down the middle of her back.

Kathy looked stunning and in those Fuck Me Pumps her legs looked long enough to rap around any mans head at least twice. "She was Hot!!!"

As I led her into the studio I had her put her hands on her head and lean over I told her that I wanted to add some color to that sexy little ass then I used the ridding crop on her just hard enough to redden each cheek and make them sting a little.

Kathy squealed quite a bit and even moaned a few times but she never lowered her hands the last 2 strikes I came up between her legs right on both pussy lips as Kathy cried out I could see she was already wet and it clearly showed on the leather end of the ridding crop.

I brought the crop up so Kathy could see her wetness on it she just smiled then I told her to be a good girl and lick it so she could enjoy her own sweet taste after she did Kathy let out another moan.

After I had my fun with her I picked up my camera taking lots of pictures as I guided her into many different poses I got many shot of her redden little butt cheeks and more of the strings mashing her clit and dividing her bald little pussy into and many others as I had her spread her legs and hold them apart as I got close up pictures of the string being pulled tightly into her wet cunt.

I pulled her clit out from behind the strings stretching it out and over to the side as Kathy cried out till it slipped free of my fingers. Perfect I said as I continued to take more pictures now you really are a SEXY SLUT. Now reach down and pull yourself open for me Great I said as I clicked off a few more shots very nice now hold your ankles again and as she did I picked up the crop again and gave her 3 hard smacks with it right on her engorged clit.

As Kathy screamed out she also climaxed and shot cum out of her pussy and onto the sheet leaving a major wet spot that she was laying on, I made sure I got many shots of it. I new the punters would pay big money to see a little 8 year old that could actually shoot cum from her pussy.

All the years that I have looked at kiddie porn and shot pictures of other little girls I never seen any other one shoot like that before and I new most other guys didn't either.

Next I had Kathy get into a bridge position she looked great her top slid up exposing her puffy nipples to my camera I took a little time to fluff them up till they were hard then I pushed a finger up her cunt getting some of her juices to tease her nipples even more she looked so sexy as her nipples glistened with her sweet juices all over them I snapped off more pictures till finally I was satisfied that I had what I needed.

It was getting late as I took her into the bathroom took off her suit but left FUCK ME PUMP shoes on and I started filling the tub I made her bend over the toilet and with the height of the shoes her tiny ass was at the right height to fuck so I didn't waste any time as I put some ky-gel on my cock and on her rosebud I just pushed in Kathy just let out a loud grunt and cried as I sank all 6 inches deep in her bowels after a few minutes she was grunting more then crying now and meeting each thrust by pushing her ass towards it as I sank in again and again till I finally filled her full of cum.

We played a little in the tub as I cleaned her and she cleaned me I told her how great she had been today and I was very proud of her and I said that her Daddy would be too. She said she enjoyed some of the stuff we did today but she felt really embarrassed knowing that men on the internet would be seeing all the nude and open shots of her doing all the nasty poses I made her get into. I told her that being embarrassed is what makes it so exciting and why she climaxes so hard.

After I dried her off I placed her on the toilet and said open up Kathy got tears in her eyes as she knew what was coming next as I brought my cock to her lips and pushed just the head in I smiled and said what a SEXY SLUT as I took her head in both hands and pissed into her mouth making her swallow down every drop.

After I finished I had the puffy teary eyed little girl kiss my cock then thank me for letting her drink it. With her puffy eyes she managed to say thank you Mr. Mark. I said you are very welcome I know your Daddy will enjoy you doing this to him all the time when you go home he said Sara has been doing it a lot for him already.

I had her brush her teeth and finish cleaning up and I carried her into the bedroom and put on a see thru light blue baby doll teddy with crotch-less panties then we went in the kitchen for some apple pie and ice-cream.

After we ate our desert I put a video in the DVD player, Kathy was a little shocked as she watched the screen from my lap of Sara and her Daddy. See Kathy look how big your Daddy's cock is that is why he brought you here for me to open you up some because he did not want it to hurt you so bad as he pushes his big cock all the way into you.

I took Kathy to bed after the video and I ate her to another 2 orgasms before I fucked her hard and deep I have to give her credit she met every thrust by lifting her tiny ass up in the air till I finally filled her womb with 3 thick ropes of cum then I pulled out and snuggled up behind her kissing her neck telling her how much I loved her and then sucking on her little ear lobes Kathy intertwined her fingers into mine enjoying all the cuddling I was doing with her she scooted tightly up against me till she drifted off to sleep I had a big smile on my face knowing I still had 2 whole days left to push this sweet little Fuck puppet as far as I could and force her do the most perverted and degrading things ever imaginable.

As I drifted off to sleep I could hardly wait for the next day for the BDSM shoot my cock twitched back and fourth as the thoughts of using the ridding crop on her pretty pink titties and her bald little puffy pussy as she begged and pleaded.

The End

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nice PLEASE do the next day!


One word: Punctuation!


Ohhhh yesss beautiful hot story, your mind is incredible....nasty imagination....I loved those pedo sins...mmmm yesss Thanks


Great story

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