House Hunter, Part 1

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Published: 5-May-2013

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This story is a work of fiction... this means that it did not happen. If stories featuring adult/child sex offend you, then don't read it!

I'd been looking for a little while now. Every one that I'd been sent to hadn't been suitable for one reason or another; too big, too small or simply over priced. I'd agreed to look at this one, even though I suspected it probably wouldn't be suitable either. When I first pulled up outside, it didn't actually look too bad, but I'd quickly learnt not to go by first impressions and outward appearances too much. There was no sign of the estate agent yet either.

The street was pretty much deserted except for a young boy whizzing up and down it on his bike. On his second pass I smiled at him and he smiled back, before skidding to a halt further down the street.

Now, when most people go house hunting, they look at the area, you know, schools, shops, doctors and all that. Whilst those things are still important, I also pay very close attention to the neighbours, particularly the younger ones.

I wound the window down and lit up a cigarette as bike boy came thundering down the street again. I heard the juddering of the brakes and he skidded to a halt near my car. I gave him another smile and again he smiled back. He was a cute looking lad with a mop of light brown hair which seemed to flop over one of his big brown eyes. If he'd been a girl, he'd have been described as pretty. Yup, that was the word: "pretty."

He was dressed in a white Ben10 t-shirt and a pair of tatty looking jeans, finished off with a pair of scuffed trainers.

'Wotcha!' he said confidently.

'Hello' I replied.

'You buying the house?' he wanted to know.

'I'm just here to have a look at it' I told him

I looked at my watch, wondering where the estate agent was when my mobile rung and the agent's number flashed up. The young lady on the other end explained that she was very sorry but due to 'unforeseen circumstances', whatever they were, there wasn't anyone available at the office who could come to show me around the house I wanted to view. Great I thought to myself, what a waste of bloody time. She then said I was welcome to collect the keys myself and look around it unescorted if I so wished. As the office was only about five minutes away and I was already here, I agreed. After all, I was big enough and ugly enough to work out for myself which were bedrooms and which was the kitchen. So I restarted the engine, waved to my new found little friend and set off to collect the keys, returning about twenty minutes or so later.

If I'm honest about it, I was more than a bit disappointed not to see the boy again when I pulled back up outside the house, as I'd found him pretty cute. However, as I got out and locked the car, he came flying round the corner, puffing and all red faced as he skidded to a halt.

'Hello again!' I said.

'You're back?'

'Looks like it!' I laughed.


'I had to go and get the keys' I told him. 'You're nosey for a... how old are you?'

'8' he told me.

'You're nosey for an 8 year old?'

He totally ignored my question.

'My name's Elliot... what's yours?'

'Peter' I told him. 'Nice to meet you!'

I held my hand out and the boy shook it.

'I'll look after your car if you want?' he told me.

'It's okay, it has an alarm on it. Is it bad around here then?'

'Nah... just bored!'

'Okay... er thanks' I said, putting the key in the front door and going in.

I wandered around the house, which actually wasn't in bad shape really. I did all the usual stuff like nosing in cupboards, turning taps on and off, all that sort of thing. It must have been around ten minutes or so when there was a knock at the door. Oh I thought, the estate agent's finally found somebody. Better late than never. I opened the door to find little Elliot stood there.

'Can I use the toilet?' he asked.

'It's not my house matey' I told him.

'Please... I only need a wee... not number twos...' he said with a look of desperation.

'Come on then' I relented, giving him a warm friendly smile.

He charged up the bare wooden staircase while I continued nosing around on the ground floor.

'Peter! PETER!' I heard him calling me, 'can you come up here please?'

I went up and stood outside the bathroom door.

'What's up mate?' I asked. He's changed his mind I thought. He's gone "number two's" as he called it and had found there's no toilet paper.

'Me zip's stuck!' he said in a panic, 'can you try and get it down please?'

I wandered in to see a little boy desperate for a wee and unable to have one as he battled to unzip his jeans. I had a go and found it was stuck fast. Elliot was hopping from leg to leg now. He really needed to go. I put the toilet lid down and sat on it before taking hold of the waistband of his jeans in one hand and with the other, took hold of the zipper and yanked it with all my might. At last, we heard it go down. I stood up and lifted the lid and the seat.

'There you go!' I said.

Elliot pulled his jeans down and whipped out his dinky little cock from a pair of grey, Ben10 underpants. It would have been rude of me not to have had a good look at it, so I did. It was flaccid and soft of course, but lovely nonetheless and simply crying out for my lips on the end of it. I was just about to leave him to it, but he was totally unconcerned by my presence and began talking to me as the golden urine flowed from the end of his very cute little cock.

'So now you've seen the house, you gonna buy it?' he asked.

'Don't know yet' I told him. 'Maybe...'

'Hope so!' he replied.

'So where do you live then?' I asked him.

'Next door' he told me. 'That side'

He pointed.

'Why didn't you use your own toilet then?' I asked.

'Me Mum's gone out. Usually if I need to go, I shoot in the bushes across the road, but someone saw me last time and Mum went mental. She said if she ever caught me doing that again she'd skin me!'

'Oh right' I laughed, as Elliot put his cock away and went to pull his jeans up. 'Oh no... oh bugger!' he suddenly said.

I was about to ask him what was wrong when I spotted it for myself. A large damp patch on the front on his pants.

'Oh nooooo' he said again. 'Mum said if I pee'd my pants again, she'd make me wear pull-ups'

I laughed and sung the song from the TV advert.

'...I'm a big boy nowwwww!'

'It's not funny!' he said in a rather annoyed tone. 'You don't know my Mum... she'd flipping well do it!'

'Sorry' I said apologetically, 'but don't panic. I'm sure we can sort it out. The only thing you can really do is take them off and I'll hang them on the door handle to dry out?'

He thought for a moment before deciding it was about the only option he had, so Elliot pulled his jeans back off followed by his pants. I took them from him and hung them on the door handle to dry. He didn't seem bothered at all about being semi-naked in front of a total stranger, showing off his lovely little boy treasures. I have to say, as well as a lovely suckable looking little cock, he had a cute fuckable looking little bum as well. I sat back down on the toilet seat as Elliot went to sit on the bare wooden floorboards.

'I wouldn't do that mate!' I told him, 'not unless you want splinters in your bum!'

'Oh yeah!' he giggled, raising a hand to his mouth.

'You're welcome to sit on my lap... if you want to that is... while we wait for them to dry out. It's about the only seat I can offer you at the moment?'

'Thanks' he said, jumping up.

I put my arms around him to stop him from slipping off, resting them on his bare smooth little tummy.

We chatted away to pass the time. Elliot told me all about his likes and dislikes, about school, his Mum and how he didn't really remember his Dad. When he spoke about his Dad, he said it quite sadly and I felt really sorry for him. From what he'd told me, it appeared life was quite hard for them at times despite his Mum doing her best. In fact, I was really warming to little Elliot.

'I hope you do buy it!' he suddenly said. 'I like you. You're much nicer than the old bat who lived there before!'

'Elliot!' I said stifling a laugh. 'That's no way to talk about someone!'

'Well...' he giggled, 'she was! All she ever did was moan. I laughed when Mum told me the silly old cow had croaked it'

I couldn't help but laugh. I got the impression that Elliot was the sort of boy, who like most kids I'd had dealings with, spoke with a blunt, cruel honesty and told it exactly as he saw it.

He sat on my lap with one leg draped over each of mine as we talked. I absent mindedly rubbed his lovely flat little tummy, letting my fingertips occasionally brush the tip of his delightful little cock, accidentally on purpose if you get my drift.

Suddenly, Elliot said 'uh-oh'

'What's up matey?' I asked him.

He went very quiet and tried closing his legs together.


He pointed between his little sexy legs. I looked down and saw why he'd suddenly gone a little coy. His lovely little uncut cock had stiffened up and was proudly standing to attention, just like I knew it would.

'Is that all?' I said, making light of it to lessen any embarrassment for him.

He turned his head to look at me. 'It does that a lot just lately' he said quietly, 'but I don't know why?'

Bless him, I thought. With no Dad around to explain these things, I doubted his Mum could explain it to him either for one reason or another, and I got the impression that Elliot wasn't inclined to ask her either. I lifted him up and turned him around to face me. He was exceptionally good looking with a very cute, innocent face. His brown eyes were deep and thoughtful, and the smattering of freckles on his cheeks were just right.

'It's nothing to worry about' I tried to put his mind at rest, 'it happens to all us blokes'

'Really?' he said, sounding unconvinced.

'Yup!' I smiled at him. 'In fact, mine's like it now...honest!'

He still wasn't totally convinced. He went quiet for a moment.

'Can... can I see?' he asked hesitantly.

'I can't do that mate... if anyone found out, they'd chuck me in prison!' I told him.

He thought again.

'But there's only me and you here... and I ain't gonna tell no-one...'

I knew there was a good chance of this going a lot further and I was about to pass the point of no return.

'IF I do... you have to promise me that no-one... and I mean no-one will ever know?'

'I promise...' he said solemnly. 'I won't tell nobody!'

I lifted him down and stood him in front of me before I stood up, undone the button on my jeans, unzipped them and pulled them down. I could see Elliot watching intently as I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my pants and my cock sprang out inches from his face. His big brown eyes widened.

'Whoa!' he giggled. 'That is so big... and hairy... AND you've pee'd YOUR pants as well!'

I laughed as I sat back down.

'When you get older, yours will be as big as that or maybe even bigger... and it'll be hairy too... and no...' I laughed again, 'I haven't pee'd my pants!'

'How come your pants are all wet then... and what's that stuff hanging from your willy?' he asked, pointing at the long strands of pre-cum hanging from the end of it.

'Yours will do that when you're old as well' I told him, 'it's called pre-cum'

'What is it though?'

'Well...' I said, 'when you feel all sexy... and you want to put your willy into a girl... it makes it all nice and slippery so it goes in easier and doesn't hurt'

'Like oil?' he asked.

'Yeah... sort of... I suppose'

'But why's it coming out now?'

I hugged him.

'Because' I said, 'I have a cute and sexy, half naked little boy sitting on my lap!'

Elliot giggled at being referred to as sexy.

'It's the same reason your willy goes all hard and stiff... as well as making it easier to put into holes... it'd be hard to do that if it was soft!'

'Yeah!' he giggled.

'I bet it feels nice when it goes all stiff like that as well?'

Shyly, Elliot nodded.

'I could show you how to make it feel really nice if you wanted, but you have to promise to keep it a secret again, just between us?'

He thought for a moment before he turned to look up at me again.

'I promise!' he smiled.

I kissed the top of his head as I reached between his legs and took his stiff little cock between my finger and thumb, gently squeezing it.

'Ooh' he gasped as I gently pulled his foreskin back and lightly rubbed my thumb over the little purple head.

Elliot sucked in his breath.


Elliot nodded. I gently began to wank him and he made lots of little moans and sighs of pleasure. I moved my other hand underneath him and Elliot lifted himself up so that I could slip my hand underneath him. As I gently wanked him, I fondled his lovely little bum.

'Mmm... that feels so nice' he murmured as I tenderly continued to stroke his beautiful little cock. 'You're... making... it... tingle...' he gasped.

I stopped playing with him, much to Elliot's disappointment.

'When it really, really tingles like that... that's called an orgasm. Grown ups call it a cum' I explained.

He nodded.

'When you get bigger, any time from the age of about 10 or 11, when that happens... or you cum...' I explained, ''you'll have that stuff come out of it too'

'Is that why it's called cum?' he asked.

I nodded.

'Cum is the stuff that makes babies when it comes out inside a girl's hole. It's a bit like pre-cum... you know all slippery... but it's hot and there's a lot more of it'

'Does it shoot out of yours when you cum?' he asked.

'Yup!' I confirmed.

'Cool!' he said with interest, 'I think I'd like to see that!'

'The way you're going, you might just get your wish!' I laughed.

I lifted him down, stood up and then plonked him back down on the toilet lid before I knelt down in front of him.

'If you thought that felt nice' I said, 'you wait'

'What are you going to do?' he asked a little nervously.

'Don't worry' I reassured him. 'I'm going to give you a blow-job... put your willy in my mouth and suck on it!'

I bent my head down and swiped my tongue across the tip of his sweet, hot little cock.

'Ooh' he gasped.

I then slipped my lips over the end and took the whole of his cock into my mouth. I sucked hard before I pulled his tiny foreskin back and swirled my tongue around the little head again.

'Ooh... aargh... that's nice...' he gasped.

I licked and sucked his tiny tight ball sack before holding him by his slim hips and sucking him again. I came off him and looked up.

'How did that feel?' I asked.

'Brilliant!' he said breathlessly. 'Really nice!'

'Jump up and turn around' I said, 'let's have a proper look at that gorgeous little bum of yours'

Carefully, Elliot turned himself around to face away from me. His little boy bum was an absolute little peach, his skin smooth and flawless. The whiteness where he'd had to cover his private parts, contrasting with the natural tan he'd acquired during the summer while running around with no top on.. His lovely little cheeks were soft but firm.

'Bend forward for me mate...' I whispered.

Elliot leaned forward. I held a lovely cheek in each hand and gently prised them apart. I looked at the darker pink wrinkled circle surrounding the tightly closed hole which had never been invaded. I used one hand to keep his bum cheeks separated and ran a finger up and down his lovely bum crack. I then pulled his bum to my face and licked it a few times, drinking in the intoxicating essence of sweet innocent little boy bum, before I poked my tongue at that tightly closed hole.

Having only ever had things come out of it with nothing going in it before, it put up some resistance to my intrusion before yielding and my tongue entered his little rectum. I heard Elliot gasp as my thick, wet tongue penetrated his little boy fuck hole and I pushed my tongue into him deeper, before wiggling it about inside him. I pulled my mouth off him and replaced my tongue with my finger. I was able to push my finger much further up than my tongue, so I pushed it deeper and deeper before I began to finger fuck his sweet tight bum hole.

'Oh... oh... oh...' he gasped as I slid my finger in and out of him before I pulled it out and turned him back to face me.

'Did you like that?' I asked.

Elliot nodded.

'I prefer you sucking my willy though... although your tongue and finger up my bum were nice too!'

'You wait until I stick my willy in it!' I told him. 'How about you do something to me... you know, make me feel nice... and then I'll suck you properly and make you cum. You won't have anything come out of it yet like I do, you'll have what they call a dry cum... but it'll feel just as nice!'

'Like before?' he asked hopefully.

'Yeah... only ten times better!'

He smiled at the thought. I sat down on the toilet lid and Elliot got down on his knees between my legs in front of me like I'd done with him.

'What do I do?' he asked.

I took his little hands in mine and cupped them around my hard cock with mine guiding him.

'Put your hands around it... that's it... just like that. Now, hold it nice and firm'

Elliot burst into a fit of the giggles

'What?' I laughed.

His giggle was really infectious.

'It feels really... I dunno... strange... sort of hard but soft... and really hot. Not like mine. And it's really slippery with that... pee... p...'

'Pre-cum!' I reminded him.

'That's it... the pre-cum on it'

I went back to teaching the cute little 8 year old on what to do.

'Now, hold it nice and tight... o.. not THAT tight!' I laughed. 'How would you like it if I squeezed yours that hard?'

He giggled again.

'Sorry!' he said apologetically and loosened his grip a little.

'That's better' I laughed. 'Right, now move your hands up and down it... so that the skin on it there... that's called the foreskin... moves backwards and forwards like yours did?'

He slowly started to move his hands up and down it, gently wanking my cock with my hands around his to guide him.

'That's it, like that... hold it nice and firm but not too hard. Now, the faster you do that, the nicer it feels. Remember when I got faster and faster when I did it to you?'

He nodded and speeded his actions up as I took my own hands away.

'Ooh...' I sighed, 'that is really nice...' I encouraged him. 'You can do it one handed if you want, that way you can stroke my balls at the same time?'

He continued to wank me with his right hand and moved his left one down to gently squeeze and fondle my ball sack.

'You're doing really well...' I heaped praise on him.

For his first time, the 8 year old was wanking me extremely well. He was a little clumsy at times of course and in his eagerness to please me and make me feel good, his little hand slipped off the end once or twice sending him into another fit of hysterical giggles, but on the whole he was an excellent little student and took to it straight away. I decided to raise the game a little.

'Are you ready to try sucking it?'

Without answering, I felt Elliot copy what I'd done to him. I watched as his tiny pink tongue snaked out and swiped the tip of my cock, before he gently pulled the foreskin back and swirled his tongue around the head. I then felt his hot little mouth as he closed his lips over the top.

'Oh mate...' I sighed in pleasure, 'that feels so nice! Don't forget the harder you suck and the faster you move your mouth up and down it... the nicer it feels... just like when you did it with your hands... and put as much cock in your mouth as you can fit...'

I felt little Elliot take more in so that his cheeks bulged out and he sucked harder.

'Oh you're doing so well...' I praised him again.

Elliot pulled his mouth off, long ropes of pre-cum stretching from his lips to the tip of my cock. He looked up at me and smiled.

'Did I do it right?' he asked.

'You did brilliantly!' I told him, 'and I think you deserve a proper suck now... one that will make you cum and feel so nice...' I told him. 'Then you can suck me again and make me cum yeah?'

Elliot nodded enthusiastically and stood back up. I stood him up on the lid of the toilet and knelt down, taking his stiff little cock back into my mouth, sucking him hard.

'Ooh...' he moaned.

I pulled my mouth off for a moment and wanked him.

'You'll know when you're cumming as it'll feel really nice and your willy will really tingle like it did earlier?'

Elliot nodded.

'Let me know when that happens, as sometimes it hurts if I keep going after that'

'Okay' he replied, putting his hands on my head and pulling my mouth back on to his little stiff cock, keen for me to suck him some more.

Elliot, like every other boy I'd ever had a sexual relationship with, absolutely loved having his little cock sucked. I gently pulled his foreskin back, swirled my tongue lightly around the tip and the little purple head, before I swallowed his cock and tiny ball sack together. Elliot sighed as I began to suck him hard, moving my lips fast up and down his sweet tiny length. I held him by his delightful little bum cheeks as I guided his hips backwards and forwards.

'Oh... that's... nice...' he gasped, 'oh... oh... really... nice... aaah...

I sucked harder and faster, sensing that he was close to his little dry cum.

'It... ooh... tingles... aargh nice tingles...' he panted.

I began to suck him a little more gently as his little 8 year old body began jerking involuntarily and he had his first proper orgasm. I slowed right down and then stopped before pulling my mouth off him. His springy little boyhood pulsed and jerked around, the end of it glowing a nice deep pink colour following my oral attention.

'How was that?' I asked, looking up at him

'Oh wow!' he gasped excitedly as he slowly opened his eyes. 'I never felt like that before... that was so nice!'

'Good' I said, 'glad you enjoyed it!'

'Can we do it again?'

'Maybe' I told him, 'but men's and boy's cocks need a bit of time to recover. But you want to do it again sometime though?'

Elliot nodded furiously as I lifted him down. I sat back down on the toilet lid as he knelt back down between my legs to keep his side of the bargain.

'If I do it wrong... will you tell me?'

'Course I will!' I replied. 'Just do what I did only when I cum, I'll warn you so that you can get ready to swallow the cum down. You have to gulp it quickly though as it comes out really fast okay?'

Elliot nodded as his little fingers reached out for my cock. He leaned over, pulled my foreskin back and ran his tongue lightly across the tip.

'Aargh...' I sighed.

He stopped and looked up at me.

'Did I hurt you?' he asked with concern.

'No sweetheart...' I told him ' just felt so nice!'

Elliot giggled as he moved back and put the head of my cock into his tiny mouth and sucked hard.

'Remember...' I panted '...the more you fit in and the faster and harder you suck... the nicer it feels...'

I felt Elliot cramming more in, his little 8 year old mouth bulging with thick hard adult cock and he sucked harder.

'Oh that's good...' I praised him, 'that's really good... ooh yeah...'

Elliot moved both his hands round my cock and taking a firm grip, began to wank me furiously while he sucked it. I looked down at his lovely little head bobbing up and down and saw he was looking up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes, judging my reaction. I put my hands on the back of his head and applied some gentle pressure. Elliot took even more in, sucking and wanking me as hard as he possibly could. I guided his head as his little mouth moved up and down my cock.

'Oh god...' I gasped 'I'm gonna cum in a minute...' I warned him. 'Get ready to swallow... you're making me cum Elliot... you ready...'

Despite his mouth being full of my cock, he did his best to give me a nod.

'Get ready...' I gasped, releasing my grip on him slightly 'here.. it... comes... aaarggh...'

I felt the first rush of my seed travel up the shaft and straight into Elliot's hot, sucking little boy mouth. I immediately heard a loud slurping and gulping sound as the 8 year old's throat muscles went into overdrive.

'Ooh... aargh...' I gasped, 'swallow it down... suck it... oh Elliot...'

Stream after stream shot into his little sucking mouth as he continued to wank me. I held his head in place as Elliot coughed and gagged, struggling to keep up with the constant flow despite gulping continuously.

'You're doing brilliantly...' I heaped praise on him '...absolutely brilliantly...'

I watched cum dribble down Elliot's chin, long ropes hanging off it as I stroked his soft brown hair. The spewing from my cock slowed down and eventually stopped, so I removed my hands from his sweet head as Elliot came off my cock.

'Oh Elliot!' I said as he looked up at me with a cummy little face.

He had long strands hanging down from the corners of his mouth.

'That was fantastic! You okay?'

He gave me a big cummy smile.

'Yeah' he giggled, 'it don't half come out fast don't it?'

'Yeah!' I laughed, 'But you were absolutely brilliant!'

I meant it too.

'Did you like it?'

Elliot nodded.

'I like sucking your wi... cock' he corrected himself, deciding that he'd rather use the grown up words now, although he occasionally slipped back to using 'willy'.

I reached into my pocket for a tissue and handed it to Elliot.

'So...' I said to him, 'if I buy this place and move in here... are you going to be my regular little cock sucker?'

Elliot smiled and nodded enthusiastically as he wiped the cum from around his sweet little mouth with the tissue. I lifted the half naked 8 year old up onto my lap and kissed him.

'Will you suck me again if you move in?' he asked hopefully.

'Course I will!' I told him as I hugged his little body close before whispering into his ear, 'Will you let me put my cock up your tight little bum as well?'

Elliot gave me another big smile.

'You can do whatever you want'

'So you'll be my little fuck buddy?'

'Uh-huh!' he giggled. 'Fuck buddy! That's funny!'

'And...' I continued, 'you'll be able to come in whenever you want to play on the computer or the X box... and we can look at websites together... you know men and other little boys... and girls!'

'Oh wicked!' he said excitedly.

'I need to make a quick phone call now so sssh!'

I called the agent and told her that I was willing to offer the full asking price on condition that I got a quick completion. Half an hour later she called me back and confirmed the sale.

'Guess what?' I said to Elliot sat on my lap.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression.

'I've just bought this house!' I smiled.

'YEAH!' Elliot punched the air jubilantly.

'Will it be a problem popping in to see me?' I asked him.

'Nah.. Mum often goes out and leaves me on my own. I'll have to remember my key though!' he giggled.

'That would be a good idea. I'll probably introduce myself and have a word with your Mum anyway...' I winked. 'I reckon your pants should be dry now by the way'

Elliot gave one of those delightful, infectious giggles again.

'I've been having such a good time... I forgot about those!'

I watched his gorgeous little bum as he climbed down and walked over to retrieve his cute little pants from the door handle. As he wandered back I watched his lovely little cock bounce about as he walked.

'Elliot?' I said. 'Would you be happy to let me take some photo's of you when I move in... like that?'

'Nudey?' he asked.

'Yeah... and more?' I winked.

'I think that'd be fun!' he smiled.

I was so looking forward to taking up residency now. My rented place was a dive and I was especially looking forward to having a proper fuck and suck session with my new 8 year old fuck buddy.

The estate agent was as good as her word and I was in possession of the keys within a couple of weeks, although I was backwards and forwards to the place many times before then of course. On one of those trips I happened to bump into Elliot's Mum while he was at school. She told me her name was Nadine and she invited me in for coffee. We sat in her lounge drinking coffee and smoking.

'So you're the mysterious Peter' she laughed. 'Elliot's told me all about you'

'Really?' I said, trying to keep the nervousness out of my voice, wondering exactly what Elliot had said.

'Oh yeah' she said blowing smoke out. 'He told me you'd let him use the loo and that you were nice and friendly...'

'Oh right' I said. 'Well I told him he was more than welcome to come in any time to use the computer or play on the games system. So any time you need someone to keep an eye on him, just let me know. Things have been a bit too quiet since my girls grew up... and then the divorce...'

'No boys then?'

'Unfortunately not' I said sadly. 'I'd have loved a son, but it wasn't to be...'

'Elliot misses his Dad' Nadine said, 'but the shit hasn't had anything to do with him since he left nearly four years ago!'

'That's so sad' I told Nadine. 'He's a lovely little lad and if he was mine... I'd move heaven and earth to see him. Boy's need their Dad's and a male role model!'

'That's because you're decent' Nadine replied.

'You'll give me a big head!' I laughed. 'But like I said, he's a delight and a real credit to you. He's welcome in any time. Elliot told me that you work. I'm fortunate enough to work from home, so I mean what I say. I'll be happy to keep an eye on him... and it does me good to take a break. Bit of a workaholic I'm afraid...'

'What do you do?' she asked.

'I'm a writer. I do a lot of freelance work, copy writing, ghost writing, as well as my own fiction and scripts for TV and radio?'

'Sounds interesting'

'Sometimes' I laughed, 'but I need to be in the zone as they say... not to mention pretty disciplined sometimes!'

'So when are you actually moving in?'

'Saturday' I replied.

'Oh Elliot will love that... he'll be off school. He's been going on about it all week... I wonder when Uncle Peter's moving in?' she laughed doing an impression of him. 'If he gets in your way, give him a clip round the lug hole!'

I laughed.

'Oh bless him, I'm sure he won't. I'll find him a special little job or something to keep him occupied. Anyway, nice to have met you properly and thanks for the coffee. I best fly... 101 things to do!'

I said goodbye and left.

I popped back to the house on the Friday to make sure all my utilities had been connected; gas, electric, phone, water and my essential broadband of course. The next morning I pulled up behind the big removal lorry. I opened the front door and the porters set to work transferring my belongings. As I expected, it wasn't long before Elliot put in an appearance, dressed in a red and white football kit.

'Uncle Pete!' he greeted me enthusiastically.

'Hey squirt!' I said with a wink. 'How's it going?'

'Great!' he replied excitedly before adding, 'Mum said do you want to come in for coffee?'

'Why not!' I told him. 'They'll be a little while' I continued, nodding towards the removal men. 'I'll just nip and tell them where I'll be!'

Soon I was sitting in an armchair in Nadine's lounge again.

'Can I sit on your lap?' Elliot asked hopefully.

'Course' I said, lifting him up

Nadine was busy in the kitchen out of sight, so I kissed Elliot's head and rubbed my hand over that lovely little bum covered by his white silky football shorts.

'That's nice' he whispered quietly before adding. 'I haven't said anything... honest!'

'Good boy...' I whispered back.

I removed my hand when I heard Nadine returning.

'If he's being a pain... kick him off!' she said as she placed the coffees on the table.

'He's okay' I said, turning to Elliot and ruffling his hair, 'aren't you squirt?'

Elliot smiled sweetly and nodded. We sat there drinking, chatting, having a cigarette and passing the time of day before Elliot said, 'Mum? Can I show Uncle Peter my room?'

'He might not want to...' Nadine said, offering me a way out if I wanted it.

'No... I'd love to...' I said, ' long as it's not full of your smelly old socks! I laughed.

Elliot giggled.

'Bloody better not be!' Nadine laughed.

Elliot jumped off my lap, pulling me up by the hand.

'Come on then!' he said eagerly.

I got up and followed him out. Once we were out of view and earshot he said quietly, 'Pick me up and carry me?'

I scooped him up and he wrapped his arms and legs around me like a little koala bear. I held onto him with my hands on his lovely little bum as we went up the stairs. His bedroom door had one of those little ceramic plaques on it depicting a footballer. 'Elliot's Room' it read. His room was well decorated and furnished. Everything related to football; from the duvet to the wallpaper, all red and white and devoted to what I realised was his team and the kit he was wearing.

'So you like West Ham then?' I said laughing.

'It says... Arsenal!' he said, sounding a little bit miffed.

'Oh yeah!' I laughed.

He suddenly realised I was yanking his chain and he giggled.

'Put your hand down the back of my shorts...' he whispered, 'and play with my bum?'

I slipped my hand down them and fondled his lovely round globes.

'When are you going to suck me again?' he asked quietly

'Don't know...' I whispered back, 'when's Mum at work again?'

'Later on'

'If I get sorted in time... maybe then?' I told him. 'I should be'

Elliot smiled. I looked at some of the pictures stuck on the walls with his name in the corner.

'You're a good artist' I praised him.

I noticed there wasn't a TV or a computer in his room.

'No computer matey?'

He shook his head.

'Mum can't afford one... or a telly or a stereo...'

He looked quite sad as I knew most kids had these things in their bedrooms these days.

'I don't even have a mobile... all my mates have got one!' he said rather sadly.

'Never mind' I said trying to cheer him up, 'maybe you'll get one for your birthday?'

'That's not until next year'

'Or Santa might bring you one?'

'Doubt it...' he replied.

'You never know!' I told him as I pulled my hands out and kissed his head. 'We best go back down. Don't want your Mum getting suspicious do we?'

Elliot shook his head with a little giggle. I placed him back down and followed him down the stairs. Nadine was in the kitchen.

'Nadine?' I called out, 'Elliot said you have to work later? I'd be happy to take care of him if you like... he can help me unpack and sort out?'

'Can I Mum?' Elliot asked.

'It's a bit too much to ask you to do that' she said, 'on the day you move in!'

Elliot looked disappointed.

'You didn't ask... I offered!' I laughed.

'You sure?'

'I wouldn't offer if I wasn't!' I laughed again.

It would be a great help' she said, thanks'

'Not a problem!' I said, giving a happy looking Elliot a sly little wink.

'Yeah!' Elliot squealed punching the air.

'Hello?' we heard a voice at the door.

I went to it and it was the removals supervisor.

'All done chief!' he said. 'Want to come check and sign the paperwork?'

I followed him back next door with Elliot in tow, checked everything was where I wanted it, appliances connected and nothing damaged. I signed his docket and grabbing my wallet handed him a 20 note.

'Have a drink on me!' I said. 'You did a great job there!'

'Thank you sir' the man said, 'enjoy your new home' and he left.

'Hope you're in the mood to help me unpack' I said to little Elliot.

He smiled and nodded.

'Good' I said. 'Now I need a private word with your Mum... and then I need to pop out for half an hour before your Mum leaves for work'

I popped back to Elliot's house, had a quick chat with Nadine and then left.

'I'll shout when I'm back!' I told Elliot who looked a little worried. 'I promise!' I reassured him.

In all honesty I was only gone around twenty minutes or so before I returned with a small box which I'd managed to get gift wrapped in the store in a small plain carrier bag which I took straight into my new home and hid away for later. Before I had a chance to go and fetch Elliot, he was knocking at my front door.

Blimey!' I laughed, 'You must have been watching out of the window!'

I was' he replied, 'ever since you left!'

'You'd better come in then' I chuckled.

We went into my back room which was full of sealed boxes and a small sofa. I sat down and Elliot was immediately up on my lap. I fumbled around in my pocket until I found what I was looking for and brought it out in a closed hand without Elliot noticing.

'Right young man!' I said, trying my hardest not to laugh and attempting to use a stern voice.

He looked at me with a concerned expression on his face.

'I don't ever want you to knock on my door again!'

I felt really guilty as I watched Elliot's sweet little face crumble and those lovely soft brown eyes well up with tears. He was absolutely crestfallen and I was briefly racked with guilt.

'W... w... why?' he asked, his little voice cracking.

I opened my hand in front of his face.

'Cos I had a key cut for you! I said to him with a big smile.

Elliot looked down at the bright shiny new key.

'I... I thought I'd done something wrong...' he sniffed.

I gave him the biggest possible hug and felt incredibly guilty. I'd had absolutely no idea that he'd react that way.

'No not at all...' I said softly as I hugged him really close to me. 'I'm so sorry... I never intended to make you cry or upset you... honest!'

'It's okay' he said cheering up 'I just wondered what I'd done wrong... I never said anything to Mum... I wouldn't... I promised...'

'I know you wouldn't' I said kissing the top of his sweet head. 'So... do you want it or not?' I smiled as I handed him the key on a little neck chain. 'Nice surprise?'

He nodded.

'Don't bloody lose it though!' I said as I put it around his neck.

'I won't... and thank you!' he said kissing me on the lips.

'I'll have to teach you how to kiss properly later yeah?'

Elliot nodded his little head. I put my hand over the front of his little football shorts and Elliot parted his legs as I rubbed him with the palm of my hand. It didn't take long for his little cock to stiffen up.

'We don't have to rush any more' I told him as I caressed and squeezed his little boyhood through his shorts. 'It'll be more comfy... and we can make as much noise as we like!'

'Are you going to suck my willy again and make it tingle?' he asked hopefully.

'Is that what you want me to do?' I asked him

Elliot nodded.

'Are you going to suck me again?' I asked this cute little 8 year old.

Once again he nodded, more eagerly this time.

'I got an idea' I told him, 'let's go upstairs to my bedroom. The box with my laptop is in there!'

We both got up and I carried Elliot up to my bedroom like I'd done in his house, only this time with my hands inside his shorts. As I ran my fingers up and down his darling little bum crack, Elliot wiggled his bum around.

'You like that?'

'Yeah!' he giggled. 'It tickles!'

I pulled my hands out and plonked him down on my big double bed.

'There's some pillows in that box there' I pointed. 'Can you get them out and make yourself comfy?'

While Elliot sorted the bed out, I went to the box I knew my computer stuff was in. I pulled out my laptop together with a few high capacity memory cards and USB sticks. Elliot lay on the bed but was sitting against the pillows he'd arranged nicely for us while I booted up the computer. Once it was done I sat next to Elliot, slipped a card into the slot and opened up an number of highly encrypted folders.

'What's this?' Elliot asked.

'You'll see!' I said. Want to sit here?' I patted my lap.

Elliot shuffled over, resting his back against me with the laptop in front of us.

'Right...' I said, 'here we go... sexy little boys... just like you!'

I opened up a picture of a boy around Elliot's age, his little cock stiff and displaying it proudly for the camera with a big smile on his face.

'Cor!' Elliot said, his face lighting up.

'You like that?' I asked.

That's cool!' he said, 'his willy looks just like mine. Do all boys do it?' he wanted to know.

'No' I laughed, 'some do... some don't... just like little girls'

'Girls do it as well?'

'Oh yeah... a lot more girls than boys do it probably... all ages... some older but a lot are younger...'

'With men?'

'A lot of the time, but they do it with women, on their own, with other girls or boys... Some do it with their Mums or Dads, Uncles, Granddads...' I told him.

'At school we had some people come... I think they was coppers or somefink... that said we shouldn't let anyone look at us or touch us and stuff you know?'

He looked at me in a real state of confusion. I nodded.

'They reckoned that people who wanted to touch us and stuff would hurt us... and well... you haven't hurt me. All you done is made me feel really nice... so I don't understand why they said that. Anyway, it's my willy... cock... and my bum... not theirs and if I want to show it to anybody and let them touch it... I WILL!'

'It's the law' I tried to explain to him, 'and that's why you mustn't ever tell anyone about what we do'

'I won't' he reaffirmed.

'I bet that in your class... there's at least one other little boy or girl doing it... probably more than one...'

'Really?' Elliot asked.

'I pretty much guarantee it' I told him.

'How would I find out?'

'You can't really' I said. 'What I mean is, no-one would know about what me and you do... unless we told someone right?'

Elliot shook his head.

'Can we see some more?' he asked.

I clicked on another.

'Oh that man's sucking that boy's willy now... like you did to me. Is it a man? Why is his face blacked out?'

'Yeah it's a man' I said. 'His face is blacked out in case someone recognises him... because he'll get locked up'

'Oh' Elliot said. 'These pictures are cool. Are those the sort of pictures you're going to take of me?'

I nodded with a big grin 'If you let me. They're only for me though. I won't put them on the Internet or anything... unless you want me to'

Elliot leaned forward and studied the picture closely.

'If you think that's good' I laughed, 'take a look at this...'

I clicked on an mpg of a 6 year old boy leaning over the man's groin and taking his cock into his little hot mouth.

'He's younger than me' Elliot said, 'and he's sucking on the big willy!'

'Keep watching...' I said.

The boy on screen sucked on the cock, his little blonde head bobbing up and down. The man moaned as the little boy sucked on him expertly.

'Watch this bit!' I said to Elliot, whose eyes were glued to the screen

The man put his hands on the back of the little boy's head and held it in place as he let out a loud sigh. The boy's throat muscles could be seen working as he swallowed down the cum spurting into his tiny sucking mouth. The boy coughed and gagged a little as it dribbled out of his sweet mouth and trickled down his chin in long ropes onto his smooth hairless chest.

'Oh wow!' Elliot gasped, his eyes totally transfixed on the screen as the man shot the rest of his offering over the little blondie's sweet face.

When he was finished, the boy looked to the camera with a huge cummy smile before it faded out.

'That is so cool! Elliot squealed. 'Can you do video on your camera as well?'

'Yeah!' I laughed as I put my hand back on the front of Elliot's shorts. 'You liked that a lot didn't you?'

Elliot nodded. 'How do you know?'

I gently squeezed his hard little cock through his shorts.

'This... for a start!' I told him.

I slipped my hand under his waistband and Elliot spread his legs before I cupped him and caressed his beautifully smooth little ball sack with the palm of my hand.

'Mmm... that's nice' he sighed. 'Shall I take my shorts off?'

'I'll do it!' I told him, as I always liked to remove little boys pants or little girls knickers myself. I tugged them down to expose a cute pair of white Scooby Doo pants.

'Scooby dooby doooo!' I did my best impression of the cartoon dog making Elliot crack up.

I hooked my thumbs into them and gave them a yank as Elliot lifted his bum up off the bed for me. When his shorts and pants were down to his knees, he reached down and pulled them the rest of the way off. I lifted his football shirt, which I now knew was Arsenal of course, and Elliot raised his arms. I pulled it over his head and the 8 year old was totally naked, or as he called it, 'nudey'.

I placed the laptop on the bedside cabinet out of the way before I pulled my own t-shirt off. Elliot turned himself around so he was laying on top and facing me. I felt his little hands unbutton my jeans, pull the zip down and then try to tug them down. I helped him out by pulling my jeans and pants down over my bum, allowing Elliot to pull down the front and take them right off me. He looked at my naked body and started to giggle.

'What's so funny?' I asked with a laugh.

'You got a hairy chest... hairy legs...' he giggled again, '...and a hairy bum!'

'I prefer yours though' I said, putting my hands on his lovely bum cheeks. 'Nice and soft, smooth and tiny... and no hair!'

I gave his little bum a squeeze and gave him a kiss.

'I need to teach you how to kiss properly' I told him, 'like this...' I kissed him again, this time pushing my tongue into his sweet fresh mouth. He caught on quickly and very soon our tongues were locked together and doing a merry little dance in one another's mouths.

'Ooh... that make me feel really sexy!' he said as we broke away.

'It's meant to' I said, sitting him up so that he was astride my chest, his fantastic stiff little cock a few inches from my face. I gently wanked it before swiping the tip of it with my tongue.

'Oooh... I love it when you do that...' he sighed.

I closed my lips over the end of his little cock and sucked him again, holding his bum and pulling him in closer. As I did, I probed his little back door with my finger. Elliot readjusted his position slightly to allow my digit better access to his poop chute, but it was so tight, it was resisting my attempts to penetrate him. I scooped up a glob of my seemingly endless supply of pre-cum and smeared it around his tightly closed anal opening before pushing against it again, this time with slightly more pressure and it gave way.

'Ooh' Elliot gasped as my finger invaded his hot, tight little bum hole. I pushed it in further and further.

'Oh yeah...' he sighed.

I pushed my finger up inside him deeper, right up to my knuckle before I withdrew it slightly and pushed it up him again. I could feel Elliot pushing his sweet little bum back against my finger. I stopped sucking him and concentrated on finger fucking his hot little hole.

'Oh... oh...' he gasped each time I pushed my finger back up his rectum, going a little deeper every time.

'You like that?' I asked him.

Elliot had his eyes closed and simply nodded.

'Keep pushing back with me...' I instructed him. 'just think how nice it'll feel when it's my nice big slippery cock instead of my finger...'

'Oh yeah...' he gasped at the mere thought as I speeded up, finger fucking his little bum harder and faster.

Elliot was lifting himself up now and pushing his bum down hard onto my finger as I pulled his lovely little cheeks apart. He was clearly having the time of his life. I went back to swiping the end of his delicious little cock with the tip of my tongue and then sucking him hard, moving my lips up and down his tiny sweet shaft as he moaned, groaned and sighed with the pleasure sensations he was getting. He started to breath hard and fast as I continually sucked him and plunged my finger deep inside his 8 year old rectum with some force now.

'Ooh... aaahhh...' he gasped 'I... think...I'm... gonna...'

With that, his entire little body began to jerk about uncontrollably and his anal muscle clenched my finger tightly. I rammed my finger right up inside him hard and kept there as I sucked the very tip of his cock and flicked it with the end of my tongue.

Little 8 year old Elliot rode the waves of pleasure racking his sweet body until he could bear the tingles no longer. I came off him and slowly withdrew my finger from the little boy's backside. His body continued to jolt and judder as his sweet little cock jerked and pulsated even though I'd stopped touching him completely. I held his lovely soft hot body close to me and fondled his adorable bum cheeks until eventually Elliot calmed down and slowly opened his eyes.

'Oh wow!' he whispered breathlessly before giving me a kiss, 'that was so nice...'

'You've got a lovely tasting little cock' I told him, 'and a nice tight little bum!'

I squeezed those fantastically soft cheeks again.

'Can we watch another video?' he asked, 'One of a boy... you know... doing it?'

'Doing it?' I teased him.

'Yeah you know... with a cock up his... you know... bum?'

'Being fucked you mean?' I said with a laugh.

Elliot nodded.

'Say it then!' I teased him again. 'I want to hear you say the word. I love dirty talk... it's sexy and turns me on!'

'Have you got any videos of little boys like me... being FUCKED!' he asked.

I laughed.

'Of course I have. Boys... girls with men... other kids...

'A man and a little boy like me?'

I nodded and clicked open a file. A video started to play of a man and a boy around the same age as Elliot. They were both naked on a bed playing with each other's cocks. Then they stopped and the little boy got up onto his hands and knees before he got into the best position so that the camera caught the best angle of his lovely little bum. The man got behind him and prised those adorable cheeks apart, showing the wrinkled darker circle of his opening to the camera. Then he leaned forward and took long, lingering swipes up and down the boy's bum crack with his tongue before pushing it against the tightly closed little hole. It quickly yielded and the man's thick tongue entered the boys tiny hole.

'Cool!' Elliot gasped when he saw it, as his little hand closed around my cock and he turned in to cuddle me.

'You like that?' I asked.

'I bet that feels really nice...' he said, '...a tongue up your bum...'

Elliot was clearly letting me know, in his own little way of course, that it was something he wanted me to do to him. As I continued to fondle his beautiful bum and Elliot casually wanked me, we watched the man give his little boy lover a good tongue fuck. There was no soundtrack on the video, but it was clear from the expression on the boys face how much he was enjoying it. The man then came off his bum and produced a tube of lubricant, which he smeared liberally in and around the little boys tight looking hole.

'What's that?' Elliot asked.

'Lubricant... or lube..' I said.

'What's that and what's it for?'

'It makes his bum hole all nice and slippery so that the man's cock will go in easier and not hurt him' I explained, 'like the pre-cum... but you can use as much as you want then. It's because your bum doesn't do it itself... like a ladies or girls hole does'

'Oh' Elliot said, 'does it hurt?

'No' I laughed, 'like I said it's just slippery stuff like pre-cum... although it can be a bit cold at first. The one I use doesn't though, so you'll be okay. Some men and boys use Vaseline, but I prefer proper lube... it's much better...'

Elliot didn't answer. His eyes were locked on the computer screen. The boy had his head down so that his cute little white bum was sticking up in the air. The man was kneeling behind him, his hand gasping his cock as he lined it up. The camera was at the perfect angle as the man pushed forward, his hard thick veiny cock spreading and pushing against the dark pink wrinkled hole. It gave way and the bulbous head of the man's cock seemed to pop in suddenly. Inch by inch, the man's cock slowly disappeared up the boys sweet bum.

'Oh COOL!' Elliot cried out as he watched avidly.

I looked down to see his little cock had recovered already and was sticking up nice and stiff again. Once the man's cock was in, the boy lifted himself up again so that he was on all fours and the man held him by his tiny waist as he began to pump his cock in and out of him. Pretty soon the man was slamming into him hard and it wasn't long before he sprayed the little boys bum cheeks and back with long ropes of slimy cum, before they both collapsed face down on the bed and the video faded out.

Elliot still had his little hand grasped tightly around my cock, but had stopped wanking me, more interested in the film. He looked up at me and smiled. I kissed the top of his head and gave his bum another little squeeze.

'Are you ready to do the same now?' I asked. 'We can watch more afterwards if you want?'

'Yeah!' he said with enthusiasm. 'That little boy looked like he really enjoyed it!'

'He probably did' I replied, 'if it's done properly... it feels wonderful!'

I got up and rummaged in the box for some lube I knew I'd packed in there.

'How do you want me to do it?' I asked.

Elliot gave me a puzzled look.

'You can be on your back, or on your hands and knees like the boy in the video, on your tummy...

'Which ways the best?' he asked.

'I tell you what' I suggested, 'we can do it with you sitting on my lap facing me. That way, I can play with your cock and we can kiss as well if you want to. But before we do... I want to do something else'

I manoeuvred him to the edge of the bed so that he was leaning over it, face down with his feet on the floor, before I knelt down behind him and spread his soft little bum cheeks apart. His tightly closed hole was so deliciously inviting as I licked the dark wrinkled circle surrounding his little opening.

'Mmm...'Elliot sighed as he felt my hot tongue, 'that is so nice...'

I pushed my tongue against it and it relented easily. He gasped again as my tongue entered his tight, little boy pussy.

'Ooh...' he moaned as I tongue fucked him for a minute or two.

I then withdrew my tongue and squirted some of the lube around his opening, working it in and around his tight little anal hole.

'That feels all nice and squidgy...' Elliot giggled.

I gave my cock a liberally coating of the lube too before I sat on the edge of the bed and placed him on my lap facing me.

'You okay mate?' I checked.

He answered by throwing his little arms around my neck and giving me a kiss. He smiled broadly before whispering 'Put it in me. Put it right up inside me... right up my bum...'

I placed an arm around his tiny waist and gripped my cock firmly with the other hand. I gave his sweet lips another kiss before we kissed passionately and I lined my cock up ready to enter his little virgin hole.

As we broke away I whispered to him, 'Don't forget to push down as I push it in...'

Elliot nodded as I felt him lowering himself and the tip of my cock nudged at his tightly closed hole. I pushed up as he continued to push down and I felt the head of my cock inching past the tight ring of his little sphincter. Elliot grunted as my cock entered his little boy bum.

'You okay?' I checked with him again.

He nodded as he pushed down a little more. Inch by inch I felt my cock slowly spreading his anal muscle as I slowly and as gently as I could, invaded his 8 year old bum hole going deeper and deeper.

'Oh Elliot...' I sighed, 'you have such a hot, tight little bum... you are so sexy!'

I kissed him again as I pushed deeper into him. I reached down between his legs and took hold of his little cock. It was as stiff as a nail. I gently began to wank him as at the same time, I slid my cock in and out of him and we actually started to fuck. Elliot pushed down with every upward thrust of my hips.

'This is so cool...' Elliot gasped. 'It feels so nice. Are you going to do it harder... like the boy in the video?'

'Is that what you want?'

Elliot nodded, so I started to fuck him a little harder and faster as I speeded up my hand movements on his stiff little cock. Elliot bounced up and down as my cock plunged deeper and deeper into him.

'Ah... oooh... yeah...' Elliot panted and gasped. 'Nice... really nice...'

I didn't want him to cum just yet so I stopped playing with his little cock and placed both of my hands on his little bum cheeks, pulling them slightly apart and helping him to push himself down onto me.

'Oh Elliot...' I panted and gasped, ' are a great little fuck... such a hot.... tight... little boy pussy...'

He put his arms around my neck as I continued to pump my cock right up into him and we kissed passionately and urgently. I could feel I was close to releasing my load deep into the little boys bowels as we broke away.

'I'm close...' I gasped... 'let's cum together...'

My hand went back to his stiff little cock and as I fucked his little bum, I began wanking him again.

'I'm gonna cum...' I panted breathlessly, 'I'm gonna... shoot my hot... cum... aaarggh...'

I felt my cock swell as the first spurt shot up and out inside his bowels. Elliot gasped and sighed loudly, his little body began to judder and jerk as he started his own little orgasm. His already tight anal ring clenched my cock even tighter as Elliot felt the pleasure tingles rise from between his legs and my cock filled his innards. I released him from my grasp and hugged him tightly. My cock continued to spew its load as I felt his delightful, hot little body against mine.

'That's nice..' he cooed as he hugged me, 'I can feel your hot spunk up my bum... it's all hot and squidgy... and very nice...'

I hugged him closer as my cock slowed and stopped. We were both exhausted and stayed hugging one another for long moments. Eventually of course, my cock deflated and fell out of him. I lay Elliot across my lap face down and inspected his lovely bum, his anal ring still pulsating from the fucking it had just received, and trying in vain to close back up and return to its original state. I ran my finger along his slippery, cum coated crack before pushing it deep into him with ease and then adding a second finger.

'How was that?' I asked him.

'Great!' he said, looking up with a big smile, as I slipped my two fingers in and out of him.

'Best get you cleaned up!' I told him.

I lifted him onto the bed and fetched the toilet roll from the bathroom to wipe the cum up with.

'I could feel your cock right up inside my belly...' he enthused, 'could I put mine up your bum?' he asked. 'I want to know what it feels like?'

'You could' I told him, 'but because my bum's quite big and your cock's only tiny, neither of us would really feel it mate' I said honestly. Now I'd cleaned him up, I sat him back on my lap. 'If it was someone little... like around the same age as you or even a little bit older, then you'd feel what it was like. It could even be a girl... they've got bums as well you know...'

'Oh yeah!' Elliot replied like it was a revelation.

'Anyhow my sexy little fuck buddy...' I said, 'I've got something for you!'

He turned and looked at me with a puzzled expression.

'Jump up!' I said.

Elliot climbed off my lap. I went and retrieved the carrier bag I'd secreted away earlier, pulled the the gift wrapped box out and handed it to him.

'What is it?' he asked excitedly.

'Open it you banana... then you'll find out!' I laughed.

He quickly ripped the paper off and his beautiful brown eyes widened like saucers.

'Oh my god! Oh my god!' he cried with excitement when he saw what it was. 'A mobile phone!!'

Suddenly, his excitement evaporated in an instant. He looked really sad and I saw those beautiful wide brown eyes begin to get watery.

'Hey hey hey...' I said concerned as I hugged him to me, 'what's up matey?'

'I... I... I can't have it...'

'Why ever not?'

'Mum will want to know where it came from... and I won't be able to top it up anyway...'

I felt such a surge of affection for this sweet little boy I just gave him a massive hug.

'I've already spoken to your Mum...' I whispered in his ear, 'It's fine...'

He looked up at me with a little tear stained face.


'Really!' I laughed. He was about to speak again but I pre-empted him. ''AND.. you don't have to worry about topping it up either!'

He gave me that puzzled little look again. 'I don't?'

'I've had it added to my contract' I explained, 'so it goes on my bill and I'll pay it. That means you can use it as much as you like... make calls, send texts, picture messages... browse the Internet... whatever you like, whenever you like and as much as you like!'

'OH MY GOD!' he said again, his former excitement returning.

'And it's identical to mine... look?' I reached over and showed him my own mobile phone. 'They take great pictures as well!' I took a photo of the naked little Elliot with my phone and then showed it to him. 'It's all fully charged so it's ready to go. Now, if you press 1 and hold it down...'

Elliot did as I said and my mobile started to ring, flashing up with 'ELLIOT - My little fuck buddy...calling'

'Oh wow' Elliot said.

'Now... if I do this...' I said, pressing a few buttons on the keypad, 'now ring me again!'

Elliot pressed the speed dial again and this time when my phone rang, as well as the name and message flashing up, it also flashed up the naked photo I'd just taken of him.

'That is so cool!' he said, throwing his arms around me and giving me a kiss. 'Thank you!' he said adoringly.

'You're very welcome!' I told him.

'Can I take a picture of you and do what you did so your picture comes up when you ring me?'

'Course you can' I told him, 'but not a nudey one. If anyone... especially your Mum was to see it... you know?'

Elliott nodded to show he understood. He jumped off my lap and took a head and shoulders shot of me before I showed him how to assign it to my number.

'Now watch'

I pressed his speed dial number on my phone.. Suddenly his phone rang and my picture flashed up to indicate it was my number calling him.

'So you can phone me any time now. There's an instruction book in the box with the charger, but it's all set up and pretty straight forward anyway'

Elliot was dead chuffed with his surprise present and couldn't stop hugging and kissing me, or saying thank you.

We sat back on the bed together and I grabbed the laptop again. Elliot had wanted to see videos of kids together, so I started one up of three Russian boys. They were 8, 9 and 10 and all dressed in t-shirt and very tight sports shorts. It looked like it had been made in the 1980's. The older two supposedly held the younger one down against his will, although in that sense they'd never win an Oscar for their acting skills, before stripping the 8 year old naked. One of the boys then started sucking on the boy's stiff little cock, while the other boy straddled him and stuck his cock into the younger boy's mouth making him suck him. All three seemed to be really enjoying themselves, swapping places so that eventually they were all playing and sucking each others cocks.

'That is so cool' Elliot said, 'I'd love to do that!'

'Do what? I asked, noticing his lovely little cock was stiff yet again.

'Two at the same time' he said casually.

'Another man... or a boy?' I asked, my curiosity raised.

'Either!' he said happily, 'Don't matter really. A boy like me I think though...' he added, 'then I could put mine up his bum and see what it feels like!'

'I'll see what I can arrange...' I told him, 'but no promises!'

Elliot reached across and wrapped his delicate little fingers around my recovering cock. His eyes were glued to the screen as a cute little blonde boy got behind the youngest one who was up on all fours, lined his hairless little cock up and pushed it hard up his little friend's delicious looking bum. The other boy crawled underneath and began sucking the younger boy's cock while the other one fucked him. I reached over and took Elliot's stiff little cock in my hand and began to stroke him. He was clearly very aroused by watching these little boys sucking and fucking one another.

'Will you suck it?' he asked me.

I moved across and took Elliot's delicious little cock into my mouth while continuing to gently wank him. It wasn't long before he was sighing and his lovely body was jerking all over the place again. I stopped and let him calm down. The video had stopped now and I moved the laptop out of the way. Elliot leaned across me and sucked on the head of my cock before sliding his sweet little lips further down it. I tapped the top of his head and he came off, looking up at me.

'I want to try something' I told him, 'it's called deep throat?'

'What's that?' he asked curiously.

'It's where you put ALL of my cock into your mouth... and right down the back of your throat!' I told him.

'It won't fit though will it?'

'Some boys and girls can do it... some can't. Fancy trying?'

He nodded furiously, so I repositioned him so that he was lying sideways across the bed with his head off the side so that he was looking at me upside down.

'You have to remember to breathe through your nose...' I told him. 'You'll probably gag a little bit... it's a reflex thing... you have to be able to get past that. If it's too much, just tap my leg okay?'

'Okay!' he replied happily.

I squatted down a little and fed my cock into his willing little mouth. I inched it in slowly, bit by bit until he had over half of it in.

'Right... here goes...' I said as I began to slowly inch it in more.

He suddenly coughed but he didn't tap me. I continued. Another centimetre went in. I took hold of Elliot's head, holding it each side and gently angled it as I continued to feed my hard cock into his tiny mouth inch by inch and down the back of his throat. He looked up at me and I watched him continuously. Not only was it a fantastic turn on of course, but his welfare was upper most in my mind and I wanted to ensure he didn't look distressed or in trouble. From what I could see, he was neither. I took it ever so slowly as I filled his sweet 8 year old mouth, sliding my cock down the back of his tiny throat millimetre by millimetre. Elliot suddenly began to cough and gag. I immediately withdrew my cock from his mouth.

'You okay buddy?' I asked as he took in a big gulp of air.

'Yeah' he said through watery eyes and looking a bit disappointed with himself.

'I couldn't stop myself from doing that!'

'It's a reflex action' I told him.

'What do you mean?'

'It's something that happens automatically' I explained, 'you know... like you don't have to think about it... like breathing? It's why people stick their fingers down their throats to make themselves sick sometimes. You can overcome it... but it takes a lot of practice...'

He nodded.

'When your throat gets used to having something that far down it, eventually that gag reflex won't kick in...'

'I need to practice a lot then?'

I nodded. 'I'll help you... but it means you'll be having my cock in your mouth a lot!' I laughed.

Little Elliot smacked his little lips loudly and gave me a wicked, sexy little grin.

'That's okay' he said, 'as long as you have mine in your mouth a lot too! I like having mine sucked... and sucking yours!'

'Pleased to hear that!' I said with a big smile. 'Ready to try again?'

He smiled and nodded.

'Okay... relax as much as you can' I told him as once again I began to feed my hard cock into his sweet little 8 year old mouth.

Slowly I inched it in as I held his head at the right angle to get it down the back of his tiny throat. This time around, he managed to take a little more before he began to gag. Elliot looked up at me with a big smile.

'That was great!' I told him encouragingly. 'You swallowed much more down that time!'

'I did didn't I?' he replied proudly.

I sat him back up and sat down myself. Elliot was onto my lap immediately with his arms around my neck hugging me tightly. I gave him a brief kiss.

'I'll have to get you something to practice with' I told him.

'What?' he asked.

'Wait and see you nosey little sod!' I said with a wink before we had a longer, passionate kiss. As we kissed, I felt his little hand wrapping around my hard cock.

I thought Elliot was simply going to wank me, but I felt him lift himself up and positioning his bum at the tip of my cock again. We broke away and he whispered sexily into my ear.

'Put it up my bum again...' he said softly.

'You want me to fuck you...again?' I asked

'Uh-huh' he murmured with a nod, 'I like feeling you inside me...'

'Let's do it in a different position this time...' I told him, wrapping my arms around him.

I stood up with him still in my arms and gently laid him on the bed on his back, so that his little legs dangled over the end. Then I knelt down and gave his little stiff cock a good suck, followed by a good licking and suck on his smooth tight ball sack that hung below it. Gently spreading his legs, I lifted them up to expose that tight little opening before getting Elliot to hold his legs up and wide open by holding the backs of his thighs..

Taking my cock in my hand, I rubbed it around the dark wrinkled rosette and then up and down the crack of his cheeks a few times, using the non-stop pre-cum from my cock as lubricant before lining it up.

Holding him by his tiny slim hips and pulling him forwards I pushed the head of my cock against his opening. His tight little 8 year old anal muscle again tried to resist my invasion at the first attempt, so I pushed harder. I felt Elliot pushing back against me and straining as his sphincter gave up the fight and allowed me access once again to his lovely hot love tunnel.

'Oooh...' Elliot gasped as I pushed my pelvis forward and his tight little poop chute accepted more and more of my hard cock.

'Mmm..' I sighed as I went deeper and deeper up his little rectum, 'you have such a sexy little bum...'

'You have a nice, big hard cock' Elliot gasped back, 'can you push it all the way in?'

'It might hurt?' I said, withdrawing slightly, ready to push back into him.

'Don't matter' he gasped, 'push it all in!'

I pushed hard as my cock went all the way up the little 8 year old boy's hot bum.

'Aargh...' he grunted, 'that's so nice...'

I withdrew a little and pushed in even deeper.

'Oh yeah...' he sighed loudly, 'fuck me!'

I started a rhythm as I fucked him deeper with each hard thrust. Soon my heavy hairy balls were slapping against his soft, smooth little bum cheeks.

'Yeah... yeah... yeah...' Elliot cried with each of my thrusts as I pounded that sweet little 8 year old boy bum.

It didn't take long before I felt myself cumming. As I shot my load, I pulled out from him, shooting thick ropes of hot goo over his bum, balls, cock and chest before I leant over and gave this darling little boy a long, passionate kiss.

'You are just so sexy' I told him as we broke away. 'I could fuck you forever!'

'I really enjoyed that!' Elliot said wholeheartedly, his little hand down between his legs as he rubbed his palm over his little cock and balls, enjoying the feeling of them being coated in hot slippery goo. 'I love it when you cum on me like that as well...' he said smearing it over his flat little tummy.

I got up and grabbed the tissues to begin the clean up operation.

Once I'd wiped all my cum off him, I found his football shirt and his Scooby Doo pants, handing them to him. As Elliot got himself dressed I noticed the time.

'You best get yourself home before your Mum comes looking for you. I need to try and sort this place out a bit too!'

Once we were both dressed we had another nice kiss and cuddle while I had another final grope of that fantastic little bum which I couldn't get enough of.

'Thank you for the phone Uncle Pete!' Elliot said again once we'd finishing kissing.

'You're more than welcome' I told him. 'Look after it though... and don't lose that bloody key either!'

'I won't' he said fingering the shiny key hanging around his neck.

I had one last long kiss with him and then Elliot left for home.

The following day with it being a Sunday, I was expecting a visit from Elliot at some point during the day, but he didn't show up at all. I did get a text message from him though.

"Had 2 go 3 nanny's wiv Mum. Sory. C U soon Luv Elliot xxx"

At least he'd thought of me and it did at least give me a chance to do some unpacking and sorting. I really missed him though, I don't mind admitting it. I did a bit of surfing on the net and ordered a little something for him. Well, a few things really. It was around 8pm when I received a picture message from Elliot.

"I'm in bed. Luv u. nite Elliot xxx"

That little message melted my heart. I opened the picture which was attached to it. It was a photo of Elliot's stiff little cock with his hand wrapped firmly around it. Clearly he was having a wank and underneath he'd added a caption.

"Finking ov U xxx" and it was followed by a winking smiley. Maybe it should have been a wanking smiley?

You know, it never fails to amaze me how strange life is sometimes. I lay there on my bed looking at the photo that Elliot had sent me, my hard cock in my hand. Yet in reality, he was actually no more than a couple of feet away from me... on the other side of the wall of course.

I'd had my fair share of different kids over the years. Both sexes, all ages and all different shapes and sizes. Some were, how can I put it, more keen than others. Don't get me wrong, I've never forced anyone into doing anything they didn't want to do or have me do to them. What I mean is, some maybe needed a little more persuasion at first, although most of them were pretty keen.

And then you had the opposite end of the scale where some were almost... well insatiable. Elliot it seemed, fell into that category. The last time I'd been involved with a boy as keen as Elliot was a few years previous. He'd lived a few doors away from me and his name was Jamie. He was younger than Elliot, being only 7 when I first came across him (no pun intended there!).

I knew Jamie's Mum liked a drink and that had allowed me to get close to the little sweetheart. As long as I kept the supply of booze coming regularly, she was more than happy for little Jamie to spend his time in my company. I fed and clothed him too. I loved him and cared for him, which was a lot more than could have been said for his drunken excuse of a mother. Jamie was such an affectionate little boy and extremely tactile, probably because he never got it at home. He loved hugs and kisses, just like Elliot and it took me less than half an hour alone with him to turn our relationship into a sexual one between us.

Like Elliot, he loved to suck my cock and enjoyed me sucking him too. He also adored my thick hard cock up his tight little bum hole. Over time, I slowly taught Jamie how to deep throat me, like I was slowly teaching Elliot, and he became quite an expert at it. About a week or so after his 8th birthday, he took part in a threesome with me and a like minded friend of mine who was unfortunately killed in a car crash about a week later. I'll never forget how thrilled little Jamie was to have a hard cock up his tight little bum fucking him, and another in his sweet mouth to suck on at the same time. He ended up being covered in thick, gooey cum and absolutely loved it.

However, when he turned 9, he suddenly seemed to disappear off the face of the earth and I was extremely worried about him. I paid out a lot of money to make discreet enquiries as to what happened to my little blonde, 9 year old cutie through the various contacts I had. Eventually, I found out that someone had reported his mother to Social Services when they saw her out with him so drunk that she could hardly stand up. Consequently, they'd placed him with foster parents somewhere and despite my extensive contacts, I struggled to locate exactly where he was.

I mourned at not seeing Jamie as not only was he a fantastic little fuck bunny and great sexual partner, not to mention a very cute looking little boy, I had a deep genuine love for him. Sexually he was up for anything and was more than willing to give anything a go, no matter how dirty or depraved it might have seemed, and I missed him desperately. Elliot it seemed, was almost Jamie's clone and like I said, life is a strange animal sometimes.

The following day I'd arranged with Nadine to have Elliot for a few hours after school. He breezed in, dressed in his little school uniform of white shirt, striped tie and grey school trousers with an elasticated waistband.

'Hiya Uncle Pete!' he called out brightly, pulling his new shiny key from the lock and then closing the front door.

'Wotcha squirt!' I replied, genuinely pleased to see him.

He dumped his school bag in the hallway and came bounding towards me with his arms outstretched. I scooped him up and he hugged me, wrapping his little legs around me and clinging onto me like a little monkey, the way kids do. I kissed his sweet lips briefly.

'I've missed you!' I said.

'Missed you too!' he replied, smothering my neck with sweet little kisses as I slipped my hands down the waistband of his trousers and fondled his delicious little bum

'That photo was nice!' I told him, giving his lovely little cheeks a squeeze.

Elliot giggled.

'Thought you'd like it' he said. 'I do that every night now!'

'Do what?'

'Play with my cock' he replied, 'wank it like you do... but it don't feel as nice as it does when you do it though' he added.

I kissed him again before I set him back down. We went through to the lounge and I sat on the edge of the sofa with Elliot standing in front of me between my legs. He looked especially cute in his school uniform. His shirt was half untucked, his tie was loose around his neck and he had little inky fingers. A typical little 8 year old boy after a hard day at school.

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of his little grey school trousers and yanked them down. I could see that his little cock was stiff and ready for action already as it strained against his powder blue underpants which I then pulled down too. His delicious little cock sprang out, standing proudly to attention. I moved a hand between his legs and Elliot repositioned himself as he parted them before I cupped and rubbed his smooth little ball sack with the palm of my hand.

'Mmm...' Elliot sighed with his eyes half closed, 'that feels so nice...'

I took his stiff little cock between my finger and thumb and gently began to move his tight little foreskin back and forth. He was clearly very horny, as within about a minute he was panting heavily before his little body juddered and he clung to my neck like his life depended on it.

'Ooh... aaah... tingles...' he moaned, 'suck it Uncle Pete...' he gasped.

I bent down and took his little length into my mouth and sucked him tenderly.

'Oh yeahhh...' he sighed, his sweet little body still shaking and juddering as I flicked my tongue around it gently. 'Ouch!' he suddenly said and I knew it was time to stop.

I came off his cock and putting a hand on either side of his face, kissed him tenderly.

'I love you Uncle Pete...' he said affectionately.

'I love you too' I told him genuinely.

I reached down to pull Elliot's pants back up, noticing the yellow staining at the front and the light brown streaks to the back of them. I then pulled his trousers back up too and then tucked him back in.

'You hungry mister?' I asked him.

Elliot nodded.


'Good' I said. 'Fancy going to McDonald's?'

'Oh yeah!' he beamed, hugging my neck tighter.

'Right then' I said grabbing my car keys, 'let's go!

Soon we were in the car on the way to the retail park on the other side of town. It wasn't a place I went to that often, but I preferred it to my nearest one, especially if I was in the company of one of my younger friends. It was also bigger and much easier to park. On the way, I felt Elliot reach across my lap and his little hand on top of my jeans, squeezing my cock through them.

'Mmm... that feels nice!' I told him.

'Well...' he said, 'you played with mine and sucked it when I got in from school...' he explained, 'but I didn't do anything to make you feel nice?'

I got the distinct feeling he felt a bit guilty about that.

'It don't matter matey!' I told him. 'Anyway...' I winked at him, 'you can make up for it when we get home if you want?'

Elliot giggled and nodded furiously, seemingly satisfied.

'Anyway, we're nearly there now... and I don't want to walk in with a bloody hard on!'

Elliot giggled again, immediately getting the point and removde his little ink stained fingers from my cock.

We pulled up and as it was quite a nice evening, I suggested we sit at the benches outside. It also gave me the opportunity to check out the little cutie's in the play area too of course. We got our food and took a bench where I had a good view, especially of the slide. Elliot tucked ravenously into his Happy Meal with extra chicken nuggets as I watched the display of cute little girls flaunting all colours of tight little knickers with their puffy little pussies straining against them as they came down the slide.

On the table next to us was a little boy around Elliot's age sitting on his own, so I naturally assumed his parent was inside getting the food,. His hair was similar in colour to Elliot's too, but was cut much shorter. He was definitely a right little cutie and as I caught his eye, I smiled at him and gave him a wink. He smiled back and tried to wink, but ended up doing a cute little exaggerated blink instead bless him. Elliot was miles away, too interested in his food and with his back to the boy. Suddenly, I heard a voice I recognised.

'Uncle Pete?' they said with surprise in their voice.

I turned my head in the direction of the sound. I sat there open mouthed and unable to speak for long moments.

'JAMIE?' I said, looking at the blonde haired boy with a tray of food and drinks in his hands. 'Well... fuck me!' I said in astonishment and a bit too loudly.

A woman with a cute little red-headed girl at a nearby table gave me a nasty look of disapproval at my language. I waved a hand in her direction and mouthed 'sorry' by way of an acknowledgement of my bad language and an apology. Jamie simply laughed before he lowered his voice and said quietly, 'Maybe later...'

'How... I mean... Jesus!' I stammered at the shock. 'I was only thinking about you yesterday... well I've thought about you a lot... I...'

I was so surprised I struggled for words.

'Sit down here with us!' I told him.

Before he had chance to answer, the cutie on the next table called out.

'Jamie? Where's my burger?'

'He with you?' I asked stupidly.

Jamie nodded.

'Tell him to come and sit with us!'

Soon Jamie and his little friend were seated with us.

'This is Elliot...' I said, 'Elliot... this is Jamie!'

The two boys smiled at one another.

'This is Luke' Jamie told me, introducing the cute little boy.

Luke gave me the most gorgeous little smile and again, his attempted wink turned into a cute little blink instead.

'Luke...' Jamie said, addressing the little sweetheart who was popping another dipped chicken nugget into his sweet little mouth, '... this is Uncle Pete... remember... who I told you about?'

Luke nodded in acknowledgement, chewing noisily on his nugget. Once he'd swallowed it, he turned his head and casually spoke.

'Hi Elliot... you alright?'

'Hiya Luke... yeah fanks!'

'Hang on!' I said looking at Elliot. 'You two know each other?'

Luke nodded and Elliot giggled.

'Course!' he replied like I was stupid. 'He goes to my school. He's in my class!'

'You could have bloody said!' I laughed.

'It's rude to talk with your mouth full isn't it?' Jamie said with a laugh to Elliot but looking directly at me.

Elliot nodded his head, the sexual innuendo bypassing him completely.

'Won't be long...' I said getting up, 'I need the loo!'

I got up and headed off towards the toilets. Fortunately they were empty. I stood by the urinal trying to take it all in when the door swung open and Jamie wandered in like I just knew he would. He grinned at me. I grabbed him and pulled him into a cubicle, quickly sliding the bolt across behind us. He was a bit taller now and wasn't the skinny little rake I remembered him being either, but he was still just as cute and just as sexy as he'd been when I'd last seen him. The moment I slid the bolt across, our arms were round each other and our lips locked together.

As we kissed hard and passionately, I felt Jamie pull my zip down and his hand was in my pants, wrapping his familiar fingers around my hard cock.

'Mmm...' I sighed into his sweet mouth as I squeezed his bum cheeks through his joggers.

We broke away as Jamie expertly wanked my cock just like I'd taught him to do when he had just turned 7. I slipped my hand down the front of his jogging trousers and squeezed his hard cock gently. It felt a little longer and slightly thicker now, plus I could feel the odd wispy pubic hair growing around the base of his cock. As we played with each other, we heard the toilet door swing open. We both froze until we heard footsteps indicating he'd left. We resumed our activities and Jamie sighed loudly. I felt a hot slippery wetness in my hand. Jamie could obviously cum properly now. It wasn't a huge amount and when I removed my hand I licked it off, eager to taste his newly produced, watery offering.

Jamie stopped wanking me and dropped to his knees. I felt the hot wetness as he took me into his mouth and began to wank and suck me at the same time. He then took the entire length of my cock down the back of his sweet throat and I felt his hot soft lips touch my lower belly.

'Oh goddd...' I gasped and sighed as I held Jamie's head with both hands and began to fuck his mouth.

I rammed it in hard and fast, just how I knew he liked it and soon I was pumping my hot semen down the back of his throat. Jamie swallowed it down in big noisy gulps before he stood back up and kissed me again. I zipped myself back up.

'We best get back...' I whispered, 'you go first...'

Jamie left and I stood at the urinal for a minute or two before I followed him. Once I was back at the table, I told Elliot and Luke that they could go and play if they wanted to. Once they were out of earshot, Jamie moved closer to me so that we could chat more privately and watch the kids as they played.

'I'm still getting over the shock of bumping into you...' I said.

'Me too!' Jamie chuckled.

'I was thinking about you only last night... it's spooky. How old are you now anyway?'

'Just turned 12' Jamie replied.

'You've grown' I said, 'in more ways than one!'

Jamie laughed. 'You noticed then?' he said with that mischievous little wink that I remembered so well.

I nodded.

'Looking forward to a nice taste...' I told him. 'I tried to find you... what happened? I mean, I know you were placed with foster parents but...'

'They kept moving me around' he explained. 'I missed us... you know?' he lowered his voice a bit, '...the sex?'

I nodded.

'I mean I was young... and kept trying it on with all my different foster Dads. Wanted to play and suck them like we did... but all they did was report it and I got shifted to another set. In the end, they got so fed up with me... they stuck me in a kids home!'

'Bloody hell!' I said

'It turned out okay though' he laughed. 'I've been through pretty much all the kids in the home!'

I looked at him.

'Anyway, I'm back home with Mum now she's dried out, and because I did so well in the home...' he laughed even more, 'they let me visit and sometimes they let me take one or two out... like now!'

'Luke's in a home?' I asked.

Jamie nodded.

'Yeah. Cute ain't he?'

'Definitely!' I replied, watching the little boy in question whizzing down the slide, closely followed by Elliot. 'Are you and he... I mean have you...?'

Jamie broke into a wide grin.

'What do you think?'

'You need to be careful Jamie...' I warned.

'I am!' he laughed. 'Nobody suspects a thing. Don't forget who taught me?'

True!' I said laughing.

'What about you. Is Elliot your latest?'

I nodded.

'Good choice... I bet he's a great little fuck... and a brilliant little cocksucker?'

I laughed again.

'He is!' I told him. 'How do you know?'

'Remember when I was around 7 or 8... you said you had a kind of built in radar... to pick out kids like me?'

I nodded.

'I got it too!' he laughed. 'See that girl over there... on the rocking horse with those cute little pink knickers she's flashing?'

I nodded.

'Five minutes and I guarantee I would have my hands in those pink knickers... another five and I'd have my cock in her mouth and she'd be sucking it quite happily!

'Jesus!' I said, 'You sound just like me!'

'Well, you taught me. My girlfriend reckons I'm sex mad. She's one to talk!'

'You got a girlfriend?'

'Yeah' Jamie said, 'she's in the home too. She's just turned 11. Her name's Lisa and she's a right dirty little cow!'

'Have you fucked her?' I asked him quietly.

Course I have!' Jamie replied like it was a stupid thing for me to have asked. 'Her pussy... her arse... and her mouth. Most of the boys in the home have fucked her too, but they're all younger me and they only did it because I said they could. She likes the young ones too... the boys and the girls. She likes licking the pussies of the real young ones'

'I'll have to meet her!' I said eagerly.

'You will!' Jamie said confidently. 'She's got a right cute bum, delicious bald pussy and lovely tiny titties!'

My cock hardened just as Jamie's description of her.

I looked up and saw Elliot and Luke charging back towards us.

'I'll explain who you are to Elliot' I said.

'I'll do the same with Luke. He kinda knows... a bit... sort of' Jamie told me, 'and he knows how to keep his mouth shut as well... they all do there!'

I smiled.

'Jamie! Jamie!' Luke called as they reached us. 'I need to go for a wee!'

'Okay' he said getting up, 'come on then!'

Jamie took Luke by the hand and led him towards the toilets. Once they were gone, I explained to Elliot exactly who Jamie was and that we'd done all the same things me and him were doing now, plus a whole lot more. Elliot looked up at me with sadness in his eyes.

'Does this mean you don't love me any more?' he asked.

I lifted him onto my lap and under the table so that nobody could see, I rubbed my hand over his cock and lovely little ball sack.

'Of course not sweetie... but you can love more than one person. Do you love me?' I asked.

He nodded.

'You know I do!

'And you love your Mum?'

'Course I do!' he replied like I was stupid.

I then saw it click on his little face and he smiled. I kissed the top of his head.

'You're being silly aren't you, my little fuck buddy?'

Elliot giggled like he always did whenever I called him that and nodded as I rubbed him under the table again.

'I know I said we should keep what we do a secret just between us...' I told him in barely a whisper so we weren't overheard, 'but it's okay with them. Jamie and Luke do the same things we do'

'I know' Elliot replied, 'Luke told me already!'

'Oh he did?' I raised my eyebrows.

'Well Jamie told him a bit about you, who you were and the things you used to do together... so he guessed that we did as well'

'Oh right' I replied. 'So how do you fancy doing things with Jamie and Luke... you know the four of us?'

'That'll be cool' he said before whispering in my ear, 'does that mean I can put mine up Lukey's bum like you do to me?'

'Only if Lukey wants you to!' I replied. 'Remember, you must never do anything to another person that they don't want you to okay?'

Elliot nodded.

'And only when you're alone... because if anyone sees you, you'll both be in big trouble!'

'Okee doke!' he said cheerfully with a big smile as I spotted Jamie and Luke heading back.

As they sat down, I noticed a big smile on Jamie's face. He looked at me, gave me a sly wink and seductively licked his lips. Without a word passing between us, I knew Jamie had been sucking Luke's little cock and if I knew Jamie, he'd had his cock in Luke's sweet little mouth too.

'What time you got to be home?' I asked Jamie.

'It's okay... we have a few hours yet' he replied.

'Fancy coming back with us for s a little while? I've just moved' I said.

'Next door to me!' Elliot piped up.

'Sounds like fun!' Jamie said with a big grin.

Soon we were back in the car and heading to my house, Jamie in the front and the two little boys in the back. During the journey, Jamie unzipped me and slipped his hand inside, gently wanking my cock just like he used to do when he was 7. I noticed Elliot and Luke were quiet in the back and assumed they'd fallen asleep. I angled my rear view mirror to see Luke lying across the back seat, his little royal blue jogging pants pulled down. Elliot was down in the foot well leaning across his bottom half, his little mop of brown hair flying around as his head bobbed up and down furiously while he gave his little classmate a blow job.

'Look...' I whispered to Jamie, who turned to look at the little impromptu pre-teen sex show on the back seat.

'Told you!' Jamie laughed. 'He loves his cock in somebody's mouth!'

'Well I hope Elliot saves some for me!' I laughed as I put my foot down.

We were hardly in my front door before Luke was pulling Elliot's grey school trousers down. Soon he was on his knees sucking Elliot's cock like a pro, returning the favour.

'Let's leave them to it for now' I said to Jamie as I hugged him and gave him a long, passionate kiss.

Jamie unclipped my jeans and then unzipped me, letting them fall to the floor. He then yanked my pants down to expose my hard, dripping cock. I stepped out of them before removing my t-shirt. As I did, I caught sight of Elliot. He was holding Luke's head like I usually did his, and was thrusting his hips backwards and forwards, sliding his little cock in and out of Luke's tiny sucking mouth. I watched his delicious little bum as it moved, clenching and unclenching.

I pulled Jamie's joggers down, closely followed by his white pants before Jamie pulled them the rest of the way off and joined me in my nakedness. It was the first time I'd seen Jamie's naked body in almost three years and how he'd not only grown but developed too. Plus he had just started to enter puberty. His cock was definitely a bit longer and a bit thicker, although clearly he still had a long way to go. It was still pretty much like I remembered it though and his balls were still nice and tight, not having dropped yet. He also had a few soft, downy hairs beginning to sprout from the base of his cock but quite frankly, nothing to write home about. His bum was a little bigger and fuller of course, but still smooth and soft yet firm to my touch. I ran a finger along the crack, remembering how much he used to enjoy having his tight little bum hole fingered.

'Mmm...' he moaned softly. 'Finger me... he whispered. 'Put your finger up inside me... like you used to do...'

As I poked at his back door, Jamie wrapped his fingers around my cock and gently wanked me. I probed deeper and my finger slipped inside him.

'Oh yeah...' he sighed, '...push it right in... right up inside me... as far as it will go...

I did as he asked and began to finger fuck his lovely bum for a few minutes before I withdrew it. To my surprise, Jamie grabbed my hand and began to lick the finger that had just been deep up his rectum. I gently pushed Jamie back onto the sofa and spread his legs wide before I knelt down between them and took hold of his cock. It was a nice size now he was getting as little older, as I pulled his foreskin back to expose the head which had a tiny amount of his pre-cum on it. I licked it off with the tip of my tongue. His juice tasted lovely and sweet as I savoured the taste of him. I avidly looked forward to the release of his thin, watery boy cum into my mouth as it had been a little while since I'd sucked off a boy who was actually old enough to produce any.

I heard Elliot sigh and moan as he had a dry cum in Luke's hot little mouth. I glanced across to see them swapping places; Elliot dropping to his knees and Luke standing up. I got my first glimpse of Luke's stiff little cock and it looked every bit as delicious as Elliot's. His bum also looked delectable. I went back to concentrating on Jamie, licking his lovely ball sack which although bigger now, was still tight and smooth. I took each of his small balls in my mouth, sucking them gently in turn.

'Oh god... oh yeah...' Jamie groaned softly, 'suck me... suck my cock... make me cum... I wanna cum in your mouth...' he panted.

He obviously hadn't forgotten that dirty talk turned me on and no doubt himself as well. I licked the length of his cock form the base to the tip few times. Jamie grabbed my head and tried to force his cock into my mouth and make me suck it as I continued to deliberately tease him. Suddenly I took his entire length into my mouth and at the same time, pushed my finger back up his bum hard.

'Oh my god!' he gasped as I sucked him hard and pushed my finger deep up into him, as hard and as far as I could.

'Oh fuck yeah...' he moaned, 'suck my cock... finger fuck my tight arse... oh god... yeah...'

I sucked him hard, going up and down his sweet cock. As I did, I finger fucked him with one hand and used the other to caress his tight soft ball sack, making Jamie moan, sigh and writhe around even more. Judging from the the noises coming from Luke, Elliot was making a good job of sucking him too. I was looking forward to seeing how good Luke was at it as well and feeling his sweet little lips around my own hard cock.

I felt Jamie's hands on the back of my head as he fucked his small cock in and out of my sucking mouth, getting in as much as he could. I knew he wouldn't last too much longer and very soon my suspicions were confirmed. I took him out of my mouth and retrieved my finger from his bum. As I wanked his stiff little cock hard and fast, I swirled my tongue around the small purple head.

'I'm gonna... oh... I'm cumming!' Jamie cried out.

I held my mouth a couple of millimetres from from the head of Jamie's cock and I felt a couple of small, but powerful jets of hot thin watery cum hit the roof of my mouth before I put my lips back over it and continued sucking, but much more gently now. I wanted to suck out and milk his little 12 year old cock of every last drop of boy cum. It had been a little while since I'd tasted boy seed, and I wanted to savour every last precious drop Jamie's cute cock was willing to give up to me.

'Mmm...' Jamie moaned softly as the waves of pleasure rippled through his body.

Luke was also moaning and making pleasurable little noises, so he was clearly cumming too. I quickly glanced across to the two little classmates who were now hugging and kissing one another. I looked up at Jamie who still had his eyes closed. His smooth chest rose and fell quickly as he breathed hard. When I was certain he'd given up everything that his lovely cock was going to offer me this time, I came off him. I glanced up again and he opened his eyes with a big, dreamy self-satisfied smile on his face.

'I needed that' he said quietly. 'It's been a while since I had a proper blow job like that. The kids aren't bad at it... and Lisa's really good too... but no-one sucks cock as good as you do!'

'I've had a lot of practice!' I laughed. 'Pllus don't forget that I know what you REALLY like!' I laughed again as I stood up.

Jamie had decided to lay along the entire length of the sofa and so I joined him, wrapping my arms around the boy I hadn't seen for so long and had been such a big part of my life. The little boy who quite frankly, I'd given up hope of ever seeing again. We lay there hugging and kissing one another, happy to be in each other's company once again. Luke and Elliot were curled up together on an armchair, a tangle of little arms and legs as they hugged each other too.

'Luke's a right little cutie...' I whispered quietly to Jamie.

'So is Elliot!' he replied. 'They both have such cute little cocks and sexy, beautiful bums'

'You sound just like me... you into bums?'

'Yeah!' Jamie laughed, 'You can't beat as nice, sexy little bum. Talking of which, are you...'

'Course I am!' I laughed, interrupting him.

'You don't even know what I was going to say?' he protested

'Hmm... let me guess...' I teased him, putting on a little squeaky voice and mimicking him like he was just 7 years old. 'Are you going to fuck me Uncle Peter... put your big willy up my tight little bum?'

Jamie burst out laughing.

'Well' I told him, 'you haven't changed that much. You always loved my cock up your bum and a good fuck from when I very first met you!'

Jamie kissed me.

'Be nice to have a proper sized cock inside me again' he said affectionately.

'So tell me more about Lisa... and the other kids at the home' I said, hugging him close.

'Lisa arrived just after I did and we became close friends pretty much straight away. You know how sometimes you just click with someone?'

I nodded as he continued.

'Apparently, her Uncle had been fingering her since about the age of 3 or 4 and was getting ready to fuck her, but then he got jailed for fucking a 5 year old. Lisa never said anything about what went on between them though. One day I found her naked in bed with the 4 year old twins, Jonah and Jackie. She was sucking Jonah's little cock and Jackie was behind her, licking Lisa's pussy.

'Wow' I said, 'I bet that was a right turn on?'

'Big style!' Jamie replied laughing. 'Anyway, I joined in... and fucked Lisa about an hour later. It's great because all the staff trust me and Lisa at the home with the little ones and we get to take them out... so I get the boys and Lisa does the girls'

'Sounds like great fun' I said.

'It is!' Jamie giggled. 'She's a right dirty bitch as well. Her Uncle did all sorts of things with her and taught her all about sex... she'll do just about anything!'

'Sounds like my sort of girl!' I laughed.

'You look at her though and she looks really sweet and innocent, especially when she's in her school uniform with her hair tied back in a ponytail or bunches'

My cock was rock hard now just picturing her. So was Jamie's.

'You'll have to bring her round' I said eagerly.

'I'm planning to' Jamie said as his hand wrapped itself around my cock again. 'What you doing the weekend?'

'Fucking you and your sexy little girlfriend... I hope!' I laughed.

Jamie smiled as he gently stroked me. I kissed Jamie briefly before we had a nice long passionate one.

'Fuck me Uncle Pete...' Jamie whispered in my ear as we broke away and released his grip on my cock. 'Fuck me now...' he repeated. 'I want to feel your hard cock up my tight bum... deep inside me like I used to...'

Jamie turned himself sideways so that his back was to me and raised a leg up. I took hold of my cock and ran it between his lovely bum cheeks.

'Mmm... yeah...' Jamie sighed softly, 'do it... put it in me now...'

I lined my cock up to his tightly closed hole and pushed forward a little as Jamie pushed his bottom towards me. I kept a firm hold of my cock as the head pushed against his naturally resistant anal muscle. I pushed forward a little more and I felt it giving way as the head of my cock breached the familiar territory of Jamie's hot, sweet bum.

'Aaahh...' Jamie sighed as he got his wish and my cock went deeper into the sexy 12 year old.

He moaned with pleasure as I inched further in.

'Oh yeah...' he gasped, '...god I've missed this...'

'Me too...' I whispered as I put an arm around him and nuzzled into his neck

'Oooh... mmm...' he sighed softly.

I continued to nuzzle his neck and nibble on his ear. He'd always loved that and I knew it turned him on. All the time, I was slipping more of my hard cock up into him as Jamie continued to push his bum back onto me. I stroked and caressed his small flat nipples before my hand travelled down his flat smooth, boy chest and tummy to between his legs. I tenderly stroked his balls as I began to fuck him with long, slow leisurely strokes. I then took hold of his cock and began to wank him as I fucked him.

'Mmmm... yeah... ooh... that's nice...' he moaned as I glanced over to Elliot and Luke.

Luke was down on his knees, bent over the cushion of the armchair. Behind him, Elliot was also on his knees, spreading Luke's cute little bum cheeks apart and licking between them. It was such an erotic thing to see two little 8 year old boys like that.

'Fuck me harder...' Jamie moaned.

I pushed into him harder and speeded up my thrusts.

'Oh yeah...' Jamie responded.

I pulled his foreskin back gently and ran my thumb around the head of his cock.

'Oh that's nice...' he sighed in response.

I did it a few more times as I nibbled his ear and nuzzled into his neck again. Jamie turned his head towards me and our lips met. I fucked his sweet bum harder and faster as our tongues danced in a frenzy of passion. Elliot was now attempting to put his stiff little cock up his friend's sweet little bum.

'Put it in...' Luke was encouraging him.

Elliot's little face was a real picture. He'd wanted to know what it felt like to put his sweet little cock up a tight little bum and now he was about to find out... IF he ever managed to line it up and get it in that is.

I continued to fuck Jamie harder and faster as I alternated between caressing his nipples, delicious tight balls and wanking his stiff little cock. Each time I felt he was close to cumming I stopped, as I wanted us to cum at the same time as I filled his dark boy love tube with hot sticky goo. As my balls slapped against Jamie's soft bum cheeks, he groaned in ecstasy and I nibbled his ears.

'Oh yeah...' he moaned over and over again. 'Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me...'

I heard Luke grunt and Elliot moan as his little cock finally found it's target. Elliot held Luke by his tiny little waist and began to fuck his sweet little bum like he'd seen me do with Jamie. I pushed harder and deeper into the 12 year old. I could feel Jamie pushing his bum back onto me to get the full length of my cock as deep into him as he possibly could. Jamie reached down behind himself and began to gently squeeze and caress my balls before reaching behind me and probing my bum with his finger. I started to slam my cock into him hard, getting faster and harder as I felt my own climax approaching. I wrapped my hand back around his cock and began to wank him fast.

'Oh god...' Jamie moaned, knowing from experience what this meant. 'Oh yeah... cum Uncle Pete... shoot that lovely hot, slippery cum up inside my bum... oh yeah... I'm... I'm cumming...' he shrieked, as I rammed my cock up his bottom as hard as I could.

I held it deep up his rectum as my cock spewed spurt after spurt deep into his bowels.

'Oh fuck!' I gasped as Jamie turned his head and we kissed passionately as both our cocks emptied their loads.

When we broke away, I brought my sticky hand up to my mouth and licked Jamie's hot thin cum from it before we kissed again. It was a turn on to know that Jamie could taste his own sperm in my mouth as we kissed.

'Did you taste your cum?' I whispered as we broke away.

'Mmm...' Jamie moaned as he nodded.

My cock was still embedded deep inside him.

'That was fantastic' he panted breathlessly. 'I'd nearly forgotten how good it was to have your cock inside me' he added.

'You're still a fantastic little fuck bunny!' I told him as I kissed his neck.

'Look at them two...' he said quietly.

I glanced over to where Luke and Elliot were. Elliot had his hands on Luke's waist. His own cute bum was going hell for leather as he fucked his little friend's cute and sexy bum

'He's doing well' I laughed.

We watched the two little 8 year old boys fucking as Jamie lay on his tummy. I caressed his smooth bum cheeks, looking at the little gaping hole I'd just had my cock in as it pulsated and attempted to close up. Elliot let out a cry of pleasure and collapsed on his little friend, signifying he'd had a dry cum up Luke's delightful little bum. The two boys kissed and cuddled before Jamie called Luke over. I reached over and touched little Luke's sweet cock for the first time.

'That's a lovely little man you've got there' I told him as I gently wanked him

Elliot trundled over to see what was happening. Jamie reached out and put his arm around the small of Elliot's back, pulling him closer to him. When he was close enough, Jamie leaned over and took his stiff little cock into his mouth. Luke knelt down and as I opened up Jamie's bum cheeks, Luke began to lap up the cum from him.

'Yummy!' he said after a few licks, the cum from Jamie's rectum smeared all over his sweet cheeky little face.

Suddenly Jamie spotted the time.

'Shit!' he said. 'Time's flown past. I gotta get Luke back!'

I suggested we all clean up, get dressed and I'd drop them off near to the home so that they weren't late or suspected of anything. I also promised little Lukey that next time we met, I'd suck and fuck him and he'd be able to suck my cock.

'Will you cum in my mouth?' he asked hopefully.

When I nodded, he hugged me tightly and gave me a big cummy kiss.

Shortly we were in the car on the way to regretfully drop Jamie and Luke off. Determined to never lose contact again, I swapped mobile numbers with Jamie.

'I'll text you!' he said before I kissed both boys in a quiet, deserted back street.

Elliot did the same before Jamie and Luke wandered off happily hand in hand. Elliot jumped into the front passenger seat and we drove away.

'That was so cool tonight!' Elliot said excitedly as he reached across and squeezed my cock through my jeans.

This became a habit whenever we were out in the car, like with Jamie before him, and I would quite often get his little stiff cock out too and play with it as we drove along. On the way back I pulled up on some waste land. I gave Elliot's little cock a good sucking and he returned the compliment by sucking me right off, allowing me to shoot a big load down his sweet little throat. Once we got home, I gave Elliot a passionate kiss and he returned to his home next door.

I sat there drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette, already missing Elliot when my phone rang. It was Jamie. I answered it and he told me that he'd managed a quick word with Lisa and she was dying to meet me. He said he hoped to get her away from the home for an hour or so after school the following day and he'd ring me to tell me exactly where and when. I was looking forward to it immensely.

The following day I got another call from Jamie as promised, telling me to meet him on a certain bench near the wooded area of a nearby park. I knew exactly where he meant and at the appointed time, there I was sitting on the bench. Jamie suddenly appeared out of the wooded area accompanied by a girl of similar age in her school uniform who I assumed was Lisa.

There was also a little girl in a yellow school uniform gingham dress with a little boy in a school uniform of yellow polo shirt and tight, grey school shorts. Jamie greeted me with a hug and a kiss as did Lisa. Jamie was right. Lisa was absolutely gorgeous, very innocent looking and I could tell through the flimsy white school blouse that she did indeed have a cute little handful of budding tit for an 11 year old. She was also wearing a very short, wrap around grey school skirt which showed off her beautiful, sexy legs to perfection.

I was a little surprised when Lisa kissed me and she slipped her hot little tongue into my mouth, considering we'd never met before however, Lisa seemed to ooze sexuality from every pore of her being. I also got a hug and a little kiss from the younger two.

'Only got an hour...' Jamie explained, '... to take these two to the park...' he added with a wink. 'This is Jackie and Jonah... the 4 year old twins I told you about?'

I nodded and smiled at the two delightful little moppets. They were both extremely cute and I could see immediately why Jamie and Lisa liked them so much. The little girl with her long reddish hair tied back in a ponytail, smiled back at me.

'Why don't you and Lisa slip in there and say hello properly?' Jamie suggested, pointing to the woods. 'I'll entertain these two...'

Lisa held her hand out for me to take as she gave me a sexy knowing smile. Jamie went and sat on the bench I'd just vacated and the two 4 year old twins climbed up onto his lap. I noticed his hand slip immediately up Jackie's school uniform dress, his other hand travelling over the front of Jonah's shorts. I had a quick glance around and noticed the area was deserted. Jamie certainly knew how to pick a good spot. I let Lisa take the lead as she seemed to be quite familiar with the area. I assumed it was where she and Jamie came to when they wanted some seclusion for their activities. Once out of sight from the park, she led me to a little clearing which was totally hidden. When she stopped, Lisa leant back against a tree and wrapped her arms around my neck.

'Jamie said that I can let you do anything you like... whenever you like to me... so I'll do anything you ask me to!'

She then brought her lips to mine and we kissed long and hard. I felt her small hand come down and rub my cock over my jeans as we kissed. I unbuttoned her school uniform blouse a little and slipped my big rough hand inside her soft little training bra, caressing the soft but firm, raised little mound that I found there. Lisa moaned into my mouth as I felt my zip go down and a soft warm little hand in my pants. The delicate fingers wrapped around my cock and pulled it out into the cool early evening air. As Lisa began to wank me with an expert hand, we broke away.

I transferred my hand to her bum, fondling her soft globes before lifting the back of her short, grey school uniform skirt and slipped my hand under the waistband of her knickers to caress her soft, smooth bum cheeks.

You've got a lovely hard cock...' she whispered.

'And you've got a lovely sexy bum' I replied.

'My pussy's nice too...' she said, 'well that's what my Uncle used to say anyway. Do you want to fuck me?' she asked. 'You can if you want... in my pussy or up my bum... or I can give you a blow job... and you can cum in my mouth?'

Jamie wasn't kidding. This 11 year old girl was incredibly hot and sexy, yet looked as if she'd run a mile at the mere mention of the word sex. I was still deciding what to do when I heard a twig snap, startling me. I looked in the direction of the sound to see it was Jamie holding the hands of the twins.

'Sorry..' he said apologetically. 'Jackie needs a wee!'

With that, the little girl hitched up her school uniform dress, showing off her little pink Peppa Pig knickers. Hooking her thumbs into the elastic she yanked them right down and squatted as a stream of golden liquid flowed from the tiniest of holes between her sexy little legs. She wasn't bothered in the slightest by my watching her, or showing her lovely little slit to an adult who was a total stranger.

I watched the delightful sight of the little 4 year old having a wee, as did Lisa.

'She's got a cute little pussy hasn't she?' Lisa said, more of a statement than a question really.

'Definitely' I replied, it looks very tasty!'

'It is!' Lisa said with a smirk as she smacked her lips loudly. 'So is her bum. Come over here Jack!'

The little 4 year old stopped in mid-flow with her knickers still around her knees and her dress held up in her hand, and waddled over to us.

'Show Uncle Peter your lovely little bum' she said.

Still holding in the rest of her wee, little Jackie turned around and bent over. She certainly did have a cute little bum too as I had a good look at her dark, wrinkled and tightly closed little rosette.

'Finish your wee wee sweetie...' Lisa said softly to her.

Jackie went back to her business. I noticed Jamie had pulled Jonah's little shorts and cute white pants down and was sucking on the 4 year old's stiff little cock.

'Mmm..' Lisa sighed. 'I love watching Jamie sucking little cocks... can't wait to see him sucking on this either...' she said as she squeezed mine, 'or to see you ramming this up his arse!'

Little Jackie finished her wee.

'Stay like that...' Lisa told the little girl.

Jackie stayed squatting, her cute little Peppa Pig knickers round her ankles and her delicious looking baby slit on display to both me and Lisa while Jamie continued to suck on her twin brother's cock. I moved my hand round to the front of Lisa's knickers and rubbed across her clit.

'Oh fuck yeah...' Lisa gasped. 'Finger me? Finger me nice and deep... push it right up inside me... right up into my tummy...'

I brought my lips to hers as Lisa opened her legs to give me better access. I felt one or two soft downy hairs as I ran my finger along the slippery crease of her pussy lips. I pushed my finger into her slippery hole as she sighed in my mouth. Her pussy was hot, very wet and tight, but it slipped in easily. I squeezed one of her little mounds with my other hand as Lisa continued to stroke my cock and I pushed my index finger up deep into her. We broke away as Lisa moaned.

'Deeper...' she panted, 'put two fingers in...'

I added a second finger which her sweet little fuck hole accepted without a problem.

'Oh yeah...' she gasped as she wanked me faster. 'I can't wait to fuck you!'

I pushed my fingers up her harder and deeper.

'Oh fuck...' she sighed again as I moved my hand from her little tit to her bum. I pulled my fingers out of her, all wet and sticky and licked at them.

'You taste good' I told her.

'You can lick me if you want to?' she replied.

'When we have more time darling...' I said to her. 'I want to take my time and enjoy your sweet little honey pot'

'Okay' she said. 'Can I suck your cock?'

'It won''t take me long to cum though...' I warned her.

Lisa giggled.

'Good... 'cos we have to go soon anyway!'

With that, Lisa dropped down onto her knees and her lips were over the end of my cock in seconds. She sucked hard, taking over three quarters of it into her mouth easily. She moved her head back and forth, stopping occasionally to flick the tip with her tongue, moving it all around the head, licking the length and sucking my balls.

'Fuck my mouth!' she urged coming off my cock briefly, 'as hard as you like!

Jamie had finished sucking little Jonah's cock now and the three of them watched Lisa going to town on me. I held her sweet head and pushed my cock deep into her hot sucking mouth.

'Fuck her face...' Jamie urged, 'she loves it... the harder the better!'

I thrust my cock deeper down her throat and Lisa sucked harder. Jamie moved over to little Jackie, offering his hard cock to her. The little 4 year old cupped her hands around it and began to wank him fast before she put it in her sweet little mouth and began to suck on it. I fucked Lisa's 11 year old mouth harder and the sight of the cute little 4 year old sucking Jamie sent me over the top.

'Oh fuck...' I gasped as I felt my cock swell, 'I'm cumming!'

I held Lisa's head as I squirted my hot seed straight down the back of her throat. Lisa gulped greedily, matching each strong spurt with a swallow. She guzzled noisily, her little throat muscles working overtime. Then I heard Jamie groan as well. He was obviously cumming too as 4 year old Jackie swallowed down his thin watery offering. I eventually stopped pumping and pulled my cock from Lisa's mouth, which she wiped with the back of her hand as she stood back up. Out the corner of my eye, I saw little Jackie wipe her mouth in exactly the same way.

'That was great!' Lisa said enthusiastically. 'I love fresh, hot cum!' she told me.

'You're a fantastic little cock sucker babes!' I complimented her.

Lisa smiled as Jamie glanced at his watch.

'We better be getting back' he said disappointedly.

Lisa popped her little boob back into her training bra and re-buttoned her white school blouse. Jackie stood up and pulled her knickers back up as Jamie put his own cock away. Jamie and Lisa checked the little ones over and then each other to ensure nothing looked out of place and they looked exactly the same as they had when they'd come out. I then kissed and hugged each of them in turn.

'Hope to see you all again very soon' I said, 'you're all great, cute and very sexy!' I said with a crafty little wink to the 4 year old's.

Jackie and Jonah both gave a sweet little giggle.

'Oh you will!' Lisa said confidently with a sexy smile and sly wink.

The kids made their way out and after giving them a few minutes head start, I made my way out too, heading for the car and back home.

I'd been home about half an hour and was enjoying a cigarette and a coffee when I heard a key go into the front door. I'd been sitting there thinking about Lisa if I'm honest. I also thought about Jamie, Jackie, Jonah and Luke, as well as Elliot of course, but mostly it was Lisa. Something told me there was more, much more to her than I'd already seen and I couldn't wait to fuck her. The lounge door swung open and a smiling little face poked his head around it and grinned at me cheekily.

'Hellooooo...' he said saucily in that little sing-song voice of his.

'Wotcha cock!' I greeted him warmly

Elliot giggled and then looked down at the front of his jogging trousers.

'I am!'

'You are what?' I said, wondering what the hell he was on about.

'Watching my cock!' he giggled.

'Ha bloody ha!' I said, pulling him to me and lifting him up onto my lap. 'Come and sit up here... and let me watch it for you!'

We wrapped one another in each other's arms and had a loving hug and kiss.

'I've not been in long' I told him after we broke away.

'I know' he giggled, 'I've been looking out for you. Where you been 'cos you're usually in when I get home from school?'

'Yeah' I said, 'I went to see Jamie and meet his girlfriend. Oh and Jackie and Jonah as well'

'The twins from the home?' he asked.

'How do you know?'

Elliot was about to answer and then I remembered.


'Uh-huh' he nodded, 'he told me all about them in the home'

'Did he now...' I said, 'I hope no-one overheard anything?'

Elliot shook his head.

'Nope... we sat on our own in the corner of the playground... and guess what?' he giggled naughtily.

I shook my head.

'We sucked each other's cocks in the toilets during playtime!' he giggled again.

'Elliot!?!' I gasped in surprise.

'What?' he said innocently with another giggle. 'We made sure no-one could see us!'

He'd clearly thought about the implications of being spotted but I still thought it was risky.

'Where?' I asked him.

'In the far toilets where hardly no-one ever goes... in a cubicle' he told me.

I had to admit, the thought of two cute sexy little 8 year old boys like Luke and Elliot giving each other a blow job in the toilets of their primary school at a time when they should have been out in the playground running around playing childish games was very erotic and my cock hardened at the image in my mind's eye. I slipped my hand down the back of Elliot's joggers and squeezed his little bum.

'Promise me you'll be very careful?' I said seriously.

He nodded.

'We will... promise!'

'And...' I said with a wink as I gave his lovely little bum another squeeze, 'you save plenty for me!'

Elliot giggled like mad as he threw his little arms around me again and gave me a loving hug before he kissed me.

'Course!' he said with genuine love and affection. 'There'll always be plenty for my Uncle Peter!' he told me as I moved my hand round to the front.

Elliot automatically parted his legs to give me better access to his smooth, hairless little treasures as I cupped his his tiny ball sack before giving his stiff little cock a gentle squeeze.

'Oh I nearly forgot!' I said, 'I got something for you!'

'What?' he said curiously.

'Jump up and I'll go get it'

Elliot jumped down from my lap and I disappeared into the other room, returning with a small box. While I was gone, Elliot had removed his joggers and was dressed in just a white t-shirt and a pair of white Spongebob underpants, his stiff little cock straining hard against them. Elliot never removed his pants if he decided to strip off - he knew that I always liked to be the one to pull his pants down.

'Here' I said as I handed him a small box.

'What is it?' he asked.

'Open it and have look and then you'll know you num-nut!' I laughed.

Elliot opened the box and I watched the expression on his face change. He looked at it and then burst into a fit of near hysterical giggles.

'Take it out then!' I encouraged him

Little Elliot reached into the box and wrapped his hand around the rubber cock as he pulled it out of the box.

'Wow!' he said holding it up and trying to stifle his giggles. 'It looks and feels just like yours. What's it for?'

Now it was my turn to laugh.

'Stirring my coffee with!' I laughed. 'What do you think it's for?'

'Putting up my bum!' he finally said.


'Putting up Lukey's bum! He giggled.

'Apart from that?'

It hadn't clicked with him.

'You can practice your sucking... you know... deep throat?'

'Oh yeah!' he said with a big smile.

'Just make sure you hide it somewhere where your Mum won't bloody well find it... it'll be hard to explain that one away!'

'It's okay' he said, 'Mum hardly ever comes in my room... but I'll hide it just in case!'

With that, Elliot gripped it in both hands and put it in his mouth. I watched his little lips slide further down it until he had more than half of it down the back of his tiny throat and then he gagged and pulled it out.

'I'll be able to do that all the way soon!' he said proudly.

'You will if you practice regularly' I told him, 'in the meantime... how about sucking the real thing?'

Elliot grinned and nodded as his little hands went to my zip before I helped him remove my jeans and my pants. I then slipped his cute little Spongebob pants off so that we were both naked. I lay on the sofa with Elliot's smooth, hairless body on top of my hairy one. We kissed as I kneaded and squeezed his lovely little bum cheeks before Elliot slid downwards so that he was between my legs facing me. Taking my hard cock in both of his soft little hands, he began to wank me, stopping every so often to swipe the the top and lick the pre-cum off the end.

I always enjoyed every single moment that I spent with Elliot. He was sweet, cute and so enthusiastic about everything we did. He was not only lovely to look at, but was just great to be around and my affection for him grew by the day. He was also a very affectionate little boy. Elliot loved to be hugged, kissed, held, touched and stroked. Like Jamie before him, he never said no to anything and was willing to give anything and everything a try. He went out of his way to please and pleasure me and I did the same for him.

I looked at the little 8 year old boy as he knelt between my kegs, his small hands wrapped around my hard cock. He looked up at me with love in his eyes as he smiled and stroked it leisurely. It was unhurried and very clear to me how much he was enjoying himself. Every so often he'd lower his head and engulf the head of my cock in his sweet soft lips and suck gently, or swipe this tongue lightly across the tip causing me to gasp, sigh or moan with the feeling of intense pleasure. As he lifted his head back up to look at me and see my reaction while he continued to idly wank me, long strands of pre-cum stretched from the end of my cock to his sweet little boy lips.

I loved to watch Elliot playing and sucking me. He knew this too and his eyes never left mine. It was clear that he absolutely adored the things I was teaching him and we did together.

'Come up here for a bit squirt...' I said softly.

Elliot crawled back up my body, planting a loving little kiss on my lips. I wrapped him in my arms and he hugged my neck.

'Love you...' he whispered.

'Love you too darling...' I whispered back as I caressed those lovely firm little bum cheeks. 'How did you enjoy yourself with Lukey then?' I asked him.

'Brilliant!' he told me, 'But I was surprised he was doing the same things like what we do... I didn't think he would be doing them... he said he didn't think I would be doing them either!' he giggled.

'Well that's how it has to be mate I'm afraid...' I tried to explain. 'These days... if anyone was to find out, then there'd be big problems. I'd probably go to prison and we'd never see each other again...'

'Not never?'

Elliot looked desperately sad. I shook my head.

'Nope... they wouldn't let us sweetheart...' I told him softly.

'But why?' Elliot wanted to know.

It was a conversation I'd had with almost all of the kids I'd been involved with over the years, and the vast majority of them simply could not understand a system that was allegedly put in place to protect them, was actually causing them a great deal of distress and anxiety. They couldn't understand why no-one had bothered to ask THEM.

'It's just the way it is matey' I said hugging him close to me. 'The people that make these rules say it's abuse and that I'm hurting you in some way sweetheart...'

'But you're not though? I like everything we do. You've never made me do anything... I said you could... and I like doing things to you too!'

'I know you do darling...'

'What if I told them that?' he asked hopefully.

I shook my head as I desperately tried to make him understand.

'It wouldn't make any difference matey'

I could see his lovely little brown eyes were a bit watery as he tried to comprehend it all.

'Those who decide on these things, you know the Government, they say you can't decide for yourself until you're 16'

'That's really stupid!' he said vehemently, with more than a little anger in his voice.

'I know love... I know..' I said soothingly, giving him big close cuddles and trying to both reassure him and calm him down.

He looked up at me and I used my thumbs to wipe away a stray tear from each of those beautiful brown eyes.

'So that's why we have to be really careful... and so do you and Lukey okay darling?'

Elliot nodded.

'We are... and Lukey knows not to say nuffink to no-one as well. Jamie explained it all to him'

I knew that Jamie understood the consequences if anything got out and I was confident that he would have explained it well to all the kids he was involved with in the home. I steered the conversation back, as I was interested in hearing about Elliot's experiences with his little 8 year old friend.

'So how did it feel when you put your cock up Lukey's bum?' I asked him

'It was so cool!' Elliot said excitedly, immediately brightening up as he remembered it. 'I had a bit of trouble at first though...' he giggled, 'I couldn't get the bloomin' thing to go in!'

'I know!' I laughed. 'I was watching you!'

'I kept trying...' he was giggling like mad now, '...but it's only a tiny bloomin' hole... and it didn't want to go in!'

I was in hysterics now. Not just at Elliot's antics, but the tone of his voice, the hand gestures and the unintentional comical way he was explaining it.

'It happens to all of us...' I said when I'd stopped laughing enough to actually speak. 'But I can give you some advice... or tips if you like?'

Elliot nodded.

'If you're going to put it in a girl's pussy... you know the front hole?'

Elliot nodded again.

'Her pussy?' he said.

'Yup, her pussy... than that's a little bit different usually... although it depends on how old she is really'

'How's it different?'

'Well usually you'd stroke it and play with her first... and rub her clit?'

Elliot looked really puzzled and confused. He clearly didn't understand what I was saying to him.

'Oh I forgot...' I said, 'you haven't done it with a girl yet have you?'

Elliot shook his head.

'We'll have to change that then won't we?'

Elliot gave me the biggest grin ever.

'Anyway...' I continued, 'when you do that... you know, rub her and stuff... her pussy gets all wet and slippery... depending on how old she is depends how wet and slippery she gets... a bit like this...'

I scooped some of my pre-cum up onto my finger and waved it in front of Elliot's little face. He grabbed my hand and licked it off.

'Does it taste as nice as this?' he asked.

I nodded.

'Very!' I told him before continuing. 'So it's easy to put your cock into her hole because it's all nice and slippery and it's made for you to be able to do that'

Elliot nodded.

'But when it comes to bums... it's a bit different because they're designed to poo out of and not really designed for cocks to be put into!'

Elliot giggled at that.

'Do you mean boys bums... or girls?' he asked.

'Both!' I said, 'Because it doesn't matter whether it's a boy or a girl. Bums are all the same... well some are sexier than others!' I said with a wink as I squeezed his. 'Girls pussies are designed to wee from and to have a cock in them because that's how babies are made?'

'Oh yeah!' Elliot laughed... and then burst into absolute hysterical laughter.

'What now?' I said, laughing at his laughter which was just so infectious.

'Well... does that mean Mummy had a cock in her pussy... to make me?'

'Yup!' I confirmed.

Elliot just found the mere thought of that hysterically funny.

'And it was your Daddy's cum that made you possible!'

'What... the same cum as I swallow from your cock?' he asked in disbelief.

'Yup... exactly the same... well from your Daddy's... not mine' I laughed, 'but it only makes a baby when she's old enough to have one... from about 13 or so...'

Elliot nodded his understanding.

'But this!' I said as I suddenly grabbed his bum cheeks making him jump before I squeezed them gently making him giggle like mad, 'Is only designed to have a poo from. It's not really meant to have a cock up it... well not like a pussy. It's actually this bit...'

I put my fingertip at the entrance to his tightly closed hole and tickled it.

'That tickles!' Elliot giggled.

'Where the poo comes out... so they don't get slippery like pussies do!'

'My poo is slippery sometimes though' Elliot informed me.

I raised my eyebrows.

'Well yeah' I said, 'but it's still poo and it's a bit stinky and messy isn't it?'

'S'pose so' he said, 'but I don't mind that though!'

I stored that nugget of information away for future reference.

'And usually, if you're going to put your cock in someone's bum, it's nice, clean and dry isn't it... like yours always is?'

Elliot nodded.

'Lukey's bum's nice and clean'

'Exactly, and that's why you had trouble putting it in... so you have to make either the bum hole you're going to put it in or your cock into, nice and slippery so that it can slide in!'

'Or both?

'Or both!' I agreed. ' Do you remember the first time I put my cock up your bum?'

Elliot smiled at the memory.


'That's one of the reasons I gave your bum a good licking first, apart from the fact it's just so sexy and delicious!' I laughed giving it a squeeze again. 'My saliva helped make it nice and slippery. Or you can use lube like the man did on the video, or like I did?'

Elliot nodded. He was getting it now.

'That stuff is made to make it all nice and slippery, so it's really good.'

'Where do I get that stuff though?' he wanted to know.

'They sell it in chemists and supermarkets' I told him, 'but... if you was to go and buy some, people would wonder why an 8 year old was buying it!'

Elliot's little face fell and he looked devastated.

'But...' I continued, 'I've got loads... so I can always give you some!'

'Cool!' Elliot smiled, his face lighting back up. 'I'll keep some in my school bag!'

'Make sure no-one sees or finds it!'

'I will!' he replied.

'They come in all different colours and flavours... strawberry, pineapple, chocolate, banana...'


'So that afterwards, you can lick it off!'

'Oh wow!' Elliot laughed.

'But if you don't have any with you... and you don't want to lick it, there's other ways of getting your cock in a bit easier'

'How?' Elliot asked interested.

'Well first off... take your finger...'

Elliot held his index finger out.

'Put it in your mouth and gets lot of spit on it...'

Elliot followed my instructions.

'Now try and push your finger up your bum!'

He reached behind himself and pushed his finger up against his tight little hole. It slipped in.

'Oh wow... that went in easy peasy!'

Elliot was well chuffed.

'If you slide your finger up and down inside your bum for a bit, it'll make it nice and slippery from your saliva and your bum hole will open a bit and stay like it for a minute of two afterwards before it closes again. You might need to pull it out and put it back in your mouth to reload the spit and do it again. It means putting your finger into your mouth after it's been up someone's bum though, so it might smell a little bit... or taste a little strange?'

'That's okay' Elliot said happily pulling his finger out, sticking it into his mouth and reinserting it up his bum.

'If it's still difficult... you can always use two fingers' I told him.

Elliot pulled his finger back out and gave me a big hug.

'Thank you' he said excitedly, 'now I won't have a problem when I fuck Lukey's bum next time...'

He smiled.

'Or anyone else's...' I said with a little wink.

I pulled Elliot down so that we were laying side by side as I hugged him and he cuddled into me before I moved a hand between his legs and squeezed his little cock. Elliot reached across and did the same to me before laying across my lower belly to put my cock back into his sweet mouth. As he sucked, I wet my finger before pushing it up his tight little bum hole. Elliot moaned as I pushed it up deep inside him and I felt him suck a little harder.

'I was going to do that to you' I said. 'Hang on... I've an idea!'

Elliot reluctantly stopped sucking and his head came up. I lifted him onto my chest facing away from me.

'Shuffle back a bit' I instructed.

Elliot moved closer to my face and I bent my head forward.

'Now you can suck me...' I said positioning him, 'and I can suck you at the same time!

As I felt Elliot's hot, soft little lips resume their position around my cock, I put mine around his. It felt wonderful to be sucking on a such a deliciously sweet, stiff little 8 year old cock while the owner of that cock had his sweet little lips around my big adult one. We both sucked and licked one another gently and leisurely with no real urgency, both wanting to lengthen the pleasure and enjoyment we were both giving and receiving from one another.

Every so often, Elliot would stop and lick the length of my cock, or gently suck on my balls while I would stop, thumb his gorgeous little bum cheeks apart and stick my tongue into his delicious tight little hole. He clearly enjoyed my tongue up inside him as I noticed each time I did it, Elliot tried to cram more cock into his little mouth and he sucked that bit harder.

'Don't make me cum Elliot...' I warned him.

He immediately stopped and looked back round at me quizzically.


'Because...' I said with a big grin, 'I want to cum in here!' I told him, slipping my finger back up his bum.

Elliot gave me a huge sexy little grin.

'Yeah!' he said animatedly as he turned himself round so he was lying on top of me but facing me again.

I put my arms around him and hugged his lovely hot soft body close to me before we kissed long and hard and I pushed my finger back up his bum as far as I could get it, twisting it and wiggling it around inside him. Eventually I pulled it out and took hold of my own hard, dripping cock. Elliot sat up so he was straddling me and I lined it up between his cheeks as he repositioned himself to help me get my cock inside him. He lifted himself up slightly as I nudged his tight opening with the tip of my cock before he slowly lowered himself down. I pushed up a little and after the usual brief resistance from his tight little anal muscle, the head of my cock breached it and I was in as it clenched me tightly.

'You okay darling?' I checked.

Elliot nodded with a big smile and I felt him pushing down, making my cock enter him deeper. Putting a hand on either side of his sweet face I pulled him towards me as I leant forward. I kissed his sweet little nose, then his forehead, followed by those lovely lips. I pushed into him more as I moved my hands to his slim little boy waist.

'Mmm...' Elliot sighed, 'that's nice... I love your cock up my bum...'

I pulled him down further as I inched the best part of my cock up his little 8 year old love tube. I started to pull back and then pushed in again.

'Oh yeahhh...' Elliot gasped as I pushed my cock back inside him, going deeper and further into him then ever before.

I could feel him still pushing down against me, trying to get more thick cock deep inside him. I kissed him briefly before we kissed passionately once more as I began to fuck him properly. We had a steady rhythm going now as I reached down between Elliot's legs to stroke his soft smooth balls and gently wank his little cock which was as hard as a nail.

'Oooh... Elliot gasped as we broke away, 'nice... so nice...'

I began to fuck his sweet little bum harder and faster as I held his hips.

'Oh... oh... oh...' he whimpered.

He must have learnt some stuff through watching me when I fucked Jamie as he started to whisper repeatedly.

'Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me...'

I began to pound him quite hard now as Elliot bounced up and down on my cock. After hearing the 8 year old crying out like that, I knew my orgasm would approach fast.

'Oh Elliot sweetheart...' I groaned, 'I'm gonna cum... oh god...' I gasped as my cock swelled and I filled him up, hugging and kissing him.

When I'd finished spewing my hot seed into his bowels, I held Elliot by the hips and pulled my cock slowly from his bum. I pulled him forward, his little cock standing out proudly in front of him, my cum oozing from his bum and down the inside of his thighs, leaving a snail like trail of goo across my chest. I got him to kneel on me and I pulled him to my mouth as I sucked gently on his little cock. I was aware that he hadn't cum and I wanted to make him feel good too. I moved my lips back and forth, sucking hard and fast stopping occasionally to lick and suck his tiny balls.

'Oh... yeah... that's nice...' Elliot sighed.

My cum continued to ooze from his pulsating little hole and I could feel the gooey mess on his little cheeks as I sucked him into my mouth. I slipped my index finger deep into his slippery little back-door and pushed hard, my finger going deep into his rectum. This pushed Elliot over the edge.

'Ooh... aaahhh...' Elliot gasped as his little body started to shake and judder. 'Tingles... great big... tingles... mmm...'

I sucked more gently now as his little body jerked with each gentle touch of his cock, before sucking on his balls and then licking the length of his jerking little cocklet. When I finally stopped, little Elliot collapsed on my chest breathing heavily, totally exhausted. I kissed the top of his head and hugged him close.

'You okay squirt?' I asked, watching his smooth little chest heaving up and down.

'Yeah...' he gasped, 'that... was... brilliant... felt really... nice...'

I put my hands on his cummy little bum cheeks giving them a squeeze, and we lay there for a minute or two just hugging each other while he got his breath back.

'That was fantastic' he eventually said looking up at me. 'I love it when you fuck me... and then shoot all that hot, sticky cummy up my little bummy!' he laughed at his little rhyme, 'and then when you sucked me... and pushed your finger right the way up like that... I've never had tingles that strong before. It was really nice!'

'Good' I told him, 'because I always want you to feel as nice as you make me feel. Your bum is so lovely to fuck... and you are so sexy!'

Elliot reached for his phone.

'Uncle Pete?' he asked, 'can you take a photo on my phone for me... of my bum?'

'Course' I said as he handed me his phone, 'but why?'

'I want to show Luke!' he replied.

I took a few photo's of Elliot's cummy little bum. One as it was and another while Elliot pulled his sweet little bum cheeks apart. His hole was still gaping open, although it was well on its way to retracting back to its closed state. I showed Elliot the results.

'Oh that is well cool!' he said happily.

'Just make sure once you've shown him you get rid of them quickly just in case anyone else sees them!'

Elliot nodded.

'So is Lukey your boyfriend now then?' I asked.

Elliot went extremely quiet and shy, as if unsure how to answer.

'Er... I...'

'You can say...' I told him reassuringly.

'Sort of... yeah... but we don't kiss and stuff in front of people... at school... only in the toilets on our own' he admitted. 'You... you don't mind do you?'

I laughed.

'Course I don't. Why should I?'

'I just thought... you and me...'

I laughed, kissed him and gave him a great big, reassuring hug. He was such a caring little boy and was really worried that he might be hurting my feelings bless him. I gently took hold of his chin and lifted his face up so he was looking at me.

'Listen...' I told him,. 'I love you... you know I do, but I don't own you. Of course I don't mind you having Lukey as your boyfriend. He's as cute and sexy as you are, and you're free to have to have sex with him or anyone else who wants to have it with you. After all, I have sex with Jamie, and Lisa and...'

I let the sentence trail off. Elliot knew exactly what I meant though and he nodded with a big smile. Then he kissed me.

'Actually...' I added, I think it would be fantastic if you, me and Lukey all got together one day... what do you think?'

'Oh yeah!' Elliot said excitedly. 'That would be well cool!'

'Do you think Lukey would like that?'

'Definitely!' Elliot replied. 'He said he can't wait for you to suck his cock... and he wants you to cum in his mouth so he can swallow it!'

'I'll sort it out with Jamie and arrange it' I told him. 'But for now, I think I best get you cleaned up... look at the state of you and your cummy little bummy!'

Elliot burst into another fit of his lovely infectious giggles. I lifted him off and went to fetch some tissue.

Ten minutes later we were cleaned up and dressed. I went into the other room and came back with a little box.

'What flavours do you want?' I asked him.

Elliot looked at me puzzled.

'The lube... slippery stuff?' I reminded him.

'Oh yeah... I forgot!' he giggled. 'Is that banana?' he asked, pointing to one with yellow writing on it.

I nodded.

'Those... and chocolate?' he asked.

I gave him six little tubes of each.

'Let me know when you want some more...' I winked at him, 'I have plenty!'

'Thanks Uncle Pete!' he said, giving me another hug and kiss. 'You're the best!'

He packed them into the box along with his rubber cock.

'And make sure you put that somewhere it won't be found!' I reminded him.

'I will' he replied. 'I better go home now... before Mum starts to moan!'

'Okay darling' I said giving him a final hug, kiss and grope of his bum. 'Be careful at school with Lukey!' I reminded him. 'I don't want either of you getting into trouble okay?'

Elliot nodded and hid the box so that it was out of sight and he disappeared off home. I must have dozed off as it was the early hours when I woke up on the sofa totally disorientated before I hauled myself off to bed.

In the morning I had a bit of a lie in, if you can call it that. I'm usually up and writing by seven, but it was gone eight when I was awoken by a text message on my mobile phone. Sleepily I grabbed it and looked at the screen. I saw that it had come from Jamie's number. I opened it and read the message: "Back gate. 9.30 x"

I got up, made some coffee and had a cigarette. I then checked my emails and by the time I'd washed, dressed and replied to everything it had gone nine. I guessed that Jamie had decided not to go to school for some reason, so at 9.30 I wandered out and unlocked the back gate.

When I opened it, I got the surprise of my life....

End Of Part One

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


awesome! one of the best stories ive read on here.


Hot Hot Hot. Hard on from start finish. Fantastic. Great. Thanks.


Great realistic. I am looking forward to the next part..please make it soon.


I'm only halfway through this story but feel compelled to comment on how wonderful it is I am saving the second half for more self abuse. looking forward to the inclusion of more young ones. Nice pace to story and nice premise leading to unobstructed access to the young boy I'm hopeful that story development will lead to the mothers involvemen


I know it sounds greedy but I'll say it anyway MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE !!!!!! Hot and beautiful as always, thank you so much!

Carroll Lewis

As ever, thanks for the kind comments. Parts 2 & 3 already written so they will be posted in the not too distant future I hope. I will be posting a girl story before that though... 'Izzy's Interminable Itch' ;)


Very good! Please, sir, more?


Definitely want to hear more about Jonah getting his first drink of Daddy/Uncle/Grandpa/Any Adult Male protein milk shake

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