The 5th Grade Harem, Part 2

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Published: 11-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Angel and Michaela

Mr. Jones held still for a moment, finally registering where he was, what was happening, and the voice he had just heard. He took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves before he looked up, his expended cock still semi-stiff inside Angels beautifully tight preteen pussy.

It suddenly occurred to him how fortuitous it was he was in one of the extended classrooms Skyline Elementary brought in to accommodate the growing population. Being away from the main building meant the classroom was virtually soundproof, so all of the orgasmic screaming did not carry much beyond the walls. Even though Mr. Jones had never lacked self-confidence and was considered handsome by most of the women he had dated, the adoration of five of his sexy little fifth-graders made him feel like a god.

He looked down at Angel, her tiny bare heaving chest and flushed cheeks giving off a post climactic glow that made him smile. He then looked up towards the door where Michaela had moved forward slightly to the closest desk, allowing the door to close behind her. She was leaning forward slightly on the desk, supporting herself with her left hand while her right remained down the front of her short and tight denim shorts. Michaela's half closed eyes met his through her straight black bangs as she sucked in her bottom lip. Mr. Jones could see her hand moving beneath her shorts rubbing what he was sure was another hot and wet ten-year-old pussy.

Despite having just deposited a huge load, his cock returned to its fully erect and rock hard eight-inch length and inch and a half girth while resting inside of Angels wet hole, which he could feel pulsing around it. Mr Jones' warm semen and Angels' young girl juice oozed slowly down his ballsac.

"Chica, you have nooooo idea," Angel moaned and laughed as she tilted her head to look at her friend, which caused her tiny hips to tilt down and contract even more on his large cock.

Mr. Jones hissed through his teeth as the sensation became incredible once again. As much as he enjoyed being inside Angels little tunnel, he wanted a chance to enjoy Michaela as well, so he reluctantly and slowly pulled out with a wet sucking sound and an audible pop. He reached one of his hands underneath Angels pussy to catch the slow ooze of cum the squeezed out onto his fingers. She sat up, resting on her elbows and looked down at their crotches and smiled a sexy, erotic smile.

He held up his fingers to Angel. They looked into each other's eyes as Angel sat up, took the hand and brought it to her full little lips. She extended her tongue and slowly drew his fingers to her mouth. Angel enclosed the three cum-covered fingers with her lips and sensually ran her tongue around them, drawing the cum off into her mouth before slowly pulling them out with more sexy slurping. Mr. Jones fingers came out damp...but cum free. The sexiest part was that she did this all without breaking eye contact. In a final expression of her complete horniness and desire, she stuck her tongue out to let Mr. Jones see the cum in her mouth before slowly closing her lips, taking a big gulp, and opening her mouth again to revealing no more cum.

"Damn Angel. You are one sexy bitch," Mr. Jones grinned as his cock jumped a little more.

He looked up at Michaela, who had moved to the chair at the desk, pushed down her shorts and pink bikini panties and continued to rub herself as she lounged back. The rubbing seemed to have gotten more intense, and her breathing had become more rapid. Her eyes were closed as she bit her bottom lip. About a minute later, her body appeared to stiffen, the rubbing stopped but her hand remained over her bare, hairless slit, pressing against her mons and tiny clit.

"Nnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuuuuuuck!" Michaela squealed as her tiny body was wracked by a beautiful climax. Mr. Jones sat in his black leather office chair and enjoyed the show. Angel got up and moved to Mr. Jones lap, turned to watch Michaela as well. His hard cock rested between her still dripping vagina. Angels' soft hand caressed both his cock and her pussy as she leaned back, allowing him to take in her sweet strawberry scent and wrap his arms around her slim form to caress her taut stomach and tiny chest. He brushered her blond hair away from her neck and kissed it gently.

After a few moments, Michaela came down from her orgasm, opened her eyes to look at her sexy friend and hot teacher, and smiled. "Now that was pretty awesome, too, chica," Angel moaned at her friend. "Why don't you come get yourself some of this hot cock."

" ..the..yeah!" Michaela slowly stood up and took her bottoms the rest of the way off, revealing her naturally tan and toned Hispanic legs that led to a beautiful mound with just the tiniest bit of dark, visible fuzz. She stepped forward while reaching her arms across her chest and removing her tight black tank top. Her tiny nubs were no more than mosquito bites but were slightly bigger than Angels. Her slight hips were just starting to show definition.

"Is that okay, Mr. Jones? If I join you and Angel?" said Michaela in a tone that was at once lustful and innocent.

"None at all, my dear. How did I get so fucking lucky? Both of you are so damn hot."

Angel slowly stood up, walked over to Michaela and pulled her face to hers. Michaela embraced Angel, reaching around to grab her perfectly shaped ass, as their lips and tongues met in one of the hottest girl-girl kisses Mr. Jones can remember seeing, and he had watched plenty of teeny lesbian porn. Angel reached around and grabbed Michaela's small, round Latina booty and squeezed. They moaned into each other's mouths for a good minute while Mr. Jones slowly rubbed his rod. The two young beauties stood about four feet to the side of his desk at the back of the room, so he had a perfect view of both of them. Angel slowly turned them so that he had the best few of Michaela's ass. She tilted her head as they devoured each other's mouths and mauled each others tender flesh with their tiny hands.

Angel grasped both of Michaela's ass cheeks and spread them, allowing Mr. Jones to see her little brown rosebud. It was beautiful. She pulled Michaela back so that she could sit on a nearby desk and spread her legs to bring Michaela closer. He could hear the smacking of their lips along with their long, drawn out moans. He took a few deep breaths to control the stirrings in his loins. Angel looked up at Mr. Jones and with her right hand, indicated he should come over. He couldn't refuse that even if he had tried.

He stood up, removed his remaining clothes and began moving closer to two sexy little vixens. Angel then pulled her lips from Michaelas, looked at her with a knowing smile, put her hands on Michaels slim shoulders and gently pushed her down. Mr. Jones paused to watch. Michaela slowly kissed and licked her way down Angels body. Angel threw her head back.

"Mmmmmmmm...yeeeaahh." she moaned as Michaela reached Angels cunt and began slowly running her tongue along the outside. She then pushed her little tongue beyond Angels folds and into her tiny hole. Mr. Jones reached into the bottom drawer of his desk and pulled out a small jar of Vaseline he kept for his jackoff sessions. He walked up behind Michaela, who was bent at the waist with her knees slightly bent as she devoured her friends cum filled pussy.

"Your stuff tastes sooooo good, Mr. Jones. Mmmmmmmmm," groaned Michaela as she slurped.

Mr. Jones stared for a minute, taking in the pure sexual beauty of Michaelas young pussy. He reached down with hand and gently caressed the soft tender flesh, firmly pressing through her folds to the moist flesh hidden underneath. Michaela squealed with pleasure into Angels pussy.

When he decided he couldn't wait any longer, Mr. Jones rubbed some Vaseline on his hard cock, then slathered some more on both of Michaelas holes, taking special attention on her asshole, as that was his intended target.

Michaela pulled away from Angels pussy long enough to look back and demand, "Pussy or ass, Mr. Jones, I don't give a fuck, just fucking fuck me already! I need that fucking cock and my own fucking cum!!" Hearing such language from a such a young, sexy mouth was awesome. With that, Angel grabbed Michaelas hair and brought her face back to her extra horny cunt lips. Mr. Jones guided his member to her brown hole and gently applied pressure.

"I hope your ready for this, you little slut. I'm gonna fuck your baby ass so hard you'll be limping for a week!" yelled Mr. Jones as his head popped into her lubed ass. " Aaaaahhhh shit!"

"It ain't shit unless it's a month, Mr. Jones! Pound that ass, Mr. Jones! Pound it like you know you've always wanted!" Angel yelled through high pitched moans. Michaela spread her legs for better and easier access.

After a few slow pushes to spread the lube, Mr. Jones Grabbed Michaels hips and pushed all the way in with one long thrust.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH SSSSSSHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTT!" Michaela screamed away from Angels pussy. Mr. Jones held his cock balls deep in her ass as she adjusted to the intruder. She took a few deep breaths as Mr. Jones slowly rotated his hips to help the adjustment.

"God Damn! Your ass is a fucking vice, Michaela! I fuckin' love it!" yelled Mr. Jones. Michaela took in deep breaths through her teeth and moaned. The pressure and the pleasure was amazing, but he wanted to enjoy this hot little ass so he took a few deep breaths himself.

After a couple minutes of slow grinding and deep breathing as Angel stroked Michaelas head, Michaela looked back at Mr. Jones and said with a lustful groan," Are you gonna fuck my little as or not, Mr. Jones?" With that, he resumed thrusting, pulling almost all the way out slowly, then hard and fast back in. His thrusts became shorter and faster as Michaela screamed in utter abandon. Angel stood up and came to stand by them where they were joined, then proceeded to kneel under them and rub both his cock and Michaelas pussy. Mr. Jones pulled out of Michaelas ass briefly and ordered Angel to tast her friends asshole. Angel stuck her head between Michaelas legs and took Mr. jones slick member into her mouth and immediately down her throat. Angel moaned, sending vibrations through Mr. Jones cock. He was getting very close so he pulled away from Angel and returned his rod to Michaelas gaping ass, once again grabbing her hips and pound her like a jackhammer. The smell of sweat, sex and ass filled the room.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! OOOHHHHH FUCK I'M GONNA CUM IN YOUR ASS, MICHAELA. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" He drove into Michaelas hips and held her there inside her sweet rectum as he deposited what felt like yet another gallon of baby-making cream.

"SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! I'M.....C-C-C-CUUUUUMMMMMING...Mr. J-J-JONES!!!!!" Michaela screamed as she arched her back and threw back her head. Mr. Jones reached around her front and grabbed her tiny chest in his firm hands. Angel pulled Mr. Jones' cock from Michaels ass and swallowed it again, enjoying the taste of ass juice, lube, and fresh, hot semen. His ultra sensitive cock twitched again, releasing a few more drops as a reward for Angels effort.

Michaela dropped to her stomach on the floor, panting. Her legs remained spread, her ass gaping and leaking cum. Mr. Jones returned to his chair and collapsed. Angel got behind her friend and gently licked her ass, sucking the cum leaking out into her mouth and down her throat. They finally both sat up and kissed, swapping spit and semen before slowly standing up and gathering up their clothes.

"You'd better hurry up you two. You don't want to miss the bus," said Mr. Jones as he reached down and began putting his pants back on. They both came over to Mr. Jones, leaned in and gave him long lingering, tongue filled kisses. Both Michaela and Angel dropped their panties in his lap, smiled and turned around to leave.

"See you tomorrow, Mr. Jones." they said in unison, Michaela wobbling a bit as she walked out the door.

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Both were very well written. Lucky,lucky man.


nicely written, what a lucky man.

Philip Spencer

I liked the first part, but this one is nothing more than a mediocre description of sex. And somehow Mr. Jones's prick grew from a modest seven inches long in the first part to 8 1/2 inches in this one!

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