Clarissa Explains It All, Part 4

[ mf, inc, parody ]


Published: 18-Aug-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Ferguson Ferguson Ferguson... the poor young lad was sooooooo horny he couldn't stand it. His sister's nude image remained nestled in his young mind constantly. His mother, too. His mind was not what it used to it was confused, rearranged, disorientated, horny.

Nothing now was the same. It couldn't be. He went about his daily business in a daze, sometimes a frump. His cock remained 100% stiff. At school was the worst, every girl he saw--in all manners of dress style, annoyed him.his cock. A few of his teachers now began to make him race to the bathroom for a quick hand job. But he always brought to mind his mother and sister laid out on the bed being hammered.

While humping his bed he deeply imaged that it was he himself, not Sam or his father, that was doing the humping. Before he knew what he knew, he had only merely lightly fantasized about what it might possibly be like to screw Clarissa. Now his mind was curious about what it would be like to sink his bone into his mother.

His very own mother!

He couldn't believe what he was thinking! But it made his cock feel SO much better when he did.

Once more Ferguson scrunched under his sister's bed. He had determined that when the shenanigans began again--whoever was involved, he was going to make his play. He had to, this being left out sucked. He understood that it was his personality, he was not physically appealing, he was not into the "family" thing--he was an oddball; he was Republican! His fantasies increased ten-fold in relation to seeing his mother naked, sprawled out on her bed, masturbating. He gulped for air and tried to clear his feeble mind. His cock demanded serious attention, but he wanted to save it.

Presently Clarissa entered the room. He sighed, heard her fart, then watched as her feet moved about the room doing whatever. How would she feel if she knew of his being under her bed; naked and jerking off into a pair of her panties?

Some fear dwelled within him, their relationship (as far as brother and sister go) was okay, he did care for her and supposed that he loved her and didn't want her to come to any harm--and he supposed that she felt the same about him. Now, with that out of the way--they were typical siblings who occasionally did what they could to get the other into some sort of trouble.

But come Christmas and birthdays there was always the thoughtful gift or card. Thereafter it was back to normal.

For half an hour she tinkered at her desk on her computer. Ferguson waited for Sam or his father to arrive. He began summoning up his courage; seeing how he would be able to "join in" on the incredible togetherness he was not a part of.

Fortunately he didn't have to wait long for something narly to happen; Clarissa and Ferguson's eyes filled with hard lust as off onto the royal blue carpet came her blouse.followed by her bra. Ferg's balls surged; he placed a hand onto his bare naked ass and began rubbing himself, diddling his hole, and humping Clarissa's panties.

She was changing clothes, apparently.

She kicked off her shoes then turned on some music, classic rock and roll. Ferguson rolled his eyes and shook his head. Then, he returned to all smiles and wonderment as he could see her tight fitting stone washed jeans sliding down to her ankles. Carefully he eased forward, mindful not to bring himself too far forward lest he be seen.

The jeans were kicked free of her ankles and then down came the panties, red knit with black lace. They were kicked to where the jeans lay. Ferguson tried peering through the bed sham but could rightly see his now nude sister. He licked his lips and risked exposure, inching to where his nose was right at the lacey box spring covering.Clarissa roamed about her room lightly tidying up before plopping back before her computer.

Cum oozed out of Ferguson's cock, further soiling the already heavily soiled panties. His eyes fluttered, he grabbed ass flesh and squeezed hard, diddling his hole more and more, grinding hard against the carpeted floor to further induce sexual pleasure.

Then the bedroom door opened.

"Hi Clarissa." it was the mommy, Janet Darling.

"Hi mom." piped the girl.

"Have you seen your brother?"

"Nope." Clarissa said honestly.

"His Club just called and said they have seen him either."

"Hmmmm, that's strange, where could he be? He'd never miss a Club (Republican) meeting.unless he's involved in something else."

The conversation banter continued, Ferguson slowly getting antsy and paranoid, and ticked off that the wondrous interlude he was having had been interrupted.


Janet moved across the room, picking up cast off clothing, bitching to her teen daughter about her (un)neatness habits. Ferguson slinked back deeper under the bed; his mother plopped down onto the foot of Clarissa's bed. She wasn't heavy or anything, but the sudden "drop" clunked Ferg's head and he didn't like it. The two women continued their conversation, diversifying from the strange and weird Ferguson Darling to other aspects in their life. Ferguson lay utterly disgusted, extremely horny, and in a bad situation.he had to pee.

Ferguson's attention was re-addressed when he saw something a little odd at the foot of the bed.his mom had kicked off her shoes and her beige knit slacks were at her ankles! Ferguson gulped and stared wide-eyed disbelieving. What was going on here?

What was going on was going off.Janet kicked off her slacks and laid to Ferg's amazement was her panties down at her ankles.

Ferguson's mouth fell open. It was about to drop down to the kitchen when .

Clarissa came across the room and dropped to her knees, right between her mother's opened naked legs. Ferguson was having fits. This was a dream, a fantasy. This wasn't right, this wasn't happening.

But it was.

Again he found himself with nose right up to the lace of the bed sham encircling the box spring mattress. He could now see clearly his naked sister.she was on her knees, leaning forward. Ferguson's mind was in a blur, a whir, a whir and a blur. He couldn't think straight, he couldn't imagine what the fuck was going on!

He placed his head down onto the floor, cocked it, and looked right up to his sister's blond patch. Her pussy was right there, right there! And it was pulsating, too! And she was apparently peeing, too! (so he assumed)

Ferguson narrowly missed getting clunked in the head as his sister moved a hand down to frig herself.

"Oh yes!" cried out Janet. "More!"

Ferguson had no idea.but one was forming.

He couldn't believe it. He simply fucking couldn't fucking believe it. It was impossible. Incredulous. Incredible. But he heard his mother exclaim. "Oh yes, Clarissa, suck my pussy, eat me, honey." followed by moans, groans, repeats of "Oh yes!" and other sexually explicit decrees of ultimate satisfaction.

Ferguson now on his backside was mere inches from Clarissa's swamp box; he could smell her essence, she farted a couple of times and was "peeing"; steady streams of love juices trickled down her lovely legs. Ferguson was coating the bottom of Clarissa's bed with his own essence.

Soon the teenage girl was moving up onto her bed. Janet's legs flailed about and finally her feet came to plant on the very edge. Clarissa was up in between and Ferguson pulled himself up enough to see the two's pussies pounding! Janet's hands were clamped onto Clarissa's tan ass, pulling the cheeks apart and Ferguson got a nice eyeful of pooter hole!

How he managed to keep from jumping in he had no idea.

Clarissa moved up her mother's nudeness and planted herself on her mother's face. Janet began tonguing out her daughter's swamp and Ferguson.sat naked in utter awe.


Ferguson thought he was going to pass out--this was not happening.this was not happening! Presently the bedroom door opened and in waltzed.Marshall, the daddy.

"Has anyone seen Ferguson?" he asked. He didn't seem to mind that his wife and daughter were naked frolicking on Clarissa's bed. Ferguson had had just barely enough time to scoot back under the bed before the door opened.

Another round of banter came, discussing the odd behavior of Ferguson. He couldn't believe it.this was nuts! And was even more nuts was seeing his father kick loose his shoes and socks.there came off his Hawaiian shirt followed by the dropping of his light gray not-matching dress slacks.

Ferguson gulped.this was insane!

Onto the already crowded bed Marshall climbed on. A very confused and disgruntled Ferguson could only image what was going on topside. Could he risk exposure? Did he care? He very slowly pulled himself up, and was mildly surprised and what he saw with his small beady little eyes:

Clarissa on all fours, ass out to the foot of the bed so as Ferguson could see his mother noshing on the girl's poon while underneath laid out on the bed. Meanwhile, daddy Marshall was being sucked on by daughter Clarissa.

It was not to be believed.

Janet noshed, smacked Clarissa's ass, pulled the cheeks open and finger fucked Clarissa's asshole, her tongue digging deeply into the girl's quim. It was almost too much for poor bedraggled Ferguson. He was beside himself in horny agony.

There was much ado about all the slurping and sucking, moaning and groaning. It was not to be believed. The boy had to quickly scoot back under the bed as his naughty family topside moved about into new positions.

When Ferg peeked again.Clarissa had come width wise on her bed, still on her hands and knees, though, ass up. Behind her was her father, plowing his way up her Hershey Highway while momma dearest continued to lay underneath, though no longer noshing on the girl's wondrous snatch box, now was latched onto Marshall's musty furry nuzzies.

Ferguson watched in total awe.his cock cumming off on its own as it methodically grinded against the odd material of the box springs. He could scarcely breathe, think, function. Watching as finally his father began to cum, pumping furiously into Clarissa's rectum, spanking her ass, making incredible sexual sounds of "cumming off."

When he pulled free of his daughter's incredible hole, resting on his heels, massaging his aching organ.Janet eased her head up between Clarissa's legs and began licking clean the fresh fucked bunghole. Ferguson passed out.

He wasn't doing well. He avoided his family mostly, seldom spoke to them, hardly could he function period. This was nuts! He didn't make it to school the following day. It would be his first intentional ditch. But he had to. He had to get a grip, had to think things out, this couldn't go on, this simply couldn't go on without him!

He made his way back home, taking alternate routes so as parental units on their way to work wouldn't spot him. As he made his way down an alley two blocks from home he chanced upon a curious find.

It was made of wood, seven inches (or so) long, cylindrical, and flat butt end with the "tip" have a bit of a "knob" with bumps and ridges half way down the "shaft."

It was intriguing and found in the ivy bushes of a wall in the alley he was traipsing down. He looked around, then secured the "item" and scurried home.

In his room he gave the "item" closer scrutiny. He had no idea. But methodically found himself running his hand up and down the length of the handmade object, suddenly discovering that he himself was getting wood! He stripped off his clothes and laid out on his bed, again the new object grasped in his hands. One hand fondled the new toy while the other fondled the "old" toy--his cock. His mind once more flew into a blur, a whir, a mass of jumbled thoughts and new imaginings of sexual awe.

He found himself breathing hard.then, the new toy began moving up and down his nude body to at length come to pressing hard against his sex. A strange newness enveloped him, he was awed even more so, sexually stimulated by the wood toy.

Again the images of his mother and sister filled his tormented mind.he struggled to maintain but soon found himself laying face/cock down on his bed. He was not of his own mind, his ass arched up and he brought the wood dildo up between his legs to scrunched his swelled virtually hairless tezzies to the point whereupon the small bulbous wooden tip greeted his puckering asshole.

A strange sexual feeling seethed throughout his body.

A new image flooded his was not of his sister or was his father!!

He shook his head.that wasn't right. But yet, still. He found himself further tormented and sexually fulfilled as the wooden toy slipped into his tight poop chute. There was stiff resistance despite the fact that he was willing. He tried unclenching his sphincter but it was a no-go.

He sat up, laid back with shoulders against the wood paneling, legs up as much as possible and opened wide, then tried again to guide the wooden schlong into his corn hole.

Again, no go. Not without a lot of discomfort. But dire determination drove him to the bathroom, seeking something that would make the penetration all the more easier.

A small jar of petroleum jelly he found, his sister used it for some reason he wasn't sure of. He applied a liberal coating to the wooden dildo and then a glob to his tight rim. It was then into his sister's room to scavenge some panties.

His cock was in demanding for attention as was his asshole. He laid out on Clarissa's bed, pulling the covers back to lay on the lovely soft cool powder blue sheets. He laid a pair of used undies on the sheet and then his cock. Once more he brought his ass up and hand up between his legs to once more begin the task of sodomizing himself.

There was such a feeling! His cock surged, his balls swelled, his mind was flooded with images of being buggered by his father, his mother slurping on his cock, Clarissa licking his rim after their father had "filled it."

Ferguson found himself with cum shooting out of his cock. This was nuts!

He was so engrossed in pleasing himself that he was unaware of a "visitor." not until he "sensed" that he was no longer alone. He turned his head to see none other than Clarissa's non-beau, Sam.

Sam was standing half naked, grinning, eyeing the very naked and excitable Ferguson. Ferguson was busted. So stunned was he that he couldn't move, he was petrified. If it had been his mother, father, or even Clarissa he might had flew right out the nearby open window.

But he didn't. He was a little frightened, but not out of hand. Sam finished stripping down and stood with a nice hard-on. Ferguson eyed the naked schlong and Sam came up onto the bed. Ferguson was turned about and put back into "position." Ferguson still intrigued (sexually) complied.

Sam rubbed Ferg's ass, smacked it and pulled the wooden "plug" out of the boy's hole.clutched his nut sac and returned the wooden dildo into the hole of which it had come. Then he began sodomizing Ferguson with it, faster and faster until bits of cum began to seep out of Ferg's cock. Then Sam replaced the wooden schlong with his own and promptly sodomized Ferguson until both boys were cumming.

On the floor in a 69er was how Clarissa found them. She nearly lost her breath and the ability to stand. Her father was involved in the fracas, as well. He was behind Sam, buried deeply into the teen's rectum, pumping and pounding away steadily, lathered in a sheen layer of sex sweet. Ferguson on bottom, pulling Sam's cheeks open as he sucked on Sam's balls as well as his own father's swinging fuzzies.

There was naught to do but strip down and join in. She sucked on Ferg's cock after Sam offered it to her. Ferg had no idea who was slurping on him.and didn't care. The dildo he had found worked it's way up into his hole, his father fucked Sam's hole and all was well with the world.

Of course, the mother--Janet, had yet to join in on the fun.

But that was to cum.

Later on that same night, just after Fergus had gone to bed, his bedroom door open and Marshall came to him. It had been a long wild afternoon of... of... butt fucking. Pure and simple, butt fucking. Ferguson had finally managed to sink his pud into Clarissa's snatch box, and had no qualms about going down on her afterwards and cleaning her love box.

Mother Janet had had to work late and so missed the family togetherness. Marshall got his son up telling him that he had a surprise for him. Ferguson was good with that, more surprises--yippee!

It was to his parents' room. It was dark within and he was guided in--realizing that his father was naked. He strove to recall was his father naked during dinner? After the sex fest in Clarissa's room he and sis had showered together, then were plagued by unannounced family friends and visitors.

He safely assumed that he and his family had put some clothes on during that time. But now his dad was naked behind him. (again) Ferg let his eyes adjust and made out the bed. A gentle push from his father sent the boy slightly stumbling. He became acutely aware that someone was on the bed.



As the faint glow from the digital clock and the bathroom night light gave a subtle enlightenment to the room, he saw that his mother was laid out on the bed butt bare ass naked. He gulped, swallowed, and struggled to breathe. Her legs were open and she was masturbating.

Ferguson crawled onto the bed, his cock preceding him. This had to be a had to be.

Up between his mother's legs he went, his cock lightly brushing against his mother's furry bush. His cock tingled, his balls exploded with sexual pleasure. Sinking himself into Clarissa's pussy (finally) had been a pleasure he thought he would have never endured. And it had been lovely. To finally fuck with getting skid marks on his cock, bed sheet burns, etc. to finally fuck and receiving great exponentional pleasure from it.was more than mere words could express.

Only to be topped off by sinking his cock into his mother's quim. Her hands came to his ass and he made full entry, laying his head down upon her lovely 36C titties. No other images filled his mind, only his mother.

When boning Clarissa, he was caught up in the moment and had pounded her pussy, enjoying ever hump, every inch, every second of the illicit sex act. He had of course enjoyed screwing his sister and would enjoying doing her again--repeatedly. But, on (in) his mother, he took his time. It was too delicious to throw away in mere seconds. His cock surged, pulsed, his body tensed, relaxed, shuddered.

Marshall had left. Ferguson closed his eyes and continued lovemaking, his mother caressed him and there was lovely lust between them.

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That was a great story. I've only ever found a couple of other Clarissa stories, and this was a fun read, well done.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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