Ghosts in Mississippi, Part 2

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Published: 17-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Heidi woke up and she was really groggy. She started walking downstairs and looked for her Daddy. Her mother was up already at the breakfast table drinking a cup of coffee and nursing a cigarette.

"Where's Daddy?" she asked. Her Mother sat there in a thin purple robe that was very revealing showing her beautiful big breasts. She has long blonde hair that was pulled up at the moment.

"He went out on the property by the old buildings. He said there was a fence to mend or something like that." She didn't love the farm like Jim did. It was from his Dad's estate that he passed onto him when he died last year. Donna is much more urban and enjoys the city life. She agreed to give it a try for a while, but she was no cowgirl.

Heidi ate breakfast and talked with her mother about this and that and she went back upstairs to get dressed for her day. She wore a pair of overalls with a cute white t-shirt underneath. The overalls were loose on her and when positioned correctly you could see down it and see her underwear on the sides. She wanted to find Emma and see if she had any luck with her Daddy. She also was anxious to see if Mister Jeb was around and if he wanted to play with her some more as well.

She walked along the path quickly anxious to find her Daddy or her friend. The little house was in a lot better shape than the barracks were. It was spared from the flames on that fateful day. Jeb and his children died while trying to save the other slaves trapped in the big building that was engulfed in flames. Their home wasn't pretty. No one has renovated it at all but it still had windows and doors that closed but there were no locks on the doors. Heidi went in the front door she has been in this house a hundred times.

She closed the door and all of the sudden she heard noises coming from the bedroom in the back of the house. She walked to the back room and was shocked at what she saw. Mister Jeb was lying on his back on the beat up old bed as his baby daughter Gemma was sucking his cock. She was on her hands and knees in between his outstretched legs with both hands pumping up and down on his huge cock as she put as much as she could inside her tiny mouth. Gemma was only 5 when she died and she was a tiny black girl with braids in her hair. She was completely naked as she sucked on his cock.

Heidi was shocked even though Emma said that she was keeping her daddy warm at night she was shocked to see the act. She stayed where she was looking into the room as she peered around the corner of the doorway. Mister Jeb was pulling his daughter's head down on his cock trying to help her feed more of it into her.

"Uh, uh, uh, mmmmmm, slurp," Heidi heard as the tiny girl worked his cock. "I like you cock Daddy" she said pulling off his cock to speak. "I'm so glad you finally let me suck it. I love it so much!" She put it back in her mouth and continued to nosily suck her daddy's cock.

"Yeah, you bet little one. I've been afraid of hurting you, but you've waited long enough," he said. "I am about to cum so git ready!"

"Mmmmmmm yes Daddy, cum cum cum!" she yelled like it was a game. He pulled her back down one last time as he came torrents deep in her mouth. "Ughnnn, mmmm, Ya. Slurp," she moaned and groaned as he came in her tiny mouth. What didn't make it down her throat squeezed out of the side of her mouth and dribbled down his cock pooling at the base.

As the couple finished Heidi was amazed. She was scared of his big cock but she felt better knowing a girl of only five was able to handle him like that. He also seemed gentle. He was handling her as well, but the girl never seemed to be hurt. It made her feel better too. She left the house being quiet in her exit as she walked down the steps and she saw Emma walking around in the field. "Emma!" She yelled forgetting she was trying to be quiet. She ran off towards the girl and Jeb looked out the dirty window seeing that she was near. He wondered if she saw him and Gemma.

Heidi caught up with Emma and she hugged her. Emma's hair was long and well combed today. She looked good and her body had just started to develop when she died. She walked in a housedress that was form fitting and you could see the outline of developing breasts underneath. She also had a nice butt and strong shapely legs.

"So tell me tell me what happened last night with my Daddy!" She yelled as she just had to know.

"Oh it was really fun. I left your room and I went down to the basement to look for your momma. I can walk thru walls so I did and she was on the big bed in there playing with herself in front of that camera like she always does. So I went back upstairs and found your Daddy. He was in his room sleeping. I think he was expecting your mother to come to bed soon because when I lifted his sheet he was naked underneath. So I slipped under the sheets like my Daddy did to you and I started sucking on his cock." She told the story and Heidi was on pins and needles.

"So what does his cock look like?" asked Heidi.

"It's nice. It's not too big like my Daddy's cock it's smaller and it's pink," she giggled.

"Pink!" she yelled and they both broke into laughter.

"Yeah" she said as she continued. "But I was able to suck the whole thing in my mouth right away. He started off about 4 inches when it was soft but when he was hard it was 7 inches long and plenty big around. I was enjoying sucking it when all of the sudden he must have woke up. He lifted the sheet and saw me sucking on his wiener and I freaked out and disappeared."

He looked around the room wagging his hard cock all over the room. I couldn't help but giggle and he heard me.

"Who's there?" he said as he scoured the room for me. I giggled again and he came closer to me. So I reappeared in front of him and smiled.

"It's just little ole me," I said. He screamed when he saw me and he was scared. "Who are you and why were you in my bed?" he asked.

"I'm friends with Heidi and she said it was okay if I came here tonight. She is playing with my Daddy so I thought it was only fair that I play with hers," she said and giggled again.

"Oh, is that so? What is she doing with your daddy?" he asked.

"That's between them two, just like whatever we do it just between us. You wouldn't want me blabbing around telling someone like your wife that I was suckin on your cock would ya?"

"No," he said waving his hands in front of himself. "Are you one of the girls she talks to? One of the ghosts? How old are you?" he asked.

"I'm 10 and yup. We died here 150 years ago. I been sucking off every owner here for years. Didn't your Daddy tell you about us? I been sucking his cock for over 20 years. He done fucked us all... well that's except my Daddy of course. You want me to go back to suckin your cock Mister Jim?"

He was surprised his Dad never told him, but they already thought he was kinda nuts. So he probably just figured not to rock the boat. He walked towards the girl who smiled at him and dropped to her knees in front of him. She took his entire cock back in her mouth and deep throated the whole thing in one swoop.

"Mmmmmm Mister Jim," she mouthed around his cock. Then she started pounding it into her throat. "Uh, uh, uh, uh, uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh," she groaned on every thrust as she throated his pink cock. She was sure he wasn't going to take long.

Jim watched as the pretty young black girl was knelt in front of him pounding his cock in her throat. He reached down and put her face in his hands and started pulling her face on and off his cock fucking her face.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh, mmmmmmm. Ya, ya, ya," she moaned. Soon he was about to cum so he pulled her completely onto his cock and she shoved it in all the way. He came inside the girl's throat and she started swallowing his cum. He came a lot but not like her Daddy so she was able to keep up just fine. She swallowed every drop and then looked up at Mister Jim smiling.

He smiled back and said, "That was great! You suck cock really nice."

"Thanks Mister Jim! Can I come back and see yall again? I see you wife don't pay you have as much attention as you deserve." She said.

"Hell yeah!" Jim said. "I'd like that."

"If you want to find me just come by the house, I'm usually there," she said as she stood up and kissed him on the lips.

"Yeah, your daddy's really nice," Emma told her as she finished telling the story.

"Yeah it sounds like it. Oh my gosh I am so hot now, that story got me really wet," Heidi told the older girl.

"Well if you want we can go into the bushes and take care of that. Me and Sammy have finished each other off when we get horny," she said.

"Sure!" she said as they ran off to the bushes together. Once there Emma laid the little girl down on the grass in the bushes and reached up popping the buttons on her overalls and taking them off her shoulders. This left her in a t-shirt and white cotton panties. Emma pulled down her panties and took them off her friend. She spread her friend's legs and went down to her pussy. It was so pretty. She was bald of course and pink just like her daddy. Her pussy lips were barely defined but the girl was soaking wet and her clitty was poking out at the top of her pussy.

"You sure liked that story about your Daddy huh?" she said as she reached down and played with the girl's clit.

"Mmmmm yeah, that was hot it made me want to suck a cock," she replied. Emma got situated on the grass and started licking her pussy. She enjoyed eating pussy. She ran her tongue up and down her pussy making her twist on the grass below her. "Ohhhhh, Emma that feels really good."

Emma looked up and asked, "Anyone licked your pussy before?"

"Uh uh," she shook her head. "But it feels really nice."

"I gots me a virgin!" she said as she went back to licking her pussy. Soon Heidi was rolling her head from side to side. She was feeling really funny and she wasn't sure what was happening. Soon she was screaming as she came and Emma continued licking her pussy. She didn't know what to think since she'd never cum before.

"Ahhhhhh, goodness. What was that?" she asked the older girl.

"You came!" she said. "I like cumming. Remember when you jacked my Daddy and he shot that stuff all over you? That's how men cum. We cum like this. It felt good huh?"

"Yeah that was the best feeling ever!" she replied.

"Do you wanna make me feel good too?" she asked as she pulled her old housedress over her head and off. She was not wearing anything underneath.

"Sure" said Heidi as she got her first look at another girl's naked body. "What do I do?"

"Let me climb on top of you and we can lick each other's pussy. Sammy and I do this all the time. We can both be feeling good at the same time!" she said as she crawled over her friend setting her little pussy just over Heidi's mouth.

Heidi wasn't sure what to do. Emma put her pussy right over her face and she started licking her again. She really liked it but she had never seen another girl's pussy before and now there was one just inches from her mouth. She got a closer look and her black pussy was bald with just a few whispy hairs at the top. Since she was bent over her the lips were parted and her inner lips were bright pink. She put her hands over the top of Emma's ass pulling her closer for her to reach her and licked her pussy. She was soaking wet and juice was flowing out of her pussy. She tasted her for the first time and she liked it. It was sweet and pungent. She spread Emma's pussy wider with her fingers and licked deeper inside the girl.

"Ohhhh, man! You sure you ain't never ate pussy before girl? You doing just fine if you ask me!" she said as she continued licking Heidi's virgin pussy. "Mmmmmmmmm, and you taste so good Heidi!"

"You too Emma, you're so sweet I could do this all day!" she said as she got back to eating her out. Emma spread the girl's pussy wider and looked in seeing her maidenhead. She wanted to put her finger inside her but knew she should not.

"Stick your fingers in my pussy girl. I like it when I get fingered too," Emma said as she licked her up and down.

Heidi inserted her finger inside her hot black pussy and shoved it all the way inside. "Oh Gosh! Yes! Now move it in and out," she cried. Heidi soon has the young girl rocking on top of her as she pumped back and forth on her finger. Soon as put in a second finger and Emma cried out again.

"Yes, oh, baby girl slam me with your fingers. Give me another one! Yes, uh, uh, uh," she moaned as Heidi now had three finger insider her tasty pussy.

Emma soon sounded like she was about to cum and Heidi sensed it. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, Ugnh ah, uh huh, mmmmmm." she moaned around her pussy. Then Emma cried, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes, yes yes!" and when she heard that she pushed all three fingers inside her as far as they would go and sucked on the girl's clit at the top of her pussy. Emma was now all the way up on her hands and knees as she came. Her face was squished together and her pussy was convulsing.

"Ah fuck!" she cried as she came very hard.

After another minute or so of cumming she got off Heidi's face and sat down in the grass. "Wow!" she said, "You are sure good at that."

"Thanks!" Heidi said. She hurried and got dressed and the girls started back up the path for the main house. "See ya!" she yelled as she waved at Emma and ran into the house. Emma walked around the house and peeked into the basement window. She didn't expect what she saw.

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