Sam's Saga, Part 9

[ mm/bb, bond ]


Published: 25-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sam couldn't believe he'd been so clumsy, so stupid. Of course he didn't mean to do it, it just happened. His bare heel had fallen squarely on top the handheld video game's screen and he and Tyler both heard the crunch, they both knew it was all over. The game was broken.

He'd apologized to Tyler over and over. Tyler was upset but not angry, it was a simple accident and he knew Sam hadn't done it intentionally. Sam had simply stood up, Tyler had moved the hand that was cuffed to Sam, causing Sam to lose his balance and his foot shot out to steady him and landed on the game- crushing its LCD screen.

While cleaning up the pieces... "I'm so sorry, Tyler. I didn't mean it! This is so bad, I can't believe I did that. Sorry, sorry, sorry." Sam pleaded.

"Sammy, stop apologizing. I know you didn't do it on purpose it was an accident. I am as much to blame as you are. If I hadn't pulled you over with my arm you wouldn't have stumbled and tripped on the game."

"I'll buy you a new one, I promise. As soon as I have enough money saved up. I will, I'll get you a new one."

"Don't worry about that, Sammy. But we'll have to tell Cole and Jonah."

"Do we have to? Jonah will kill me if he found out I broke this.

Can't I just buy you a new one? Keep it between us, eh?"

"Yeah, sorry, we have to tell them. If we don't and they find out it will be worse. Much worse."

"Guess you're right." The look on Sam's face said just the opposite though. He really didn't want to tell either of the other boys about the broken game.

"Come on, let's go down and tell them." Tyler instructed.

"What's gunna happen do you think? What will they do to me?" Sam asked nervously.

"I don't know, Sam. But like I said I'm just as much to blame as you are so whatever happens we'll be in for it together. Okay?" "O...o...okay."

The two younger boys walked downstairs, hands cuffed together, to inform the two older boys, their Bigs, about the accident and the broken game.

Cole and Jonah talked quietly on the couch about the punishment for the two boys. Tyler and Sam were standing across the room in the corner of the large living room, side by side facing the wall awaiting their fate.

"Boys, come over here and stand in front of us." Jonah ordered. The two chastised boys complied.

"We've decided that each of you will spend two hours bound in the garage as punishment. Sammy, since you're the one who actually broke the game by stepping on it you'll get the harder position, and Tyler, since you caused Sammy to stumble you'll help bind Sammy and then you'll be bound and watch him suffer for you're actions." Cole informed them.

"What's that mean, that I'll have to suffer the harder position?" Sam asked. Jonah could swear Sam had some tears forming in the corner of his eyes.

"You're not allowed to talk right now, Sammy. Now be quiet or you'll be bound up longer." Jonah ordered. Sam looked down at his bare feet.

He was still wearing his skimpy swimsuit. The three other boys had tied his hands behind his back, then removed the swim suit so he was naked. Then they tied his knees together, cinched in the middle to pull the rope tight against his skin. Then a towel was wrapped around each ankle and ropes around them numerous times and cinched tight, even his big toes were bound together with twine. A rope was pulled tight from his bound wrists to his bound knees to keep his hands nested in the small of his back. Sam was on his stomach on a beach towel. This was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. He could do a couple hours like this he thought.

Tyler reached around Sam's face and inserted the hated ball gag into his mouth as Cole had ordered him too. Tyler pulled the straps tight around the back of Sam's head and locked it in place. As he did so he leaned next to Sam's right ear and whispered to him, "Sammy, I'm so sorry about this." Sam just nodded slightly, as that was all he could do in his position.

Cole and Jonah then began the job of binding Tyler for his punishment. Cole pulled off Tyler's shirt and white socks and shorts. Leaving the naked as well. Jonah pulled a chair from the far wall and set it in front of Sammy so when Tyler was seated in the chair he'd be facing Sam.

The two older teenaged boys tied Tyler's chest to the back of the chair, then his wrists, elbows to the arms. His thighs, knees, and ankles bound tight to its front legs. Then Cole produced a ball gag and strapped it tightly into his younger brother's mouth.

"We can't have the boys chatting the time away can we?" Cole joked. "Nope. That wouldn't be very much of a punishment if they could chat away the time would it?" Jonah joked back.

Having completed their work on Tyler and once Cole was satisfied Tyler was tight and not going anywhere, Jonah double checked Sam's bonds making sure they were all secure and not in danger of coming lose.

"Shall we finish up Sammy now?" Cole asked Jonah.

"Yeah, you got the rope?" Jonah relied.

"Right here."

Sammy strained his neck around to try to see what the others were talking about. What he saw was a long piece of rope, which was very thick in diameter. Thicker then anything he'd be bound up with to date. For a moment it looked like a whip to Sam from his low position and he began to squirm about and plead into his gag.

The older boys ignored Sam's protest. They rather enjoyed the boy's confusion about what was happening next.

Tyler having had more experience at being a little and knowing the dark sense of humor that Cole had knew exactly what the boys planned to do to Sam. He too began to shake his head no pleading for them not to do what they had planned. His gag blocked all intelligible words and all the two bound boys could do was make mewing sounds and grunts.

"Sorry, Tyler, but you helped Sam into this and now you have to suffer by watching him for the next two hours." Cole teased.

By this time Sam was very scared and was trying to roll himself away from the two boys standing over him. He had no leverage in his bound position but he managed to roll himself over onto his back, which hurt his hands and wrists.

Jonah rolled him back into his original position and treaded one end of the thick rope between Sam's legs and back through the arches of his bare feet and repeated the same procedure three more times before tying it off.

Cole took the other end of the thick rope and threw it over the exposed roof beam and caught the other end of it as it came back down. Both Cole and Jonah then took hold of the lose-end and began to pull it down. On the other end of the rope Sam's feet were lifted off the floor, then his legs, knees, waist and so on. Within minutes Sam found himself hanging upside down from his ankles in the cabin's garage.

They pulled him up so that Sam's head was at the level as the seated Tyler's chest. The two bound boys where about five feet apart. Jonah and Cole each took a regular piece of rope and tied it to one of Sam's biceps and strung it to a side-wall. These worked to keep Sam straight, not allowing him to twist around- forcing the two punished boys to face each other.

The strain in Sam's ankles was starting to set in and Sam protested and pleaded into his gag. But neither Cole nor Jonah took mercy on the upside down boy. Tyler added to Sam's pleas through his gag, but Cole shot him a look that said to be "quiet". Tyler not wishing to compound the punishment got silent and stayed silent.

A thin piece of twin was then tied to Sam's cock head and strung tightly to the tip of Tyler's boycock. The two boys were now physically connected.

"Now Sammy, the two hours begin now. Remain quiet, if you don't we'll increase the amount of time by fifteen minutes each time you make a noise from now on. Understood?" Jonah informed Sam.

Sam nodded.

Cole took an old radio off the shelf and tuned it between stations. He'd found the white noise he wanted and increased the volume to an almost uncomfortable level. All the two boys bound in the garage would hear for the next two hours would be static.

Tyler and Cole looked into each other's eyes and Tyler tried to express his apologies to his upside down new friend. Sam got the message and shook his head to signal understanding, at least he hope that's the message he conveyed to Tyler.

'Even though Tyler is bound tight in that chair, I bet he is more comfortable than I am,' thought Sam. But he wasn't mad at Tyler for his relative ease of position. He knew that like himself, Tyler had no say at all in what was happening to them.

Cole and Jonah had left the garage but after a few minutes they returned. Jonah had an egg with him.

He leaned down to whisper into Sam's ear, "I'm gunna put this egg between the soles of your feet. If you struggle too much it will fall and break. If I find a broken egg on the floor when we come back you'll get extra punishment tomorrow."

Jonah pulled a small A-frame stepladder over to Sam and placed the egg on the boy's soles, balancing it between the arches and against the ropes that bound his feet together and those keeping him suspended in the air.

Cole spoke very loudly to be heard over the radio static. "See you in a couple hours guys, you both behave yourselves!" and he and Jonah laughed as they left the garage closing the door behind them.

"Are we really gunna leave Sam like that for two hours?" Jonah asked Cole.

"Maybe- maybe not, but why not? Never done a little that long before. He'll lose track of time with that static on the radio, anyway. We'll think about it. Then we'll go get them and have dinner." Cole reassured Jonah.

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