Sam's Saga, Part 6

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Published: 25-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Dinnertime Monday

Sam was learning what one of his new duties as Jonah's little was. It was standing beside the chair of his Big, as Jonah kept referring to himself, while the Big ate dinner. Sam, as the little, would eat after Jonah was done. Normally, as it was explained to Sam, he would be free to stand on his own. That way Sam could fetch Jonah seconds, refill his beverage and serve him dessert, basically be his waiter and butler. But since it was the first evening of training Sam was just learning how to stand, be silent and wait his turn to eat. Sam found his hands bound with rope in front of him and his right ankle chained to the leg of Jonah's chair. Sam was standing on Jonah's left side.

Sam wasn't presently gagged as he'd spent several hours of the afternoon gagged for speaking out of turn. He had been warned not to speak, and as he didn't want the gag put back in while his jaws still ached from the hours spend sucking the ball this afternoon, he obeyed.

Jonah finished his dinner and put away the dishes as Sam patiently waited in his bondage in the dinning room. His legs and bare feet hurt from standing so long, the hardwood flooring underneath wasn't helping his comfort level.

Jonah returned after about 20 minutes with a steaming bowl in one hand and four lengths of coiled ropes in the other. Sam sighed he knew that this wasn't going to be a good thing.

Jonah released Sam's ankle from the shackle, "Hop up on the table, Sammy."


"Get your butt on the table and lay down on your back."


"You're forgetting rule number four. That's the one about obeying me. Now one last chance, if you want dinner..." Jonah pointed to the tabletop once again.

Having been forced to skip lunch and never offered the promised snack before dinner, Sam was indeed hungry and did as he was told.

"Good boy." Jonah then pulled Sam's ankles to the corners of the large wooden dining table and secured them in place. Then he undid Sam's wrists, pulled them over his head and secured them to the opposite end of the table from his ankles. Sam was spread eagle on the table. Jonah retrieved the bowl from the sideboard where he'd placed it early and sat down next to Sam's head.

"I'm going to feed you dinner now, Sam."

"Jonah, this is ridiculous. Why can't I just eat it myself?"

"Because I said so. Again you're forgetting about rule four. That will be the last time I let that one slide. Now open up."

Jonah began spooning the bound Sam his dinner. A bowl of white rice and cubed tofu that had been fried and mixed with the rice. It took about 20 minutes for Jonah to finish feeding Sam, he was in no rush after all.

Jonah cleaned up Sam, released him from the table, rechaining his ankles and handcuffing him once again. After Sam had wiped the table of the spilled rice grains, Jonah collared him and attached the chain leash. Then the two boys went for a walk.

To Sam's surprise he discovered that a pathway led around the lake and that is where Jonah was leading him. Thankfully the path was mostly dirt but every so often a rock or twig caught Sam's bare sole forcing Sam to give a little "ouch" every now and then.

"So, Sammy, what's your impression so far?" Jonah asked.

"Impression? Of what?"

"Of the past several days, silly."

"Oh. Well... that. I don't think you're totally psycho any more, but I still have doubts about your overall sanity."

Jonah laughed a bit. "You thought I was gunna hurt your or something didn't you?"

"Well, yeah I kinda did. Especially that first night. I was pretty scared."

"I can understand that. But know one thing, Sammy, I'm not going to hurt you or allow you to be hurt, ever. First off that's not my style. Second it's against the rules of the club."

"So what's the deal with me being tied up all the time? And not being allowed to wear clothes and that rule about always being barefoot?"

"I like to tie people up. It's called bondage by the way. And it's part of your training, but you don't need to know the details of that. And you look really good in bondage. About the clothes. You're too modest, you need to loosen up and gain some confidence. Once you get used to being nearly nude you'll be more confident about yourself. Let's face it you can't be too uptight if your 99 percent naked can you? About the barefoot thing. That's a reminder to you of your station, about you being a little. It's a sign of submissiveness. And besides I think it's cute.

"Submissiveness? What's that?"

"Oh, that's a fancy word we use in the trade, so to speak, for someone in your position. You're submissive to my will. You do as I say. You submit yourself. Get it?"

"Yeah I guess so."

"Come on admit it," Jonah bumped Sam' shoulder with his own, "it's not been so terrible, has it?"

Sam thought in silence for a moment, "No, I guess not. I have to admit this cabin and the lake are amazing."

"I knew you'd love"

It was another 45 minutes around the lake before the pair returned to the patio. Sam was tied ankles and wrists to an iron patio chair while Jonah lit up the patio fireplace. "It's July I know, but the nights can get chilly up here. Plus it means we can roast these!" Jonah held up a bag or marshmallows. Sam actually had to giggle at Jonah's actions and the seemingly silliness of the situation. A normal night at the lake with the exception of him being bound tightly to a piece of patio furniture.

"Plus I've got graham crackers and chocolate bars, Sammy." Jonah teased.


"Bingo!" Jonah release Sam's hands from the arms of the chair but handcuffed them again. This would give just enough freedom or make his own s'mores.

For the better part of the next couple hours the two chatted away about a variety of subjects. Sam got pretty good at working with his bound hands and to Jonah's eyes seemed to totally forget he was just about stripped to nothing and in bondage. Jonah was pleased at his progress with Sam. Getting Sam to admit that this wasn't all too bad had been a major victory. Sam was progressing nicely.

Just before heading up to bed, Jonah turned Sam so the boys were facing each other. Jonah was a head taller than Sam but the two looked each other in the eyes. Sam remained silent. "Sammy, little brother, you've made me very happy and very proud of you."

Sam wasn't used to this kind of praise. He actually, genuinely smiled, "Thanks."

Jonah pulled Sam into his arms and hugged the smaller, blonde, bound boy.

Tuesday Morning

Sam awoke face up on a small single bed. The sun was shinning brightly through the window and a cool breeze was wafting through the screen.

Sam was laying face up because he had no choice about his position. Jonah had tied him the night before in a classic spread-eagle position. The bed was a small single, rustic mountain-style in design, which means the headboard and footboard were logs cut and shaped properly. This meant a strong crossbeam construction to attach ropes.

Jonah pulled each of Sam's feet to the corresponding upright beam of the footboard and securely secured the ankle in place. Jonah then did the same with Sam's hands, but he left a little slack so Sam wasn't as taught as a bowstring. But he wasn't exactly loose either. For the final touch Jonah tied a scarf around Sam's lower face to act as a gag. The scarf served as a reminder for Sam to remain quiet during the night rather than as an effective means of silencing him. Sam remained in his plaid Speedo. Jonah didn't bother to cover him, as it was summer, however he did allow him a pillow for comfort.

Sam looked around the room but didn't see Jonah in the room or in his bed. In fact Jonah's bed was made, he must have gotten up earlier and Sam slept right through it. Sam was happy that Jonah didn't pack the cage nor have another one set up here. Sleeping spread-eagle took some getting used to. And every time he tried to roll over in his sleep he woke himself up by self-tugging on the ropes that held him. But Sam was glad that he wasn't uncomfortably curled up in a locked cage.

Sam noticed that the bedside clock displayed the time as 9:47. He pulled at the ropes holding his hands and feet in place. "This being tied up all the time is getting a little old," he thought. The knots were just out of reach of his fingers. He pulled and stretched himself but with no luck. The ropes might as well have been steel cables; they felt like steel to Sam.

Sam was fully awake, the scarf had moved itself around during the night and with little effort he was able to get it totally off his face and it now rested around his neck. There was no point calling out, only Jonah was there and they were both in the middle of the woods. Sam wiggled his fingers and toes and tired to stretch his waking muscles and joints awake. His blonde hair flopped about- in his eyes and out. If it weren't for the coolish breeze coming in through the open window he'd have worked up a sweat. As it was he was thinking himself as rather ripe. Jonah hadn't allowed him a shower before bed.

Jonah finally appeared at the door, he was fully dressed. Blue Brooks Brothers shirt, tan shorts that ended just above his knees and white canvas sneakers. Jonah was a head taller then Sam, and kept his hair shorter. His chestnut brown hair was parted just over his right eye and sweep over to the side, a few locks always managed to break rank and fall over his forehead. He had brown eyes that never seemed to fully look at someone when he talked to them and a small sprinkle of freckles just across his nose.

"Hey there, Sammy. About time you woke up. I heard you moving around and thought it was time to get your day going."

"Why didn't you just wake me up?" Sam asked.

"This is a vacation and you look like you needed your sleep. I figured I'd let you rest up. Now that your are awake time for a shower and a change of clothes."

Sam grinned at that thought but his hopes were quickly dashed as Jonah pulled a solid blue Speedo from his shorts' pocket.

"Where do you find those things, I didn't even think they sold Speedos like that anymore." Sam said.

Jonah had started untying Sam at his feet. He gave each sole a quick tickle before starting, just to get a rise out of the bound boy. "Oh they still sell them for swim teams and stuff. You just gotta know where to get 'em." He winked. Jonah untied Sam's left hand and handed the blue swimsuit to him. "Here ya go, take the old ones off and put these on."

Sam just starred at Jonah.

"Oh alright, you're bashful this morning. I'll turn around."

While his back was turned Jonah heard the sounds of Sam shuffling and struggling around on the bed. Sam grunted every so often as he yanked on his still bound wrist. "Ok, finished." Sam annouced.

Jonah again locked the metal shackles connected by a chain around the boy's ankles and then untied the remaining wrist. He sent Sam off to the showers with a pat on his lycra clad behind. "You've got 10 minutes. I'll be waiting right here and don't forget to brush your teeth." Even though Jonah was starting to trust Sam more and more not to revolt, there wasn't any reason for him to slack on his control of his little brother.

Back on the dock after breakfast Sam was wearing very little restraint, just the shackles that seemed to become as common to his wardrobe as a shirt used to be. Sam saw a little rowboat tied up next to the dock. The boat wasn't there the night before. He shifted his weight from foot to foot, his bare soles feeling the rough wood underneath.

"I thought we'd do a little boating this morning, you know get out on the lake." Jonah said.

"Jonah, I can't. I don't like boats." Sam said. Jonah noticed the change in the boy's voice. It was softer and a bit nervous.

"Whatcha mean you don't like boats?"

"I just don't, okay." Sam turned defiant.

"That's a problem." Jonah thought for a moment. He pulled out some ropes from his seemingly bottomless pockets. He quickly turned Sam around pulling his arms behind him. He tied Sam's wrists together. He then wrapped a rope around Sam's stomach several times pinning his bound wrists to his back. He tied another length of rope around Sam's knees and chinched it tight.

"Sammy, do you trust me?" Jonah asked.

"Not really."

"You'd better start." And with that he picked up the smaller boy and carried him into the rowboat. He sat him on the plank at the front and quickly tied a rope from his wrists to the center of the chain connecting his ankles.

Sam sat bolt upright. He was starring dead ahead. He was visibly shaking but not throwing a fit. He was breathing heavily.

After Jonah cast off from the dock, the panic in Sam's eyes got a bit wider. He whispered he plea to Jonah again. "Jonah, please don't. Take me back. I can't. I don't like boats."

"Don't be scarred little brother." Jonah reassured as he placed his hand reassuringly on Sam's knee. "Just once around the lake." Jonah began to paddle slowly taking the two boys to the center of the lake. Sam closed his eyes and wished this to end quickly.

The next thing Sam knew he heard the sound of the boat hitting the dock and Jonah getting out to secure the boat with the mooring lines. He got back into the boat. This action caused the boat to sway from side to side panicking Sam all over again. Jonah untied and removed Sam from the boat, once again by carrying him. Sam's feet were again on the wood of the dock. His boating adventure was over, for now.

Jonah unbound Sam's hands and had him lay on his back on the dock. "I'd planned on doing this on the boat. But I could see how scared you were. So here we are." He tied a single rope to each of Sam's wrists and pulled one to one support piling of the dock and then repeated that procedure with the other. He untied Sam's knees. "As you know we have some visitors coming tomorrow. I'd like you have a nice tan for them to see. So you'll be laying here for a while. I'll be back to turn you over in a few hours and give you something to drink."

Jonah stood up and walked away. Sam craned his neck to watch as Jonah went back into the house.

"Oh crap," Sam thought, "he's probably pretty mad at me right now." Sam laid his head back on the dock and closed his eyes. The sounds of the woods and the wind overtook him and his drifted off into his thoughts. "It could be worse I guess."

Three hours later Jonah returned and helped Sam drink a Coke with the aid of a straw, then turned Sam over on his back. This time he placed a towel under this face as a cushion.

"Jonah?" Sam probed.


"How much longer will you keep me in bondage all the time?"

"That's not for you to know, Sammy."

"What about tomorrow when your friends get here. Can I be free then?"

"Oh no. They're in the club. They won't have any problem with you being bound. Tyler will probably be bound in some way too."

"Who are these people? How'd a club like this get started?"

"These people are my friends and will soon be yours. The school has a long tradition with this kind of club. The soccer team isn't the only one to have Bigs and littles. The football team, the baseball team. But we all keep to ourselves. When you get your ankle charm it will be in the shape of a soccer ball; that will distinguish you as a member of the Soccer Brother's Club. Hey, even the girls have their versions of it with a sister's club; we never mix clubs with the girls though so you don't have to worry about that. These clubs have been going on for years, I don't really know how it all got started."

"Don't you think it's all a little weird?"

"Not really. Do you?"

"Uh, yeah Jonah I do."

"That's just cause you're new. Once you get more involved and as more time passes it'll be second nature. Now listen to me, I've picked Tyler to be your 'little' tutor. He'll help you and teach you more about what you need to know about the club and how to act with the other Bigs and littles."

"Great. So now what?"

"Now we relax, you work on your tan. The ropes and shackles are gunna give you real interesting tan lines. Tonight we'll make some burgers on the grill and eat on the patio. Maybe go for a walk around the lake. If you're real good I might take you into town later on."

"I assume I'll be in bondage, as you call it, for all this?"

"Why Sammy, of course you will!" Jonah slapped Sammy on the back in a friendly way. "Of course you will!"

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