Sam's Saga, Part 3

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Published: 24-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Sam was in his current position now for several hours. Jonah had untied him from the rafter and he attached a thick, black leather collar to him and a chain leash and led Sam to the bedroom; he had more humiliation for Sam.

Sam's hands were again cuffed behind him and his ankles were hobbled by a chain and secured to locked steel ankle shackles. Jonah pointed out that he picked them up on the internet too.

Sam's hands were undone and quickly retied with a very long length of rope in front of him and then tied up to an eyebolt screwed into the ceiling. "That's screwed into a joist up there, it will support my entire weight, so don't even think you can pull it down," warned Jonah.

Jonah didn't stretch Sam to his tiptoes. He pulled Sam's wrists over his head but left the boy some slack. The object was to keep Sam standing. Jonah intended to leave Sam this way for a very long time today. Sam could take a couple steps in his steel shackles, no sitting or squatting. He had to remain naked and standing or end up hanging by his wrists.

Sam had lost track of time. He was blinded with another internet find, a leather blindfold with soft padding around his eyes that totally sealed off his sight.

Sam's knees and legs felt like rubber. But he could hear everything. In his somewhat sensory deprived state, his body tired, his hearing became highly tuned. He heard every creak of the house. The breeze through the tree's leaves. Even the cars passing by. Something he heard he couldn't place. There was the sound of ripping cardboard and the click and tinkling of what sounded like metal. He heard Jonah working on a project near him. But what was going on, Sam hadn't a clue.


Jonah lowered Sam's hands and removed his blindfold. Sam immediately looked out the window and saw it was pitch black. The sun was high in the sky last time he was able to see. "What time is it?" he asked. "About 1am. Time for bed."

"How long?" A tired Sam asked.

"Close to 11 hours. Bet you're real tired now." Sam nodded. "Let's go brush your teeth and then bed. Sam turned toward Jonah's on-suite bathroom and saw the source of the unknown sounds from earlier in the day. It was a cage, the kind used for dogs. This one was quite large, black, with the door open wide.

"I didn't know you had a dog, Jonah." Sam mumbled as the two walked to the bathroom.

"I don't." and Jonah left it at that. He quickly ushered Sam into the bathroom and up to the sink, he pulled out a toothbrush applied some paste and handed it to Sam. It was a struggle for Sam to brush with his hands bound, but he managed. Jonah then took a wash cloth and wiped Sam's face and gave the boy a small glass of water to drink. He reattached the leash to Sam and took him back to the cage.

"Get in." Jonah ordered.

"You're kidding!" Sam protested in surprise.

"Nope. In. Now!" Jonah was very stern.

"And what if I don't?"

"Sam, stop fighting me. If you don't get in, I will hogtie you so tight you won't be able to wiggle your little toe, blindfold and gag you silly. Then I'll toss you in head first and lock the door. Either way you're in there. How comfortable you are is up to you."

"Jonah, why are you doing this to me? Please stop. I don't want to do this anymore. Please- I'm begging you!"

Jonah smiled, Sam was beginning to crack. Jonah just pointed to the open door. Sam looked at it and back into Jonah's eyes. Sam's tired eyes were pleading. Jonah loved it, he was beginning to win now and he knew it. Jonah pointed at the door without saying a word. Sam hesitated still. Jonah reached for some coiled rope near by. Sam noticed and got down on the floor and crawled through the opening.

Once inside Jonah untied Sam's wrists and recuffed them and re-blindfolded him. He then gave Sam a small pillow and the baby blanket. Jonah closed and locked the door with two large padlocks. "Now lie down and get some sleep. Tomorrow I might answer your question if you're good enough to earn it."

"Jonah, I'm very hungry can I have something to eat please?" Sam asked.

"Not now, it's bedtime, you should have asked earlier. I'm afraid you've missed dinner, if you had just said something sooner. But not now. You'll just have to wait for breakfast."

"Please, Jonah." Sam begged pleading.

"No. Go to sleep. I don't want to hear another word or you'll be very uncomfortable and won't get any sleep and I'd like you rested. Don't remove the blindfold for any reason. Good night."

Sam didn't reply. For the next few minutes he listened to Jonah move around his bedroom.

How did he get into this mess? He'd been bound for over 24 hours. He was hungry and now chained up inside a dog's cage. He realized it wasn't his fault. Jonah was just a psycho- that was it. He'd just have to hope Jonah wasn't crazy enough to hurt him more than the spanking. But as time passed Sam was getting less sure about that. And he was getting less and less sure about his own ability to escape Jonah. He tested his bondage a lot and it didn't give a bit. Now he was literally locked in metal and caged, there was no way of getting out tonight. He heard Jonah climb into his large, soft bed and switch off the light. Sam put his head on the pillow, before he knew it he was sound asleep. Being bound like he was all day, having little sleep last night and no food since the afternoon took its toll on the teenager. The boy was wiped out and thankfully the sandman came quickly.

Jonah was shaking Sam's head. It took a few minutes for the sleepy blonde to wake up. Jonah pulled off the blindfold. Sam had raccoon eyes from the impression left by the leather. "Hungry, Sammy?"


"How'd you sleep?"

"Pretty good I guess, my legs hurt."

"Of course they do, you hung by them and stood for over 11 hours and you couldn't stretch them out last night. What'd you expect?" Sam hadn't given it any thought. He just wanted it to end. "Here's your breakfast."

To Sam it was a feast. A bowl of cheerios, a toasted bagel with cream cheese, and sippy cup of juice. "I believe in a big breakfast on Sundays, enjoy."

Sam didn't care what Jonah was saying; he inhaled the food.


Sam was sitting on the bedroom floor looking up at Jonah who was on his bed. Jonah was holding up a plaid pattern Speedo in pastel colors and explaining this was what Sam was going to wear today. Some more debate followed, it seems that a well-rested Sam had a little more spunk in him than the sleepy Sam of last night. But in the end Jonah won again. Sam now was in the pastel, what Sam would call preppy, colored plaid Speedo, handcuffs, and ankle shackles. Sam was told to take a shower.

"But how will I get this, this, this thing off?" Sam pointed to the Speedo.

"It's a swim suit silly, it doesn't need to come off, it can get wet. Now go."

Fifteen minutes later Sam was back in Jonah's bedroom. "This feels weird." Referring to the wet Speedo clinging to his body.

"You're all chained up and you think a wet suit is weird?" That's a good sign Jonah thought. "Sammy, I need you back in your cage. I have to go out and I want you safe and secure."

"No, please. I promise I won't go anyplace. Where can I go in these chains anyway? I'll just hang here. Yeah, here in the bedroom. I won't leave this room."

"And let you look for the cuff keys, nice try."

"Crap," thought Sam.

Jonah had a large coil of rope in this hand. "Come on now, I'll be gone like an hour. Gotta go get dinner for us. In ya go."

Sam shuffled into the cage. Jonah double locked the door.

Shortly after Jonah left the room the silence got to Sam. He lost himself in thought about his last day. The way he'd been captured, tied up, hand-fed, hanging from the rafters in the cool basement and the position yesterday standing up. Lastly his mind drifted to the cage where he'd slept all of last night and was again locked in.

Sam didn't notice right away but he'd gotten hard inside the tight, lycra bathing suit. His hand absent-mindedly drifted to his hard boy cock, the way a twelve-year-old boy's hand will do. He began rubbing his cock through the smooth silky fabric.

His breathing became heavier, harder and faster.

He closed his eyes, lost in the feelings his cock was generating.

Then Sam tensed, he came, then shuddered. The chains around his wrist and ankles clinking as his body had an orgasm and recovered.

His boy cum wet the bathing suit and began to cool against his body. The stickiness was a little gross to Sam, but he had little choice in the matter. He had to let the cool cum where it was and get used to it.

Jonah came back. Sam's cum stained bathing suit was still damp and cool. The dark wet spot was a dead give away to his activities while left alone in the cage. Jonah was not pleased.

"What the hell did you do, Sammy?" Jonah demanded.

"Whatta you mean? I didn't do anything. I was locked in the cage the whole time?" Sam asked with complete ignorance of his transgression. "That wet spot there! What is that?"

Sam's whole face went instantly beet red. He looked down at his cock outlined in the tight fabric. "Oh, that."

"Yeah that. What exactly is that, Sammy?"

"I guess that I got a little over excited and I kinda..." he couldn't finish.

"You are in so much trouble, young man."

"What? No! I didn't mean... I'm sorry if I ruined the bathing suit."

"It's not the bathing suit. You touched yourself without my permission and you came."

"What, you mean I have to have your permission to do...that?"

"Of course you do, Sammy. You're my property now. You have no right to pleasure yourself. I tell you when and if you may. I control it. I control you! Do you understand that?"

Jonah sounded really, really mad. Sam looked down at the floor, his cuffed hands and chained feet in his view. His eyes watered up. Jonah lifted up Sam's chin and looked the boy right into his teary eyes. "Do you understand me, Sammy?" he asked again.

"Uhm, yeah. I guess so..."

Jonah pulled Sam closed and hugged him tight. He leaned over to whisper in Sam's ear.

Sam's eyes went wide and his whole body was rigid.

Jonah attached the lead to the collar and with a yank led the younger boy out of the bedroom.

After dinner Sam was left tied to the dining room chair. His right hand to the arm, his chest to the back of the chair and his knees to the chair's legs, just under the seat. His ankles were pulled up along the outside of the wooden chair, toe tips barely touching the cool marble floor. Jonah had allowed Sam to feed himself, but only with his left hand.

"Time we had a chat, Sammy. Time I let you know what's happening to you and why, just a little bit."

"Unless you're gunna tell me you're gunna let me go, I'm really not interested in what you have to say."

"Yeah you are. I know you're curious, I can see it your eyes. You need to know. See some of the guys on the soccer team, we have this little club. We call it the Brother's Club. You're now a rookie member."

"I'm not on your soccer team. We don't even go to the same school." "Doesn't matter. Anyway a group of us all have little brothers, like you are now, we're the older brothers. Some of the littles are the guy's real little brother, the rest are like you, picked out to be the little. Although we'll kinda be real brothers after our parents marry.

The littles are basically our servants, our slaveboys. They do what we tell them, when we say, without question no matter what. There's a training period of course- that's what you're doing now. You're being trained. I intend to have the best little brother in the club, and I know you're not gunna to let me down."

Sam just sat there stunned; he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Jonah continued, "As my little you're under my protection. No one can pick on you anymore. You'll get to hang out with me, my friends and their littles. Most of the littles are friends with each other. We allow that."

"Problem, we don't go to the same school. You go to that stuck-up private school I go to public. The kids at my school will still pick on me."

"Yeah, 'bout that. I'm not supposed to tell you. But next year you're transferring to my school. Dad, our dad, has it all planned. It was going to be a surprise. See my mom really likes you and she thought it was a good idea for the two of us to benefit. Also, by the time we're all done with your training, you're gunna ask your mom and our dad about moving in here with us. It's closer to the school and all, it just makes sense.

"As your big brother I get to pick out what rules, above the universal ones, you have to obey. I get to pick out your outfits, call it your uniform, like you have on now, when you're at home here, or at our Brother's Club meetings. But one universal rule is this." Jonah held up a delicate black chain, about 10 inches long. "This is the mark of a little. You all wear them; they're a Big's mark of ownership."

"What do you mean? Where, exactly, do I wear that?" Sam asked with obvious trepidation in his voice.

"Around your left ankle." Jonah got up went to the garage and came back with pliers. "Once on it doesn't come off, ever, it's there to stay." He bent down and measured the chain for Sam's ankle, removed a few links. He wrapped the chain around and clamped an end link shut around the other end link forming a continuous loop. One single link had been placed to hang down from the others. "This one provides convenient attachment points for when it's needed." Sam wasn't sure he totally understood that, but he knew he wasn't going to like that little feature very much. "There we go, all done. Once you're a full member you'll get a gold charm to attach to this. That way all the Bigs and littles know what you are and who you belong to."

Sam thought he'd give it one last try, "Jonah please don't do this. Look, you're not well, okay. You don't want to do this to me. It's not right, you must see that. Please just let me go and I promise- I swear I won't say a word about any of this. I'll forget it ever happened."

"Sammy, it's alright. All through human history men have owned others. Those in positions of power, like me, have always had their servants. Greece, Rome, the Ottoman Empire, even America."

"You're talking about slavery, Jonah. Slavery! Slavery is so totally illegal!"

"Right now it is, but only for the last 170 years or so of over 5,000 years of history. Slavery still goes on today in lots of places around the world. Africa, the Mid-east, Thailand..."

Sam interrupted, "Come on, let me go! You're crazy!" Sam was pulling and shaking with all his might against his bonds. Basically he was freaking out about learning he was being turned into a little in the Brother's Club, in reality a slave, no matter how Jonah tried to sugar coat and rationalize it.

"I'm not crazy, Sammy. I actually do love you like a brother. I've liked you since we first met. I knew from day one you'd be my little someday. Remember this benefits you too."

Sam was lost in his pleading. He was sobbing and some tears were running down his checks.

Jonah gently took Sam's left wrist. He tied it to the arm the chair. He took the ball gag and without resistance placed it in Sam's mouth. Jonah had it buckled before Sam knew what was happening. Sam started screaming into the gag, his crying continued.

"It's okay, Sammy. I'm gunna take care of you. It's good you've reached this point. You're accepting what's happening. I am so proud of you." Jonah wiped the tears away with his thumb. "I'm gunna let you calm down now. I'll just be in the next room. You take some deep breaths and relax. Then we'll watch a movie together and get to bed. Tomorrow we have to pack quick for the lake. It's a four-hour drive up there and I wanna get an early start.

"Sammy, you've never been to our cabin. We've owned it for years. I've been going there since I was like three. I know you're gunna love it. I can't wait to show it to you. It's quiet up there, not like here in town." Jonah leaned down and gently kissed Sam on the forehead. Not out of passion, but an older brother comforting a younger brother. He gave Sam a smile. He left the room turning out the light. Sam continued crying in the darkness.

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