Sam's Saga, Part 1

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Published: 24-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Oh shit! Mom is so gunna kill me!" Sam awoke from his unplanned nap and quickly got himself moving.

He was out riding the bike his father gave him for his twelfth birthday. He had become quite an avid rider since that time. He had all the gear too, thanks to mom. At least having divorced parents had some benefits he thought. He had the cool biking shorts with the appropriately placed padding, but he hated the really tight way they fit and exposed his growing penis. He always wore running shorts over them to "cover-up". He had a light-blue biking jersey, gloves without fingers that protected his hands from cramping on the handlebars and provided an extra-secure grip, and a pair of biking shoes, which were tan and dark blue with black nylon laces. Sam never wore socks, he hated them.

Today was Friday and he had been riding since the early summer morning, his dad called last night. He'd been sent out of town on a last minute, very important business meeting and wouldn't be able to pick Sam up for their time together this weekend. Sam had noticed in the past two years this seemed to "just happen" more and more often. Being a kid of divorced parents from the young age of seven; he was a loner and had few friends in school. Being of slight build, with long blonde silky hair and deep blue eyes with fair skin and not the most graceful athlete didn't help him keep the bullies at bay either. He had been so worn out form all his riding earlier. From home to the park. Up and down the canal path- 11 miles total; the bike route around the park- four times; that late in the afternoon he had sat down on a picnic bench to drink some water, eat a power bar and relax. He must have lain down and fallen asleep. But now it was getting dark out and the park was ten miles from home. He was scurrying on his bike to head home before dinner; if he was lucky he might just make it and not get grounded by his mom.

Just as Sam hit the entrance to the park someone called out, "Hey, Sammy!" He hated being called Sammy, only two people still did that one was his mom, and this wasn't her voice. "Yo, Sammy, stop a minute will ya?"

Sam had turned and saw it was in fact who it thought it was. Jonah, his father's girlfriend's son. Sam skidded his bike to a stop on the gravel.

"What are you doing here, Jonah?" He asked with some disdain in his voice.

"Your mom said you were riding your bike in the park. So I knew I'd find you here. Dad wanted me to ask you..."

"He's not your dad, he's mine." Sam replied sharply.

"Whatever. Anyway he wanted me to see if you wanted to spend the weekend with us even though he's not home. I called your mom and she said it would be okay with her."

"Why do you want me around? Why did you call my mom? You're not my family."

"I just thought I'd do something nice, you dink. Don't believe me, call your mom and see for yourself. You have a cell phone don't ya?" Jonah winked at Sam.

Sam without answering pull his phone from one of the back pockets on his biking jersey and called his mom confirming the story. Actually his mom seemed anxious to have Sam away from the house this weekend. "That was weird... but I's okay."

"Cool, let's go." Jonah took Sam's bike from him and the two boys walked to Jonah's house. It was about a 15-minute walk. The two boys didn't talk about much, Sam really didn't like Jonah very much. Not that he wasn't friendly-ish to Sam, Sam just didn't like the way his father was now spending more time with this new family instead of him. Just as the two boys were walking up the driveway to Jonah's house he said, "You know Sammy, I think my mom and your dad are going to get married. I think he's gunna pop the question soon."

"Shut up! He's not." Sam didn't want to believe it, but deep down he knew it was true even if he didn't want to admit it to himself. "And don't, for the thousandth time, call me Sammy! My name is Sam!"

Ignoring the rebuke, Jonah continued, "So that will kinda make you my little brother. Don't have one of those you know."

"Duh, of course I know that," Sam thought

Jonah had put Sam's bike away in the garage and the two boys entered the house, Sam ahead of Jonah. "You see Sam, I like the idea of a little brother, and I think this weekend will be a good chance to begin teaching you to be my little bro." With that said the five-year-older and much stronger Jonah grabbed Sam by the arms, pulled them roughly behind the smaller younger boy and quickly snapped a pair of handcuffs around his twisting, thin wrists.

Sam screamed, "What the heck are you doing! Stop it! Don't!!!" Sam struggled with all his might but once the metal snapped shut it was all over. Still holding Sam in one hand by the chain between the cuffs Jonah kicked Sam's knees folding them under and the boy landed on his knees with a thud and a cry of pain. Next Jonah pulled Sam close and quickly tied a bandana over the boy's eyes and knotted it quickly behind his blonde head.

Jonah leaned down, again holding the struggling and protesting Sam and whispered into his ear. "Looks like your gunna be a challenge, aren't you, Sammy." He then pushed the blind boy flat on floor, sat on his arms and back and grabbed his legs, folded them up and tied his ankles with a piece of rope previously placed near the door.

Completing the act by securing the boy's tied ankles to his imprisoned hands, finishing a hasty hogtie.

"Jonah stop it!" Sam still screamed. "I don't like this, Stop! I'm telling your mom!"

"Go ahead scream for her all you want. She's gone with your dad, or should I say our dad on his trip. We have the whole house to ourselves, for the whole weekend. It's just you and me, little Sammy."

Jonah got off the boy and stood over him. "Sammy, scream all you want and struggle all you want. I'll be back when you're in a more agreeable mood. Then we'll have something to eat and then talk about your future.

Sam lay hogtied and struggling on the floor, left by Jonah. He couldn't see anything, as the bandana blindfold was tight and effective. His wrists hurt from the handcuffs biting into his skin and he was sweating through his biking outfit from all the energy he was expending in vain.

For his part Jonah was happy to leave the boy to wear himself out both in body and voice. After all "work smarter, not harder" was his motto. If the bound Sam was going to tire himself out, his job became oh so much easier. After all he had a lot of time planned with Sam; "I can wait you out," He thought to himself.

After sometime Sam did stop screaming for Jonah to release him and his struggles died down. "Jonah, come on let me out. I won't tell on you, promise. Just let me go, please. My hands hurt, come on, man..." He didn't shout anymore, but did speak loudly as he had no clue where Jonah was.

Jonah could hear the pleas, but totally ignored them. He went into the TV room, plopped down on the leather couch switched on the plasma and picked up the phone. "Yeah I'd like one large pepperoni, bread sticks and two cokes." He paused for a moment, "Great see you then." And hung up the phone.

He went back to his captive "little brother". "Sammy, I see you've quieted down some now. Good boy. I've ordered a pizza from Pizza Barn and its gunna be here in like 30. I can't risk you screaming when the pizza dude gets here so open your mouth."

"Why, what are you gunna do now?" Sammy asked, some anger still in his voice.

"I'm gunna gag you so you can't be heard. I'd thought that was obvious. Maybe you're not a smart as I thought."

"Jonah, please don't, I won't scream. Look just untie me and I'll forget this happened."

"Ahh, no. Now open up, don't make me make you."

Sam clamped his mouth tight and turned his face toward the floor. Jonah sat on Sam's back so both boys where facing the same way. He grabbed Sam's long blonde hair and yanked his head back. With his other hand he held the small light-blue rubber ball he picked up at the local pet store. "Open." Sam shook his head 'no' as best he could and kept his lips locked shut. Jonah pulled Sam's hair tighter. Sam still didn't yield. Jonah pulled tighter still and kept increasing the pressure. As the pain grew Sam finally broke down and let out a little yelp. Not enough for Jonah to take advantage so he kept at his hair pulling. Sam yelped louder and longer, just enough for Jonah to be able to get the ball between the boy's lips and start pushing it behind his teeth. With much work and after getting lots of Sam's saliva on his hand for his trouble, he got the ball wedged behind the boy's teeth and quickly tied a scarf tight securing the ball inside. He released Sam's head. It fell back to the tile with a dull thud. "Sammy, you have to learn that if you just cooperative things will be much easier for you. I don't really want to hurt you. Think about it."

Sam grunted out a "huummk muu" as best he could as Jonah when to wait for the pizza delivery.

"Such language! I see I'll have to teach you some manners little brother, but that can wait till later on."

Sam slumped and knew he was defeated. There was little he could do to overpower the larger Jonah. The kid was on the high school's soccer team. Having the ball stuffed in his mouth was proof that Jonah could do just about anything he wanted. Sam knew it. But he wasn't going to give up so easily. Sam was smart, he knew he was smarter then Jonah. He'd figure a way out and even if he didn't, come Monday he could just tell his mom and she'd put an end to this.

Sam lay still and started thinking of a plan to get himself free from the brute that now held him captive.


Sam could smell the pizza for sometime now and was beginning to wonder when or if he was going to get some. He'd only had the one Power Bar this afternoon and was starving.

"Time to eat dinner, little bro," Jonah finally came back. "Here's what's gunna happen. First I'm goin' to release your legs then untie your feet, lift you up and take you the dining room. Nod if you understand." Sam nodded his understanding.

Once the bound boy was standing Jonah had another idea. "Why don't we remove those sneakers of yours, don't want you getting any ideas of kicking your older brother, do we?" And Jonah used his sneaker's innersole to step on the back of Sam's shoes and forced them off. "Phew, you got some stinkers there, Sammy. Guess that's what bike riding all day will do, huh?"

Jonah placed Sam in a dining room chair, pulled Sam's left foot up off the floor along side the chair and secured it so that his toes no longer touched the floor and repeated the same with the other foot.

"Sammy. I am going to remove the gag so you can eat, if you say anything I'll re-gag you and no dinner for you." Sam nodded, he was hungry so he'd let Jonah win this round. Jonah removed the ball from behind Sam's teeth and placed the wet plastic in Sam's bound hands to hold. "That's a bit gross, but you hold on to it. If it falls on the floor what ever gets stuck to it will be back in your mouth, I'm not washing it first."

"Sorry but the pizza is a little cold. But I don't think you'll mind." Jonah picked up a slice and held it to Sam's lips. Sam opened, Jonah inserted some of the slice and Sam chomped down. Jonah had only three slices and two breadsticks left - so that's all Sam got intermixed with half a can of Coke. "Okay Sammy, let's talk."

"Please don't call me Sammy, my name is Sam, I keep telling you that." He insisted.

"Your name is what I say it is. This is what I am talking about. You have to accept what I say, that's the new rule. The only rule you have to remember. You have to remember and follow only one rule. What I say is law. Isn't that simple?"

"Why? I don't get it. What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about you obeying me. Basically you do what I say."

"What like I'm your slave or something?"

"Basically yes. See you do understand! I knew you where a smart boy."

"I'm not property. People aren't property. I'm not even your brother. You can't just order me around."

"I'll answer in order. Yes you are. Some people are. You soon will be. And yes I can. In case you need a reminder you're the boy bound to a chair here, not me."

"I am not. You can't make me!"

"You are and I can. You'll see. Now you're a bit smelly from your riding. So time for a shower then to bed. It's like 11:45, it'll be after midnight before I get you to bed and you have to get some sleep. You have a big day tomorrow."

"Eleven forty-five? You left me tied up for like 5 hours already! Please Jonah just untie me and let me go."

"Nope, and if you ask me again I'll get rough- so stop it."

Jonah untied Sam's feet and grabbed his arm and led the blindfolded captive to his bedroom and into his own private bathroom. Once in the bathroom he removed the blindfold. The light reflecting off the white tiles caused Sam to squint back to being able to see in the shinning light. Jonah told Sam that the bathroom had been cleaned out, only a bar of soap, a small bottle of shampoo and a clean towel remained. Jonah wasn't going to leave any potential weapons laying around for Sam to use. He unlocked the boy's cuffs and Sam immediately rubbed his sore wrists. Jonah ordered the boy to remove his jersey, Sam hesitated, Jonah slapped his butt three times getting a small "ow" from the boy. Sam took off his jersey, then as ordered took off his running shorts. He now stood with only his tight biking shorts on. Jonah laughed to himself a bit at the sight of the modest twelve-year-old before him.

"Come on, Sammy, take those off too."

"No, not in front of you."

"Get naked, Sammy. Now!" he slapped Sam's lycra cover ass hard three times.

Sam capitulated and slipped his thumb under the waist band and lower the shorts. Exposing himself totally to the teenager controlling him.

Jonah then explained his next orders. He told Sam to take a quick shower, cold water only. Wash from head to toe and dry off and once he was done Sam was to stand with his hands behind his head with his back to the shower. Sam had 8 minutes to finish the entire job. Jonah remained in the bathroom to supervise his young charge.

Sam had a full body blush mixed with his summertime tan as he showered in the cold water as Jonah watched. Sam shivered and got the job done as quickly as possible. Jonah ordered Sam to wash his cock and balls and ass all over again. Once he was satisfied that the boy was clean, and freezing he told the Sam to finish and get dry.

Once Sam was dry Jonah stepped up closed and pulled out a leather dog collar from his pocket and slowly placed it around Sam's neck.

Buckling it behind his head under this hair.

"This stays on no matter what. You don't even try to play with the buckle. Got it."

Sam nodded. His humiliation was getting to him. His looked dejected at the floor seeing his bare toes and Jonah's sneakers.

Jonah grabbed the collar and pulled the naked and still cold Sam out to the bedroom.

Still holding on to the collar around Sam's slender neck Jonah rummaged through a dresser drawer and pulled out a set of pajamas. Sam looked horrified as they unfolded in his hand.

Sam had very little dignity in his present state but whatever remained the pj's he saw now robbed from him. They were kiddie pj's, but they were his size. He'd never seen baby blue footie pj's with cutesy little teddy bears printed on them in any store, ever. They zipped up the back totally enclosing him from neck down. Only his head and hands remained uncovered.

"You'll put these on." Jonah ordered.

"No I won't."

"Yes you will." Jonah pulled Sam's face close into his. So close the boy's noses almost touched.

"No." Sam was resolute.

Without another word Jonah dragged Sam struggling all the way over to his large bed. Jonah pulled Sam over his knees. He clamped the small penis between his legs and squeezed tight. Sam let out a small cry of pain. Jonah reached under the boy and grabbed what he could of his cock and stroked it hard. Once satisfied the boy was rock solid his clamped his hand around it hard. This held Sam in place over the Jonah's knees. With his other hand Jonah began to spank Sam's bare ass.

Sam struggled against the assault and pleaded for Jonah to stop. He screamed at the top of his lungs to be let free. Jonah ignored the pleas. He had a job to do and it was going to get done.

After a dozen hard strokes Sam's as was red and Sam felt like it was on fire.

Not losing his vice like grip on Sam's cock, Jonah stood the boy up. Sam was crying just a bit. He hands instinctively went to his sore ass and began to rub the pain away.

"Hands behind your head." Jonah ordered and he squeezed and pulled Sam's cock harder eliciting another gasp from the boy. Sam complied. "Now are you going to get dressed or do you need another lesson in obedience?" Jonah asked

"Okay, Jonah. I'll put them on." Sam whimpered. It was better then being naked after all.

"Oh, don't you look just adorable, Sammy. My little brother."

"I feel like a dork, where did you get this thing?"

Jonah walked up to Sam and snapped the cuffs back around his wrists, but in front of him this time.

"Internet. It's amazing what you can find on the net. I got some other goodies for you and some ideas as well. But that's for tomorrow. Let's get you to bed." Jonah pointed to a spot on the floor Sam didn't notice when he left the bathroom it was next to the only bed in the room. A single pillow and what looked like a baby blanket only larger, Sam-sized as it were. Jonah ordered Sam to lay down. "You're making me sleep on the floor?" Sam asked surprised.

"Sammy, you're not sleeping with me, that's for sure."

Once in place Jonah took what looked like a single handcuff and snapped it tight around Sam's right ankle. Sam saw the other end of the chain was bolted through the wooden bedpost.

"Ouch it's too tight, Jonah." Sam protested.

"Good it's just right then." Jonah smiled wickedly. "Now I expect you to be good. I'm being kind to you tonight. But if you make any noise or cause any problems for me I'll hogtie and gag you again and let you sleep outside on the patio tonight. Got it."

"Yeah, I got it."

Jonah blindfolded Sam again, got ready for bed himself and turned off the light. "Good night, little bro."

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