The Breeders' Club, Part 2

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Published: 20-Feb-2013

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This is a work of fiction. The author holds the copyright. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. This work features sexual activity with participants under the age of 18. It is a fantasy. The author does not condone sex with children.

"Come in," said the woman. "Alicia is upstairs."

She turned away from him and yelled, "Alicia! The man from the ... er ... your ... friend is here!"

Lawrence smiled at the introduction. "Friend" wouldn't have been the first word he would have used to describe their relationship.

"How do you do, Mrs. Kravets," he said to her. "I'm Lawrence."

Somewhat slovenly in appearance, Janet Kravets looked him up and down.

"Nice to meet you, Lawrence. I got the papers in the mail. I signed them all. Do I give 'em to you?"

"Uhh ... yes, you can give them to me."

"So, when do we start receiving payments?"

The woman certainly didn't waste time, he thought, with establishing her interest in this business. So, not only the state was treating her daughter like a brood mare! The mother apparently wanted to make sure she got her share of whatever money was forthcoming.

"Well, since I've certified that Alicia and I have ... started, and that she is a minor, you will immediately receive 50% of the full payment you will be getting monthly once her pregnancy is confirmed. In fact, I have a check for you with me this evening."

He reached inside his suit jacket and handed her an envelope. She at least had the decency to not rip it open in front of him. She placed it on the kitchen table.

The house was small, cramped and untidy. Her mother, Alicia had told him, was a bookkeeper. She was skilled in the use of the latest accounting and bookkeeping software and had done some "consulting" on the side. Alicia had confided to Lawrence that her mother sold pirated software to firms in China and the Philippines. It was their business; he didn't care except that the appearance of the house, the woman's proprietary interest in her child's womb, and the confidence that Alicia shared regarding mother's small-time criminality completed the picture of the slightly shabby down-at-heel world into which he had stepped.

He had come to see Alicia for their sixth session since their first meeting barely two weeks before when he had "enrolled" in the government's official attempt to expand the population of young people. Lawrence had been with the ten-year program since its inception three years before.

When they began, Alicia was just another adolescent girl struggling to find an identity. She chose to start off as a "bad girl;" smoking, drinking, and having sex with boys her age and a little older. It was not the obvious choice. Alicia had a handicap, more than one, actually, as Lawrence had reflected.

The girl was still somewhat gawky in appearance. Her hair, he had noted on first seeing her could charitably be described as "straight." Lank would have been a more appropriate term. She was homely with a long face and small eyes. To top it all off, she had a harelip, which is devastating enough to a teenager but for plain, skinny Alicia, it was the feature that gave her a feeling of permanent relegation to second-class status.

She would never be pretty. She would never be "cute" or sought after. If she had not opted to make herself sexually available to all and sundry, she would have run the risk of social isolation and even ridicule. Her sex life consisted of servicing boys manually, orally, and vaginally. She was expected to be grateful for the opportunity. This is likely what contributed to her sullenness when Lawrence met her and her girlfriend as they begged a ride to a teen party. Having complied with their request for a lift, Lawrence, on the spur of the moment, decided to breed Alicia if he could maneuver her into compliance. It turned out to be easier than expected.

For her part, fourteen year old Alicia thought that for a quick "roll in the hay," she would get some beer and the reputation of having fucked an "older man." (Lawrence was all of 27) Instead Lawrence took her from behind without protection and ... everything else flowed from that moment.

Now, Lawrence would retrieve the papers signed by the mother and then fuck the girl two more times. He had two months to get her pregnant. He had to balance her periods of peak fertility with his other commitments. There would be some days when he would only be able to fuck her once. He would try to make the most of their time together.

"Oh, here she comes!" her mother said.

Lawrence turned to look through the door into the hallway at his young paramour. What he saw walking toward him out of the shadows surprised him.

Alicia had curled her hair and put on makeup. She was dressed in her schoolgirl outfit. It consisted of a short, pleated navy-blue skirt, a white blouse, a thin red tie, and navy-blue weskit, a kind of vest. She had on saddle shoes with blue knee socks. Gone were the jeans and scruffy sneakers (tennis shoes) and T-shirt. She looked little girl sexy; pretty little girl sexy with the makeup and the attention to her hair. The makeup was applied with skill and flattered her. Lawrence was impressed as much by that as her appearance. The girl was becoming even more interesting.

"You look lovely, Alicia!" Lawrence remarked.

His statement pleased Alicia and it showed in her face. Her usual sullenness was not much in evidence these days. Her assignment to the breeding schedule changed her status at school. Once it became known that she had been chosen for the program her stature had risen among the other girls. Teachers and students who had never noticed her before now accorded her considerable respect.

The boys could no longer take for granted that she would service them sexually. In truth, most of her classmates weren't sure how to think of her. Other girls in their school had been chosen for the breeding program but they were a select few of the prettiest girls in the older grades. It was rumored that very attractive girls and young women were accorded an extra stipend as well as the opportunity to refuse the "honor," which almost no one did. So, it was puzzling that Alicia, considered to be a classic "ugly duckling," had been chosen. It put Alicia in the unfamiliar position of being envied. What did she have, the other girls wondered, that they didn't have?

Alicia came right up to him and a bit shyly kissed him on the lips. Touched by her uncertainty, he smiled broadly and then took her in his arms. Disregarding the mother, he kissed her passionately and felt his erection rise. She coquettishly pushed her hips forward to rub her crotch against his leg.

"It-th's nice to thee you," she said in the lisp that was becoming to Lawrence more charming each time they were together.

"It's wonderful to see you, again, Alicia," he replied. Not wanting to waste time, he said,"Shall we go to your room?"

"Okay," she said and smiled. She took his hand and started leading him up the stairs. Halfway up both Lawrence and Alicia were aware that her mother was following them. Alicia stopped and said,

"Ma, what are you doing?"

Janet froze briefly and then replied with an air of injured dignity,

"Well, I have the right to be sure my daughter is safe during the ... breeding."

She looked at Lawrence when she continued, disingenuously,

"I read the rules and they say I can be present. I want to be sure my little girl isn't being abused."

Alicia rolled eyes and murmured,

"Oh, mom!"

Lawrence merely shrugged his shoulders. He was used to parents "sitting in" on the act and was not bothered in the slightest. In this case he rightly suspected the unprepossessing Janet of both the desire to appear in control and outright voyeurism! Oh, well, he thought, that can't be helped.

In the room, which Alicia cleaned thoroughly, surprising her mother, the young girl started to remove her schoolgirl outfit.

"Wow! I guess you really 'rate' there, Mr. Lawrence. I could never get her to clean her room!"

Alicia, annoyed and embarrassed by her mother, fumed but said nothing as she took off her vest and tossed it on a chair.

Poor Alicia! Lawrence thought. Sympathetic to her plight and very much wanting to be alone with her, he suddenly hit upon an idea that might get the mother to absent herself voluntarily.

As Alicia was sullenly kicking off her shoes, Lawrence quickly discarded his jacket and knelt behind her. She stood stock still as he flipped up her skirt, pulled down her cotton panties and buried his face between her ass cheeks.

Her mother was startled, not expecting anything more than a perfunctory "in 'n out" with her daughter on her back or maybe even standing up. It made her visibly uncomfortable to see a handsome man licking her homely daughter's asshole. Lawrence sought to maximize her discomfort by making yummy sounds and uttering obscene "pillow talk."

"Mmm ... darling, your anus feels so good on my tongue. I may even fuck that gorgeous asshole this evening after I finish with your cunt!"

Removing her face from her 'back door' briefly, her pulled Alicia's ass cheeks apart as he turned to the mother.

"You wouldn't mind, would you Janet?" he said.

The flustered slattern could only babble.

"Uh ... er ...uh ... well ... maybe you two should be alone." She hurried out of the room, red faced, and slammed the door.

Lawrence looked up to see Alicia with her hand over her mouth to keep from guffawing! He laughed softly and smiled up at her. He had her step out of her underwear and then, still on his knees, turned her to face him. He said to giggling girl,

"Oh, dear; was it something I said?"

Alicia put her hands on his shoulders and laughed.

"Ye-th, I think it wa-th! Ni-th performanth."

Holding the skirt up, he kissed her soft, warm lower belly and hugged her close in a gesture of affection. Smiling, she unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. She lifted one saddle-shoed foot onto her bed allowing Lawrence to put his mouth on her moistening cunt.

Alicia had just today shaved her pussy for him. (She didn't want him picking hair out of his mouth like the last time!) She placed her hands gently on top of his head as he ate her out, lapping at her pussy and tasting her sweetness. She sighed pleasurably.

"Oh! That feel-th th'o good!"

He stuck his tongue up her hole and licked all around the inside. He gently nibbled on her now engorged labia and used his lips to pull on them sensuously. Alicia enjoyed hearing the sucking and licking sounds he was making. Only one of the boys that fucked her had offered to lick her cunt and he only once. Lawrence, by contrast, couldn't get enough of it!

She couldn't figure him out. By law, all he really was required to do was stick his cock in her twat and fuck her 'til he creamed. Instead, he was making love to her the way she had only dreamed it could be. Of course, she wasn't about to complain!

Lawrence stood up and started to undress. Alicia finished stripping and stood nude before him in her knee socks and white and brown saddle shoes. She took off her glasses and struck an endearing shy pose, placing one index fingertip in her mouth while placing the other hand over her vulva.

When Lawrence was standing naked before her, Alicia dropped to her knees on the soft pink and blue area rug next to her bed and took the hard cock into her mouth. She sucked him tenderly, swirling her tongue under and around the glans each time her head bobbed up. His throbbing cock was getting very slick from her sloppy blowjob. Alicia had more talent than one would have surmised on first meeting her, Lawrence concluded. He was thoroughly delighted to learn more about her each time they were together.

"All right, dear," he said as he stepped back and lifted her to her feet. As she prepared to position herself on her back on the bed, Lawrence stopped her. She looked at him and he looked deeply into her eyes and for a moment; neither moved.

He then held her close and passionately kissed her lips. Alicia opened her mouth and let their tongues touch. She could taste her own pussy juices on his lips and it inflamed her.

"Fuck me, now; plea-th!" she implored him. She didn't have to ask him twice.

She flopped down on the bed with her legs spread, lewdly rubbing she snatch, inviting him to ravish her. Lawrence mounted her and unceremoniously shoved his fully erect penis into her wet, waiting quim.

The girl gasped as he plunged to the hilt inside her and started to vigorously pump her. He slammed his cock in and out of her shaved snatch, driving hard into her. Alicia did her best to meet his thrusts by lifting her hips with each of his downward movements.

The hard-driving screw was bringing her off more quickly than she anticipated.

"Oh, god; I'm th-tarting to cum! Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard!"

Enjoying the sight as well as the feel of the young slut, Lawrence was rapidly building to his climax. When she began to shudder in orgasm, it took him over the edge.

"Ahh ... yes! Here it comes!"

Lawrence started shooting copious amounts of semen into Alicia's waiting, fertile womb. As in their last meeting, he fell atop her still pushing his hard sex into her, still spasming a good 45 seconds after his initial spurt.

Alicia reveled in the feeling of being desired and pretended, just for the moment, that she was loved. Lawrence was a heavy cummer. She would be leaking his jism out of her teen vagina when she stood up!

Spent, Lawrence pulled out of her and rolled over onto his back beside the slim 14 year old. They were both breathing hard.

"Do you think your mother is watching at the keyhole?" he whispered to her.

"Ha!" she snorted. "What a fucking pain she is-th!"

She turned toward him.

"I'm th-orry; I hope th-ee didn't bother you too much. Thanks for th-caring her off."

Alicia snuggled close to him. She was careful not to presume too much, especially since their relationship was official. Still, she thought that Lawrence at least liked her, which was new for this plain girl with the deformed lip. It didn't matter so much what he really felt given the circumstances; he was nice to her, respected he, and she appreciated that.

He turned on his side to face her.

"She didn't bother me at all. I was concerned about you. I guess anilingus is not her 'cup of tea,' so to speak!"

They laughed together. Lawrence reached out to stroke her bare hip. Alicia liked it when he touched her in this way.

"I made your first pregnancy test appointment for three weeks from now. I'll go with you if you like."

Back to business, she thought; oh well ...

"I don't know. Maybe I'll ju-th go by myself. There's no drama involved. It'th not like I'm worried about it. Getting pregnant i-th the object."

He touched her face and then ran his fingers through her hair.

"You look so nice when you curl your hair and wear a little bit of makeup."

Alicia took his hand and kissed it. Lawrence noted this as the first gesture of affection that she extended to him. He was pleased.

While he couldn't say he was in love with this homely girl, child, really, he was touched by her. Her happiness had started to matter to him, especially after meeting her horrid, mercenary mother. He thought about the handicaps she faced in her social life and how she had to act tough and uncaring in order to survive the hell that was junior high school. Underneath it, though, he was sure she was caring.

"Did you really want to fuck me in the a-th?" she said. They both started laughing.

"As a matter of fact, I do," he answered, which caused Alicia to open her eyes wide in surprise.

It was Lawrence's turn to be surprised when she said to him,

"You can do anything you want to me; anytime." Alicia then kissed him gently on the lips.

Lawrence took her face in his hands and returned the kiss deeply with his tongue exploring her mouth. Alicia responded by lying on top of him, pressing her breasts to his chest. She straddled his hips and drew her knees up with her now dripping pussy at the level of his belly.

The combination of the soul kissing and Alicia's cum drenched quim squirming over his mid-section brought Lawrence into a considerable state of arousal. Alicia felt the rod thick and straining against her soft tummy and was pleased. He really wanted to fuck her; she was really attractive to him. If she couldn't have love, this was the next best thing.

The horny young girl broke from the kiss and sat up. She lifted her right hip, which allowed her to reach down, grasp Lawrence's hard cock, and insert it into her fuckhole. Impaled upon his member, the slim blonde teen started thrusting her hips back and forth; fucking herself on her official state lover's hard on.

Lawrence reached up and grasped the girl's small tits. He enjoyed watching her screw from this position. The dour minx knew just what to do. She rolled her hips as she worked the cock up and down, making sure to grind her clit against him so as to achieve the major climax she was building toward.

"Oh, ye-th!" she murmured in her lisping voice. "Oh, ye-th!"

She moved her hands from his chest to the bed on either side of his chest. Lawrence clutched her hips as he drove his erection upward with the rhythm of her fucking. He could hear the squishing sound of their wet genitals at the intersection of their straining bodies. Alicia came first.

The 14 year old threw her head back as she gasped, her climax overtaking her and flooding her senses. She felt the pleasure of the hard organ shoved up her belly as she reached orgasm. Her hips twitched and her body writhed above him. Lawrence wasn't far behind.

The force of his upward thrust at the moment of his climax made the poor young girl lose her balance and she fell on top of him, still impaled on his swollen prick.

"Oh!" she cried and clutched him tightly as she worked through the final spasms of her own cumming.

"Arghh ..." Lawrence grunted as his sperm shot up into the girl's cervix, coating the vaginal walls. He lifted with his hips straining to enjoy all the pleasurable tingles from the orgasm coursing through him.

For a brief moment they both lay inert, unable to move. Then, Lawrence roused himself enough to wrap his arms around her and to kiss her cheek.

As he did so, Alicia thought, I love you; it's stupid but I do. With her face turned away from him, she put her hand to her cheek to rub away the teardrop.

I love you, Alicia, Lawrence said to himself. I don't know how long it will last or even if I'll ever tell you but I'm mad for you right now.

Lawrence leaned over, tenderly kissed the back Alicia's neck, and stood up to dress.

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You have some editing issues, but the story is great. Decent pacing, nice blend of sex and mood-setting. keep it up.


I really enjoyed ''The Breeders Club''. Any chance of seeing more installments?


Thank you both for the feedback. There will be another installment in the next couple of days. I'm almost finished with No. 3.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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