Father Brennan's Boys, Part 4

[ viol, M/priest, pedo, bb, cbt, spank, humil, rape, tort, viol, ws ]


Published: 18-Feb-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Brother Antoine returning to the prostrate bound, whipped and well fucked little boys placed the chamber pot under young Mark gripped the flaccid abused cocklet of the protesting boy. He gripped the imbedded pen and unable to resist the urge to have some sport with the helpless lad proceeded to draw the writing instrument painfully out of the boy's penis. As the tip of the pen became evident at the very opening of the boy's glans he then brutally shoved the pen back down and into the shrieking boy. In and out he tortured the boy's tiny urethra at the same time manipulating the boy's entire organ until it once again was fully erect. In one agonized pull he ripped the pen fully out of the boy's penis.

Bending to the boy's erect little prong he engulfed the organ with his mouth. Tasting the delicious boy, savoring his recently abused and tenderized cock flesh. Swirling around the welts on the shaft of the boy, nipping occasionally the tender flesh, using his teeth to dig into the boy flesh (not enough to draw blood-but enough to cause the boy extreme anguish). He ravaged the boy orally to the bruised and tender boy balls spasmed repeatedly in agonized dry orgasms. Each climax more painful and prolonged then the preceding one. The boy's young prick now over stimulated and so very tender could no longer retain its erect state and deflated. Disgusted, Brother Antoine placed the chamber pot under the boy and commanded him to void his bowels the warm poignant stench of fresh boy piss filled the air as well as the rich odor of shit as the boy complied. Wiped the boys torn hole with a cloth designed for that purpose he moved on to Michael and after sucking the boy to multiple orga sms instructed him too to void his bowels, the procedure was then carried out on young Curtis.

Curtis being of such a young age, and so young in both appearance and physical stature excited Brother Antoine sexually.

The young brother recalling his own victimization first by his father and his father's brother (his Uncle) at age four, then by his parish priest with whom he confessed this uh-holy deed at age six which lasted four years, finally at age 10 being forced into seminary and repeatedly sexually and physically assaulted repeatedly daily by older initiates and the lecherous brothers in seminary to the present day. The young sixteen year-old brother reflected on his life's treatment at the hands of so many. Well I now at least can take myself out on these little ones he surmised happily they will suffer far more than was ever done to me he pledged to himself greedily.

Gripping the boy's rather tiny organ he twisted and rubbed the immature pricklet, its tiny cock-head and really tiny balls, building up his tempo till his manipulations caused friction in the boys groin heating and pulling at the tight flesh, yanking on it and pulling the stretched heated flesh in directions it was not meant to go in and in fact could not he was able to create by these efforts several little friction burns on the boy's already tenderized pricklet. Instructed the boy to void his bowels as directed he cleaned the boy.

At this time the young six year-old returned with a large tray of dishes. Inquiring he looked to Brother Antoine for direction on where to place the items. His eyes amazed at the condition of the three boys, yet ever fearful of the possibility of replacing them, he nonetheless felt his little un-circumsized pricklet expand fully in his sized too small shorts.

Irritated brother Antoine snapped at the boy, on the desk you dumb witted jackass.

Startled by the anger in the brother's voice he hurriedly complied. Then standing at attention his hands folded in proper prayerful position dead center on his mall chest, directly between his almost non-existent boy nipple's he awaited silently for his next order from Brother Antoine. I hope he dismisses me soon reflected the boy lustfully as I so much need to commit a sin of the flesh, if it meant a most painful confession to an unsympathetic beast of a priest latter. Unfortunately, some things must be endured to be able to experience however momentarily a moment of pure bliss his young mind rationalized.

Turning to the erotic sight of the submissive little boy awaiting his attention Brother Antoine studied the beautiful little six year old. Recalling his tight but full little bottom stretching the tiny shorts, he walked behind the boy and refreshed his memory and his lust. Leering at the firmness of the impossibly small ass the brother reached around the startled boy and unfastened the boy's trousers and ever so slowly exposed the pale buttocks further heating his inflamed lust. Shorts now puddled at the boy's bare feet he reached up and pulled the boy free of his shirt fully exposing the boy quite naked before him.

Eagerly Brother Antoine let his excited gaze rape across the exposed boy from his delicate face, cute button nose, to his full lips, and jutting little chin and narrow neck. Down he played his lecherous gaze across the small shoulder and immature chest which surprisingly given the boy's small frame and delicate stature contained two small but nonetheless fleshy nubbins, not much mind you but enough to work on. Then down to his undefined abdomen and puffy pubic mound where his un-circumsized 1and a 1/4 inch erect cocklet stood standing fully erect against his pubis.

"My what a naughty boy you are, tell me boy why is your privates so rudely on display? You must be having naughty vile impure thoughts, lust is a sin boy you know of course I must report this offense to one of the brother confessor's", replied the excited brother.

"Maybe in fact that given that you had the presumption and impertinence to do this vile sin in Brother Brennan's chambers I should tell him." The brother questioned the now terrified boy. Knowing all too well the effect of his threat upon the lad. Everyone from brother to the last boy, the staff and their help knew Father Brennan to be the most sadistic of men. Great strides were taken by all to avoid Father Brennan noticing you.


"Hrmmm, I see well if you are truly repentant perhaps I can in an act of compassion punish you myself rather than reporting your disgusting deed to Father Brennan, I'd imagine he would be most unhappy to hear of your sin, most unhappy indeed. I will of course have to be most through in punishing you, it will of course hurt, hurt a lot, and it will last for a very long time. You will be required to atone for your sin through punishment for many, many weeks but nonetheless if you try very, very hard you might achieve forgiveness and your little soul wiped clean again and escape the wrath of Father Brennan are we agreed boy is this what you wish, if so step out of those shorts kneel spread those legs as far apart as possible and beg of me your consent as well as implore me to show you this act of compassion.

Hopeful of sparring himself punishment at the dreaded hands of Father the pitiful boy threw himself to his knees spread his legs painfully apart exposing himself lewdly to the amused and lustful gaze of Brother Antoine and began his renewed pleas with every effort of earnestness to the young brother who had his fate securely wrapped in his hand's and at the whim of his warped perverted mind.

"Yes, my child I have decided you seem contrite enough to give you one chance of atoning for your disgusting act of sin. One chance one chance only to prove yourself repentant. If you fail to take your punishments fully without complaint, then not only will you be handed over to Father Brennan and made to confess your abominable sin to him, you further will have to answer to him for your failing miserably at being properly repentant. Lastly, your sin will be magnified in the eyes of God and will never ever be washed away. You will carry it with you long after your mortal life has ended and with you into your immortal life, do you understand all I am saying boy, are you worthy of my compassion?" asked the manipulative brother knowing full well that the boy presented with such consequence could only agree to his conditions (yes, he is mine now, he thought, for as long as I desire him.... lusted Antoine to himself pleased with how easily he had ensnared his latest little sex sla ve).

Right then boy you will assist me in feeding these boy's then we will concentrate on filling your small belly stated the contented brother already scheming just what to stuff the boy's stomach with.

Picking up a bowl of cooled gruel and a spoon Antoine proceeded over to young Curtis and began shoveling the vile, tasteless mash down the boy's gullet. Turning his attention to the still kneeling puzzled six year old he shouted, "I said boy you are to assist me in feeding these brats now get a move on and help me, for your insolence you can expect a further punishment for not following my orders, you naughty boy."

The startled six year old hurriedly complied feeding the food into Michael's mouth.

In his haste to please Brother Antoine, the six year old finished his task before Antoine his, and without waiting for direction began feeding the mash into Mark next.

After the boys were feed and watered his chores now completed the perverted young brother could divert his perfected and wicked mind and therefor his wicked lusts upon the four submissive naked scared little boys under his total control.

Smiling he turned to the Six year old and told the puzzled boy to step outside and retrieve the chamber-pot and bring it to him.

The puzzled boy hurriedly complied with this strange request returning to the now seated brother the slightly steaming pot clutched in his small hands.

Come here boy instructed Antoine place the naked boy between his spread legs. Here let me have that he took the newscast pot and its contents into one hand. Reaching into his cassock pocket he extracted a spoon and dipping into the excrement of the pot brought forth a heaping mess of the stuff.

Open up like a good little boy he instructed the horrified little boy his empty stomach lurching at the revolting act being requested of him. Tearfully the boy shook his head, "oh no sir I can't please no, not that", implored the helpless youth.

"Very well then, that is two acts of defiance for you now to receive double the punishment on each account for, and as you wish, Father Brennan will be notified upon his return of both your wilfulness as well as your sin of the flesh and then the matter of your impure lustful thoughts...", trailed the brother intentionally shaking his scornful head at the miserable youth.

"Oh sir no sir replied the boy, resigned to the revolting task before him he reached out and taking hold of brother's hand in his own brought the vile spoon to his mouth hesitating ever so briefly he opened his small mouth engulfed the spoon completely and biting back the sickness swallowed the piss and shit, letting go of the spoon now cleaned and looking into his tormentor's eyes, the small boy in a tearful voice said, "please sir can I have more?"

Delighted at having the boy ask to be further degraded humiliated and abused the lustful brother replied sweetly, "yes of course child you can have all that this pot has to offer."

The boy ate the pot clean then polished the pot with his small pink six year old tongue.

Smiling down at the lewd sight of the boy, Antoine his lust at the straining point, reached down and grabbing the boy by his beautiful head of hair pulled him over to the pew. Throwing the six year old over the pew and instructing him to not mover he unknotted the rope belt of his cassock and then grabbing the boys hands he bound them tightly drawing the rope under the seat of the pew he then grabbed the boy's feet and bound them tightly forcing the small back to jut up and the tiny buttocks to jut out.

Having secured the boy as effectively as had Father Brennan had the other three youths still bent over the same pew, Brother Antoine stepped back and removed his cassock exposing his erect sixteen year-old fat prick the foreskin skinned fully back from his erect state, and then he stepped up to the nameless six year-old his newest little sex slave separated the boys small buttocks and eying the tiniest of puckered opening lined his steel hard cock through the impossible tight opening thrusting completely up and into the boy taking his virginity, raping his innocense and brutally inflicting damage upon damage on the boy's ravaged torn and bleeding anus and painfully stretched bowels.

The brother's overheated lustful state combined with the cries of the youth, and the incredibly tightness of the small boy brought him to the edge and then over as he spilled his seed deep inside the broken boy.

Withdrawing from the sobbing boy but still fully erect and his lust yet to be fully quenched moved himself before young Curtis and thrust himself into the inviting hole presented vigorously fucking the lad, eliciting delightful squeals of anguish from the boy, he the moved on to the next boy, penetrated him, then on to the next, and then the last he raped the boy holes taking turns stoking his fires until at last he spent himself in the ass of young Michael. Withdrawing his slime covered prick from the boy's ass he walked in front of the boys and taking his place in front of the six year old thrust his filthy cock into the boy's small mouth instructing the boy to clean his prick. Satisfied with the boy's job of cleaning him he thrust his hips forward and slid his hose down the young throat, instructing the boy to swallow every drop he then emptied his full bladder into the boy's piss and shit filled stomach.

Relieved he causally replaced his cassock minus rope belt and left the chamber instructing his new six year old slave to present himself for his first installment of punishment this evening in his the living quarters of his private cell. A naughty boy like you should be able to think up a little white lie to explain why you are bound naked like this to Father Brennan I should think...laughed the wicked brother as he exited the room leaving four well presented, well fucked little boys to adorn the room.

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Antonio Green

Thank you for a great story. I hope it continues. I'd especially love to read about Albert, Jimmy, Denis, David, Jed, Murray, and Gareth.

I hope you've read my story (3 chapters posted so far) 'Taking Timmy's Tookus.' I think you might enjoy it.

Antonio Green

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