Marli's Toy Box

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by Alex

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Published: 18-Feb-2013

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I'm generally a stickler for spelling, but I'm also a stickler for accuracy. As a result, there are a lot of misspellings in this story. They are intentional. If you've ever texted with a child/adolescent you'll recognize immediately how accurate this is and probably won't even notice the mistakes. :) All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 1

I got to work late that morning. Apparently some drunk crashed into a pole down the street during the night, knocking out my whole neighborhood's power, and along with it, my alarm clock. So it was already starting out to be a shitty day from the very beginning.

Add to that a huge line at Starbucks, my barista looked like he was overdosed on heroin, and the highway to work was a parking lot. It was as if great forces were conspiring to make me as late as possible and they did a fine job.

So when I got to work almost three hours after everyone else, it did not go unnoticed. And with it being a Friday, I'd have to stay late to make up for it. Fortunately my daughter was with her mom for the weekend so I could get home long after dinner and not feel bad about it. I had no doubt - today was going to be a very shitty day.

I closed the door to my office and sat down at my desk to try to get caught up when my phone buzzed.


It came from a number I didn't recognize and it wasn't in my cell, so I ignored it and got to work. About ten minutes later...

u there

I wished I could turn my phone off, but at work that wasn't an option so I ignored this message too. I had about another five minutes of peace...

alex r u ther

Well obviously they know me. Whoever the fuck this is should also know me well enough to never bother me at work. And if they really know me they know to use 'are' instead of 'r' and 'you' instead of 'u' since it's a major fucking pet peeve of mine. Even my own daughter doesn't send texts like this. Okay, calm...calm... I felt a headache coming on...

Who is this? I'm at work right now and I'm really busy. Sorry.

I was getting irritated at the interruption and hoping that was the end of it. About five more minutes passed before I got another text.

hi its marli im sorryi bothred u at work i got a phone4 my bday n i wanted 2 txt u im at school lol sory

Suddenly I didn't care about u's and r's and 4's and run-on sentences and punctuation and grammar and spelling. The pure joy that washed over me upon reading this text message was indescribable. I forgot all about the work I had to do, all about the traffic, the junky barista, everything, and just read her message again, a huge smile on my face. Marli's eleventh birthday was yesterday. Naturally I would not have been invited to that party.

You got a phone for your birthday? That's so cool! Now you can text me whenever you want! Happy Birthday btw!!! :)

thanx its an iphone and its so cool i luv it

Wow those are nice!

So I've heard, anyway. I'm an Android man, myself.

i kno i can play music on it 2 can i come over

I had to read that last message a second time before I picked up the question in it. I inwardly hoped Marli would at least try to use punctuation at some point in the future. I almost missed it.

What do you mean come over? You mean here? Now? I'm at work sweetheart. :(

no i mntonite

No...I mean tonight. I think.

Tonight? You want to come over tonight?


My daughter's with her mom all weekend, honey. :(

Curse my rotten fucking luck. This day just started sucking again.

i no i just talk 2 her in math n she told me she was gonna b gone so can i

If what I'd described earlier was joy, I was very much mistaken. That wasn't joy. This was joy. My little girlfriend was taking things into her own hands brilliantly.

What about your mom?

i asked her n she sayed itwas ok she has 2 work neway so can ii

pleese i really really miss u

Well how can I say no to that? Not that I'd ever planned to say no to Marli. Like for anything. Ever. Need both my kidneys? No problem. Here's a dull knife and a Ziploc bag.

Of course you can come over! :D

yay n i can stay 2nite to my mom sayed as long as its ok wih u

I think it's fair to say that's okay with me. Yes, I think that would be just fine with me.

Of course it is!

i no i toled her u sayed yes alredy lol

Do you need me to come get you?

Like now? Like, right now? Please say right now!

no ill ride the bus

You sure? Do you know which one to take?

yep i took the same 1 b4 to a freinds house its ez

Well if you change your mind and want me to come get you, let me know.


And, just like that, my day improved. But I still had a ton of work to do, and if I planned on making it home before Marli, who'd arrive a few minutes after 4pm, same as my daughter if she were riding that day, I really had to double-time it. I did some mental math and figured I'd work four more hours and hopefully get most of my numbers in for the day.

I lasted about six minutes.

I told my secretary on my way out that something had come up (not entirely untrue) and that I had to leave at once. Yes it's important. No I won't be back. No I don't need you to do anything. No I can't be reached. Yes I'm serious.

Then she asked me if I would still write her a letter of recommendation after I'm fired. Haha, very funny. Suddenly everyone's a comedian. I turned and headed outside.

Chapter 2

When I looked at the speedometer and realized I had driven out of the parking lot at 70 miles per hour, I had to remind myself that it wasn't even noon yet and Marli wouldn't be home for another four hours. I guess I was excited.

I made a quick mental checklist and headed to the mall.

Just as I was about to enter Victoria's Secret, I stopped in my tracks and thought for a moment before taking out my phone.

What size are you?

A moment later...

huh lol

I'm buying you some things for your birthday and I need to know your size.

oh lol im a 10

Fuck, you aren't kidding, I thought to myself.

Okay, got it! Thanks beautiful.

aww i cant wait 2 c u

Same here! I'm excited!

i cant wait 2 do it lol

Me neither!!!

im wet lol

Holy shit. I can't imagine what my face must have looked like to passersby as I read this message.


omg yes lol itts embrasing

No it's not it's HOT!!!!

I waited for a few minutes but there was no reply so I walked into the store. I did a quick search on my phone for women's size charts and found out what I needed to know to buy adult clothes that would fit a size-10 Marli. I made several very distasteful selections and brought them to the counter where the clerk eyed me warily as she tallied them up. My phone buzzed.

sorry my teacher was coming lol

No problem! Don't get in trouble!

Getting that phone taken away and examined might cause me some trouble, come to think of it. I'd have to talk to her about deleting these conversations.


I paid my bill, thinking that, ounce for ounce, lingerie must be the most expensive commodity on the planet. I had a medium-sized bag that was filled with a few goodies, and it couldn't have weighed more than a pound but was well over $200. Incredible. Fuck it - it was money well spent.

After Victoria's Secret, just for a study in contrast, I bought her a birthday teddy bear from Build-A-Bear, then I stopped at the Apple store to buy her a phone cover; a present she could bring home and show her mom. I didn't think Tina would care for the transparent panties I'd bought for her daughter, or the obscenely short babydoll nighty that matched them. I also picked up a charger so she'd have one at my house in case she forgot.

Then a trip into Abercrombie to get her some clothes she could actually wear in public that didn't belong to my daughter. I told the clerk Marli's size and she had no trouble at all helping me spend my money, and didn't give me a single dirty look. When we finished, I had a large selection of shorts and skirts and tops for her, as well as a colorful selection of undies. As much as I wanted to see her in skimpy lace panties 24/7, I knew that comfort was a more realistic goal at her age. And finally I noticed a dress that I thought would look stunning on Marli, so I grabbed that too. Then one more stop before I left the mall.

Shoe size?

aww im an 8 usully

Thanks. :)


I found a pair of high heels (well, high to an eleven year old) that I liked that would match the dress. I bought a size 7.5, an 8, and an 8.5 just in case. I could return the other ones later.

I had quite a few packages to carry out to the car when I left.

Then a store that I'd driven past many times but had never visited. It was a squat brick building painted all black. Enormous pink and yellow letters were painted on the side: ADULT XXX

I parked toward the back and walked in.

I admit I went a little crazy in that store, but I couldn't help it. Her use of a hairbrush for masturbation had me concerned from a hygienic standpoint. Now, that might explain the purchase of a simple garden-variety vibrator, but my altruism only went so far before depravity reared its ugly head, and there were so many choices! I needed a shopping cart.

I bought Marli a small discreet vibrator that looked just like a lipstick, then a small egg with a wired remote. My personal favorite was a flat oval disc with a small penis poking out of the center. It had a wireless remote and I thought that would be fun at dinner tonight.

Then a selection that truly gave me pause and I thought for a long time before deciding to get it: I bought this....I guess one might call it a gift pack...of anal toys called "The Deluxe Anal Explorer Kit" because, as you probably remember, Marli is very much a fan of things butt-related. There were about a dozen toys in the kit, all lined up smallest to largest left to right, in neat little cut-outs. On the left side were very slender little implements, gentle playthings narrower than my pinky progressing gradually upward in size but still for the most part very modest. Some had vibrators built in, some didn't. Near the end of the line, the devices quickly became much more intimidating. The last three struck me as utterly useless since they were huge by comparison and I wished they weren't part of the set, but there weren't a lot of beginner options in the store. The very last one was this monstrous veiny thing bigger around than my forearm, apparently representing the ultimate goal of the typical anal toy consumer. Just looking at it made me wince, but I reminded myself it was the first nine that I was really buying. The last three could go in the trash. Along the bottom of the set was line of tubes of lubricants in varying colors, consistencies and, yes, flavors(!).

The final purchase was a nice soft set of rope ties. I had never been much into bondage and wasn't sure Marli would even let me use them on her, but they were there at the checkout so I threw 'em on the counter. Fuck it.

Now, to a lady, nothing says romance like a crate full of butt plugs, so I stopped at a florist after leaving the porn shop and bought Marli a dozen red roses. At her age I doubt she'd care for such things, but it was something I wanted to do. Plus I figured it might soften the blow of that Explorer Kit. You really had to see that far-right device to appreciate just how vile a thing it was. It should have come with a Proctologist's phone number.

Finally, as I drove home I made reservations at the same restaurant we went to before. Our restaurant. I told them it was for a birthday, and they promised they'd have a small cake all prepared.

I had just set down the phone when it buzzed again, then three more times in rapid succession.

omg i cant wait bus is almost here

can we do it as soon as i get ther

im so wet ur gonna luv these panties lol

wat r u doing lol

I had been sufficiently propagandized by the ad campaign against texting while driving, so I didn't reply until I was in my driveway.

I was driving! :)

im on the bus

I checked my watch. She'd be here soon.

See you in a few!

Chapter 3

I brought in all the stuff I'd purchased and waited at the window for Marli. Right on time, the bus pulled past my driveway and stopped to let off a few of the neighborhood kids. Even though she was exiting on the other side, I knew immediately which one was my girlfriend; I could see her sneaker-clad feet as she was running around the back of the bus at full speed, rounding the corner before tearing up my driveway, backpack bouncing on her shoulder.

She was wearing a denim skirt and a white polo shirt that was clearly a hand-me-down. Marli's mom didn't have a lot of money. It had been white once, but calling it white now was a serious stretch of the imagination.

Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she smiled broadly when she saw me in the window. I hurried to the door to greet her.

I no sooner had it unlatched that she exploded in, closing the door behind her and dropping her backpack on the ground, not caring where it fell. She jumped up on me, wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She didn't say a word as she pulled herself to me, kissing me deeply, passionately, hungrily.

I slid my hands under her skirt and held her tiny butt, pulling her to me. She adjusted her legs to wrap around me more tightly, not breaking our kiss. She was breathing heavily through her nose as her tongue playfully teased mine.

I took a step back and sat down hard on the carpeted steps with Marli still latched onto me. As soon as we were on the stairs I started to slide my hands up her shirt, removing it from her flat chest, brushing across her rock-hard little nipples and causing her to moan into my mouth. After taking her shirt off, I slid my hands back to her boobs, rubbing roughly across the puffy flesh, eliciting further groans.

Marli stood up then, stepped off of me, and reached under her miniskirt. She pulled down her panties and took them off like they were burning her. She handed them to me while smiling wickedly at me.

They were wet. So wet in fact that they actually had a perceivable heaviness to them. She was soaked.

"Goodness, did you pee in these?" I asked.

Marli just shook her head, never breaking eye contact.

"Oh god," I said. "I need to taste you," I said hungrily.

Still standing there with her skirt on, Marli balked at the idea. "Um...can we please just do it right now? I've been thinking about it all day. I even tried to do it at school but some girls walked into the bathroom right before I came and I had to stop. And then the stupid bus was bouncing..."

"Whatever you want, sweetheart," I said.

"I'm sorry I've just been thinking about it and I can't stop and it feels weird and empty and I really can't explain it," she said quickly, her words running together.

I stood up and switched places with her, sitting her a few steps above the floor while I undid my belt and zipper. She watched me lustfully, sitting on her step, leaning back on her elbows. Her skirt was down over her thighs, hiding her nakedness underneath but her legs were spread the width of the carpeted stairs as she waited. She hadn't bothered to take off her tennis shoes.

I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and threw it down, then pulled down my pants and boxers and finally set my engorged cock free. Making out with Marli after she attacked me had left my dick painfully erect, and she eyed me hungrily as I turned to her. I put my hands under each of her knees and lifted. She splayed herself obscenely to me and placed her feet in between the balusters of my staircase railing. I looked down at her pussy, which was puffy and reddened in anticipation of what was coming; her outer labia visibly swollen and glistening. A droplet of her whitish clear dew had collected at the bottom of her slit, about to let gravity take its course as she literally dripped with arousal.

I briefly ignored her earlier plea and brought my face down to her steamy cunt, instantly intoxicated by the heady, feminine scent of a young girl's sex. I breathed deeply, my eyes closing as her pheromones worked in my brain and made my cock harder than it had ever been before. I tasted her, lapping up her precious fluid and savoring it on my tastebuds for a moment before dragging my flattened tongue the length of her open slit. At the top I sucked her engorged clit hard into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue a few times, something I knew Marli liked.

"" Marli moaned. "Please......inside me."

I knelt down on the steps in front of her, putting my cock at her center. Her feet still locked into the spindles, she scooted her butt forward, nearly impaling herself on me in the process. Marli just stared at me, unseeing, her need and lust obvious in her eyes.

"Alex...please," she said, almost whining.

"Please what?" I teased.

Marli just whimpered and hit the stairs weakly with her fists, frustrated.

In response I slid my cock up and down the length of her wet slit, our fluids intermingling. She gasped when I mashed her clit with the head of my cock and drew circles around it.

"Tell me," I urged, smiling deviously.

She moaned and dropped her head against the stairs but remained silent.

I pushed the tip of my cock in about half an inch. Marli groaned gutturally with need. I pulled back out again.

"Alex nooo!" she wailed, almost crying.

"Then tell me. Say it," I said as I watched her writhing beneath me.

She was beaten. She knew what I wanted to hear, but still struggled with bad language and saying certain things was a hurdle for her. She was a good girl. Well, most of the time.

"Alex......fuck me," she growled, eyes holding mine. "Please."

Without speaking I thrust forward, gently as the first inch disappeared into her cunt, then forcefully as Marli and I both pressed ourselves toward each other at the same time, our hips closing the distance between us almost instantly.

Marli's eyes snapped to alertness in shock as the pleasurable pain of being immediately filled took her. Her mouth was frozen as her brain processed what her young cunt was feeling. I pulled back out and thrust deeper into her, harder than before. Her eyes swam into focus and locked on mine as I found a rhythm. Her hands holding the balusters at her sides, her hips began to rock on the step's edge back at me as I pounded into her, two weeks of denied lust taking shape and form as I angrily fucked this girl, this eleven year old girl, on the steps in my foyer, beneath the smiling faces of my relatives in the pictures which lined the staircase. I might have felt guilty if not for the fact that Marli was fucking me back just as hard, her teeth clenched together, the stray hairs from her loosening ponytail now matted to her face with sweat.

" fuck!" cried Marli in a harsh rhythm as I drove into her. Two weeks ago she would never have uttered that word, but in moments of desire she overcame her childish fear of cursing. She was coming along nicely.

I continued my relentless assault on her tiny cunt, my own lust nearly at its peak. Her chest was flushed with red and her nipples were swollen and hard. I had been holding myself up on the steps beneath her back, but now I moved my hands to her puffy little tits, rubbing them roughly, the way she liked. Her chest, shiny with sweat, was rising and falling with her ragged breathing. She started to hold her breath and I felt her pussy tighten as she reached her climax. I pinched her nipples hard, the pain lighting up her brain and body at the perfect moment, pushing her over the edge as the orgasm took her. She made a noise I had never heard before, a strange mix of a grunt and a squeal as she came hard, her prominent abdominal muscles visibly tightening as the waves wracked her tiny body.

I had been working hard to stave off my own orgasm, but now that Marli's had started, I had my permission. The knotted feeling in my stomach and balls now focused itself in a point in my center as my own muscles tightened, and my spine felt like it twisted completely around. I slid my hands off her nipples and down her ribs, finding her hips and forcing my cock even deeper into her cunt than I'd previously thought possible as I fired my semen into her, right against the hard knot of her cervix. My balls squeezed hard into me as they forced out the enormous load of cum. I grabbed her old, yellowed shirt and threw it on the stair under her ass to intercept the vast amount of sperm that would otherwise stain my carpeting.

Marli fell back against the steps flushed and sweaty.

"Oh gosh...that was better than I pictured it. Oh gosh," she said, spent from her efforts.

We stayed there on the staircase, her feet still locked high in the spindles, for several long minutes as we both caught our breath, our senses returning. Once we had calmed down and I was beginning to soften, I lifted myself back from her, looking into her eyes.

"Hi," I said with a smile, causing Marli to laugh. When she did, her muscles tightened and squirted my now-soft cock out of her, officially ending our fun.

"I'm sorry," she said, still laughing. "Hi."

"Don't be," I said, leaning in to give her a proper hello kiss.

We stood up and and got ourselves sorted out. Marli took one look at her shirt with the gargantuan load of my cum slowly soaking into the fibers and left it for dead, picking up my Oxford and putting it on. It was huge on her but she didn't care. She walked into the bathroom to repair the damage while I ran upstairs to get another shirt and take a much-needed piss.

Chapter 4

After I got cleaned up I went downstairs and found Marli, still wearing my dress shirt, rooting through her Abercrombie & Fitch stuff with a huge smile on her face. Fortunately she hadn't yet opened the bag from the adult shop - I assumed I'd need to explain some things.

"Hey!" I said. "No fair peeking!"

"Is all this stuff for me? she asked.

"Yes, sweetheart. Happy birthday. I'm sorry it's not wrapped. I didn't have time," I explained.

"Oh I don't care about that. You didn't have to get me all this. Oh and you got me roses!" she cried excitedly. "I love em! They're beautiful! And a teddy bear! Oh Alex, thank you!"

As she continued digging through the bags she got to the box that contained the dress. When she opened it she gasped and just stared at it silently, her smile gone. She picked it up and smoothed it against her slender frame for a moment before running to the bathroom mirror. When she returned she was crying.

"Honey, what's wrong?" I asked, concerned.

"It''s...I've never had a new dress of my own before. All my dresses are Cara's old ones," she explained, still sniffling.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"Oh,'s just...I love it. I just love it. Thank you," she said quietly.

"I got some shoes to go with it too. Go try everything on so I can see how it looks on you," I asked.

"Ugh...I'm all sweaty and icky from the stairs," she said, smiling. "After a shower."

She carefully folded the dress and put it back in the box, then came over to me and kissed me softly.

"Thank you so much." I love everything, but that dress..." she said, trailing off and looking back at the dress box on the table. Apparently I'd chosen well.

"I got you lots of other stuff too!" I said, reaching for the Victoria's Secret bag.

Marli's eyes widened when she saw some of the sexy things I'd picked out, especially the nightie that was so transparent we could see each other as I held it up between us.

"This is for after dinner," I explained with a wicked grin. Marli smiled back at me through the garment.

"And speaking of dinner, we're going on a date tonight," I informed her.

"Same place as before?" she asked. I nodded in reply.

Marli smiled brightly enough to light up the neighborhood. "I can wear my dress!" she said excitedly.

"I can't wait to see it on you," I said. And off of you, I didn't say.

Marli beamed.

" got you some other things too," I said tentatively as I changed gears in the conversation.

"Like what?" she said cautiously, noting my tone.

"," I said.

"Toys? I'm a little old for toys - I just turned eleven, silly," she said.

"These are different toys," I said as I opened the large bag. "These are sex toys."

"Dildos?" she asked. I wasn't expecting her to know the word.

" do you-"

"Cara has one." she said simply.

"Well now you have one. Several, actually. I bought a whole bunch of different things, hopefully you'll find one you like."

I then proceeded to show her each of the various sex gizmos I'd gotten for her and how they worked. She was intrigued by the remote-control vibrator that she could wear when we went out. She was already working out the possibilities and it was small enough that it wouldn't hurt her.

She didn't even bat an eye at the bondage ropes. Apparently her mom and her mom's former boyfriend had made some jokes that Marli had overheard, so the concept wasn't entirely a shock to her.

The Deluxe Anal Explorer Kit I saved for last.

"Marli, this last thing I got...I need to explain before I show you," I said, nervous beyond words, though I don't know why. " know how you use that hairbrush in" I asked.

"Yes," said Marli, blushing and smiling.

"Well I got you some things that are safer to use for playing like that. Certainly cleaner than a brush and less likely to hurt you. And you have to be careful of stuff like that when you're playing...back there," I warned her.

"Can I see?" she asked, trying to look down into the bag.

"Okay but first, these are in all different sizes. I didn't pick them out. One of them big," I said. "But I didn't pick that one for you; it just came with the box."

"Lemme see!" she said impatiently, laughing.

With that I started to remove The Deluxe Anal Explorer Kit from its bag. The box was huge. I felt like I was revealing a train set on Christmas morning.

When she got a look at the monstrous plug on the far right, her eyes widened before she started laughing.

Marli turned to the wall and put her hands up high on it, spread eagle like she was being arrested. "You have got to put that thing in me right now!" she demanded. She looked serious.

"Wh- What?" I said, looking at her, then the toy, then back to her. "Are...are you serious?" I croaked.

"Of course I'm not serious, you dork!" she said, laughing as she turned back to me. "Look at the size of that thing! Do people really put things this big up their butt? Ouch!!!"

"I don't know...maybe...I guess." I said as I considered it. I really didn't know.

"Well I think we can throw that one away," and then after a pause, " want it," she said, laughing. Another comedian.

I dropped the grotesque implement into the trash can, where it landed with a loud thud. It sounded like I'd dropped a bowling ball in there. The sound sent Marli into another fit of laughter as she examined her new collection of ass toys.

"Those ones with the narrow flared bases can be worn anywhere," I explained. Some were vibrators, but others were plugs she could try if she wanted.

"You- whaddya mean worn?" she asked dubiously, looking at the selection. She wasn't getting the point.

"Well," I replied, "the vibrators you just use whenever you want, like at home, like your brush. But these," I said, picking up a smallish plug with a narrow neck and a flared base, "you put in you and then just...go do whatever," I said with a shrug.

"You mean out in public?" she said, alarmed.

"No one would ever know you were wearing one, Marli," I assured her. "That's the cool thing about them. You could even wear them to school if you wanted," I said. "No one would ever have any idea."

It was the school reference that lit the light bulb above Marli's head as she processed the possibilities with a far off look in her eyes.

"That...would be kinda cool," she said finally, a broad smile on her face.

"And these other ones you use at home. No more hairbrushes," I admonished.

"I can bring these home?" she asked.

"Well not all of them. But if you have a good hiding place you can take home whichever ones you like," I said. "The other ones will be here and you can take them when you want. I have a shoe box in my closet. I'll store them in there."

"It'll be like a dildo library!" she said, screaming with laughter. I just smiled and shook my head.

Chapter 5

Marli informed me that she needed to go take a shower. I offered to take one with her (just to conserve water, naturally), but she demurred. She said she needed some privacy, which I took to mean use of the toilet, so I let it go and showered on my own while she used my daughter's bathroom.

When I returned to the kitchen I found that Marli's dress, the shoes and the bags of clothes had all been taken upstairs while she got ready. I heard the shower running and busied myself at the computer, just killing some time as I waited.

Soon the water stopped, then after several minutes, "Alex? Can you come here?" Marli called to me from upstairs.

"Yep - what's up?" I said as I started climbing the stairs.

She waited for me to make the landing before continuing. She had poked her head out of the bathroom and was wearing a towel.

"I wanted to use one of the things tonight but I can't get it in," she said sheepishly. "Will you help me?"

Instant erection. Boom.

"Of course honey," I said.

"I was trying this one but it won't go," she said, handing me one of the more modest-sized toys from the Explorer Kit.

"Did you use the stuff that came in the box?" I asked, referring to the little tubes of lubricant.

"Well, no, because I was still wet from the shower and I didn't want to be all greasy down there during dinner," she explained.

"Let me do it this time and I'll just use a little," I offered.

"Okay" she said. I sat on the toilet lid and she stood between my legs, facing away from me like I was just going to apply sunblock to her shoulders. I wondered if she had been standing like this when she tried. It would have made things nearly impossible at this angle.

"Why don't you kneel on the floor and let me do it that way? It would be easier." I explained.

"Okay." she said. She knelt down on the rug and looked at me.

"Now spread your legs a little bit and put your chest down to the floor," I explained.

Marli complied, arching her back and forcing her chest downward, which spread her pert little butt wide open. The vision of her spreading her ass and pussy to me so obscenely almost made me forget everything and rape her right there on the bathroom floor. My head was swimming from the sight and I had to force myself to breathe. With every bit of self-control I could muster, I took a very small drop of the lubricant and applied it to my finger. I then smeared it around and just inside her clean little sphincter.

"You know, I could just as easily do this with my tongue," I offered playfully.

"NO! It's bad enough you're seeing me like this." she said, looking up at me from the floor. "No funny business until after dinner - I'm all clean now and I don't want to get messy again," she said decisively. Well that was that.

I took the toy in hand and placed it at her asshole. I told her to relax and started to push the device inside her. I had to push fairly hard but thanks to the oil it slid in smoothly. She gasped at the widest point and seemed to be in a little discomfort (the toy was indeed modest relative to the others, but was by no means tiny). Soon the thickest part of it had passed through her tight ring, which quickly closed around the narrow neck as Marli let out an relieved sigh. The flared base would prevent it going any deeper.

"There. All done. How's that?" I asked.

She stood up, replacing the towel as she went. She wiggled her butt to get a feel for the intrusion.

"It's weird." she said, wiggling again and assessing the results.

"Weird bad? Weird good?" I wondered. I had never used one of these things - I was genuinely curious.

"I don't know. I feel full like when we do it, which is good. But it's weird just walking around feeling like that I guess." she said. "I don't's weird. It doesn't hurt."

And then, a moment later after a few more test wiggles, she made up her mind and smiled, adding, "I like it. Yes. Now get out so I can get ready!" she said, shooing me with her hands.

"Wow, yes ma'am," I said, laughing as I closed the door behind me.

Chapter 6

About forty-five minutes later I heard Marli coming down the stairs, then her new heels clicking on the hardwood floor as she walked toward me in the living room. I started to stand up to greet her and she rounded the corner just as I looked up.

She was a vision. Her hair was straight at her sides and she had a bit of eyeliner and eyeshadow on, makeup my daughter never wore. Her lips were glossy and red as well. The dress looked incredible on her and left me speechless. It hugged her body, which was only recently developing curves, but the material accentuated everything, making her waist look tiny and her hips in perfect proportion. She looked like a model.

"You look like a model," I croaked. Ah, the compliment of a simpleton. Well done, Cyrano. Well done.

"I'm sorry, wait..." I said, my brain finally functioning, "you look absolutely exquisite, Marli. Just so very elegant and incredibly beautiful." I said. And it was true. The dress fit her so perfectly it looked like it had been custom made by professionals that afternoon. She had in her hand a small clutch she had borrowed from my daughter's room. Even the shoes were a perfect match if I say so myself. Though I was in a jacket and tie, I suddenly felt underdressed standing next to her.

"Shall we?" I said, offering my arm. Marli just smiled broadly as we walked out together.

Chapter 7

At the restaurant I did a quick scan of our fellow diners and found no one I recognized. We were shown our seats in a remote corner (just dumb luck; I would never dare ask for that) and while Marli's entrance definitely did not go unnoticed by any man in the room, they forgot about us soon after we sat down.

We made small talk for a few minutes, talking about school for Marli and work for me (I was surprised she was interested but she was quite the conversationalist) before I let my baser instincts get the better of me. I leaned across the table.

"Is it still in?" I asked, referring to her toy. She just smiled and nodded slowly.

"Does it feel good?" Another nod from Marli, this one much more emphatic.

"Really?" I asked, questioning her expression more than her answer.

"Yes! It's driving me crazy!" she whispered excitedly.

I'd have asked for the check right then but we hadn't even received our entrees yet.

"Well it wasn't easy putting that thing in you then acting like nothing happened. That drove me crazy too," I admitted.

Marli smiled, then reached into the small purse on the seat next to her. She took something out and slid it over to me, but her hand was still over it, blocking my view. She gestured for me to take it, so I covered her hand with mine and she withdrew, leaving me with...a small remote control. I looked at her for confirmation and she just nodded. So not only did she have a toy in her ass, she had just given me control of the vibrator in her pussy.

I looked around stupidly, as if the whole restaurant might somehow be aware of what had just transpired, before looking at the remote. It had a red button on one side (off and on), and two up and down buttons on the other. A speed control. I pushed the red button.

As if electrocuted, Marli instantly jolted upright in her seat then frantically pointed toward the table, telling me to turn it down. I mashed the down arrow repeatedly and she seemed to relax.

"I think that was full blast!" she explained, blowing out a large breath of air. "Holy cow!"

"Sorry," I said. "Better now?" Though it had no indicator, as many times as had I pressed the down arrow, I assumed it had to be on its lowest setting.

"Maybe one or two clicks more," she said, giving a small thumbs-up. I pushed the up arrow twice, and she responded, making a small 'o' with her mouth as she concentrated on the buzzing in her panties. This could be fun.

I set the remote on the cushion next to me while continuing to talk to Marli. It was one of the hottest things I'd ever done, as she had a very difficult time conversing normally. She'd be talking and then suddenly stop, clearly enjoying herself, but forced to be quiet. A barely noticeable patina of sweat broke out on her forehead as the torture continued.

When our waiter brought out our food, I reached down and gave Marli three more up clicks right before she had to thank him. The sultry breathiness of her voice was incredible; she sounded like Kathleen Turner (well, an eleven year old Kathleen Turner). He considered her for a brief moment, then turned and left to attend his other tables. She looked at me with daggers, so I took one of the clicks off. She still looked angry but her eyes started to lose focus and she closed them as she almost imperceptibly began to rock back and forth.

She gently set down her utensils and rested her forehead against interlaced fingers. Anyone walking by would have thought she was praying. In addition to her rocking her pussy on the tiny vibrator, I could now hear her breathing, very quiet, but very audible from my close proximity. I thought she was getting close. I gave her two more clicks.

Marli responded instantly. Her fingers came apart and she made tiny fists which loosened and tightened as the buzzing intensified in her cunt, but still couldn't see her face. Two more clicks.

Too much. Marli looked at me pleadingly, almost in agony. It was too intense, so I slowed it down and the lust in her eyes told me everything I needed to know. This was the sweet spot. She settled into a rhythm and subtly hunched against the little toy.

I could hear her breathing grow quicker and shallower until finally she stopped breathing altogether for what seemed like a whole minute, and then just grunted hard but quietly several times. My little girlfriend was cumming right there in the restaurant in front of dozens of people. About 40 seconds after her orgasm started, she looked at me, exhausted and smiling.

"Off?" I asked. A slow, lazy satisfied nod from Marli. I mashed the down arrow a few times before pressing the red button, allowing Marli to eat the dinner which was getting cold as it sat untouched in front of her. Mine was too, not that I cared.

"Well that was interesting," I offered after a few minutes, as we sat there eating.

"That..." she said with an emphatic pause, " a very nice birthday present." A moment ticked by before she added, "Both of them are." reminding me there was still toy lodged in her ass.

"I'm glad you like them!" I said, smiling.

She leaned across the table toward me conspiratorially. "Oh my gosh, Alex, it was so hard to be quiet! ...I don't like you," she said.

"Yes you do," I told her, eliciting a smile.

"Well, maybe a little."

Chapter 8

Marli and I walked out closely together and I felt her small hand find mine. I led her to the car and opened her door for her. Once I'd joined her on the other side, she was on me, kissing me deeply with a crazed passion. I held her close for a moment but we weren't sitting in the back of a darkened limousine; someone would see us. I reluctantly broke the kiss, but she would have none of it and clambered over the console, trying to get in my lap, her dress sliding up over deeply tanned thighs as she straddled me.

"Sweetheart, someone will see! We'll be home soon, I promise."

Marli reluctantly returned to her side of the car with a pout. Before I even had the car in reverse she had an idea and knelt on her seat. "Nobody will see me down here!" and she leaned over to unzip my trousers, her hand quickly fishing my rock hard cock out of my zipper before she plunged her hot mouth on top of it, taking nearly the full length and immediately sliding up and down. The feeling was incredible as she sucked hard on me, crushing her mouth down on my shaft, forcing the head of my cock into the back of her throat and gagging herself like she liked. Her hand found my balls and rubbed them firmly, just as I'd taught her. In moments I could feel an orgasm building, but I was so terrified of someone seeing us, my head was on a swivel as I assessed the parking lot every two seconds for new arrivals and departures. It was now dark outside, but the risks were overwhelming.

"Oh, please stop," I said, fighting against every instinct I had. Marli was getting to be quite a talented little cocksucker now, and it killed me not to let her finish, but prison is a surprisingly strong motivator.

She lifted her mouth off me for just a moment. "Just drive," she said, before plunging her mouth the length of my shaft and continuing her work. There was no way that would work; the shifter was under her chest and I couldn't move it without moving her.

I asked Marli one more time to stop but she kept on sucking. Then I begged her to stop and she kept on sucking. I felt the familiar stirrings in my balls as she brought me closer and closer. I gave up. She won. I looked down at my little girl, her head sliding up and down furiously, one hand on my cock as she sucked, the other under her dress. I wished I could reach the remote but it was in my pocket, and she was blocking my access. I leaned the seat back a little, then put my hand on the back of her head and pushed down hard. With any other woman, this would have been a major mistake and immediately ended the fun, but Marli had a peculiar kink; she loved the feeling of choking on a cock as it pressed into the back of her throat. She got off on it.

The reaction was as predicted. Marli's loud breathing through her nose intensified and so did her rubbing of her pussy under her dress. I was too far gone to think anymore, and just kept pressing her mouth harder onto me. I felt my balls tighten hard in my sack as she continued to suck me. She pushed down on my balls and sent me flying headlong over the edge. I groaned loudly as I erupted, firing rope after rope of hot cum into her throat. Marli was ready for it, and focused only on swallowing my load, remembering every lesson she'd learned in the past. She didn't spill a drop, and continued sucking past my orgasm, waiting for me to stop her, just like I'd taught her.

"Okay....okay sweetheart.....okay," I said, stroking her hair. Marli sucked up the length of my shaft as she lifted her head off me, just in case she'd missed something. When she sat back up, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. I looked down expecting a mess, but my pants were spotless. She hadn't missed a single drop.

"Oh, Marli, honey...that was spectacular," I said, meaning it. Marli just smiled before settling back and fastening her seatbelt while I tucked in and zipped up. We had about a thirty minute drive and we held hands the entire way home, but not before I pushed the red button.

Chapter 9

We were just walking into the kitchen from the garage when my phone rang. Marli's mom.

"Hi Alex it's Tina - how are the girls doing?"

Marli whispered in my other ear: "I'm going upstairs to change." I waved her off dismissively, an action which apparently irked Marli as she stood there and stared at me, eyebrows raised, hands on hips.

"Oh, just fine. They're just hanging out watching a movie." Daggers at Marli for distracting me while I talk to her mom, of all people. Marli smiled and started grabbing my cock through my pants - I turned away to focus on Tina.

"Ahh okay. You sure you don't mind Marli staying? She seemed kind of determined this morning - I don't want her forcing herself on you." I had to stifle a laugh at her choice of words.

Marli walked into my field of view and hiked up her dress, rubbing her bald pussy through her panties to tease me.

"Not at all. In fact, she got a bunch of clothes from my daughter and I think she's staying tomorrow night too, if that's alright with you." I replied, waving Marli away frantically before I said something incriminating.

"You mean if it's alright with you," Tina corrected. "I have a date tomorrow anyway, so it'll just be Cara and Deena here.

Marli took the vibrator out of her panties and set it on the counter. She then began fingering herself as she licked her lips and made porn star faces at me. Hot as hell, but I had to act like nothing was happening.

"Oh that's nice," I said to her mother. "I hope it goes well."

"Well, I had my sights on this one really terrific guy but he never asked me out." Yeah, maybe because your skin looks like beef jerky - two words for you: sun block, I thought to myself. God, I hope she wasn't talking about me. At this moment Marli stuck her finger in my mouth, slick with her pussy cream.

"Well, you gah ba mah gaahala." I said, Marli's wet finger sliding in and out of my mouth.

"GAWP!" I said to Tina as Marli's finger found my uvula, gagging me. She was in hysterics.

"Huh?" said Tina. Marli pulled out and ran upstairs, screaming with laughter.

"Nothing, sorry, just wishing you good luck on your date," I said.

"Thank you," said Tina. "Have Marli call me tomorrow if she wants. I can hear them laughing. Sounds like they're having a great time."

"They always do. They're good kids. And I'll tell her. Good night!" I said, pressing End before heading upstairs to kill Marli.

I found her in my daughter's bathroom. I tried the door but it was locked. I could hear her snickering quietly on the other side.

"I really should beat you, you know." I said to the door.

She just laughed.

"Well I'll be in my...our room when you're done." I informed her.

"Okay," she replied, clearly smiling. "I'm just getting changed; I'll be out in a sec."

Chapter 10

I rooted around in the bag of toys from the adult store and at the bottom, found what I was looking for: the rope kit. It was fairly straightforward, with Velcro and various loops and snap links so that you could get right down to business without having to read a book first. And it had furry loops for the arms and legs. To avoid having to explain rope burns to your co-workers on in the morning. Or your mom, I thought to myself.

I clipped two of them to the corners of the headboard and was just walking around the bed when Marli entered the room.

"That for me?" she asked, looking at the ropes still in my hand. She was wearing the transparent babydoll nightie, so short it didn't even cover her pussy, which was naked, despite there being a matching set of panties for the ensemble.

"What happened to the bottoms?" I asked, staring at her hungrily, fighting to tear my eyes off her perfect little slit. She had a few hairs that were just starting to darken there, but was still mostly downy fuzz, sloping down in a soft V.

"Well, let's just say they were...messy," she said sheepishly. "You had that thing buzzing in me all night, so those undies were a sight when I took them off. They're drying in the bathroom." she explained.

I just looked at her and swallowed hard.

" I really getting a spanking or something?" she asked, eyeing me tentatively. I have to admit the idea hadn't occurred to me. Me saying I was going to beat her was just an expression. I had spanked my daughter when she was really little but only a couple of times. Corporal punishment just wasn't on my radar, least of all from a sexual standpoint. And yet, the idea of spanking Marli suddenly sounded hot to me. My dick certainly seemed taken with the idea as it slowly filled.

"Well after that stunt you pulled in the kitchen, I think you may need one," I ventured. I really wasn't sure how Marli would react. I mean, you never know if a kid is abused or something, and a spanking might have a whole different connotation to her, setting off some emotional trauma panic attack or something.

"Okay," she said simply. Or, she might not care at all I thought to myself.

"Just not too hard okay?" she added.

She pushed me gently backward onto the bed and I sat down hard. In my mind I had pictured tying her up then spanking her, but Marli had a different idea as she climbed across my lap. I looked down at her perfect little ass and saw that she had not removed the toy she'd been wearing at dinner. The narrow base was wedged deeply in the crack of her ass. I considered removing it before I started but left it in place.

I rubbed her butt for a few seconds before landing my first tentative swat. The last time I'd smacked a kid's ass was when my daughter was five and she had intentionally broken every crayon she owned. Even then I didn't hit her hard.

"You can do it harder than that," Marli assured me.

I rubbed her ass again and this time landed a harder swat. She didn't move. I ran my hands down over her pussy, lightly dragging my fingertips over her slit before raising my hand again and landing a third, much harder blow. This time Marli jerked and made a small whimper. My cock was straining upward, pushing into her hip. She had to feel it. She ground against me and her legs fell open slightly, improving my access. Once more I touched her slit then pushed down hard on the toy in her ass. Marli moaned and wriggled in my lap as my hand went up again for a fourth slap, this one landing with a surprisingly loud smack. Marli stiffened and whimpered again as her ass began to redden severely. While I hadn't wanted to hurt her, I could see the physical evidence that I was, but it was unexpectedly erotic to me. I would never have imagined this reaction from myself. I reached down and dipped a finger into Marli's drooling slit, eliciting a moan from her as she raised her ass up to encourage me. I pulled hard on the toy in her ass, but not enough to remove it, just to stimulate her. Then I pushed it hard back into place. Marli just groaned beneath me, losing control.

"I'm going to tie you down and do this," I informed her as I slid her off my lap and stood up.

"Uh huh," Marli said dreamily.

I already had the wrist straps in place at the head of the bed, so I set up some pillows for her to lay on, which would elevate her ass. She laid down across them and spread her arms out, allowing me to tie her down. I quickly slid the ropes around her wrists and she was soon unable to move her upper body. I hadn't done anything for the lower half.

I rubbed her butt once more and slid my hand underneath to rub her pussy before I swatted her once again. I didn't know where I would stop; I was in unfamiliar territory. Marli jerked when I hit her but whimpered again as she raised her ass up for the next one. She really seemed to enjoy this. Well, add a fourth kink to the mix, I guess. Fuck me, I was one lucky dude.

Marli's ass was a bright pink, and I could see handprints. I suddenly had an idea for the other ropes.

I looped each one around the bend in her knee, then looped the other ends around the same bedposts that held her wrists. When I pulled them tight, her legs spread wider as her knees were pulled toward her elbows. Her ass and pussy were spread lewdly. Marli just moaned into her pillow at the embarrassing way she was now positioned, but she didn't protest. I realized I couldn't spank her like this; I'd only be spanking her pussy if I did, and that seemed wrong to me (hey there's a first for everything).

I took a moment to examine her closely. The toy was still lodged deep in her rectum and I wiggled it firmly, causing her to squirm. Her pussy was spread open completely and I could look inside and see how wet she was. I could feel the heat radiating from her crotch and the heady aroma of her arousal caused my head to spin as I breathed her in deeply. I decided I had to fuck her right now.

I slipped off my shorts and got to my knees. Then, without untying her, I centered myself behind her and rubbed my steel-hard cock against her weeping slit. Marli moaned in anticipation of what was coming and pushed her hips back, trying to get me inside her immediately. I wasn't sure I could wait long myself. I held her hips and pushed my cock into her pussy, making it about a half an inch before I could go no further. It was like there was something in there already.

I adjusted the angle and pushed again. Same result. What the fuck? Marli had been tight when we first started fucking, but that was over a month ago.

I realized that with Marli's rectum filled up by her toy, it was taking up vaginal real estate. As a result there was no room in her pussy for my dick. The toy had to come out.

"I need to take that thing out of you, baby," I informed her.

"Noooo....I love it," she protested.

"Well we can't do anything if I don't," I said. Another discovery: Eleven year olds are physically incapable of double penetration. Well, other than fingers, that is. They do just fine with fingers. Well, Marli does, anyway. Your results may vary.

"If you take it out then I want you back there instead," she said.

"I can live with that." Might as well go for the Triple Crown, I thought to myself, smiling.

I hopped off the bed and grabbed a towel and some Astroglide before returning to the still well-tied Marli. I started to tug on her toy, the towel at the ready just in case. Marli was moaning at the pressure and pain as her tiny sphincter opened to accommodate the fattest part of the dildo. She soon dilated, allowing me to slip it out of her easily, and she was audibly disappointed at its absence. To my relief, the towel was unnecessary, but I used it to wrap up the toy for cleaning later.

Once the path was clear, I knelt behind her again. I know she wanted it in her ass, but I plunged it into her pussy instead. Marli sucked through her teeth, hissing at the sudden insertion but threw her head back and started moaning, rocking her hips back, her restraints limiting her movement as she tried to fuck me.

"Nooo!" she protested while still moaning, still hunching back onto me. "Please," she cried.

"What?" I asked her. "What's wrong?"

"Are you going to make me say it again?" she asked as she looked back at me.

I smiled lasciviously as I realized what she was asking. I admit I hadn't planned on making her use the f-word this time - hadn't even thought of it, but she brought it up, so...

"Ungh....please.....ungh......Alex......ungh" she said in rhythm to my deep strokes.

"Please what?" I said, stopping at the deepest point as I held her tightly against me, my cock pushing against her tiny cervix.

"Buttfuck me," she said, this time loud and clear. It was getting much easier for her to use that crude language.

"Oh thaaaat," I said, playing dumb. "Sure thing, honey." Marli just groaned into the pillow with irritation at my ineptitude.

I slipped out of her dripping pussy, my cock greased up enough with her cream to probably make additional lubricant unnecessary, but I used some anyway. No such thing as too much when it comes to this. I placed the tip of my dick at her tiny little hole and pushed steadily. Her whole body stiffened as she suffered the intrusion; her arms and legs strained against the ropes.

I watched as inch after inch of my cock, whitened by the extreme tightness of her little sphincter as it squeezed me, disappeared into her scalding rectum. She groaned like an animal beneath me as I bottomed out, my full length gladly accepted into her ass. I held still until she started to move, signaling that I could move too. I pulled out nearly my full length before plunging back into her, my hips slapping against my handprints that were still on her ass.

I increased my tempo, fucking her butt as deeply as I could. Marli was going berserk. Her legs were kicking while her knees were held open, her hands fighting against the ropes. She probably wanted to touch herself, but she couldn't. I reached around her ribs and felt her tiny nipples, which were hard as bullets. I pinched them, causing her to gasp and whimper.

I slid my hands down her flat tummy, reaching underneath her to find her swollen clit. I rubbed vigorously against her hood, rubbing her whole vulva as I stimulated her sensitive button. Marli cried out in agony, desperate to come as I continued to masturbate her while fucking her ass. She was frantic.

I couldn't hold off any longer. I tried desperately to hold back, wanting to make her come before I did, but it had been building, and I couldn't stop it now. I stiffened as I came, pulling Marli's hips back forcefully as I reached new depths in her rectum, further impaling her on my engorged cock. I could feel my balls tighten as I launched my seed deep into her ass, filling her colon with my hot semen. When Marli felt that first wave of scalding cum inside her, she stiffened and screamed into her pillow. Her hands grabbed the ropes and she pulled for all she was worth, but didn't move. The sinews of her arms and back plainly visible as her musculature fought against the restraints.

I fell forward on top of her, still deep inside her, my full weight on her, pressing her into the pillows we'd used to hold her up. I wrapped my arms around her sweaty flat chest, feeling her ragged breathing beneath me, gently massaging the tiny swellings that would one day be her breasts. I kissed her neck, which was damp with sweat. Same for her back as I slid against her.

"Ally, undo my hands," she said breathlessly. I smiled at my new nickname before reaching up to free her wrists. I stayed locked inside her while I worked.

When she was free I lay back down down on top of her, and now she could hold my arms tightly against her as I continued to massage her chest.

I could feel Marli struggling beneath me, trying to adjust herself, so I lifted up for a moment before settling back on her.

I could hear Marli's breathing begin to quicken, and I could hear the wet sounds of her rubbing her pussy. Apparently she wasn't finished yet; she was masturbating while my nearly-soft cock was still inside her. Soon she was whimpering and moaning into the pillow. Although I wasn't hard, and probably couldn't be for some time, I humped gently against her as she rubbed her wet little cunt. She didn't take long.

I could hear her speed up and then a moment later her body tightened as she came quickly, grunting into her pillow. Her arms were free but her thighs were still locked open by the ropes. I could feel her asshole clenching around my cock, still held tight by her tiny ring.

Marli let out a long, satisfied sigh as she finished coming. She was asleep within seconds, breathing deeply and regularly. I lifted off her to confirm that she really was sleeping and she was - out like a light, my dick still inside her. Unreal.

I stayed there for as long as I could, until nature called (screamed) and I had to move. I extracted myself from Marli, expecting her to wake up and for a river of cum to pour out of her ass. I watched as her tiny hole closed up tightly again when my penis had been removed, and thanks to her angle, still tied and bent over a stack of pillows, gravity help keep my seed where it was.

I went to take a very pleasurable whiz before hurrying back to attend to Marli.

I untied her legs before waking her up. It was not easy to rouse her, and I don't even think she was entirely awake when she stood up to use the bathroom. I walked her in and closed the door behind her.

A few minutes later she came out, still in her transparent nightie, and walked to me, arms up, eyes closed. I picked her up and carried her to bed, where she fell back asleep almost before her head hit the pillow.

I put the bed back together (we had really messed it up) then washed myself, and then her toy, leaving it to dry on the sink. Then I joined Marli in bed, pulling her small, languid body to mine.

I fell asleep about as fast as she did.

Chapter 11

I woke up early. Marli was next to me sleeping soundly, long hair covering her face, her hand tucked between her legs, cupping her pussy. I watched her for a moment to see if there was any movement there, but no. She was out cold. I left her a note on my pillow: Back shortly. Went for a run. Love, A.

Then I headed out, hoping to make it back before she awoke.

When I got back later I heard my shower running. I could hear Marli singing as I entered the bathroom. She's a horrible singer, and I winced more than a few times when she hit sour notes as I stripped naked.

She heard me when my shoes hit the floor and she peeked out, smiling when she saw me.

"You can come in here with me if you want," she offered playfully.

"Only if you promise not to sing!" I teased, slipping into the stall with her. As I've mentioned before, my shower is huge, with room enough for six people (not that I've ever tried that). There are multiple shower heads too, but I shared the one Marli was using.

Marli just punched my arm before turning back to the spray.

"Need some help?" I asked her. "I can get your back."

She handed me the soap and I got to work lathering up my girlfriend.

I helped her up onto the built-in bench, so she could stand on it, out of the spray and allowing me better access to her. I put down the soap and squeezed some shampoo in her hair, washing it thoroughly before doing the same with the conditioner.

Then I took the soap again and lathered every inch of her, paying close attention to her nipples, vulva and butt, all of which were now cleaner than they'd ever been, thanks to my perverse attention to detail. My cock was throbbing as I helped her down. She grabbed my penis and stroked it a few times before rinsing herself off.

While she did that, I started washing my hair, then began to soap up. Marli didn't need to be asked as she applied more soap to my cock and my balls, cleaning them for me. She masturbated me with long strokes for several minutes before turning me toward the stream to rinse off. Once I was clean she sat down on the bench and took me into her mouth and began sucking me. I aimed the shower head away, making sure she didn't get sprayed.

Marli was teasing the tip, swirling her tongue around the head, pressing into my pee hole before sliding back down on me again. I could already feel myself getting close.

"Marli, honey?" I asked. She took her mouth off me but kept jacking me off, squeezing my dick tightly in her tiny hand as she looked up at me.

"Do you wanna do it? There's enough room in here," I said, indicating the shower stall.

Marli scrunched up her face. "I'm kinda sore but we can do it in a little while," she said, smiling as she continued to stroke me.

"Well baby I'm really close...if you're not careful it's going to get all over you," I said, breathing heavily.

She didn't stop stroking but put the tip in her mouth and sucked, wrapping her tongue around the head of my cock as her cheeks dimpled inward.

It was at that moment she pulled her mouth off me and folded her arms.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Huh? What?" I asked, confused.

"Tell me what you want, Alex," she said smugly. I now got the joke and smiled down at her wickedly. Unlike Marli, however, I've been swearing for years, and I'm really quite good at it, so it was exactly goose/gander thing, but it was adorable nonetheless as she tried to be like me.

"Please, Marli....please suck me," I said pleadingly, playing along. "Please, I'm begging."

She just smiled up at me and put my dick back in her mouth, empowered, continuing along like nothing happened. I'd have to remember this one.

"Baby....I'm.....unhh.......oh, fuck...." Marli kept looking at me as she brought me closer and closer, a look of concentration on her face as she examined my reactions. I came with a jerk, and Marli smiled, taking her mouth off my cock as she continued her ministrations as I reached the point of no return, my insides clenching up as my orgasm twisted through me.

The first blast landed in her hair where it hung by the side of her face, causing her to jump. She then opened her mouth as wide as she could and lowering her face beneath my cock as I continued to coat her mouth with my sperm. I watched as she aimed the tip, gathering as much cum as she could on her tongue as my spasms coursed through me. Some of my load missed her mouth and was now on her chest and tummy.

When I was finished, she closed her mouth and swallowed every drop of my seed before opening again with a smack and proudly demonstrating that it was empty, like she was doing a trick. Ta-daa.

She let go of my softening cock and rubbed my cum into her tits and her flat little tummy, running her hand down to her vagina, where her hand remained for a few minutes as she gently fingered herself. I felt guilty.

"You sure I can't return the favor?" I asked.

"No, not right now, but definitely later!" she said with a grin.

I washed her hair again to get my cum out of it, then rinsed whatever remained off her tiny body before we stepped out. Then I dried her off head to toe.

"Do you want to use it again today? I said, indicating the now-dry toy sitting on the bathroom counter.

Marli eyed the device and thought about it for a minute. "No. ...I don't know. What about one of the smaller ones?" she said tentatively. She may have been stinging a little; I wasn't exactly gentle with her last night.

"Whatever you want. We have lots to choose from," I reminded her, suddenly very glad I'd bought so many.

Marli looked through the box I'd given her before deciding on a lavender-colored toy. There was one slightly smaller device she said she would have preferred, but it was a vibrator and she didn't want anyone to see the wire since she was wearing planning on wearing shorts. It was going to be a hot day.

I offered to just cut the wire off, but she said she wanted to keep it.

"Well the controller isn't that big; it's just the wire that's the problem," I explained. I can cut through from the inside, and the remote will just sit in your pocket. I'll tie the slack in a loop and no one will ever suspect a thing."

Marli just nodded as she visualized the final result. "But I don't wanna cut my new shorts," she said

"It'll just be part of a pocket and you won't see it. If I mess them up I'll buy you a new pair. Promise," I said.

Marli brought me the shorts she was planning on wearing. They were the white short-shorts I'd gotten at Abercrombie. I performed the surgery carefully while she dried her hair. When she came out I showed her where the wire would go. I really did a fine job on them, I thought.

"Need me to put it in for you again?" I asked wickedly as I handed her both the shorts and the device.

"No, I need to learn how to do it myself," she replied. And with that she took the toy and closed the bathroom door behind her. Damn.

When she came out I took one look at her and forgot how to breathe. Marli's had her hair up in pigtails, which somehow has the wonderfully paradoxical effect of innocent and slutty at the same time. A delightful combination for a deranged man like me. She looked positively edible in the clothes I bought for her. A bright pink tank top which hugged her slender frame perfectly (and had the side benefit -very deliberate on her part, I'm sure- of matching the paint on her fingernails), and the white shorts were snug but not tight, just riding into the crack of her ass. She had rolled up the cuffs, making them very short. They accentuated her tanned legs perfectly. Even still, I could see no trace of the wire or the remote.

"Change your mind about the toy?" I asked, secretly crushed.

"No, it's in," she said casually, as if she were informing me that she had brushed her teeth. Well now I know what I'll be thinking about all day today.

"Wow, I can't even tell!" I exclaimed, turning her around by the shoulders as I carefully examined her lower half.

"Can you hear it?" she asked.

"It's on?" I asked, my dick stiffening merely at the thought.

"Maybe," she demurely replied with a shrug before walking past me to go downstairs.

I just sighed and thought about what a long and difficult day this was going to be.

Chapter 12

I packed up some brunch for the car ride: fruit and croissants. We were going to be driving to the capital, about 90 minutes away. I figured we could hang out all day and not worry about bumping into anyone either of us knew. I even planned to get a hotel room tonight so we wouldn't have to drive back until tomorrow, so we packed a few things in an overnight case.

We had planned on seeing a movie in town as well, and we arrived close to the start time. I got us some popcorn and drinks and we settled into some seats near the back. Unfortunately we weren't alone, but once the lights were down, Marli held my hand and laid her head on my shoulder. Just as the credits began, she leaned up and whispered in my ear, "This thing is driving me crazy!" before returning her head to my shoulder. As a result, I remember nothing of the film.

We did some shopping after the movie, and Marli asked if she could get some new shoes; the sandals she'd borrowed were pinching her. She picked out a pair of bright pink tennis shoes.. She got a pair of neon yellow knee socks too, and decided to wear the new shoes and socks out of the store, boxing up her sandals instead. It was incredibly difficult to keep my hands to myself. Pigtails and knee socks. Weaknesses both.

We stopped at a Starbucks and split a brownie. I had some coffee.

Once we had sat down, and were alone (sort of; it was a Starbucks after all), I leaned close and asked her, "So is it still driving you crazy?"

She just widened her eyes expressively at me before leaning across the table.




"That good, huh?" I asked.

"You have no idea. I love this thing," she said.

"Well what's it like?" I asked.

"Well it's in there and it's buzzing, and I can feel it and it's really great but nobody knows it's there and I only have it on low right now but I can totally feel it and it feels really good and I can feel the buzzing in my vagina too, and I sometimes feel like I might be close to cumming but then I don't so it makes me all weird and gushy and it's frustrating but really good at the same time but the one bad part is that I'm always wet when I have one in me but even though that's a bad thing it feels good to be that way cuz it's slippery but sometimes I can feel it come out and I think sometimes that people will be able to tell by looking at me so I get nervous," Marli said, all in one breath.

I listened to the entire stream of consciousness that she just laid out for me before responding. "You think people can tell? I can't tell."

"No, I mean how wet I am. It's really bad with this thing in me and I think people can tell," she explained.

"Oh, you mean like a spot? Like someone will see that you're wet?" I asked, desperately horny now.

"Yes!" she said. "Oh my gosh, I should not have worn white," she said, looking around at the other customers.

"Well I can't tell a thing" I told her. "but I think you'll be fine as long as you're wearing underwear."

"I think if I have it in this long again I'm going to have to bring some extra undies," she said.

"There's another pair in the suitcase," I said. "Want me to get em?"

Marli nodded, so I stood up, trying to hide the very obvious tent in my pants as I walked out to the car.

"Thank you," Marli said after me.

I returned with the one extra pair I'd brought along for her for the trip, and handed them to her in a small bag so no one could tell what they were. She took off for the bathroom to change.

A short while later she came back and handed the bag back to me.

"Better?" I asked.

"Much," she said emphatically. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I think it's hot," I assured her.

"I know you do, but you're weird," she replied, smiling.

"Then you're lucky you found me," I said.

She just laughed as she finished the last bite of brownie.

Outside of the restaurant, Marli froze as we walked to the car.

"Something wrong?" I asked.

"My thingie stopped," she said, a quizzical look on her face. She took a small jump, as if that might make it work, then jumped again. "It's broken," she said, dejected.

"Well honey, it's been like five hours. The batteries probably died. I'm amazed they lasted this long," I said.

Marli blushed.

"Don't worry; we'll get you some more," I said with a smile. "Right away."

We headed back home instead of staying at a hotel that night. I started playing out the scenarios of a hotel stay and none of them left me feeling very anonymous or secure. Billing records, cameras, suspicious desk clerks or maids. There were too many risks. Marli is a very affectionate girl and she was constantly holding hands with me or touching me (not necessarily inappropriately, though she did that at times too). We looked less like a father and daughter (or uncle and niece) on an outing than we did a couple on a date. Of course that's exactly what we were, but nobody else would know that. But we weren't careful. I would lose myself in a moment with her, then remember that there were, in fact, other people in the world. So I'd look around and catch the tail end of a disapproving look or a shaking head. I had grown complacent with our perceived anonymity and as a result had grown careless. And while it probably wasn't the case, I felt like every eye in the city turned to watch us wherever we went. Marli's looks (and outfit...those shorts had to be seen to be believed) probably had more to do with that than anything, but I just felt very paranoid all of a sudden, and that it was time to get out of town and back home. I went with my instincts. We headed home.

But not before I stopped and bought her a 24-pack of batteries.

Chapter 13

When we got home, Marli checked her phone which she'd left on the counter, and saw that her mom had called. She called her back to let her know everything was fine, but her mom was already out on her date. I waited patiently for their conversation to end before taking Marli to my bedroom. I had been watching her wiggling around on her toy all day, breathing heavy at times, sighing at others, and teasing me in general. I needed her now.

I sat on the bed and turned her to face me, sliding the tank top over her head, revealing her bare chest, her tiny nipples very obviously at attention. I took off her shoes, but left the knee socks on. I then unsnapped her shorts and she wriggled out of them as I slid them over her narrow hips while she held the remote to the toy still vibrating inside her. Her panties were the last to go. I slid them down her tanned legs, and could plainly see a large dark spot in the crotch were her wetness had soaked the fabric. She watched me as I worked, stepping out of her panties as they hit the floor.

She brought her free hand to her pussy, feeling the slick wetness there, running her fingertips through her slit, getting them thoroughly coated before inserting them into my mouth where I licked them clean. Then she brought her fingers back down again, this time inserting two as deeply into her little cunt as she could reach, drenching them. I reached for the remote and spun the tiny dial, increasing the intensity of the vibrations. She closed her eyes as she fingerfucked herself in front of me, then slipped her shiny fingers out of her pussy and popped them in my mouth once more, sighing and watching me as I sucked on them. The taste of the thick cream on her fingers was indescribably erotic. I had to have her now.

I lifted her to the bed and placed her on her back, her back and head resting on pillows at the top of the bed, her legs falling open naturally.

"We're going to need to take that out," I said, indicating the toy still in her butt.

Marli looked at me through glassy, half-closed eyes. "This one is a lot smaller than the other one. Can we at least try?" she asked.

"We can try," I said dubiously. I climbed into bed with Marli and knelt between her legs, her pussy glistening with arousal. I placed the tip of my cock at her pussy lips while she watched every move, propped up on her elbows.

"I love watching that," she said huskily. "It's so..." she said trailing off, not knowing a word for the scene in playing out in front of her."

"Erotic," I helped her. "I think the word you want is 'erotic'".

"Erotic." she repeated. "Is that like dirty? This is like dirty but dirty good, not dirty bad. You know what I mean?"

"I know exactly what you mean." and with that I pushed into her soaking wet little pussy, causing Marli to hold her breath with a slight hiss. It took more effort than usual but soon I was completely inside her and I could clearly feel the buzzing of the plug in her ass. I would have to be careful not to cum quickly. Marli had her eyes closed as I started to fuck her. After two pumps her eyes snapped opened suddenly as if I'd hurt her.

I hadn't. "Use the thingies!" she said, pointing at the restraints still attached to my headboard.

It was a simple matter of reaching up and wrapping her wrists with the furry loops. I left her legs and feet untied. I didn't have to pull out of her but I did anyway. I needed the break. Between the increased wetness of her pussy as well as the vibration, I was close to cumming in seconds.

Making matters even worse, Marli's pussy was made even tighter by the vibrator. This intensified everything, and there was just no way to hold off my orgasm. I had only slid into her a few times and already had almost popped twice. Maybe if I was 16 I wouldn't have worried about post-orgasmic downtime, but I wasn't 16. I had to stop.

I pulled completely out of her again, causing her to groan in protest.

"What? Why? Why did you stop? What's wrong?" she wasn't happy.

"Honey I'm already close. I can't hold off. It feels too good. The vibration in're fucking's tighter than before..."

"Really???" she said, looking down at her crotch. She hadn't thought of what it would be like for me.

"Oh my god yes," I said. "It was incredible before, but now..."

She just smiled at me, but her mouth froze when I pushed my cock back into her again. Hopefully the break had helped. A few strokes later and I had to stop again. Even just staying still inside her was no help, thanks to the vibrations

"Can we at least turn it off?" I asked. "That way I could at least stay inside you when I have to stop."

"But I like it," she pouted. "I really want it on. It feels amayzing."

"Fine," I said. Then I had an idea.

Once more I pushed into Marli, as deep as I could go and she just moaned loudly, clearly enjoying the feeling. The vibrations through the thin wall of her vagina transmitting directly into the head and shaft of my cock, even my balls getting similar treatment as they touched against the flared base at her asshole. I pumped once or twice more before pulling out.

I quickly moved off of Marli, then crawled up to straddle her chest. I placed the tip of my glistening cock at her closed lips. She scrunched up her face, not wanting to take me in her mouth. She had tasted herself before and liked it, but for some reason this was different.

"Open," I demanded.

"mm-mmm," she said, turning her head to the side.

"Open!" I repeated, turning her face back to me.

She tentatively opened her mouth just a little, and I thrust my cock all the way into her mouth. She resisted for a brief moment, before her flavor registered with her senses. My dick was liberally coated with her secretions; she might as well have been licking her own pussy.

She sighed and whimpered a moment later, groaning with approval. I went back for more.

I pressed my cock into Marli's pussy again, getting it nice and slick, then back to her mouth again. This time she was ready, mouth open wide, wanting it, wanting to taste herself, loving the taste and smell of her own pussy as I fed it to her with my dick. I pulled out of her mouth.

"Do it again," she said breathlessly. As you wish.

I plunged back into her once more, fucking her deeply, coating myself with her juices, then back up to her mouth where she sucked at me hungrily, moaning and whimpering with lust as she sucked her thick cream off my cock. I pulled out once more...

"Alex, wait..." Marli panted as I started for her pussy again.

"Hmm?" I asked.

"Can we call Deena?" she asked, looking at me desperately.

"What???" I asked incredulously. "Now?? What on earth for???" I thought she had lost her mind. Two weeks ago when her sister was here she resented it. Yes, the three of us had ended up having a wonderful time in bed together and Marli and Deena had..........ohh. I think I understood. I think.

"Well," she began, "you were just doing that and it tasted really good...I mean, e-ro-tic...and Deena and I have been doing stuff together a lot since we were here last time and I just kinda thought I wanted to have her here to do stuff with her while you were doing stuff to me."

I just looked at her. She was looking up at me, arms spread straight out thanks to the ropes, face shiny from saliva and pussy juice, her hair still in pigtails, legs spread, pussy positively dripping, knee socks, dildo in her ass, and....she wanted her sister there. Her eight year old sister. With us. For sex. I didn't know what to say. I think I must have stared at her, agape, for two full minutes without saying anything. My mind just couldn't process it.

"Is that bad? Are you mad at me?" she asked, her face scared of my answer. She looked like she was about to cry. In any case, her question snapped me out of my stupor and back to reality.

"Oh honey, of course not, I can't get mad at you. But first, what did you have in mind? We're in the middle of this and neither of us are in a condition to just go jump in the car. Second, you don't even know if she would want to come here or if she'd even be allowed to come here and third, or fourth, or whatever, how do you know she'd want to do anything like....this" I said, indicating the whole tableau before me, "when she gets here? How do you know she won't just want to watch TV?"

"Oh," she said. "Well, I can call my mom and ask, and if she says yes I'll call Deena and see if she wants to. Please can I?" she asked.

Fuck, I can't tell her no. I simply Fuck.

I hated myself. I was so horny. This just sucked. I mean, it would have been fantastic having Deena there already, but there were so many variables, things that could go wrong, things that could change the whole complexion of the evening and just ruin everything. I only saw the negatives. But still I can't tell her no. Fucking fucking fuck!!

"Okay...fine," I said reluctantly.

"Oh thank you, thank you! Can you get my phone for me?" It was in the kitchen, so I left her there, tied to my bed as I went downstairs to retrieve it, boner of a lifetime bouncing and drooling as I went. "I can't believe I'm doing this. This is fucking stupid and it's going to ruin everything," I said to myself.

I returned to find her with her legs together, eyes closed, rocking slightly side to side on the toy still inside her.

"Here you go," I said, handing it to her as I freed one arm. She freed the other, then called her mom. I kept quiet.

"Mom?" I could only hear one side of the conversation.

"No I'm fine. ...Yes."

"We were just talking about having Deena come over and -"


"No, he said it was okay."

"We can go get her if she wants to come over."

"Okay thank you. How's your date. Is he nice?" she asked as she lazily drew circles on her flat tummy with one finger of her free hand while she listened.

"Oh good. Okay mommy. Love you too." Marli pressed End, then set her phone down. I had been standing next to the bed, silently watching her talk, my erection still quite...erect.

"Can you come here?" she asked, reaching her arms out to me. I sat down next to her.

"No, here," she said, spreading her legs. I was confused, and obviously looked it.

"I want you in me," she said, looking right at me.

"You're not calling Deena?" I asked, hoping she had somehow changed her mind.

"No, I want to have you in me when I talk to her," she explained. I have to admit I wasn't expecting that.

"Wait...what?" I asked, blinking.

"Come here. You'll see," she insisted.

I climbed back between Marli's legs and put the tip of my cock at her pussy, but no further. I could still feel the distant buzzing of the vibrator, but it didn't have the same effect now, as I still tried to process her intentions.

"Okay, wait," she said, picking up her phone again and focusing on it as she dialed.

"It's ringing," she whispered. Yes, thanks for the update, I thought to myself peevishly.

"Hi Cara." Again, one side only.

"Nothing much. What are you guys doing?"

"What's Deena doing?"


"I talked to mom and she said Deena could come over for a slumber party if she wanted. Can I ta-"

"No we can come get her."

"Yeah. Can I talk to her? Okay see ya."

A minute passed while Deena came to the phone.


"What are you doing?"

"Can you go to our room?"


Then a few seconds later...

"Are you alone now?"

"Do you want to come over here tonight?"

"So you can do stuff with Alex and me."


Marli looked at me and nodded, wrapping her legs around me, pulling me into her. I didn't need to be told twice and I pushed slowly and deeply inside her. Marli just moaned softly.

"Deena, listen....we're doing it now," she moaned, gasping, to her sister. I pulled out and drove into her again and again, harder and faster.

"Yes.....he's.....doing!" she gasped. I was picking up speed.

"He.....he'!" she said, staccato, in time to my thrusts.

"!!!" she said, crying out when I hit a good spot.

"Okay.......we' there........soo.....oo......oooon....." she informed her little sister as I hammered away at her before she hung up the phone.

"She'" she informed me, as if I hadn't heard.

"So am I," I said. It could not be stopped now, and I didn't care.

"Not inside me!" Marli said quickly.

"What??....where then?" I asked, panicked. Milliseconds away. Too late.

I pulled out just as my orgasm came over me. I took over, stroking my cock to get myself all the way over. A long rope of cum shot onto Marli's tanned chest and tummy while she watched my engorged cock with rapt attention.

"It's so hot!" she observed lasciviously as she dragged her fingers through the semen on her chest as the second and third waves landed. She licked the tips of her fingers as I finished a shuddering climax, then I jammed my still-hard cock in her mouth where she sucked me hungrily, one hand on my balls, one hand slipping down to her pussy. She licked and sucked my slowly softening cock as the final aftershocks of a very powerful orgasm receded. I could hear her fingers working behind me.

She was getting closer. She hadn't come yet, and her hand was working faster, the sounds of squelching wetness becoming louder, more insistent. She still had my cock in her mouth and though it was semi-soft, she was sucking like her life depended on it. Another moment of this and I probably would have gotten hard again.

I reached down and stopped her hand as I crawled off her. She must have been just seconds away.

"Wha?....nooo!" she said, panic in her voice. Her other hand immediately flashed down to take over, but I grabbed that one too.

"We need to go get your sister. Come on. Get up," I said. I smiled inwardly at the cruelty of my actions, but she had done the same to me, in a sense. At least earlier.

Marli was frantic. "But I'm so close!! Can I finish? Please Ally pleaselemmefinishpleaseI'msoclosepleeeeease?"

"No, we really need to go now. You wanted her here so we better get moving. She's waiting for us." Oh I'm such a dick.

She just closed her eyes, deflated but accepting it.

She reluctantly got out of bed and, after steadying herself on her feet, began to get dressed. She rolled down the cuffs of her shorts to a more conservative length so that Cara wouldn't say anything about them.

Chapter 14

In the car, on the way to get Deena, Marli was attacking the radio, looking for songs she knew. If she was upset at me for stopping her orgasm, she didn't show it now. I turned the radio almost all the way down, so I could talk with her.

"So what have you and Deena been up to?" I asked as I watched the road ahead.

"Oh...well....just stuff," she replied. Marli wasn't generally shy about personal things, but obviously she wasn't comfortable with this.

"What kinda stuff?" I asked, pressing.

Marli pretended not to hear me and worked the radio, turning it up a little.

I turned it back down. "Marli, honey...this isn't going to bother me. I don't mind, if that's what you're worried about," I assured her.

After thinking a moment, Marli said, "Well, like I told you that one time, we used to get in bed together and we would touch ourselves."

"I remember that," I said. "So?"

"Well after we stayed with you and did stuff, we started talking a lot about sex and stuff, and what it feels like. She wanted to know what it felt like it.

"I think the word you used over the phone with her was "fuck," if memory serves," I said, laughing.

Marli laughed too. "Yeah...she wanted to know what it felt like."

"Well anyway," she continued, "the next time we got in bed I touched her. And then another time we touched each other" she explained hesitantly.

"Well so what? That's no big deal," I said.

"And then other times I did other things," she said uncomfortably.

"Marli, two weeks ago you went down on your sister at my house right in front of me while you and I were...doing it," I almost said 'fucking' but deciding against it. "Is it worse than that?" I asked. "Not that that was a bad thing," I quickly added.

It was as if she had forgotten all the details. "Oh yeah! No I've done that to her a bunch of times. But then she did it to me too," she said sheepishly.

"Honey, who cares? If I had you for a sister I'd do the same thing all the time!" I said.

Marli smiled.

"That it?" I asked, finally.

"And we've started using the brush a little," she explained simply.

"Oh," I said, picturing that scene and kicking myself not getting a double-headed dildo yesterday. Not that there was any way in the world I would have imagined us having this conversation or that they would have actually used it together. It's just the way the perverted mind works, and I happen to have one.

"So just how often do you and Deena do stuff together?" I asked.

"Almost every night, now," she explained. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of her bedroom, I thought to myself. God, the sex life this kid was having.

"Do you kiss?" I asked. I knew Marli was a fan of that.

"Sometimes but not like you and me grosses her out," she said. Well she's only eight; give her some time, I thought to myself.

Then after a few minutes...

"So why didn't you want me to come inside you?" I asked, curious.

"I don't know...cuz if me 'n Deena do stuff I don't know if she'd like it. The taste, I mean, like if that stuff was...still in there," she replied, referring to my semen.

"Oh." Well we'll just have to see about that, I thought but didn't add.

We arrived and she unbuckled her seat belt.

"Keep the car out here at the end of the driveway," Marli ordered as she stepped out into the warm evening air. "I don't want Cara to see.

"No problem" I replied as she closed the door.

Marli ran to the door and let herself in, disappearing into the run-down home. It was small, and the exterior was neglected as well, with faded paint and the screen door obviously broken even from my distant vantage point. Clearly with no man in Tina's life, the yard work was no one's priority. Her son obviously didn't step up to help. I'd never met the kid but I disliked him immediately. Tina may have been a hideously ugly woman in my eyes, but she was still that boy's mom, and shame on him for being such a lazy little fucker. If I was him, this house would have a fresh coat of paint, clean windows, a fixed front door and a perfectly manicured lawn. But then, I actually respected my mother. Fuckin' kids these days.

It was just few minutes until both girls came tearing out of the front door and through the yard like the house was about to explode behind them. Well at least they were enthusiastic. Deena's small overnight bag danced by her side as she ran hand in hand with Marli. A smoking hot blonde appeared in the doorway to watch them go. "Well now, you must be Cara," I said to myself as I examined her from a distance. Damn. The mental image of Deena and Cara's first awkward fumblings together just took on a whole new meaning.

And I would never in my life understand how such a gruesome looking woman as Tina could squirt out two fine specimens like Cara and Marli. I could see if the father was ugly; maybe the mom cheated or something, but you can't escape your own mother's genetics. Even Deena was cute. She wasn't a stunner like her older sisters but she was still lovely in her own right. Next to an average girl, she would be beautiful. Trouble was, she was always around Marli. And now it turns out Cara's a knockout too. I felt bad for her.

The girls got to the car and opened the door. Marli got in the front seat and Deena got in the back.

"Buckle up!" I ordered, smiling as I backed the car out of the driveway and headed home.

Chapter 15

The girls walked ahead of me from the garage into the kitchen. Marli was wearing her (now slightly longer) shorts and pink top, Deena was in a ratty t-shirt and a black pair of stretchy shorts that said CHEER in block letters across her fat little butt. I wish I'd known she was coming tonight; I would have bought her some new clothes too. That might have proved interesting.

Marli wasn't taking any chances and took Deena by the hand before the garage door had even closed, and walked around the corner and up the stairs. I made sure the house was locked up and turned off the lights before heading upstairs with the girls.

I found them in my room, Deena lying on her stomach with her shorts on, top off, Marli next to her, still fully dressed, giving her little sister a backrub. I detoured into the bathroom before joining them.

Once on the bed I just stayed out of it, watching the show. While I know quite well that I could have stripped off Marli's clothes and we could have jumped right into sex again, obviously Deena was a tougher nut to crack. Yes, she had participated with us before, and had heard sexual Marli's play-by-play over the phone and knew something was coming, but she still needed to be brought up to speed, so to speak. Marli was starting slow. Probably not a bad idea. She rubbed her sister's back and occasionally slipped a hand below her waistband, but not much more.

Eventually Deena herself slipped off her shorts and dropped them to the floor. She kept her panties on. I wish she hadn't. Like Marli's shirt from yesterday afternoon, Deena's panties had seen better days. I wouldn't dream of packaging my own daughter in underwear like this. They were filthy. For that matter, Deena didn't look that clean herself. Now that I had been watching for a while, I could see that her legs and feet were dirty. She'd probably been running around barefoot all day before we picked her up, and Cara obviously wasn't concerned. But Marli carried on nonetheless, rubbing her sister's back, moving down to her thighs. When Deena started parting her legs a little, offering herself to her big sister, that's when Marli decided to advance the cause and pull off Deena's undies.

"Ugh! Deena!" Marli said as the odor of Deena's bottom hit her as she started to take off the younger girl's underwear. "You need a bath!" she said as she pulled the panties back up.

At eight, bathing was not high on her list of priorities, so Deena just giggled at her sister's reaction.

"I mean it," said Marli. "let's go."

"Will you go with me Marli?" Deena asked, not moving.

"I'll help you," Marli replied.

"No, I mean get in with me," Deena insisted. "Please?"

Remembering that she had the toy inside her and the electronics were not waterproof, Marli hedged a moment until finally giving in to her sister. She excused herself to my daughter's bathroom, leaving Deena with me on my bed, still lying on her tummy. She was looking at me, watching me.

"May I?" I asked her, showing her my hands and motioning toward her back as I offered to continue what Marli had started.

Deena just nodded.

I got up and knelt beside her and gently rubbed her back, starting at the shoulders. I took a long time there before venturing any farther south. I rubbed her arms out to her fingertips, looking ruefully at her filthy hands and nails. I remember thinking she must like to play in dirt; must be a tomboy. But it was nothing some soap and water couldn't fix.

I worked back up to her shoulders quickly, then moved lower, toward her waist. No protest from Deena as I slipped just my fingertips under the waistband of her panties, just grazing the top of her crack. Consent inferred, I moved down to her thighs like her sister had, massaging them gently. I didn't hesistate to drag my fingers between Deena's thighs and she rewarded me by opening her legs a little. Occasionally I'd drag a fingertip firmly against the crotch of her dirty panties. Even those bold actions met with no protest so I grew bolder in her sister's absence and began slowly massaging Deena's pussy through her undies. Her only reaction was to spread her legs slightly more, allowing me better access.

Things were progressing well so I was slightly disappointed when Marli returned. It had been several minutes, but that toy had been in her ass all day and maybe she needed to go once it was out. I didn't ask. Marli went into my bathroom and I could hear the water starting as she filled the jacuzzi tub. Then after a few minutes she came in and told Deena it was time and Deena reluctantly left me for her bath.

I wanted desperately to join them. The tub is huge and we'd all have fit easily, but Deena balked at the idea, so that was that. Maybe next time.

Instead I just told Marli to hurry and not start anything without me.

Chapter 16

"I guess you were worried for nothing," I said to Marli as she dropped her towel on the floor and got into bed with me on what had become "her" side; my left.

"Huh?" she asked quizzically.

"Earlier, you told me not to cum inside you. Well now you've had a bath, so I could have."

"Well I didn't know!" she said defensively. Then after a moment, "Besides, I kinda liked what you did," she said, smiling wickedly and running her fingers through my chest hair. "It was erotic," she said, before giggling and flopping her wet head back down on my shoulder.

At that moment, Deena came out of the bathroom and rounded the corner, still in her huge towel.

The last person to get to the party always feels like an outsider and Deena was no exception. She just stopped and watched us cautiously.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" I asked, smiling. "Drop that towel and get in here with us."

Now officially invited, Deena smiled broadly and did just that, dropping the towel where she stood before running to the bed and sliding in next to me, opposite her sister. I held both of them close as they warmed themselves against me.

Under the covers, Marli slipped down and she gently held my erect cock, lazily stroking me. Deena was clueless on the other side but I didn't care. I held her tightly against me just the same, finally glad of Marli's suggestion to bring her here as my affection for her deepened and I slid my hand down to Deena's lower back. I massaged her gently, making only an occasional foray down to the crack of her ass. With no protest from Deena on those explorations, I ventured just a little further, but not so far as to actually touch her pussy; just to cup her ass a little.

Deena surprised me by twisting a little and opening herself to me, unbeknownst to her sister. I took the opportunity to run a finger the length of slit, ever so gently masturbating her as her sister masturbated me. Occasionally I'd gently press a fingertip into her little cunt, ever so gently penetrating her until I soon came to her hymen, which I barely grazed before slipping back out of her.

As Marli began stroking me more vigorously, Deena became aware that something was going on and lifted the covers, finding her big sister's hand jacking me up and down. She watched but said nothing.

"Wanna try?" asked Marli.

Deena was tentative and shook her head.

"He also likes it when I do this," Marli said, lifting her head off my shoulder and moving down to lick the tip of my dick. I began to breathe a little heavier.

With Deena's head on my chest, I couldn't see her reaction to her sister as she licked me, but I kept working her tiny slit with my fingertip.

"Okay watch..." Marli said as she slid her lips all the way down my shaft. My reaction was immediate and noticeable. Deena lifted her head and turned to look at me while Marli sucked and slobbered on my cock.

"Oh," I said as her mouth worked wonders. She was driving me nuts.

My reaction registered with Deena and she moved lower to watch her sister. She rested her head on my stomach and didn't move. She was a little closer to the action, but still seemed content to just have her pussy rubbed.

When she saw Deena had taken a slight interest, the big-sister in Marli kicked in and she stopped what she was doing.

"Okay, now watch this..."

"It feels really good when you move your hand up and down like this..." she said, now the teacher.

"Now you try..." she ordered. Deena reached out her hand and touched me with a tentative fingertip, then slid her fingers around my shaft.

"Good! Now up and down!" said Marli, taking her sister's hand in her own as the two girls jacked me off.

"Okay now do this..." and Marli as she popped my dick back into her mouth again. She went up and down twice before stopping.

"Now you," she said, looking at her sister. Deena didn't move.

"What's wrong?" Marli asked.

"That's where he pees," said Deena hesitantly, her face scrunched up.

"Yeah but not now, dummy! Try it," Marli demanded.

Deena waited a moment before slowly lifting up and giving the side of my cock a small, tentative lick, as if I might start spraying urine everywhere at any moment.

Marli just smiled. "See? Was that so bad? Now up here," she said, tapping the tip with her finger.

Another hesitant lick from Deena, but I could actually feel this one.

"Okay when you put your mouth on, make sure you don't bite. Do like this," she said, demonstrating how she opens her mouth, before sliding down on me once more, then off again.

"Now you," she told her.

Deena placed her lips at the tip of my cock and held them there for a second. Marli was moving around, changing her viewing angle as she coached.

"Now open..." she said, and Deena did. "Annnnd downnn."

Deena's mouth was stretched to the limit as she pushed down slowly. I could feel her teeth, but it didn't hurt bad enough to stop her.

"And then up and're doing it!" Marli said, seemingly proud of her little sister as she sucked a cock for the first time in her young life. Marli added her own hand and started stroking the shaft as her sister could only get her mouth down a little. I wasn't big, but to an eight year old I was probably monstrous.

"Awesome job Deena!" Marli said encouragingly. "Keep doing it."

I wasn't part of the game anymore. The two girls were focused on the penis, not who it belonged to, or that he might, you know, still be in the room. It was all very scientific, and Deena kept sucking and Marli kept stroking. Two sisters working on a project penis, oblivious to the effect they were having on the person it was attached to.

"Marli?" I croaked quietly, getting close. She didn't hear me. Deena kept sucking and bobbing up and down, Marli kept jacking, encouraging her sister the whole time.

"Marli," I said a little louder, now seconds away, knowing this will not go well if I start spraying cum in Deena's mouth with no warning.

"Hmm?" she said nonchalantly, still focused on the task at hand.

"Marli!" I hissed, snapping her out of her daydream, her attention finally on me. The person me, not the penis me.

"Oh," she said, looking back at me before my state finally dawned on her. OH!!! she said, suddenly looking back to Deena. "Deena stop!!!" she commanded.

Deena broke suction and lifted off of me, looking at her sister. "What's wrong?" she asked, clueless.

"I forgot an important part. When you do that, stuff comes out," she explained.

Deena looked down at my twitching, slobbery cock and recoiled, like it might go off at any moment. Not an entirely inaccurate assessment, as Marli's hand was still gripping me tightly.

"Okay watch," Marli told her, and she started jacking me off again, but much faster.

She explained everything. "So when he cums, this stuff is gonna come out. It's not pee; it's different; it's white, and that's how babies get made. And his penis gets a little thicker right before it happens - that's how I can tell he's close," she explained pedantically. Deena was engrossed.

I had hoped to get to fuck one or both of them, but in this classroom setting I was no longer in charge. I was a demonstration. Marli kept jacking.

"Okay I just felt it get watch!! Marli said excitedly. Funny thing was, it turns out she was right; I was about to come. It gets thicker? I didn't even know it did that.

But those thoughts were distant memories of a distant memory. As Marli continued her delicious stroking, I came hard, feeling like my entire body was turning inside out. My body stiffened and arched, no longer under my control. White light fired in my eyes I came. Miles away, I could hear Marli's voice, still talking to her sister.

Eventually I could hear locally again.

"Isn't that cool?" she asked Deena. "Usually when he does that and I'm sucking him, I just drink it. It's good!" she said, then she gathered a little on her fingers before popping them in her sister's mouth without asking. "Try it!" she said.

Apparently Deena, unlike Marli, did not care for the taste of semen. She pulled back and quickly spit out what her sister had placed in her mouth without her permission.

"Eww!" she said, her nose still scrunched up as she looked at her sister.

"Ah, well, I like it," Marli said, licking her fingers. That's my girl.

"And anyway, that's how boys have orgasms," she said, closing the subject. I was a mess: all the cum she'd milked out of me was lying on my stomach, matting my hair. In the porn movie that runs on an endless loop in my head, I envisioned both girls eagerly slurping up every drop, fighting each other to see who could suck up more. But then of course there's reality: this was my mess to clean up. So I grabbed some tissues and carefully got to my feet as I mopped and dabbed, trying not to get any on the floor as I walked into the bathroom to get cleaned up, leaving the girls in bed.

Chapter 17

When I returned, I found the girls huddled together in a solitary lump under the covers, whispering quietly. They hadn't heard me come out of the bathroom. I was just pulling my shorts back on and getting ready to get back into bed when I heard what I thought was a kiss. I froze as I quietly listened.

"Move your leg," Marli whispered. "No, up. Like this." Deena's knee tented the blanket.

"Okay." followed by the sound of kissing. I had stopped breathing.

"Give me your hand." Marli again. Then impatient. "No, give it to me!" Marli's knee lifted to match her sister's. Two mountain peaks under the blanket.


"No, like this."

"There?" That was Deena.

" in a little."

Another kiss. A muffled whimper. Marli. I think.



"Dee, he got me toys and we can use them.


"No, like the ones Cara and Mommy have." Well I wished I hadn't heard that. I winced as I suddenly and with far too much detail visualized Tina pleasuring herself with a dildo, then quickly chased the mental video away with another mental video of Cara doing the same. Ahh, much better.

"But those'll hurt," Deena said.

"No these are a lot smaller. You'll see."

"Can we do those?" said Deena. Well that's what it sounded like she said.

"Yeah, we mean now?"

"Uh huh."

"No he'll be out soon," Marli said.

"Are you guys gonna...fuck?" Deena whispered. Apparently she had picked up the new word too.

"I want to," said Marli. "Really bad."

"Can I watch you guys?" asked Deena.

"Yeah. Now a little deeper." I could hear the sounds of wetness coming from under the covers.

"I wanna see. I wanna see what it looks like when you guys do it," said Deena.

"Okay," said Marli distantly, sounding like she was getting close as her breathing increased.

I decided to tiptoe back to the bathroom and pretend to come out. No sense in Marli having too much fun without me.

"Oh Deen just like that. Oh...that's good..."

I slammed the door of the bathroom and the girls jolted apart and popped their heads above the covers. Both were squinting from the bright light. Deena looked ashamed and guilty. Marli looked dizzy and frustrated. I'd come out just in time.

"We were just talking!" cried Deena preemptively. Marli said nothing. Or couldn't.

"Oh I know, honey. You guys aren't tired yet are you?"

No from both.

"Good!" I said, hopping into bed with them. Marli in the middle, Deena on the far side. I turned on the television. I was hard from the conversation I'd heard, but I downplayed it; I wanted to have some fun.

About thirty seconds after all settled in, I reached under the covers and between Marli's legs, finding her pussy mysteriously very slippery. I looked at her, raising my eyebrows suspiciously. She ignored me, but she was blushing.

I settled in to watch whatever show they'd decided on, drawing slow lines up and down the length of Marli's wet slit. Her legs parted slightly.

Seconds after I started playing with Marli, I felt a small hand bump into mine, then noticed Deena jump as she retracted her hand quickly. Like I wouldn't notice.

"It's okay Deena," I assured her.

"Huh? That wasn't me!" she protested. Kids are such unskilled liars.

"Give me your hand, sweetie," I said gently. "It's okay."

I could see her hand displacing the covers as it slowly snaked its way toward mine. Once there, I took it softly and massaged Marli's vulva with it, pressing Deena's tiny fingers into her big sister's slit as we masturbated her together. Marli gave up on all sense of propriety and brought her feet up toward her butt, opening her legs widely, her breathing already picking up speed, her impending orgasm approaching. She needed the relief.

She had already suffered a lot today. First, she had spent the entire day in the capital with me (plus the car rides there and back) with a dildo vibrating in her ass, teasing her all day long. Then the denied orgasm after I fucked her while her sister listened on the phone. Then of course there was the handjob she gave me. I was fingering Deena at the time but I had to guess that Marli was not unaffected by the whole thing; no orgasm there. Then my calculated interruption when Deena was fingering her. The poor thing must be miserable.

Which is why, when I took Deena's and my hand away from her pussy just as she was about to cum, Marli actually got angry.

"WHY?" she demanded, slapping the bed with her fists.

"What honey?" I said innocently.

"You know what!!! I can't.... I'm just... Why did you stop?!"

"I was at a weird angle and my hand was cramped," I lied. "Ooh this is a funny commercial!" I said, turning up the television and changing the subject.

"Ugh!" said Marli, now furious. She threw the covers off and scooted down from between us before getting off the bed. Still naked, she stomped to my closet and threw the door open, kneeling down to the box where her new toys were kept. She quickly grabbed one and stormed out.

"If anyone needs me, I'll be in the........ fucking guest room!" she shouted angrily as she left, slamming the door hard behind her.

Deena just looked at me with shock, unable to believe her sister's actions. And her language! To a grownup!! All she could say was, "Whoa!"

"I'll go get her in a minute," I said. "She'll be okay. It's just been a long day."

Chapter 18

The door to my guest bedroom had a lock on it, but it hadn't worked since I bought the place. It was at the bottom of a very long list of things I wanted to accomplish. Nobody ever used this room, so it never seemed like a pressing issue. I was glad of my procrastination now.

I stood there, listening. I could very clearly hear Marli. She was masturbating. I could hear her heavy breathing, as well as the sound of the vibrator she was using, alternately muting and buzzing, muting and buzzing, as it slipped in and out of her. My interventions had had their intended effect; I had worked Marli up into a complete frenzy. The problem was I had taken it too far, and she had gotten angry. I hadn't wanted to go quite that far..

I considered letting her finish. I really did. Standing there listening, I knew she had suffered enough. But I didn't want to waste what had been built up all day. I also didn't want to let her get close again, only to pull her back from the edge one more time. Now was the time.

I knocked gently. The vibrator got loud as she removed it, then silent as she switched it off.

"Ugh, WHAT?!?! I opened the door. The lights were off in the room, but with the ambient light from the streetlights outside, I could clearly see Marli's form, lying on the covers, legs spread.

"Come back to bed, baby," I pleaded.

"Alex I'm sorry I yelled. I don't know what's wrong with me," she said, nearly crying. I knew, but she there was no point explaining it right now. Someday.

"I can fix it. Come back to bed."

"Can we please do it? Please?" she begged.

"Yes, soon as you come back to bed. I promise."

With that she scooted off the bed and walked by me on her way back to the bedroom. I followed her, watching her perfect butt as she walked, barely even a jiggle, she was so firm. Bright white tan lines visible from her bikini.

She set her toy on the nightstand, then climbed into the bed and sat down next to Deena. She turned off the television herself, making sure there were no more interruptions this time.

I climbed in after her, pulling the sheets up over the three of us.

"Okay what do you want to do, baby?" I asked Marli.

"I don't know...I don't even care, just....something.

I reached over and between Marli's legs to cup her pussy, rubbing back and forth. She closed her eyes and sighed, sliding her butt down to lay flat, opening her legs to me, a low moan escaping her lips.

Deena, without being asked, reached over and rubbed Marli's chest, eliciting a deep groan.

Her pussy was leaking; I could feel the copious amounts of fluid seeping out of her tight cunt. I spread it around her vulva and up and down her slit, lubricating her swollen clit, slipping my finger down to barely graze her tiny asshole.

Marli moaned approvingly at the attention, and spread her legs wider. I slipped a finger into her sopping pussy, the sounds of her wetness filling the room.

"Alex..." she sighed.

"What is it honey?" I said. I still felt really bad.

"Now, okay?" she said. "Please."

"What about Deena?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"She wants to watch," she said lustfully.

I knelt between Marli's thighs and was ready to get right down to business but she stopped me, suddenly aware that her little sister's vantage point was less than ideal.

"Wait," she told me. "Deena, turn on that light," she said, indicating the one next to the bed. Deena turned it on while Marli put a pillow under her butt, to improve the show.

"Okay now sit right here," Marli ordered. Deena did what she was told and sat on the bed right next to Marli's head so she could look between us and see everything. The lamp ensured there would be no shadows. She didn't want Deena to miss anything, apparently.

"Okay Deena, now watch," she said as nodded to me hungrily. Deena scooted forward an inch, clearly intrigued.

I put the tip of my cock at Marli's drooling cunt. My first thought was to just plunge in, balls deep, and start fucking her senseless, but then I remembered we were putting on a show for her sister.

So I took my time, feeding her the inches slowly, so Deena could see. Once all the way in, I pulled completely out to the tip before slowly pushing back in again.

"Can you see what he's....doing?" Marli whispered, a sweat already breaking on her forehead.

"Yeah," replied Deena, far away, engrossed in the proceedings. I picked up my speed.

"Ngh.....ngh.....Deena watch...oh fuck!" she said as I slipped in and out of her sopping cunt.

"Deena! He's.......Dee!....he's fucking......ooh.....nnnnggaahhh!" she said, frantically reaching under Deena to find her little pussy. Deena's hand was there already, so they worked together.

"Look at....his......cock, Deena," hissed Marli, surprising me with the dirty talk. "Watch....ungh..." Deena was still rubbing Marli's little titties as I fucked her big sister. Her other hand was betwen her legs. She had not once taken her eyes off the sight between us. I'm not even sure she blinked.

Marli's eyes closed tightly and she wrapped her legs around my thighs."....gonna make me cum.... ...he's......ungh.......ungh.....ungh.....ungh................. cumming......I'm cumming........ahh ahh! ......oh, fuck!!..........fuck me!!! ahhh! oh.....fuck!

Marli arched backward, holding her breath, eyes closed tightly, teeth clenched. Her chest blotchy and sweaty, her pussy squeezing my cock rapidly.

I kept fucking her and just watched, as this little girl became someone I'd never met before. While I had had several very satisfying orgasms that day, Marli had had none, despite being teased and teased all day long. What had built up all these hours just came pouring out of her in one of the most obscene and erotic displays I think I'd ever seen from an adult, let alone an eleven year old. I could only watch. She was still arched backward in an almost unnatural angle, frantically pulling me in with her legs as she screamed all those obscenities. I thought for a moment she had done it for her sister's benefit, but it was too real. You can fake words, but you can't fake all that other stuff. No, it was real.

I think I was too shocked to cum myself. I had plenty of staying power anyway, thanks to the handjob I'd gotten not long ago, so kudos to me, but the show still had an effect. She had become an animal.

Now back among the living, Marli looked at me with a happy and satisfied smile. My cock was still hard, still buried inside her. I could feel her pussy clenching at me.

"Marli are you okay?" said Deena, truly concerned.

"It's not always like that sweetheart," I assured her. Marli could only giggle.

"Better?" I asked. Another giggle from Marli, but just a nod. No answer.

I pulled out a little bit. Slowly. Marli still didn't speak but locked her legs around my thighs. She wanted me inside her still. I pushed back in and she sighed. I was still hard as a rock. I hadn't cum yet and was ready to, but I'd give her a few more minutes.

She rubbed Deena's back as she sat next to her. Deena had taken her hand off her crotch when Marli had started to cum. I think she got scared.

Several long minutes ticked by before I withdrew again and pushed. Marli just looked up at me, not protesting this time.

"You back with us?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said quietly, smiling.

I started again, long slow strokes. Marli reached for Deena. "Come here...kneel over me," she instructed her sister. Marli started to face Deena away from me, but Deena had other plans.

"I want to watch," she complained. "I want to face this way," she said, as she sat astride Marli's mouth, facing me.

From my vantage point as I fucked Marli, I could see her tongue working in the younger girl's cunt, painting her hard little clit. Deena's breathing quickened, and she brought a finger down to her tiny little button as big sister licked her deeply. I don't think Marli had much technique; maybe one day we'd have a class on pussylicking just like her earlier class on cocksucking. I'd have to start working on a syllabus, I laughed to myself.

I picked up my rhythm as I fucked Marli. Watching the scene before me was making it difficult to stave off my orgasm. I tried to think of unpleasant things. It worked for a while, and bought me a little more time.

Deena was hunching on her sister's face in a disjointed rhythm. Obviously Marli had hit a spot. Deena was even moaning a little, something I had not seen her do before. Maybe her sister's demonstration earlier inspired her to cut loose a little bit. In any event, it seemed Deena was close to orgasm. A few jerky humps on Marli's face and her whole body slackened. Marli just rubbed up and down the length of the younger girl's back and ass as she continued tongue-fucking her sister.

I came hard, my semen boiling out of me. Marli could tell; she could feel it and came with me. Having a hard dick in her pussy and her sister's pussy in her face was a lot of stimulation for Marli and she came hard her second time, but I could hear only whimpering, thanks to her mouth being full. I was jealous of her being multi-orgasmic.

I slowly withdrew my cock from Marli's tight cunt. I was exhausted. We all were. Deena just watched my glistening pink dick as it slipped out of her sister. She had been watching us closely, and her eyes lifted to meet mine as I lifted myself off of Marli. She raised herself up on her knees a little bit to peek down at Marli's pussy before her sister's legs closed. Maybe she thought she'd be bleeding or damaged somehow. When she saw that everything was intact, she settled back down, but Marli was done licking pussy for now. She gave her sister a small smack on the butt to make her get off her. Deena took the hint and crawled to the edge of the bed while I hit the restroom.

When I emerged, Marli was at the door waiting. Apparently Deena had taken my daughter's bathroom. When I opened it she rushed in and closed the door.

Once everyone had put themselves back together, the three of us clambered into bed together, exhausted. I clicked off the light and we went to bed squeezed together, Deena in the center of the bed.

Chapter 19

In the morning, as usual I woke up before everyone else. The girls had moved to the other side of the bed and had switched places. Deena was now on the outside. She was lying on her tummy, one leg stretched out and bent back beneath her; Marli was almost lying on top of her, one leg pressed between Deena's legs. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and stood up, not yet fully awake. I started gathering up my stuff for my run. Sunday was my long run day, but I'd cut it short this morning. I didn't want to be gone too long.

Even still, turns out I was was not back soon enough. When I finally did return, I took the stairs two at a time to hurry upstairs. I heard no sounds, but my bathroom door was closed. I peeked around to the bed to see who was inside, but the bed was empty. They were both in there.

The brain is a funny thing. Your eyes can see something and very clearly register it, but your brain doesn't immediately process it. This often leads to the comedic device, The Double Take. Or sometimes the Spit Take. The unwitting straight man sees something, it doesn't register right away, then, after a well-timed pause, it does. Hilarity ensues. A simple formula, but still formulaic.

So when I did a double take as I turned to the bathroom door, it did not go unnoticed in my subconscience. I may have even let out a small snort of laughter. But what I saw wasn't funny.

The thing that hadn't registered right away was a large smear of blood on my bedsheets. Someone was hurt.

I went to the bathroom door and knocked.

"Just a minute!" in that cloying, sing-songy voice that people use when trying to buy time.

"No, now. Why is there blood out here? Are you okay? What happened?"

I tried the door. Locked.

"Be right out," said Marli, much too calm for my liking, under the circumstances.

"No Marli, now," I said, trying to sound forceful.

"One second!" said Marli impatiently.

I retrieved one of the keys for the door. It was just the standard courtesy lock found in most bedrooms and bathrooms; it didn't have real keys. You put a screwdriver in and turn it, the door opens. But I had the little flat keys, and I kept them handy in case someone gets hurt and the door is locked. A situation exactly like this.

My practiced hand had the door unlocked before Marli could even protest. I entered to find Marli, nude, trying to hide her sister from me.

Deena, also nude, was on top of my bathroom counter with her feet in the sink...legs spread, eyes wet with tears, water running. Small streaks of blood were on the side of the bowl and on her thighs; a white washcloth, now pink, sat in a tight ball next to her.

"What happened? Tell me quickly," I said calmly. The girls were both clearly not in any real distress; nobody had a pencil stuck in their eye or anything, so I took a deep breath as I waited.

"Well," said Marli, "we were playing, and I was too rough and I hurt her," she explained, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Playing? Playing what?" I asked, confused.

Deena reached down next to her leg, the side I couldn't see. "With this," she said, and she held up one of the slender dildos from Marli's Deluxe Anal Explorer Kit.

Now, many families have traditions. A legacy at a favored college, maybe a beloved angel or star atop the family Christmas tree, maybe something as simple as spaghetti every Wednesday.

In Marli's family, their tradition, it would now appear, assuming you're a prepubescent girl, is to take each other's virginity. Cara took Marli's unceremoniously with a hairbrush, and now Marli has apparently paid it forward, taking Deena's virginity unceremoniously with a carefully chosen selection from the Deluxe Anal Explorer Kit. I sighed quietly to myself. I don't know that anything would have ever progressed to my taking Deena's cherry, but now I know for sure I won't. My apologies to the girls' future husbands.

"Does it hurt?" I asked Deena.

"Not anymore," she replied.

Marli felt the need to explain. "She wanted to know what sex felt like, so I got a little one and I was showing her, and she said you pressed really hard when we did it and I forgot about the thing up there and I pushed hard and she started blee-" Marli couldn't finish her sentence; she was sobbing as she replayed the traumatic scene.

"The hymen," I reminded her.

In a break in the tears, she looked at me confused. "What?" she said.

"The hymen," I repeated. "You called it "the thing" and I was just...nevermind, it's not important now. You didn't do it on purpose, right? and Deena isn't in any danger, so let's not worry about it." Maybe the downplay card was the wrong one, but millions (I assume) of girls lose their virginity on a regular basis, and often against their wishes. This struck me as a consensual act between the two.

I needed to take a shower after my run, so I herded the girls out of the bathroom and started the shower. While it was warming up I washed down the blood from the sink. I opened the door and called out to the girls. "You two need to strip the bed. The new sheets are in that drawer," I said, pointing.

Chapter 20

When I came out of the steamy bathroom, I found Marli and Deena working to get the sheets on the bed. Neither of them had bothered putting clothes on, and they were struggling mightily to pull the fitted sheet over the corners of the mattress. It was actually very cute. I watched them failing comically as every tug pulled up an opposite corner, until I noticed Deena still had a line of dried blood on the back of her leg and some more on her butt.

I helped them finish putting the bed together, then said to Deena as I patted the clean sheets, "Hop up here and lay on your tummy, sweetheart, I need to clean you up a little. Marli, please go get me a new washcloth and wet it." She immediately turned and ran off. "Hot please," I called after her.

She brought me back a barely lukewarm towel as I expected she might. Hot is a relative term, after all. I used it to scrub off the blood from Deena's leg, then I had to have her spread a little so I could clean her butt crack. There was a bunch of it in there. More than simple spreading would have allowed access to.

"Honey, you need to open up for me a little. Get up on your knees for me, k?" I asked.

She did, and waited patiently on all fours. I pulled one side apart and started wiping. Marli's hand appeared to pull open the other side.

"Thanks baby," I said to her, smiling. She felt terrible, I could tell.

Deena was clean, but I never waste an opportunity to be deviant. "Mind if I take a look, Deena?"

"Hmm?" she said looking over her shoulder at me.

"Inside see if anything got hurt," I explained. She looked alarmed.

"I'm sure nothing did," I quickly reassured her, "I just want to make absolutely sure is all."

"Nkay," she said.

With Marli standing next to me, and Deena's naked pussy and ass open to me, I spread her knees apart, opening her up even further.

"Get her a pillow, Marli." She did, and Deena rested her head on it, splaying herself obscenely.

Opening up like this allowed me to see some blood I'd missed, so I removed that first. Then I gently massaged her vulva around her pussy for a minute before getting closer to her slit. I touched her at the outside first, then slipped a fingertip just inside her little cunt, drawing a line its full length. Eight year olds don't produce much, if any, wetness on their own, and thanks to the additional cleaning she was completely dry, so I stuck my finger in my mouth and coated her slit with my saliva as Marli looked on.

"Does that hurt?" I asked as I stroked her gently.

"No..." she said softly.

"Good," I said. Doctor Alex.

I licked my finger again and dragged it downward this time, and drew tight ovals around her clit, which was puffing slightly. Deena sucked in her breath sharply and held it.

"Uh oh did that hurt? I'm sorry."

"No it didn't hurt," said Deena.

"Oh good. I'd have had to kiss it if it hurt," I explained.

She thought about it a moment, then said, "Well it did hurt a little."

"It did?" I said. "Where did it hurt? Here?" I asked, touching just inside her pussy at her little hole.


"Or was it here?" I asked, rubbing her swollen clit gently.

"Well it was there too. It kinda hurts all over."

"It does? Oh no," I said with concern. "I should probably kiss it then."


I drew closer to Deena's spread pussy and licked her with a broad, flat tongue. Deena gasped and put her face in the pillow. I paid close attention to her clit, licking around it and flicking my tongue across it, then sucking the hard button into my lips tightly. I moved to her tiny hole and pointed my tongue inside it, fucking her with my tongue. I could hear her breathing quicken.

"That better?" I asked.

"Uh huh" she said huskily.

"So it's all better and I should stop?" I asked.

"No, wait, no, it hurts really really bad. Kinda all over," she said.

I smiled at her transparent efforts and turned to Nurse Marli, who was still standing right next to me, to share in the joke, but Marli wasn't listening. Marli now had her hand at her crotch and was very obviously rubbing her clit as she watched me lick her little sister's pussy.

Turning back to Deena with concern, "So I should keep kissing? How about inside? Does it hurt inside?"

"Yeah. It hurts all over outside and inside," she said with a pout.

"Okay then," I said, and with that I sank my tongue into her cunt, darting my tongue as deep as I could get it into her little fuck hole. Deena gasped in front of me and Marli gasped next to me as she watched, masturbating.

"How about up here, Deena?" I asked, just touching her tiny butthole, knowing there's no way it could hurt but wanting to see her reaction. If she'd said no I'd have dropped it immediately. "Yeah that kinda hurts a little too," she said.

I drew tight circles in and around the dark pink ring. "You sure this hurts here?"

"Yeah. That hurts real bad. Can you kiss it?"

"Well of course - if it hurts," I said, with mock concern.

I licked her tiny hole broadly at first, hearing her sucking in her breath at the touch, before I pressed my hardened tongue into her little sphincter. Deena immediately arched her back downward, instinctively opening herself to me further as I penetrated her ass with my tongue. Marli was breathing heavier next to me as she diddled herself. I had done this to Marli too, of course, but seeing it done to someone else was a new experience; one she would probably now call erotic. Her new word.

I brought my finger to my mouth and licked it, getting it nice and slick. I placed it at her cunt and Deena pushed back against it, willing it deeper. I pushed just a little, but of course with no hymen now there was no resistance, and I went in with some difficulty, to the second knuckle of my index finger. She began to rock back, pushing herself onto me. I began to wonder if I could fuck her, but as tight as she was on just my index finger, I had my doubts.

I pulled my face away and whispered to Marli, "Sweetie, get me one of your vibrators; a little one."

Marli immediately turned and went to her box of toys and looked through it, before remembering the toy from the bathroom. The one she'd used to break her sister's cherry was, in fact, the smallest vibrator she had, so she quickly retrieved it and handed it to me. It still had blood on it.

"I need to get this cleaned up. Take over for me for a minute?" I said, gesturing toward Deena's spread pussy and ass right next to us. I kept my finger working inside her.

"Do I have to do...that too?" she whispered, pointing at Deena's butthole and making a face.

"Oh, gosh no, sweetie. You don't have to do anything you don't want to."

She seemed very relieved, and stepped right in to lick her sister's pussy while I rushed to the bathroom, where I quickly cleaned up the toy, and took the opportunity to relieve myself before hurrying back to the girls.

When I returned, I saw that Marli had indeed decided to throw caution to the wind, and was now experimenting tentatively with her little sister's butt. Deena was even moaning into her pillow. At the same time, Marli fingered her Deena's pussy with one hand and her own with the other.

Marli heard me approach and stopped, as if I was going to take over when I returned but I signaled her to keep going and handed her the vibrator, a fresh coat of lubricant on it.

"Which one?" she whispered.

I just shrugged. "Whichever you think she'll like best. Don't hurt her."

Marli opted for the vaginal route. But as soon as she penetrated her with the buzzing device, Deena shot forward and prone on the bed, legs slammed shut, a powerful lesson learned from earlier.

"Don't worry Deenie, it won't hurt this time," Marli cooed as she crawled onto the bed after her. Deena had launched herself a good two or three feet.

Deena just looked back and watched her sister tentatively, legs still closed.

"Trust me. I promise," said Marli. "Open up."

Deena slowly spread her legs again, but only a little, and allowed her sister access. Marli gently inserted the tip into her freshly deflowered pussy and turned the power on low, filling the room with a gentle buzz. Deena's legs remained where they were.

"Trust me," said Marli as she crawled up closer, rubbing her sister's butt with her hand. If Deena wanted the attention to continue, she had a decision to make.

It didn't take long. Deena liked what Marli was doing and opened up wide to her again. Marli began to slide the slender vibrator in and out of her sister while licking her tiny sphincter. Deena was beside herself, overstimulated, legs now spread out like a gymnast, pushing herself back on either the dildo or on Marli's mouth. I couldn't tell which.

I crawled up on the bed behind Marli, and, without being instructed, she lifted her hips and I picked her up as much as I could so as not to break contact between the sisters. I slid my cock up and down her pussy, feeling her wetness. I didn't wait long before pushing myself inside her. She pulled away and protested. "Uh uh..." she said, tilting her pelvis down. Her wishes were clear enough. I stopped and applied lubricant the length of my dick and generously to her ass.

I slipped inside her with some effort. We had done this many times now, but she was still just eleven. Marli groaned into Deena's ass approvingly as I slowly filled her. When I'd reached bottom I waited for Marli's signal, which came sooner than usual, and I began to fuck her ass while she licked Deena's; the connection seemingly clear in her head as she did these two depraved acts.

Neither of the girls took long. None of us did. The pure eroticism (to borrow Marli's new word) of what were doing took its toll on all of us. Deena came first; the combination of the vibrator stuffed in her tiny cunt and her sister's tongue at her ass caused her to become her most unguarded yet. She actually screamed into the pillow. As a result, it wasn't loud, but we could hear it, and I think once Marli and I did hear the scream, that was all she wrote for both of us. Her hand had already slipped down to her pussy and was rubbing furiously as I pounded away at her rectum, flattening her to the bed as I reached around her flat chest, pinching her nipples. I think it took six strokes before I had the most mind-bending orgasm I've ever had, feeling as if I'd never walk right again after, and I filled Marli's colon with what felt like a liter of semen.

As for Marli, she was subtle, turning her head to the side, away from her sister's girl parts, as she came, quietly but intensely, grunting like an animal in heat as I impaled her with my cock. I felt her asshole spasming around me, squeezing me tighter, clenching, pulling me deeper. I held her tightly against me, pulling her as far as possible onto me, part of me hoping I didn't hurt her, part of me not caring, maybe even wanting to. I loved her, but times like this brought out something very dark in me, and I yielded to it.

Deena was the first to move, as she extricated herself from our tangled mass and pulled away to lie on her side. I seperated from Marli soon after, pulling my cock out of her ass with an audible pop, causing both of us to gasp in surprise, then Marli to laugh at the sound as she ran to the bathroom.

Deena, studied me in her sister's absence.

"Mister?" she asked. Deena was not yet comfortable calling me by my first name, though I hoped she soon would be.

"Yes dear one?"

"D'ya think we can do it sometime like you and Marli?"

I considered it for a moment before answering. "Deena, honey, I would be glad to try if that's what you want, but you may have to wait to grow a little bit. I think I might hurt you and I don't want that, ever."

"But we can try?" she asked. "Promise?"

"Well, we can try. I don't think it will work because you're too little, but I promise you we can at least try if that's what you want. And if it doesn't work there are lots of other things we can do."

Deena smiled and hugged her pillow to herself. "Okay, good."

Chapter 21

The three of us took a shower together and I scrubbed my two lolis head to toe, all of us too spent to do anything more.

I wanted the girls to stay the rest of the day, but my ex called and gave me a deadline: she would be dropping off my daughter soon. Having Marli and Deena with me on her arrival would be problematic to say the least. The writing was on the wall; they had to go.

I helped Marli pack a few of her outfits that she could possibly wear without drawing attention, and she took a few toys home in her backpack. The rest stayed in her shoe box in my closet. Her dildo library, I thought, as I smiled to myself.

With the girls packed up and fed, and ready to go home, I called Tina.

This time both girls tried to drag their feet to to get final alone time with me. I was touched. I was already in love with Marli, but Deena did not leave me unaffected. I hoped I'd see them both again soon.


The next day, on Monday morning, Marli went to school wearing not only a new outfit, but something else. During first period, she reached into her pocket and rotated a small dial, hoping none of the other students in her fifth-grade class could hear anything in the quiet classroom. They couldn't.

Later that morning, I received a text:

omg i just came in socal studies lol i luv my bday presnet thank uuuu

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I really enjoyed the sires. I hope this is not the end. If it is, it's a very nice way to end it. I loved the romanticism you added. At times I almost forgot that Marli was 10/11. I hope you continue the story.


I'm exhausted. Thank you!


Wow. Just, wow ... sorry for the poor start to a grateful reader's review of your wonderful 'next part' of this series. I have trouble at times getting all of it out of my mind and getting on with whatever else I have to do, thank you so much for the distractions! Well written, well received.


I especially love the banter between these two.


dildo library....classic!Hot story again Ally

Don Riccardo

I commend you on the patience you needed to build the story with exceptional realism. My cock was ready to explode after reading this for a few minutes. Great job.


Once again, bravo! This is the best yet. It feels so real. The emotion and care, teasing, all of it. It is as though you have climbed into my head and took it all. I would love to see where things go with Deena, and how Marli helps her prepare. Maybe, the older sister too? But kudos on leaving off the blanks, the story flows so much nicer. Thanks for a great story. Its nice when they seem as though they're from real life. I DONT CONDONE ABUSING KIDS. Just enjoy good stories.

anon 2

Such detail. Pigtails and knee socks are my weaknesses also!


This story was amazing. The other parts to this story just didn't have the spark this one had. It seems like you worked on your writing skills a lot since your last ones, and I'm glad you did, because this was great.


MORE!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER FOR NEXT ONE!!!!! you are amazing I keep checking in to see if you've made another i really would (and I'm sure many others) would appreciate a finale or another in the series.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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