Starcraft - Mouse Traps - by L.Fox (c) 2004 F/alien, gang, rape, viol
Special Thanks to Inner Darkness for all his help on this story

(Based off the popular RTS game Starcraft. Contains none of the cast characters from the Starcraft game though) This story follows the trail of a young female Ghost who does various mission for the Terran and gets into all sorts of dilemmas.

(c) 2004 by L.Fox
Starcraft Mouse Traps
Part 1: Supply Run

I was going to explain all the vehicles and creatures in detail so people who have never played Starcraft would be able to read this story but it proved quite difficult so instead here are a couple links to starcraft sites with screenshots so you can see what the vehicles and creatures mentioned in the story look like.

This is a Blizzard site with detailed information on Starcraft Broodwar. Under the sections Terran, Zerg and Protoss Strategy you'll find a link to units and buildings. Go to each unit or building to get detailed information on them along with a picture.

This is an unofficial Starcraft Ghost site which has information on the units seen so far in the game. Under the section Units Database you'll find links to Terran, Zerg and Protoss sections which have a brief explanation of the units along with several screenshots of each one.

Hopefully these two sites are enough to give you an idea of what the units look like. If someone can write a clear decent description of each unit which includes shape, appearance ect please email me.

A small crew of two female pilots and a ghost is flying in a dropship towards a dusty hot wasteland of a planet called SB21. The planet has rather unpredictable weather which includes sandstorms, tornados and cyclones not to mention the occasional strange snow. Hanging over the planet is a protoss space base with hundreds of planes and ships. The ghost is a young woman named Mouse around 5 foot 2. She's 20 years old with dark red eyes, long white hair which spans past her shoulders, a slim trim body and C cup sized breasts. Her clothes are a blue and grey skin tight body suit which has all sorts of wires hooked up to her arms and legs, strapped down on her right arm is a keypad like computer. Hanging around on her back is massive rifle and strapped to her thigh is a pistol. Sitting on her head is a pair of goggles which can be pushed down so she can see through them. The goggles themselves are hooked up to the rest of the body suit with wires.

“We'll be landing in a couple minutes on planet SB21” says one of the pilots.

“Be careful when setting us down the weathers pretty unpredictable” says Mouse as she leans forward in her seat.

“Don't worry I've flown this route quite a few times so there's nothing to worry about” says the pilot. The shuttle comes down onto the planet surface quite calmly and lands on the landing pad like a feather. “I guess we'll be seeing you later” says the pilot.

“Maybe, well thanks for the flight” says Mouse as she unhooks her belt.

“No problem just be careful I think the commander's going to be sending you out into that wasteland and I hear the zerg are pretty nasty in this area” says the pilot.

“Uh thanks for the tip” says Mouse.

“Anytime” says the pilot.

She gets out of her seat, opens the side door to the shuttle and leaves. She steps down onto the landing platform and looks around to see on the far right there's a metal staircase leading up onto platform which runs along a wall that has doors and windows along it. She quickly walks over to the metal staircase and climbs it; she stops and looks at the doors for a moment before proceeding through the first one. Inside she finds an elderly man with grey hair sitting behind a desk. By the man's black uniform he is obviously the base commander.

“Ah you must be Mireille Masitrius the ghost that's come to assist us. Also called Mouse” says the man.

“Yes that's me. You must be Commander Razel Tarner” says Mouse.

“Yes I am. You can call me Razel, please take a seat” says Razel motioning with his hand at a chair in front of him. She pulls the chair out and sits down. “As you know you were brought here to escort a supply shipment to one of our bases called Yarnic. Yarnic had a massive fire about a week ago and almost its entire stock of supplies was destroyed. During the past week we've sent several dropships but all of them have been shot down by zerg forces. If we want the people at the base to survive we're going to have to send a ground unit. Carthian is the closet base in the vicinity so you'll be heading off from here. You'll take off with the supply truck and an armed escort. You'll make your way through the wasteland and canyons to the Yarnic” explains Razel.

“Why can't we just have a dropship come down from space?” asks Mouse.

“Because the protoss have a massive space base hanging almost directly overhead Yarnic, you probably saw it while landing” says Razel.

“Yes I did. What kind of armed escort are you providing?” asks Mouse.

“Nothing much but its all we can spare. Nine vultures and two trucks filled with two dozen marines” says Razel.

“That's it?” asks Mouse.

“You can take some tanks and goliaths with you if you want but it will double or triple the amount of time it'll take you to get to Yarnic. I'd rather if you don't though since their so desperate for the supplies” says Razel.

“Will you be able to provide any additional support if I need it? Such as a barrage of Arclite cannons?” asks Mouse.

“You'll be too far off for us to help with an Arclite cannon barrage but we can launch a nuclear strike if need be. We can also give you a Comsat sweep to help you find the zerg and steer clear of them” says Razel.

“How far is the base from here?” asks Mouse.

“It's about 2000 miles. Quite a distance I know but there's not much we can do about it” says Razel.

“Why aren't we able to get any air support through?” asks Mouse.

“The zerg have been building up air defenses with flyers and Spore colonies so it's impossible to get anything through. Our only chance is to go through the canyons which hopefully aren't being guarded” says Razel.

“And what if it is being guarded?” asks Mouse.

“Blast your way through and get to Yarnic as fast as you can that's all I can suggest” says Razel.

“Are we still in radio contact with the base?” asks Mouse

“Yes we are, the zerg haven't attacked them but their food supply is running low” says Razel.

“I guess I'll get everyone ready and get going then” says Mouse.

“Be careful the zerg are sure to try something” says Razel.

“Why exactly did you want a ghost for this job? It's a rather unusual request” says Mouse.

“I realize that. But there's a reason for it” says Razel. He motions his finger at her for her to move closer which she does, they lean into each other and whisper. “I'm positive the zerg will try something and I don't think anyone will make it there alive. The reason I wanted a ghost is so the supplies at least have a chance to reach Yarnic. Do whatever you have to because if the supplies don't make it to Yarnic everyone will die” whispers Razel.

“I…I understand” says Mouse as they both relax back again.

“You'll find everyone ready and waiting in the repair bay. Check through everything then get going” says Razel.

“Understood” says Mouse as she gets out of her chair and goes for the door.

“Mireille, err Mouse. Be careful and remember do what ever it takes to get those supplies to the base” says Razel.

“I Understand. Uh sir where is the repair bay?” asks Mouse.

“Oh I'm sorry, to get to the repair bay just leave my office go back down the steps and through the door to your left on the landing pad” says Razel.

“Thank you sir” says Mouse as she leaves his office.

She comes out of the office, heads down the steps and through the door on the landing pad. As she enters the door she quickly notices all the massive tanks and goliaths being repaired by SCVs. Looking around she sees a group of people waiting around some big trucks talking. As she heads over to them a man from the group calls out to her. She stops in front of him and looks him up and down. He's quite a skinny pale around 5 foot 7 but his clothes say he tries to act tough. He's wearing black shoes, black pants, a black shirt with a leather vest over it and a pair of leather gloves. His hair is a tangy blondish brownish color which spans down past of his shoulders but most of it is bunched up under a black cap. Hiding his eyes is a pair of reddish tinted glasses and hanging off his chin is a goatee beard.

“And who are you?” asks Mouse.

“I'm Justin, I'll be driving the truck” says the man with a smirk.

“Can't believe they gave such an important job to Jingles” says one of the men.

“Don't call me that” growls Justin.

“You two can fight later. I'm Mouse the ghost that's been requested to come along on this little supply run” says Mouse.

“Okay Mousey so why don't you get us organized?” asks Justin.

She yanks him down by his beard until his face is level with hers. “Don't ever call me Mousey” says Mouse sternly before letting go of his beard making him almost fall backwards. He immediately rubs his chin in an attempt to relieve a little of the soreness. “Have all the vehicles been checked?” asks Mouse.

“Yeah I checked them myself” says one of the women. Her clothes are almost the same as Justin's only she isn't wearing a pair of glasses or a vest.

“And who are you?” asks Mouse.

“Hanna” says the woman.

“So, Hanna are you sure all the vehicles are fine?” asks Mouse.

“Unless someone has fucked with them in the last minute they're fine” says Hanna.

Well if that's the case I'll be holding you responsible if any of them break down” says Mouse.

“They won't” says Hanna.

“Good. Is everything loaded and ready to go?” asks Mouse.

“Sure is Mousey check if you want” says Justin.

“Hmm I think I might do that Jingles” says Mouse.

“Wha…what did you call me?” asks Justin.

“If you call me Mousey I'll call you Jingles” says Mouse with a smirk.

“Grr fine” says Justin angrily through gritted teeth.

She lets them all go back to talking as she checks the vehicles. Looking around she notices there are 3 massive black trucks all of which are made out of heavy armor plating. Two of them are made in such a fashion that the plating can be pushed up from the inside. After inspecting the trucks she goes over to one of the vultures. As she looks it over Justin comes over to annoy her.

“Everything in order Mousey?” asks Justin.

“Looks like it. Why were you picked to drive the truck?” asks Mouse.

“Well I can handle big trucks pretty well especially in tight situations” says Justin before leaning to her closer to whisper. “Between you and me I know why you're really here”.

“Really?” asks Mouse in a whisper.

“Yeah I've been doing recon for the past few months and I've seen how much stronger the zerg in this area have gotten. You're here because the commander doesn't think anyone will come back alive. He figures at least if there's a ghost with us the supplies have a chance of reaching Yarnic. Am I right?” says Justin in a whisper.

“Your spot on but don't tell anyone I don't think they'd be able to handle a suicide mission” says Mouse in a whisper.

“Don't worry I won't” says Justin.

“Justin?” asks Mouse.

“Yeah?” asks Justin.

“If we get attacked and I tell you to go I want you to take the truck and drive as fast as you can to Yarnic not stopping for anything” says Mouse.

“You got it” says Justin.

“Alright everybody lets get going. I want you marines in 2 groups. I want one group in one truck and one group in the other, pick who you ride with carefully cause your going to be stuck with them for the next 4 hours or more” yells Mouse.

The marines quickly assemble themselves into the two trucks and the remaining people get onto Vultures. Mouse goes over to the remaining Vulture, sits herself down and starts flipping at the controls as she does Justin quickly comes running over to her.

“Hey Mousey you sure you don't wanta ride with me in the truck?” asks Justin.

“Tempting offer but you know I have to stay in front to keep an eye out for things” says Mouse.

“Alright alright just tell me later if you wanta join me in the truck” chuckles Justin as he walks off. He quickly pulls open the door to the truck and hops in.

Mouse pulls down her goggles, revs up the engine of the Vulture and speeds off ahead. Everyone else quickly follows her and they get a good convoy line going. Mouse in front on a Vulture then one of the truck's full of marines. Next the supply truck and after that the remaining marine truck. A total of 8 Vulture biker's excluding Mouse stick to the sides of the trucks keeping an eye on things as they go along.

As Mouse drives on she presses a few buttons on the keypad on her arm. “This is Mouse checking the communications line” says Mouse.

“This is Commander Razel the communications line is working fine. Check in every hour and keep the line clear” says Razel on the other end.

“Understood sir” says Mouse before pressing a couple buttons on her keypad again. All of a sudden some loud music starts coming through. “Justin, Justin, JUSTIN” says Mouse angrily.

“What is it?” asks Justin.

“Turn down the fucking music and listen to me” says Mouse.

The music quickly goes quieter. “What's your problem?” asks Justin.

“Keep the music down so you can hear my transmissions” says Mouse.

“I can hear them fine” says Justin.

“Oh really? Then you heard when I said there's a zergling on the top of your truck?” asks Mouse.

“SAY WHAT?” screams Justin.

“Relax I was only kidding but that's the kind of thing I'm talking about so keep the music down” giggles Mouse.

“Don't do that again” growls Justin angrily.

“Just keep it down” says Mouse.

“Yeah yeah” says Justin.

Mouse pushes a couple buttons on her keypad and the transmission cuts off. For the next 3 hours the convoy drives steadily at a pace of 150 miles per hour, checking in every hour with a radio transmission to state their progress. Everything goes fine until Mouse stops in front of a massive gorge which must be at least 10 miles deep and half a mile wide with a thin sandstone bridge across. The others quickly stop their vehicles and join Mouse in front of the massive gorge. Even the marines hop out of the trucks and join them to stretch their legs.

“Well now what are we going to do?” asks Hanna.

“What else we go across” says Justin.

“It looks steady enough to hold the trucks but we'll take them one at a time” says Mouse.

“I'm not driving across that” says one of the men.

“You will or you'll be left behind” says Mouse.

“I'll drive the truck across for you, you little pussy” says Justin.

“No thanks Jingles I'll do it myself” says the man.

“What did you call me?” growls Justin angrily.

“Enough. Now listen up I want you marines to cross right now then the vultures. After that we'll take the two trucks across then the remaining. Once everything's across we'll take the supply truck over” says Mouse.

“You mean we gotta walk across that fucking bridge?” asks one of the male marines.

“That's right if you got a problem with that pull up a chair and wait here you can get a tan in the meantime” says Mouse making the marine mumble some curses under his breath.

“Why the supply truck last?” asks one of the women.

“Because we don't know if the bridge will hold, by slowly increasing the weight we can see if it stays in one piece. If we loose the truck we've failed our job so we might as well head back” says Mouse.

“Whatever you say Mousey” says Justin.

“Lets move” says Mouse.

All the drivers quickly return to their vehicles and do as Mouse ordered. The marines cross the bridge and carefully worried that the bridge might collapse. When they finish crossing the vultures start to cross one at a time.

Mouse goes up to one of the vulture drivers and yells at him. “Just what the hell are you waiting for? Go across the bridge” says Mouse angrily.

“It might collapse under the weight I'm not about to take that chance” says the man on the vulture.

She grabs him by the neck and pulls him up to face her. “If two vultures can't cross the bridge at the same time how are the trucks going to? Now get moving it'll be fine” growls Mouse before throwing him back into his seat.

“Okay okay” says the man on the vulture before quickly speeding off across the bridge.

The rest of the convoy quickly crosses the bridge with no problems. Even the massive empty trucks get across the bridge with little difficulty. Finally there's only 2 vehicles left, Mouse's vulture and the massive supply truck Justin's driving. Mouse pulls open the truck door to find Justin all ready to go across.

“I'm going to go behind you on my vulture that way if something happens I'll be able to help” says Mouse.

“How in the hell would you be able to help a 30 ton truck?” asks Justin.

“Well…I err…don't worry just go ahead” says Mouse before slamming the truck door shut.

“Women” says Justin with a sigh as he rolls his eyes and revs up the truck engine.

As the truck slowly creeps forward onto the bridge he holds the wheel tightly in place. Mouse quickly comes up close behind the truck as he ever so slowly guides it across the bridge. He holds the wheel tightly in his hand to keep the truck from swaying too far to either side and goes nice and slow so he doesn't drive off the edge. When he's about half way across, the bridge starts to crack slightly under the pressure of the truck.

Mouse's voice quickly comes on the speaker of the truck. “Justin listen up the bridge is cracking slightly just keep going the same speed and you'll be fine”

A massive shock shakes the truck as a section under the middle of the bridge collapses into the gorge. “Are you sure about that?” asks Justin.

“SHIT the entire middle is splitting, get across as fast as you can” says Mouse.

“You don't need to tell me twice” says Justin as he floors the peddle and literally speeds the truck across the bridge. As the truck barrels along the bridge it starts cracking and splitting in all directions, bits and pieces start collapsing under the weight of the truck as he continues to speed across it. “This bridge isn't going to hold” yells Justin.

“It has to hold or we'll both be dead and so will the people at Yarnic” says Mouse.

“I hate these jobs” grumbles Justin.

A section of the bridge in front of the truck cracks and slips downwards making the truck literally fly a few feet into the air as it passes over it. It lands back down heavily making the bridge crack further under its heavy pressure. Behind him Mouse flies up into the air on the vulture from the same bump making her crash back down just behind the truck.

“This bridge is completely fucked we're not going to make it” says Justin.

“We've only got a quarter of the way to go we'll make it don't worry” says Mouse.

As they reach the other side of the gorge the bridge starts to collapse from the middle out. It splits and jerks back making a ramp out of it. As the truck flies off over the edge it passes over the side of the gorge and lands back on its wheels swaying from side to side rapidly as Justin tries to stabilize it. Failing at that it flips onto its side and skids out along the sandy ground. Mouse on the other hand being behind the truck flew into the air but fell back down before reaching the other side. A grappling hook flies out from the gorge and hooks itself on the back of the truck making it jerk slightly as the line pulls tight. Justin climbs out the truck window and runs to the edge of the gorge to find Mouse on her vulture hanging helplessly on the line. The other convoy members quickly join him and stare down at Mouse.

“You alright Mousey?” asks Justin.

“Do I fucking look alright?” screams Mouse.

“Rope” yells Justin.

A man quickly pulls a rope out of a compartment on one of the vultures and throws it to Justin. He throws one end at someone by back of the truck who quickly ties it off. The line holding Mouse and her vulture snaps making them both start to plummet to the bottom of the gorge. Justin quickly throws the rope down to her but it doesn't reach. Holding onto the vulture with one hand she uses the other to open a compartment and pull out a rope. She flings the rope up and it just barely wraps around Justin's rope. Her falling stops with a sudden jerk as the loose rope wrapping just barely holds. Looking up at it she quickly starts to climb the rope but just before she reaches the binding it slips out making her fall but luckily she lunges her hand up just in time to grab a hold of the one steady rope.

“Alright let's pull her up” says Justin. Him and the others grab a hold of the rope and quickly pull her up. “That was quite a fall Mousey you almost went to the bottom several times” says Justin.

“No shit” grumbles Mouse as she wipes the sweat away on her forehead.

“Well its good that you're alright Mouse but we kind of failed just look at the truck” says one of the men.

“You mean Jingles failed” says one of the men correcting him.

“Don't call me Jingles you shit head” yells Justin.

“Shut up both of you. He got the truck across in one piece which is more than either of you could have done. Besides the truck being on its side is nothing we can't fix. Get the ropes from the vultures, tie them to the two empty trucks and hull it back on its wheels, NOW” says Mouse yelling the last word making everyone but Justin quickly race off and get to work.

“Nice work Mousey” says Justin.

“You're in the convoy too and under my command so get your ass to work” yells Mouse.

“Sorry I'm still in shock from my near death experience so I wouldn't be much help to them” says Justin.

“Smart ass” mumbles Mouse as she slumps herself down on the ground to rest.

“By the way looks like you lost your ride back there guess you'll be riding with me now” says Justin.

“Forget it I'm the leader of this mission and I got dibs on vehicles so I'm taking someone else's vulture” says Mouse.

“Suit yourself Mousey” says Justin. The two of them sit down and rest as the others busily get the truck back onto its wheels. After about 30 minutes of trying they finally manage to pull the heavy truck back onto its wheels. Mouse gets up from her comfy spot and kicks Justin in the shin. “Get in the truck” growls Mouse as she walks off to meet the others.

“Owe alright alright I'm going I'm going” says Justin as he gets up.

“We're all ready to go Mouse” says Hanna.

“My vulture is kind of at the bottom of that gorge so I'm going to need to take yours” says Mouse.

“What? What am I supposed to do walk?” asks Hanna.

“You can ride with someone else” says Mouse.

“She can ride with me can't you Hanna” says Justin as he pulls her away by the arm.

“No not you anyone but you. I'll walk if I have to” says Hanna.

“Oh shut up it'll be fun” snickers Justin.

Mouse shakes her head as Justin drags Hanna off to the front of the supply truck. Ignoring them she goes over to Hanna's now vacant vulture and starts it up. She quickly sits down and drives on ahead; the other trucks and vultures quickly follow behind her. Again the convoy gets going at an average speed of 150 miles per hour. They travel for hours through the sandy desert checking in every hour with the base and stopping every so often to rest and eat. The time slowly drifts off into nightfall and by the time they reach some canyons its long into the night. Mouse presses a few buttons on her keypad to start a transmission but all that comes through is static.

“Hello? Can anyone hear me?” asks Mouse. She presses on the keypad to change the radio and it jumps to another station full of static. “Justin, Hanna can either of you hear me?” asks Mouse. Nothing but a bunch of static comes through so she quickly shuts it off. She slows her vulture down until it's along side with the supply truck to find loud music playing inside. “Hey Justin is your radio going?” yells Mouse.

He leans out the window and looks down at her. “I've been picking up nothing but static for the past half hour. What the fucks going on?” says Justin

“I don't know either the signal might not be reaching out of these canyons or the satellites are destroyed. There's also the chance that the base was destroyed” says Mouse.

“I don't think so if the base was destroyed we'd still be getting signals from other bases. It must just be the damn canyons but I thought your high techy stuff works on a higher frequency” says Justin.

“It does but something must be blocking it” says Mouse.

“So exactly how bad off are we without the radio?” asks Hanna.

“Well we sure as hell can't call for help not like anyone would come anyway” says Justin.

“Its nothing too big we'll just continue on as planned” says Mouse.

“You're the boss Mousey” says Justin.

“Shut up. Just scream if you need help” says Mouse as she drives back ahead.

“I'm not going to be the one screaming” mumbles Justin.

They continue to drive on fine until a couple loud thuds are heard on top of the supply truck. A moment later one of the vulture biker's whistles out from behind. Mouse slows down until she's alongside the truck again. Looking up on the roof she sees a bunch of zergling's crawling along it.

“Justin listen up this time I'm not kidding there's a bunch of zergling's on the top of the truck” yells Mouse.

“Damn, look out the window and check” says Justin.

Hanna takes off her seatbelt and leans out the window to look on top of the truck. “Yeah there's 3 of them they're coming this way” says Hanna as she gets back down into her seat.

“Take the wheel I'll get em” says Justin.

“You'll what?” shrieks Hanna.

“Just shut up and stay here” says Justin.

He quickly pushes a couple buttons on the truck control panel before grabbing a shotgun from beside him. He opens the truck door, stands up on the seat and pulls himself onto the roof. Looking to the back he notices the 3 zergling's which quickly bound towards him.

“Lousy bugs” grumbles Justin.

He holds up the shotgun in both hands and stretches his neck to the left then the right both times rewarding him with a crack. He quickly pumps a shell into the shotgun chamber and slowly walks towards the zergling's. Once within a few feet of one of them he holds up the shotgun and pulls the trigger blowing a hole right through its skull. He kicks the dead zergling off the side of the truck before going for the remaining two. All of a sudden the truck jerks to the side almost making him loose his balance, one of the zergling's skids along the roof to the edge but quickly embeds its claws into the truck to stop itself from falling.

“Are you trying to kill me you stupid bitch?” screams Justin.

“I'm trying but you're not making it easy” yells Hanna. He pumps another shell into the shotgun and shoots off one of the zerling's claws then he gives it a good hard kick in the face which knocks it right off the truck. “Justin duck” screams Mouse.

“What do you mean duck?” yells Justin.

“Look behind you dumbass” screams Mouse.

Just as he turns around the remaining zergling pounces at him. He quickly ducks when he notices the massive sandstone ledge approaching him. He ducks just in time missing the ledge but the zergling on the other hand jumped headfirst into it. He stands back up and watches as the zergling falls onto the windshield of the truck behind then crashes to the ground and gets run over.

“Next time tell me there's a ledge” screams Justin.

“I said duck you idiot” yells Mouse angrily.

Justin walks back to the front of the truck and lowers himself down to the seat. He pushes Hanna out of the drivers seat and goes back to driving. He glares at her angrily for a moment.

“What?” asks Hanna.

“Why didn't you tell me about the fucking ledge?” asks Justin.

“The what?” asks Hanna.

“You didn't see the ledge overhead?” asks Justin angrily.

“No I didn't. Don't complain anyway you made it back in one piece didn't you” grumbles Hanna.

“Yeah yeah” mutters Justin.

They drive on for about half an hour through the canyons until it opens up further into a larger area. In the distance Mouse notices some sort of hill blocking the way, as she gets closer she realizes it's a massive hunk of sandstone blocking the way. She stops her vulture, gets off and moves over to inspect the blockade. The others stop their vehicles and get out to join her, quickly followed by the marines.

“Well how the fuck are we going to pass that?” asks Justin.

Mouse looks down along either side noticing it stretches for miles and by the looks of things it's blocked off by the mountains so it would be useless to drive in either direction in hope of passing it. “It looks like this sandstone stretches for miles. We'll have to get through it otherwise we can drive back a couple hours just to get around it” says Mouse.

“Just how the hell are we supposed to get through that?” asks Justin as he points at the mass of sandstone.

“Easy, everyone get back” says Mouse as she pulls her rifle off her back.

“What are you going to do shoot it?” asks one of the marines as he half laughs.

“I've got a range of grenades and if you don't want to be one of the pieces flying around I suggest you get back” says Mouse.

Everyone quickly backs up from the sandstone blockade and Mouse giving her plenty of room to work. She moves in closer to the sandstone, flips a switch on the rifle and fires 5 shotgun shells at it in various spots. Backing up she flips a switch again and fires at the same spots this time with proxy grenades. She flips a switch on the rifle one more time and this time she fires a single round at one of the proxy grenades making all 5 of them explode in a massive shower of dust. When the dust finally clears everyone can see the proxy grenades worked partially but the blown out section is still quite rough and not quite good enough for a truck to pass over.

“Nice try Mousey but looks like its not going to work” says Justin.

“I'm not done yet so stay back” says Mouse as she flips a switch on her rifle and fires 3 more shotgun shells into the sandstone. She quickly repeats things with some more proxy grenades and this time when the dust clears the ramp is half decent probably good enough for one of the trucks to pass over. “Okay that should do it lets get the trucks over” says Mouse.

The ground underneath her starts to shake, a moment later a massive jet of spikes shoots out in a straight line towards the marines. Each spike is at least 5 feet tall and 6 inches thick from the base thinning out to a razor sharp tip. The spikes completely sever the marines cutting their bodies in half like tissue paper.

“Get the supply truck out of here NOW” screams Mouse as she fumbles with the switch on her rifle.

As the vehicle drivers race back to their vehicles dozens of lumps start to rise out of the ground. The ground cracks and splits open in all directions making the ground quake. The cracks split open further and dozens of hydralisk's and zergling's start pouring out from the dirt. Most of the people are slaughtered before they even know what's happening. The marines quickly take defensive positions and try to defend themselves against the massive horde with their rifles. Mouse on the other hand points her rifle down at the ground between her legs and starts firing a steady stream of bullets. The ground literally explodes underneath her but somehow she manages to stay on the massive lurker as it bursts out of the ground.

As it shakes around trying to dislodge her she continues to fire bullets directly into its skull and finally after wasting at least 120 rounds or more the Lurker drops dead with her on top. She looks over at the trucks and notices one racing up the ramp she made out of the sandstone. Looking in the driver seat she notices Justin behind the wheel, as he drives on he runs down several zergling's and even some hydralisk's. All of a sudden a massive ultralisk charges forward and slams head on into the truck making the front crush slightly under the intense pressure. As the ultralisk holds the truck in place the other zerg quickly swarm it and start clawing against the metal plating trying to get inside.

Crouching down on the dead Lurker she flips a switch on her rifle and aims it at the massive ultralisk. With a little precision aiming she fires a single round at the ultralisk which passes through one of its eyes straight up into its brain killing it instantly. As Justin floors the peddle the truck slowly pushes the dead ultralisk out of the way. A hydralisk jams its talon like arm in the truck door and tears it off effortlessly leaving Justin open and vulnerable to attack. He grabs the shotgun next to him and starts firing shells as fast as he can at the hydralisk all the while he keeps his foot jammed to the floor on the gas pedal. Mouse noticing his Dilemma aims her rifle at the hydralisk but just before she fires she gets knocked to the ground by a zergling.

She kicks and punches at the zergling trying to dislodge it but it jams its claws tightly in her body to hold onto her. Gritting her teeth at the pain she pulls her rifle up and fires a single shot right between its eyes making it collapse dead on top of her. She very carefully unhooks its claws from her and shoves it aside. Looking back up at the truck she notices Justin's gone and only a pile of blood and spikes remain where he once sat. She quickly whips her head around looking in all directions but she sees nothing; only hydralisks, zergling's and spikes from the ground massacring people. A massive engine roars up loudly and she looks over in the direction of the sound to see one of the other trucks ramming the supply truck forward. It bashes the supply truck forward until it's past the dead ultralisk but instead of the driver stopping and changing trucks it speeds on past the supply truck.

She catches a glimpse of the driver as it passes on and notices it's merely a marine fleeing for his life. His cowardly escape is quickly cut short by a massive ultralisk slamming head first into the truck. It brings its razor sharp claws together and starts crushing the truck like an empty beer can. As the ultralisk slowly crushes the truck the marine draws his gun and fires madly at it in an attempt to kill it. Snapping herself back to reality Mouse quickly punches in a few keys on her keypad to turn on her cloaking. Her body quickly shimmers over as it slowly disappears leaving nothing but a thin outline of her. Remembering her mission she races to the truck as fast as she can only to be tackled by a zergling right before reaching the door. The last thing she sees before blacking out is an overlord flying overhead.

She wakes up hours later to a throbbing headache and pain wracking her entire body. As her senses slowly return to her she realizes the throbbing pain of a large hard object moving around inside her pussy. She realizes the crushing weight on her back and with a groan of pain she moves her head around to see a zergling busy fucking her for all she's worth. Her eyes go wide as she realizes that the throbbing pain in her pussy is actually the zergling's cock pounding into her. She tries to shift herself but under the zergling's weight and in her weakened state she's unable to. Instead she slumps to the ground groaning in pain as the zergling's rough cock violates her sore pussy.

With blurry vision she looks around and quickly notices dozens of other women screaming as their bodies are savagely raped. She quickly recognizes them as people who were in the convoy most of them were marines but they're armor was obviously torn from their bodies leaving them vulnerable for rape. As she continues to look around she notices dozens of horny zerling's and hydralisk's all of which have their long thick cocks dangling out in anticipation of getting to some human females pussy. Her mind reels over her knowledge of the zerg searching for something that states they have dicks like men but finds nothing.

Her thoughts are cut short as the zergling's cock roughly thrusts past her cervix into her womb and starts flooding her with it's cum. The zergling cums into her for what seems like minutes but eventually it pulls out of her battered pussy followed by a massive rush of its cum. She tries to think how long she was unconscious and judging by the pain of her body and her weakened state she guesses about 24 hours at the least. She weakly tries to get up but is quickly pushed down by another zergling mounting her. Its weight roughly pushes her face down into the sandy ground as it starts to hump away at her trying to gain entry to her pussy.

She pushes herself up weakly into a doggie style position so she can see what's happening between her legs. Her eyes practically bulge out as she sees the zergling's 14 inch long, 3 inch thick cock swinging between her legs. With one last hard thrust the zergling sinks the head of its cock into her, not in her pussy but into her tight ass. She screams in utter pain and terror as her asshole is quickly forced open to accommodate his cock. He grips onto her slender body as hard as he can with his sharp claws drawing blood from her as he starts ramming his cock into her ass a couple inches at a time.

She slumps back to the ground screaming in pain. Within no time the zergling has its entire 14 inch cock buried in her asshole making her mind real over how its possible she can take such a large thing with barely any pain. As the zergling starts thrusting in and out of her she starts feeling sick like the need to throw up. She quickly realizes that her rectum is already filled with cum and they must have been fucking her for hours already. All of a sudden the zergling pulls out too far making his cock pop out, he thrusts forward nice and hard but instead of going back into her ass he drives his cock slowly into her tender pussy.

She squeals in pain as her pussy is roughly forced open around his massive cock. As the zergling forces himself deeper into her he starts drooling and panting for breath. She groans out in disgust as massive blobs of his saliva drips down onto her hair. Her eyes start to fill with tears from the pain and the realization she'll probably be raped to death. The zergling cuts that thought short by slamming his cock past her cervix right up into her womb. He starts panting hysterically and shrieking in pleasure as he fucks her pussy with earnest. Then finally with one loud deafening loud shriek his cum pours into her overstretched abused hole. She groans out in pain and discomfort as her pussy holds his cock so tightly his cum doesn't leak out the slightest bit.

Her belly starts to bulge slightly from the massive amount of cum forced her. He fills her with his cum for a couple minutes before pulling out. It literally explodes out of her like a geyser making her groan in pain and relief as it pours out over the sandy ground below. Before she even has time to recover a hydralisk comes up behind her. She turns around just in time to see his cock is 16inchs long and 4 inches thick before he roughly forces it into her asshole. She shrieks out in pain as her ass is roughly expanded further than ever before to take his massive size.

The hydralisk slams its massive talon like arms down on either side of her head to get better leverage. His talon arms start cutting into her shoulders blades as his cock very slowly sinks into her bit by bit. She squeals like a stuck pig and her eyes start flowing tears like rivers. She lies weakly on the ground screaming in pain and terror as he slowly forces his cock into her. She looks up weakly through her tear streamed eyes to see one of the women from the convoy literally skewered by an ultralisks cock. Her ass is pressed firmly against the ultralisks watermelon sized balls and the tip of his cock is poking out from her mouth. Her body is completely distended from the massive thing inside her; she's nothing but a warm tight glove to the ultralisk.

She looks up at the woman's face and notices tears are still flowing freely from her eyes indicating she's still alive for the time being. She's brought back to the situation of her own body as the hydralisk finishes pushing the last of its cock into her tight rectum. Before she can get used to the size properly the hydralisk starts withdrawing only to slam back into her again and again. Her asshole is quickly rubbed raw on his hard cock making her blood flow out around it. The hydralisk growls in pleasure as the blood from her ass helps lubricate his thrusts so he ram into her harder and faster.

For the next 30 minutes the hydralisk rams his cock in and out of her ass making her scream with every thrust. By the time the hydralisk cums and pulls out her she's screamed herself hoarse so all she can do is lie still crying her eyes out. She doesn't even try moving again when the next hydralisk takes its place between her legs realizing she's far too weak to resist the slightest bit. The zerg continue to rape her ass and pussy for the next few hours covering her body in cum and claw marks. Eventually one of the zerglings gets confused and straddles her face instead of her ass. By now she's half asleep from lack of energy but the zergling starts thrusting forward smacking its cock into her face making her quickly wake up from her half dreamy state to see the 13 inch long 2 inch thick cock thrusting at her.

She tries to move around to dislodge the zergling but with what little energy she has it does nothing to stop it. The zergling being too dumb to realize it caught the wrong end continues to batter her face with its cock in determination to gain entry to something. Its hard cock bashes roughly against her cheeks, lips and eyes leaving bruises from the brutal thrusts. She starts praying that she'll die from this treatment but that thought is put out of her mind when the zergling misses her face and rams its cock into her neck knocking the air out of her. She opens her mouth to start coughing but that was all the time the zergling needed; it roughly forces its cock down her gallet and shrieks in pleasure as it feels her warmth.

She gags instantly making things even more pleasurable for the zergling as her throat tries to squeeze the hard cock. Tears flow down her eyes as the zergling fucks her throat and she frantically claws at the ground to get loose for air. Just before she feels she's going to pass out from lack of oxygen the zergling pulls back letting her get a good breath of air before slamming right back down her throat. Other zerglings and hydralisks start sniffing around her legs finding she still has two available holes. A moment later a hydralisk rams its cock into her abused pussy making her shriek out around the zerglings cock in her mouth.

The zergling continues to pound into her mouth for the next 20 minutes or more pulling out just before she runs out of air as if it knows. Finally it drives its cock all the way down her gullet and shrieks out in pleasure as it's cum flows directly into her stomach. Her belly slowly starts to swell from the amount of cum pouring into her stomach but finally the zergling pulls out. She lets out a sigh but quickly starts whimpering in fear and crying again as another takes its place. Over the next 4 hours or so dozens of zerglings and hydralisks blow their loads into her orifices. By this time her belly has stretched painfully big from the amount of cum forced into her stomach making her look 8 months pregnant.

A hydralisk pummels itself into her raw asshole and on top of her face a zergling finishes cumming into her stomach. It quickly dismounts letting her groan out in pain from the feeling of her over full bloated stomach pressed painfully into the sandy ground. Just before the next zergling mounts her face massive explosions start ringing out in the distance. The hydralisk fucking her quickly pulls out and the other zerg fucking other women quickly stop too. They all gaze out to the distance to watch as massive blue lights fill the canyons. Mouse looks up for a few moments before collapsing to the ground in exhaustion.

Loud shrieks and squeals of pain fill the air and by the time she manages to lift her head again the zerg that were around her are massacred. Dozens and dozens of corpses lie around on the ground; zerg, protoss and human although the only human corpses are the ones of the women who were raped to death. Blue blood; red blood and a mixture of cum covers the entire sandy ground and the walls of the canyons around her. She lies exhausted on the ground for hours unable to move the slightest bit so she gazes up at the sky weakly watching as zerg flyers fill the air. A massive engine starts to roar out from the sky and she watches as a massive carrier slowly fills the sky overhead. Thousands of interceptors flood out from the carrier and start shooting rapidly in all directions at zerg on the ground and in the air wiping them out by the dozens.

When she finally gets the strength to sit up she shoves a pair of fingers down her throat and makes herself throw up. She pukes up a mixture of cum and blood from her abused throat all over the ground. She does this over and over puking up bucket fulls of the mixture until her stomach is its regular size again. She slumps to the ground in her puke exhausted from the ordeal her body has been through. She's literally drenched in blood and cum from head to foot. When she finally manages to get the strength to move a bit she wipes some of the cum and blood off her body. She looks over herself finding she's still covered in stuff quite thoroughly along with dozens and dozens of cuts and bruises that have been sealed shut from the mixture.

She feels her cum drenched hair to find that her goggles are missing so she pulls on the cord to her rifle to find it's severed with her rifle also missing. Looking down at the keypad she realizes the display is drenched in cum and blood so she quickly wipes it away to reveal the suits battery cells are fully charged. Obviously her cloaking kept going until it was empty and then cut off letting the batteries recharge themselves. She pushes a few buttons on her keypad to try the radio.

“T…th…this is Mouse…I've…I've been…hurt…is…is…anyone getting this?” says Mouse weakly. She waits for a few moments before trying again. “This is…Mouse…come in…anyone?” says Mouse weakly. She presses a few buttons on the keypad and slumps back in depression. “Radios still out. Well I'm not getting caught again” mumbles Mouse to herself as she pushes a couple buttons on her keypad to turn on the cloaking. Electricity quickly flickers over her body but fizzles out with a small beeping sound on her keypad, looking down she notices the red error message which reads Malfunction. “Just fucking perfect” grumbles Mouse as she weakly stands up.

She practically topples over at first from standing up. She weakly walks along following the blood stains and bodies on the ground in hope that it might lead her out of the zerg base. In her weakened state she's almost oblivious to the massive war between the zerg and protoss taking place around her. The protoss seem to completely ignore her as she weakly walks away and the zerg are far too busy trying not to be killed to rape her some more. As she comes around a corner she collapses to the ground from exhaustion. She looks in front of her to see some strange distorted object pointing directly at her. She opens her eyes properly and realizes it's her rifle with the gun barrel pointing directly between her eyes.

Out of panic she quickly grabs a hold of the rifle and holds it up ready to kill anything that moves. After looking around for a moment she realizes there's nothing so with a sigh she takes a hold of the wire cord on the gun and ties it to the one hanging off her body. “This base is a couple miles big and yet I stumble upon my rifle again as I'm leaving, what sheer dumb luck. Well least I know I'm going the right way” mumbles Mouse to herself.

She picks herself back up and walks on along the blood stained trail. After what seems like hours of walking she comes to a dead end, a massive rocky cliff is blocking her way. Looking up at the massive cliff she almost faints from thinking about needing to climb it. With a sigh she grabs a hold of the rocky wall and starts to crawl her way up. After half falling dozens of times and cutting her self on a almost every sharp rock on her way she reaches the top. She looks out over the massive planet to see the sun is very slowly crawling its way up into the sky and that several more carriers have joined the first to slaughter the zerg.

She looks around in the distance wondering which way to go before remembering Razel's words. “Do whatever you have to because if the supplies don't make it to Yarnic everyone will die”. The words everyone will die ring over and over in her head making her realize her job.

She shakes her head clear then holds up her rifle and uses the zoom on it to search the landscape. After looking around for quite some time she finally spots the supply truck. Luckily the truck looks like it's still drivable with only a few popped wheels, some metal sheeting torn off the sides and roof and a slightly crushed cockpit. The other two trucks however are in far worse condition. They're turned on their sides with a couple of the wheels torn off, massive sheets of the metal plating missing from the sides and roof and most of the truck itself crushed from the front back. Around them the vultures are in much the same condition with the exception of one or 2. Metal sheeting is torn off and parts completely ripped from the vehicles itself.

She looks down at the ground to see its cracked open and stained with blood and guts of human and zerg alike. She quickly scouts a route to the truck finding it's completely clear and that any zerg that are alive are fighting the protoss in their massive base. She walks around on top of the canyon for quite some time looking for a way down until she trips and slides down the side being cut on dozens of sharp rocks on the way down. When she finally hits the bottom her body is wracking pain all over and she's almost covered in cuts none of which are fatal. She weakly gets up and starts limping her way towards the destroyed convoy. As she walks on the sun slowly rises into the sky to shine brightly over the desert like planet. She walks on for nearly 10 hours collapsing every 20 minutes or so from exhaustion before she finally reaches the truck.

She goes up to the supply truck and looks in the door finding the seats covered in Justin's blood with several sharp spikes from a hydralisk embedded in it. She weakly pulls herself into the truck and tears out several of the spikes so she can sit down before she tries starting up the truck. The engine gives out a whining noise and doesn't start.

“No no please work” sobs Mouse.

She tries a dozen more times before starting to cry. Giving up she slams her fists on the dashboard. The engine slowly hums a lightly more so she hits it again and again as she tries to start it. Finally the engine roars to life making the truck jerk forward all of a sudden. She quickly drives forward over the broken vehicles bits and puddles of blood and guts. As she holds the wheel with one hand she wipes the tears from her eyes with the other. She continues to drive on and as she does she looks around in the truck for something to drink or eat. After looking around dozens of times she finally gives up realizing there's no food or water in the truck so she merely decides to drive on to Yarnic.

She drives for several hours before she begins to notice a reddish flickering in the distance with a dark cloud hanging overhead. As she gets closer it becomes apparent the reddish flickering is actually fire with a massive cloud of smoke rising into the air above it. She speeds up and drives faster towards the fire until she reaches it. When she does she slows the truck down to a crawl and starts to look around in all directions at the ruined base. Everything is destroyed, the metal structure the concrete it's as if a massive nuke hit the place.

“Yarnic is…des-troyed” stutters Mouse as she drives on. She stops the truck in the middle of the ruins and gets out to look around. After walking a short distance she collapses to the ground and starts punching it as tears glaze over her eyes. “ALL THIS FOR NOTHING” shrieks Mouse. All of a sudden the ground starts to shake; it splits open in all directions forming massive cracks. A sharp claw pokes out of the dirt in front of her and slowly extends out towards her. She looks around in panic as more sharp claws start coming out of the dirt. “No…no…not again” sobs Mouse softly.

To be Continued

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