JoD: Story

Variations on a Theme

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by Evil Nigel

Part of The Third Foursome Moresome Challenge

Photo (c) Copyright 2006 John Nemeth. All Rights Reserved.

I met her at a party. An electric shock coursed through my system as her eyes locked with mine across the crowded room. Later the introductions, then the mutual seduction, hungrily exploring each other's mouths, breasts, pussies with tongues and fingers. We fell in lust and moved in together. Then a ceremony, followed by a celebration. Dressed like a man, her sister, the 'best man', raised her glass and proposed "a toast for the happy couple!"

It worked well for a while, frequently sharing multiple orgasms of the sort that only half of humanity can ever aspire to. Then it started to die. Nights spent working late. Silent phone calls. Averted looks. Finally the confessions. "I've met someone else." "I'm leaving you." Then the ultimate betrayal, "it's a man."

My world imploded and I sank into the depths of despair. Would ending it be the solution to my grief?

Then one morning in the cafe. You, her sister. You recognized me and came over. Awkward sympathy gave way to conversation, shared interests and awful but side-splittingly funny jokes. We met again the next day seemingly by chance, the day after by arrangement. Over the weekend our friendship turned to romance then consummation.

Monday morning. We again met in the cafe. You, again dressed like a man. We ordered breakfast. Then the defining moment. You held a slice of toast for me to take a bite, saying "toast for the happy couple?" If I decline, would we part as friends and go our separate ways? But I have found my soul-mate. So I make the commitment and take a bite and hold my toast up for you to reciprocate.

Twenty years later we still perform the same ritual. It's like a comfort blanket; the exchange of toast proves that all is well with our relationship and with the world. No children of course, a mild regret, but that would require a man. And although age has taken the edge off the passion, you are my soul-mate and if anything were to happen to you, I would rather forfeit my own life than live on, alone and empty.

A little later than usual today because we're getting slower. In the cafe I notice a young woman staring at us with knowing curiosity. She seems familiar; is she a regular? As I take my customary bite, I wink and she blushes. If only she knew how lucky I am to have you; I hope she is as lucky someday.

Photo (c) Copyright 2006 John Nemeth. All Rights Reserved.

The Journal of Desire Volume 3, Number 2

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