The Jeremy Series
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Written by Janus
Copyright 2014-2018

All chapters so far:
Chapter 1 - The Beginning
Twenty-something Pam is babysitting Jeremy, a ten year old. She has an unexpected reaction when she realizes he's no longer a little boy who thinks girls are gross.

Chapter 2 - Truth or Dare
Though she still feels embarrassed about Jeremy's attention, Pam calls his bluff when he dares her to take off her top in a hot tub.

Chapter 3 - Sleepytime
Pam accidentally knocks out Jeremy by giving him the wrong allergy medication. He's out cold and she's unbearably curious. Can she live with herself if she does it?

Chapter 4 - Up Periscope
Pam is trying to define the boundaries of an appropriate relationship, but then catches Jeremy spying on her while she takes a shower.

Chapter 5 - A Turning Point
Pam and Jeremy are camping in his backyard. She learns some interesting things about Jeremy, included the mystery of his Coppertone obsession.

Chapter 6 - Breaking the Seal
Jeremy accidentally locks himself in handcuffs while hiking with Pam. It's not a big deal until he has to pee really bad.

Chapter 7 - The Worst Birthday Ever
Jeremy's parents announce some unexpected news that affects everyone.

Chapter 8 - The Opposite of a Honeymoon
Pam discovers that living with a young boy is much different than babysitting him.

Chapter 9 - The Good Boy
Though she still has a lot to learn, Pam is getting better at her role as Jeremy's caretaker.

Chapter 10 - The Opposite of Jailbait
Jeremy convinces Pam to dress up in a revealing Halloween costume.

Chapter 11 - Kryptonite, Part 1
Pam is summoned to Florida where Jeremy is vacationing with his dad. Things go awry when they discover a crucial missing ingredient.

Chapter 11 - Kryptonite, Part 2
Vacation gets better when Pam figures out herself and figures out the Coppertone Conundrum.

Chapter 12 - The Little Drummer Boy
Pam cheers up Jeremy, who is uncharacteristically dejected on Christmas Eve.

Chapter 13 - Miss Carpenter
Jeremy's mom unexpectedly comes home in the middle of the day. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

Chapter 14 - The Sex Talk
Kate enlists Pam in talking to her son about the birds and the bees. Pam continues Jeremy's education once Kate leaves.

Chapter 15 - Spring Break, Part 1
Pam duels with her nemesis for Jeremy's affection.

Chapter 15 - Spring Break, Part 2
Jeremy becomes ill at Apple's birthday party, leaving Pam to deal with the consequences.

Chapter 16 - Peel Slowly and See
Pam is called away on a family emergency, leaving Kate to entertain her son.

Chapter 17 - Call the Doctor
After an embarrassing doctor's visit for Jeremy, Pam makes it up to him by playing doctor when they get home.

Chapter 18 - The Best Birthday Ever
On Jeremy's twelfth birthday, Pam spends the day overseeing a party with his preteen friends.

Chapter 19 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Jeremy's birthday is capped off by a loud thunderstorm and an unforeseen event.

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