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Unless noted, all stories are assumed to contain vaginal and oral sex. Anal sex will always be included in the story codes.

Note: Story codes in italics are codes that are not yet in a story but will be.

Karen and Fred

(Last Mod: June 19, 2009)
mf, m+f, m+f+, Mf, M+f, Mf+, M+f+, bdsm, hs, pain, mdom, humil, ds, anal, dp

Karen Wager, the first student from the Naked in School universe to go through The Program, goes to her friend Fred's house after agreeing to do what ever he wants for the weekend. He's into bondage and pain, and as Karen finds out, although they do have their sweet and romantic moments, he likes fucking her roughly.

After Fred's dad makes a joke about how hot Karen is, Fred makes her have sex with his father, and later in the story Fred and his brother trade girls.

The three days of teensex is just a buildup to Saturday night, though. When Fred and Karen attend a party that his swinger parents throw, Karen is subjected to bondage, rough sex, rough anal, submission, and being gangbanged.

Kristin The Stripper

(Last Mod: Dec 13, 2008)
rape, kidnap, MF, anal, M+F, M+F+, dp

Description coming soon!

Kidnaped in Mexico

(Last Mod: August 11, 2008)
kidnap, rape, MF, M+F, MM, dom, humil, anal, dp

Every spring break, hundreds of thousands of borderline-alcoholic college students fly to Mexico to enjoy the ocean, the scenary, and some more physical things. For two students, all the excitement and joy is knocked out of them when they find them selves waking from unconsciousness in a field, benches and dirty Mexican men surrounding them. The guy is forced to rape the girl, a girl about whom he used to have sexual fantasies, and things go downhill from there. From day one with their gang member captives, the odd couple, especially Jennifer, is used for sex. They're beaten, humiliated, raped, tortured and dehumanized. Then comes a new issue. They finally give up hope of escape, and the guy is faced with a decision. Be noble and control himself, or become as bad as his captives and enjoy Jennifer's pussy and ass until the day that they are finally killed? Locked in a room naked with Jennifer, the guy is always faced with blatant temptation, even having to watch her get fucked 20 times a day.

Into the Russian Mafia

(Last Mod: December 26, 2007)
rape, MF, M+F, MF+, M+F+, anal, dp, virgin

For Anna, the secrecy of her father's job was just normal when she was growing up. He would come and leave at weird times of the night, he always left the room to talk on the phone, and he always had people visiting him. Whenever Anna would ask what he did for his job, he would say "shipping." When Anna was 16, she figured out what he really did. He was the leader of the south western Russian mafia. Understandably, they got into fights about it, and Anna eventually shunned her father, but he still provided for her. In university Anna finally gets a chance to forget it all. She's not constantly faced everyday with the fact that her father is, although a very loving father, a bad man. She still lives off of his money, but she no longer has to see him leave the room to take a phone call and wonder if someone died as a result of what he said. The story picks up with Anna's father being murdered in a coup, and Anna being kidnapped. With her father protecting her, no one in Russia would have dared to even insult her, but with him dead, his past enemies kidnap her and use her how ever they want.

Little Red Riding Hood

(Last Mod: December 8, 2007)
rape, beast, beast~f, anal, snuff

This rendition of the class Little Red Riding Hood fairytale explores an alternate plot. What if instead of eating Little Red's grandmother and then trying to eat her, the wolf had just gone after Little Red Riding Hood? What if the wolf wasn't just interested in eating her?

Alternate World

(Last Mod: Nov. 17, 2007)
rape, mF, mMF, anal, dp

While doing scientific research, Sarah maanges to transport her self to a different world. The world is similar in some ways, but it has evolved in a way that men are unquestionably dominant of women. Women are essentially slaves to men, serving them in all ways. Sarah lands in this second world, is bought at auction by James for his son Sean, and then she is forced into the world of being their domestic and sexual slave.

Drunk Sister

(Last Mod: October 25, 2007)
rape, drunk, passout, inc, MF

This story follows an emotional rollercoaster. A brother picks up his sister from a bar late one night, pissed off that he has to pick up her drunk ass once again. He takes her home, and she passes out. He does his best to resist her helpless passed out state, but finds that he's very weak.

Step Sister

(Last Mod: Oct. 13, 2007)
inc (by relation, not blood), mf, anal

Description coming soon!

Middle East

(Last Mod: Sept. 24, 2007)
rape, kidnap, viol, MF, M+F, MM, dom

A journalist team of a man and woman are kidnapped while reporting in Iraq.

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