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Story: Squash

Squash by Darius Thornhill

When did I realised I was bi-sexual? I suppose it was the first time I fucked another man - dead give-away really.

I first saw Robert at my local squash club. I'd joined the league and was looking at the notice board to see who I had to play next in my section. His name was there for the next week against mine. I looked at the booking sheet to see when he was next playing; the idea was to take a look at his game to identify his weak points. We were a pretty competitive club and analysing other player’s technique was a common pastime. Chance - was it chance or fate? He was on court right then. I wandered along the spectator's gallery to the court where he was playing and watched him for a while

Robert was playing a woman – she was attractive. Fit and lithe, ordinarily the kind of tight body I go for - but as I watched them I found my attention being drawn more to Robert's body than hers. I let my mind wander over his tall frame, his fluid movements round the court, his easy changes of direction and above all on his backside. His buttocks showed firm and tight as he stooped for the low shots and moved sensuously against the thin cotton of his shorts as he walked to the front to retrieve a ball. As he walked back I studied the discrete bulge his cock made and he glanced up and caught my eyes for a brief moment.

Up to that point in my life I had never had sex with another man, nor really thought seriously I would. OK I'd had the odd fantasy about touching and being touched by another man, but I never found one who had turned me on enough to want to experiment. But there was something about Robert - call it lust at first sight - that changed my way of thinking about it.

I watched the rest of the game - which he won by balancing his power and control to place the ball always as far from his opponent as he could. At the end of the match his opponent and he shook hands and she moved towards him, still holding his hand, to kiss his cheek. He must have turned her on as well. Robert politely bent forward to let her kiss him but his eyes lifted to meet mine again. In that moment I knew without doubt that he preferred men to women and that I wanted to experience my first homosexual sex with this man.

They walked off court and went their separate ways to the changing rooms. I followed Robert into the male section and as he sat to remove his shoes I introduced myself with the excuse that I wanted to arrange our game for next week.

Close to, Robert was even more attractive. His short hair framed sexy, welcoming eyes and a soft smile. His manner was easy and gentle.

"You play a good game." I said. "That high drop shot is a killer. I'll have to watch out for that one."

"I'm sure you have a few of your own to surprise me." he smiled.

As I drove home I thought about the implications of my feelings for Robert. In short order I decided that I wanted this man; that there was nothing wrong with this feeling; that I did not feel guilty and that I was in a high state of sexual excitement.

I went back to my flat and immediately started to search the net for gay newsgroups. I downloaded a selection of images of men in various states of undress and some close up action shots of men fucking each other. In my state of stimulation I was soon masturbating to one of the best solo orgasms I had ever had. In the aftermath I looked again at these new feelings. Nothing had changed and I still couldn't wait for the game next week.

Robert won the toss and took first serve. We played a hard, but friendly match during which I definitely lost a few points because my eye was on the wrong ball. Up close his cotton shorts showed off a pair of very fit and hard buttocks and did little to conceal an interesting bulge at the front. I was glad when the match ended. We walked towards each other across the court and I knew this was one of those times in your life when it could go either way. The choice was mine to shake hands politely then make small talk or to signal my interest and see if he responded.

I took his hand without saying anything and looked into his eyes. His gentle grin and firm gaze held me as I held on to his hand longer than was polite, but he didn't pull it away. With a glance at the empty gallery he said 'I could use a shower.' It was an open invitation if I wanted to take it.

'OK. That sounds good' I said rather lamely. Why was I nervous? I wanted this and it seemed to be happening.

We headed for the changing room, my senses tense and alert. Stripping off my sweaty shirt, shorts and jock strap I grabbed my towel and went into the open shower cubicle. Robert was already there with one other man who was just finishing. The other guy left as I came in and through the steam I caught my first sight of Robert stark naked. He stood facing me with his eyes shut as a cascade of water fell over his face and coursed down his broad chest, channelling over his flat stomach to pour in a long torrent from the end of his impressive cock. Looking, unobserved gave me the chance to study his dick. It hung thick, but curved smoothly downward in a slightly aroused state. Below, two large firm balls nestled in an almost hairless sack.

I walked to the shower head next to him and said 'Hi'. He opened his eyes and smiled at me again. I felt my excitement rise. His smile said so many things - all of which my body wanted to hear.

'You haven't any soap. Do you want me too…? I nodded assent, not trusting my voice. And then his hands were smoothing soap into my shoulders and chest. His touch was exquisite - firm and smooth with an assurance that spoke of total confidence. I responded by touching him but he whispered 'No, let me,' and gently moved my hands away. What could I do?

I just closed my eyes and felt his magic sensuous touch exploring my chest, brushing my nipples, smoothing my stomach, moving lower to lightly brush the soft hair surrounding my thickening dick, and then sliding round to the small of my back and a gentle pull. With a tingling shock of pleasure I felt his lips touch mine, his chest and stomach press gently against me and then his soft penis brushed mine - which immediately responded by stiffened slightly as if reaching for him.

Suddenly he pulled away. A glance at him showed the cause. He had noticed somebody else was hanging up a towel and was coming into the cubicle. He whispered 'Not here. We need time.'

'Robert, time with you is just what I need. My flat is not far and my car is outside.'

We both changed quickly, but there was still time to get a good lingering look at his naked backside at he slid his briefs over tight buttocks. I felt weak and stupid again, but hooked. There was no way it wasn't going to happen tonight. My cock jumped at the thought of being pressed up against his tight flesh.

The car journey was over too soon. Too soon because Robert was stroking my neck and shoulders and telling me how he had noticed me watching him the week before and how he had hoped I was attracted to him too. When I told him I wasn't really gay, but liked women as well he said that was OK with him. Then he asked me if it was my first time with a man. I told him the truth.

'Well listen,' he said gently. 'If there's anything you are scared of or don't want to do, just tell me. That's OK with me.'

'I want to do it all. I want you to do everything to me and I want to do everything with you.' I replied. And to make my point clear I slid my hand over his crotch and was very pleasantly surprised by his obvious erection. 'It's going to be a long hard night.' I said and he laughed with me.

Inside my flat we relaxed and cooled down after the squash game. We chatted about who we were, where we worked; all the usual stuff, but underlying it was a pent-up sense of anticipation. We were both excited at the prospect, but not so out of control that we wanted to rush into it. Savouring the delights of an experience to come is often a way of heightening the sensations when they do arrive.

So as we sat there exploring each other’s worlds I was steadily becoming more excited. My eyes roved over his body imagining what I would do with it and what it would do with me. My conversation gradually made less sense and eventually I asked him the same question I had a few minutes earlier. We both realised and laughed, but with no awkwardness.

‘I guess I just can’t concentrate.’ I said.

‘Perhaps you’d like to carry on where we left off in the shower? It might help us relax.’

I nodded and stood up leading him towards my bedroom.

‘Perhaps you could use some of this?’ I asked, showing him a bottle of massage oil standing on my bedside table beside a packet of condoms and some KY jelly.

He smiled and moved towards me until he was looking close into my eyes. He slowly began to undo the buttons on my shirt one at a time. Gently easing the shirt from my shoulders He noticed my bulge and said, “Let me help you with that,” unzipping my fly and parting my trousers. My cock was erect and pressing the material of my boxers into a long ridge. With one finger he traced the length of it slowly. “Nice,” he said as her lifted the waist of my shorts and let my cock spring out. “Even better,” he said as he looked at the wetness oozing from the tip of my cock. He slipped my trousers off followed by my boxers. I responded in kind and soon we where both naked. His body was almost the name as I’d seen in the shower, except now his cock sprang proudly erect. A good 7 inches long, very thick and with the tip almost hidden behind a neat foreskin. I wanted to stroke it and suck it but before I had a chance he pushed me gently backwards onto the bed.

“This will help you relax,” he said, pouring a little of the oil on his hands. He knelt beside me and began to smooth the oil into my chest in slow lazy circles. My nipples became stiff and my breathing became more rapid as the effects of his touch started to spread down to my cock and buttocks. His hands followed my feelings towards my erect cock

I was naked with a man for the first time and it was extremely exciting. He spread my legs and knelt between them continuing to massage me with his oiled hands. Slowly, tantalisingly he worked his way up my thighs until his finger were brushing my balls. My cock strained to stand up even further for him. With expert finger tips he excited my lust until I was lying back groaning and wanting him to take my cock in his firm hand and wank me until I shot my load. Nothing prepared me for the soft warm touch of his lips on the very tip of my cock. He just kissed the end and then slowly, let the head slip between his lips. I felt his warm breath on my balls and then the touch of his tongue on my cock circling the end as he took it deeper into his mouth. His hand moved to cup my balls as he sucked, licked and teased my cock. The stimulation, gentle though it was, was too much.

“Robert I’m going to come,” I panted. He replaced his mouth with his hand and continued to stroke me while he spoke.

“I want you to come in my mouth. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes,” I gasped. He lowered his lips onto my cock again and swallowed virtually the whole length. Slowly he sucked and massaged my aching cock and my tight balls. The pressure rose to an unbearable level and my balls sent their first load shooting into his mouth as I started to come. I suddenly felt his oiled finger pressing against my anus and as I spurted again my ring opened and his finger slide inside my tightness only to be squeezed firmly as I spurted again and again into his mouth. His sucked and licked my cock milking my last small spurts while slowly fucking my arse with his long finger. I was helpless. I just lay back and came and came under his expert touch.

“That was amazing,” I finally managed to say. He grinned at me.

“You certainly enjoyed it. Seems like you like having a man suck your cock.”

“You can do that as often as you like.”

“That’s good because I’d like to do it often,” he smiled.

“Your finger in my bum made it even better. It felt really horny.”

“Turn over. I’ll do something you’ll like even more.” Robert placed his hands on my hips and rolled me onto my stomach. That made my cock twitch with anticipation. When I felt him pushing my legs apart, parting my buttocks and exposing my arsehole it wasn’t only my cock that twitched. My arse wanted to be touched again. I wanted him to finger me like he had before. I waited eagerly for his touch. I moaned with surprise and delight when I felt his warm breath on my tight hole and the tip his warm wet tongue as he gently licked it. I gasped when he used his whole tongue to separate my cheeks and lick me from balls to arse and back again with long firm strokes. I pushed my bottom upwards trying to open myself to him and make him put his tongue inside me. I wanted it so bad but he wouldn’t. He just kept licking my arse pausing now and again to tease my anal opening with the very tip of his tongue, just dipping it in and out very briefly.

“God Robert! I want you to…” He knelt between my legs massaging my cheeks with his hands.

“You want me to what?” he teased.

“Lick me, fuck me, anything, just don’t stop!” I felt the bed move as he leaned over to the side table and then a cool sensation as the lubricating jelly was placed carefully over my hole. I pushed out and opened it for him and he circled it with his finger gradually easing some inside, but not putting his finger in far enough to satisfy my need to have something deep inside my willing arse.

The bed moved again and then I felt something large, warm and hard just touch my anal opening. His cock felt huge as it pushed gently against my ring.

“That feels so big!” I said.

“You want to try to take it?” he asked.

“Jesus yes!”

“OK. I’ll take it real easy.” I felt a little pressure and a little resistance from my tight entrance. “Try to relax and push out like you were, you know, trying to …”

“Yes, like that?” I said as I tried to open my self to his probing cock.

“Hmm that’s good! I can feel you doing it for me. The tip is nearly in.” I tried again and happened to get it just right as he pushed gently and I was rewarded with a slippery feeling of fullness as the head of his cock eased my ring apart. He pulled out a little and pushed in again but no deeper than before, just massaging my anus with his slippery cock tip. This felt amazing and I started to respond. My cock became hard and my bum cheeks started an almost involuntary movement to match his. This worked his cock in a little further and a little further still and then I groaned with excitement and stimulation as the head popped inside and my ring automatically clamped tight around the end of his cock.

“That’s good! He gasped. “I can feel you squeezing me.” I tried hard to relax as his little thrusts into my arse gradually became firmer and firmer. With each small push his cock eased its way in millimeter by millimeter. My cock was fully hard now and as I moved against him I fucked the bed under me. As I became more aroused and more relaxed I began to feel his cock making longer, deeper and firmer penetrations as he deflowered by virgin bottom. I felt his pubic hair brushing my arse cheeks and then his balls start to press against mine. Finally I felt a long deep thrust and heard a gasp – either from him or me or maybe both of us - as his cock bottomed out in my tight hole. I felt incredible to have a warm, firm cock deep inside me. It felt good, natural and extremely sexy to feel his weight on my body as he fucked my arse with long slow strokes. It was really horny to think of him coming and leaving his white nectar inside me, deep in my arse.

I responded to this invasion of my backside by squeezing and moving my arse to make it as exciting for him as I could. Pushing back and opening myself to him and then clamping my cheeks around his slippery cock to suck it more deeply into me. His huge cock stimulated erogenous zones I didn’t know I had and excited my balls to tighten and start to send ‘I’m going to come’ messages to my cock. Robert sensed my arousal and started fucking my arse with even longer, faster and firmer strokes. His cock felt absolutely huge inside me, but my wanton arse was taking it all easily. His breath was coming in short pants and grunts as he stared to lose control and start the first of a series of deep shudders that sent his fluid coursing the length of his cock and spurting deep into my back passage. I felt his spasms through the haze of my own sexual heat as the surge of my orgasm rose from my balls along my rigid cock and exploded in spurt after spurt, matching Robert’s ejaculations. We were so much in erotic sync that it seemed as if his semen was passing through me and adding to mine to create even bigger spurts from the swollen tip of my cock.

For ages he pumped deep into me, pausing to unload his cock at the depth of each thrust, only to pull slowly back so I could feel the whole thick greased length of him sliding out of me, but knowing it would be followed by an bum-stretching drive back in ready for the next flood to be deposited in my tight arse. In a final wild spasm he slammed his cock into me and I screamed with ecstasy as we both rode our lust over the final peak and into the warm space beyond that was full of slight disbelief at how good it had been, of compliments made and returned, of small final squeezes and penetrations. I remember…

A shared bottle of wine
A whole weekend to play and learn
A naked man in my bed in the morning
A leg draped over mine and a hand on my cock
Walking naked round my flat with our butts full of semen
The smooth heat deep inside his bottom
White pants on the floor by my bed
The tip of his cock in my anus
His tongue on my balls
The smell, the taste..
of our lust.

It was a long time ago. I remember.

Darius Thornhill
1998 –2006

Copyright Darius Thornhill

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