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Indian Summer - Chapter 2

Indian Summer by Darius Thornhill

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Chapter 2

We made love again that night. It was gentle, loving, careful and deeply sexy. We fell asleep with her cute brown bottom nestled against my cock and my hands supporting her breasts, her hands closed over mine. Her hair lay like a veil of dark silk around our heads and flowed over the pillow. I buried my face in her and breathed deeply. Her natural fragrance was sweet and faintly spiced with musk like cinnamon and honey. She whimpered and wriggled slightly in her sleep and made my cock twinge as I felt her move against me.

I awoke early in the morning in the half light and found my cock had managed to find its way between her legs and was sliding effortlessly over her clitoris and along the length of her vagina. She was breathing deeply but moving her ass backwards and forwards to help me rub her clitoris. I revelled in this delightful feeling for ages before changing my angle slightly and sliding my cock deep into her warm tight cunt.

“Mmmm uncle you’re fucking me again….” She said waking up to my penetration.

It was too late for second thoughts. I was already fucking my niece again. “Yes I’m sliding my cock into your naughty cunt.” I whispered. “Do you like it? Do you want your uncle to fuck you and fill your cunt with his big cock?”

“Yes uncle, fuck me again. Fuck me all day. Come in me. Fill my pussy with your stuff.” The scent of her aroused sex perfumed the air with lust. My cock slid effortlessly between her ass cheeks and into her pussy. She pulled her legs up to allow me deeper entry while I held her breasts. As the pleasure rose and her breaths became shorter she started to moan and cry with each deep penetration. I moved my hands to her hips and held her as I drove my cock into her warm pussy. She came first this time, crying out her passion as the intensity of our fucking overwhelmed her. I felt every ripple and squeeze deep inside her cunt as she climaxed again. I was still fucking her hard as my orgasm closely followed hers. Her stretched tightness wrapped my cock in a sensual embrace that could only mean I would come deep in her pussy. From some place deep in my balls the signal was sent for me to pull her hard against me, to open hers legs even more, to thrust my firm thick cock as deeply into her as I could and to let my fluid spurt into her hungry body. Surge after surge shot into her until my balls were empty; but still I fucked her, not wanting this ultimate moment to end. Eventually I slowed to a steady gentle rhythm as my passion ebbed - even though cock was still hard enough to tease her willing body. I drifted off into a sexy day dream and felt Mira relaxing into my arms before we fell asleep again with my cock still in her pussy.

When we awoke we had breakfast and chatted about the day. Mira wanted to see more of London and as the weather was still good, although a little colder than the previous day, we decided to walk to Hyde Park and take a picnic lunch. I packed what we’d need to eat and drink while she got ready. Then it was my turn in the bathroom. I was standing by the basin having just finished shaving when Mira came in wearing one of her short skirts and a matching top.

“I just need to pee before we go out,” she said. That was fine with me as I thought it was quite sexy to watch her peeing. She flipped up her skirt and slid her white panties down over her bottom. She sat down and relaxed as her pee started to trickle and then spurt out with a satisfying hiss. I don’t know what came over me but I just had to do it. I knelt beside her, cupped her breast in my hand and kissed her. She responded by putting her arms around my neck and returning my kiss but her peeing slowed to a stop.

“No, don’t stop. I like it.” I whispered.

“You want me to pee?”

“Yes, I want to touch you while you pee.” She giggled and then I heard her stream start again.

“My kinky uncle!” she said between kisses.

“You make me kinky, you’re so sexy.” She giggled again as my hand started to massage first her clit and then a little lower until my fingers dipped into her warm wet pee. She moaned a little, opened her legs further and kissed me harder. Between little moans and groans she said, “That’s nice, it’s kind of sexy. I think I like it.”

Eventually her flow subsided to a trickle and then a few drips into my palm as I rubbed her pussy with the flat of my hand. Carefully I extracted my hand from between her legs and took some tissue. She smiled at me as I gently dabbed her dry. Then I helped her stand up and pull up her panties. I adjusted her skirt carefully - checking that it fitted her beautiful bottom. She kept kissing me and giggling and saying, “Kinky uncle, kinky uncle,” like a school playground tease. I gently smacked her bottom and told her she’d make us late. We had to catch the underground to the park.

In the park we wandered round holding hands in the late September warmth chatting, watching life and people going by. Around lunchtime we spread our picnic out on the grass. The bread, olives and French cheese tasted like a summer holiday and the cool white wine made a perfect accompaniment. We lazed and chatted after lunch until Mira said the wine had made her need to pee again. Looking round there was nowhere in sight she could use.

“Well the nearest place is back by the entrance.”

“That’s miles away! I need to go now.”

“So pee on the grass!”

“Uncle, I can’t!”

“I mean it. No one will see.”

“Oh Uncle, I’m desperate!”

“Listen Mira, Just sit with your legs apart, pull your pants aside and pee in the grass. No one’s looking.”

“I can’t!”

“You can. Go on - do it now.” With a long ‘ooh’ of frustration she spread her legs and pulled her panties out of the way just in time as her pee gushed out. I had a grandstand view of her little pussy and the jet of pale yellow that splashed into a pool on the grass. She looked relieved as it came to an end and said, “Oh God I needed that!” and then giggled, “Uncle I wet my knickers!”

“You’ll have to take them off won’t you? Let me help.” She wriggled her bottom out of her panties and I pulled them down over her toes. I lifted them to my nose and breathed in the warm aroma of her pussy and a little wet spot of pee. Delicious!

“God you are kinky uncle!”

“You excite me Mira; in fact everything about you turns me on - even your peeing!” She laughed and we packed the picnic. As we walked back to the edge of the park she held my arm taunted me about not wearing any knickers.

On the train she sat opposite me and kept opening her legs when no one was looking. My cock was hard just seeing the brief flashed of naked pussy. When the carriage was emptier but people still sat either side of her she’d jump up at each stop, turn round and bend over to look out of the window exposing her bare pussy to me and saying “Is this the right place uncle?” in a high-pitched school-girl voice.

We hardly had the door of my flat closed before her skirt was up around her waist and my tongue was buried in her teasing little cunt as far as it would go. She wrapped her legs round my neck as I lowered her to the carpet sucking her pussy lips and licking her clit as she started to groan and buck her hips. Her hands grabbed my head and she worked her soft pink flesh against my face. My tongue flew over her clit with rapid light movements until I felt her shuddering orgasm start to shake her body. As she reached her climax and screamed I pushed my tongue deep into her, slowly licking and sucking her as she came down from her high.

When she relaxed I carried her to my bed, laid her down on her back, pulled her skirt up round her hips and entered her quickly, urgently. She opened her thighs wide for and welcomed me in. All reserve had gone. I had accepted the fact that I was fucking my niece, in fact that made it more exciting and from the happy lusty look on her face as my cock filled her little cunt she felt the same way. We fucked deeply and quickly, the need to satisfy each other’s lust paramount as the setting sun lit the room with a golden glow and made her brown skin shine. She smiled at me as I came, my aching balls filling her eager cunt. Her brown eyes sparkling as she whispered with a little giggle in her voice “sexy uncle, kinky uncle,” over and over again until another orgasm made her wrap her legs round me and pull my cock even further in. Her words became moans then cries which became panting screams as her shameless young body took what it wanted from my all too willing cock.

I was filling my niece’s tender young cunt with my big hard cock; spurting my incestuous sperm deep into her belly and I loved it. I didn’t care if it was illegal or taboo. I never wanted it to stop, not that orgasm or our new-found lust for each other.

As we collapsed into each other’s arms, our energy spent – at least temporarily – she kissed me and smiled up at me. “I want to fuck you forever uncle.” She whispered.

“Yes Mira, forever - for as long as you want and as often as you want. I…” I hesitated. Should I say this to her? But I had to. I had to be honest with her. “I love you Mira.” Her eye’s sparkled and then filled with tears. A little sob escaped her lips. She buried her face in my shoulder and cried.

“Mira. What is it? What’s the matter?”

“Oh uncle!” she said between sobs “I’ve always loved you, always.” And then burst into tears again. I held her close kissing her forehead and wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Don’t cry Mira, everything’s fine. More than fine, perfect in fact.”

“I know.” She said and sobbed again.

Ages later we managed to drag ourselves from the bed for a light evening meal and then curl up on the sofa just being close and happy and not saying much.

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Copyright Darius Thornhill

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