Erotic Stories by Darius Thornhill

Indian Summer - Chapter 1

Indian Summer by Darius Thornhill

Chapter 1

It was all my sister’s fault. If she hadn’t been 10 years older than me it wouldn’t have happened. If she hadn’t married a guy from India it wouldn’t have happened. He was generous, kind and a good family man but although he’d lived in England for most of his life he still carried with him the weight of his original culture. This meant he was incredibly strict with their two daughters when it came to socializing with boys. He had them driven to and from their all girls’ school and during the holidays they were carefully supervised so that the only contact they had with members of the opposite sex was with carefully chosen boys – chosen by their father – and in supervised visits to their home. My sister seemed to go along with this as the girls grew and developed into a pair of beautiful teenagers

The girls, Mira the older sister and Lori, seemed happy enough. I saw them five or six times a year at holidays and celebrations either at my flat in London or at their home in Leeds. They were always pleased to see their ‘Big City Uncle’ as they called me.

Last Christmas after the celebrations and meals had faded their father took me aside.

“Listen John I have a big, big favour to ask of you.”

“After that meal you can ask what you like.” I smiled.

“Well it’s about Mira. She’s finishing school this year and wants to go to university.”

“Hey that’s great. I’m sure she’ll do well. How can I help?”

“She wants to do law at London University. It’s a good course and a good university but the thing is,” he started to look a little uncomfortable “I’m worried that she’ll be a bit out of her depth down there and she won’t able to cope with the pressure.” He looked at me making it clear that ‘pressure’ meant ‘boys’. “So we were wondering if you could perhaps let her have your spare bedrooms and keep an eye on her for us. We would pay of course, that’s if you don’t mind?”

“Of course I don’t mind, and I won’t hear of paying either. It won’t cost a lot to have an extra mouth to feed. You’re family after all. I’m sure you’d do the same for me if I had kids.”

So it was settled.

A week before her term started Mira arrived in a flurry of hello hugs, goodbye tears and worried looks from her parents. The dust had settled, her stuff was stored in her room and we sat in my lounge over a drink chatting about her course and London and how excited she was at starting this new phase of her life.

I was struck with just how adult an outlook she had. Not that she was old before her time but that she seemed to take the practicalities in her stride and look forward to new opportunities.

After we talked I started making a meal while she went to shower and change after her journey. It was a beautiful warm September day so I set the table out on the balcony overlooking the park 6 stories below. The traffic noise was subdued by the trees still in full leaf but just showing hints of glorious autumnal reds and yellows. The sun was low in the sky shining straight into the open French windows and there was no wind, a perfect evening.

“Is there anything I can do Big City Uncle?”

I turned to see Mira standing there in the warm evening sunlight. She’d changed into a light and colourful sari which left the smooth brown skin of her shoulder bare. Her young body clearly showed her Indian heritage. Her long dark hair flowed like silk over her shoulders and nearly down to her waist over. Her - very obviously - bra-less breasts were firm and shapely with a hint of her nipples pushing against the thin fabric. Subtle traces of colour showed skilfully applied make-up. Her big brown eyes held me as I stood there quite stunned. She’d never looked like this before. It was a good thing that the sun was behind me so she probably couldn’t see the look on my face.

“Mira! You look; well you look very… pretty.” Pretty was not really the word on my mind, but I couldn’t say ‘sexy’ to my niece. I could already see that getting away from her father was something she was going to enjoy.

“Thank you Uncle.” She said as she came towards me and gave me a brief hug. Just a brief hug but enough to let me feel the smooth naked skin of her shoulder and sense a subtle perfume that hung in the air as she moved to finish laying the table. As she bent slightly over the table the smooth rounded swell of her ass was clearly outlined under the thin material of the sari. She had some of that very slightly full shape I find so attractive in girls from India. Not big but a little voluptuous with a hint of heat and passion.

We sat down to eat chatting all the while about life and family. Eventually the conversation turned to her being allowed to come to London.

“He made me promise you know.” She said, giggling.

“Promise what?”

“Not to fuck any of the boys at the university.”


“Oh sorry Uncle. Can’t I say ‘fuck’?”

“No, I mean yes, well I’m just not used to you using language like that.”

“Do you mind?”

I had to think about that for a moment. It was a word I used on occasion but it seemed inappropriate coming from my niece. But she was a young woman about to go to university and swearing might be the least of her worries. There was also at the back of my mind the idea that maybe she was telling something else here. That she was breaking away from the restrictions of her upbringing and she was signalling that to me to get my reaction.

“No I don’t mind but don’t say it when we have company! I’d prefer you to honest with me you know. If you’re going to live here for three years we’ll need that.”

“OK Big City Uncle.” She rolled her eyes showing what she thought.

“No Mira, I’m serious. If we can’t be open and honest then life will be difficult. You need to be able to talk to me about anything that’s worrying you, anything at all, so I can help.”

“You’re very kind Uncle.” She said smiling with her eyes as much as her soft red lips.

And so we sipped our wine as the sun set over West London chatting and laughing. When night fell we still sat there and eventually I asked her without thinking really, “And are you going to keep your promise to your father?”

“Which one? He made me make a hundred promises. He’s so worried about his little Mira.”

I laughed. “I was thinking of the one about boys.”

“Oh, that one!” She looked a little embarrassed and then said, “Yes I think so. They’ll know if I don’t. I won’t be able to lie to them, I never could.”

“Well that saves me one worry at least!” I looked at her as we talked and thought how very attractive and sexy she was and how she was going to be absolutely inundated with offers from all the ‘boys’ and maybe even a few girls too. It was going to be a difficult 3 years for her.

The following day we toured the university area and found all the places she’d need to be when term started. The weather was still glorious and Mira chose to wear some rather tight shorts and a crop top. Before we left the flat Mira turned round showing me her body and asked what I thought.

“How did you talk your parents into letting you buy clothes like that?” I asked, knowing that her father in particular objected to displays of the female form that were too obvious, and boy were hers obvious! Again she wore no bra – she certainly didn’t need one - and didn’t seem at all perturbed that her nipples were clearly on view. And the shorts showed the hint of a little crease between her legs at the front and nicely emphasised the swell of her bottom – just enough to make you want to see more.

“I didn’t tell them,” she giggled. “Me and Lori went shopping and then we hid the stuff in the attic until I left. Was that naughty Uncle?”

“You’re 18 Mira. I don’t think ‘naughty’ covers it anymore; ‘Devious’ perhaps, ‘provocative’ maybe.” We both laughed and then left for the tour. Provocative was exactly what she was. More than once I saw men and those dreaded boys looking greedily at her curves as she ran up steps or bent over a balcony to look at a view. I must admit to taking a few rather lustful looks myself as she walked in front of me. Her litheness and the swing of her hips appealed to a very basic instinct. What a pity she was my niece.

In the middle of the afternoon we went back to the flat for a cool drink and to relax on the balcony again. After a while Mira asked if I minded if she sun bathed a bit. I told her to make the most of the good weather. I laid out a thin sun mattress while she went to change. She reappeared with a very light sari wrapped just above her breasts.

“Thank you Uncle.” She said as she knelt facing the sun and slipped the sari down to her waist exposing her breasts. What a pity she was facing away from me! She lay on the mat and lifted the hem of the sari almost up to her bottom and turned her face toward me. She moved her hair back and her big eyes regarded me carefully. “Is this OK? You don’t mind?” I’d been looking at the long smooth curve of her back as it sloped down to her buttocks and climbed again to blend into her beautiful bottom.

“No, no, of course I don’t mind.” I said a little too quickly. “You look very….” ‘Sexy’ was what I wanted to say but I finished rather lamely with ‘comfortable’. She giggled as if she’d known I’d changed the end of that sentence. After a while her eyes closed and her breathing relaxed and she seemed to be asleep. Her hair fell over her face and shoulders so I took the opportunity to study her body carefully especially the way her bottom moved slightly as she breathed in and out, in and out, a gentle lifting and falling which was quite magical to watch. After some time she sighed and moved in her sleep as if to get more comfortable. To my amazement the movement lifted the hem of the sari showing a small part of her bottom. The base of two round cheeks with an enticing hollow between was now clearly visible and she’d moved her arms so the side of her breast was visible. Oh God! I shouldn't have been looking but I couldn’t help myself. She was just so beautiful, so young and so innocent, but damn, so family!

“Uncle?” I jumped. She was awake and must have seen me looking at her. “Could I have a drink please?” I offered her a glass and without thinking she pushed herself up onto her forearms. As she held out her hand to take the glass her breasts lifted free and hung like small fruits, ripe and perfect.

“Um, Mari. I think that perhaps you should…”

“Oh” Sorry Uncle, I didn’t realise.” She partly covered her breasts with her other arm but made no attempt to cover the pert little cheeks that still showed below her sari. “I could get dressed if you prefer.”

“No it’s OK. You surprised me. I’ll get used to it. I’m just not used to having pretty girls sunbathing on my balcony.” Especially not sexy fuckable young girls with perfect breasts, pert bottoms and amazing olive skin I added silently to myself.

“So you wouldn’t mind if I uncovered completely, only I don’t want any lines.”

“Well no, if you want to its OK with me.” Oh yes it was definitely all right with me!

She lay down again and slowly pulled the sari from over her bottom. I stifled a gasp. She had the most beautiful bottom I’d ever seen. It was perfectly smooth and sexily rounded. The late sun emphasised her firm shape and emphasised her natural brown skin colour. She really didn't need to sunbathe but who was I to argue? I had to move in my chair to hide a growing bulge in my trousers before it got too embarrassing. It was going to be a long three years for me as well.

After dinner that evening Mira looked at me with those big eyes.



“Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“I suppose I’m happy as I am.”

“Don’t you want a girlfriend?”

“Well, I, um, just haven’t found the right person I suppose. Anyway I’ve got you now. You can cook and clean and complain about my wet towels in the bathroom and then I won’t need a girlfriend!”

“Ha! Ha! Very funny.” She said with that dismissive toss of the head and flick of the hair that only teenage girls can do.

In bed that night I slowly rubbed my cock and I have to admit I was thinking about Mira’s naked body, the darker brown tips of her nipples delicately protruding from her rounded breasts. The delicious curve of her ass cheeks and the hidden secret between her legs. I came quickly and fell into a deep sleep.

“Wake up Uncle.” I felt a smooth warm hand on my shoulder.

“Oh! Mira, sorry. What time is it?” Mira was standing looking at me. Fresh from the shower with her hair in a towel and her thin sari covering but not hiding her young body she looked stunning as always.

“Time for breakfast sleepy man. You haven’t forgotten we’re going shopping today?”

“No I just slept very well I’ll be up in a moment.”

“You better be. I’m cooking breakfast.”

What a perfect way to start a day. A sexy teenage girl cooking breakfast for you while chattering excitedly about shopping and university while you take time to savour both the coffee and her body as she moves around the kitchen, bending and stretching to reach what she needed. I felt my cock stir in my shorts and sat down to hide it under the table.

We spent that morning buying books, paper and other stuff she’d need for university. After lunch we went to some clothes shops where she tried my patience and that of the shop assistants by trying on everything and not buying very much. In one shop she bought some really skimpy underwear taking great delight in holding it up to me and asking what I thought of it. If only she really knew what I thought of it she’d have been quite embarrassed!

In the late afternoon we were again on the balcony. This time Mira just lay face down on the mat and uncovered herself without saying anything, as if it was the most normal thing in the world for her to be naked in front of me. I sat in my chair pretending to read but unable to keep my eyes from taking long sensuous looks at her. At least the book hid my stiff cock. Perfect, I thought; she’s just perfect. I could stay like this all evening. Mira of course had other ideas.


“Yes Mira?”

“Do you mind if I turn over?” With a steady control I really struggled to achieve I said, “No of course not, you don’t want to burn do you?”

I tried hard to concentrate on my book as she turned over. I failed of course, but I don’t think she noticed the quick peeks. After a few minutes her eyes were shut and I risked a few longer looks.

Wow! The sun warmed her brown skin so it almost looked oiled. Her long dark hair framed her smooth shoulders, flowing down around her full breasts which rose pertly, firmly to dark brown nipples, each set in a sexy aureole. They just asked to be stroked and caressed. My cock responded instantly. I couldn’t take my eyes away. A little lower her tummy had that delightful hint of fullness which emphasised her femininity, her fecundity, her readiness to be impregnated. Her narrow waist swelled into smooth hips lifted from the mat by her perfect bottom. I groaned inwardly as my gaze reached her pubic mound. It swelled between her legs quite prominently and the best thing about it was she shaved! She hairless and smooth. My cock was wet now and I had to adjust it to get comfortable. I couldn’t resist giving it a little squeeze as I did, and nearly came there and then. Her mound was gently creased by the top of her labia which was just visible. It drew my imagination down between her modestly closed thighs to further delights hidden between and within. Her smooth and shapely legs tapered down to perfect feet with a hint of red polish on her toe nails. She was just perfect; every man’s dream and totally unavailable. Water, water everywhere nor any drop to drink.

It was too much really. I just had to go to my room. Lying on my bed holding the image of her naked beauty as firmly as I was holding my cock I came quickly and produced more semen than I had for ages. That girl really did turn me on. Damn! How would I survive three years of this provocation?

The warm spell continued. The next day a hot sun again shone out of a deep blue September sky. Mira was sunbathing nude on the balcony falling asleep as before. As her breathing slowed and became shallower I spent ages gazing at her naked perfection. After a few minutes she sighed and moved in her sleep. Her legs parted a little and she rolled a little away from me. The view of her ass was great; rounded globes of sheer perfection, but damn! I wanted her to roll towards me so I could see more of her mound and her nude pussy. A few minutes later she sighed again and rolled back towards me. As she did so her legs parted a little showing an all too brief view of her little slit nestling coyly in the gap between her thighs. Then her upper leg closed the gap and she relaxed again. Three more times she rolled back and forth and each time I had another peek at her perfect little pussy all smooth and inviting.

The next day I needed to go out to deal with a work problem so I left Mira alone in the flat for a couple of hours in the afternoon. When I returned I walked quietly into the flat. The main door doesn’t make a sound – that’s what you pay these rents for- and the deep carpet muffled my footfalls. I walked into the lounge and stopped dead. Mira was naked on the balcony, I expected that but what made me stop was the gasping and moaning sound she making. I walked slowly forward partly covered by one of my deep arm chairs. Mira was laying on her back with her legs wide apart so her pussy was exposed to the full sunlight. Her hand was between her legs rubbing her clitoris with increasing urgency. As she rubbed faster her bottom thrust upwards towards her imaginary lover, her legs parted even more and her moans became louder. Her climax came in a flurry of groans, thrusts and squeezing and opening her thighs. She seemed to come for ages and by this time I was nearly coming too. I’d been too addicted to watching her masturbating to realise I’d been rubbing my cock through my trousers. As she calmed down I walked quietly back to the main door and this time giggled the latch and called out as I entered. I went straight to my bedroom and came in a few strokes. I quickly changed and walked out into the hall.

I was met by a still naked Mira walking towards me.

“Oh hello Uncle. I thought that was you. I need to pee then I’ll make you a drink OK?”

I didn’t reply immediately, I was trying not to stare at her. Trying not to notice the little trickle of wetness between her legs. Trying to ignore the heavenly scent that arose from her naked body, from between those taboo thighs.


“Oh yes, thank you that would be lovely.”

She walked to the bathroom her hips swaying just enough to make her bottom move in the most delightful way. A few seconds later the sound of her peeing came from the open bathroom door. Even that turned me on. How was I to deal with all this pressure? The pressure in my balls, the pressure to be a proper uncle, the promise I’d give to look after her. It was not good. I’d have to talk to her. Tell her that she’d have to put some clothes on. But I didn’t want to. I liked looking at her nudity, her innocent nakedness. What a dilemma. I still hadn’t decided what to do or say as we ate our evening meal and chatted through the day’s events.

I often find that the best place to think is in a bath. Showers are OK, but relaxing with a glass of malt whisky in a warm bath is the best thing to get problems in perspective. As the evening cooled I announced my intention to Mira telling her I had some work stuff the think though. She said she’d be OK reading some of her course books.

It was great to fill my huge bath with warm and slide into it, relaxing with a malt whisky that gave me a little buzz and let my thoughts run free. Not too free though. I tried not to think about Mira’s ripe nudity but it was hard not to. I turned the problem over and over in my mind and gradually the responsible adult in me started to take precedence. I’d avoid being with her when she was naked. I’d go out more. It would be different when she started university. But her little naked pussy or rounded nude bottom, or a pert nipple would creep up on me unawares and my cock would stiffen. I got nowhere.

Half an hour later there was a light tap at the door.

“Uncle I need to pee again.”

“Mira! I’m in the bath.”

“I don’t mind that uncle.”

“Yes but I’m naked.”

“Well put a flannel over it then!” She giggled as she started to push open the door.

“Mira, I…” but it was too late. She came in with a smile on her face. Luckily she was wearing one of here thin saris. At least she wasn’t naked. I grabbed a flannel and quickly covered my cock. “… I don’t think that…”

“It’s OK Uncle I promise I won’t look.” She lifted her sari and sat down completely ignoring her promise as she smiled at me. Soon the beautiful sound of her peeing was making me think of the source of the sound in her cute little slit. My cock twitched under the flannel and I had to sit up a bit to hide it. Mira smiled at me again as she finished peeing and lifted her sari to wipe her pussy giving me a little flash of her hairless slit. When I looked up she was still looking straight at me.



“Can I say something to you?”

“Yes of course you can.”


“Yes anything.”

“I want to sleep in your bed tonight.”

“You want what?”

“I want to sleep in your bed tonight.”

“Is there something wrong with your bed?”

“No I just want to sleep in your bed.”

“Well I suppose I could sleep on the sofa if you really want to.”

“No, silly I want to sleep in your bed with you!”

“But why?”

“I miss Lori. We used to sleep together a lot and I miss her.”

“That’s different Mira. She is a girl and your sister and I’m a man and your uncle.”

“It’s not different. You’re family, just the same, so it’s OK.”

“Come on Mira. It is different. I’m a grown man and you are an attractive young lady. It wouldn’t be ermm, appropriate. Things might happen that would be difficult for both of us.”

“Things like sex you mean?”

“Well yes. You’re 18 and you know about sex don’t you? So you see it’s not the same as you and your sister.

“It is the same. Lori and I used to sleep together and do other stuff. Sex stuff with each other.”


“Well we did. And I want to sleep in your bed and do sex stuff with you.”

“Mira I…” But she took the protest away by standing and letting her sari fall to the ground. Suddenly she was all women and not my young niece. She was walking across the bathroom her hips and her breasts swinging slowly in time with her steps. Her breasts caught the last of the evening light showing their fullness and her perfect nipples.

“Uncle what I’m trying to get you to understand is that I want you to fuck me.”

“Mira!” She was now near the edge of the bath. My head was hurting. Here was the most attractive, sexy and fuckable girl I had ever seen, naked before me, getting closer every second and she was my niece. It would be incest. It would be a betrayal of my family.

“Mira, stop! This isn’t right.”

“What’s not right about it? Do you like me?”

“Yes but…”

“Do you like my body?” She was standing right next to me, her pussy almost in reach of my aching tongue. I swear I could smell the aromatic musk of her sex.

“Yes but…”

“And I turn you on don’t I?”

“No you shouldn’t…”

“Yes I do. I saw you looking at my boobs when you were supposed to be reading. I know you watched me coming this afternoon. And now your flannel seems to be acting like a magic carpet!” she giggled.

“Mira we need to talk about this!”

“Oh yes let’s talk about it… in the bath.” And with that she lifted one foot onto the side of the bath parting her legs and so exposing her hairless cunt, now slightly enlarged and open showing her red - pink inner lips to my hungry gaze. I gasped as she expertly twisted her fine long hair into a knot and stepped into the end of the bath. She sat down sliding her legs between mine. Her toe expertly caught the edge of the flannel that wasn’t really hiding my semi-erect cock and flicked it away.

“There uncle. You do want to fuck me don’t you?” Her toes started to caress my balls and erect cock. I grabbed her feet and held her smooth warm skin. She felt so good to touch. I wanted to run my hands up her thighs, to explore her, discover her little pink flower, slowly and sensuously slide my fingers between her petals, and taste her female essence…

I fought to regain control of the situation. “Mira you are a very, very sexy girl. You’ve paid me an amazing complement by trusting me so much. If you were not my niece you’d be in my bed right now and I’d be in heaven. But we just can’t. It’s illegal, it’s incest. What about your parents, your father? He’d kill you and me if we did and he found out.”

“Well he won’t find out if we don’t tell him. And who cares if it’s illegal. It won’t hurt anyone.

“And anyway you promised your father you wouldn’t have sex.”

“I only promised not to have sex with the boys at the university. You’re not boy and you’re not at the university so I won’t have to lie to him!”

“Mira that’s devious.”

“Well why do you think I want to do a law degree? He should have written a better contract for me!” I had to laugh at that.

“Anyway uncle I always knew it would be you, so promising about the boys was easy.”

“What do you mean you always knew?”

She looked a little sheepish. “I used to dream about you, ever since I was 12 and saw this for the first time.” She wriggled her foot out of my hand and stroked my cock with it.

“When did you see my cock Mira?” My resolve was weakening, I didn’t move her foot. She continued to talk while she gently massaged my balls and cock with her toes and the soft part of her instep.

“We had a picnic by a lake. You remember? You had that girlfriend then, don’t remember her name as she didn’t last long, like your’s never do.” I did remember that day as it happened and Mira was about to confirm why I remembered it so clearly. “When you and her went for a walk me and Lori followed you. We lost you and then we heard some sounds like moaning and we crept up on you. You were fucking her in the woods.”

God yes I did remember. She was a really randy and would fuck anywhere, especially in the open air which turned her on even more. She’d been lying on her back with her legs in the air while I licked her cunt and anus. Then I’d turned her over onto her knees and we’d fucked like animals rutting in the forest until we both came.

My cock was now fully erect with the memory of that day and the sexy massage Mira was administering. I’d crossed a line somewhere here and decided that this was OK, in the bath, just touching, not sex; not really, I could stop when I wanted to. Of course I could, couldn’t I?

“Anyway uncle we saw you kissing her between her legs and then your cock going in and out of her and we saw you come and it was dead sexy. And that wasn’t all. Do you remember what you did afterwards?”

“No what did I do?”

“You peed!”

“I did?”

“Yes, you nearly peed on the bush we were hiding in! We saw your cock really close and big and then getting smaller and then you peeing through it. It was the first one we’d seen and it was so exciting! We were staying in a cottage that night -remember? We heard you doing it again through the wall.”

How could I ever forget I wondered? If only Mira knew that that particular night in the cottage I’d been introducing my girlfriend to the joys of anal sex which really got her off. She’d told me afterwards that she wanted me to take her out into the woods and do it in the open air. It was a good job it had rained the next day otherwise Mira and Lori would have had a surprise!

Anyway,” Mira continued, “Lori and I, we could hear you and we talked about it and got excited too and that was the first time we did stuff together.”

God she was turning me on! I had to ask, I mean who wouldn’t? “What sort of stuff do you mean? You and Lori, what did you do?”

“You know, sexy stuff. Touching and things.”

“How did you…?”

“We sort of talked and giggled about what you were doing but I found it turned me on so I was rubbing my pussy. Lori asked what I was doing so I told her and she wanted me to show her so I did. I rubbed her between her legs through her knickers and she liked it so I put my hand inside them and rubbed her some more and she got all wet and my finger just slipped into her and she squeaked. I asked if it was OK and she said yes and don’t stop and then she came. We knew what it was from the books but it was her first one.”

“Afterwards she cuddled me and gave me a proper kiss on the mouth like you two did and it felt good so I pulled her on top of me and we rubbed against each other. I wanted her to do it like you did, you know kissing my pussy but she didn’t want to, not then, so I took off my knickers and she lay between my legs and rubbed her mound against pussy pretending to put her thing inside me while she kissed me. It was neat! I rubbed my clit on her until I came and then we fell asleep. We talked about it in the morning and decided we liked it so we’d spy on you some more and do it again.”

My cock was on the point of exploding and Mira knew it. The little tease stopped massaging me with her foot and said, “The water’s getting cold uncle.”

“Put some more hot in then. The taps are behind you.” Perfect! She had to turn round and kneel with her back to me to reach the taps. I had a beautiful view of her rear end bent over with water droplets beading and dripping from the warm brown skin of her bottom and running down between her legs like she was peeing herself. I could see her swollen labia enclosing her sweet littler pussy and her little brown anal star twinkling with wetness above. She twisted her head back to watch and saw I was mesmerised by her exquisite ass.

Suddenly she turned and quickly lowered herself full length on top me splashing water everywhere. My cock was trapped between my stomach and her breasts, taught and perfect, I could feel her hard nipples in the softness of her chest. I couldn’t help myself. I had to move against her, feel her beautiful tits caressing my huge erection. For long beautiful moments I looked down the length of her back from her smooth shoulders down to her incurved waist and the swell of her bottom cheeks, legs apart and flexing as she moved against me.

“Uncle, stop a moment.” I did as I was told. Mira sat up, kneeling with her thighs apart over my legs and reached for a bottle of soap. She carefully soaped her breasts and stomach all the while looking straight into my eyes with a secret little smile that held a promise and a satisfaction. Then she lowered herself back down and massaged my trapped cock between her pert and now slippery breasts. Her nipples would tease the end of my cock and then suddenly it would be enveloped between her firm young breasts while I pushed upwards against her, massaging my cock in her amazing cleavage. I was all too much for my poor brain to cope with. I felt my will power evaporating. I just gave myself to the moment and let it happen.

The pressure in my balls began to rise to that unbearable level where I would just have to come. She felt my excitement and started squeezing her shoulders together to make her cleavage even tighter. Her nipples caressed my body with an erotic kiss, each touch another small encouragement for my cock.

The pulsing started low in my balls and built, rising in waves until the end of my cock became too sensitive to touch, yet Mira slowed her rhythm, exquisitely torturing me. I pulled her towards me repeatedly thrusting my cock hard between her naked tits. The waves of my orgasm built, broke, formed again and exploded up and out as I lost control and pumped four, five, six massive spurts of sperm-laden semen between her sexy young globes and up to her neck and shoulders.

I held on to her as my cock subsided and reality came back into focus. Mira sensed me relax and a few moments later she sat back a little and looked at my cock, took in gently in her hands and then smiled at me. Her big brown eyes sparkled. She had some of my sperm dribbling down her chin like a kid eating ice cream.

With a big grin she said, “So uncle, I can sleep in your bed tonight.” It was a statement. I had no choice. I nodded dumbly. “Oh uncle! Thank you, thank you! You won’t be sorry I’ll fuck you real good. Just you wait and see!”

Oh bugger! What had I done? What was I about to do? I couldn’t help myself.

How can I describe what happened after the bath? The coy look as she asked me to towel her dry. The little squeaks and groans as I pulled her close to me and dried her back and her hair. How I turned her round and spent ages drying her breasts and nipples while her ass pressed against my cock. Her bending over the bath with her legs apart while I made sure she was really dry between her legs. It was odd though; the more I dried her the wetter she seemed to get.

Me lifting her up and carrying her to my bed while she kissed my neck and cheek. The look of joy as I lay naked beside her, cupping her breast in my hand and kissing her properly for the first time. Mira responding to me by reaching for my cock and guiding it between her legs willing me to take her there and then. The warm wetness that enveloped me as I slid my cock between her legs being careful not to penetrate her virgin cunt.

Her pulling my hips to try to get me inside while I teased her with my cock tip. Her gasp of pleasure as I gently separated her lips and let my tongue taste her arousal, circling her clitoris and dipping into her vagina. Her body going rigid as her orgasm began, only to give way to violent thrusts as her climax built. Her screams of ecstasy as she came. Her thighs clamping my head as she fucked me back. Her falling back on the pillow whispering “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” as she held my head to her and gently rubbed her pussy on my lips.

The giggling as she looked at me with a dreamy smile. Her young body cradled in my arms as we lay in silence in my big bed.

“Uncle that was the best I’ve ever had. Thank you.”

“Mira you’re so beautiful and so sexy I can’t imagine anything more perfect.” She squeezed me to her a little more.

Later I dressed her in her thin sari and helped her stand up.

“No Uncle I want you to come back to bed and do it properly,” she said pulling at my shoulders and rubbing her nipples on my chest.

“And I want to look at you and savour your body and talk about whether you really want to do this.”

“Of course I want to! Can’t you tell?”

In kissed her sensuous lips. “I know Mira but you are my niece and I don’t want anyone to get hurt. You’ve made me come and I’ve made you come. If you don’t do anything more then its not so bad. If we go any further there’s no going back.”

“I know uncle. But I do want you and you want me, see?” she squeezed my semi-erect cock which immediately gave the game away by standing up hard and proud. “And anyway if we don’t I’ll wonder about it for the rest of my life and that would be cruel and not fair wouldn’t it?”

“Not fair?”

“Not fair on you or me. We’d be all self-conscious and I wouldn’t be able to sun bathe and it would just be awkward, and it would mean I’ve been taking the pill for a month for no reason. But the main thing is I have wanted you to fuck me, to have my virginity since I was 12. And I know you want to do it, so please?” She looked at me with her big sad eyes. How could I resist? I’d tried by best to be a responsible family member but that’s just what she wanted; my family member in her virgin cunt.

I slid my hands down round her ass cheeks and pulled her towards me “Mira I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you now, deeply and properly and I want to fuck you again and again you turn me on so much.” I let her sari drop to the floor and lifted her onto the bed. I knelt between her legs and looked at her tight pink cunt ready for me to penetrate for the first time. Her smooth mound enticed me to slip a finger between her wet lips and stroke her vagina. She opened her legs and looked at me with satisfaction and joy. I moved carefully so my cock was positioned at the very entrance and said, “Are you sure?” She nodded and lifted her hips a little so the tip of my cock parted her lips and entered her virgin pussy. She gasped as I pushed a little against her tightness and felt my cock slide in an inch or so. “Is that all right?” I managed to ask though a haze of lust. “Yes uncle, yes, I want you to fuck me, please fuck me,” she whispered.

With a firmer movement she pushed her hips up as I eased the thick part of my cock between her wet caressing lips. Her tightness was incredible as I started to ease my cock slowly in and out of her with little fucking motions that took me halfway in and out again. I could feel her relaxing with each gentle stroke. My cock penetrated her taboo vagina a little more each time. She held onto my shoulders and parted her thighs even more and at the same time pushed up against me until it was my turn to gasp as my cock finally slid fully home into her enveloping slippery warmth.

Slowly we increased our rhythm until we were fucking with long slow deep strokes. It was incredible enough that this horny 18-year old virgin was fucking me but I realised what made it even more exciting was that I was fucking my horny little niece.

I was never going to last very long and neither was she - even though we’d both already come that afternoon. Soon I felt the irresistible urge of semen building in my cock until I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer.

“I’m going to come Mira!” I whispered as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her little cunt. She clamped her legs round me and pulled me hard against her breasts. She didn’t have to tell me that she was coming too. It started with a little moan escaping her lips, followed by a cry which turned into a series of low groans. Her hips were bucking frantically against me as she opened herself to my deepest penetration. I felt her virgina spasm as the first of her orgasmic waves burst. I lifted her legs higher, penetrated her even deeper and fucked and fucked and fucked her tight cunt until her milking virginal spasms broke down my resistance and my cock erupted, flooding her hungry little hole with my seed. Pump after pump and spurt after spurt each sucked out of me by the waves of pleasure riding her pussy. I kept coming and coming. I was the helpless victim of my primal sexual urge. The only thing in the world I cared about was to place my sperm as deep into her belly as I could, to impregnate her and start my baby growing in her womb. It really was the best orgasm I had ever had.

We collapsed into each other’s arms. I held her tight as she kissed and held me, both spent and exhausted.

A little later we looked at each other. There was no need to say anything. Our smiles said it all. Lusts satisfied. Dreams fulfilled. Promises for the future. This sexy girl in my bed for three years.

Little did I know this was just the beginning and we would go places I’d never imagined, even in a wet dream.


Chapter 2 >>

Readers Comments

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  9. Excellent story. The buildup and flow of the story were perfect. I was hard as a rock during most of the reading. I haven't yet read chapter 2, but I will do so immediately. I look forward to reading the rest of your stories. Thanks for your efforts.
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