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Idiot Rants

I suppose it is inevitable that anyone writing erotica draws attention from those people who clearly know all the answers and are absolutely sure that everyone else is wrong / damned / a pervert / etc. These are usually religious fanatics or gun-toting right wingers - and most do seem to come from America.

I delete most of these messages but for your entertainment I will publish a few here:

Rant 1.

I hope and pray that this is only a story. I have so many issues with this, I don't know where to begin. I'm a United States Marine and I've spent 2 tours(about to be a third) in Afghanistan fighting for your freedom, an you're using it to impregnate a family member. It's people like you, that give this country the name it has. It's people like you who stand with signs and protest a war. It's people like you who make me second guess my commitment to this great nation. Were fighting and dying, so you don't have to. So you have a warm bed, speak English, an enjoy your freedoms you obviously take for granted. And apparently, were fighting an dying so you and your fucked up, inbred, cousin fucking family can all have one big, super, incest orgy. Why don't you get a job, kill the kids or cousins or whatever they are to you, and try and be a regular human being. Deal? Fuck you

Author's Comment: I love this one mainly for the number of gross assumptions the writer has made, namely:

    1. That being a soldier somehow entitles the writer to the moral highground. Here you have the basis for many military coups over the years.
    2. That it is my freedom that is being fought for.
    3. That I am an American citizen.
    4. That I attend anti-war demonstrations.
    5. That I actually do commit incest as opposed to write about it.
    6. That I sleep in a warm bed.
    7. That I take my freedoms for granted.
    8. That my family is inbred.
    9. That we have only one big super incest orgy.
    10. That I don't have a job.
    11. That I would murder my family.
    12. That I am not a 'regular'* human being. (* for non-American readers 'regular' is used here in its American sense - instead of the word 'normal'.)

Not bad for one paragraph! What I find intriguing is: if the writer is so upset by stories about incest why is he or she reading them in the first place? I assume the writer's moral code allows them to read some kinds of erotica, otherwise why are they on Or do people like this go around looking for stuff on the net that offends them so they can do what comes natually - shoot from the mouth and ask questions later... much later... or maybe never?

The final irony in the original message is the last short sentance: 'Fuck you'. Now, assuming the writer is male, exactly what is he suggesting? Perhaps he's read some of my gay sex stories...

Copyright Darius Thornhill

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