Part One: Little Brother, Big Sister

I was always getting into trouble. I was always the tallest kid in my grade, so when something went wrong, I always got noticed and blamed. When I hit puberty, I shot up to nearly six feet almost overnight. Teachers always expected me to act my age, when they really meant act my height. Growing up is tough for everyone I guess, but my big sister Robyn made it a pleasure, literally.

Even though Robyn is older than I am, we have always been close. There were some rough times when she was "becoming a woman" around 12 or 13, but by the time I was beginning to "become a man," Robyn showed me the ropes, among other things.

Robyn had a way of getting me to talk about whatever was troubling me. Even when I felt embarrassed, she would throw her arm around me and after beating around the bush, I would finally tell her the problem. What made it impossible for me to hide anything from her was that she was always so open with me. She would tell me everything that was going on her.

She also seemed to have absolutely no modesty around me. I was in her room once talking about some of the things happening around school when she began changing her clothes. I was certainly aware this was just my sister but I was also aware that most of my friends would have given their left nut for the show I got during the next few minutes. Keeping up her side of the conversation, she proceeded to strip down to her bra and panties. I had seen her this way many times, so I wasn't particularly shocked. This time she continued to undress, slipping off her bra and tossing it on the bed.

"So tell me, little brother, do you think I have a chance to catch a boy with these boobs?" The little brother was a bit of a joke between us. In the last year, I'd grown taller than her. Although she was three years ahead of me in school, she was only two years, two months and two days older than me. She started first grade early and was a year behind the other girls in her grade. During the summer between her last elementary and first junior high year, all of the other girls "grew up," but she didn't. She was always nervous about her breast size, even now.

I mean, what could I say? I remember I was in 6th grade, but it was between her birthday and mine, so must have been 11, making her 14. Her two gorgeous tits on displayed in front of my eyes were bigger than oranges. I felt my dick getting hard. "Uh, Sis," I murmured, "they're great, but I'm your brother."

"Huh? It's not like you haven't seen me naked. What, are you getting a hard-on? Do I make you horny? Maybe, there's a chance for me, after all. Hey, it's been a while since we played show and tell. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. How about it?"

Without really waiting for me to reply, Robyn slipped her panties off. With her hands on her hips she looked at me, full on letting me see everything she had. I really couldn't tell what I should look at. Breasts were at that time in my life the most exciting "forbidden fruit"but that patch of curly hair at the base of her tummy fascinated me, too. I was just beginning to get some growth of hair down there but it looked like nothing compared to hers. The last time I had seen her crotch it was sparsely covered then as mine is now.

"Come on, Edward," she coaxed. "Get naked. I'm feeling horny and nasty and you know what happened the last time I felt that way." I remembered with a smile. It was several years ago, but I still could clearly remember giving each other back rubs and then rubbing lotion all over each other. Robyn made me rub her pussy over and over until she was shaking. She even rubbed my cock until it started feeling really weird and I made her stop. It had been quite an experience.

Robyn began rubbing her tits with one hand and her furry mound with the other. I decided there was really no way out so I proceeded to undress trying to hide my very erect cock but she insisted that I let her see everything.

"Why, Edward, you've grown so big! Why have you been hiding this from me you naughty little boy?" She had one hand on my cock and the other around my balls so I didn't dare even move. I always wanted a girl to do this, but Robyn was my sister! She started to rub her hand up and down my cock. "I bet you do this a lot," she suggested. "I bet you jerk off every night."

Not having any idea what she was talking about, I thought maybe she was trying to call me a jerk or something. I guess she must have seen my expression because she then said, "You do know how to beat your meat, don't you?"


"Beat your meat. Pound your pud. Masturbate, kid."

I just shrug. I've played with my dick, but not that much.

"You're kidding, right?" I shake my head. "Wow," she continued, "I've been doing it for years. Here, let me show you."

This was so embarrassing. I hate not knowing something. Here I was stark naked in front of my own sister with her hand on my boner that wouldn't quit. Still, it felt pretty good as she stroked her hand up and down it.

"Now," she said, "grab your cock about halfway down. Hold it tight enough that you can move the loose skin around your dick back and forth while feeling the hard muscle underneath. Try it now. That's it. Start slowly. Pull the skin forward until your fingers almost slide off the tip of your cock. Now pull it back until it's tight. That's it. Back and forth. Back and forth."

It felt great. I couldn't figure out why I hadn't learned about this before. Pretty soon I felt the pressure build up like I needed to pee and the more I held back the more the pressure built up. I couldn't help it. I couldn't relax those muscles.

"Okay, Edward! Your balls are getting tighter." I took over for her, as she layed down on her bed and started to play with herself as she watched me. "You're about ready to shoot your load. Hold back as long as you can but keep pumping. Now is when you get the best feelings. Put your other hand underneath your balls and play with them. Doesn't that feel good? Keep it up. Faster now. Faster."

I was getting this strange feeling in my gut that I had never felt before. If I tried to relax, it felt like I was going to pee. When I tried to tighten up so that wouldn't happen it felt like I had built a dam and pressure was rapidly building up behind it. The pressure was now so high that I couldn't relax and yet it seemed like any minute now, the dick would explode. I felt a little panic along with all the wonderful feelings building inside me. It reminded me of our back rub years ago.

Suddenly, I did explode! My cock began jerking uncontrollably and a clear whitish fluid began squirting out with each jerk. I could no more stop the spurts than I could stop a sneeze. It was a wonderful feeling but so strange. I don't remember much for the next couple of minutes except that the feeling was wonderful. I splattered it all over the mirror as it came out in great big gobs. I got some on my hand as I was still pumping my cock and the lubrication gave me an even more sensational feeling. I was hooked.

I finally had to stop when my cock got rubbed raw. My cum was drying out into a crusty mess and making me sore. I looked over at Robyn and she was on her bed shaking with her eyes closed. She had one hand between her legs and the other twisting her nipple. I watched her for a minute, stroking my cock regardless of how crusty and raw it felt. Finally, she groaned and almost rolled off her bed. She smiled and looked up at me after a moment, then saw the mess I had made on her mirror and dresser.

"Goddammit, Edward!" She got to her feet and grabbed some Kleenex and started to mop up my watery jizz. "Look at this mess!" I tried to help, but she just pushed me away. So I just grabbed my clothes, and went back to my room. I remember I slept like a baby that night.

The next morning, I played with myself first thing in the morning. I tried to get my mom to let me stay home sick so I could do it all day, but she wasn't having any of it. "You do look flushed, dear," but my room did reek of cum and I think she noticed. She gave me an odd smile and "Go on and get dressed. I'll drive you to school." On the way out of my room, she picked up my dirty cum soaked underware off the floor that I was using to catch my jizz all last night and this morning. As she closed the door, I swear she put my jizzy underware to her node and sniffed.

Every day before and after school, and all night that week, I played with myself. My cock was getting so sore I could barely walk. I started borrowing Robyn's skin cream and only that kept my cock from falling off.

Part Two: Big Sister's Big Date

Next Saturday Robyn was going out on a date with her boyfriend Billy. She spent hours getting dolled up in just the right clothes. She was especially proud of her new thong and bra that closed in the front. She showed me how it worked several times, flashing her cute tits at me. She also showed me how she had trimmed her bush so it wouldn't stick out around her tiny thong. I was hard as a rock as she finished getting dressed. She seemed to enjoy tormenting me, but no hand job this time. Her boyfriend honked out front. She grabbed my cock and squeezed for one last torment then she skipped out of my reach and ran out to her boyfriend's rumbling hot rod.

I was pissed. I dropped my pants, grabbed the lotion off her dresser and started jacking off right there. I came almost immediately all over her dresser, the mirror behind it and an open drawer full of her underwear. Ha, serves her right.

I grabbed some of her silky underwear out of the drawer and used them to clean my dripping cock. It felt wonderful, even better than the lotion.

Grabbing a handful of underwear, I fall onto her bed. I jack my meat with handfuls of her silk cumming again and again until I can't stand it anymore. Finally, I roll over and half-heartedly hump her bed. Her pillow smells like her and I bury my nose in it as I drift off to sleep, surrounded with cum soaked sheets and clothes.


"YOU LITTLE SHIT!!" Robyn screams at me as she falls on me. She beats on me, calling me every name in the book. I try to curl up and protect myself as she slaps me, scratches at me and screams. I try to shove her off me and get away. This just pisses her off and starts really punching me "Bastard, Bastard, BASTARD." She slips a left in and bloodies my nose. I bleed like a stuck pig and now there is both blood and cum all over her bed. I try to grab her arms just to defend myself. I finally throw her off and try to get up. She grabs me and bursts into tears. "Oh, God, I'm so sorry." She clings to me weeping.

I grab one of the least cum soaked panties and try to stop the bleeding. "I'm sorry, Robyn. I guess I got carried away, sorry."

She sniffs. "You are a little shit." She looks around surveying the damage. "God, what a mess. Why are you boys such idiots?"

My nose is just dripping now. I shrug. I notice that it's only 9 o'clock. Robyn never gets home from her dates before midnight. "I don't know," I mumble. I dab my nose, which hurts like hell, but it seems to have stopped bleeding. I try to change the subject, "Why are you home?"

"That shit Billy. We went to see that stupid new Bond movie. He was all super horny and made me blow him in the back row. Then he wouldn't even touch me. I swear he fell asleep with his dick hanging out. I got so frustrated, I just up and left. And then, when I finally get home, I find This Shit!" She says waving at the mess.

"So you hit him?" I ask.

"What? No, I should have though, right in his balls. Or maybe bit them when he made me suck them. Ha!"

"You sucked his balls?!"

"Yeah, he loves it, but I usually make him go down on me first." I must have looked confused and disgusted. "What? You don't know about blow jobs?"

I shrug.

"God, Edward. You are so naïve."

"Sorry to disappoint you, dear sister." I get up to leave, only noticing then that I have another raging hard on.

Robyn sees it too and looks at me with a hungry look I'd never seen before. Without warning, she drops to her knees and kisses the head of my cock tenderly. After kissing my prick, she kisses down the underside, and then licks it up back up to the head. She sucks and swallows my cock deep into her mouth until her nose pushed into the hair at the base of my cock. The pleasure was making me delirious but at the same time, I felt a little embarrassed for my sister. Between all my friends, the name "cocksucker" was the worst thing we called each other.

I stopped worrying about calling my sister names and began to REALLY enjoy what was happening. The now familiar pleasure she taught me about last week was building. I couldn't relax and yet it seemed like any minute now, the dam would burst. Jacking off was great, but it was nothing like all the wonderful feelings Robyn was giving me.

Suddenly, I came, hard. She pulled back, surprised and I got a big gob in her hair and down one side of her face before she got my dick back in her mouth. After that, she sucked it like it was a straw leading to her favorite soda. When my gushes subsided to an occasional dribble, Sis slid my cock out and kissed the end, letting me see my cum ooze out with each throb. She didn't try to lick all the stuff off, preferring to let it drip down her chin and onto her breasts, rubbing it in there.

"Okay, now it's your turn to do me," Robyn exclaimed. Lying back on her bed, she pulled off her shirt and bra and kicked off her skirt. Her cute little thong she was wearing when she left was long gone. She brought her feet up beside her hips and spread her thighs wide. As she spread her legs, I could now see that there was a lot more to see than I had remembered from our "back rub" years before. At the point where her pubic hair became thinner, a moist pink button stood. Beneath that was a darker pink area, roughly oval in shape that seemed almost to be moving.

"Come on, little brother, I want you to suck my pussy!" She began to run a finger over that little pink button, while she massaged her breasts with her other hand. I was curious enough. I knew that she was supposed to have a hole down there but I couldn't see a hole, certainly not one big enough to put a finger into, much less a cock. But this was my chance to explore so I lay down on my stomach between her feet and began feeling this strange area.

Her pubic hair, where she hadn't shaved it, was soft but kinky, the curls being thick and tight. Still, it was a soothing feeling running my fingers through those curls. While doing that, I gently nudged the pink button, wondering what it was. I didn't remember seeing anything like it the last time we had examined each other a few years back. Robyn asked me to kiss it for her.

It seemed kinda like a gross thing to do but after what she had done for me I figured that I wouldn't look any sillier than she had. I kissed it and she moaned. I couldn't smell anything with my sore nose, so decided to kiss it and lick it again. Robyn groaned even louder.

"Does that feel good?" I asked stupidly.

"God, yes," she moaned. In all honesty, it wasn't doing anything for me, but Robyn was fit to be tied. She began moaning and jerking like I had done earlier. She grabbed my head and held me to her as I licked and sucked and occasionally gasped for air. "Yes, yes, yes," she moaned and was moving so much I was having trouble keeping my mouth on her button. "Yes, Yes, Yesss, YYYEEEESSSSS!" she cried as she went stiff, crushing my mouth to her ridged spasming body.

She collapsed, spent, letting go of my head. Not finished with my explorations yet, I pulled back and began moving my finger under the button. The oval patch glistened almost dripped with moisture and my finger slid easily down and around the area. Giving it slight pressure, it slid into the center and disappeared up to my knuckle. I could tell it was even wetter and warmer inside. I slid my finger deeper and deeper until it was all the way in. Robyn stirred and moaned "More." I slid my wet finger out and tried my thumb then two fingers, feeling this mysterious cave become tighter and tighter each try. With my two fingers deep inside of her, she moaned again. "Tongue…use your tongue."

God, I thought, next she'll want me to lick her ass. When I pulled my fingers out, I couldn't smell them with my bloody nose but they didn't taste bad. Funky maybe, but not gross. So I placed my open mouth on this strange area and proceeded to lick my way in. When I tried to pull back, she wrapped her thighs around my head preventing any escape. In fact, she almost prevented any breathing with my stopped up bloody nose. She came so hard she almost snapped my neck with her legs.

Soon, she was lying back, panting for breath, "God, you're a natural, Edward, much better than Billy." I just grinned sheepishly. "For that," she said, "you get a special reward. Do me again while I do you."

I was confused again. She just laughed and pulled me up to her. I thought she wanted to fuck, and at least I knew what that was. But she stopped me when I tried to slide my rock hard cock in her sloppy cunt. "Slow down there, little brother. Not that. Not yet."

She slid out from under me and pushed me onto my back. Then she got up and for a moment, I thought she was going to climb up and ride my cock with her juicy cunt. Instead, she turned around and lowered her dripping cunt onto my face as she sucked my now aching cock deep into her mouth. Again, I just acted naturally. I couldn't reach her cunt hole with my tongue, so I licked and sucked on her little pink button some more. She went wild, groaning around my cock as she sucked it deeper and deeper down her throat. It wasn't long before I was getting close. I started humping her mouth, harder and faster until I groaned too, grabbed her head and came one last, gushing time. This drove my horny sister over the edge, too, clamping her legs hard around my head cumming and gushing all over my face.

I gently lifted Robyn off me and she crawled around and gave me a big wet, sloppy, cummy kiss. It was kinda nasty tasting, but I didn't care. I had come for who knows how many times that day and Robyn seemed sated too. As we both drifted off to sleep, our hot, sweaty bodies still tangled together, I think I heard Robyn mumble, "You're even better than Dad…."

Part Three: Family Sex Ed

It was nearly eight when I woke up the next morning. Robyn and I had fallen asleep in each other's arms on top of the covers, so I was freezing. I glanced over and noticed the door to her room was wide open. Jesus. I hope Mom and Dad didn't see us.

Robyn was still asleep next to me and drooling on my shoulder. I've got to pee and my nose was throbbing from where she almost broke it the night before.

As I start to get up, she moans and slides her hand down to my morning piss hard on.

"Hmmm… Daddy…" she mumbles.

Daddy?? What is she dreaming? I manage to get out from under her. As I do, she smiles and opens her eyes.

Seeing me, Robyn sits bolt upright in bed looking around madly, "Oh. My. God." is all she says. After surveying the carnage, her cum stained underwear everywhere, the bloody sheets she was trying to cover herself with, our clothes scattered all over her room, she looks at me and my blood encrusted nose and simply says "Out," pointing to the door.

I grab my jeans and shirt from the floor and start to put them on. Instead, she gets up and pushes me out the door, slamming it behind me. I hear Mom downstairs making breakfast, so she must have seen us as she walked down the hall. Oh My God is all I can think, now, too. I grab my robe out of my room and take a shower.

My morning hard on is throbbing as I try to take a piss in the shower. It's no good, so I start to jack off using shampoo. I'm leaning back in the shower, eyes closed, with all of the images and sensations from last night flying thru my head. Robyn's firm tits rubbing against me, her neatly trimmed bush spread all over my face, her hot mouth sucking my exploding cock. I quickly cum all over the shower and my hard on softens just enough for me to finally piss. My poor cock is so sore for all of hard use last night and in the last week that I have to wash it gently and even the baby shampoo makes it still sting a bit.

I'm just rinsing off when I hear Robyn come in and take a piss. I shut off the water and wait for her to leave, but she doesn't. Maybe she's taking a dump. I don't want to say anything to piss her off worse, but I am beginning to get cold. Just as I'm about to grab my towel, when she slides the curtain open herself, steps in naked and kisses me.

"You were wonderful last night," she whispers, then kisses my sore nose. "Sorry about that, let me make it up to you." She slides down, rubbing her tits down my chest until she sucks down my entire cock in one gulp. She quickly sucks me hard again.

It's a strange mixture of pleasure and pain. I've been jacking off for a week solid, ever since Robyn showed me how, followed by all the sucking and cumming of last night. It both hurts and thrills all at the same time. I'm not about to stop her as she bobs up and down my cock, sucking me deep. She looks up at me and smiles around my cock, but it is really beginning to hurt. The mixture of pleasure and pain begins to make me a little crazy. I grab her head and fuck her face, hard and fast. She looks up at me dismayed, but I don't care anymore. I just want to cum. I push her against the side of the shower and pound into her. Her teeth are scraping my cock, but I can't stop, even when she starts to gag and gasp for breath. Finally, with one last deep thrust, I cum down her throat as she starts to cough and choke. I finally release her and she runs out of the bathroom crying and coughing, gasping for air.

I wash myself clean of all of this, everything that has happened to me in the last week. It's been great, but really weird too. I mean, she's my fucking sister!

My cock hurts so much it feels like it's going to fall off. I wash and dry it tenderly then gently rub some lotion on it. It's so raw and tired, it doesn't even get hard. I put on my robe and hear Mom calling us to breakfast.

Mom looks at me when I come into the kitchen and asks, "What happened to you?"

I'm not sure what she means. She must have seen Robyn and me naked and probably heard her crying just now. Then she leans down and kisses me on the nose, saying "Your poor little nose." I barely hear what she said because I can see her tits down her loose robe and even all the way down to her bush, too. She didn't seem to notice, but gives me an odd smile.

"Oh, Pete and I were wrestling…" I say, referring to my best friend down the street.

"Mmhmm, you and Pete, huh?" as she finished buttering some toast. She doesn't ask anything else, and I don't volunteer anything either.

As Mom is dishing up some sausage links and eggs, Robyn traipses in wearing a gauzy negligee. Her tits are clearly visible and her nipples are hard and pointy. She looks at me and gives me a sheepish grin as I gape at her tits. I finally manage to close my mouth and whisper "Sorry, Robyn. I kinda got carried away. Again, I guess. Sorry."

"Sorry about what?" Mom asks as she serves Robyn.

"Nothing." I mumble and dig into my food.

I notice Robyn doing something out of the corner of my eye. She's sucking on a piece of sausage, sucking it in and out of her mouth like it was a little cock. When she sees me looking, she bites down on it and chews it up noisily. She laughs at my expression, then begins licking her fingers, slowly.

Mom glares at her, but doesn't say anything. She just sits eating a piece of toast and sipping her coffee. Her robe has fallen open further, and I can see one of her tits, it still looks pretty nice and no too droopy, almost perky, the nipple pointy and hard. What the fuck is going on around here?

I'm beginning to get hard again. I try to change the subject. "I noticed the Pontiac is gone. Did Dad go out this morning?"

"Yes, he left early for the office. He said he had a big report due tomorrow and he's got to work all day." Mom notices me noticing her tit. She just smiles and tightens her robe.

I finish my breakfast as Robyn and I play footsie under the table. She snakes her foot up and rubs my cock with it. I return the favor and toe her moist little crack. We are both almost moaning when I notice Mom squeezing her tit, robe open, as she watches us. Her other hand is hidden under the table but clearly rubbing her own cunt.

This is too much for me and I cum under my sister's foot, grunting with each spurt. My cum sprays up on my chest and Mom lets out a low wail and cums with me. Robyn, not to be left out of this family moment, grabs my foot and cums, too, gushing all over my toes.

We're all breathing hard as we come down to earth. Mom, looking a little sheepish, closes her robe and cleans up the dishes as if this happens at every breakfast. Robyn and I grin at each other and I try to mop up the mess I made. My cum is all over both on top and bottom the table. I look over at Robyn and she is licking my cum off her toes! Yoga is a wonderful thing.

Mom finally speaks up, "Well, now…" but she hesitates. "I saw the two of you this morning. Your father did too." O Shit. "Edward, he said it's time you and I had a serious talk about a few things. Let's go up to my bedroom. Robyn, I think you had better come along, too."

"I'm sorry, Mom. I…I don't know what happened…" I stammer.

"It's OK. We were waiting for your birthday to do this, but as usual, it looks like you can't wait" she says. Then leans down and kisses me full on the lips, deeply, not like any other kiss she has ever given me. She even gives my rehardening cock a little squeeze. "Let me show you how to use this."

I look over at Robyn who just nods at me. We all get up and head upstairs. Halfway up the stairs, Robyn whispers in my ear, "It's OK, I did this too." I feel like I've been caught at school and I'm going to the principal's office. I'm nervous too, and nearly fall down the stairs when Robyn gooses me from behind.

When we reach my parents bedroom, Mom drops her robe and turns around. She pirouettes around and shows me her entire body. Then she has Robyn pull off her negligee and panties and stand next to her. Robyn is almost as tall as Mom. They're both about 5'7 or so. Otherwise, they are quite a contrast. Mom a brunette and darker complexion, while Robyn is blond and paler. Mom is 39 and has had two kids, but she's still incredible. She swims regularly and watches what she eats. Things have sagged a bit, but damn. Totally a MILF. I think that is exactly what she has in mind.

My cock is standing at full attention, sticking out of my robe. Mom comes over, pushes my robe off my shoulders, and pulls me to the bed by my cock. Robyn and Mom sit cross-legged on the bed side by side while I sit at the foot facing them. I am staring at her hairy bush split by her wide spread pussy.

Mom asks Robyn, "So what have you done together?"

Robyn smiles "Not much, hand jobs, a little finger fucking and oral. He's really good at oral." She grins at that last item.

Mom leans forward and pats my knee, "He's always been a fast learner. No fucking then?" Mom asks.

"No, I was waiting for his birthday, too," Robyn replies.

I'm not sure what to make of this. My birthday is in a few weeks, but I hope I don't have to wait that long. In the mean time, I start stroking my cock.

Mom notices and reaches over and starts stroking it for me. I nearly jump as I feel her firm, but gently touch. She says, "How about a little show and tell?" She leans back and spreads her legs wide. Her pussy is covered in dark curly hair and isn't trimmed like Robyn's.

"My goal today," Mom says, going into teacher mode, she used to be a "Home Science" teacher in New Zealand before she married Dad, "is to give you a good lesson in human anatomy and sexuality." She points out various points of interest: "The whole area is called the Vulva or Pussy," rubbing her hand over it, running her fingers thru its hair. "Now there are a lot of slang words for all of these parts, but I want you to learn the proper scientific names, too. The outer lips are called the Labia Majora, and the inner lips are the Labia Minora." Mom pauses for a moment. "Robyn, why don't you lie back so Edward can see you and compare."

Robyn leans back, grinning. I can see her pussy is much more petite, her lips don't protrude as much as mom's. I can also see that Robyn has shaved the hair from her outer lips. Robyn starts to stroke her little button, almost absentmindedly. Mom pulls her pussy apart and shows me her button, too. "This is the clitoris, or clit. Robyn is masturbating by rubbing hers. It's very sensitive, so, as you can see, Robyn is using her natural lubrication from her vagina."

Mom slides her fingers down and pulls open her pussy. She points out a little hole about halfway between her clit and vagina, "This is the urethra, which how a woman urinates." I make a face, so she adds with a smirk "At least I won't be asking you to suck on in, the way that men expect their women to suck their cocks!"

"And this," she says, sliding one finger inside, "is the Vagina or Cunt, but that is such a nasty word. As you can see, I'm getting excited just like Robyn. Here, feel how wet I am getting." I reach forward and slide my finger slowly inside as my mother moans. "Oh, yes dear." She takes my finger, slides it up to her clit, and begins to rub it using my finger. "Oh yes, that feels so good. Can you continue like that?"

I can and I do. Mom begins to moan as I tickle her clit. She reaches up, starts to pinch her nipples, and moans a little louder. I lean in to get a good look, glancing over at Robyn who is madly fingering herself, too. I can smell Mom's cunt a little now. It's not bad, but funkier than Robyn's. Mom moans "Lick it."

Moving my finger, I lean forward and lick my mother's clit. She lets out a loud groan and grabs my head with both hands, entwining her fingers in my hair. I kept licking and licking until my tongue got tired. Mom was going wild, as I slowed down she moaned "Suck it," so I did. It was like almost like little penis and I felt it grow between my lips as Mom begins to scream and buck and grind my head into her crotch. Finally she pushed me away, and let out a long sigh, then "Wow, you are a natural."

"I told you Mom, even better than Dad," Robyn adds.

"I'm sure you are in need of attention, son," my mother commented. "Switch places with Robyn and let me get a good look at you."

I do, leaning back next to my mom, who as sat up, inspecting me. My cock is so hard it wants to explode. It is pointing straight up to the ceiling as I glance back and forth between it, my sister and my mom.

"Now, this is your penis." Mom gently grabs it. "It looks like it is already a good 6 inches, Edward. I see you are taking after my side of the family there. Your Granddad's is a good 9 inches erect." She strokes me gently, but firmly. "The head of the penis is called the Glans and this is the shaft," she said as she stroked me. "I rather regret that we had you circumcised, but its too late now to do anything. The foreskin protects the glans, and keeps it much more sensitive, or so I've been told."

She reaches under my cock and cups my balls. "These are the Testicles or Testes, also known as balls, and they are held in the Scrotum. You boys are somewhat simpler than us girls are. I have plenty of books with much more detail and information. I want you to read all about it when we are done here today."

Mom leans over and swirls her tongue around the head of my cock as she fondles my balls with one hand and strokes the shaft with the other. She then sucks me deep into her mouth and strokes me with her hand and mouth together. It feels so good, she's much better than Robyn. I start to moan. Mom speeds up, looking up at me with a wanton lust in her eyes. I almost jump off the bed as she lets go of my balls and slides one wet finger up my ass. I cum harder than I ever have, grunting with each spurt. Mom swallows it all grinning.

She pulls back as the last few spurts dribble out of my cock over her hand that slowly milks my still hard cock. "This is semen, which contains sperm," the lecture continues. "The man's sperm penetrates a woman's egg to form an embryo, which grows into a fetus and then a baby when it's born." She lifts up her hand and licks it clean, then leans down and licks my cock clean, too.

"I wanted you to ejaculate first, because I want you to last a good long time, next. After a man cums, it usually takes him longer to cum a second time." She pauses then looks at me. "Hmm, I really should stop and ask you a question., ‘Do you want to learn sexual intercourse, or do you want to wait?" I must look confused again. "Do you want to fuck now, or do you want to wait until you find a nice girl and get married?"

"Now" is all I say, grinning.

"I thought so, but I wanted to ask. So, me or Robyn?"


Mom and Robyn both laugh. "How about Robyn first, then me, Edward, OK?"


"You are a man of few words today, aren't you?" Mom laughs again.

Robyn and Mom change places. "First go down on Robyn and get her all wet," Mom suggests.

Robyn is plenty wet, but she leans back and moans as I tongue her. She cums at least twice before my mom taps me on the should and I come up for air. Robyn spreads her legs wide. "Now, kneel here." Mom advises, "And slide your cock up and down her slit to get it well lubricated, then slowly slide it in."

It feels like a wet warm vise. Robyn moans as I penetrate her, losing my virginity to my own sister. It feels so much better than oral with her or even my mom. I pull out slowly until my head is almost out, and then back in again, faster. Robyn wraps her legs around me, pulling me into her. I pick up the pace as Robyn begins to move with me, rising up as I slam down into her, harder and faster on each stroke. Robyn begins to moan loader and loader as I grunt on each slamming stroke. I am getting close as Robyn lets out one long hard squeal, cumming hard. I feel her cunt ripple around my cock and I slam hard into her one last time and cum, too. I grind my cock into her cunt as we both spasm together. I am oblivious to everything else, just cumming and cumming and cumming. At last I collapse on top of her, gasping for breath. Robyn gasps for breath under me, trying to recover. I don't want move, my cock still impaling her as I still hump her slowly.

Finally, Robyn lowers her legs and begins to squirm beneath me. I notice I am getting a little cold as my sweat dries and I roll off beside her. I reach for her and we kiss. "You're a natural at that, too, little brother," she says.

My mom reaches over and squeezes my now limp, wet, oozing cock. She starts to suck it into her warm mouth, but something snaps inside me. I buck her off me and run into my room slamming my door. I fall into bed crying.

My sister, my mother, my dad and now me? What is wrong with this family? And how come I never even noticed?

A few minutes later, there's a knock at my door. "Edward," my mom says, "can I come in?" I don't answer. "I'm coming in. We need to talk." She opens the door and comes in. She's wearing her robe and looks worried. I pull myself together and stop crying. I feel like such a baby crying in front of her.

Mom sits on the bed and I cover myself with my sheets. She puts her hand on my shoulder and says "This must be a lot for you, all of a sudden." I nod. "You and Robyn caught your father and me off guard this morning. We were planning on introducing you to all of this slowly, starting on your birthday next month. I'm so sorry if it's been too much, too fast today."

She leans down and kisses me on the forehead, like a mother should. This time, I can't see down her robe. "It'll be ok. We'll go at a pace you can handle. Just remember, we all love you and never want to hurt you." Then she kisses me again, full on the lips for a long, very unmotherly kiss. She gets up and leaves as I begin to get hard again. God, this is so confusing.

Part Four: A Man to Man Talk

I take it easy for the next few days. I stay away from Robyn and Mom and they leave me alone, too. Come Friday, I'm watching Star Trek reruns when Dad comes home from work. My dad is a civilian bureaucrat for the military and a creature of habit. Every evening, he comes home, reads the afternoon paper, lies down on the couch and takes a twenty minute nap before dinner.

But tonight, he came home early. That kinda pisses me off because Star Trek wasn't over yet and it was a good one, with the Yangs and the Comms. Anyway, I go to turn it off, when Dad says, "It's ok, Edward, you can finish watching your show." Then he starts reading the paper.

I look at him like he's speaking Martian, but shrug and keep watching. The hot babe in the leather that brings Spock the communicator at the end always turns me on, so I'm a little horny when the show finished. When the credits start to roll, Dad puts down the paper and speaks up, "Edward, can you please turn off the TV now? We need to talk, man to man."

That sounds ominous, my cock immediately wilts and I manage an "Ok, Dad." I get up and turn off the TV as the 5 o'clock early news comes on.

"Your mother told me about her, um, session with you last weekend." He pauses for a moment, and then continues. "Things are a little different in this family, as I guess you've figured out by now." All I can do is nod. "Well, I suppose I should have said something to you sooner, even before we found you and Robyn together, but…" He pauses again, thinking. He picks up his pipe, fills it, and lights up while I wonder where this is going. "I'm not too good with this sort of thing, Edward, that's why I let your mother take the lead." He pauses and relights his pipe. Finally, he reaches into his briefcase, takes out a bag, and hands it to me. "These are a couple of good books, I think. Your mom has more. I looked thru the one on top and I think it does the job."

The one on top is called "Boys & Sex." I flipped thru it. No pictures. Another is "Everything you always wanted to know about sex." There was one more called "Show Me!" that was full of pictures of parents and little kids having sex! Where did he find this?? Just glancing thru it makes gives me a hard on.

"Read thru those and if you have any questions, ask me or your mother. Your mother's studied childhood development, so she's probably a better resource, but I'll answer what I can. Ok?"

"Ok, Dad," is all I can say. I want to take these books up to my room right away, but I don't want Dad to see me with a hard on. Then I notice he's hard, too. His pants are stretched way out. My God, he must be huge.

He notices me looking and rubs it thru his pants. "Do you want to see it?" he asks. I'm dumbstruck and just nod. He unzips his pants and pulls out a monster. It must be at least 9 inches and thick. He strokes it slowly. The head is poking out from a covering of skin. "Let me see you, son." I unzip my jeans and pull out my cock, which looks puny compared to his. "You are developing nicely, Edward. Come over here and let's compare."

I get up and sit next to him on the couch. He looks at my cock as he continues to stroke his own. I don't know what to say.

"You see, I'm not circumcised and you are," he says. "I'm sorry about that, I wish now, we hadn't let the doctor do that to you when you were a baby. Oh, well."

His stroking feels so good, but this is so confusing again. I glance at the door and say, "What if someone sees us?"

"Don't worry, your mother took Robyn shopping. I asked her to give us some time to talk, but..." He stops stroking his cock and says, "I'm sorry. If this is going too fast..."

I start stroking my cock and mumble "No, it's ok." I reach over to his cock and hesitate, "Can I touch it?"

"Sure," he says, guiding my hand around his enormous dick. I stroke it up and down, but my hand can't even reach around it. He moans, "That's soo gooood, Edward." He reaches over and plays with me, too. His hand is so warm and firm. As we jack each other, I start to moan, while Dad grunts in time with my hand on his cock. I'm getting close and moan. "Hmmm, ooohhh, Daaad" then I cum all over my stomach and his hand. That's too much for my father, and he cums too in great looping streamers of cum that shoot up all over him and me.

God, what a mess. As we come down from our orgasms, I'm more than a little ashamed. Then I see the look on his face, loving, concerned, worried, and covered in cum, and I burst out laughing. I can't help myself.

He looks a little cross, but then surveys the damage and grins. "We made quite a mess, Edward." I nod, still laughing as he pulls out a white handkerchief and tries to mop up the cum. It's all over our clothes, the couch and the carpet, even in our hair.

"Sorry," I offer.

"Not your fault, son. It wasn't supposed to happen like this, but your mother is right. You are always pushing the limits." Lets clean this up before it dries.

He stands up and pulls off his cum soaked clothes, so I do too. I use my t-shirt to wipe myself as does my dad. I grab a wet washcloth and a couple of towels from the downstairs bathroom. Dad mops up the stains with one towel while I wash and dry as best I can behind him. I notice his cock has gone soft as we work, but mine is still rock hard. Luckily the couch is dark brown and hides stains, but the carpet is lighter and I notice that this wasn't the only accident like this in the living room (and I always thought those stains were from TV dinners).

When most of the damage is cleaned up, Dad says, "I need a shower, and so do you." I nod and follow him up the stairs buck naked carrying my dirty clothes. We dump our clothes in the hamper in the hall closet. He holds the door to the bathroom and says, "You go first. Can you make it quick, I really hate cold showers? Then again," he laughs, "one would do me good, this afternoon."

My dad and I stand naked in the bathroom, arguing over who is supposed to shower first as the water heats up. Dad is 43 and a little pudgy, but pretty fit for a bureaucrat. He's 5'10 and I'm as tall as he is by even though I'm almost 12. Mom says I must be taking after my Uncle Randy who's 6'3. The one thing that is truly memorable about Dad is his cock, which is huge. It's at least 9 inches and thick. Dad and I just had a "discussion" about the birds and the bees that got a little out of hand and were both covered in drying cum. His cum smells different than mine, somehow earthier.

"Fuck it," Dad mutters and gets in as the steam begins to build. "Grab a couple of towels and a washcloth from the hall," he orders. I haven't seen this side (or this much of Dad), before. He is usually rather quiet, not saying much. I'm not sure I like it and I notice my cock has wilted, but I do as I'm told. I put the towels down and then he opens the shower curtain and says, "Get in." I do.

I start to wash myself as Dad washes his hair. I'm more than a little embarrassed by all of this and want to get in and out quickly. I notice Dad is washing his cock and I pause, watching it grow hard. It is a monster. I start stroking mine, too, with my soapy hand as I begin to get hard. He strokes his slowly, watching me watching him.

"You're pretty big for your age, Edward," he says looking at my hard cock. He pulls me forward into the water to rinse me off, then pushed me back against the wall and drops to his knees. "You have no idea how long I wanted to do this," and he swallows my hard cock in one deep gulp.

"Oh, God," I moan as he sucks my cock in and out of his warm mouth. He swirls his thick tongue around the head as he strokes the shaft with his strong hand. He fondles my balls as he goes back to sucking me deep. He better than Robyn or Mom, that's for sure. It's so weird looking down at my own Dad, sucking my cock. My dad, the cocksucker, but he's a damn good cocksucker. I close my eyes and pretend it's Robyn sucking me. I don't care if that's sick, too. I'm getting close as I hear and feel Dad grunting around my cock. I open my eyes and see him jacking his own cock with a free hand. The scene is so obscene is send me over the edge. I cum hard, bucking my hips as I grab his head and fuck his incestuous mouth. He swallows my load without gagging or missing a drop. Then shakes off my hands and stands up grinning.

"You almost taste sweet, son," he says and kisses me. I taste myself on his tongue as he French kisses me. I don't taste sweet, but it does taste familiar. I had tasted my own cum before out of curiosity.

My father pulls me around in almost a dance move, reversing our positions. As he leans up against the tiled wall of the tub, he forces me to my knees. Grabbing my head, with one hand and his monster cock in the other, he pushes it in my lips against my teeth. "Now it's your turn." I don't really want to but he is kinda right, he did do me. I open my mouth and his huge cock invades my virgin mouth. I can only get about half of it in my mouth, so I stroke the rest with both hands. I do my best to keep my teeth off of his cock as he begins to thrust into my mouth. "Oh, Gooooodd, Edward. Suck my big horny dick, son." I do my best to keep up with his thrusts as he fucks my face faster and harder.

After a few minutes, I feel the water getting cold. This seems to raise the urgency of my dad's thrusts. I start to gag as he shoves his thick hard cock deeper and deeper in my mouth and down my throat. I try to get away, but he pushes me against the back wall and slams his cock in my face harder and harder. I try to fight him off but I can't. Finally, he groans loudly and cums hard, thrusting deep down my throat. I start to cough as his cum fills my throat and mouth, even up my nose. He finally lets me go and I fall down in the tub coughing and gasping for air. The water is freezing and I'm shaking and gasping, barely conscious. Dad reaches back and turns off the water, then steps out of the tub. He sits on a towel on the toilet seat and wipes his deflating cock with the washcloth, as I collapse on my back in the tub.

"You ok?" he finally asks. I look at him like he's asked if I am happy being a half drowned cocksucker. "Sorry, son. I guess I got a little carried away. But Wilma is right, you are a natural." He gets up and wraps a towel around his waist, then offers me a hand up. I take it and he puts the other towel around my shoulders.

I stagger out of the bathroom and down the hall to my room. I close the door and collapse on my bed. I'm still wet, but I don't care. I spread the towel out over my pillow and pull the sheets and covers over me. I burst into tears. This is so fucked up! Why is this happening to me? Why was I born into this supremely fucked up family?? What did I do to deserve this??? I cry into my pillow, trying not to let Dad hear me. The last thing I want is for him to come in and "comfort" me. Some part of me realizes, though, that I deserve what just happened. Now I know how Robyn felt when I did it to her. Fuck me.

Part Five:Settling into a New Family Routine

I'm asleep when there's a knock at my bedroom door. "Hey, it's me," my sister Robyn says. "Can I come in?"

I mumble "I guess." She comes in, sits down on my bed, and puts her hand on my ass.

"Hey kid, you ok?"

"I guess." I must not look OK, because she leans forward and gives me a hug.

"Look, I know how weird this must be. I've been putting up with all of it for years, but… I don't know, this is the only family we have, right?"

"I guess." I say again.

She hugs me again and gives me a long deep kiss, then pulls back. "Edward, I love you, probably more than a sister should, but we can get thru this together, OK?"

"I guess," then smile and hug her back, then begin to kiss her neck.

She shrugs me off. "Sorry, I'd love to continue, but dinner is ready."

I fall back in bed, "I guess," I say and grin. She sticks her tongue out at me and wiggles it obscenely, then gets up and leaves.

I get dressed after a few minutes. I am hungry, I guess. Everyone is eating when I come into the kitchen and sit down. Mom has cooked lamb roast, Yorkshire pudding and peas with onions.

"I hope you like it Edward," my mother says. "It's your favorites."

"I guess," I say and grin at Robyn who sticks her tongue at me again. I taste a bite and say, "Really good, Mom, thanks."

Mom smiles, then continues the conversation with Robyn about their afternoon shopping. Dad keeps eating ignoring them both until Mom turns to him and asks, "Dear, what an interesting book you brought home. Where on earth did you find it?"

O shit, I think. I left that "Show Me!" book Dad gave me on the coffee table this afternoon.

"Brentano's" is all he says.

"Hmm, must be French," she says. "Still, it's most interesting. It definitely shows how sexually curious and active children can be. It's like I've been saying all along. Good to see someone publishing something in support." Mom has been spouting this childhood curiosity shit for as long as I can remember. Now I know why.

I'm afraid this dinner is going to turn into another mealtime orgy, but Dad doesn't "rise" to the bait. Dad just mumbles, "Whatever you say, dear," and finishes his dinner. All thru dinner, he never looks at or says anything to me at all.

I grab the books off the table and head back up to my room after dinner. I leaf thru the Show Me! book and damn near jack off on every page. It full of naked little kids and teenagers getting it on with each other and adults. It's amazing how anyone published it, but damn! I learned more from jacking off to it than anything my mother showed me last weekend. When my cock is about to fall off and I can't cum anymore, I pick up the other two books and read them cover to cover. The Boys & Sex book is better, so "Everything…" must not have been everything.

I'm flipping back thru Show Me! when I hear something from Robyn's room. I grab my robe and open my door. My mother is standing naked in the open doorway to Robyn's room. I look in next to her and Dad fucking the shit out of his own daughter.

Mom has a wanton look of lust in her eyes with one hand in crotch and the other pinching her tits. She takes one look at me and pushes me back into my room onto my bed. She pulls open my robe and sucks my sore cock down her throat. It's pretty sore and worn out, but comes to life. As soon as I am hard, Mom climbs on top of me and slides my hard cock up her dripping cunt. "Oh, God. That feels soooo good." Mom bounces on my cock as I lay back and listen to Robyn grunting as Dad nails her to the bed. My mother's cunt is looser than Robyn's but it seems to have a mind of its own. I feel it almost milking my cock as she slams down and grinds her crotch into mine. "Oh, God, Edward, I've wanted to do this for so long…" She starts humping me harder and harder, grunting "Oh, God…O God… Ooohhh Goooooddd." She finally slams down on me as she twists her nipples viciously and screams "OOOOHHH GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!" cumming hard all over my cock. I feel her cunt spasm up and down my cock She finally collapses on my chest, panting.

I haven't cum, though. I think back to a few of the pictures from Show Me! and roll her off me onto the bed. She's still gasping as I get behind her, pick her up by the hips and fuck my own mother hard from behind. She grunts as I slam into her over and over, my balls bouncing off her clit. I grab her hair and pull her head back until she's twisted up and tears are streaming down her face. I don't care. All of this is her fault. All of it. I want her to feel pain so I try something from one of the books. I pull back and point my hard throbbing cock at her asshole. My mom, the slut, feels it there and pushes back onto my cock. Her ass is so much tighter than her worn out cunt. I drop her hair and reach down and grab her tits hard then fuck her tight grasping ass as hard as I can. She screams as I twist her tits as hard. Yet, her hands are at her own crotch, rubbing herself off as I rape her willing ass.

I'm getting close when I see movement at my door. Dad and Robyn are watching us with Dad stroking his cock and Robyn rubbing herself, too. Dad grabs Robyn and she drops to her knees in front of him. She swallows his huge cock in one gulp, much easier than I did. He grabs her head and fucks her face hard. I can't stand it and finally cum up my mother's hot ass. This pushes her over the edge and I feel her spasming as I spurt again and again deep inside her. At all of this, Dad lets out a low groan and cums down Robyn's throat.

I collapse on top of my mother, gasping. I look over and see Robyn collapsed in the door with cum dripping out of her mouth onto her tits. She plays with herself with one hand while smearing her father's cum all over her tits, squealing as she finally cums too. Dad pulls out the chair at my desk, sits down and surveys his loving family, grinning.

Part Six: Playing in the Basement

The next day, I'm in the living room watching Star Trek when my sister comes home. She sits down and pats the couch next to her. I get up off the floor and sit down with my arm around her. She snuggles up against her "little brother," which is a running joke, because I have a good three inches on her.

"How you holding up, Edward?"

"OK, I guess. Um, can I ask you a question?"

"You can ask me anything, you know that."

"How long have you and Dad been doing it?"

"Anything, but that," and she laughs. "That was a big secret, even from Mom, but it's all out now, right? Let me see, I don't really know. We've been sorta messing around as long as I can remember."


"Yeah, well, Dad used to give me baths and stuff, but he didn't really fuck me until I was eight. I remember because it was his "birthday present" to me. But it was worth it. He gave me a horse in return."

"You have a horse?!"

"Well, duh, of course I do. Why do you think I have riding lessons every weekend."

"Yeah, but I thought they were just lessons."

"Silly boy. Dad takes good care of me, in return, I take care of him. He says I would do things Mom wouldn't."

"Like what?"

"Oh, I don't know, like anal and stuff."

"Wow. Um, that must hurt. Dad's kinda big, isn't he?"

"Yeah, but if you work up to it slowly, its feels great. Then again, I've had bigger."

"What! Who?"

"You are just full of annoying personal questions this afternoon, aren't you? But, you're probably going to find out sooner or later, Easter is coming up soon. Uncle Randy is huge."

"You did it with Uncle Randy, too?? Wait, what happens on Easter?"

"Shit, I shouldn't really be telling you all this. Mom said she would tell you."

"No, please tell me," I whine.

"It's OK, you should know. Well, you know how we all have Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners with Uncle Randy and his family and Aunt Mardie and her family, right?" I nod. "Well, it's more than just dinner."

I shake my head, as if it's too full. What kind of family is this? I look at my sister, wanting to blame her for all of this, but it's not her fault. But, who's? Dad's? Mom's? Granddad? Maybe it's nobody's or everybody's. I just don't know.

Robyn hugs me and kisses me. "I'm sorry, this must be a lot."

I shrug.

We kiss again and I kiss her back. Our tongues play a little, but I pull back. I almost want to cry, this is so confusing. "I don't know," I almost cry. "You're my sister and I love you, but you're my sister?"

"I know, but I really do love you, even if you are my brother." She kisses me and we just cuddle on the couch for a while.

After a while, Mom comes home from the grocery store and Robyn and I help bring in groceries. Looks like she's cooking another special dinner, but shoos Robyn and me out when we offer to help. By this time, Dad is home and reading the paper on the couch, with one eye on the TV news. I start to head upstairs to my room, but Robyn grabs my arm and pulls me down to the basement.

Now I never liked our basement. There is some old furniture down there, but isn't really finished. There are raw cinderblock walls and my parent's old queen size bed, an old chest of drawers and kitchen table. There is also Mom's washer and dryer and an small bathroom, too. Robyn pulls some sheets and a blanket out of the dresser and I help her make the bed. Then she strips down to nothing and climbs into the bed. "Come on, Edward." She says, pulling back the covers on her side. I kick off my shoes, strip and climb in beside her. I put my arm around her and I feel her firm tits against me as we cuddle.

We start playing footsie and I realize I left my socks on. She tries to strip off my socks with her toes. She manages to get one off, so I admit defeat and pull off the other. I've gotten quite hard in the process as we struggled against each other. I feel that her naked pussy is wet against my leg and her nipples are poking my side. She starts to rub her pussy against my thigh as she strokes my hard cock. Robyn dives under the covers and engulfs my cock. I groan and just enjoy. She slides her wet pussy into my face and I eagerly lap at it. I don't last long and soon shoot my load down my sister's eager throat. After Robyn swallows everything I give her, continues to suck my still hard cock, licking it clean. I go back to sucking her hard little clit when I get an idea. I reach up and slide my index finger up her sopping cunt. She moans around my sensitive cock, which elicits a groan from me too. Then, I pull my wet lubricated finger from her cunt and probe her tight asshole with it. Now she almost screams as I slide it in and out then add my thumb up her cunt and I squeeze my fingers together as I pump them in and out. This is too much for my sister and she cums hard, shuddering and squirting all over my face as I pump her ass and pussy hard. She can't stand anymore and rolls off of me, leaving my cock sticking straight up under the covers, like a lonely mountain.

When Robyn recovers, she pulls me to her. "Nobody makes me cum like that, Edward. I really, really love you." Then she kisses me, not caring that I taste like her and I don't care that she tastes like me. I squeeze her lovely perfect tits and kiss my way down her throat to them. Now she moans "Eddie. . . Eddie. . ." as I lick and suck and nibble at their tiny hard nipples.

Then she spreads her legs for me and I climb between them. I don't care who has been here before me or will be coming after, but I am here now. My cock aches for relief as I slide deep inside her hot wet cunt. She gives a low moan as I begin to fuck her slowly, deeply, completely. She pulls me close and whispers in my ear "I love only you, Edward. Make love to me."

Instead of the frantic fucking we've done before, I slowly slide in and out of my sister as we kiss and hold each other. She pulls me close as I kiss her mouth, gently kiss her nose and eyelids, then cheek and ear. She responds as I nibble her earlobe and kiss her neck under it. She wraps her legs around me as she rises up to meet my long deep thrusts. As she rises up to me, we pick up the pace. In the end we are fucking hard as ever as Robyn cums under me crying out "oh, Oh, OH, OOOOH! I love you, Edward!"

Her hot tight spasming cunt drives me over the edge and I spray my brotherly seed deep into my sister's throbbing pussy. I rut her hot cunt harder and deeper than I ever have as she screams my name over and over. Finally we collapse together, spent. We hold each other tightly still joined together. I see she is quietly weeping. I kiss her tears and tell her "I love you, too, Robyn."

"Oh, Edward, nobody has ever made me cum like that." She smiles up at me through her tears. "There have been so many. . . ." she trails off, frowning.

I kiss that frown off her face and discover I am still hard. As I start to pump her slowly again and she smiles at me. "God damn it, little brother, do you ever give up?"

I shake my head and grin. I let my cock do the talking and start to fuck my big sister again.

After a minute or so, she stops me and she gets on her hands and knees. I enter her from behind and slide in deeper than I ever up her hot wet inviting cunt. As my balls slap against her clit, she groans and pushes against me hard, fingering her clit and my balls both. I pump her slowly and completely. Pulling out completely, then sliding deep inside her. She grunts each time I bottom out in her, feeling my balls bouncing off her busy fingers. One time I slide my thumb inside her wet cunt to lubricate it, then as I slide my cock up her dripping cunt, I slide my thumb in her ass. She screams into the pillow and cums violently as my cock and thumb reach bottom. Pumping both her holes, she cums again and again, as I feel spasm after spasm rippling around my tiring cock and squeezing my thumb.

I stop for a moment, deep inside her as she recovers, twitching. Then she looks over her shoulder and says "Fuck my ass, little brother."

I grin, and say "Who am I to refuse my big sister?" I pull out my hard aching cock from well fucked cunt and pull my thumb from her hot, incredibly tight ass. I am amazed to watch her asshole stay dilated then slowly start to close. She pushes my cock up to her closing ass and says "Now!" She leans back onto my cock as I slide into her burning hot, vise tight ass.

"Oh. My. God." I groan as I slide deeper and deeper. She seems to grasp my cock with her ass as I slide to the hilt. "Oh God" I repeat. Her fingers are dancing on her clit under my balls as I grind into her. She reaches back with her other hand, collapsing onto the bed, and I feel her free fingers slide into her cunt. The lower angle of her back allows me another fraction of an inch inside her as we both groan.

I grab her by the hips and start to pump her ass hard. She has first one then two then three fingers slamming into her cunt in time with my pounding her ass. My cock is getting raw as the lubrication from her cunt wears away, but I don't care. I fuck her hard, fast and deep grunting "Yes. . . Yes. . Yes. YesYesYesYESYES" each time as I slam home. Robyn cums over and over again. Finally, I my throbbing aching cock has had enough and I slam into her as hard as I can, driving her against the wall and explode deep up her barely 14 year old ass. "GOD YESSS!!!" I yell as she screams incoherently and she cums one last time, too.

We collapse onto the bed in a tangle of sweating twitching limbs. I kiss Robyn on her shoulder and cheek as she turns to me. Finally deflating, my cock pops out of her ass and I roll over beside her. I am exhausted and almost pass out. Robyn and I hold each other recovering, breathing hard. We kiss each other almost comatose and fall asleep in each other's arms. As I drift off, I think I hear someone climbing the creaking basement steps, but I really just don't care.

Sometime later, I come to, hearing Mother yelling down the stairs. "Dinner is ready!" I look bleary eyed at Robyn who smiles and kisses me long and tenderly.

"Oh my God, Edward, you were great. I've never come so many times in my life."

I shrug and start to drift off again, but I feel Robyn get up and begin to get dressed. She throws my clothes at me tells me to get up. I try to ignore her until she pulls back the covers and begins to suck my sore aching cock. I throw her off and get up, grumpy and sore.

She begins to pull on wrinkled clothes looks like, well, I don't know. She is a mess, but glowing all the same. She reminds me of what my mom looked like Sunday mornings when Robyn and I invaded our parents' bedroom with the Sunday paper to read the funnies together. She looks well fucked and happy. I guess I must be a sight, too because Robyn is grinning back at me. I can't find one sock, so skip it and follow her up the stairs.

Robyn stops looking down at the steps a near the bottom. I look over her shoulder and see an unmistakable ass and hand prints in the dust, with a puddle of cum and juices on the landing below. We grin at each other again. "I guess we weren't the only ones having fun." I say. Although the thought of Mom and Dad watching me and Robyn is a little, I don't know, annoying or something.

As we stumble into the kitchen for dinner, Mom is pulling a lamb roast out of the oven. Her dress is wrinkled and stained and she, too, has that certain just fucked glow. "Edward, please wake up your father and tell him dinner is ready."

God, what a fucking family.

Part Seven: Sharing a Bedroom Again

My older sister Robyn and I started sleeping together every night. It was crowded in her twin bed until our parents relented and got us a double bed. We had shared a room when we were younger, and Mom used the other bedroom as her sewing room. So since Robyn and I were fucking like bunnies every night, I just moved in kinda permanently. I left my clothes and old bed in my old room, but mom set up her sewing machine again. We ended up christening our new incestuous bed with a family orgy, luckily it had a heavy duty frame.

When I get home from school the day it was delivered, Robyn and Mom are already at it. I'm not really in the mood. Mrs. Peters at school had given me all kinds of shit in Social Studies and I just want to collapse. I stand in the door watching them 69ing each other, moaning and slurping. Mom's on top as she rub her sloppy cunt it all over Robyn's face. Robyn has four fingers up her mother's cunt as she sucks mom's clit. I couldn't see what Mom was doing to Robyn at the other end, but Robyn looks like she's enjoying it.

I collapse on my old bed, but listening to my sister moan and cum in the next room makes me forget all about Mrs. Peters. Soon, I am stroking my hard cock. I go next door and climb on the bed. Neither of them notices me until I pulled Robyn's fist from my mother's dripping cunt. Mom moans "Nooo" until I slide my cock deep inside her. Mom gasps and looks over her shoulder at me and grins. At first Mom is so loose it's like fucking a hallway, but her cunt tightens quickly around my throbbing cock. I slam into her as Robyn continues to suck her clit. Soon, mom cums hard, her elastic cunt rippling around my cock. The wet vibrations sent me over the edge and I slammed hard into her, blowing my load deep in the cunt that bore me.

I collapse next to them as Mom returns her attention to her daughter's cunt. I reach over and play with both my mother's and sister's tits as I stroke my still hard cock. Soon my dear sister Robyn was moaning then screaming as she came with her brother's semen dripping from our mother's cunt all over her face.

As soon as Robyn calms down, Mom gets up and, finally sated, goes downstairs to start dinner. Robyn looks over and smiles, then seeing my hard cock, impales herself on me. I'm glad that Mom is gone and Robyn and I are alone. I reach up and play with her firm tits as she rides me. I pull her down to me and we kiss. I realize I love my sister like no other, that I'd do anything to protect her. Robyn slows down as we fuck like lovers, not sex crazed demons. We roll over on own new bigger bed and I slowly and deeply fuck the love of my life. I don't care if she is my big sister. I love her more than life itself. She looks up and me with tears in her eyes and I tear up too and stop with my cock deep inside her tight sweet pussy.

"Don't stop, Edward," she says. "Don't ever stop."

"I won't, Robyn. I'll never stop loving you."

We kiss deeply, our tongues communing. She tastes sweet to me and I slowly start thrusting into her again. She meets my every stroke as she wraps her legs around me and hugs me close. Her nipples brush mine as we start to pick up speed. Robyn begins to moan as she gets closer and closer to cumming. Her excitement, excites me too. I want to give the girl I love as much pleasure as I can. I want this act, this one fuck, among all of the other fucks, sucks, ass fucks, hand jobs and who can remember what we've had in the last weeks, to truly be making love. We stare into each other's eyes as we make love to each other. On each stroke, I lift up a bit as I drive deep into her, sliding my cock along her g-spot, and then at bottom feeling her clit grind between us,. Her eyes get wide as I do, feeling this new technique. All of the books on anatomy I've been reading have paid off. I just grin down at her and pick up the pace a bit. She responds, grabbing my head and pulling me down into another passionate kiss. Finally we break off, breathing and fucking hard. She shakes her head back and forth, writhing and screaming in orgasm. Her cunt muscles clamp down on my cock almost grabbing it fast. I've never felt anything so tight as I slam into her grunting twice more before I, too, explode so hard I see stars.

We collapse together arm in arm and cock in cunt. We drifted off, mumbling "I love you's" in each other's ears.

I wake up later to someone sucking my cock. It's dark outside and the lights are out. However, I recognize my mom's mouth just from the feel on my cock. From the bouncing of the bed along with the grunting and groaning, I deduce that Dad is fucking his daughter Robyn next to me. As soon as my sore, aching cock is hard, my mother straddles me and fucks me too. The pain of my cock only adds to the pleasure as my own mother fucks me, matching the rhythm of her husband fucking his daughter. Robyn's hand finds mine and we hold on to each other as we each service our parents' most wicked, sinful desires. I hear Robyn's breath shorten as she comes closer to cumming around her father's cock. I am jealous of him but the sound of my sister's obvious pleasure turns me on, too. I reach up grab my mother's left tit, which I have come to know is the more sensitive one. As I squeeze my mother's tit and pinch her nipple, she starts to moan and ride me harder. I slam up into my mother's hot wet cunt hard, matching my family's incestuous rhythm. Robyn picks up the pace too, matching her father's thrusts into her tight 14 year old cunt. My father loves it and grabs Robyn by the hips fucks her furiously, pulling her hand from mine. I reach down and rub my mother's clit with my free hand and she screams cumming hard, slamming the cunt that gave birth to me down on my almost 12 year old cock. My mother's screams drive my father over the edge as he slams hard into his young daughter's tight cunt, spraying it with the same seed that made her.

They both climb off of their children and leaving us wet gooey messes. They grab their clothes and leave, arm in arm. My cock is raw and sore and I'm sure Robyn's cunt isn't much better. I reach over and Robyn is crying. I pull her to me. She reaches down between her legs and her fingers come back pink, a mixture of blood and semen. "You OK?" I ask.

"It's OK, I've had worse," she says and buries her head in my shoulder and softly sobbing.

I hold her as we both drift off again in our new bed.

Part Eight: Easter Orgy at Aunt Mardie's

Easter came late that year, not until April 22nd. It was only a week before my 12th birthday, but as usual, I couldn't wait.

There are three sets of aunts and uncles in town with us. My dad's younger sister and brother both lived in town with us. We got together for major holidays: Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This year Aunt Mardie was hosting Easter. We all get together for a big dinner (or picnic on the 4th) in the afternoon of the holiday.

What I hadn't noticed before now was the Saturday nearest the holiday, was a big family party for the adults and teenagers. That party, it turns out, was really a big orgy. Before, Mom and Dad went out a lot and left me with Robyn or a sitter if she had a date, so I never noticed anything special about them going out on a Saturday night. This time, I was invited along.

When we got there at about six, everyone was lounging around in the living room talking and drinking. The first thing I noticed was that people weren't paired up the way they should be. Everyone was still fully clothed, but my Uncle Wally was sitting with his 16 year old daughter Nancy on his lap with his hand on her left tit, while Aunt Mardie was sitting between her sons Steve and Terry with her hands on their crotches. When we walked in, Nancy came over and kissed me. "Welcome, Edward."

I was taken back, a bit. She is a skinny blond with long hair like Robyn, but her father's hawk nose. She'd always pretty much ignored me, so to have her come up and just kiss me like that was quite unexpected.

"How about a drink?" she asked.

I just nod, not quite sure what to make of all of this. My mom has sat down with Uncle Wally while Dad follows Aunt Mardie into the kitchen with his hand up on her ass. Robyn has replaced Mardie between my cousin Steve and Terry, they each have a hand down her shirt, and she has her hands on their crotches, just like their mother had been. Looking at all of this, I am sprouting a serious boner.

Nancy mixes me strong a rum and coke. I sip it and shudder. It's not the first time I drank, but this is stronger than I usually like it. I take a long drink and we sit down on the other end of the couch from my mom and Wally. Nancy sits on my lap and kisses me again as she places one of my hands on her tits. I start to unbutton her shirt, but she stops me saying "We usually wait for everyone to get here before we strip." then adds, "I wish Uncle Randy would hurry up and get here."

I nod and just slip my hand under her shirt, cupping her bra. Then I undo her bra under her shirt with a grin and fondle her liberated tits. She looks down at me and grins back, then kisses me. Her tits aren't as big as Robyn's even though she's a year older. We are still kissing when the front door open and Uncle Randy and her wife Mary come in without knocking.

"Sorry we're late," he drawls in his heavy Kansas accent, "but the baby sitter was late." Randy is tall, well over six feet and has balding black hair and a bushy black beard. His wife Mary is much shorter with stringy blonde hair and a little plump. "I'm not sure a babysitter is even needed. I caught that little shit Lawrence fucking Sandra the other day after school. We probably should have just brought them along." He chuckles, but Mary looks mortified. I do some quick math and realize that Lawrence is 7 or 8 and that makes Sandra 4 or 5.

Randy looks around and adds "But it looks like Bob and Mardie can't wait as usual." I follow his gaze and see my dad fucking Mardie on the kitchen counter with her panties around one ankle and her dress around her waist. Randy comes over, pulls my mother away from Wally, and kisses her hard. "How's my favorite girl?" he asks with one hand up her dress.

Randy's wife Mary is looking a little bewildered by all of this, but Wally, who is skinny and not much taller than she is, takes her hand and leads her down the hall to the bedrooms. She meekly smiles and lets herself be led.

Randy has started to rip off my mother's clothing as she undoes his belt over his hugely bulging pants. Mom drops to her knees as she frees Randy's monster cock. The thing must be 12 inches long and thick. My mom's hand can barely reach around it. She is topless as she swallows almost all of it in one gulp. "Ahh," he groans, "that's why you're my favorite. Mary can barely fit it in her mouth." Mom deep throats him in the middle of the living room with everyone there watching.

Mardie cries out in the kitchen as she starts to cum loudly and this seems to break the tension. I notice Nancy is now topless, so I suck one nipple into my hungry mouth and squeeze the other. After a few moments, Nancy stands up, says "Come with me.", and leads me down the hall to her bedroom. The door to the master bedroom is open and I see Wally fucking Mary in the middle of a king size bed. Nancy drops her skirt and panties as we get to her room and I strip, too. She pulls me onto her double bed and sucks my hard throbbing cock as she throws her legs around my face. As I lick her shaved twat, she moans with my tongue finds her clit. She tastes different from Robyn or my mother, but not bad. She is dripping wet and I lap it all up.

Nancy is sucking me harder than Robyn does and I am quickly getting close to cumming. I am sucking on Nancy's stiff clit and banging her hot cunt with two fingers when she pulls back off my cock with a pop and spins around, impaling herself on my cock with one swift thrust. She's tighter than Robyn is too. "O, God" says, over and over as she rides me hard. I was close before so her hot tight pushes me over the brink fast. I grab her hips and fuck up to her thrusting hard and deep. Our bodies pound together almost painfully. She is so skinny her hip bones are almost sharp, but her tight cunt and little tits enthrall me. I slam into her hot sharp cunt and explode. My sperm gushing into my cousin's cunt sends her over the edge, too, screaming "Daddyyyyy!!" as she collapses on top of me.

After a few moments, my older cousin Nancy kisses me and says "Thanks, Edward" then rolls off of my still hard cock. I notice my mom and Uncle Randy in the doorway watching us. As Nancy and I uncouple, they come to the bed, but Mom goes to Nancy and Randy comes to me. Mom starts to suck my load out of Nancy's dripping cunt while Randy licks her juices off of my cock. In between slurps, Randy mumbles "I love young cock." Pretty soon, Nancy is coming again and I am close. I look down and see Randy's cock standing at full attention as he twists around and shoves lit in my mouth.

I'm not as good as Mom, but Dad had taught me well. I relax my throat as Randy fucks my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Mom and Nancy 69ing too, pinching each other's tits as they writhe in pleasure. I start to cum in Randy's mouth as he grunts and cums down my throat. I start to cough and buck as he cums into my lungs and throw him off of me. As I gasp for air, he sits back and grins as the last few spurts of cum cover us both. "You're almost as good as your mother, Edward, and taller, too. We are almost the perfect fit." I continue to cough as I run to the bathroom, almost throwing up.

When the coughing subsides, and I have caught my breath. I wander down the hall looking in the bedrooms. In their bedroom, my cousins Steve and Terry have Robyn in a sandwich with Steve up her cunt and Terry up her ass. In the master bedroom, Dad is fucking Mary's cunt and Wally is fucking her face. As I pass Nancy's room, Randy is fucking her doggy style and she doesn't look like she is enjoying it. He fucks her hard and fast, holding her by the hips as she squirms and cries. The louder she screams, the more he grins and the faster he pounds. I should go to her aide, but just keep walking. I end up in the living room where I find Aunt Mardie, naked, playing with herself. Mardie has short dark hair and glasses and not very tall. I set down at the other end of the couch and find my half empty rum and coke. I take a long drink of the now flat soda and shake my head.

"We're quite a family, Edward," Mardie says and she slides down the couch to me.

"What…why…I mean, I dunno…Is every family like this?" I ask.

"Probably not. It's all your father's or maybe grandfather's fault." She grinned and took a sip of my drink. "Your father used to fuck me when we were little kids. He started when I was six and he was eight. When your grandfather caught us one day, rather than punishing Bob, he joined in."

"Wow" is all I manage to say.

"I didn't find out until later but my father, your grandfather, had been fucking our student housekeepers for years. He said being a College Dean came with perks."

"Huh, what did Grandmother say?" I wondered.

Mardie smirked, "Well, that was the best part. Turns out, your grandmother was quite the lesbian, back before we even called it that. She had ‘interviewed' all of the girls herself."

As we were chatting, others wandered back to the living room in various stages of undress. Mary had put on a wrap and was sitting corner chair looking a bit bewildered. I knew how she felt. Randy wandered a while later in wiping blood off his cock. I could hear Nancy still whimpering down the hall.

"Damn it Randy, you always get carried away." Mardie swore, and went past him to Nancy's room.

A few minutes later, Robyn and my cousins wandered down the hall, all of them looking a little wobbly. Randy grabbed Terry and pulled him back up the hall, grinning. Robyn sat down next to me as Steve went into the kitchen.

"How you doing?" she asked me.

"OK, I guess. Does this happen every year?"

"Yeah, for the last two years, anyway, that I've done it." She kissed me and grabbed my cock. "How is this holding up?"

As she strokes me, it get hard again.

Dad, Mom and Wally wandered in about then. Mom was dripping cum down her legs from both the front and the back. She went over to Mary and made her lick her clean. Mary just nodded and did it. I was beginning to see how submissive, or maybe just beaten down, Mary was. Wally disappeared into the kitchen and dad sat down on the other end of the couch with Robyn between us.

"You enjoying yourself, boy?" Dad asked me.

I nodded as Robyn got between my legs and started to blow me.

"It's a family tradition that you have to fuck everybody on your first time," he continued. "Are you ‘up' to it?"

I nod again.

"Good. Robyn, come over here and suck me hard again, while Edward does Mary." I look over and Mary's still licking mom.

I go over next to Mary and Mom and take Mary's hand, but my mother won't let her go. "She's not done yet, Edward," my mother tells me. I watch as Mary slurps down who knows whose sperm and finally licks mom to an shuddering orgasm. Finally, my mother lets go of Mary's head, and Mary gets up and takes my hand.

I want to get away from all of this for a while and remember a spare office/bedroom in the basement, but Mary eyes flash with fear as I pull her towards the stairs. She pulls me down the hall to the master bedroom instead. On the way past, I see Mardie and Nancy in a torrid 69 in her room and Randy butt fucking Terry in his. Terry seems to be enjoying the reach around that Randy is giving him, too. I start to close the master bedroom door but Mary stops me. "We're not allowed to close the doors, Edward." She lies down on the bed and I lie down next to her.

I notice my Aunt Mary is crying, quietly. "Are you OK?" I ask.

She wipes her tears and says "This whole family is so evil, and now… now you are part of it too."

Aunt Mary is still crying when her husband Randy drags my sister Robyn down the hall and throws her on the bed next to me. When Randy sees Mary's tears, he slaps her hard. "Don't embarrass me, bitch." he hisses at her. "Do what you are told, or you will pay when we get home."

Mary rubs her cheek with one hand and strokes my now limp cock with the other. She leans forward and sucks my cock until I am good and hard. Meanwhile, Randy has pulled Robyn onto her hands and knees and is shoving his huge cock up her cunt. He can only fit half of it in her. I see Robyn wincing in pain, so I say, "Hey, Uncle Randy, take it easy on my sister."

This time Randy rounds on me and slaps me clean off of the bed. Then takes his cock, now lubricated by Robyn's cunt and shoves it up her ass. Robyn screams in pain. I get up off the floor, grab Randy by the throat and pull him off of my crying sister. His cock pops out of her ass and he lands on the carpet on his ass. I stand over him as he looks up at me, at first dumbstruck, and then angry. "Why you little shit…" he says as he scrambles to his feet. I duck one punch from him, and then, out of desperation more than anything, kick him in the balls.

He screams and drops like a ton of bricks. All the noise has attracted a crowd. My dad gets between Randy and me. "What the fuck is going on in here?" he asks me.

Randy is still writhing in pain on the floor with his hand on his balls, with Aunt Mary at his side. "Uncle Randy hit me and Aunt Mary. Then he was hurting Robyn, so I made him stop."

Dad breaks into a grin. "Looks like you met your match, Randy."

Dad and Mary help Randy to his feet, but Randy quickly shakes them off, shoving Mary onto the floor in the process. Dad stays between the Randy and me, even though Randy has a good 4 inches on him. Randy looks like he wants to kill me.

"Look, it's getting late Randy," Dad continues even though it's barely nine. "You need to get home and fuck the babysitter, I'm sure." Randy shrugs Dad's hand off his shoulder and turns to go. The crowd in the hallway parts for him, most of them grinning.

Mary is still on the floor in the corner looking shell shocked. I help her up and she looks scared, very scared. "Don't make me go home with him," she pleads to my father. "He'll kill me."

"No he won't." Dad says, "But, hey, he's your husband. You knew what he was before you married him, so don't complain to me."

Dad almost shoves Mary down the hall to join her limping husband. I sit down next to Robyn as the crowd clears.

"Wow." is all she says.

"You OK?" I ask.

"Yeah, I guess. But, Wow. I mean, Thanks."

"Well, you're my sister. I love you. I told you I'd protect you."

"Nobody has ever stood up to Randy like that." Then Robyn kisses me long and deep. I kiss her back.

When we break for air, I see my mother standing in the doorway. "Edward, you have no idea what you just did," she says. She sits next to us on the bed cross legged, her pussy open and glistening. "He's had it coming, though. He's been getting worse. He's always just taken what he wanted, anything or anybody. I'm glad someone finally took him down a notch." She leans forward and kisses me. "I'm so proud of you, Edward." Her hand drops to my cock and strokes it, then she whispers "I'm so hot for you right now." She leans down and sucks my hard cock, then pushes me back on the bed and straddles me. With one swift motion, she impales herself on me, groaning. "God, I'm so wet." She fucks me hard and fast.

Robyn seems a little non-plussed by my mother's intrusion, until I pull her over to me. She straddles my face and I lick her twat and play with her tits. Soon, Robyn is gushing all over my face and holding my head in both hands as she grinds her cunt into my face cumming hard. I feel my mother's cunt quiver as she cums, too, slamming down hard.

After a moment of recovery, Mom reaches forward and grabs Robyn's tits. Robyn leans back to her mother and they kiss over her shoulder. Mom climbs off of my still hard cock and Robyn replaces her. Robyn fucks me on top for a little while, but I want to be in control. After all of this fucking and fighting this evening, my cock and balls are pretty worn out, but I am horny as hell. As mom sits back and watches, playing with herself, I throw Robyn on the bed and slide between her eagerly spread legs.

My cock is almost raw, but I do love my sister more than anyone . We stare into each others' eyes as I fuck her long, slow and deep. I know all of this is wrong. Evil, just like Mary said, but I don't care. I love Robyn and won't let anyone hurt her. She knows it and loves me back. As we get close, she pulls up and kisses me deeply. Our tongues dance as first she, then I come, not hard but not gently either. Our love for each other is made physical. Our joy shared. Coming down from our bliss, we hold each other, kissing and hugging. I slide out of her, finally spent, exhausted, complete.

We are almost drifting off when Dad comes back. He slaps me on the shoulder, breaking the mood. "Son of a bitch, Edward. I didn't know you had it in you!"

Mom gets up and leads Dad out saying "I think we should be getting home, too." I hear Dad complaining that "…the party is just starting… Besides… where's Mardie? She still has to fuck Edward."

I lie back in Robyn's arms and start to drift off. All of this has worn me out. I awaken some while later to someone new sucking my cock. I look down and see Aunt Mardie nose deep in my crotch. I pull her off of me, and say "Thanks, but I really have had enough."

"No, no, thank you, Edward. I've been putting up with Randy for far too many years." She gets up and hands me and Robyn our clothes. "I think we're breaking up a little early tonight. With Randy gone, no one seems interested in playing games downstairs tonight."

I have no idea what she means by downstairs. After we get dressed, I ask Robyn. She grins and leads me down to the basement. The spare bedroom and family room have been transformed into a dungeon with rings hanging from the walls, ceiling and bolted into the floor. Leather covered tables, restraint chairs and harnesses fill the room. Whips, handcuffs, ropes, vibrators, dildos, and all manner of things I can't identify hang from the walls and lay strewn about. Robyn pockets a dildo and pair of handcuffs and grins at me. I am stunned to silence,. "This is nothing. You should see Randy's basement, " she says with a shudder.

"Hey, where are you two?" I hear my mother calling.

"Just showing Edward what he missed," Robyn says as we come up from below.

Dad seems a little nonplussed to have missed out, too. but we head on home.

Part Nine: Back to "Normal"

Things get back to normal, if that's the word for it, in the next few weeks. We all, except Mary, had regular Easter dinner at Mardie's on the following weekend. My Uncle Randy was still pissed, but took it all in stride. Randy's kids looked a little battered around, too, but my Mom said not to say anything. I hear Randy had put his wife Mary in the hospital, but she got out a few days later and recovered. I am worried about the 4th of July, which is scheduled to be at Uncle Randy's, but that's a couple of months away.

I continued to sleep with my big sister and our love for each other deepened. She stopped seeing her boyfriend Billy. We fucked every day before and after school. We were like little kids living in a candy store.

I wake up with my usual morning hard on and reach over, but find Robyn missing. I hear her in the bathroom, get up naked, and go to her. She's washing her face as I come in and piss. When I am done, I stroke my cock, watching my naked sister's tits bounce as starts to brush her teeth. She notices me playing with myself and grins around the tooth brush at me. Her free hand drops to her clit and plays with herself, too. When she bends over to spit, I grab her from behind and slide my cock deep in her in one firm thrust. I grab two handfuls of tit and fuck her hard and fast.

"Oh, God, Edward. I love your cock first thing in the morning." She continues to stroke her clit as she bends over further and slams back into me. "Hurry up, though, I've meeting Linda before school to study. We have a math test first period." Linda is her best friend who has beautiful mouthful sized tits. Robyn grabs the sink as she starts to cum, groaning. I double my pace and force as she does, giving it my all. She cums harder and harder, her knees buckling. Grabbing her hips to hold her up, I slam into her hot tight cunt and explode, spraying her 14 year old body with my almost 12 year old sperm. We almost end up in a heap on the tile floor, as I collapse on her back. She seems to come around first, with her tits in the sink getting wet. She shrugs me off her back and my cock out of her cunt and rinses the toothpaste out of her mouth, then goes to get dressed. I clean my dripping cock with a washcloth and follow her.

"God, I'm gonna be late now," Robyn says, half dressed, then as she pulls on her jeans adds, "but I love having your semen inside me as I sit in class. It's so…wicked." She kisses me as she runs, pulling on a sweater.

I collapse in bed and drift off again.

*** Sometime later I wake up to someone sucking my cock. I open an eye and find my mother quite the expertly deep throating me. It's kinda sick, I know, but I love my mom's blowjobs. Grabbing her hair, I fuck her face harder and harder. She's gasping for breath when I finally pull out and blow my load all over her face. My darling sainted mother sits back and licks my cum off her face, grinning. I look at the clock and it says 10:10. "I'm late for school!" and start to get out of bed.

"Relax, Edward, I called the school and said you're sick today," Mom says through her cum streaked lips. "I heard you and Robyn in the bathroom this morning and it made me so hot." She stands up wiping the last of my cum off her face then licking her fingers. "Come with me, baby," and she takes me by the hand into her bedroom.

I find this kinda annoying, because I have a math test myself at school today, but when mom gets horny, she gets served. Come to think of it, the test isn't until after lunch, so I let her have her way with me. I fall on her bed and she falls on top of me in a 69. She's hot and wet and moans as I suck her clit and finger her slick cunt. Meanwhile, she is busy sucking me hard again and pinching her own nipples. I slide my slick middle finger out of her dripping snatch and slide it up her tight ass, with my index finger deep in her cunt. This double fucking drives her over the edge, grinds her cunt into my face, and clamps her legs around my head. After nearly suffocating, I throw her off of me. Then I pick her up by her hips and fuck her doggy styles, making her groan into the sheets. I fuck her hard and fast, taking my annoyance out on her cunt, then I get a better idea. Mom moans in disappointment as I pull out, but groans a deep guttural "Yes!" as I point my cock at her tight ass. I push forward hard, holding her hips. My cock head pops inside her hot tight asshole as she yelps in surprised pain. I slap her ass and fuck it hard, driving her face into the sheets. As my balls hit her pussy on each thrust, I feel her fingers dancing on her clit. I've already cum twice this morning, so I last a good long while. I start spanking my mother with each thrust and my mother grunts along with each assault. My mother the sonfucking cunt loves my abuse and cums again and again. Then I notice my and my sister's baby pictures on the wall. In one of them, Robyn is naked face down on a lambskin rug. Looking at my sister's naked little baby butt, I cum hard in my mother's ass. Mom collapses on the bed and I climb off of her, and head back to my bed to collapse myself. Mom is a good fuck, I guess, but I wish she would just leave me alone sometimes.

I wake up alone this time well past noon. At this point, I'll never make it to school for the test, so I grab a quick shower and throw on my robe. I'm starving and pass my mom in the living room doing the ironing watching her soap operas. I make a sandwich in the kitchen and come out to watch my mom and the TV. I have no clue who anyone is or what they are doing on the soap, but they can't be as fucked up as this family.


Nickname Date Feedback
Anonymous 5/11/2017 Hi, great story have you any more???
badabbot 5/15/2017 Sort of like eating too many pancakes. Stuffed. Groaning. Fucked out.
Anon: I have more older stories I have continued, and several new ones, but editing is going slow. More soon. Badabbot: Sorry and thanks. ;)

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