The Red Rooster was a roadhouse in the middle of nowhere, with cheap beer, pretty dancers, and a little secret. But before I tell you that tale, I've always thought that stories like this really ought to start off with some gratuitous sex. Gotta keep the fappers happy, you know. So here we go:

The ladies were beautiful, unbelievably beautiful. I couldn't believe that a hole-in-the-wall roadhouse in a one horse town like this could have two such beautiful dancers working the stage on a Tuesday night when there was hardly a soul in the joint.

One was named Tamara, a dark-haired latina with a nice rack that jiggled delightfully when she danced, and pussy hair that was trimmed into a little strip; the other was Lisa, a blonde with substantially less to offer on her chest but a very pretty lady. Her pussy was shaved completely bare, which together with her small breasts made her look surprisingly like a little girl.

In fact, both girls looked awfully damn young. If they were eighteen, then they were just barely eighteen.

The girls had led me into a back room when they were done on the main stage. They told me to sit on the couch, and they started dancing. Not too much later they were both naked, rubbing their pretty little bodies against each other. They told me to take my pants off, then had me lay down on the couch, and the little latina climbed up between my legs. She lay down, her face right in my crotch, and I could feel her warm breath on my aching testicles. Then she started kissing them, and licking them. She licked down, to the bottom of my scrotum, and I lifted myself up to give her room and she licked even further, down to my anus, then back up, over my balls to the base of my shaft.

As Tamara worked her amazing magic on my balls, her friend knelt beside me, smiling at me. She reached down and took my shaft in her hands and started working it. "It's so big," she said. "So big and hard." She looked at me and smiled. "I love a man with a big hard cock." Then she leaned over and took my head in her mouth.

Holy shit, what a blowjob. Lisa's mouth was warm and welcoming, her tongue silky and soft and lapping magically at my head. As she sucked she let her spit flow until my shaft was soaked, and she beat gently on it, letting her hand slide loosely over the wetness. At the same time Tamara was licking and sucking everything down below; my balls were literally dripping with her spit. Holy shit, what a blowjob.

The girls sure knew what they were doing and within a few minutes I was in heavenly ecstasy as my orgasm began. Tamara wrapped her mouth around my balls as I came, and Lisa took it all like a dutiful hooker. Only when my cock had finally, gloriously, stopped spasming did she sit up and spit it out in her hand.

I tipped them each an extra twenty. "Unbelievable, ladies," I said.

They grinned. "That was always Mr. Hawkins' favorite way," Lisa said, "so we figured we'd give the same treatment to his cousin."


The story of how I wound up in the Red Rooster Roadhouse that Tuesday night is a bit on the convoluted side: About two weeks earlier, my family received notice that a certain Mr. Chester Hawkins had passed away. None of us had ever heard of Mr. Chester Hawkins but it turns out that he was our mother's cousin and since she preceded her cousin in death a few years earlier, we siblings are, or I should say were, his closest kin.

Mr. Hawkins was a land owner of some merit, with thousands of acres of scrub brush outside a small town called Spur, Texas; and more importantly, he also owned the mineral rights to the land and several oil derricks were already pumping under a series of complex lease agreements. Since he had no family of his own and no connection to the rest of his relatives, he'd apparently died without a will and with a whole lot of complicated encumbrances. As I am an attorney, and I'm proud to say a gainfully unemployed one at that, my siblings all agreed that I should go to this fine outpost of modernity called "Spur," and sort out all the details. I was named executor of his estate and I got on the next plane to Spur. Or the nearest airport, at least.

Spur is a little town of a thousand souls in the middle of absolutely nowhere; their biggest claim to fame is a gigantic metal sculpture in the town square, a sculpture of--you'll never guess--a spur. You know, the kind that you put on your cowboy boot, to kick your horse, or at least I think that's what they're for. Surrounding Spur is a whole lot of very flat, very dry, land; you'd never believe it could raise any food at all but the ranchers there somehow manage to keep large herds of cattle. Other than the giant spur and the endless flat, dry land, there's really nothing else to Spur. It's one of those towns that you might drive past if you were on your way to somewhere else, and not even notice that it was there.

There's only one hotel in the metropolis of Spur, a Best Western on the outskirts of town. I checked into my room Friday afternoon and headed into town to a little office that I'd rented, and began gathering up all the necessary documents. By the evening my head was aching and I was tired and all I wanted was a beer. Luckily, as I was sitting in my hotel room, I noticed a bar across the road. The Red Rooster Roadhouse, the sign said, and the neon chickens accompanying the sign appeared to be making baby neon chickens, although it was hard to tell since a good deal of the lights were no longer working.

The Red Rooster was a dark, dreary place, where old ranchers came to unwind and ogle the ladies dancing on the stage. It might not have been the greatest place on God's green earth, but the beer was cheap, the ladies were pleasing to the eye, and the lap dances were refreshingly "hands-on," at least for an out-of-town lawyer with an open wallet and a hefty per diem. So I found myself back at the Red Rooster Saturday evening as well.

Now, a couple days later I was sitting on my bed in the hotel room, having spent all day Monday and Tuesday driving around the county in search of certain documents, and I noticed that there were three or four police cars parked outside the Red Rooster. I wondered if there was a bust going on; I was worried that a pretty lady named Juanita, who had some particular talents I enjoyed, might be finding herself in some trouble. Aside from my concern for her as a person, I was also concerned that my weekend evenings would be much less enjoyable if Juanita wasn't dancing at the Red Rooster.

So, I set out across the road to find out of any of the ladies needed any legal advice.

As I walked into the joint, I was immediately conscious of the fact that every eye in the establishment turned to look at me. Not that this was a lot of eyes, there were probably no more than about twenty men in the place, but some of them seemed rather hostile, which was a little off-putting.

"Sorry, buddy," the bartender said. "Private party."

Didn't look like much of a party to me, but I was in no mood to argue and I thanked him and started heading back to the door. Right then a man in a cop uniform stood up from a nearby booth and said, very loudly, "Say, aren't you that lawyer from out of town?"

"Yes," I said trepidatiously, turning a bit reluctantly to face him.

"Hey, boys," the man said loudly. He was a large man, at least large around the waist. Very large around the waist. "This here's Chet Hawkins' cousin!" All the eyes turned back to me again, the sense of hostility quickly dissipating.

"Well, he was my mother's cousin," I said.

"Why don't you come on over here and join us?" the large man said. He stuck a chubby hand out. "I'm sheriff here in Dickens County. Sheriff Jerry Franklin."

I shook his hand. "John Gentry," I said.

The sheriff introduced me to his table-mates, three other cops--the chief of the Spur police and two deputies. Then once we were all seated again, he hollered out in his booming voice, "Ellie May, I've got someone here I want you to meet!"

The waitress walked up and I was rather astounded to see that she looked like she couldn't have been more than eleven years old. She was tall, and very skinny, not much more than skin and bones. She was wearing cut-off shorts and a tight white teeshirt, which amply demonstrated her lack of maturity.

"Ellie May," the sheriff said, too loud, "This here's Chet Hawkins' cousin." Her face lit up with a smile. "Sorry, your name again?" he said to me.

"Gentry. John Gentry." I stood up and extended my hand to Ellie May.

"Gentry, that's right. Good name for a big city lawyer, eh?" He laughed heartily, and all the cops joined in. Ellie May smiled and took my hand.

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Gentry," Ellie May said, a beautiful little lilt to her Texan drawl.

"Call me John. Pleased to meet you too Ellie May."

"Mr. Hawkins' cousin, huh?"

"Well, he was my mother's cousin," I replied, "which makes him my, uh..."

"First cousin once removed," Ellie May said in her pretty lilt.

"Yeah, that's it. First cousin once..."

"Ellie May," the sheriff said, too loud again, "let's get this gentleman something to drink. What're you having, there, Gentry?"

"Whatever you're having," I said.

"Two more Budweisers, Ellie May," the sheriff said, "and two more Jack Daniels."

Ellie May curtsied in my direction and turned to walk to the bar. I couldn't help noticing her bottom through the tiny cut-offs she was wearing. It was small and undeveloped and showed off her narrow hips. Geez, what's a girl of that age doing waiting tables at the Red Rooster Roadhouse on a Tuesday night?

"Cute girl, that Ellie May," the sheriff said to me too loudly.

"Um, yeah..."

"Her dad, that gentleman over there," he quieted his voice a bit and nodded to the bar where a solitary man sat, his head bowed. He might well have been asleep, "he's my little brother."

"Looks like he's already tied one on," I said.

"Yeah, well," the sheriff said more quietly, even gently. "He's got problems. His wife loves money, and he ain't got any, and that's a problem."

Ellie May returned with our drinks and after she'd left, the sheriff shouted, "All right, let's get this show going!"

The lights went down and the music started blasting, that old Van Halen song "Hot for Teacher" which is so popular with the cheesy strip clubs. Predictably, two ladies came prancing out on stage in school girl outfits--white button-up blouses, plaid skirts that were way too short, little frilly socks, and black patent leather pumps with four-inch heels. But I noticed immediately that these weren't your normal 35-year-old strippers with their hair up in pony tails pretending to be twenty years younger than they were. These were two amazingly beautiful young women, one blonde, the other dark. I couldn't believe that the Red Rooster had two such beautiful girls working the stage on a Tuesday evening when the place was empty.

The girls danced well, if a little awkwardly in their high heels, and by the end of the song they were both buck naked except for their frilly socks and their patent leather pumps.

"Lisa, Tamara," the sheriff hollered as the girls finished their dance and put on some little robes, "come over here, I have someone I want you to meet." The girls hurried over. "This here's Gentry, he's Chet Hawkins' cousin."

The girls faces broke out in big smiles. "Actually, he was my mother's cousin," I said.

Both girls reached their hands out. "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Gentry," the blonde girl said.

I shook her hand. "The pleasure's all mine," I said. "Lisa?" She nodded. "And you must be Tamara," I said to the dark-haired girl, who smiled sweetly as I shook her hand.

The sheriff stood up and took out his wallet. He handed two twenty dollar bills to the girls. "Now, why don't you ladies show Mr. Gentry around the place?" Then they took me in the back and gave me a fantastic blowjob (described above at the beginning of this story).

After Tamara and Lisa "showed me around the place," I returned to the main room. The sheriff was gone, but Ellie May came over. "You want another beer, Mr. Gentry?"

"Say, tell me, Ellie May, it must be like eleven o'clock or even later. Don't you have school tomorrow?"

"Yeah, but," she looked down at the ground, her feet crossed pigeon-toed, "well, my dad's my ride home, and he..."

"I'm thinking of heading out now," I said, "I can give you a ride."

She smiled broadly. "Really?"


"Give me one minute to grab my stuff, Mr. Gentry."

We hurried across the road to the hotel's parking lot and got into my car. "So, you're a big city lawyer?" she said as I pulled out onto the road. "What city you from?"

"I'm from Akron, Ohio."

"Akron? That ain't a big city!" She giggled.

"I know, I never said I was a big city lawyer! But, it's certainly bigger than Spur."

"Anything's bigger than Spur!"

"That's true."

"You must think this place is nowheresville, huh?"

"Oh, it's all right. The girls are pretty."

She blushed, which was an amazingly beautiful reaction and made her look even younger.


It's not hard to cover the entire town of Spur during your morning jog and the next day I'd pretty much done that and was on my way back to the hotel to take a shower when I happened to run by the junior high school. A bus had just pulled up and was letting kids off, and I noticed two girls, one blond, the other dark. I was a half a block away from the girls, but shit if they didn't look like Tamara and Lisa from the night before. I jogged closer, wanting a better look, and they spotted me. They both waved. "Hello, Mr. Gentry!" they shouted.

Holy fuck. Lisa and Tamara are students at the junior high.

As I ran home, I thought about what exactly I should do about the fact that the Red Rooster Roadhouse had underage girls stripping and turning tricks. I couldn't go to the local law enforcement, since they were both obviously in on it. But even if I went elsewhere--state attorney general?--I could easily be charged with statutory rape for what I'd done with the girls. Maybe the prosecutor would be lenient, but maybe not. Probably not, if he were friends with Sheriff Franklin. As I thought about it, I realized that this was probably why the sheriff had given those girls forty bucks to take me in the back. Now I'm compromised, and there's nothing I can do about it.

I resolved at least to confront the sheriff about it. Not to report a crime; I just needed to tell him that I knew what was going on and that it was wrong.

In the county building, Sheriff Franklin laughed heartily, his belly rolling back and forth. "You here to report a crime, Gentry? What crime is that, the one where you paid two fourteen year old girls to give you a blowjob?"

"No, I'm not here to report a crime."

"I didn't think so. Listen, I know it's hard for a city slicker to understand, but trust me when I tell you that your cousin understood."

"He was my mother's cousin."

"These girls, their families, they haven't got a red cent. These girls work hard to keep their parents and their kid sisters and brothers alive. That's how it works out here in the Texas scrub. Now, you can be a 'hero' if you want, go talk to whoever the fuck you think you should and risk your own damn hide, but the result of that will be that these girls and their parents and their kid sisters and brothers will starve. What good will that do them?"

He paused for my response. "Well..."

He started back up. "Or, you can be a real hero, you know? You can take a bit of that money that Chet Hawkins left you and give it to these girls, just like Chet used to do. But now, understand that people out here in the Texas scrub don't want any damn charity, we're not like you city slickers, we work for our money, and those girls work for theirs. So I suggest you just sit there and enjoy it while they earn their keep, OK? It works out good for everyone--you have a good time, they get a little bit of Chet's money, their parents and kid sisters and brothers don't starve. That's what it's like out here in the Texas scrub, OK, Mr. Gentry?" He said my name with a particularly thick Texan drawl.

I sat quietly for a couple seconds. "Listen, Sheriff. You swear to me that these girls aren't being forced to do this?"

"You can ask them if you'd like."

"No, I'm asking you."

"All right. I swear, Mr. Big City Lawyer. I swear no one is forcing these girls to do anything."

"OK then." I stood up.

He leaned back in his chair, his hands behind his head. "See you next Tuesday then?"

I thought about telling him to fuck off, but I realized that I needed his help to get my job done and he could make my life miserable in a whole lot of ways. "I'll think about it," I said.

"You'll be there," he said, chuckling. "You're Chet Hawkins' cousin, so I guarantee you, you'll be there."

"He was my mother's..." Oh fuck it.


After a long week of working far too hard to gather up and pour over all the necessary documents from the damned Mr. Hawkins' damned messed up estate, I was ready to unwind on Friday night so I went back over to the Rooster. Juanita seemed genuinely pleased to see me, and we were together in the back room after her dancing was over. She was sitting topless on my lap and I was squeezing her pleasantly large and soft breasts and she was rubbing my cock through my pants.

"So, I am told you were here on Tuesday night," she said.

Damn, word travels fast around this little town. "Yeah--how do ya know?"

"Tamara, you know? She is mi hija."

Oh shit. "Really? Es la verdad?" I took my hands off her breasts. "I'm sorry, I really had no idea... I didn't even..."

She put my hands back on her breasts. "Is OK," she said. "Do not worry, Mr. Lawyer. If you like, we could, she and I could meet you at your hotel tonight when I am done with work."

"Yeah? So what would that cost me?"

"It depends on what you want to do."

The thought entered my head that this might be a trap. Maybe Sheriff Franklin bugged the room so he could get something more on me. "How 'bout if you just dance, and I watch?"

"I would charge twenty dollars for that. Tamara, she would probably do that for you for free. I believe she likes you a lot."

"She's sweet."

"But, if you would like--I do not have sex with my customers, I am a married woman, you know. But Tamara, you can have sex with her if you would like."

"Yeah?" I found that the thought of fourteen year old pussy intrigued me. I could be convinced. "So what would that run?"

"Nothing kinky? Kinky costs more."

"No, nothing kinky."

"Not too rough?"

"No, not rough."

"A little rough is OK, I understand what men need. But not too rough. Don't hurt her."

"Definitely, I wouldn't ever hurt her."

"Condom, or no condom?"

"Does no condom cost more?"

"Forty dollars, if you use a condom. Fifty if you do not."

Shit, even the whores are cheap in Spur, Texas.


Mom and daughter showed up at my room a little after midnight. Tamara was wearing a little cropped hoodie and blue jeans and looked just like a sweet little junior high girl. She seemed a little nervous. Her mother sat down on the bed next to me and Tamara stood in front of me and said, "Would you like me to take my clothes off for you?"

"That'd be nice," I told her.

She unzipped the little hoodie but held it closed for a moment before opening it, exposing her creamy brown breasts with their wide, thick nipples. They jiggled wonderfully as she moved. Her mother sunk down on her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants and pulled them down. She started sucking on my cock, her mouth warm, and her tongue soft and skilled, and as she sucked, I enjoyed her daughter's nervous little strip show. Soon Tamara was naked and her mother got up and the girl straddled my lap, facing me.

"So you want to have sex with me?" she said.

"Yeah, but only if you want to."

"I want to," she said, a bit mechanically, and she sat up on her knees, took hold of my cock, and directed it down to her. She was dry, and she didn't seem to know what to do about it; she just sat down on my cock and tried to force it in, her face grimacing with pain. She seemed surprisingly inexperienced for a cheap hooker.

"How many times have you had sex, Tamara?" I asked her.

"A couple," she grunted, pushing hard, her face contorted even further with pain. My cock bowed under the pressure, and it hurt.

"Here," I said, putting my hands on her hips. "Let me help." I lifted her up, off my cock. Then I put two fingers together in front of her mouth. "Lick my fingers," I said, "get them nice and wet."

Once she'd gotten my fingers wet I reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy with them. "There you go, it should be a little easier now."

She reached back down and directed my cock in and my head slipped inside her warm lips. "It is easier!" she said, smiling at me.

She was still pretty dry and started pushing down hard again. "No, wait," I told her, putting my hands back on her hips. "Just work it slow," I lifted her hips up and down, "just sort of rock back and forth a little bit, so you get good and wet. Take me in gradually, you see?"

"Yeah," she said, moving back and forth only a little.

Pretty soon she was sufficiently lubricated. "Let him in deeper as you get more used to him," I told her. She pushed down harder now. "There you go, see?"

"Yeah!" She had a big grin as she got him in all the way to the hilt. "It feels really good!" she said breathlessly. I looked over at her mom, sitting on the couch, and she smiled at me, pleased that I was being gentle with her daughter and playing the patient teacher. She stood up and discreetly went into the bathroom, where she remained for the duration of our lovemaking.

Tamara was definitely right, it felt fucking fantastic. By now her pussy was good and wet, but tight as hell, gripping me, hot and sticky, as she slid up and down my shaft. Within a couple of minutes, she was working it pretty fast and her pussy was starting to flow, girl-come gushing out with each downstroke and covering my balls and pubic hair and making a fabulous wet sloppy-cunt sound. I lay back and she leaned over me, holding herself up by her arms, her full brown breasts swinging back and forth. Occasionally I would grab them and lift my head and squeeze them around my cheeks and feel their softness and their warmth, or I would latch onto a thick nipple and suckle while she rode me.

It didn't take long for her to get me to the point of explosion and I wanted to assert my manhood for the last few strokes so I grabbed her ass good and hard and flipped her over onto her back. "Oh!" she said as she landed on her back with a bounce on the bed and then I just started slamming into her, hard and rough, driving my cock into her like a jackhammer. A half-dozen good hard strokes was all it took and I started shooting come into her fertile young womb.

"Oh, fuck, Tamara!" I shouted as I orgasmed. She had a big smile on her face.


That Tuesday I went back to the Red Rooster Roadhouse. It was against my better judgment, but I really couldn't help myself. I had a disease, it was called Tamara-on-the-brain.

"Well, if it ain't Mr. Gentry!" I heard the loud voice of the sheriff exclaim. "I told you you'd be back." He extended his hand to me and then indicated that I should join him at his table. "You sure are Chet Hawkins' cousin!"

"Actually, he was my... You're right, I sure am his cousin."

Ellie May came over with two beers and two whiskeys; I marveled at her lithe little body, tall and oh so thin; she somehow managed to combine the carefree ease of childhood, the hesitating awkwardness of adolescence, and just a little hint of the graceful beauty of womanhood. A perfect filly, Ellie May was.

"Welcome back, Mr. Gentry," she said in her beautiful lilt, with a little curtsy.

A couple minutes later the lights dimmed and the too-loud heavy metal started again and Tamara and Lisa came out. As I watched Tamara strip, her full brown breasts bouncing, all I could think about was how badly I wanted my cock in her tight little pussy again.

When they came over to our table after their dance I told them I'd like to be shown around the place again tonight. The girls giggled, the sheriff laughed, and two minutes later we were in the back room.

"I want to have sex with you again," I said to Tamara, grabbing her tits and pushing her aggressively against the wall.

"Right here? Right now?"


"But what about Lisa?" she said, nodding in the direction of her friend. "On Tuesdays, I don't do anything without Lisa. We're partners, she gets to earn money too."

I looked over at the pretty blonde. "I'll have sex with both of you."

Lisa smiled nervously.

"She doesn't do that yet," Tamara said. "She's still a virgin." She reached down and started unbuttoning my pants. "I'll come over on Friday and we can do it, but for today, we give you the Chet Hawkins' treatment again."

This time Lisa crawled up between my legs and licked my balls, while Tamara knelt next to me and leaned over and sucked head. These girls were incredible; Lisa was as skilled with the balls as she had been the last time with the head; she licked me all over, from my anus to my shaft, spit flowing until my balls were soaking wet. Meanwhile, Tamara sucked like an expert, her mouth warm, her tongue soft and gentle, her hand loose as she beat on my shaft. I came with amazing ferocity in the young girl's mouth and she took it all before spitting it out in her hand.

"So, Friday night?" I said to Tamara after paying the girls for their services.

"Yep! It's a date!"

"You should come, too, Lisa," I said to the little blonde. "I'll pay you well."

She looked up at me. "How much?"

"A hundred?"

"A hundred dollars?" Her eyes went a little wide.

"If you're really a virgin, I'll give you a hundred dollars if you let me pop your cherry."

"A hundred dollars?" she repeated.

"Yep. You may as well do it, you know, someone's going to be your first. It may as well be me. You may as well make a hundred bucks for it."

"He's right you know, Lisa," Tamara said.

"Yeah," the pretty blonde said, looking at the floor. "I guess."

Back in the main room, I offered to give Ellie May a ride home again, her dad being even more drunk today, if it were possible, than he was the day before.

"My mom was so excited to hear that a relative of Chet Hawkins was in town!" she told me in the car. "She wants to have you over for dinner tomorrow night. Can you come? Please? Please please please please please!"

I laughed at her silliness and excitement, and she laughed, too. "Of course!" I said.


Dinner at the Franklin's was an odd affair, to say the least. Ellie May's mother was a very pretty, well-proportioned woman, in her early thirties. Ellie May will be a remarkably beautiful young woman if she's inherited the genes for her mother's figure, not to mention her mother's genteel manners, which dripped sweetly with Texan hospitality. Hopefully, though, Ellie May hadn't inherited her father's love for alcohol; he was pretty clearly already drunk when I arrived and drank heavily the whole time I was there. He barely said a word, but scowled at me a lot.

After a perfectly-prepared pot roast, some decent wine, and pecan pie for desert, I said my goodbyes.

"So good to meet you, Mr. Gentry," Ellie May's mother said.

Her father just scowled.

I was awoken in the middle of the night--the clock said 1:45 AM--by a loud rapping on my hotel door. I shot out of bed and opened the door. The hotel's night manager, a little pipsqueek of a boy, was standing there. "Sorry, sir," he said, his voice cracking, "but there's someone..."

Ellie May came running down the hall, her face ashen white. "Ellie May!" I said as I shoved the night manager aside and took her into my arms. She pushed her face into my shoulder and started sobbing. I stepped back into my room and shut the door rather quickly on the poor night manager, and then I just held the girl in my arms while she cried. Finally she settled down a bit.

"Can I... Can I spend the night here?"

"Of course, Ellie May," I said to her. "What's wrong? What's happened?"

"I... I just want to spend the night here."

"I should, I need to call your parents and tell them you're OK."

"No, don't! My dad, he's so drunk, he'll come over here and kill you!"

"Did he hurt you?"

"No, I left before he could."

"Did he hurt your mother?"

"I... I don't think so. At least not by the time I left."

"Listen, you get in bed, I'll sleep on the fold-out couch tonight, OK? Try to get some sleep, but I'm going to run over to your house and just make sure everything's OK."

"OK. Be careful!" She looked at me with wet, pleading eyes.

It was quiet at the Franklin's house. A light was on in the living room so I peeked through the window and I could see her father asleep, sprawled out on the couch. Seemed like whatever crisis had happened, it was passed, at least for now.

I took Ellie May to school the next morning and went into my office. Sometime around ten, I had a visitor, Mrs. Franklin, Ellie May's mother. She was wearing dark sunglasses and a scarf tied tightly around her face and neck and I knew she'd been beat up the night before.

"I want to thank you, Mr. Gentry," she said in the same beautiful lilting drawl that her daughter had, "for taking care of Eloise last night."

"Of course. Are you OK?"

"I'm not here to talk about me, Mr. Gentry. I will be fine."

"Is Ellie May in danger?"

"She's safe for now," she said.

"Does your husband beat her?"

"He is not good to her."

"Does he abuse her?"

"He... He is not good to her."

"OK." I gave up on that line of questioning, at least for the time being.

"Mr. Gentry," she said quietly, "I have a something I need to tell you. Something that is relevant to your work with the Chet Hawkins estate."


"You know what happens on Tuesday nights at the Red Rooster Roadhouse, yes?"


"I was the first girl to dance on Tuesday nights at the Red Rooster." Her face was immobile but I could tell that she was staring intently at me through her dark sunglasses. "I was eleven years old when it started, and I would dance for Chet Hawkins and his friends, and then afterwards he would... Well, I imagine you can guess what he would do to me afterwards."


"I am not complaining, Mr. Gentry. Chet Hawkins was a good man, a kind and funny man, but he was also a lonely man with his own demons. He treated me very well.

"Our relationship continued throughout his whole life. As my husband puts it, quite often, I was Chet Hawkins' whore. I became pregnant twice by him, the first miscarried when I was nineteen. And the second is Eloise.

Well, damn. Ellie May is Chet Hawkins' daughter.

"Mr. Gentry, I need you to get Eloise away from here. I need you to get her away from my husband."

"Does he beat her? Does he abuse her?"

She sat quietly, not answering. Finally she said, "He knows she is not his daughter. He knows whose daughter she is, and he hates her for it and he... he is not good to her. As long as Chet Hawkins kept giving us money--Mr. Hawkins knew Eloise was his daughter and he took good care of her, and as long as he kept giving us money, my husband would put up with her. He wasn't happy about it, but he needed the money to support his habits, so he put up with it.

"But once the money stopped coming..."

"Mrs. Franklin, you understand that if Ellie May is Mr. Hawkins' daughter, she is now a very rich young girl."

"I understand."

"We will need to do paternity tests, and I will need to discuss this with my siblings, but as executor of his estate, I believe it will all go to her. I will see to it that it does."

I could see tears rolling down the woman's face. "Mr. Gentry, you've got to get her out of here! You've got to help her! My husband, he wants to kill her!"

"You need to leave your husband. You need to get divorced from him."

"I cannot. I have nothing."

"You have everything. You have Ellie May, and now she has Chet Hawkins' estate. I will set up a trust for Ellie May and you can be the manager. You can run Chet Hawkins estate, I can set it up so the trust will pay you for managing it."

"Mr. Gentry, you are so kind. I can see why Eloise loves you so much. But you must understand, I know nothing about money. I know nothing about 'managing estates.' I would fail."

"I can help you."

"I need to be with my husband. He needs me. Believe it or not, I love him very much. But I also love Eloise very much and I need her to have a better life and I think you can provide her with that better life."

"What is it that you want me to do?"

"You should adopt Eloise. She can be your daughter. You can manage her estate."

"I don't know much about adoption law, but I assume your husband and you would have to give up your parenting rights. I don't think you should do that. Instead, why doesn't Ellie May--Eloise--just come to live with me? I can be the manager of her estate, certainly. And since, as the manager of her estate, I will need to come here to Spur occasionally, you could see your daughter regularly even if she were to live with me in Akron."

"Oh, yes!" Tears were flowing down her cheeks now. "Oh, thank you so much Mr. Gentry!" She stood up and I stood up and she gave me a big hug and she started sobbing. "She can stay with you now? At your hotel, until you leave? Is that OK?"

"Yes, of course."


Ellie May and I were sitting in a cafe in Lubbock after getting blood tests to determine paternity. "So..." she said to me, "If I'm Chet Hawkins' daughter, and you're his first cousin once removed, that makes me your second cousin!"

"I guess you're right! Pleased to meet you, cousin!"

She giggled. "Second cousins can get married, you know."

"Eleven year olds can't."

She grinned. "I always thought that Mr. Hawkins was my dad."

"You did?"

"Yeah, I think everyone in town knows. That's why I wasn't ever up on the stage dancing on Tuesday nights."

"Oh? I just assumed it was because you were too young."

"No," she said, smiling. "Tamara and Lisa have been dancing up there since they were ten."


The next night was Friday night, and Ellie May and I had just ordered pizza and started a movie when there was a knock on the door. I answered it and Tamara and Lisa were standing there. In all the craziness of the last couple of days, I'd completely forgotten about my "date" with the two of them.

"Ellie May!" Lisa shouted and ran over to her and gave her a big hug.

Tamara ran in as well and hugged Ellie May. "How've you been, Ellie?"

"Great," Ellie May said, positively beaming.

"You liking staying here at the hotel with Mr. Gentry?"

"Oh yeah! It's fun!"

I was feeling a little sheepish about having two prostitutes over--so much had changed in such a short period of time--and I felt like I needed to cancel the "date." "So, listen, girls, um, me and Ellie May, we've just ordered pizza and are starting a movie..."

"Great!" Tamara said. "We can have some pizza too! And then after that we can, you know, 'do our business.'" She grinned at me.

"Um," I said, "it's just..." I nodded discretely over at Ellie May.

"Ellie May doesn't mind if we do our business," Tamara said, "do you, Ellie May?"

The young girl grinned, apparently fully aware of what Tamara was talking about. "No!"

After some pizza and some movie, Tamara took my hand and led me over to the bed. She whispered to me, "I've been thinking about having sex with you ever since we did it last weekend."

"Me too," I whispered back.

She pulled the covers up over us as we both took our pants off. She climbed on top of me but before she directed my cock into her pussy she lifted her fingers to her mouth and licked them, then stuck them between her legs. She smiled as my cockhead parted her lips and slipped into her. "It works really well," she whispered.

She started rocking back and forth above me, but very cautiously, gradually allowing my head to burrow a little deeper into the warm, silky flesh of her vagina. Eventually my cock was all the way in her tight pussy again, her wet lips wrapped like a cock-ring around the base of my shaft, giving my pubic hair and my scrotum a luscious wet kiss. "Oh, God," she said, lifting her head in the air, "oh, God, it feels so good!"

I looked over at Ellie May; both she and Lisa were staring wide-eyed at their friend as she moaned in pleasure. Then Tamara lay down on me and we held each other and she began rocking back and forth, her slick lips sliding, warm and sensuous, up and down my aching cock.

She rode me slowly, gently, taking her time, and we were copulating for at least ten minutes. My cock was in heaven, my shaft tingling from the tightness of her vagina, my balls soaked with her wetness.

Eventually she stopped, my cock impaling her completely. "I think you should do Lisa now," she whispered.

"Yeah," I whispered back.

"But she's not on the pill, you know, so you shouldn't finish inside her. You should finish inside me." She grinned, then pulled off and climbed off the bed. "Lisa," she said, nodding towards the bed, "you want to have your turn?"

Lisa nodded and stood up, looking nervous. She climbed on the bed, quickly took her pants off, and started climbing onto me.

"No, hold on," I said to her. "First, take all your clothes off, OK?"

"OK." She took her shirt off, and then her bra; her breasts looking delightfully pale and small, her nipples so young and so light pink.

"Now, lay down," I instructed her.

She lay down on her back. I climbed between her legs and leaned over her, kissing her breasts and moving my face back and forth to feel the fatty flesh against my face. They were a young girl's breasts, small but standing up firmly, her skin still taut around the little bags of fat. Nonetheless, they were surprisingly soft. As I wrapped my lips around a puffy nipple, it felt smooth and silky and buttery in my mouth, and I felt her teat harden into a small, tight, leathery nub as I suckled.

I kissed down her chest and stomach to her belly button, then further down, and as if by instinct, she lifted her bottom off the bed to present her shaved pussy to me.

I put my mouth on her bald pussy lips and stuck my tongue out, then licked up in broad, full strokes from the bottom of her slit to her little nub. When my tongue made contact with her clit, she let out a little sound, a high-pitched "Oh!" Her pussy tasted sharp and womanly, and I pushed my tongue deep into her until felt her hymen preventing my tongue from venturing any further. I moved my tongue up to her little nub again, and she made her little sound, "Oh!" Down, and up again, "Oh!"

Finally I lifted my head. "Do you want me to fuck you now?"

"Yes, please, yes," she said, very breathlessly, as if each word were a struggle.

I climbed on her and directed my cock into her now-sopping wet lips. My head burrowed into her labia, warm and womanly, but then I encountered the childish resistence of her hymen. "Ah!" she said, the same high-pitched sound but with a different tenor--pain, not pleasure, now.

I felt no indication of the tight skin opening to my assualt, so I released my pressure somewhat, gripped my cock to give him strength, and pushed in again. She squinted, her eyes shut tight, "Uh!" I felt nothing, no tearing, just tight skin and solid resistence. Shit, the girl's got one hell of a hymen! I pulled back, feeling my head leaving her warm labia, and pushed again, even harder this time, her lips wrapping sensuously around my head. Her eyes were shut tight, her face in a grimace, "Naaa!" she said and her body stiffened with my assault. I pulled back and she opened her eyes.

"It hurts," she said.

"I know, baby, I'll get it." I wasn't sure I really could; I'd fucked a few virgins when I was younger but I'd never encountered a hymen that was this hard to conquer.

I pushed in hard, as hard as I could. "Ohhhhh!" she hollered out loud, her eyes clenched shut. I kept the pressure up this time, all my weight and all my force concentrated in my cockhead, gripping my poor penis with my hand to give it all the power I could. Come on you fucking virgin bitch, give it up!

And then I finally felt her hymen begin to tear. She was sobbing underneath me, tears flowing and her face contorted in pain, and she was making sounds that may have been an effort to form words--"Naaahhh!" Was that "No?"--"Stahhhhh!"

Adrenaline was coursing through my body as my head pushed into the opening, boring through the tearing flesh of her maidenhood. Her hymen was still, amazingly, resisting my assault, clamping around my head like a vicegrip and giving one last desperate effort to protect its lady's virture as I penetrated into her unexplored sex. But despite her hymen's valiant defense, I knew I had conquered her now, and the adrenaline surged. Oh, yeah, you little virgin whore! Your slut-hole cunt is mine!

I pulled back, and she sobbed as I drove in hard again, my cockhead now piercing through her ruptured hymen and into dry flesh. She gasped as I pulled back out, the ridge of my head passing through the tight shards of skin that were all the remained of her once-resolute maidenhead, and then she sobbed again as I drove in with all my adrenaline-fueled strength, now even deeper into her dry vagina.

I know I should have been more gentle, I wanted to be more gentle. But I was so charged with adrenaline and sexual energy right then that I just wanted to rape the newly deflowered girl. All I could do was just pull back and slam in, over and over, as she sobbed.

Eventually her wetness began to flow as her vagina gave up the last of its definance and began to accept its fate. Only then, once my cock was sliding in and out, fully lubricated now, feeling the wonderful warmth and wetness of her womanhood giving pleasure to a man for the first time in her life, only then did I slow down and ease up on the poor child.

"Oh, Lisa," I said, kissing her and wiping the tears from her face. "It feels so good!"

She gave me a feeble smile. She looked exhausted. But the worst of it was over now, we both knew that, and I settled down and set a steady pace, one that would not bring me to orgasm any time soon; her vagina was hot and tight and inexperienced, wet and lubricated yet clearly unaccustomed to having such a huge thing violating her and not really certain how to handle it; each time I pushed in her body tensed and her face grimaced. I'm sure the girl wanted it to be over as soon as possible, but I wanted to enjoy her maiden performance forever, and the exquisite thing about being the man at times like this is that you get to dictate events and the girl has to just lay there and take whatever you dish out.

Lisa looked beautiful underneath me; her blond hair was matted to her face with sweat; her normally pale forehead and cheeks were red-hot; her soft blue eyes were sunken and staring at me with a glazed look. As I held myself above her I looked down at her chest; her pale little breasts were held up firmly by their taut skin despite the fact that she was laying on her back, her pink nipples were puffing up a half-inch above her fatty breasts. As my cock slid steadily in and out of her hot little pussy, now finally flowing with wetness, I reached down and grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed it, then leaned down and took her nipple into my mouth. It was soft and delicate. I sucked the entire nipple in, running my tongue over her nub, and she let out a breathy moan. Then I moved to the other breast.

Now, I was getting close. I looked over at Tamara. She and Ellie May were watching Lisa's violent deflowering with a somewhat stunned look. When we made eye contact, she stood up. "Are you ready?" she asked.


"How do you want me?"

"On the bed, on your hands and knees."

She climbed on the bed; I gave Lisa a kiss and then mercifully pulled out of the poor girl's bruised and violated vagina. I walked around to the foot of the bed and I noticed Ellie May staring at my cock, rock-hard and shining with wetness, my balls smeared red with Lisa's virgin blood. I grabbed Tamara's hips and pulled her to me and then rammed my cock into her cunt. She was no longer lubricated but I didn't care, I needed to come and I just went right to work. Soon enough she was wet and I was sliding merrily in and out of her hot pussy. Ellie May watched closely, fascinated; she had a perfect view of my cock plunging repeatedly into her friend's hole. A minute later I came, shoving in all the way and firing a great gigantic shot into the young girl's womb, then shot after shot, until I was drained.


The next evening I was sleeping on the fold-out couch when I felt someone lift the covers and slip underneath. As Ellie May crawled into my bed, she whispered, "Is it OK if I sleep in your bed, with you, tonight?"

I rolled over to face her. "Of course," I said softly.

She climbed under the covers and wrapped her arms around me; I wrapped my arms around her, too. She put her head against my chest and I kissed her forehead; then she looked up at me and I leaned down and we kissed each other on the lips. Then we lay there in the darkness, holding each other and kissing.

My penis was immediately rock hard, and I was embarrassed and tried to keep him away from the young girl so that she wouldn't know. But she wanted to know. She lifted her thin leg and wrapped it around me and pulled herself to me. My heart skipped a beat and she took in a sharp breath as her crotch made contact with my erection.

As if by instinct, my hips started moving, sliding my head along her panties; my cock slipped out of the fly of my boxers and it was bare skin against cotton. She moved her hips as well, grinding her pussy into me. As we kissed and humped, she reached her hand behind her, under her bottom and between her legs, and felt my penis. She left her hand there, my penis now rubbing against both the soft cotton of her panties and the cool skin of her fingers. We lay there and kissed and humped like that for at least five minutes, both of us breathing hard.

Eventually I lifted my head away from hers. "Ellie, you should take your panties off."

"I'm a virgin," she said softly as she took her leg off from around me and pulled her panties off.

I was, I'll confess, a bit surprised that she was a virgin; I had assumed her father had raped her. "It's OK," I said. "We can just..."

"I'm scared," she whispered, interrupting me; but she lifted her leg back around me again and pushed her other leg underneath me so that I had direct access to her naked sex.

Now our humping was skin-on-skin, and I could feel her vaginal lips slide along the top of my cock. Amazingly, the young girl was soaking wet. Now it was my turn to reach around her bottom and I pushed on my head, helping him find his way inside her lips. But I just let him have a little peek inside her and then fall away, not intending to mount an assault on the eleven year old's virginity. I helped my head in her again and felt her warm, wet lips wrap around him. I was amazed at how womanly her pussy felt.

My head slipped out again, and I helped him in again, and this time she pushed down on him. All right, little girl--you want cock inside you? I'll give you cock inside you. I gripped him and pushed him in. Her cherry gave only a token resistence, nothing like Lisa's hymen from the day before; I couldn't help but smile to myself as I felt the little opening in her maidenhood tear to allow my head into her--she was a little hussy of a cherry that had no desire to protect her lady's virtue at all. I'd never met a cherry that wanted cock this bad.

She was soaking wet and in two or three strokes I was in all the way to the hilt, her sloppy-wet lips wrapped around the base of my cock, my shaft engulfed in the tight warm embrace of her loving vagina.

"Oh, Ellie!" I said.

She smiled at me. "It feels so good!" I felt her tighten her pelvic muscle, giving the base of my cock a little squeeze, and then we kissed. We just lay there, side by side, kissing, our bodies so intimately connected deep inside her. I didn't want to fuck her, I just wanted to lay there holding her and kissing her, united together as one inside her.

She tensed her pelvic muscle again, squeezing the base of my cock as I held it in her. She did it again, and again, and she had her eyes wide open now, smiling, looking at me with something like surprise, and her body began to quake as she squeezed and squeezed with her pelvic muscle. "Oh, it feels so good!"

My body acted instictively now and I pulled my penis back and rammed him back in; then she squeezed as tightly as she could with her pelvic muscle, holding it closed with amazing force as I pulled back out again, gripping all along the full length of my cock as I pulled out, and we both were smiling, grinning ear to ear. She released the pressure as I pushed in, but then clamped down again as I pulled out. I'd never had a woman do such amazing things with her vagina. Without even really thinking about it I suddenly began to orgasm.

"Oh my God Ellie I'm gonna come!"

She hugged me tight and clamped down. "Come inside me!" I reared back and slammed in and she grunted, then she said, more loudly, "I love you!" As she spoke those words my come streamed out of me, a gigantic shot, filling her immature womb.

"I love you, too, Ellie," I said when I'd finished, and I kissed her. Then we just lay there, holding each other tightly, my penis still inside her. She kept squeezing with her pelvic muscle, smiling broadly, as he slowly deflated.


I woke up the next morning and saw little Ellie May sleeping next to me in bed and suddenly had a flood of memory invading my waking brain. Did I really have sex with her last night? Oh god! But whatever guilt I might have felt was overwhelmed by the realization that it was right. It was so damned right. She loves me, I love her. It was the right thing to do and I was OK with it.

I got up quietly, trying to not awaken the angel sleeping in my bed, and I went for my morning jog. When I got back, Ellie May was still asleep so I very quietly got into the shower. After showering, I came out into the main room in a towel; Ellie May was sitting on the bed and smiling at me. "Good morning," she said.

"Good morning, sweetheart," I responded, my heart skipping a beat at the sight of my little lover, and so happy to see her smiling. She reached out and I stepped towards her and she hugged me, holding the side of her face to my stomach; as she broke the hug she took hold of the towel and pulled it off and I was naked. My little guy was just beginning to awaken and she reached out and lifted him up and leaned down and took him in her mouth. After sucking for a second, she pulled back and looked at him, fully engorged now, then looked up at me. "It's so big," she said quietly. Then she took my head in her mouth again.

I've gotten some good blowjobs on my little trip to Spur, Texas. Blowjob capital of the world, I'm thinking. But none of them were even in the same universe as the blowjob that little eleven year old Ellie May gave me that morning. Maybe it's partly emotional; I was by now completely and totally head-over-heals in love with her. She could have done pretty much anything and I would have said it was the best in the world.

But, strictly objectively, this was an exquisite act of fellatio. Her mouth was so small that she had to open it as wide as she possibly could just to take my head in between her lips. She sucked on my head--just sat there and sucked and lapped her soft tongue along the underside of my glans--for at least a minute, before she started bobbing her head, letting my head slip out through her lips, then back in. As she did this, spit began flowing from her mouth, first just a little bit, then more, then streams flowing down my shaft and dripping in long strings off my balls. At the same time she lifted her little hand and cupped it around my balls, holding them gently. Then she lifted her other hand and wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began sliding it softly up and down my spit-slicked cock. She looked up at me, big blue eyes.

"Oh, fuck, Ellie May!" I said as my orgasm started, much sooner than I had expected. She kept her eyes staring up at me, locked onto mine. My come barrelled down my cock and expelled into her mouth with unbelievable force, a huge, glorious ejaculation. Her face shook and she grimiced but she did not miss a beat, she kept my head in her mouth and kept lightly massaging my shaft and kept staring up at me with her big reverential eyes as another shot, and another, and another, fired into her mouth.

When I was finished she sat back, looked up at me with her face distorted in a grimace, then opened her mouth so I could see that it was full of come. Then she lifted her head in the air, grimaced again, and swallowed.

Clearly, that was not the first blowjob that Ellie May had given. Old man Franklin might have left her virginity intact, but he must have had her blow him quite a lot. She'd probably been doing it for him for most of her life, I guessed. You don't get that good at head without a lot of practice. But I chose not to ask her about it; if she wanted to tell me, I would love to hear the tale, but it's up to her.


That evening, Ellie May had just finished taking a shower and emerged from the bathroom looking unbelievably adorable in her pink Hello Kitty pajamas. My heart literally skipped a beat at the sight of her. I must have been ogling her like a horny pedophile, because she grinned broadly when we made eye contact.

"You look so cute in those pjs, Ellie May," I said to her.

She gave me a little courtsey.

"Hey," I said, reaching my arms out to her as I sat on the edge of the bed, "It just occurred to me..." She walked into my arms and I hugged her. "I haven't ever seen you naked."

She looked down at me. "You want me to take my pjs off?"


"But you just said I looked cute in them!"

"I bet you'll look cute out of them, too!"

She stepped back and took hold of the bottom hem of her pajama tops. "You want me to do a striptease, or just take it all off really quick?"


She grinned, pulled her shirt off, then dropped her pants and panties and stepped out of them.

I sat still for a moment and simply stared, luxurating in her naked beauty. She was unbelievably tall and thin, and my attention was focused initially and immediately on her most striking feature: her legs. Ellie May was, in an absurdly obvious way, basically nothing but legs. Arms, too; legs and arms and not much else.

Her calves were thin and small, her thighs a bit larger but still lean; the slenderness of her legs was not, however, nearly as amazing, not nearly as erotic, as how fucking long they were. They never stopped. How could an eleven year old have such goddamn unbelievably long legs?

But they did in fact stop, eventually; her vagina looked tiny compared to her fantastically long legs, just a pale little crease. Her lips appeared to me to be bald, but above them was a tiny tuft of dark blonde hair, no more than a square inch at the most, sparse and immature; a young girl's first blossoming of pubic hair. She looked childlike and almost silly standing there with such long legs and a tiny little pussy tucked underneath them.

As I stared at her pussy, she turned, spinning around and allowing me to see her back-side. Her bottom was small, hardly standing out from her thin legs, and she had no hips at all; her torso and her legs were the same width with no variation in between. Furthermore her long legs made her bottom seem disproportionate; awkward placed and too high for her body. My god, that ass, those non-existent hips, those long thin legs, they made her look so incredibly young. She was just a little girl.

She turned again, my eyes rose past her skinny stomach and her distinct ribs to her chest. She was, in fact, completely flat. Not the least little hint of breasts. Her nipples were adorable, pink and undeveloped and girlish, utterly unerupted though fairly wide for such a thin and immature chest, with little nubbins in the middle standing up delightfully, like little hints of the womanhood that would soon blossom from her chest. I had certainly never kissed the nipples of an undeveloped girl before, but I was overcome with a desire to suckle on Ellie May's adorable teats.

Then my eyes lifted up further, to her beautiful face. My heart lept as she smiled at me; she was, without a doubt, the most beautiful girl I had ever known. She had shining blonde hair in a longish bob that hung near to her shoulders, with bangs framing her soft face; her cheeks were reddish, her lips small and thin, her nose perhaps a bit more prominent than you would expect from such a thin girl. Her eyes were a hauntingly beautiful light brown and they sparkled misceviously now.

I sat there silently on the edge of the bed for what seemed like an eternity, absorbing her beauty. She stood, grinning; then she broke the spell by simply charging at me, jumping onto my lap, and pushing me down on my back onto the bed. Then, straddling me, she leaned down and our lips locked and we began kissing.

Ellie May started rubbing her naked vagina against my crotch and I reached down and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, and then she reached behind her, grasped my penis, and directed him into her vagina.

We made love for a very long time, Ellie May sliding gently and slowly up and down on my cock, kissing me sweetly and softly as my penis slipped easily and rhythmically in and out of her warm and womanly vagina.

Eventually I put my hands on her tiny butt, lifted her up, and turned her onto her back. Then I pulled my penis out of her.

I leaned down and took one of her sweet, delicate, childish nipples into my mouth. She moaned and put her hands on my head. I moved to the other nipple and suckled on it, then kissed down until my lips were against her tiny tuft of pubic hair. At this, she lifted her bottom in the air and presented her pussy to me.

I kissed her vagina, pressing my mouth against her lips, feeling her wetness flow out of her and onto my face. Then I pushed my tongue into her. She put her hands on the top of my head, lifted her gloriously long legs into the air and then crossed them over my back, and moaned: high-pitched, long, girlish--"Ahhhhh!" My tongue found her little clit and her legs started shaking, then I lifted my hand and pushed my middle finger into her vaginal canal.

I fucked her with my finger while I rolled my tongue over her clit and she moaned and shook, then I slowly pulled my finger out of her, moving it down over her perineum to her anus. "Oh yeah!" she said, high-pitched and breathy, as I gently rubbed her anus. "Oh, yeah, put it in me," she whispered. I gently pushed my finger into her anus and, when it was in to the first knuckle, I felt her squeeze her pelvic muscle and her anus clamped down hard around my finger and she cried out, "AHHH!" She grabbed two chunks of my hair with her hands and began convulsing in orgasm. With each surge of sexual excitement through her body, she clamped onto my finger with her anus, over and over.

When she finished coming, I climbed onto her and rammed my cock into her and fucked her like a little whore. Hard and aggressive, I came very quickly and strongly and filled her little womb with sperm.


The next day, Monday, we learned that the preliminary results of the paternity tests were back; they confirmed that Ellie May was indeed Chester Hawkins' daughter. I called my siblings, and they were all circumspect. It's not as if we had been expecting this money for years or something, it was all an unexpected windfall anyway and it seemed more rational, and more just, that it should go to someone who knew the man and knew him well, than that it should just land haphazardly in our laps. Besides, my siblings were excited to learn that Ellie May was coming to Akron to live with me. A new member of the family!

We decided that we would leave for Akron on Saturday; that way Ellie May could complete the week at her current school and start next week at her new school in Akron. We went out for dinner that evening with her mother and father, to discuss our plans with them. Her dad was, surprisingly, almost sober when we met them for dinner. He was decent to me, shook my hand and thanked me for helping Ellie May, and he was surprisngly sweet to her, hugged her and told her that he would miss her. After dinner, he and I went to the bar for a whiskey and he thanked me again. "You know, Mr. Gentry," he said, "now that Hawkins is out of our life, I think maybe Jenny and I can start over. I think maybe things will be better between us now."

I sincerely hoped they would.

The next day was Tuesday. Ellie May asked me if I was going to go to the Red Roster Roadhouse that night. "Lisa and Tamara will be there," she said with a little grin.

"I wasn't planning on it. So many things have changed since then."

"It's OK with me if you go over there. I promise I won't be jealous. I don't blame you for wanting to be with them, they're way hotter than me."

"Ellie, there's only one girl in the whole world I want to be with, and no one's hotter than her."

She smiled sweetly at me. "You're very nice. But everyone knows Lisa and Tamara are the hottest girls in Dickens County. Compared to them I'm..." she looked down on her chest. "...just a plain ol' girl."

"You are so sexy you make we want to die."

She smiled again. "Besides," she said, sounding very adult. Sometimes Ellie May can sound like she's six years old, and sometimes like she's thirty-six. "They need the money, you know. Mr. Hawkins was the only way they made money, and when he died, both their whole families suffered. Then you came to town and things looked up for them. Now we're leaving and we're taking it all away again. I think... I think we owe it to them to give them a chance to earn a little bit more money. Just promise me you'll tip them well."

In the back room at the Red Rooster, the girls gave me the "Chet Hawkins' treatment" again. Tamara was down between my legs, lapping at my balls, while Lisa was kneeling next to the couch sucking my dick like an expert.

"So," I said to her, "how did you like having sex?"

She lifted her mouth off my cockhead and smiled at me. "It was nice."

"Sorry if it hurt, I tried to be gentle," I lied.

"Ib Ohey, Ib nob your faulb," she said, taking my head back in her mouth.

Out in the main room when the "Chet Hawkins' treatment" was finished, I sat down at the bar next to Ellie May's dad and bought him a whiskey. He raised his glass in my direction. "You're a goo' man, Mr. Gentry," he slurred.

"Thank you, Mr. Franklin," I said, and we clinked our glasses.

"You be goo'a Ellie May," he said. "Be goo'a her, she deserve it."

"I will."

"So," he said as the bartender filled our glasses with more whiskey, "you ge'a goo' blow from those girls back there?"


"You know, 'till you came 'a town, they never blew anyone b' Chet Hawkins. They was Chet's li' whores, those two. He tol' me the Mexican was a goo' fuck, but the bitch only put out fa' him. Never let anyone else touch her, damn bitch. That's gonna change now!" He lifted his glass in a mock toast, then took a big drink, and I had a vision of poor Tamara having to put out for this drunk bastard just to feed her family, now that Chet Hawkins and his money was gone. "He always said those two li' whores ga' the best blowjob in the world." He looked over at me. "Whaddaya think, is it that good?"


He slammed his whiskey on the table. "Bullshit! I'll tell you who gi' the best blowjob in the world! That little Ellie May, that's who!"


"No, I'm serious, Gentry. You go back over to that hotel and tell Ellie May that her daddy told her to blow you and then you'll know what a fucking goo' blowjob is!"

"Mr. Franklin, I think you should stop."

"You wanna know what else?" he asked, downing the rest of the whiskey that hadn't spilled when he slammed his glass, and signaling the bartender for more. "I'll tell you what else. Ellie May's asshole--"

I stood up. "Stop it now, Franklin."

He put his hand on my shoulder and looked up at me with intense, if glassy, eyes. "You gotta fuck that little whore in the asshole, Gentry. It's the most amazing thing in the world."

I shook his hand off my shoulder.

"And you gi' her twenty bucks, she won't tell her ma what you did to her."

It took all the self-control I could muster not to throttle him right then. I tossed some money on the bar and walked out of the Red Rooster for the last time.


I couldn't sleep, I tossed and turned all night, imagining that horrible drunk forcing sweet little Ellie May to have anal sex with him. I figured that he abused her, and I had guessed that she'd been giving him blowjobs, but anal sex? With your own goddamn daughter? I wanted to get out of bed and go to his house and kill him. Beat him to death with a baseball bat.

The only thing that stopped me was the beautiful angel sleeping so peacefully in bed next to me, her face shining in the dim light of the hotel's parking lot, a slight smile on her sweet lips, her breathing soft and quiet and regular. As I looked at her I felt glad that I was taking her away from all of this. Getting that little angel away from here had to be my highest priority and I wouldn't do anything to jeoprodize that, even if it meant I couldn't wreak holy vengence on the bastard that raped her.

And I was feeling pretty bad in other respects, too. I was plagued by that horrible vision I had of beautiful, wonderful Tamara having to prostitute herself to old drunks like Ellie May's dad, just to feed her family. I felt like Spur was one fucked up place, and I was just running away from it. I knew it was the right thing to do, to get Ellie May out of there, and I knew Tamara would agree with me about that, but I still felt awfully crappy about it.

In the morning, I managed to drag myself into my office, because there was one more thing I had left to do as the executor of the Hawkin's estate. I had to find someone to run the ranch, now that Hawkins was gone. A local businessman had given me a tip a couple days earlier: "Oh, I know just who you should hire," he told me. "Jorge Sanchez. He used to run his family's ranch before the financial crisis in '94. It was a big ranch, they were rich back then, but they lost it all. That's why he brought his family here, to start over, but you can't really start out here without a lot of money and he didn't have any. Been dirt poor ever since."

That afternoon Sanchez came to my office for an interview. I could tell immediately that he was a good man. I offered him the position before the day was out and he accepted without hesitating. "Thank you, Mr. Gentry. You are as kind as I have heard."

"Muchas gracias a su tambien, Senior Sanchez."

After a few more hours of packing up boxes of documents to ship back home, I was walking down the street, heading to the hotel, when the sheriff waved me down. "Well, Gentry," he said. "You're sure making a mess o' things."

"How so?"

"You hired Sanchez, didn't you?"


"You know who he is?"


"He's Tamara's father."


"And you know what that means--now that daddy's got a good job, Tamara's not going to be dancing on Tuesday nights anymore. Thanks a lot, Gentry." He gave me a smile. "Can't wait for you to get out of town, before you make even more trouble!"

"I'd like to say I'm sorry, but..."

"At least we still got Lisa, right? It seems that someone"--he gave me a sideways glance--"finally managed to convince her to let him bust her cherry, and since then she's been putting out like crazy."


"Yeah. Regular nymphomaniac, that girl. Can you believe it? Virgin to nympho in a weekend. Her ma is charging a fortune, a hundred bucks for one hour, but there's been a taker every night since Saturday and her family's rolling in the dough. The kids all have new sneakers and everything. And everyone says she's worth every penny mom is charging. She's first class in bed, they say. What do you think, Gentry, you think she's worth a hundred bucks?"

"I don't know."

He smiled big. "Yeah, sure you don't."


Thursday night I took the Sanchez family out for dinner, to the only place in Spur other than the Red Rooster to get a decent meal--a nice little barbeque shack. There's an awful lot of Sanchezes--Tamara is the oldest of five kids--and we filled the dining room up pretty full.

"Can Tamara and I have a sleepover on Friday night?" Ellie May asked, sounding more like the six year old again. "It's my last night in town, please?"

Juanita smiled. "Our house is very small, and we have so many kids, I do not think it would work."

"She can stay over with us at the hotel!" Ellie May offered. "We have a big TV with movies and they make pizza for you and they have a pool and everything!"

"I do not think Mr. Gentry wants two girls in his hotel room," Juanita said. I made eye contact with her and she gave me a subtle little smile, like she was saying, it's OK with me if you want to.

"Oh, what the heck. If you girls promise to go to sleep at a somewhat decent hour, it's OK with me."

"Yay!" Both Tamara and Ellie May shouted.

"Don't forget to bring a swimming suit, Tamara!" Ellie May said.

As we were leaving the restaurant, Juanita discretely pulled me aside. "Mr. Gentry, we are so grateful to you."

"Don't mention it. Da nada."

"I want you to know that, even though Tamara is no longer, how do you say it, 'working,' that she will do whatever you would like, to say 'thank you.'"

I smiled at her. "I really don't think that's going to come up. This is going to be a sleepover for two girs, two friends, nothing more."

Juanita gave a little knowing laugh. "I wonder if perhaps you do not know Tamara as well as you might think." She smiled and then gave me a kiss on the cheek and they got into their car.


Friday was a long day, packing up my office, shipping all the boxes of crap back home. I finally got back to the hotel after seven in the afternoon, and the girls were down at the pool. So I tossed on my trunks and joined them.

We swam for a little bit longer but the girls had already been there for quite a while and a noisy family of mostly boys started cannonballing, so we made our way back to our room.

"Mama says I have to be nice to you," Tamara said when we got back at the room, "since you're being so nice to my daddy."

"You definitely have to be nice to me, but if you're talking about, what did you call it, 'doing business,' forget about it. You're here as Ellie May's friend, and our guest, and that's it. Nothing else tonight, just movies and pizza and swimming. A regular sleepover."

She grinned. "I'm just kidding, my mama didn't say anything."

"I figured she didn't."

"She thought it, though."

"Maybe so. But I've got more than I can handle already with the two of you, without us going anywhere near there."

"Oh, we're more than you can handle, are we?" she said, grinning over at Ellie May. Ellie May giggled. "I think we should punish him for saying that, don't you, Ellie May?"

"Yeah! Let's tackle him!"

"Yeah!" Tamara said, and the two of them jumped up and grabbed me and threw me on the bed.

I grabbed them both around the waist and started tickling them; they shrieked, then grabbed me and started tickling me. "Uncle!" I cried. They kept tickling me. "Hey, I said uncle!"

Tamara sat up on her knees. "I know what you want," she said. "Titties!" She pulled her bikini top off and her full brown breasts bounced delightfully. "Com'on Ellie May, you too!"

Ellie May took her top off, too, her pale, flat chest and light-pink nipples in stark contrast to Tamara's big brown baby-feeders. Tamara started bouncing on the bed, both girls giggling. As I watched Tamara's wonderful breasts bouncing, Ellie May climbed up the bed and untied the drawstring on my trunks. She pulled my swimming suit off and took my cock in her hands, leaned over, and started giving me head.

"Oh my god!" I said, putting my hands on top of Ellie May's head. Her mouth was so warm and silky and I could already feel her spit flowing down my shaft.

Tamara smiled as she watched Ellie May then she slipped off her bikini bottoms. I signaled to her to climb up to my face and then helped her lift her leg over me so that her pussy was right above me. Then, as Ellie May worked her magic on my cock, I started licking Tamara's little teenage cunt.

"Oh, fuck!" she said, and almost immediately started rocking her hips back and forth, fucking my face. She was already gushing wetness, salty and warm, all over my nose and my chin and my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and held it ridid and let her do whatever she wanted with it, rubbing her clit against it, then sitting down and bouncing up and down on it.

It didn't take long before she climbed off of me. "I need your cock," she said. Ellie May climbed off as well while Tamara knelt, ass in the air at the side of the bed, head down in a pillow. I climbed up, took my place behind her, and rammed my cock into her tight, sopping wet, unbelievably warm cunt.

"Oh, yeah, fuck me, Mr. Gentry," she said. "Fuck me!"

I started fucking Tamara very aggressively, and Ellie May climbed over to us and knelt next to her friend. I pulled out of Tamara and entered Ellie May's little preteen pussy. She moaned sweetly, "Ohhhhh, ohhhh," as I started fucking her. The two girls had their faces right next to each other, looking at each other, and Tamara moved in just slightly and kissed Ellie May on the lips. "Ohhhhh," the little girl moaned again, high and breathy, then opened her mouth so that Tamara could put her tongue inside her. Then they lay there, kissing each other deeply, while I fucked little Ellie May.

I pulled out of Ellie May and went back to the teenager, sliding my cock into her sopping wet hole.

Ellie May broke their kiss, their mouths only a half-inch apart. "Tam," she said, "have you ever had a man put his penis in your bottom?"

My heart lept to my throat, remembering what Ellie May's father had said. Tamara was breathing hard. "No," she said.

Ellie May looked up at me. "John, you should put your penis in her bottom."

"Do you want me to, Tamara?" I asked as I slid my cock in and out of her slutty wet hole.

"I don't know, I don't think so."

"Put it in my bottom, John," Ellie May said, looking up at me again. She reached around and spread her buttocks.

I pulled out of Tamara and moved over to the younger girl; her anus looked tiny, a little puckered pink thing. Would my dick really fit in there? Do I really want to fuck Ellie May in the ass? Yes, in fact, I do want to fuck her in the ass. Very, very badly.

I rubbed my cockhead against her anus, then gripped my shaft tightly and pushed it in.

"Ugggg," she grunted as I entered her. Her face was distorted, her eyes shut tight and squinting. My head was inside her now, her little anus tight around my shaft just below the ridge of my head. It was warm inside her, and unbelieavbly tight. She reached a hand between her legs and grabbed my balls, pulling and squeezing them hard, like she wanted to cause me pain in return for me causing her pain. This sent a surge of adrenaline through my body and I pushed into her hard, her anus now sliding tightly and reluctantly half-way down my shaft. She moaned again, "Ugggg!" and pulled even harder on my balls. I pulled back and pushed in again.

That's when I felt it. The most amazing thing in the word. Ellie May squeezed her pelvic muscle, like she did when we made love, like she did when I had my finger in her anus before; this caused her strong muscle to clamp down on my cock. "Oh my God!" I said, loudly. My eyes went wide. It felt for a moment like her anus was going to pinch my cock in half. She kept it clamped tightly as I pulled back until the ridge of my head passed out of her; only then did she mercifully let up. With one more hard squeeze, she let go of my balls and moved her fingers down to her clitoris. I pushed in again and she clamped down, even harder this time. As she did, her body began convulsing, and at the same time I felt my orgasm begin to boil deep inside me. I held myself in her and she relaxed and clamped her muscle, over and over, as she orgasmed. A huge shot of semen fired down my cock and deep into her. I pulled back and pushed in again and this time she was well-lubricated and I could push in quite deep and she clamped down as the second shot, even larger, fired into her.

When I finished, I pulled out and Ellie May collapsed onto the bed, her fingers still twirling hard on her clitoris, her body still convulsing. Tamara was sitting on the side of the bed, staring wide-eyed at us.

"Oh, wow," Ellie May said as her body slowly stopped quaking. "That was the best orgasm I've ever had!"

"Me, too," I said, quite honestly. I got a towel for Ellie May and she put it between her buttocks, then lay there for a while, catching her breath. Eventually she got up and went into the bathroom.

We ordered pizza and watched movies until late in the night. The next morning, both girls were still asleep when I left for my morning jog and I slipped quietly into the shower when I got back. As I was showering, the bathroom door opened and Tamara came in, shed her clothing, and climbed in with me. She knelt on the floor of the shower and started sucking me. After a while she got off my shaft and went down underneath and started licking everything--balls, asshole, everything. She looked up at me with my cock in her face. "I'm gonna miss you," she said.

"I'm gonna miss you too."

"Will you fuck me? One last time before you go?"


We climbed out of the shower, both of us still dripping wet, and went into the main room, where Ellie May was still asleep. Tamara lay down on the fold-out couch and spread her legs wide. "Fuck me," she said quietly. "Fuck me hard, I want to remember it forever."

I fucked her hard, and for a very long time, before I finally let her tight little sloppy cunt milk my come and I filled her little fourteen year old womb with semen.


Ellie and I left Spur that afternoon for our new home together in Akron. Tamara's father thrived in his new position as manager of what was formerly the Hawkins ranch, now the (Ellie May) Franklin ranch. He was in fact one of the big shots in town now, in charge of a large part of the land in the area. I spoke with him often and it was fun to hear how well Tamara, and his other kids, were doing. Juanita also was in a groove, too, finally able to pursue her life's dream of opening a little catering service specializing in Mexican food. There wasn't a lot of work, since there wasn't a lot of call for catering in Dickens county, but she was good at it and the food was excellent and her reputation grew as a result.

Lisa thrived in her own way, too. I felt guilty about her, because I'd managed to help both Ellie May and Tamara get away from the Red Rooster, but Lisa was still stuck there. However, she had managed to get some fake identification so that she could dance on the weekends instead of Tuesdays. Not that anyone in Spur was fooled by her fake ID, but it did give management some cover just in case. And while the Tuesday club was sad to have her go, they were glad to have such a fine replacement for Juanita on the weekends. And unlike Juanita, Lisa put out, although for a very dear price. She told Ellie May that she made "tons of money" dancing on the weekends, and she had a couple of "regular customers" who treated her really nice and paid her lots of money and her family was doing very well. So I suppose it isn't such a bad outcome for her, either.

Ellie May was, I do not think it will surprise you to learn, a superstar at her new school. Academically she was all-city. The girl's got one hell of a brain. And the basketball coach was pretty excited when Ellie May showed up for practice one day; she needed a lot of help with her fundamentals, having never played the game before, but she was taller than any other girl on the court. Life with Ellie May was every bit as spectacular as you might think it would be, and she and I grew very close, both physically and emotionally. My favorite times, though, were when we traveled back to Spur and Tamara would come and stay with us at our hotel and we would watch movies and order pizza and swim and... Well, to paraphrase what Ellie May's mother said to me once upon a time, I imagine you can guess what we did in that hotel room together, the three of us.


Nickname Date Feedback
old_pervy (Comment from Loliwood Studios) Great story. It was well written, had lots of detail, and ended well. I would be interested in a second part.
Lolibill (Comment from Loliwood Studios) Fantastic story. Keep up the great work!
(Comment from Loliwood Studios) Just a great yarn, thankyou.
The Kid Great story. While I never came across any places like that in all my years in Texas it was wonderful to read about such a place.
How sweet to get a comment on this story from someone from Texas! Glad you liked it, "Kid."

Places like this do exist, at least in my dreams!

bigbird Have you heard anything about Loliwood and the chance it may go active again? I kinda miss it. ;)
Nope, haven't heard anything. I keep hoping to hear something, and have followed a few trails down dead-end paths, but nothing else. I miss it too!

Brody Very hot. Nearly creamed my pants. I love the character development and the attention to detail. Cool story, Mr. Chris! Kudos!
Good to hear from you again, Brody. Glad you liked it.

Anonymous Amazing story. For those of us who like BDSM, any chance for a prequel detailing a night between Franklin and Ellie Mae (bondage, assfucking, rimming, name calling, etc.)?
Hey, feel free to write it up! :)

joe Brilliant story. One of the best! Thanks..Part 2?
Longfello Wow great story Chris. Was this a Loliwood story, I don't remember seeing it there. That site was and still is one of my favorites, I was heartbroken when Arin stopped accepting stories. But anyway the lead male character in your story was such a lucky man to meet a girl like Ellie May then take her back to Ohio. Damn I miss posting on Loliwood, wouldn't it be cool to bring it back some how?
Yep, it was a loliwood story. Those were the good old days, weren't they? Thanks for the comment.

Ellie's Dad Loved the story and the character of Ellie-May. Would love to see a sequel of what she's getting up to at school (and which teachers she's fucking) as well as where the relationship with Gentry goes.
Blackie Just skipped to this story as I finished your beautiful Cambodia tale, and what do I find. Family?

My own mother, with dad & mom, moved west from San Antonio, waaaay west, in 1904 (she was 4 that year), in a covered wagon. The railroad came to town when she was 10. My mom told me they shut the town down for two days, and just rode the townsfolk back and forth to the last town East on the single line.

I can't help but wonder if the town they moved to was Spur. If not, it was equally barren. Thanks for the reminder of Mom's early days!
Wow what a cool post. It is stuff like this that makes me enjoy posting these stories so much, thanks. I'll bet you anything that she moved to "Spur" or some town very near to it; when I wrote about the man flying into Spur, "or at least the nearest airport"--originally that said San Antonio, which is the nearest airport. Although it's still a long, long drive from there to Spur.

Anonymous Lacking attention to detail: "Latina" is capitalized. Other grammar and syntax errors.
Thanks for the feedback Anon. I will fix the "Latina" item as soon as I'm on a device better able to do so (on my phone right now).

Max Just wanted to give a thumbs up for the Red Rooster story. I've spent a lot of time in Spur, Dickens and Dickens County. Also happened to know a sheriff Jerry Franklin down in Tahoka. Great works, keep it up!
Wow, that is so cool that you've been to Spur, Max! And that you know a Sheriff Jerry Franklin. We can only hope that there really are girls this wonderful in Dickens County!

Esio Trot Good story, but has a typo: "You are so sexy you make WE want to die."

Awesome, thanks for the typo fix, Esio. Much appreciated!

Icy Long time reader going back over this story, I love it. Except I am frustrated with the bartender as he got his way with Ellie-May. I know this is something I shouldn't get caught up on yet I do. You are an amazing auther, keep it up.
Tom Incredible pace to this story, and you handled the transitions beautifully. You also created a perfectly credible setting that made these unique standards possible. I enjoyed the fact that, although the girls were young, they still seemed quite accepting of their sexual roles, and you painted John as the perfect dominant character who also had a good heart.

I have admired several of your other stories as well, but this one is a true standout. Great job! And what ever happened to Lolliwood?
Thanks for the kind words! I have heard lots of rumors and theories about what happened to Loliwood, but I suspect that the primary reason is that it was just too much work for the webmaster.

Josh 12/21/2015 Great story. Ellie got me hard right off. I loved how beautifully you described the love an older man and a pre-teen can have for each other. I came very hard while reading that first love scene between Ellie and her man. Thanks.
CERI08 3/22/2016 I had one or two younger teens and they were really brilliant. You dealt with Ellie so well - brilliant story and so well told.
Sorea 2/23/2017 A really lovely story
bumper hugger 5/12/2017 Great story!
I followed a link from the asstr main site that had "reader recommendations"! You have a couple of stories on that list along with the Great One, Renpet!
As always, many thanks to whomever put up the reader's recommendation. It's appreciated!

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