Flower Petals
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From the imagination of Chase Shivers

August 21, 2014

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Chapter 39: Late

Chapter Cast:

Brent, Male, 34
- Narrator, father of Orchid, Dahlia's fiance
- Tan white skin, 5'10, 175lbs, shoulder-length curly brown hair
Orchid, Female, 13
- Daughter of Brent
- Pale white skin, 5'8, 140lbs, mid-back length nearly-black hair
Dahlia, Female, 36
- Mother of Lily, Brent's fiance
- Tan white skin, 5'9, 155lbs, 38D breasts, shoulder-length wavy brown hair, green eyes
Lily (Lilian), Female, 9
- Daughter of Dahlia
- Dark-tan skin, 4'5, 70lbs, mid-back wavy brown hair, dark eyes, Native American features

I woke late in the morning to soft lips around my cock, a gentle hand stroking my shaft in careful rhythm. My eyes opened to watch as Lily sucked me, a soft cooing coming from her throat. Her eyes were closed. Dahlia had already risen, and Orchid slumbered to my side. I pretended to sleep, let the nine-year old continue to enjoy herself as my body began to tingle. I barely suppressed an urge to stretch and run my fingers through her hair.

Lily sucked for several moments before Orchid stirred. My eyes were slits, barely open, but I saw my daughter's head rise, a sleepy smile on her face. The smell of our night sweat was strong. Packed so closely together on the bed, we all sweated throughout the hours as we cuddled closely. It was an erotic mixture of warm bodies, brine, and pheromones.

Orchid slid down to my groin. Lily paused, smiled at her, and the two of them kissed slowly. Orchid moaned, sinking into the nine-year old's lips. They broke apart slowly, saliva dripping down Orchid's chin. Lily offered my cock, and my daughter slipped me into her mouth.

I groaned as Orchid sucked me, unable to feign sleep any longer. Lily smiled at me as my daughter bobbed on my dick. The little girl's fingers were running freely over Orchid's body, often pausing to caress her thirteen-year old ass and run fingers through my daughter's privates. Orchid's humming became muffled moans when Lily's fingers spent more time between her legs.

I leaned up and pulled the girls to me, kissed them each, couldn't help giggling when they did. It felt wonderful, two young tender bodies touching me, soft lips and fingers on my sensitive flesh. I whispered to them, “make love to each other. I want to watch... and then join in.”

Lily acted first, running her hands to Orchid's swollen breasts, my daughter's lovely teen tits pliable but firm, warm and sticky with sweat. I leaned back as Lily pushed Orchid onto her back. I absently stroked my cock, watching the amazing scene next to me.

They kissed a moment, Orchid moaning, her body moving slowly under the nine-year old. My daughter's nipples were hard and Lily swept her hands across them, causing them to swell and look more mature than a thirteen-year old should display. The preteen slid down, sucked on Orchid's tits, my daughter's hands running through Lily's long, wavy dark-brown hair. She brushed it out of Lily's face, and I could see clearly the girl sucking like a baby on my daughter's breasts.

Lily moved down again, parting Orchid's thighs. I smelled my daughter's excitement then, her unique feminine odor was heavy with sweat and arousal and the scents only a warm, young pussy could produce. I inhaled and stroked my cock as Lily began to go down on Orchid's thirteen-year old genitals.

Orchid moaned loudly as Lily licked. I leaned forward and kissed Orchid, my eyes drawn down to where the nine-year old's head was moving slowly between my daughter's legs. Orchid's breath came quickly, her body tensing. I sucked on the teen's nipples, her breath sucked in repeatedly. Lily knew just how to eat pussy and it took only a short time for my daughter to arch, cry out, and climax. I kept her nipple in my mouth as she came, my fingers running through her dark hair and over her young stomach. Orchid's flesh was on fire. Touching her was the most wonderful thing in the world.

My daughter relaxed as her orgasm waned. Lily kissed her pussy and looked at me with a toothsome grin, her face covered in wetness and slick cream. I kissed her cheeks, tasting my daughter's genitals on her skin, lapping at the juices Orchid had produced. I whispered to Lily, “switch places.”

I helped Orchid move off the bed a moment as Lily moved onto her back. The little girl spread her legs and I saw creamy discharge already leaking out of her tight vagina and onto her labia and pubes. My daughter slid between Lily's legs and lowered her head down. Lily's head rolled back, her mouth open in her silent moans, her body jerking and shuddering as Orchid licked her in her most private places.

I slipped off the bed and behind my daughter, knelt down and spent a long moment listening to the sounds of two young girls making love while staring into my child's tight holes. Orchid's slit was maturing, still young and tight and a bit puffy. Her labia were swollen and wet from her orgasm and Lily's tongue, her anus looked a bit raw and sore from where she'd given me her anal virginity only the day before.

I pressed in between Orchid's thirteen-year old ass cheeks and slipped my tongue into her vagina. Sweet and tart cream met my tongue, slick, pungent. It sent shivers through me as I tasted my daughter's personal flesh, inhaled her most intimate aromas. She moaned into Lily's cunt and her body rocked back and forth as I licked her labia and cleaned her juices from her hole.

I let my tongue drift over her anus a moment, tasted the sweaty, slightly bitter opening, felt her tense, then moved back down to her pussy. The contrast in flavors and textures was amazing and very arousing. I flicked her clit once, twice, then lapped up and down her genitals like an ice cream cone, my hands caressing my daughter's ass.

Orchid was bucking more firmly as her clit hardened and strained with each movement from my lips and tongue. I saw Lily's legs over my daughter's back stiffen, tense, and though she made no sounds, her clenching fists on the bed sheets and her jerking feet told me that the nine-year old was orgasming from my daughter's thirteen-year old tongue.

I stood and watched Lily rock beneath Orchid's head. I pushed the tip of my cock through my daughter's pubic hairs and nudged it between her slick, ripe labia. Orchid pushed back before I could move forward, and my penis sank into my daughter's tight, wet young vagina. Her head rose as I penetrated her fully, then she settled back down to taste Lily again.

I fucked my daughter steadily. Not fast or slow, just steady. I wanted to feel every inch of Orchid's body. It was hard to imagine it had only been a couple of days since she'd given me her virginity. My daughter's pussy was so tight, so welcoming. It squeezed me in the most amazing way.

With one hand I held Orchid's hips, sometimes running my fingers over her ass, teasing the cleft between her cheeks. I wrapped the other under her tender stomach and found her hard clit, stroked it as I moved my penis in and out of my thirteen-year old daughter's body. She moaned into Lily's crotch, tensing and pushing back against me.

I humped her more firmly, the tightness making me aware of the rising tension in my abdomnen as I lost myself in her young body. Orchid climaxed hard and fast, jerking back, slamming once or twice before her vagina spasmed and she cried out against the nine-year old's genitals. I fucked her through her orgasm, feeling my own slowly rising.

Orchid's hand slid back and pressed against my stomach, stopping me. I paused. She looked back, her mouth agape, panting. “Sore, Dad... sorry... I think Lily would like some, though...”

I smiled at her and pulled my penis out of my daughter's vagina. I knelt a moment, offered her sore, swollen genitals the very gentlest of licks and kisses, and then she pulled up and back, leaving Lily's nine-year old body open and ripe before me.

Lily grinned, opened her arms, offered her preteen body to me. Her hairy little pussy was open, dark-red labia shining and wet from my daughter's attention. I moved over her, kissed her lips, felt her fingers wrap around my shaft. Lily stroked me as I lowered my body, and I felt the tip of my cock press against her velvety pussy.

I slid in slowly, savoring the way the nine-year old's vagina was different but no less wonderful than my daughter's. Lily was a bit tighter, perhaps, but just barely. Lily's smaller body felt more fragile though I knew the girl to be anything but. I bottomed out easily in the nine-year old, my penis striking her cervix as I began to thrust and withdraw, cum quickly boiling once more as Lily's body rocked with my rhythm.

I slid my hands under the preteen's body and took her small, firm ass in my hands. Lily wrapped her arms around my back as I pressed against her, careful not to crush the girl but enjoying the way her body was so completely in my control. Lily's pussy clenched as we fucked, and I watched her face draw tight, her mouth open, as I humped her young body.

Lily trembled, unable to much move with me pressed on her so tightly. She wrapped her legs around me, her arms tightened. I stroked in and out of her tight little pussy as her body built up tension. I felt fingers on my balls. Orchid was behind us, her hands exploring us where we fucked. The way Lily jerked at one point told me that my daughter had just stuck a finger into the nine-year old's ass.

The girl came quickly after that. I could feel my daughter's finger in Lily's butt through the walls of the nine-year old's vagina. Orchid seemed to be aware of it as well, curling her finger up to stroke against the underside of my cock. Lily spasmed in orgasm, the sensation driving her over the top. The little girl clenched me tightly with arms and legs and her vagina, shuddering as I fucked her body steadily.

Orchid's finger continued to stroke my cock from inside Lily's bowels, and I felt my cock swell and jerk in the girl's body. Lily's eyes opened, locked on mine. Nearly out of breath, she whispered, “cum in me, Daddy...” Spasms exploded through me as I unloaded in the nine-year old's vagina, cum firing out with a force that surprised me. Lily's body absorbed my semen greedily. She held on tight as I inseminated her, my jism filling her little hole. I bellowed into Lily's neck as my orgasm peaked.

I was out of breath, in danger of collapsing and crushing the girl below me. My penis continued to throb, leaking semen into the nine-year old's body. I felt a tongue slide over my shaft and go lower. My daughter was licking the place where my flesh and Lily's were connected, where my sperm leaked out of her body around my cock.

I managed to slowly withdraw and move to one side. My daughter was right there to lap up the cream rushing from Lily's hairy slit. Orchid mewled and smiled as she cleaned up the creampie I'd left in the girl's vagina. I buzzed with euphoria, watching my daughter and Lily trade giggles and then trade my semen as they kissed.

I heard a moan behind me and turned to see Dahlia standing in the entrance to the fifth-wheel. Her jeans and panties were pushed down to her thighs, her hand slamming through her trimmed mature pussy. She climaxed loudly, barely holding onto the rail as she came. Her knees shook, her legs looked weak. She cried out and shuddered, her fingers only slowing when her orgasm was already washing over her.

I rose and held her steady, a dreamy smile slid over her face. She said, “that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen, watching you fuck them like that, then watching Orchid eat your cum out of my daughter's vagina... God, so hot...”

I pulled Dahlia onto the bed and let her rest. She spread her legs, then used her fingers to spread her labia so as to cool off. The girls and I didn't let her rest long, though. One by one we took turns lapping up Dahlia's juices. She orgasmed two or three more times before we let her finally relax. She and the girls settled in to doze in the late morning while I slipped out for a swim.

- - -

Dahlia swept her body slowly back and forth in front of me, her naked ass pressing against my groin as I held her against me. The girls were exploring up a trail that ran East after we heard what might have been deer rustling through the brush a half hour earlier. Dahlia and I were sluggish after a few days of intense and emotional sex with each other and with our daughters. The slow-moving water provided a welcome escape from the heat of the day.

She leaned her head back onto my shoulder, said, “I missed my period this week. I meant to tell you earlier.”

My stomach buzzed. “Not taken a test yet?”

“No, hadn't had time. Might be nothing, you know. It's happened before, sometimes, that it comes late.”

“Ok. I'll hold off on... becoming excited then.”

My penis refused to do any such thing, rising quickly to push against Dahlia's ass cheek under the water. She purred and moved her hips until my cock nestled in her crack. “I think it turns you on... to think that I might be pregnant.”

I couldn't deny it. “It does... I really hope you are, Dahlia... I want that for us.”

“Mmm... me too. I always wanted a second child, just one more. Before I get too old to do it any more. I'm so glad we found each other, Brent.”

“I love you, Dahlia, and whether you are pregnant or not, that won't change, of course. Hmm... if I didn't know better, I'd think you wanted me in your possibly-pregnant pussy.”

She had bent forward slightly, wiggled her ass until my penis had rested against her labia. The water came up to our chests so I couldn't see her genitals, but the heat from her body was obvious even in the relatively cool creek. Dahlia pushed back steadily, sinking me into her body. She moaned, breathy and sensual, as her ass met my groin and my cock was impaled in her vagina.

I ran my hands over her breasts, the thoughts of them being filled with milk had my dick vibrating as she started fucking me. Dahlia's tits were already heavy and motherly, I wondered what a child growing inside her would do to them. As her cunt slipped up and down my penis underwater, I pretended to work her nipples. She laughed, said brightly, “that will feel even better when I have some milk in them.”

My cock swelled quickly in Dahlia's vagina. Thinking about her being pregnant, possibly, with my child, was an incredibly arousing scenario. I'd cum in her pussy often, knowing I might be impregnating her. I hoped it was so, that she had already started to grow our child in her womb.

I pumped myself into her cunt, her grunts matching my own as we rutted in the water. I slid my hands to her hips and she bent forward more, one of her hands sliding down between her thighs to play with her clit.

Her body stiffened as I tensed, her vagina clenching, milking me, coaxing the semen to rush out of my body and into hers. Thoughts of her possible pregnancy drove me harder into her. Again, again, I thrust into Dahlia's pussy, building stronger and stronger toward release. She jerked then, jerked and rocked her hips, the motion of her crashing orgasm sending me over the top.

Together we cried out loudly into the open air as the creek water swept by us. I came hard in her orgasming vagina, splashing my seed against her cervix, imagining my child was already beginning to grow just beyond. I spurted and spurted, her spasming cunt milking my jism, her orgasm and mine powerful and timed to perfection. Her climax washed over her, and mine did the same, her cunt holding tight to my cock as I squeezed out the last drops of my semen inside her vagina.

Dahlia sank down into the water and pulled me with her. She turned around and we kissed a long time as the water cooled our bodies. I loved cumming inside Dahlia, and the thought that she might already be pregnant had been an amazing thrill. My mind raced at the possibilities, and I knew the days ahead would be exciting as I hoped to find out good news about the mountain property, to start moving Dahlia and Lily in with us, and perhaps, just perhaps, to find out the Dahlia was pregnant with my child.

End of Chapter 39

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