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Uncle Dan

What I am about to tell you is a true story. I don’t mean to say it was a story I wrote, what I mean is that it is a true story and this happened to me. I am sharing details of my life because although I was what most people would call abused, it was far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that I loved it and so did my older sister. Even when I told this story to Big mess in a slew of emails back and forth telling him about different times I remembered spending with my naughty uncle I would often times get wet and sometimes after I hit send on the email I would sit and remember more details than I shared with him and shivers would go up and down my spine just thinking about what we did together.


Chapter 1

My name is Terry and I am 19 now and the truth is, I never remember a time in my life when I wasn’t sexual. I mean even from a very early age, I frequently would rub and touch myself on my pussy and I always wondered what the men in my life looked like when they were naked. I never really understood why, but I just did. One day my Mom left us when I was about 6 and my sister Bethany who was about 2 years older than I was. My father was devastated. He was very upset and he didn’t tell us anything except that she ran off with her rich boss and would not be coming home anytime soon. It was weird, but we moved on. My Uncle lived with us even before Mom left so once she was gone, he told my father he would help out even more than he did before so he could focus on work.

We lived in the Pacific northwest and Dad worked in the lumber industry which meant he was often gone before we got up in the morning and many days he would be gone most of the day and by the time he came home he was so tired he would eat and then go to bed so that left us a lot of time alone with Uncle Dan as he didn’t work at the time since he got hurt doing the same thing as my father. The first thing I remember with him was one night about a month after mom left and I remember it was bath night. Bethany and I would often take a bath together, it was more fun to do it together and we would play together and talk when we bathed together. Nothing weird, just sisters being sisters. Well one night Uncle Dan came into the bathroom which was weird, he usually just told us to take a bath and we did it.

But not that night… that night he came into the bathroom and said, “Okay girls, your father told me to talk to you two about bath time. We’ve been doing your laundry and he thinks you aren’t washing up enough when you take a bath and he asked me to show you how to get yourselves clean.”

“But we clean ourselves, good Uncle!” I said and I stood up and held out my arms in a kind of TADA stance. He looked at my naked six-year-old body and he had a funny look on his face.

“Well, I will be the judge of that, you aren’t getting your pussy or your asses clean enough.” He said matter of fact like.

I knew what my ass was, I heard him and Daddy talking a lot and they say kiss my ass and what a nice ass when a girl walks by all the time. But I never heard the word pussy before. So I asked, “What’s my pussy Uncle?”

He looked me in the eyes and he reached out and touched me on the pussy and rubbed me on my lips and replied, “This is your pussy little one.” I was kind of shocked that he was touching me down there, I mean my mother always told us not to touch ourselves down there and never to let anyone else touch it either. That was when I started touching myself down there when I was four. I figured if she was telling me not to do it, there had to be a reason why and I was right.

I let him rub my pussy and he reached down and wet his hands and rubbed soap on his hands and he knelt by the tub and started rubbing my pussy harder putting one hand on my cunt and another hand behind my back so he could pull me closer and then once I was close enough he started rubbing his soapy hand up and down my butt crack touching my asshole. I never took my eyes off him, I just looked at him as he rubbed and touched my most intimate areas.

I liked it and he liked touching me. But again I was only six and while what he was doing to me make me feel really good, it didn’t make me cum. I think I was too young to cum at that age. He pulled Beth up and he started “cleaning” her the same way he was cleaning me. But she reacted differently than I did. He rubbed her flat chest telling her how pretty she was and she really liked that. She always liked it when a boy would tell her how pretty she was. I watched them as he rubbed and touched her pussy and cleaning her ass just like he did to me, but she was getting more and more excited as he did it. She started gasping and panting and holding onto his arm as she let him play with her and within what must have been about 10 minutes, she was acting really funny.

She even said, “Uncle Dan, I feel really funny!” and he rubbed her faster and faster until she grabbed onto his arm and she bucked and pulled against him. She had her first orgasm that night. I was so fucking jealous of her right then I can’t tell you. I wanted to cum too, but no matter how long he rubbed me, I just didn’t do it. I was so mad but I really liked playing with Uncle Dan so I never let on that I was so jealous.

That went on for a while. Every time Uncle Dan told us to take a bath, we went into the bathroom and stripped down and started talking about whether or not he was going to join us. I asked her about her orgasms, she told me about the feeling of exploding in her brain and it spread throughout her entire body. But then after a little while, our Uncle would come into the bathroom and eventually we would instinctively stand up in the bathtub and hand him the soap so he could wash us the right way. It wasn’t very long that he would start playing with us at times other than at bath time. The first time I remember, we were in Bethany’s bedroom playing a board game before bed and Dad had already gone to bed. We didn’t have a big house, but Daddy’s bedroom was on the other side of the house and Uncle Dan’s room was downstairs in what used to be the garage and our bedrooms were side by side with a bathroom between us.

Uncle Dan came in and started talking to us about the game, then out of the blue he asked us if we wanted to see him naked. I remember that I did want to see him naked but not wanting to tell him that but regardless, we both said yes quickly.

So he started getting undressed and said, “I’m not going to be the only person naked in here am I?” and my sister and I both started undressing as well watching him get naked in front of us. I never say a man’s cock before but I remember being surprised at how big it was and how much it stuck out in front of him. He stood in front of us as we sat side by side on her bed looking at him and he said, “Do you guys want to touch it?” We both nodded and I looked at Beth and we both started touching his hard cock. It was so weird…Oh God, I loved touching it so much. I remember getting all hot and sweaty and I must have turned ten shades of red as we played with him.

I also remember how much he was dripping with pre-cum, and he explained how it was used to make it easier to slide in a girl’s pussy. I loved it so much and he told us that he could use his cock to make us feel really good in a lot of ways and never hurt us. Bethany asked how so he had us get on our backs and spread our pussies’ wide open for him and he rubbed his cock up and down our pussy slits with his big, hard cock just splitting our lips and rubbing it all over.

Mmmmm, it gives me shivers even know remembering how good it made me feel when it was my turn and how jealous I felt when he was doing it to my sister and I just wanted him to stop and do it only to me. That night he made us feel so fucking good. I can’t tell you how much we loved it. He rubbed it on Beth first until she came, then he did it to me, he spread my legs wider and he looked right in my face. He smelled like liquor and I wanted so badly to make him happy. I mean, I was younger, but I wanted him to remember me. He started fucking his cock up and down my little pussy and I held it there with my hands as he dry humped me. I was not as wet as my sister, but she left plenty of pussy juice on his cock and I reached down and held him closer and pulled him tightly against me. He was grunting and groaning as he fucked my pussy with his cock and once he was ready to cum he kissed me and then he started shooting his hot seed all over my bald, little pussy. I was so happy that I was the first one to make him cum. He rested on me and soon he was fast asleep.

I was shocked at how it looked when a man came. He shot that stuff all over her and it was really messy. But I touched it and it felt hot and sticky.

Once he was done, he got dressed and went back to his room and I grabbed my clothes and snuck back to my bedroom through the bathroom.

Chapter 2

A few weeks after we started playing with each other, and after Daddy would leave for work on weekends, we almost always would go into the family room and undressed. Actually, Uncle Dan would undress first and then he would undress Beth and me. He told us that undressing pretty girls’ gives men pleasure and we both loved it when he would undress us. He always took his time and he'd touch us and kiss us as he removed our clothes. Then he would talk to us about how important it is for girls to give pleasure to men because it's what leads to the greatest pleasure for both the man and the girl.

One Saturday, Daddy left. He usually worked on weekends back then to make extra money whenever he could. Dan knew when my father left in the morning he usually didn’t come back. As soon as Daddy drove away, he held out his hand and Beth took it knowing exactly what he wanted to do. She took my hand too and we were on our way to the family room so he could get us naked and have some fun. We really loved playing with our Uncle and he liked playing with us as well. He stood in the middle of the room and he pulled his pants off, then he shucked his underwear off next to those, then he was standing in front of me naked with a boner. I liked looking at his cock especially when it was hard.

He moved in front of my sister and slowly he took her top off. She was wearing a tank top that showed off her body. Even though she was only 8-years-old, she was already starting to show more curves than me. I mean she wasn’t fully developed, but she had the start of little boobies and her stomach was getting narrow and her butt was getting bigger than mine was. He really liked her boobs and once he had her top off he moved in and started sucking on her tiny tits and she groaned when he did that and pulled him closer to her loving the way his mouth made her little boobs feel.

After a minute he let go of her boobs and gently he pulled her shorts and once they were on the floor, sometimes with panties, other times she wasn’t wearing any, she stepped out of them and he would touch her down there and make her feel good. She loved it when he touched her pussy especially if he was undressing her. Since she was normally the first one he undressed, she liked that she was being groped by him before he even looked at me. He rubbed his fingers up and down her pussy crack and she tossed her head backward and let him touch her. He liked that she love his touch. After a short time, he looked over at me and he motioned for me to join them. He moved Beth over and reached out taking my hand and pulled me close to him. That day, I wore just a tee-shirt and jeans and he touched my nipples over my shirt and I closed my eyes loving that he was touching me.

He made my nipples stiffen and soon he had my shirt over my head and I watched him as he continued touching me especially my breasts paying special attention to my nipples. Mine got just as hard as my sister’s did, but they weren’t as big as hers. He played with them and then he reached for the buttons on my jeans and started unbuttoning the fly. Once the fly was open, he reached inside them touching my pussy and that made me groan under his touch. I loved it. I loved that he was touching me and I loved how it felt. My pussy got wetter and wetter as he played with me and soon, once I was naked he had me groaning and panting as he made me feel extra good!

We always liked it when Uncle Dan would undress us. He always went slowly and he paid special attention to each of us. Whenever he touched me, I always felt like I was the only girl he had ever touched. I mean it sounds weird and I know every time he played with me my sister was there and he was playing with her as well… But I felt like I was special. Like I was unique. I felt like no matter who else was around, he was only paying me attention.

After the first few times of playing with us, Uncle Dan always showed us videos. Porn was not as accessible as it is today, so he had a bunch of video tapes that he played for us whenever he could. He had some regular movies that showed women and men having sex with each other, anal, and lots of oral sex too! Once we saw men licking girl’s pussies, Bethany was very curious so the next time he was with us she asked him if he would lick our pussies like we saw on the videos. Once she asked him all he did was grin wide and he undressed Beth as usual. He paid as much attention to her face, breasts, and body, but then once he had her panties off, her legs over the side, and he kissed her lips and all over her body before he finally began to kiss and lick her pussy. He started licking her and I could tell my sister liked it. Bethany began like humming and moaning and she grabbed Uncle Dan's hair and hunched her pussy harder against his mouth.

After just a few minutes, he looked over at me and said it wasn't fair that I wasn't having fun too. So then he put me in the middle of the bed and laid on his back. He showed me how to straddle him and press my pussy lips against his cock and rub my pussy up and down it while it was pressed against his tummy. Then he had Beth straddle his face so he could lick her again. I can't explain how totally sex with him swallowed us whole. Bethany was facing me and Uncle Dan told us to take turns sucking each other’s nipples. Oh, it almost makes me cum right now remembering it. Pretty soon I could tell she was going to cum and I didn’t think about doing it but somehow I just began humping harder against Uncle Dan's cock faster and harder and then Bethany came. Maybe ten seconds later Uncle Dan squirted his sperms all over his tummy and a couple of squirts shot onto Beth’s pussy. And then I had my first "baby cum." That's what Uncle Dan called it, but I loved it and I wanted lots more. I didn’t have a real orgasm until I was 8 years old and then I knew the difference. But I still loved those hundreds of baby cums I had when I was only 6 and 7 years old.

Chapter 3

That’s how we were for a while… Uncle Dan would get time with us whenever he could while my Daddy was away. He loved spending special time with us and so did we. One day Daddy called the house, he told our Uncle that he had a chance to get double overtime due to a project that was overdue and Uncle Dan told him not to worry.

“Oh shit yeah, you don’t worry big brother! I’ll feed the girls and make sure they get to bed on time you bet!” he kept listening to Daddy as he talked, “Oh yeah, no problem! I promise they will be in their beds by 8:00. Uh huh, yep. I know! I got it!” He hung up the phone and turned around and looked at me and my sister and smiled. “Okay! So your Daddy isn’t coming home until late, so I just promised I would feed you two and make sure you take your baths and wash your hair and be in bed by eight o’clock.”

“Ah! We don’t want to go to bed so early Uncle Dan!” I begged and he looked at me and smiled.

“Terry, I told him you would get a bath and be in bed by 8:00. Did you hear me tell him I would make sure that you were asleep by 8?” he said and he smiled big and wide.

“Nuh uh,” I said and shook my head back and forth.

“Exactly, so hurry up and eat your dinner and we will go to the bathroom and take a nice long bath, then I will take you to bed and we’ll have a good time until you can’t take it anymore!” he said and I looked at my big sister and she smiled and I clapped and we ran to the bathroom and started stripping. Uncle Dan came in right behind us, he spent a few minutes cleaning up the kitchen from the pizza he bought us for dinner. By the time he came in Beth and I were giggling and playing with each other splashing each other.

When he walked to the room we stopped playing and looked up at him. We had a bathtub full of water and we knew what was going to happen next. At least we thought we did.

“Okay girls, so get ready, I am gonna get you nice and clean,” he said and we both looked at each other hoping he was going to wash us up and clean us himself.

I looked at him and he smiled at me with a wicked grin, I knew what he wanted. So while on my knees in the bath tub, I spread my legs wide and looked up at him and said, “Me first Uncle!”

He smiled and said, “Okay, so you know what I want don’t you Darling?” I nodded and I reached down and started playing with my pussy, he always liked it when I played with myself. I rubbed my little pussy up and down with my hands making sure to get my clit when I rubbed.

“Uhhh,” I moaned and he looked at me and reached into the water in the tub. His big hands were rougher than mine were and I loved it when he touched me. “Oh yes Uncle Dan, touch me right there!” I said and I pulled his hand closer and rubbed by pussy up and down on his hand making myself feel really good.

“You girls have to understand how important it is for you to make your man happy. If you don’t make your man happy, he will go away. Do you know that Beth?” he asked as he rubbed my little 8-year-old pussy. My eyes were barely open as he rubbed me with his fingers. I started gasping for air and he rubbed me getting his finger between my lips and making me absolutely crazy.

“Do you see what your sister is doing Bethany?” he said and he rubbed my little pussy faster and faster. Beth shook her head from side to side not sure what he was talking about. “She is enjoying what I am doing to her. Terry, tell your sister how good I am making you feel.”

“Uh huh, it feels so good!” I said and reached down and pulled his hand closer to myself humping it up and down.

Beth looked at me as she sat next to me in the warm water and she smiled knowing I would probably be cumming soon. “Do you like watching me play with your sister?” Beth nodded and she moved just a little closer to me. “Why don’t you touch her? I love watching you play with your sister.” He said and she looked at me and shook her head no.

“No Uncle, I like watching you play with her too!” she said. Uncle Dan continued rubbing my pussy and in another minute, he had be bucking against his hand and I came. It was still just a baby cum, but oh fuck did I love those baby cums.

“Ah, ah, oh God, uh, uh, uhhhhhh!” I yelled and he rubbed my little pussy harder and faster until I climaxed as hard as I knew how. Once I finished cumming, he released my cunt and he turned on my sister.

“Oh shit!” she said and he immediately started rubbing her pussy. He wasted no time getting her going.

“See baby girl? When you do things I like, you get things that you like in return!” he said and he rubbed his fingers up and down her pussy just as fast as he fingered my cunt. While I was recovering from my cums, he sank his fingers into Beth. With me, he never went inside. He rubbed my cunny and he fingered my clit but he never went inside me. With Beth, he was different. She was definitely not a virgin like me. I knew what being a virgin was at that point. I knew if a man shoved his cock in your pussy, you were no longer a little girl, but instead you were a woman.

I didn’t know when he did it, but he definitely had his fingers inside her more that time. I knew from experience that if he put his finger inside me, he hit something and he always backed off and never put them inside me. I figured I was just too little. He switched back and forth between my sister and I and took turns rubbing our pussies as we took our baths. Eventually, we both came a couple times. He was getting better and better at making his little sluts cum and cum and cum.

“Okay,” he said and he stood us up and turned on the shower and drained the tub. “Wash your hair you two and then meet me in my room. It is 6:30 and Dan said he would be gone until at least midnight so we can keep playing until it’s time for you to go to bed! Hurry up cause tonight I’m going to teach you both something new!”

“Yeah!” we both said and we started sharing the shower and we washed our hair. I loved playing with my sister’s body as we shared the small shower. I guess it’s because we started so young but I never even thought twice about touching, kissing or fondling my sister then or now. In fact, every time my sister is near me I can hardly keep my hands off her big tits! She was leaning her head back and I reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy.

“Uhhhh…” she moaned and she spread her feet wider in the tub and gave me better access. I reached around her as the soap cascaded over her tiny ass and I rubbed her little wrinkly asshole too. I could tell I was making her horny because her nipples were hard and she was breathing harder. We finished and dried off and giggling, we trotted off to Uncle Dan’s bedroom. He had on a dirty movie on the TV that was in his room. We heard it and when we walked into the room and sat on the bed he had a scene running of a beautiful blonde girl and a big black guy. He had a huge cock and I remember wondering how the girl was able to open her mouth enough to get just the head of his cock inside.

Uncle Dan pulled us on the bed with him and he was already naked and his dick was already hard as he watched the show. I dropped the towel that covered me and my sister did the same and we sat on both sides of him and I was the first one to grab his cock of course. I was always in such a hurry to make Uncle Dan feel good. He moaned when I wrapped my tiny hands around it and he told me how cold my hands were.

I smiled and asked, “Are you going to teach us how to do that Uncle?” I asked and he smiled and nodded.

“Yes, Terry. Remember how I told you how important it is to do your best to make your man feel good?” he said and he looked at both of us. We nodded and he continued, “It is important training for you and you really need to learn how to suck cock. This girl has a hard time taking this guy? Do you see how she is trying her best to take more and more of that guy’s big old cock in her mouth?” We nodded, “She wants to do her best and if she does it good enough, he’s going to fuck her with it! Now we can’t fuck yet but you can surely suck my dick! Who wants to try first?”

“Oh I do, I do!” we both started and he laughed. He had no lack of participation from his slutty little nieces and he loved it.

“Okay Beth, you’re up first!” he said and he pulled her closer to his cock. She smiled and gave me a look of victory.

“Awww! Not fair Uncle Dan!” I complained.

“Well why don’t you come on up here and sit on my face like a good girl!” he said and he brushed off his face like it was the nicest seat in the house. I nodded and smiling, I straddled his face and lowered myself down on his mouth. As soon as I was in reach, he started licking me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I wriggled all over his mouth guiding his tongue right in the middle of my little pussy. Bethany started sucking on his cock. She started with the head sucking on the tip. Uncle Dan groaned and soon she was jerking him off, which we had done before and she put her mouth over the head and started sucking more and more into her hungry mouth.

I watched fascinated and in a few minutes, she was sucking his cock more and more. She knew there was no way she could fit the whole thing in her mouth so she just tried as hard as she could to make him feel good.

“Oh Beth, suck it!” he said and that made her want to suck it faster. She slobbered all over it making it really wet and slippery. She looked up at me as I watched and she kept the head in her mouth and I could see her rolling her tongue round and round. Uncle groaned into my pussy as she used her hands to jerk him off while she sucked. She looked like she’s done it her whole life. She just played with his cock and sucked him like a pro. Uncle Dan sure did like it. I felt my own baby cums building in my pussy. I looked down at him and I smiled as he licked and sucked my pussy. I reached for my nipples and pinched them while he licked me. I started grinding on his face, his chin was scratchy and I loved the feeling of his scratchy face on my inner thighs.

“Oh Gawd! Uncle Dan! Oh yes! I’m cumming!” I cried out and shivers ran all the way through my body from my head to my toes. “Ah, ah, ah, ahhhh!” I cried as I continued my shivers. I never moved and he didn’t stop licking me. I came like three times before I ended up getting off his face and sitting on the bed. He smiled at me and looked down at my sister and he put his hand behind her head and started fucking her face faster and forcing her to take more and more of his big dick!

As I watched my pussy started heating up again. I reached down and played with my pussy. Neither one of them saw me masturbating at the awesome scene in front of me. I rubbed my pussy faster and faster and that was making myself more and more aroused. Uncle Dan was really fucking her face now, he had about half of it in her mouth. She was looking up at him as he fucked her mouth and a couple times she gagged really loud. I thought she might get sick, but she never asked him to stop or anything.

“Get ready Beth, I’m going to cum now. I’m going to cum right there in your mouth. Are you ready?” he asked. She nodded and then he started cumming. He shot what look like one time and that was what made my sister really choke. He shot so much cum in her mouth he filled her mouth and she choked. Then he shot it again and I really saw him shooting it out of her nose. She pulled off it and he came a third shot but this one landed on her face. He grabbed his cock and pulled me closer to him. I laid down on the bed and he straddled my chest and he shot the rest of his load all over my chest. I loved it. He’d cum on my flat little titties so many times before and I loved spreading it all around myself. I looked up at him as he continued stroking his cock milking the remaining cum from it. It was then he moved up a little bit more and put his cock right at the entrance to my mouth. I smiled at him and he waited. He never forced me to do anything, I opened my mouth and put the cum covered cock head into my mouth and I started sucking it cleaning off the cummy mess. It was that moment that I got my first taste of cum.

Most of my friends talk about giving head like it’s an obligation. Most girls I talk to give head so their boyfriend will eat their pussies. Not me I tell you. Starting at that moment, I loved the feeling of his slimy cum in my mouth and covering my tongue. I loved the taste too. All men are different let me say, but I never sucked a cock that didn’t make my mouth just water, especially once he cums in my mouth. Oh crap, it makes me wet just thinking about it.

Anyways, that was the first time my sister and I sucked Uncle Dan’s cock!

Chapter 4

Uncle Dan was a real perv… He would watch porn with us in his room all the time. I loved it! It was how we learned about sex. One day after school Beth and I came home and we heard him in his room and we hear the sounds of sex blaring from his TV. This was his way of initiating sex sometimes and we knew it, so we walked to his room dropping our backpacks at the front door and locking the front door behind us. When we walked inside I was drawn to the scene on the television. It was two girls and they were having sex. We watched the movie sitting on the sides of his bed one on either side of him. I watched intensely it was an older woman and a young girl. Not as young as us but like a teenager maybe 19 or so. The older woman was eating her pussy, then she stood up and put on a strap on dildo and started fucking the girl pretty hard bending her over doggy style.

It was the first time I’d seen a girl fucking another girl like that. It was making me so hot and wet and my Uncle watched us as we watched the video. He reached for me first and he started taking off my clothes. I helped him and soon I was naked. Then he moved to the other side of the bed and did the same thing to my sister. Once we were naked he paused the video and we looked at him.

“Okay girls, today I want you to play together,: he said and I looked at him and smiled.

“What do you mean Uncle? We kiss each other and I like sucking on her nipples. You want us to lick each other’s pussies?” I said giggling and looking at Beth who seemed to look more uncomfortable than I was about the topic. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I started so early but I never had an issue playing with my sister. This being the first real time we were going to do it, I showed no signs of hesitation then either but Beth did.

“Yes, I want you to go down on your sister. Beth, I want you to lay back on the bed and spread your legs for your sister. Terry, I want you to kiss her and then I want you to kiss your way down her body kissing anything that sparks your interest,” he said.

“Okay!” I said and I waited for Beth to move and she moved slowly to the top of the bed and when she did I crawled up between her legs and I laid on top of her. Her pussy felt hot as I rubbed up against her. I moved closer to her and smiled. She looked into my eyes and I could tell she felt weird. “Are you okay with this sis?” I asked and she nodded hesitantly.

“Go ahead,” she said and I moved closer and kissed her. First we kissed like we always did but then we started holding our kisses longer but that was all.

“Go ahead Terry and slip your tongue into her mouth, just like when I kiss you!” he said. I smiled at him then I looked back at her and she smiled and nodded. I kissed her again and I slid my tongue into her mouth and she opened her lips and took it. I started rolling my tongue around hers and she moaned. I liked kissing Uncle Dan and kissing my sister was so different. He was really good at kissing and we were much less experienced for sure that night, but we liked it and we must have kissed for a few minutes because Uncle Dan told me to move on going down her body. I started moving down and I kissed down her neck and she liked that and then I was in front of my sister’s titties. Even though she was so young she was much curvier than I was. She didn’t have breasts, but she had nice nipples and I took one into my mouth and sucked it like I saw the girls going on the video.

Beth pulled my head into her chest harder as I moved from one of her hard little pink nipples to another. After a while, I moved down again getting on my hands and knees and kneeling down putting my face next to her pussy. This was the first time I’d ever seen a pussy so close. Beth opened her legs wide for me and I moved in looking into her eyes and she watched me as I stuck out my tongue and touched her pussy sliding my tongue into her hot pussy.

“Ohhhh Gawd!” she moaned and I started licking her pussy bent over on my hands and knees. Uncle Dan was getting a really good shot of my pussy and ass from his view on the chair that he’d moved to that was sitting on the side of the bed watching us and stroking his big cock. I looked over at him pausing my tongue lashing on Beth’s pussy and I got tingles in my pussy seeing him whacking off watching us. I hoped he wouldn’t cum though, I wanted to taste his cum again.

I went back to Beth and I laid down on my tummy getting right into the crook of her legs and I used one hand to spread her pussy and I got even deeper into her cunny as I used my other hand to touch myself focusing on my little clit. Beth was moaning louder now and I got deeper and deeper between her pussy lips. She was watching me as I teased her and moved up knowing just where to find her clit. When I found it she moaned again and closed her eyes and arching her back pulling me harder into herself and she looked like she was about to cum. I swirled my tongue around and around and when she finally started to cum I latched onto her clit and didn’t let go until she pushed me off herself.

“Uhhh, ah, ah, ah ahhhhh!” she screamed and pushed me away gasping for breath. Uncle Dan couldn’t take it any more so he came back over to the bed and crawled up between my legs and he pulled me up on my hands and knees. I had no idea what he was about to do but I didn’t care. I was so excited and he moved his big cock closer and started rubbing it between my wet pussy lips. His cock slid between my lips but he never tried to go inside me. I put my head down on the mattress and enjoyed the feeling of his dick rubbing on my pussy. Once it was all wet with my leaking juices he pulled up and started rubbing it between my butt cheeks. I turned and watched him as he bucked his hips and he also looked like he was going to cum.

“Oh Fuck Terry, you guys are so fucking hot! I’m gonna cum sweetie!” he said and I got out from under him and he started jerking off in front of my face and he started cumming. I looked in his eyes as he did and he started shooting his stuff in my mouth. I caught most of it, but he also shot it all over my face. I giggled as he sprayed me and I swallowed it every time he made it in my mouth. I loved it.

“Come on down her Bethany and help clean up your little sister!” he said and Beth came over and started licking my face cleaning the cum that missed my mouth. Uncle Dan told me another time that he loved cumming on our faces because he also loved watching us clean me each other up. Like I said, he was such an awesome perv!

A couple weeks later we came home from school and once again Uncle Dan was in his room watching porn. I can’t remember why he wasn’t working for so long, but we liked coming home to him being in the house. We walked into his room and he was watching a young blonde girl getting fucked by another big black guy with a huge cock. I loved watching guys with big cocks fuck little girls. I guess I still do and it reminds me of the sight of the first time I had a big stiff cock pushed into my little pussy… but that is later. On this day we sat mesmerized by the scene on the TV.

Uncle Dan opened a back that was on the side table and I watched him do it. He pulled out two small dildos. One was pink and one was darker brown. I smiled and moved closer to him and asked, “What’s that?”

“I went to the naughty store today and got you guys some presents! He handed me one and then he twisted the base and it started vibrating in my hands. Beth came over and took the dark one and I smiled at her as she turned it on as well and we had two bussing dildos. I raised it to my face and felt it buzzing on my cheek enjoying the feeling. “Here, let me show you,” he said and he got on his knees next to the bed and he took the vibrator and pushed my school dress up exposing my pussy. I lifted my feet on the bed and spread my legs for him. He loved looking at my little white cotton panties. He left my panties on and he put the little cock against my pussy and I felt it buzz on my little clit.

“Oh wow!” I said and I closed my eyes as he rubbed it all over my pussy. I loved the feeling and I looked at him up on my elbows spreading my legs wide. My pussy lips were well pronounced and he rubbed it between them. I gasped as he moved it up to the top and buzzed my clit. “Ahhh!” I moaned and using his hand he moved my panties over to the side and started rubbing it between my lips making me go wild.

“See? I got these for you so you could play with each other or yourselves. But don’t put it inside, you guys are still too small. I don’t want you to hurt yourselves, just keep it on the outside and you will be okay,” he said and all I could do was nod. He moved it to the top focusing on my clit and moved his mouth to my pussy and started licking my pussy and buzzing my clit. I didn’t last long at all that first time and he made me cum really hard. “

“Oh God, oh God, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh!” I yelled and he made me cum in less than a couple minutes. It felt amazing. Beth was vibing herself and I watched Uncle move over to her going the same thing to her that he did to me. We both came several times with the introduction of our new toys that day. I loved the feeling of the vibrator on my clit and when I put it inside my pussy even just a little my whole body seemed to buzz along with my new best friend. It was about two or three weeks later when I did it, I broke my own cherry. I was masturbating one night in my room and I I kept sliding it into myself and letting it set my little pussy on fire, it was just the tip and I felt it pushing against my hymen and then I pushed a little farther and then it really hurt. I covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream and I cried quietly.

I didn’t use it for a few days after that because I was scared, but shortly after that, I was fucking the little cock in and out of my six-year-old snatch.

Chapter 5

Bethany was so happy having sex and playing our naughty games with Uncle Dan, but we weren’t happy. We felt funny hiding everything from our Daddy. We went on playing with Uncle Dan like that for a while and it was right after my eighth birthday when Beth and I started bugging Uncle Dan to start playing with Daddy. Uncle Dan hated the idea of course because he was scared that Daddy would get mad at him and kick him out of the house and he wouldn’t be able to play with us anymore. So Beth and I stayed satisfied with the situation at least for now.

At that point, we were 8 and 10 and it was one night when Daddy was working again and Uncle Dan first fucked Beth. We had dinner, Bethany and I were getting better at cooking, and we made spaghetti that night. We finished and went into the living room where he was at watching TV. Beth and I were really horny that night, it had been several days since we played with him. I masturbated every night by that point even when Daddy was home. We went in and we went on both sides of him, I was usually on the right and my sister on the left. He smiled at us as we immediately began tugging on his shorts trying to pull them down so we could begin. Most of the time when we initiated sex this is how we did it. He helped us by lifting his ass up and we got them off and his cock was still soft. I love sucking soft cocks. Mostly because I love to feel it getting hard in my mouth. At 8-years-old I was no different.

I was also usually the first one to get it in my mouth. I just loved it! I dropped to my knees in front of him and I grabbed his cock and in my mouth, it went. I sucked it and played with his balls. Oh yeah, I love balls too. Always did! I moved down after his cock got hard and I stroked his cock in my hands and moved down and took his balls in my mouth and planted tiny kisses all over them one at a time. He moaned when I did that but Beth was kissing him as I sucked his cock so he was more than a little distracted. I sucked his cock for a while and he wanted some action. Usually, we would both get on top of him or dry hump him until we both came or he would bend us over and rub it between our lips until we did the same.

That night Beth had a different plan and neither I nor my Uncle knew about it. That night he pulled her on top of him and she smiled as she mounted his big cock and started rubbing his cock against her little pussy. I liked staying down between his legs when she did that it gave me a great view of the genitals rubbing against each other and I would touch them as they did it. Sometimes I even touched his asshole and other times, especially after a bath together, I would slide my tongue into his asshole and kiss him all over. That night I was just watching and she rubbed him up and down for a while and then she moved up a little higher on her knees and grabbed his cock by the root and aimed it at her pussy hole.

“Whoa there little girl, what do you think you’re doing?” Uncle Dan asked and she giggled and with it right at the entrance and she began to push. “Seriously, no! Your Daddy will kill me if I take your cherry. Do not do this!” he said and she let her weight fall and the head slipped into the folds of her pussy. “Ohhhh, fuck!” he said and she smiled at him, her long brown hair hanging down covering her face as she lowered herself down.

“Don’t worry Uncle, I’m not cherry!” she said as she go higher on him planting her feet on both sides of his thighs and she went high until he was barely inside her then she dropped her weight on his cock and now he was halfway inside her. “Uhhh, shit! That feels so fucking good Beth. You are really fucking tight!”

We didn’t know much about sex yet, but that was something we heard over and over in his dirty videos, whenever the man was happy fucking the woman, he always told her how good it felt and if he really liked it, how tight she was. We figured it felt better that way. One night I asked him if he thought we would be tight if he fucked us and he told me that we would be too small that was why we couldn’t fuck yet. We would be too tight. But she wasn’t! I watched from below and I saw him sliding in and out of her faster and faster. He kept moaning and when I touched his balls he moaned then too.

I moved up on the sofa and watched from above as she fucked him for the first time, “How does it feel Beth?” I asked and she was bouncing up and down on his dick no longer was she on her feet, she had dropped down to her knees once his cock was halfway inside her.

She was panting as she bounced up and down and she looked at me with heavy, half-lidded eyes and moaned, “Oh God, it feels really good sis!” I leaned in and kissed her, she opened her mouth and stopped fucking him and we chased each other’s tongues for a minute. Then Uncle Dan started pumping her from underneath. “Oh fuck!” she moaned as he held her by the hips and was fucking hard and fast into my big sister. I kissed him on the lips, short and fast, then I went back down between his legs and watched them fucking really close. She was bouncing up and down as he thrust his cock into her and in no time, she had most of it buried inside herself.

“Oh my God Beth, it’s all the way inside you! That is so hot!” I said and they fucked harder not even hearing me. In another minute Uncle came.

“Uhhhh, fuck, yeah Oh God, here I cum!” He pumped his cock deeper yet into her and her pussy rested at his balls. “Uhhhhh, uhhhhh, uhhhh!” he groaned and every groan was another spurt deep into her pussy I was sure.She collapsed on top of him cumming as well. She laid on his chest, her hair sweaty and matted to her forehead and then she laid on his hairy chest panting for breath with his cock still stuffing her cunt. I was so turned on and I couldn’t stop thinking about him fucking me.

I moved up on the sofa so I could see them both, they were in bliss and I kissed them both on the cheeks and once they were calm my Uncle looked at me and I said, “My turn?”

“Holy shit am I in trouble,” he said and he smiled at me and Beth hugged him.

“No you’re not!” she said enjoying his softening cock withdrawing from her pussy and it fell out. She leaked his cum all over him and he looked between his legs at the mess.

“Yeah, playing with your brother’s daughters is one thing, but fucking you? He’s going to shoot me!”

“Why?” I asked.

“You girls are only virgins once. He’s going to kill me for taking your cherry and Terry, I am not fucking you. He will kill me then revive me making me a zombie and then he will kill me again!” we laughed at that one and Bethany got off him and he looked at the mess on himself and all over the couch. “Come on we need to clean this up!” I was disappointed that I didn’t get to cum that time but I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a towel and while Beth cleaned up the cum that was all over him, I cleaned up the couch.

That was the beginning of an awesome stage in our learning. Uncle Dan started spending more and more time with Beth and I got jealous. I wanted to fuck just like she did and soon I was bound and determined to have his cock inside me if he liked it or not. One Saturday, Daddy told us he was going to work and I decided today was the day! Beth was over at a friend’s house and I decided that I was getting fucked that morning. I went into Uncle Dan’s room after they were gone and there is was. He was asleep on his back and he had been drinking the night before so he was kind of passed out.

I tiptoed into his room and looked at him as he snored. My pussy started heating up and I reached under the long tee shirt I wore and slipped my hands into my panties and rubbed my hungry little pussy. I climbed on the bed and pulled the sheet off him. Uncle Dan always slept naked and I knew that. I snuck into his room once before when I really wanted to play with him and suck his dick. That day was no different. He moved when the sheet came off and I looked down and smiled to myself as I saw he was already hard. I figured he was having a good dream.

I moved between his legs and sucked his hard dick between my lips. But I was less interested in sucking it. Once I had him nice and wet, I crawled up and did as he taught me riding his cock and rubbing it on my pussy lips. It felt so good rubbing it along my 8-year-old pussy lips. But again I was there for more. I watched Bethany do it before so I knew just what to do. Reaching back I grabbed his cock and aimed it at my drooling pussy. I watched him as I put the head at the entrance of my pussy and I started pushing. I was on my knees with my hand on his cock and my other on his stomach bracing myself. I had a hell of a time trying to get it inside. I was so small it didn’t fit. So I got up on my feet straddling his hips and I got higher and I tried again this time dropping all of my 65 lbs. on his cock. That time he slipped inside me.

“Uhhh!” I groaned and I realized he was finally inside my little cunt. I looked down at where we were now joined and I felt his cock spearing my pussy. I rose higher on the balls of my feet and dropped down again taking another inch. It was at that time Uncle Dan woke up.

“Oh fuck, are you kidding me? Your father is going to hang me!” he said and he straightened up underneath me and his cock was rock hard. “Oh fuck you sexy little slut! Go ahead, fuck me then! But this was your idea, not mine? I can’t believe both of you took out your cherries with those fucking dildos I gave you!” he said and he started pushing my ass up and down on his cock.

“You know that’s why you gave them to us Uncle!” I said and I bounced up and down on his hard member trying to get more and more of it inside me. It hurt, but only an uncomfortable stuffing hurt. I looked into his eyes as I fucked my Uncle and I was so happy! I’d wanted him to fuck me ever since he fucked Beth. It made me feel so grown up and I loved making him feel good like I was trained. He played with my nipples and I really liked that too. He didn’t last long that first time. I had barely gotten used to the feeling of him inside me when he closed his eyes and started to cum inside my little cunt. Oh that first feeling of him blasting his incestuous cum into me. I loved it!

“Oh Fuck, yeah, so fucking tight, so fucking ahhh!” he cried out filling me up. I collapsed on top of him keeping him inside me and I hoped we weren’t done. Sometimes my Uncle was able to cum more than once, especially if he wasn’t drinking. So I just laid on him and kept moving him in and out of myself. His cum made it even more slippery and I was soon rocking on him fucking about half of his big dick in and out. That was all I could actually fit of his 7-inch cock back then. It wasn’t until I was ten that I was able to take it all. But Uncle Dan had another idea.

“Roll over!” he commanded.

“Why Uncle?”

“I figure you just got something you wanted, now I am going to get something I want! Remember, your goal in life is to make men happy and make us feel good right Terry?” he said and I immediately got off him and rolled over onto my tummy and waited for instruction. “That’s a good girl,” he said and he got up and got behind me on his big bed. He moved down between my legs, I thought he was going to eat my pussy so I spread my legs wide open for him. But then he did something that surprised me, instead of going after my pussy he spread my butt wide open and stared at my tiny butt hole.

I giggled and said, “What are you doing Uncle?” He got very close to my little butt and inhaled smelling my little pussy and ass. Then he looked up at me and smiled then he moved closer and started licking my ass. “Ohhh, God! What are you…Ahhhh” I moaned. I had never thought about being licked down there and he never showed us movies where I realized that they were licking the girl’s butt. His tongue went all over the entire crack of my ass and focused his attention on my tiny, pink asshole. It was when he pushed his tongue deep inside my tiny hole that I realized how much I liked it. It felt amazing. He attacked my little butt and I reached down between my legs and started rubbing my cunt as he did that. That was even more amazing. He continued to lick and suck on my butt hole and I started heading to another cum. I put my head down and focused on my clitoris and within minutes of him licking me, I came. I was wracked with pleasure and he didn’t stop. IN fact, he started licking and using his mouth on both my ass and pussy at the same time. He lifted me up on my knees in front of himself and I ravage my little body. I came two more times and when he was finished I collapsed on the bed and tried to catch my breath.

“See? What did I tell you little one? I teach you things and sometimes they make you feel really good and sometimes they make me feel really good. But we always feel good together!”

“Yes Uncle,” was all I could say. He moved up and cuddled with me and covered us up and we fell back asleep in his bed. That was very unusual as he was always too scared to let us sleep with him especially naked like we were that day. But I loved it and I fell asleep blissfully happy because I was no longer a virgin.

Chapter 6

We were all having so much fun together… About two weeks after I snuck into my Uncle’s room we were finished with school for the year. I was finishing grade 2 and Beth was going to start middle school the following year in grade 5. We were happy to be done with school it usually meant staying home with Uncle Dan and we always got to play with him lots. But that year was different. We were having sex now. It was different and so much more intense.

That was the summer that Beth started to sprout her titties. Uncle Dan noticed them first of course. It was on a Wednesday and Beth and I were both in her bedroom. We were talking and trying to figure out what we were doing to wear. That started to be a much bigger decision that summer. Beth explained to me how what you wore and how you looked made things happen. I didn’t understand really but I watched as she pulled out a tiny white tee shirt and put it on, she was naked underneath as Daddy hadn’t bought her any bras yet, he said she didn’t need them yet. When she put the shirt on, you could see the outline of her developing nipples very clearly. She looked at herself in the long mirror and then she pulled the top down at the bottom and that made them poke out even more.

“See?” she said and she turned around and looked at me pulling the shirt tight on her body. I want to wear this in front of Daddy, how could he resist me?”

“Uncle Dan said we should never do anything with Daddy! He said he wouldn’t understand!”

“I know,” she said and she turned around and walked to her dresser and pulled out a pair of tiny blue jean shorts and slipped them on and then she turned and looked at her ass in the mirror. She was starting to get curvier hips too and her butt was beginning to fill out and get fuller. She looked so sexy. I got up and she came towards me and pulled me closer to her and she summed up my body with her eyes. “I think I have something that will be really cute on you!” she said and she reached into her dresser and pulled out a matching pink top and shorts. I looked at them and smiled. They were perfect!

“Oh Wow, these are so cute!” I said and I took off my pajamas and stood there in my panties and I started pulling the shorts on over my panties.

“Wait, sis! You need to get rid of these,” she said and she pulled the shorts down and I stepped out of them and she reached under the waistband of my plain panties and she looked up at me and pulled them down over my legs and I stood before her naked like I’d done so many times before. Once my panties were off, she held the shorts out for me to step into and I put one foot in and then the other and she pulled them up my legs and tightly against my cunt. Once she was there she pulled up she cinched them up a little more giving me a great camel toe. I didn’t know what that was at the time but I do now. I looked down and saw my pussy lips very easily in the tiny pink shorts.

Then she took the top and pulled it over my head and I put my arms over my head and she pulled it down over my chest and pulled the tight shirt into place. It was just as tight on my as hers was on herself. My nipples were hard and once in place, she smiled up at me and pinched my nipples and smiled at me.

“Okay,” she said as she took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom with her in the hallway. Once there she brushed her long brown hair and then she pulled her hair up into two twin tails. Both of them were perfectly centered on either side of her head. “Perfect!” she said and moved to me and turned me around so I faced the mirror and she brushed my blonde locks doing the exact same thing to mine. I had never been very good at doing things like she did with her hair so I enjoyed it whenever she would do my hair. Once she was done she spun me around and looked at me and I smiled at her. Then she turned us both around and we looked at each other in the mirror. I remember the day clearly and I remember thinking how cute we both looked. Cute and hot!

“Good, I have the finishing touch!” she said and she reached into the drawer by the sink and pulled out cherry flavored lip gloss. Daddy always hated it when he saw her wearing lip gloss and I was forbidden from wearing it. She put it on herself then me and then we looked at each other in the mirror again. This time I moved behind Beth and admired her tiny ass in her sexy little short shorts and I put my hand in between her butt cheeks rubbing her little pussy. She was hot! “Stop it or we’ll waste all this primping on ourselves!” she said and she turned around and cupped my face in her hands and gently kissed me slipping her tongue in my mouth and I tasted the cherry lip gloss. It was amazing and sexy. I closed my eyes as she kissed me and my pussy was soaking wet and on fire. I so wanted to just take off the clothes we just put on and suck her pussy and let her eat mine. But we had bigger plans. She broke the kiss and I opened my eyes again and she was smiling at me.

“Let’s go convince Uncle Dan that Daddy deserves to be a part of this little game we are playing together,” she said.

“Do you think he’ll go for it?” I asked.

“We aren’t going to give him a choice! We are going to go get him all worked up, then we are going to stop. We will stop and I will tell him that we want to play with Daddy too. If he still says no, I will tell him that we will stop playing with him unless we can seduce Daddy.”

“Really? Do you think that’ll work?”

“Yes, he will agree. I mean how could he say no to us when we look like this!” she said spinning us around and we smiled at each other. She was right, he could he say no? She took my hand and we went out in the house looking for Uncle Dan. He wasn’t hard to find like always he was in front of the big TV in the family room sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand. We walked into the room and we got our Uncle’s attention straight away, he turned the TV off and looked at us as we stood in front of the TV and smiled at him.

“Holy shit girls, what is this all about?” he asked and he sat up on the edge of the couch and smiled at us.

“Oh nothing Uncle, we were just playing in my room and we thought we would play sexy dress up for you today…” she said and she put her index finger in her mouth in a pouty, sexy look. I did the same thing, but mine was not as sexy. His eyes were all over both of us as he enjoyed the sites before him.

“Well, this is great! You girls look so fucking sexy I want to play with you right now. Come over her so I can undress you guys!” he said and we walked closer to him and stood in front of him. He pulled me closer to him first and he kissed me sexily and tasted my lip gloss. “Mmmm…” he moaned as we kissed and he slid his tongue down my throat almost. He turned and pulled my sister closer and kissed her the same way holding her closer and running his hands up and down her cute ass rubbing her little ass crack. They both moaned as he rubbed her and then he pulled away and turned her around and smacked her ass.

“Oh!” she squealed and turned around. “Wait, Uncle, we need to talk to you about something first,” she said and she pulled me away from him and we stood about three feet away.

“Okay, what’s up?” he asked with a confused look on his face.

“Well, we have been talking. We have decided that we want to ask Daddy to join us, Uncle Dan. We know you said no, but we really want to play with him and we think he would be fine with it!” she said and we waited for his reaction.

“What happens if I say no?” he asked.

“If you say now, then we will stop playing with you.” she said bluntly.

He looked at me and Beth and he looked very upset. “So you two get all dressed up, come out her looking as sexy as you ever have and give me an ultimatum?”

“What’s an ultimatum?” I asked.

“It’s when you tell someone either do what I want or you take something away. Just like what you guys are doing,” he said. “I don’t like ultimatums.”

“Yeah, but we don’t like you telling us we can’t play with Daddy. It’s been two years Uncle and we want to play with him too. We love him and we want to please him. You taught us that we should always try to make men happy and that’s what we want to do!” she said and he had a different look on his face. He realized we were simply trying to do exactly what he taught us. He was not as upset about them forcing his hand and letting them start fucking his brother, he was very greedy and like a dog and their bone, he didn’t want to share. He figured he would come around and fuck them just like he was doing. He was mad at the fact they were manipulating him to get their way. He may have taught them to please men, but he never taught them to manipulate men. In fact, he hated when women did that to him. So he found a way to get even.

“Okay, let’s get things straight little girl… I am running the show here not you!” he said and he stood up and moved closer and grabbed Bethany by the neck and began to squeeze. She looked at me and struggled to get him to stop squeezing. “I’ll let you start fucking your Daddy, I’m fine with that, in fact, I can’t wait to see him fucking you in the ass! He loves ass fucking girls just like I do. But there is no fucking way I and going to let him get first dibs on your tight little ass! Got it?” she looked at him and she looked like she was about to cry. She nodded and he let her go. “Then I will be the first one to take your little anal cherry too Terry. I can promise you that!”

We were both pretty scared, we realized that we crossed some sort of line in trying to make Uncle Dan do what we wanted to do no matter what. He remained standing and he picked up Beth and pulled him higher and she wrapped her legs around his waist so she would stay there and he started kissing her. He kissed her harder than he normally did before. It was like angry kissing! I watched them do that for a while then he reached down and pulled his cock out of his pants and continued kissing her like that. She seemed to be liking it at that point so once his pants were down and his hard cock exposed I moved closer and slid his dick into my mouth and started to suck it!

“Oh fuck yeah baby girl suck that cock!” he said and he pushed Beth up higher on his torso and he basically put her up on his shoulders with her facing him and he immediately started licking her between her thighs and he made her jump at his forcefulness. She still had on her shorts so he lifted her down, “Take off them sexy little shorts girl!” She did as she was told and she stripped out of her tiny jean shorts and was not wearing any panties which I already knew. “Holy shit, you really are a little fucking slut! Running around in these sexy clothes and no panties! Come back up here so I can eat that pussy!”

She raised her arms up and he lifted her straight up and once again she was mounted on his shoulders facing him. He started licking and sucking and I was busy taking his big cock in my mouth. I was still fully dressed, but he didn’t worry about me at that moment. He was licking and sucking her pussy pretty good and soon she was cumming on his face. I couldn’t see much from where I was but I sure heard her. Once she came, he pushed me off his cock and he let her slide down off his shoulders and she stood in front of him trying to catch her breath. He pushed her down on her knees and she attempted to suck his cock, but he pushed her away. Instead, he dropped to his knees beside her and he pushed her down to her hands and knees and faced her in the opposite direction.

She looked at me and was scared. She didn’t know what he was going to do, but I moved closer and I patter her on the head rubbing her long hair and I watched Uncle Dan as he moved in and started licking her ass. Bethany moaned as he began to lick her and soon she was panting and breathing really fast. I watched the show as he moved up and got into position behind her and he pushed his cock into her tiny asshole.

“Oh God, no Uncle Dan, no! Not there!” she cried out and he paid her no attention and he pressed the big head against her butt then pushed hard. She had her eyes squeezed shut as he pushed hard and fast into her tiny hole. I consoled my sister stroking her long hair and she hugged me and when he pushed inside, she screamed. “Ahhh, Oh, God! It hurt’s. Take it out Uncle, it hurts so bad!”

“Oh fuck that, we’re just getting started! Maybe this will teach you not to use that little pussy to tease or manipulate a man…or a woman.” He knew it would hurt since he was doing it without lubrication, but he didn’t care. He pulled his cock head all the way out then shoved it as hard as he could back into the child. She was crying and wailing as he butt fucked her and she ended up giving up total control and she reached back with both of her hands and spread her cheeks wide for him. She hoped it would help. She never even touched herself with the little dildo before like she did with her pussy so his cock was the first thin unnatural that had been inside her tiny bottom. She took his pounding and he fucked her harder and deeper.

Eventually, it stopped hurting as bad as it did at first. She opened her eyes and I looked into hers and smiled. She grunted with every stroke and he continued fucking her. As I expected, this being the first time he was inside his 10-year-old niece’s ass he didn’t last much longer. He looked at me as he fucked her and then all of the sudden he came.

“Ahh fuck yeah!” he groaned and he shot several loads inside my big sister. She opened her eyes again when she felt him filling her ass up with the slippery stuff. It probably felt a lot better once it was all slippery.

She looked at me again and I hugged her again and she shuddered as she felt him pull his cock out of her tiny ass. Once he was done he stood up and walked to his room and slammed the door.

I looked into Beth’s eyes and asked, “How did it feel?”

“It really hurt. But after he kept doing it, just like when I humped him the first time it really started to feel good. Then when he came? Oh, fuck sis that was incredible!”

“He seemed mad!”

“I think I made him mad when I told him we wouldn’t do anything with him if he didn’t let us play with Daddy. But hey! We can play with Daddy now, so now we have to figure out what we are going to do…” Bethany said. I hugged her again and we smiled at each other. We got dressed in our normal clothes and we spent the rest of the day playing. And not with each other…

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