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Catching My Daughter Using My Dildo

My name is Maria and I just turned 30. I am married and I have two kids. Sarah is 10 years old and her little sister Sandy just turned 6. They are both very cute girls with blonde hair and blue eyes. I found that my oldest daughter was sneaking into our room before a planned trip when the girls were staying home with a close friend. When I returned I was amazed at what we discovered. It ended up changing our lives forever.

Slutty Daughter

Chapter 1

My name is Maria and I just turned 30. I am married and I have two kids. Sarah is 10 years old and her little sister Sandy just turned 6. They are both very cute girls with blonde hair and blue eyes. My husband and I are very sexual. It’s rare that we go more than a day or two without having sex of some kind. I have a rule of thumb, I never say no to my husband.

My husband and I were planning a trip as a kind of a second honeymoon. We asked my best friend Linda to watch the kids when we were gone. My daughter was going to be home for a while after school but Linda would be there after work to make sure homework was done and cook for them and make sure baths were taken. I was packing up my clothes when I noticed that one of my dildos was missing. I went into Sarah’s room before she got home and I found it in one of her drawers in the back wrapped up in some very sexy underwear that I know I never bought her. It was dirty as well so I assumed it was covered in her own pussy juice. I took it back to her sink and cleaned it, then put it back.

I went back into my room and looked at the others and true enough many of them were also dirty. Even my big black dildo was dirty about halfway up. I cleaned them all and put them back in my drawer. Then I started devising a plan on how I could catch her when we were on our trip. I was so horny from thinking about my little ten-year-old daughter masturbating to the same toys my husband and I use I went in to take a shower and I came in about two minutes.

A little later I went out to a specialty store and bought a nanny cam bear. It was a used one, but the clerk showed me how to set it up and said it would have plenty of juice to make it a week. I set it up in the room so that it could see both the dresser that my toys were in as well as the bed. I tested it out and it was pretty cool. So I left it there and my husband and I went on our trip to Mexico.

Let me just say that we had such a good time. We fucked like teenagers and drank way too much. We had a couple threesomes and I’m not even sure what the names of one couple were. I never told my husband anything about Sarah or what I found before we left. My husband went to work and the kids were off to school. So I grabbed the bear and opened it up and took out the memory card and plugged it into my computer to see if my little trap worked.

The first thing I noticed was that the card was completely full. That means someone was in our room a lot. I opened the card and went to the directory where the videos were stored and wow there were videos dated almost every day. And some of them were large, that means it recorded a long time. I went to the first video and it was dated the day after we left in the morning. I opened it up and there was Sarah in my room going thru my underwear drawer. She was in a towel like she had just taken a shower and was getting ready for school. “Hmmmmm” she said, “What new things did mom get that she didn’t take on her trip?” She stood there for about thirty seconds her hair was pulled up in pigtails that aimed down. She threw her towel on the bed and was naked. My heart skipped a beat. I’ve seen my daughter naked hundreds of times, but this was different. Her back was still to the camera affording me a fantastic view of her ass and legs. She is still very skinny and no hips to speak of but she was so sexy. Her pale skin was flawless and I felt my pussy getting moist just from looking at her.

She put on one of my thongs which made me proud since my daughter can fit in my thongs. I watched my nearly naked daughter put on my favorite stockings as well. She got up off the bed took her towel and put it back on in front of the dresser the nanny cam was on so I got a nice look at her flat bare chest. She was beautiful. She walked out of the room and the video ended. Number two was taken after she got off from school and I was so excited to turn on that one since it was pretty big. I opened the file and it started running with her running into the room it was time stamped right when she should be getting home from school. By the look of her, she obviously ran straight home and upstairs to play.

She went right for my toys and took out several. She stripped right there in our room and my stomach dropped again as I realized she was going to masturbate in the room. I looked at the length and the video was over 20 minutes. So I paused it, went into my stash and lit a joint. I walked back to the computer and resumed the video. Once she was naked she got up on the bed, took out a pillow and lay down on it facing the camera. I had a full shot of her naked on the bed. She started rubbing her bald pussy with one hand and soon she was moaning on the bed. I zoomed in on the video and had a full 22 inches on my screen of my 10-year-old daughter masturbating for me.

“Ohhhh, yes” she moaned with her eyes closed. I moved the zoom down to her pussy and zoomed again and I could see her fingers rubbing her clit and she was pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy. She reached over and grabbed one of the smaller dildos, it was about six inches long and she shoved it right inside of herself with no problem. She is not a virgin that’s for sure.

I zoomed out to see her whole body and she was pumping the plastic cock in and out at a rapid pace. “Oh, yes” she moaned, “So good. Fuck me, oh fuck me” she moaned again and again. I reached down and pulled my shorts to the side and shoved the dildo in my pussy. It was the same one she was using on herself in the video. It was so wicked. I fucked myself silly watching my daughter masturbate on my bed with the same dildo I was fucking myself with. She was moaning like crazy and talking really dirty. I was about to cum and it sounded like she was too. “Oh yes, yes, yes! Fuck me haaaarrrderrrrr. Oh, Daddy fuck me!”

As soon as I heard that I came! “Oh shit! Ahhhhhhhh fuck yeah! Ahhhhhhhhh!” I came so hard it took me a few minutes to regain my composure. The video ended after a few minutes and I sat there breathing hard. I sat up thinking I may have heard it wrong. I rolled it back and watched it again and again. There was absolutely no doubt she yelled out “Daddy fuck me!” when she came. Then she got up, fixed the bed and threw the dildo back in my drawer. No wonder she never cleaned up. Once she came she likely had issues with guilt as she was fantasizing about her daddy.

I copied out the rest of the videos and I charged up the bear. My husband would be home for dinner tonight so I cleaned myself up and thought about the possibilities. About an hour later I sat down in front of the computer. I couldn’t help myself. The next few videos were just Sarah raiding my drawers again and one time that night she came in and took a dildo with her to her room. I heard Linda telling her to take a bath and she called out I am Aunt Linda, just getting something first. I laughed at that one.

The next big one was the next day after school. She walked in with her little sister. I had that feeling in my stomach again. I had to turn up the volume much louder because they were talking to each other.

They were in the drawer and Sarah showed her six-year-old sister my giant black dildo. This is the one that is over a foot long. “See! I told you I wasn’t lying! Look how big it is.” I was so embarrassed but turned on so much I couldn’t stop watching.

Sandy took the dildo and swung it around her head like a sword. “By the power!” she yelled. “My gosh Sarah, what does she do with this?”

“I told you silly she puts it in her pussy,” she said as she touched her own pussy. They were both fully dressed and I assumed by the time stamp on the video it was over an hour before Linda would be there. “Watch this! I can’t take much of that one yet, but I can take this one in my pussy pretty good now.” She took her clothes off and jumped on the bed with my purple dildo.

I paused the video and went to my dresser and took out the purple one. And yes it was dirty. I smelled it and I smelled my daughter’s pussy. I put it in my mouth and tasted her pussy too. I was disgusted by my actions but I was so fucking turned on. Once it was clean of her juices I went back to the computer resumed it.

Sarah was naked on the bed and my six-year-old was watching her shove the dildo into her pussy. “Wow Sarah, doesn’t that hurt?”

“No, at least not anymore. The first time I did it a couple years ago there was blood and it really hurt. I thought I did something really bad to myself so I stopped. Then a couple days later I tried it again and it didn’t bleed any more then it started feeling good. Really good.” She said as she started fucking herself with the dildo. Sandy just watched her sister in amazement as she fucked herself silly. By now I was fucking myself really good with it and was about to cum. Sarah started cumming and she fucked it all the way in and out of herself. I came and watched her cum too.

“Wow. That was so cool,” said Sandy. They got off the bed and straightened it up and left the room.

I got off the computer and did some things around the house. I ate lunch but then eventually I was drawn back to the computer again. I was officially addicted. I had to know what was going to happen next. Again in the morning, there were a few short vids I went straight to the one at the same time the next day.

The cam clicked on and it was my daughters again. This time Sandy started talking first. “So you promise you will show me how to do that this time?” she asked.

“Yep, all you have to do is the same thing you did last night and I’ll take your cherry today. I figure you’ll be ready to use the little dildo before mom and dad come home from their trip.” She said as she was stripping her clothes off.

She got naked and got back in the bed with another dildo but this time her baby sister who was also stripping out of her clothes and was getting up on the bed and she put her head between her older sister’s legs. “Okay,” she said as she got in the perfect position to eat her pussy. “I loved licking you last night. You taste so good. Do you promise to lick me too?”

“Uh huh,” Sarah said as she played with her pussy and spread herself wider for her little sister. “Just make me cum like you did last night and I will do it for you again. I promise” Sandy put her face down and started licking her pussy. Her back was to the camera and she was on her tummy. I could not see her face or lips but by the look of her sister, she was licking her pretty good. I zoomed in to see Sandy’s naked pussy with her legs spread. It was perfect. She was definitely a virgin and pink and beautiful.

“Yes,” Sarah said as she was playing with her sister’s hair as she licked her pussy. “I love it. Suck my clit like I showed you.” She buckled as her sister did as instructed and obviously sucked on her clit. “Ahhhhhh, yeah, just like that. Now stick in the dildo like I showed you,” she said. Sandy adjusted herself in front of her sister and was now on her hands and knees in front of her. She grabbed the dildo and started fucking her sister with it. “Ohhhhhh, man. This is going to be so much fun sis. It’s so much better when someone does it for you.” She said and she squealed again. “Aieeeee, yes, yes un huh, yes fuck me Sis!” she was cumming again and so was I.

I stopped the video it was only about halfway done and I turned it off and got dressed again.

I was shocked. Not only was my 10-year-old using my dildos, but she taught her six-year-old sister how to eat her pussy and it sounds like she had already eaten her pussy all while we were on vacation. I still had a ton of videos on from the webcam. I decided to give the nanny cam a new home. I went into the girl’s room and looked for the perfect place for it. They had so many stuffed animals they hung in a net in the corner of the room facing their beds. They were bunk beds so it seemed like the perfect spot to catch any action. I turned it on and put it in the net after I kissed its nose.

Now I had to figure out how to tell my husband.

Chapter 2

Bob is a computer guy and he makes a very nice living that affords me not to have to work. It was a lot tougher when the kids were younger, but now it’s kind of nice. I had been watching videos of my daughters today playing in our room with my toys and each other while we were on vacation. My daughter was due home in a little bit. I decided to get dressed and make Bob’s favorite dinner.

It was about six o’clock and dinner was almost ready. Bob came home and he found me in the kitchen. I was in an outfit that was sexy but not too bad since the kids were home. He smacked me on the ass, kissed me and started going upstairs to change his clothes. “I have a surprise for you after dinner Bob,” I said.

“Oh yeah? What would that be?” he asked.

“It’s a surprise but I think you’ll love it” I replied as I returned to stir the pot.

”I can’t wait!” he said as he went upstairs.

“You have no idea what is in store for you tonight!” I said under my breath.

We all sat down to eat dinner and I admired the family all sitting at the table together. I figure we have about 2 or 3 more years before Sarah starts being a typical teen and going out more with her friends, boyfriends etc. Sara was dressed in a cute purple top with something written on it, white shorts and flip-flops. Her blonde hair was in pigtails and her top was very tight. Sandy was in her usual shorts and a t-shirt. Tonight I looked at them very differently after seeing them play together this afternoon in the videos.

We finished dinner and the girls went upstairs to play and Bob and I made some drinks and went into the living room to relax. “So what’s my surprise?” asked Bob. I told him everything from the beginning. I explained how I originally found the dildo, noticed their usage and what I did before we went on vacation. He was intrigued. “So what did the nanny cam show? Was she stealing them out of your dresser when we were gone?

“Yes,” I said, “I watched a few of the videos this morning and yes she’s been raiding my drawers like I thought. She even is wearing my undies. But there’s more! She used them in our room and the nanny cam caught it all.” The look on his face changed. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

“Really?” he said, as he looked conflicted. “Can we watch them?”

“You bet!” I replied as I took his hand and did my best sexy walk up the stairs. I was so excited! He wanted to watch them with him too. I was so curious where this would lead. As we walked up I peeked in the girl’s room and told them to go take their baths. I said we were going to watch a movie in our bedroom then go to sleep. It was Friday so there was no school the next day so they were to be in bed by 10:00.

“Okay, mom,” they said as they giggled. “Have fun!” Sarah said and giggled again.

We walked into the bedroom and I set up two chairs in front of the computer and I grabbed the mouse and opened the folder I put the videos. “Wow!” Bob said, “There are a lot of videos. Did you watch them all?” he asked.

‘No, I could only make it through a few of them.”

“Why did you stop?” Bob asked.

“You’ll see…” I said as I found the first one. This was the one where she came in and stripped her towel and put on my thong and stockings then went to school. I watched his reaction when she got naked. He was intensely watching and he kind of adjusted in his seat when it was finished.

He looked at me and said, “She went to school like that? Let’s watch another one.”

“You bet!” I said and I went for the longer one when she jumped on the bed and masturbated. His reaction when she was playing with herself was amazing. He adjusted in his seat again obviously getting a hard on and he licked his lips. I zoomed in the video on her pussy as she was pumping the dildo in and out of her pussy and while he was watching it I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his hard cock out of his shorts and started sucking it. He never took his eyes off the screen and soon I was bobbing my head up and down on his cock taking most of it in my mouth and throat.

She was getting louder now telling her mystery lover to fuck her harder now and he was pulling my head up and down on his cock now faster. I heard my daughter on the video say, “Fuck me hard Daddy!” and he pulled me down on his cock and came in my mouth very hard. There was so much cum I could hardly keep up with it all. He was groaning so loud I was sure the kids would have heard him. He finished cumming in my mouth and let me up off his cock and he was looking down at me know. I smiled at him and we both started laughing.

“I did the same thing when I watched it too,” I said and we both laughed again.

“Wow!” he said, “Where did she learn this from?”

“I’m not sure, but she’s obviously not a virgin anymore and she’s been doing this for a couple years for sure,” I said.

“But she’s ten! I never thought about sex when I was ten. Did you?” Bob asked.

I smiled at him and gave him a sexy look and said, “Well I started masturbating when I was in Kindergarten.”

Bob looked at me and he was shocked. I guess I never told him that before. “Wow.” He said, “Can we watch another one?”

“Yes, but let’s have a couple drinks first. I think you’re going to need it for this next one.” He looked at me and downed his drink. I went back downstairs and made us new stronger drinks. When I came back upstairs I looked where the girl’s room was and the light was on and the door was closed. I got close to the door and listened. I could hear them giggling and I thought I heard moaning. I smiled knowing the bear was capturing the scene for us and I went back in the room and joined my husband who was sitting in the big chair next to the computer now. He has already started watching the video of Sarah being eaten out by her six-year-old sister and then getting fucked by a larger dildo.

Bob was naked now at the chair and his cock was big and hard again. I smiled and sat on his lap and gave him his drink. “She’ got Sandy doing it too!” he said.

“I know,” I smiled and played with his balls with my fingertips. “I haven’t seen how this ends. I came twice watching it though.” I said.

“I bet!” he replied as he watched it unfold. Her sister was fucking Sarah with one of my dildos and we had a fantastic view of Sandy’s pussy and ass as she was on her hands and knees in front of the camera. We were both glued to the screen. Sarah’s eyes were closed and she was helping her sister guiding her hands on the toy as she fucked her harder.

“Ohhhh, yeah, fuck me sis!” she said, “You’re gonna make me cum!” She laid her head back and moaned again rolling her head from side to side. “Oh, uh, uh, uh, uh yeah fuck! Come on sis harder now and don’t stop!” she cried. “Ohhhhhhh yeah!” she yelled as she came. She pulled the toy into her pussy and held it there as she did. She was breathing really hard and we watched her stomach constricting and her naked body was covered with sweat. Once she calmed down and pulled the toy out of herself she looked sweetly at her baby sister and said, “Are you ready to get fucked?”

“Holy shit!” he said.

“Yeah!” she yelled and took her sister’s spot in the middle of the bed. She was naked from the waist down and she was only wearing a t-shirt. Sarah was completely naked and she got on her hands and knees in front of her sister giving us another fantastic view of our older daughter’s pussy and ass.

“Oh fuck!” Bob said as he reached down and flexed his cock in his hand. “She’s got your ass, honey.” He said as he pumped his cock up and down. I reached down taking his hand off his cock and I started jacking him off slowly. He was leaking pre-cum as we watched the scene. I rubbed it off with my thumb and sucked it into my mouth. He never noticed as he watched Sarah obviously licking her sister’s pussy. Sandy was enjoying it and she was looking like she was feeling better. Sarah brought the dildo up and got it covered in spit by sucking on it giving the lucky toy a blowjob. This must’ve made Bob nuts knowing she could give head.

She inserted the toy into her pussy but only put in the tip. She was rubbing her tiny clit and inserting the tip into her pussy. Sarah was enjoying it more now and she was about to cum. “Uh, uh, uh,” she moaned, “Put it in Sarah!” Sarah kept frigging the girl’s clit and she came. “Ohhhhhhh! Yes, yes, yes!” she yelled. At that time Sarah pushed the toy all the way inside her as far as she could go. “Ohhhhh, ow! It hurts!” cried Sandy as she had her cherry busted by her sister.

“Just relax.” She told Sandy and kept the toy inside her for a couple more minutes then took it out. It was covered in blood and she got off the bed to clean it up. This was likely the only time she actually cleaned the toys. She came back into the room and Sandy was still crying.

“That hurt!” she said as she got off the bed.

“I told you it would at first. We’ll try again tonight” Sarah said as they went out of the frame and the video ended.

“We need another one of these in their room!” Bob said.

I laughed and said, “It’s already in there and I think they are doing stuff right now.”

Bob got me off his lap and stood up and led me to the bed. He sat me down on the edge of the bed and pushed me down on my back lifting my legs in the air. He looked me in the eyes and said, “I love you, Maria.” He dropped his mouth to my pussy and started licking. I loved the way he attacked me as he just went at it. I think he was imagining he was licking his daughter, but that was okay. I was imagining she was the one eating me out. How bad were we? He got me off and I had two orgasms, then he put me up on the bed on my hands and knees and shoved his hard cock right up my ass. “Ohhhhh shit!” he said as he started fucking me. I put my head down on the mattress and left my ass high in the air. “Mmmmmm,” he said and he grabbed my hips and started pounding my ass.

“Oh, oh, oh, yeah fuck me, Bobby!” I said and he fucked me deep then came inside my asshole. “Ahhhhhhh, yes, uh huh, fuck!” I moaned as he finished himself in my ass. He collapsed on top of me and lay on my back kissing the back of my neck.

“I want to watch more videos,” he said as he got up and got back on the computer. He started the next video and I fell asleep on the bed my ass still full of his cum.

Chapter 3

Bob sat at the computer and watched a series of the videos after the one when Sarah broke her sister’s cherry. There were several and they were all of Sarah coming in and either grabbing a toy or stealing thongs. He was frustrated after the fourth one. He needed and wanted more. He figured out how to see how big the files were and then he went for the next big video. It was dated two days after she busted Sandy’s cherry. He clicked it and watched it start.

Sarah came into the room again and she was talking to someone who was out of frame. “See! This is where she hides them. Look at the size of this one” she said as she held up the big black dildo. “I play with them all the time. Come closer!” she said as someone walked past the Nanny cam bear and got in the shot. It was a friend of hers from her class. Bob almost came in his pants.

Sarah was a nimble little minx. She not only brought in her sister teaching her how to do sexual things who was only six years old, but she was also showing her friends from her school. “Come on Cameron, it’s so cool.” She said as the little girl was amazed at the size of the toy. Cameron was a girl Bob has never met. She was small. She only rose to about Sarah’s shoulder and had long red hair and freckles that made him very excited. She was cute as hell and was interested in the toys.

She played with the dildo in her hands and she asked, “She puts this inside herself? What did you this thing?” How does it fit inside her if it’s so big?”

“She puts it inside her pussy and she puts this slippery stuff on it first. It makes it really slick then it just slides right in,” she said as she grabbed the lube from the dresser and applied it to her hand and then put her hand in front of the girl’s face.

Cameron rubbed the lubricant on her hand and smiled. “Wow,” she said, “It is really slick and that makes is go inside her?”

“Yes,” said his daughter, “I can show you, but you need to take off your clothes first.”

“Why?” asked Cameron.

Sarah laughed and said, “I can’t put this in your pussy if you have your clothes on silly!”

“Ohhhhhh I get it. I don’t want you to stick it in me. I’m scared and you said it hurts,” said the little red head.

“Okay, I understand. But we can still do stuff. If you take off your clothes, I can show you how to make yourself feel really good anytime and I can show you how to cum.” Sarah was quite good at convincing others to do what she wants.

“Okay, but can you show me how to suck cocks like you promised? My brother said that he’d give me five bucks if I sucked his cock and I want to buy some new underwear from that store in the mall like you have.”

“Sure, I can show you that too! But you have to get naked first!” replied Sarah.

“Okay,” said the little sexpot and she stripped out of her clothes in a flash. Sarah put her up on the bed and I saw her body for the first time naked. I know this little girl. She’s at the house all the time. Sarah calls her one of her BFFs. Her body was perfect. She was tiny and at about 4 feet tall she couldn’t have weighed more than 70 lbs. Her long red hair cascaded down the front of her body trying to hide her flat chest. She was a little more developed than Sarah and her nipples were large and swollen. Like her body knew boobs were coming but didn’t know what to do so they just swelled with anticipation of what was about to come. She lies on the bed and spread her legs for my daughter.

Bob looked at the bed and saw his wife still sleeping so he continued watching with a little guilt. Sarah got on the bed, and she had one of his wife’s dildos in her hand. She knelt in front of her friend’s pussy and started licking. She was on her hands and knees in front of the camera and going to town on the pre-teen pussy in front of her. He was not sure where she got it but she was enjoying her pussy as much as he would have. Sarah was licking her bald delicious pussy and Cameron was watching her intently at first. She held her hair out of the way so she could watch her and then she closed her eyes and threw her head back in pleasure.

“Wow, this feels so good,” she said.

“Yeah,” said his daughter, “Sex is the best! I love it. Maybe if I show you what to do you can bring your brother over before my folks come home and we can fuck him. I haven’t fucked a boy yet just these silly toys.”

“Oh yeah!” said the redhead, “Do you think he’d do it?”

“Oh yeah, you get him over here and I’ll do the rest.” She said as she went back to licking her friend’s pussy.

“Okay,” she said as she closed her eyes again as his daughter ate her little pussy. Bob couldn’t see what she was doing because of the angle, but she had her hand upon her pussy and it looked like she was rubbing her little clit as she sucked her pussy. “Ohhhhh yeah, I feel funny.” She said to his daughter.

“Just relax Cam” Sarah replied. I’m going to make you cum now. It’s going to feel funny and it’ll feel like you’re going to pee. You won’t just go with it. It feels better than anything when you cum I promise.” Sarah went back to work on her little friend. Within a minute she had her friend moaning again.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah, ah, ah, ah mmmmmmmm I feel it, Sarah,” she moaned as she was playing with Sarah’s hair as she ate her pussy. “Oh gosh, yeah here it comes. Ahhhhhhhhhh oh, oh-oh.” Sarah never stopped licking as she came all over her face. When she was finished cumming her friend sat up and said, “That was cool. But how can I do that myself?”

“Do you see this little bump at the top? Just play with yourself with your fingers and focus on this bump. That’s your clitty and it is what makes you cum,” she said as she sucked her clit into her mouth.

Cameron moaned again, “Ohhhh wow that makes me want to do it again!”

“See! I told you. But let me show you how to suck cock first.” She said as she grabbed the dildo. Both girls got up and lay on the end of the bed face to face on their bellies right in front of the camera. It was perfect. “All you have to do is open wide and watch your teeth. If you scrape your teeth on it, you’ll leave marks on the dildo so be careful. I imagine that would hurt too. She opened her mouth and sucked the plastic cock into her mouth in one try. She’d obviously done this before. She started bobbing her head up and down the toy noisily sucking on it with her mouth and lips. “Ok, now you try!” she told her friend.

Cameron got into position and I could see her young developing titties better now as she tried sucking on it the first time. She put it in her mouth and did pretty well for a first timer. She had about 3 inches in her mouth and she was bobbing up and down mimicking his daughter. “Like this?” she asked.

“Yeah, but try to get more in your mouth.”

“I tried but it’s hitting my throat and makes me gag,” said Cameron.

“Just relax your throat and try to swallow when it gets back there. That helps and once your throat gets used to it you don’t have to do anything and it’ll just slide down your throat.” Sarah was happy to share.

“Okay,” said the redhead as she went back down on the toy. Soon she has almost 5 inches in her mouth and throat and was no longer gagging as much. “Wow! That is so cool!” she said as she pulled her head off the plastic cock.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to try it on a boy. Come here and lay on top of me and we can play with each other’s pussy at the same time!” she said as she moved to the middle of the bed. Cameron climbed on top of her and again they were at a decent angle with the redhead’s pussy aimed at the camera. I was able to see my daughter straining her neck up to reach her pussy and her tongue and lips going wild as they manipulated her tiny pink pussy. Soon, Sarah had her fingers twisting and pulling on her pussy lips and clit making the girl moan and squeal with delight as she ground her pussy on her face. After Cameron came she adjusted herself and moved towards Sarah’s pussy and while I couldn’t see her Sarah’s head fell back and her eyes closed as her friend licked and sucked on her pussy making her climb to a climax as well.

The naked little girl was obviously licking her pussy clean as my daughter moaned and moaned as she neared her climax as well. “Oh, Cam! Suck it yes! I’m cumming!” She yelled as she came in our bed that we sleep in every night. Once the girls settled down, they climbed out of the bed and ran out of the room.

Bob sat at the desk with a raging hard on and couldn’t click the next video fast enough. There was a couple more that afternoon but they were short. So he moved to the next day after school. There was a really big file so that should mean action for sure.

It started with Sarah coming in the room and jumping on the bed. Cameron followed and landed right next to her both were facing the foot of the bed towards the camera. They were talking to someone outside the shot who was probably near the door.

“Come on Toby! I promise you’ll like it!” Sarah said as she was likely talking him into it all the way from school.

“I know I’ll like it! But how do I know you’ll be able to make me cum? I’ve had plenty of little girls who have tried to suck my cock but then not be able to make me cum. That’s worse than not getting any is when you’re promised to suck it but can’t get me off,” he said.

“Oh, I promise!” Sarah said. “If we can’t finish you off, you can fuck me!” She said as she smiled and started taking off her top.

Bob was amazed that her ten-year-old daughter who he thought was a virgin was not only not a virgin anymore but seducing boys to come to his house when they were on vacation and sucking their cocks in his bedroom. He was mad as hell but equally turned on.

“Okay,” said the boy as he came into the frame and sat on the bed between the girls. He looked to be around 14 or so. He looked just like his sister with matching red hair and freckles to boot. “But you both have to be naked.”

“Okay!” Sarah said as she nudged her friend and they both started stripping. “You too!” She said as she moved off the bed to take off her pants. Soon both girls were back on the bed and Toby stood up and faced the girls with his back to the camera and he took off his pants in front of the girls. When he was naked both girls were smiling and Sarah looked at her friend and said, Wow! He is big like you said!”

“I told you!” Cameron said as she made room for her brother on the bed and he sat down and revealed his hard cock to the camera. Bob was impressed. The young boy was sporting a big 8 or 9” cock. It was pretty good sized for a boy his age. Both girls converged on his lap from both sides as he moved up to the head of the bed and used a pillow to watch the young girls prepare to suck his cock.

Sarah moved into position and she was on her hands and knees next to him and she grabbed his cock and began pumping his cock in her tight fist. “Wow!” she said as she felt a real cock for the first time. “It feels fantastic! It’s hard in the middle but the head is spongy and soft.” She moved her other hand down and started playing with his balls and said, “Look at his balls! They feel so weird!” Cameron reached over and started rubbing his cock and massaging her big brother’s balls. She was as amazed as Sarah was and this was not only the first cock she ever touched it was her brother’s.

Sarah leaned forward and stretched her mouth wide open and she took his massive head into her mouth and began sucking it into her tiny mouth. “Mmmmmmm,” Toby said as she moved her mouth onto his cock. “That feels so fucking good don’t stop!” Sarah was able to get about half of his cock into her mouth and she started bobbing her head up and down on his cock as he moaned begging her to take more of his cock in her mouth. “You try now sis!” he said as he pulled her closer to his cock. She was just watching her friend suck it as she played with his giant balls.

“Okay.” The tiny redhead said as she got up on her knees and leaned in closer to my daughter. Sarah took his cock out of her mouth and took a big breath as she pumped his cock in her hands giving it to her friend. Cameron pumped it in her hands using both hands to pump his cock and she leaned closer to Sarah and kissed her slipping her tongue into her mouth and they kissed each other swirling their tongues around the others.

“Oh fuck! Are you guys lezzing out with each other?” He asked amazed at the girls kissing each other.

“Maybe,” Cameron said when she finished kissing her and moved down and took his hard cock into her tiny mouth. She was not able to take as much as Sarah did. But she was bobbing up and down getting about 3 or 4” inside her and was rolling her hot tongue around the head as she went to the top. She was sucking his cock deeper and looking right at him as she sucked it.

Her hands were both pumping his cock as she sucked him and he smiled at his kid sister as she pleasured him. She was about to get a surprise but he didn’t warn her. He reached behind her long red hair and bunched her hair in a ponytail behind her head with his hand and guided her head up and down his cock. He pumped his cock in and out as she followed him with her mouth and he was about 6 inches deep in his sister as he groaned and began cumming in her mouth.

“Oh, uh, mmmmm, uh, ugh, slurp.” Were the sounds she made as he pumped his seed into her waiting mouth. She was still pumping his cock as he came. His seed that flowed inside her surprised her but she wasted none of it. Soon he pumped three then four huge spurts of cum into her and she swallowed eagerly not missing any of it. None was wasted as she swallowed it all.

“Oh yeah, sis! Suck that cum!” he said as he was so eager for her to suck his cock again.

“Bob was stroking his cock as he watched the video and soon his cum was spurting from his cock and landing all over covering himself in his own seed. He paused the video and cleaned up the mess that was all over his cock and balls. He looked at the slider on the video and realized that he was only halfway done with the video. He turned off the monitor and went to bed. He would continue the video tomorrow.

Chapter 4

I woke up in the morning and Bob was sleeping in the bed with me. I reached over and his cock was as hard as stone. I slipped under the covers and slid his cock into my mouth and began sucking it. His cock was leaking already and I could just imagine what he was dreaming about. He ripped the covers off exposing me to his view and he grabbed me by the back of my head and a handful of hair.

I looked into his eyes as he fucked my face pulling me deeper than I was used to and I gagged a few times making my eyes water. He was not far from cumming when he shoved my head almost completely onto his cock and held me there as he began cumming. Spurt after spurt of his salty seed sprayed into my mouth into my throat. I swallowed everything he gave me and then when he was done I rose and kissed him on the mouth. He accepted my tongue and we kissed for a few minutes as he could undoubtedly taste himself as I kissed him.

“Pleasant dreams honey?” I said.

“Oh yeah, you have to watch the rest of the video I stopped last night. She and Cameron invited Cameron’s brother over and they both sucked him off right in front of the camera. I came and stopped the video but there was quite a bit of time left on the video. I’m sure he fucked one or both of them.” Bob said. “But I have to go to work. Let me know what happens when you watch it!” He said as he got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

I went down to the kitchen and made us some coffee and got the girl’s ready for school. Sarah was dressed really cute today. She was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a tiny little t-shirt that said “Drama Queen” on the front of it and it revealed every bump on her chest. Her tiny nipples were starting to grow showing just a hint of growth. I knew I would be required to get her some training bras soon, but I decided to wait until the school told me to do it before I went. I loved seeing her tiny tit buds forming under her tight shirts. Sandy was as cute as ever. I looked at them both and could not believe they were already being sexual and that Sarah had taken her sister’s cherry just last week.

Bob came down and kissed all of the girls and went to work. I made sure to grab his cock as I kissed him sending a shiver up my spine as he walked out the door. The girls followed him out the door and I cleaned up the kitchen and raced back upstairs to watch my daughter and her friend possibly fuck Cameron’s brother. I was not disappointed. I turned on the monitor and both girls were playing and kissing the head of Toby’s cock as they finished his cock sucking. Soon since he was not getting soft he was holding Sarah’s head as she continued sucking him again. His large cock made me wetter and I watched as she took more and more of his cock between her pink lips.

Toby stood up removing her from his cock and he bent her over on the bed and spread her legs wide in front of him. He pressed his cock between her pussy lips and pushed. He went in easily and began fucking my ten-year-old with ease. I was amazed at how easily he fucked her. She must have been fucking my toys for quite some time. He was pushing more and more and soon it looked like his entire cock was buried in her pussy. She had her face on the bed flat as he pounded her completely bumping her face against the mattress as he fucked her.

“Oh yeah Sarah, you are so wet! I love it fuck me back like I am fucking you!” She listened and raised her head from the mattress and got on her hands and pushed back to meet his strokes as he fucked her harder. Soon she buried his entire shaft inside her as Cameron walked in front of her and bent down to suck on her best friend’s tit buds. Cameron had her nipples exploding soon and she was cumming while the boy fucked her from behind.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes! Cameron suck my titties!” Sarah yelled as she came. “Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh!”

Toby was about to cum and soon he was pounding her ass harder and harder as he pumped his cum deep in her belly. “Ohhhhhhhhh!” He moaned as he dumped inside her. Toby was young but he looked like he knew about fucking pretty well. Sarah released a loud cry as he pumped the last of his cum inside the girl.

Sarah turned over and spread her legs wide and said, “Eat his cum out of my pussy Cameron!”

“Fuck yeah!” Toby said watching his baby sister dive between her best friend’s legs without question and begin sucking his cum out of her pussy. Her mouth sucked and pulled as she licked the salty stringy cum from her twat into her mouth.

I was so turned on I was playing with my pussy as the sexy little redhead licked her big brother’s cum out of my daughter’s pussy. The video ended as I looked for another. These things were like a drug. I was so excited about watching one but then couldn’t wait to get to the next one. That was all there was for that day other than a couple short ones. The next day had a couple longer scenes so I went to the first one.

My beautiful blonde daughter walked into the room and she was stripping before long and she grabbed a toy and wasted no time getting in the middle of the bed and started fucking herself with it. I watched as she was pumping in and out of herself and she moaned like crazy as she came. But this time she pulled the plastic toy out of herself then closed her eyes and fell asleep. The video ended.

I opened the next file and I noticed it was a long one. I opened the file and it started with Sarah sleeping on the bed. Then someone walked into the room and was out of the frame. “What the fuck?” she said. It was Linda who walked in on Sarah sleeping on our bed, buck naked with a sex toy out. “Sarah,” Linda said as she walked into the frame “Why are you in your parent’s bedroom and why in the hell are you naked?” she yelled.

“I’m sorry!” said Sarah. “I was missing Mommy and Daddy. So I came in and fell asleep on their bed!” she started crying.

“You feel better sleeping on their bed naked?” Linda asked. “And what is that? Oh my God is that a dildo? Oh no, your Mother is going to be very upset with you.”

“Oh no, please don’t tell Aunt Linda!” She cried as she crawled to the edge of the bed where Linda was gawking at her. She wasn’t her Aunt, but they both called her that. “You can’t tell them. Mommy would be mad at me and Daddy would be too.”

I sat there amazed at the fact that Linda had discovered her like this and never told her. She watched, as Linda was now looking at Sarah differently. Sarah was on her knees in front of her sitting on her feet. “Please, Aunt Linda. Please don’t tell.” She pled with my friend.

“Oh, well I don’t know. Your mother and I have known each other a long time. She trusts me to watch you two, I have to tell her. Unless…” she said as she thought for a minute.

“What Aunt Linda, anything, I’ll do anything,” she begged.

Linda like hearing the words that came from the young girl’s lips, so she walked a little closer towards her and she stroked her hair and touched her face. “I guess we all have secrets. You like to play with toys and I have other things I like to do. I guess if I was allowed to indulge in some of my games with you, I could not tell your mother about this little slip-up.”

“Like what?” Sarah asked.

“Like you,” she said as she touched her face again. This time she stroked her cheek and then she traced her lips with her thumb. “See, I like girls. Usually, I am content with older girls and women like your mother. But seeing you here naked on your parent’s bed obviously after fucking yourself with that dildo, I think I would like to play with you. I guess if I was allowed to ravage you, I could forget about this little incident. But you have to do like you said. You have to let me do anything I want to you. Is that a deal? Anything…” she said as she lowered her face and kissed my daughter. Sarah was kind of flustered, but she opened her mouth and kissed my best friend on the lips. Linda moved and now I could not see them kissing but they kissed for a good couple minutes.

I should take a minute to describe Linda. Linda is around 32. She has long black hair that hangs below her shoulders. She is not a small woman but she has the biggest tits of any of my friends. I think she said 40FFF was her bra size. She and I have been lesbian lovers for several years. She is the most sensual woman I’ve ever met and she is kinky. Many times she goes to a lesbian bar and comes home with the hottest chick in the bar. She has piercings on her nipples and a few tattoos. Bob and I are trying to figure out how to work our way into a threesome since he really wants to fuck her giant titties.

When they broke their kiss Sarah whispered “Okay Auntie Linda. Ravage me!” she laid down on her back at the top of the bed and spread her legs wide looking at Linda. My friend then took off her top revealing her huge breasts to Sarah. Sarah was amazed and by the look on her face, she wanted to play with her tits as much as I wanted to the first time she stripped in front of me at the gym. Next off were her yoga pants and she climbed up on the bed positioning herself right in front of my daughter’s bald pussy. She wrapped her arms around her scooping under her ass bringing her pussy to her mouth and began licking Sarah’s pussy. Sarah reacted as Linda sucked on her pussy as she watched her and pulled her face closer to herself and rolled her head back moaning, “Ohhhh yeah. Lick my pussy, Aunty Linda! I like that.”

Sarah may not have realized it, but her babysitter was essentially blackmailing her to eat her pussy, but Sarah was more than willing if it included sex. She loved sex and this was just another way of feeling good using her body. Linda continued licking the ten-year-old girl’s pussy and Sarah was about to cum.

“Oh Aunt Linda, yes, yes, yes, so good. Make me cum!” she cried as she flexed her body up and down on the bed. Linda licked her pussy harder and brought up her hand and shoved a couple fingers into the girl’s pussy. With that Sarah came, “Oh, oh-oh yes! Cummmminnnng!”

I got so horny watching my best friend eat out my oldest daughter and making her cum. I grabbed a dildo off the desk and started fucking myself with the toy as I watched the video.

Sarah sat up and reached for Linda’s huge breasts. She held one in both hands and began squeezing them and playing with them. Her nipples were hard but since her tits were so big they did not protrude much. But Sarah latched onto her nipple and sucked it into her mouth making Linda moan and caressed her blonde hair as she sucked her. Sarah liked playing with her nipples and the piercings. She continued stroking her huge breasts on the sides and squeezed and played with them. She moved to the other one and it was just as nice. She loved her boobs and hoped that hers would come in soon so she could play with them herself.

Linda moved Sarah more into the middle of the bed. “Now lay down flat and I’ll get on top of you so you and I can lick each other’s pussy at the same time.” Sarah let her get on top of her and her larger body covered hers and all you could see was an occasional body part under her. But they both started sucking each other and soon they were both were cumming. “Oh yeah, lick it, baby!” Linda cried as she came on the child’s face. “Oh, oh ahhhhhhh yeah. Fuck!”

Once Linda came, she moved off the girl. She wanted to fuck the girl. So she went to the drawer where the toys were and she grabbed a larger black strap on dildo. Sarah was looking at her as she started putting the strap on around her waist and readied it to fuck the pre-teen. She never understood what it was for until now. She was smiling at her Aunty and waiting for directions.

“OK little girl, now I’m going to fuck you.” she said.

“OK what do I do?” asked Sarah.

“Just get up on your hands and knees and face that way,” Linda said. My stomach dropped as I realized she was setting her up at a perfect angle for the camera. Sarah bent over and stuck her beautiful ass in the air and waited for Linda looking over her shoulder. I was fucking myself harder now as I watched the scene unfold. I was so horny watching Linda get ready to fuck Sarah and I was also jealous as hell. Linda was content with the strap on and she got behind my daughter on the bed and rubbed a little lube on the dildo and put it at the entrance to her pussy. The black dildo was rather large and you could see that Sarah was a little afraid.

“I’ve never had one that big all the way inside. I’ve had the Giant black one but less than half,” she said.

“You don’t worry baby, I’m lubing it up nice and it’ll just start slipping inside. Trust me.” Linda said as she slid the head of the large cock inside her.

“Oh, wow, yes!” said Sarah as it entered her pussy. The cock was about 8 inches long and 3 inches across at the base. “Ugh, uh, uh yeah!” she moaned. Linda was sliding the cock in and out slowly as she got her use to the feel. She wished sometimes she had a cock. She frequently fucked girls and women with strap on dildos and she was very experienced. She was planning on fucking Sarah and making her cum several times.

Linda was looking at her pussy as she slid more inside. Sarah had a spectacular ass as she was pumping back to meet her strokes now. She had a hand on each of her hips pulling it back and forth. “Yeah, baby fuck this big dick. I’m fucking you so good,” she said as she pumped the cock deeper. She pushed Sarah’s shoulders down and arched the girls back higher so her pussy was at the perfect angle. Sarah was really enjoying it now and she was getting fucked harder.

I watched Linda pump my daughter harder and she was moaning, “Oh, oh, oh, ahhhhhh, uh, uh, uh, uh” I heard her as she was heading towards another cum. All I could see was the back of Sarah’s head as she was looking over the shoulder on her other side and her pussy was being pummeled, “Ah, ah, ah, uhnnnnnn yes fuck me!” she moaned. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” she cried as she came again. Linda was fucking the girl as hard as she could now and after she came she slowed down and withdrew the black toy from her tight cunt. She had most of it inside the girl when she came.

At this point I was fucking myself with the dildo I had so much I was cumming too. I came and thought the neighbors could hear me I was moaning so loudly.

“Oh yeah,” Linda said as she pulled out of Sarah and got off the bed. She was out of the shot but I could hear her taking off the strap on. “That was good. Now, remember, you don’t talk about this and I don’t talk about finding you in your Mom’s room. Deal?”

Sarah was fine with it. But she added, “And you can do anything to me anytime you want.”

Linda was not ready for that, but she agreed, “You bet sweetheart.” Linda walked in front of the camera leaving the room and called, “Come on let’s get you showered before your sister gets home. I’d hate to explain this to her.

Sarah laughed and ran out of the room behind her yelling something I couldn’t understand and the video ended.

“My God,” I thought to myself. “Linda fucked Sarah… Linda fucked Sarah and never said anything to me about it.” I did not know what to think. It made me so horny I wanted to get fucked again just thinking about it. I went in and took a shower and I had two more orgasms thinking about what I just saw.

After I was dressed, I picked up my phone and sent a text to Linda, “Please come by the house today if you can. I have something to show you.” I sent it. She sent a text back almost immediately and said she could stop by after lunch. Now I had to figure out how I wanted to play this. I was not mad at Linda. I wanted to talk to her about it and I think Linda is sexy as hell. I love being with women and wanted to have her lick my pussy and fuck me the same way she fucked Sarah.

Chapter 5

I waited for Linda to arrive and I was planning what I was going to say to her. I saw her blackmailing my daughter when she caught her in my room after she fell asleep from a self-induced orgasm. She ate her little pussy then did a sixty-nine with her on the bed and finished by fucking her with the same strap on dildo I’ve fucked Linda with. I was moist with anticipation as I sat with a glass of wine waiting for her to knock on the door.

When she arrived I was dressed in only a robe. This was how I met her and I usually would text her with the same message when I wanted her to come over for a fucking session. So she suspected nothing. She knocked and I answered the door. My nipples were hard enough to cut glass and my pussy was soaking wet. She smiled as she entered and kissed me as she walked inside.

I kissed her back and then closed the door. She was dressed in a sexy white button down shirt and a black skirt. She was always impeccably dressed and smelled fabulous. She wore my favorite perfume as always and sat on the couch waiting for me. I walked to the bar and poured her favorite drink for her and I handed it to her and sat next to her. I never said a word as I knelt in front of her and began unbuttoning her blouse and removed it exposing a sexy white lace bra. She took a drink from her glass and set it down on the coffee table then I wrapped my arms around her and unclasped her massive bra and let it fall forward and I removed it as well.

She sat in front of me topless with a sexy smile on her face. Her long flowing dress covered her legs and revealed a sexy pair of high heel shoes. I left the rest of her clothes on as I moved closer and began squeezing and massaging her giant breasts with my hands. She moaned as I pinched her nipples and began sucking on them playing with her nipples. Soon they were hard nubs and I was toying with them in my mouth.

“So,” I said taking my mouth off her tits. “I found out that Sarah was fooling around while we were gone.”

Linda smiled as I continued sucking her breasts as I spoke to her. “Oh yeah? How did you find that out?” She mewed.

“I had a nanny cam in my bedroom and I saw everything that happened in that room the entire time we were gone.”

Linda’s eyes shot open and she sat up. “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I’ve been watching the videos all week. I made it about halfway so far.” I said as I sucked her nipple again and bit it this time. She reacted to my nibble and she looked scared. “It’s okay baby. I understand why you did it, but I don’t understand why you didn’t tell me about it?” I returned to kissing and sucking her big boobs gently.

“I don’t know. I guess I was scared. I didn’t know how you and Bob would react.”

“Well, I’m fine with it. Better you than some teenage boy with a stiff cock who’ll knock her up. I haven’t told Bob yet, but I will tonight. But I think I know what will make it better though. He’s wanted a three-way with you. We should tell him after we have a threesome!” I said smiling.

“Okay fine. But you need to know something else…” Linda said. I spent some time with Sarah too. I licked her pussy many times after I fucked Sarah and she wants me to fuck her with the strap-on sometime soon. I gave them both my cell phone and they have both been calling be to hook up.”

“Okay. After we fuck Bob tonight and blow his mind we are going to devise a plan. He is going to fuck his daughters. Then it’s open season on the kids and we can just enjoy ourselves with them. I’ve already seen one of Sarah’s friend’s brother fuck Sarah and he has an eight-inch cock! I know I want some of that and I bet you do too!” I said as we finished talking. Now I want you to fuck me with this.” I said as I wagged the same dildo she fucked Sarah with.

“You got it!” She said as she got up and removed the rest of her clothes. She strapped on the dildo and I knelt in front of her and sucked that big black cock like it was my husband’s. I got it all wet and slippery and she knew I was ready for it. She stood me up and moved me bending me over the bed. I cocked one knee and she slid the head inside my pussy.

“Ughffff.” I moaned as I felt the big head slide inside of me. I looked over my shoulder and she had her hands on both of my hips and she started riding me forcing more of her plastic cock inside me. “Oh, baby. I love it when you fuck me with that thing!” I said. She smiled and started fucking faster. I closed my eyes and thought of her fucking my ten-year-old and wondered how far she went with little Sarah. The naughty thoughts of my daughters and soon I was cumming. “Oh fuck me! Fuck my pussy just like you fucked Sarah’s! Oh yessssssss!” I cried as she pummeled my pussy and made me cum harder than I had all week. She slowed her pace after I came and then slowly pulled the plastic toy out of my pussy and I laid on the bed panting as she took off the strap on and laid next to me on the mattress. “Oh, baby! I came so good!”

“I saw that!” She replied. I’m going to go. “What time do you want me here tonight?” She asked me.

“Nine o’clock,” I said.

She smiled at me and said, “Okay.” She left and I took a shower and finished my day. I didn’t even watch any more videos that afternoon. I was anxiously awaiting for my threesome with my two best friends. That night after we ate dinner and the kids took baths and they were playing in their room. Linda came over and we quietly got up and went upstairs and straight to the bedroom. I told Bob that Linda had finally said yes to a threesome and he was all for it! He thought she was hot and wanted to play with her huge titties for sure. When we got into the bedroom I asked Linda to tell us the entire story about how she caught Sarah in our room and manipulated her into allowing her to suck her pussy and fuck her little bald pussy. We were all naked and Bob’s cock was rock hard as she told him the story.

Then she started telling us about how that night, Sarah came into the guest bedroom when she was sleeping. Sarah didn’t say anything. She stripped naked and climbed into the bed with Linda. She laid there next to her and then Linda leaned in and kissed her long and hard. Sarah accepted her tongue and rolled hers around it and moaned. After they kissed for a few minutes they were both breathing harder and Sarah looked up at her and said, “I want you to fuck me again Aunt Linda!”

“Oh yeah?” she said as she reached down inserting a finger between her pussy lips. Sarah was really hot and super wet and she laid back and spread her thighs for her. Linda leaned down and sucked on her tiny nipples and they hardened quickly. She kicked off the sheets and blanket and moved down her body kissing her all over. Soon she was licking her tiny bald pussy again making the child moan.

“Oh yeah. It feels so good Aunt Linda. Lick my pussy!” She said as she found her clit and she moaned again. “Ohhhhhhh.” Soon she had the girl writhing on the bed pulling her long black hair as she tongued her pussy. Sarah came screaming loudly and Linda freaked out.

“Shhhhhhh,” she said as she put her hand over her mouth. “Sandy’s gonna hear you!”

“It’s okay. I just ate her little pussy and made her cum before I came in here to molest you! That’s why I was so horny. She’ll be asleep for a while.

“You and your sister have sex?”

“Uh huh.” She said as she reached down and played with her Aunt’s big titties. I took her cherry yesterday with one of Mommy’s toys. She’s sore right now but she should be able to fuck again tomorrow,” she said.

Linda looked over at Bob and Maria and Bob was getting his dick sucked by her beautiful friend. “So do you like getting your dick sucked while I talk about eating your daughter’s pussy, Bob?”

Bob looked at her smiling and said, “Oh yeah.”

“Why don’t you come over here and fuck me and if you make me cum really good I’ll tell you about how I sucked little Sarah’s pussy too, Bob.”

Bob moved immediately and removed the last of her clothes and bent her over on the bed and shoved his cock deep inside her. “Oh yeah!” She moaned as he entered her. She looked at me and she was smiling as my husband fucked her. She closed her eyes and accepted all of the cock she was given. Soon he had both hands gripping her by the hips and he fucked her as hard as he could. She rocked back and forth then he came deep inside her exploding into her tight pussy.

“Uhhhhhhh.” Bob said as he dumped his load inside her. He collapsed on top of her and grabbed her big boobs from behind and gave it one of them a good squeeze. Linda looked at him and smiled. I was watching them both cum as I was playing with my pussy and then Linda spotted me and moved closer to me and went down on my sucking my rigid clit in her mouth. I came almost instantly. Once we all received some relief we sat on the bed naked recovering from our own orgasms.

Linda continued her story as Bob and I admired her body. She remained naked as she spoke. “So like I said, Sarah just came really loudly and she told me that she just licked her little sister’s pussy before she came in to see me. That intrigued me. I asked, “Can we go back to your bedroom? I’d love to make love to both of you girls if I could.”

“Sure, but you have to promise to fuck me with that big black strap on!” she begged.

“Okay baby. You really liked that, didn’t you? But let’s go wake up your baby sister and then you can lick my pussy while I make her cum.”

“That’s a deal!” said the girl as she bolted up and we left the bedroom heading for their room. Once we were in the room I saw Sandy laying naked on her stomach under the sheets. I moved over and tugged on her shoulder shaking her gently.

She woke up and saw me and her sister looking at her and she said, “Hi Linda, what’s going on?”

“Your sister and I were just having some fun in my room and I wanted to include you. Do you want to have some more fun with us?” Asked Linda.

“Oh heck yes! I love it when Sarah does stuff with me. What do you want me to do?” she asked with wide eyes.

“I’m going to lay on the bed, I want you to sit on my face and Sarah’s going to lick my pussy. Then after that, I’m going to fuck her with this!” She said as she held up the giant strap on. It was eight or nine inches long and plenty fat.

“Okay!” she said as we all started moving into positions. I was on my back and Sandy straddled my face facing her sister as she lowered her tiny little pussy onto my face. She lowered it with a giggle as I started licking it as soon as she could reach it. She tasted very sweet and smelled very clean since she just had a bath. Her pussy was undeveloped and her lips were straight as an arrow and barely parted until I spread them with my fingers. Her pussy was so cute, I saw her pink inner lips and started sucking on them making her moan as she enjoyed the feelings I was giving her.

Meanwhile, Sarah moved to my pussy and started licking it. She started fingering my wet soaking pussy as she licked and it felt so fucking good. Soon she had three fingers inside me and I said, “More!” looking at her from under her sister’s pussy. So Sarah added a fourth finger then she added her thumb. Once she was moving her hand in and out soon she had her entire hand inside me and I moaned and spread my legs wider begging her to fuck me with her entire hand and go deeper. “Oh my God! My whole hand is inside you!” she said.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I started cumming and screamed as she fist fucked my pussy and I ate Sandy’s pussy until she came on her tongue. We all had a fantastic night that night and I fucked Sarah again with the big black dildo and they played games for the rest of the week.

Once she finished her story we all fucked again. When we finished our fun we all fell asleep in the huge king size bed.

Bob woke up in the middle of the night. He just had a dream that he fucked Sarah and he looked over at his wife and Linda who were spooning each other on the bed. His daughter was obviously fantasizing about him. She had called out his name when she was fucking herself in the first video. So he left himself naked and he walked out of the room heading towards the girl’s room. She was sleeping in the bottom bunk and he took the covers off of her and she was wearing one of his t-shirts. It was big on her and he could see that she was naked underneath and knowing that made his cock stiffen immediately. He picked her up and she woke up a little putting her hands around his neck as she was being carried out of her room.

Bob headed downstairs and past the kitchen. He opened the door to the basement and clicked on the light carrying his daughter down the narrow stairs into the finished basement. She still had her eyes closed as he put her down on the sofa. He laid her down and she stretched a little bit and opened her eyes for the first time. “What are you doing with me Daddy?” she asked as she sat up on the chair and first noticed Bob was naked. “Daddy! You’re naked!”

“Uh huh,” Bob said as he pulled the big t-shirt over her head with her help. “Now you are too. Sarah, I want to teach you all about sex. You are old enough now and I want to. Is that okay with you baby?” he asked.

She nodded her head in agreement. “Yes Daddy, I’d love too!”

“Okay honey,” he said as he stood up. “I want you to suck my cock. Do you know how to do that?”

She nodded and positioned herself in front of his hard cock. It was so different than Toby’s was. It was hot when she touched it and he moved when she touched it. “Mmmmmmmm” he moaned. She squeezed it and was surprised at the texture of it. It was soft and squishy but hard in the middle when she squeezed it. She felt his balls that here hanging below his cock. She’d never seen a man’s balls. They were huge and when she touched them he moaned again. She put the head of his cock in her tiny mouth and started sucking on it. “Oh yes,” moaned her daddy.

She looked up at him and started bobbing her head up and down on his cock. Bob loved the sight of his daughter with his big cock sticking out of her mouth. Her big blue eyes were looking at him as she sucked it and her tongue was not doing anything. She was quite inexperienced. She knew how to put a cock in her mouth and go up and down, but she didn’t know how to please him. Bob stopped her and pulled her up and said, “Honey, you have the basics, but use your hand to help your mouth and move it with your mouth. Also move your tongue around when you are sucking and when you pull it out of your mouth use your tongue to go around the head and roll it up and down once in a while as well.”

“Okay Daddy,” she said as she went back to sucking his cock and tried some of the things her daddy suggested. She was moving her tongue more and using her lips to create more suction around his cock and he responded when she did that so she kept doing it. She was still sitting on the edge of the sofa and she dropped down to her knees in front of him, which gave her more room to use her hands better on his cock as she sucked it. He moaned when she was in the new position in front of him.

“Oh yeah baby that’s better,” he said. He put his hand behind her head and started urging her on more making her bob up and down on him faster. “Mmmmmmmm yes,” he said.

“Am I doing better?” she asked in between plunges.

“Yes baby” he replied. He was going to cum in her mouth soon. “I’m gonna cum soon you better pull off honey.” Hearing this she started sucking harder and did not pull off. She looked into his eyes as she sucked him and that made him cum hard. His baby was sucking on his cock and wanted to taste his cum. His first spurt hit the back of her throat and she choked on it and closed her eyes trying to focus on swallowing it. He came again and this time she was ready. She continued swallowing her Daddy’s cum and was staring in his eyes again moaning around his hard cock.

“Mmmmmm Daddy, it tastes so good,” she said as she finished his load and pulled off his cock. She continued jerking his cock in her hand and he had to pull her hand off his cock.

“Wow honey that was great, but I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you do that,” he said as he sat down next to his naked girl on the couch.

“Daddy, I loved it. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to suck your cock. And I want to do it again. Please Daddy, don’t let me suck you off and then take it away,” she begged.

“Okay honey, but you can stop anytime you want. And if I ask you to do anything you don’t want to do just say no. Okay?” Bob said as he stroked her hair.

“Yes Daddy yes!” she said. “Will you fuck me now Daddy?” she asked as she reached down and touched his now flaccid dick. Once she realized his cock wasn’t hard she frowned. “Why isn’t it hard Daddy? Are you finished?”

“No baby, but it takes me a while to recover and I’ve already cum a few times today. Why don’t I lick your little pussy and then I should be ready in no time.” He replied.

“Sure!” she replied, “What do I do?”

“Just lay back and spread your legs for me baby and I’ll do the rest,” Bob said as Sarah did as she was told and laid back spreading her legs wide and sticking her legs in the air and holding her feet in her hands with her legs fully extended. “Wow, I guess ballet lessons are actually going to pay off!” he said and chuckled. He lowered his face to her bald pussy and began licking it.

“Oh Daddy” She moaned as he started. “That feels so good.”

Bob looked up at his daughter and continued licking her and he ran his tongue up the crack of her tight pussy and sucked her clit into his mouth. She moaned again and started running her hands through his hair pulling his face harder into her pussy. He put his hands under her ass and lifted her butt up off the sofa cushion holding it in his hands giving himself better access. She was so light he did it effortlessly. Sarah put her hands on the sofa now and used them for leverage, as she got even more excited watching her Daddy lick her 10-year-old pussy.

“Yes Daddy, don’t stop. I’m gonna cum!” she said as she rubbed her pussy up and down on his lips and tongue grinding him better now. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. “Oh, uh, uh, yessss, mmmmm” she moaned as she was about to lose it. “Ah, ah, ah, ah Ahhhhhhhh!” she cried as she came on her father’s tongue.

Bob swirled his tongue around the inside of her sweet pussy as she came. He lapped up her juices and continued licking her as she wrapped her legs around his head trapping him there. He switched to her clit again and she exploded again as she came a second time under his manipulations. “Mmmmmmmm” he moaned as he finished sucking her tiny clit in his mouth. “Delicious,” he said as he pulled his head back admiring her sexy little girl body.

“Wow, Daddy! That was the best ever!” she said as she started coming down off her orgasm.

Bob leaned up and reached down grasping his now hard cock in his fist and pumped it up and down in front of his young daughter. “Are you ready to get fucked by your Daddy Sarah?”

“Uh huh!” she replied as she spread her legs wide and played with her little pussy with her fingers spreading herself for her Daddy. “Fuck me Daddy…I’ve been waiting for this a long time too,” she said.

“Ok baby.” He replied as he lined up his hard cock with her tiny slit. Just as he was at the entrance to her hole he pushed inside. She was so wet from cumming he slid almost all the way into her tight pussy with one push. “Oh fuck!” he said feeling the heat of her tight, pre-teen pussy. “You are so tight and so hot. Did that hurt?” he asked as he stroked her cheek.

She shook her head no, “No Daddy it feels really good. Please don’t stop.” Bob had no intention to stop. Hearing there was no pain he started slowly working his cock in and out of her tight pussy. “Oh yes,” she moaned as he started fucking her pussy faster and harder. She reached down and began stroking her clit with her fingers as he fucked her in and out. She knew stroking her clit was an easy way to masturbate but she never touched it while getting fucked before. It felt so good.

Bob knew there was no way he could hold out for long. Even though he came so much already watching his hard cock slide in and out of his oldest daughter made him want to cum as soon as he slid it inside her. Her eyes closed and he started fucking her harder now. In a minute he was pounding her and she was about to cum again. So was he and he threw her legs over his shoulders and bent down and fucked her deep. She moaned wildly and then came on his cock. Feeling her pussy constricting with her orgasm made him cum inside her tight pink pussy.

“Oh yeah Daddy fuck, me!” she cried as he came deep inside.

“Oh Sarah, it’s so fucking good.” He had never sworn in front of her but while fucking her it was so natural. He fucked her with a long, deep stroke bottoming out deep in her cunt with each of the three big spurts of his cum. She was looking into his eyes as he fucked her deeper than ever. She grunted with each stroke and then when he was done cumming inside her, he collapsed on top of her with his cock completely buried inside her and they tried to catch their breath. He kissed her on the mouth for the first time sinking his tongue into her mouth. She took it and sucked it deep into her mouth moaning.

“Can we do it again?” she asked as she giggled.

“Baby, you need to get dressed and go back to your room. We have all the time in the world to be with each other now,” he replied.

“Do you promise Daddy?” she asked as she stood up and put her t-shirt back on.

“You bet,” he replied. Sarah walked to the stairs and turned looking back to her Daddy. Her legs looked so perfect under the shirt and she blew him a kiss and ran upstairs heading to her room. Bob tried to regain some composure before he went back upstairs. He washed his cock in the small bathroom in the basement to remove the evidence of his coupling and then walked up the stairs naked and went to his room. There was his lovely wife again sleeping. She missed it all, but he was sure this was just the beginning of a new era to his family. Bob laid down on the mattress and fell asleep for the night.

Chapter 6

I woke up the next morning and Bob and Linda were already out of the bed and I heard the shower running. I crept into the bathroom and I saw Linda bent over in our shower getting fucked. I watched for a few minutes as Bob continued pounding her from behind and her huge boobs were swaying back and forth as he fucked her.

“Oh yes, Bobby! Fuck my ass! I’m gonna cum, Bobby!” She cried as he fucked her asshole and she came as he fucked her in the ass! I never called him Bobby. But he seemed to not mind.

I turned around and left the bathroom and headed downstairs to the kitchen to make us some coffee. After I finished my first cup the girls ran down the stairs like gangbusters as usual and ate breakfast. Bob and Linda came downstairs together and the girls looked at each other giggling. Bob grabbed a cup of coffee and put it in his mug to go and readied himself for his day and Linda kissed me on the cheek and said goodbye to the girls and went. Bob and the girls left as he was giving them a ride to school that day. Once everyone was gone I poured a second cup of coffee and walked up the stairs in my robe and headed to the girl’s room looking for the bear I planted in their room the day before. I found it on the dresser much like I left it. I doubt it was even noticed by the kids.

I took it into her room and sat it on the desk turning it off and removing its memory card. I put the card into the computer and went to the folder where the videos were located and there were a ton of them. I opened the first few and they were not interesting. I sorted by date/time and she looked for ones after we went to bed. The first one was after the girls were done with their showers. I was happy they actually took showers last night when she told them too. They were both wrapped in towels and their hair wet and they came into the room giggling and talking. It was hard to keep up with the conversation until Sarah said, “Do you want me to lick you again Sandy?” That one caught my attention and Sandy’s too.

“Well sure,” she said, “Do you think they’ll catch us? They’re just in there watching TV with Aunt Linda.” she said.

“They aren’t watching TV they’re having sex. Might as well do the same as them!” Sarah replied. She tossed her towel across the room and her sister did the same. Then Sarah guided her baby sister over to the bed and laid her down with her head on the pillows. “OK just relax,” she told her as she scooted herself and put her face next to her pussy. Sandy closed her eyes and let her sister have her way with her tiny pussy. Sarah was moving her head in circles around her pussy and moaning quietly.

Sandy pulled her sister’s face getting her closer to her as she played with her pussy. “Oh, yeah,” she said, “Lick me, sis, it feels really good.”

“Did you try playing with yourself?” she asked as she lowered her mouth back to her pussy.

“Uh uh” Sandy replied, “I like it better when you do it!” Sarah giggled and kept eating her out and soon she had her squirming on the bed and then she came. “Ohhhhh yeah,” she whispered not wanting to be too loud. “Ah, ah, ah, mmmmmm” she moaned.

Sandy calmed down a little and her big sister crawled up and cuddled her on her bed and played with her little body. “So sis, do you want to do it to me?”

“Nope.” She said and she crawled up to her bunk and got under the covers. Sarah was frustrated and she got out of bed and grabbed a t-shirt and put it on.

“Here brat!” she said as she threw a t-shirt up to her sister. You better wear a t-shirt or they may get suspicious if we are suddenly both sleeping naked.

Sandy giggled and put on the t-shirt. Then they went to bed and turned out the light. The video ended and I went to the folder there were two more from last night. The first one opened up and it was the room, it was dark so she couldn’t see much, but then she saw a large man come into the room, pick up Sarah off the bed and carry her out of the room. It was Bob and he was naked! My heart skipped a beat as I opened the last one from the night and it was about an hour later and she opened it and Sarah was coming back into the room and she went back to bed.

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself. “So Daddy took you out of the room for a midnight fuck huh?” I laughed at my own joke and got dressed and readied myself for the day. I was so turned on all day I was sure that Bob had done something with our daughter last night but was not sure what. I could not wait until Sarah came home. I wanted to talk to her. I was also wondering if I could eat my daughter’s fresh pussy. No need for Bob to have all the fun!

Sarah came home at her normal time. It was just before three o’clock and she came in and immediately ran upstairs. I had noticed this new trend. She used to come home and run into the kitchen for a snack, but now straight upstairs and in her room with the door closed for at least thirty minutes. I waited a few minutes for her to get started on whatever she was doing and then she crept up the stairs and leaned against the door. “Ohhhhh, yeah!” I heard her moan on the other side of the door. As I suspected she was running upstairs to masturbate. I listened a little more enjoying the sounds of my innocent looking daughter fucking herself in her room and then she gently opened the door. She was on her bed completely naked with one of her my dildos pumping in and out of her pussy. She heard the door click and she yelled, “Mom get out!”

I did nothing like that as I continued walking into the room admiring my daughter’s naked form with my toy sticking out of her young twat. “Sarah, it’s okay. I just want to talk to you.”

“Mommy get out!” she repeated as she pulled the sheet over her nakedness and pulled the toy out of her pussy.

“Sarah, calm down. Just relax. I know you’ve been taking my toys and I know you’re playing with them. I know everything. But I’m not mad, I just want to talk about it okay?”

“You’re not mad?” Sarah asked with her back to her mother under the sheet.

“No, we just need to talk.” Her mother said.

“Okay, she said as the turned over and looked at her mother still under the sheet. First of all, you can play with my toys any time you want. Masturbation is fine and even healthy. But there are some things you need to do. Please clean them when you are done. When you use them they get wet with your juices and then dirt gets on them and if you use them again you can get an infection. Understood?” she said looking at her.

“Uh huh” replied Sarah.

“Secondly, you can bring your friends over here anytime you want, but keep it in your room and preferably only during sleepovers, especially Cameron and her big brother Toby. I also need your friends who are coming here and having fun; they must not let word get out. The last thing we need is angry parents calling me because their innocent little girl got fucked in my house.” Sarah nodded. “Lastly, I want to play too. I know you and your Daddy went somewhere last night and did stuff right?” Sarah nodded. I thought so. But honestly, if you are going to mess around with men, you are better off with your father. He loves you very much and will do nothing to hurt you or your sister. Did he fuck you last night?” Sarah nodded again. My stomach lurched again and my pussy was soaking wet as I thought about Bob fucking her in the basement.

“So, can we play together? I’d love to lick your little pussy and I’d love for you to do the same to me. I know your sister can be a little greedy and I assure you I would never do that to you.

“How do you know that?” she said and she looked around the room. She noticed the bear was missing. “The bear!” she said pointing at the dresser.

“Yep,” I said, “It’s a nanny cam. I had to figure out who was using my things.” We both laughed. I leaned forward and kissed my daughter on her lips and she opened her mouth and accepted my tongue. We kissed each other for a few minutes and Sarah was getting hotter. I reached down and pulled the sheet down revealing her flat chest and then her bald pussy. Her ten-year-old body was beautiful to me and looking at it made me want to lick her all over. I moved her on the bed and angled her so that she was lying on the bed and her pussy was on the edge. Sarah watched me as she spread her legs and pulled them back to her chest with her arms.

I knelt down and put her pussy in my mouth licking up her slit and sliding my tongue into her tiny used pussy. Her lips were well pronounced and it looked like she was sexually active and they were incredible. I sucked harder and she grabbed my head and squealed.

“Oh Mommy!” she moaned as she ground my face onto her pussy. “That feels so good,” she was looking right at me and holding my head in her hands with her mouth opened in a circle almost holding her breath. She exhaled in short gasps and watched me rolling my tongue around and around her pussy and clit. “Oh, yes, Mommy, I’m gonna cum!” she said as she pushed her head back and closed her eyes. “Yes! Yes, Mommy cumming! Ohhhhhh, yes, yes, yes!” She cried as she came gushing juices on my lips and rocking her tiny pussy on my mouth. She locked her legs around my head pulling me closer to her as she rocked her hips and mashed her tiny pussy up and down on my tongue screaming as she came.

“Mmmmmmm yeah,” I said into her pussy as I licked her pussy clean of her tasty pussy juices. “So good.” I lifted my face up and released myself from her grasp and I took off my blouse and bra as she watched me undress. She sat up on the bed and as soon as my bra was off she attacked my tits sucking them into her mouth like an animal. She was squeezing them and pulling on my nipples as she sucked like she has wanted to do it forever.

“Your tits are so awesome,” she said, “I love them. They are so big and the nipples are really cool!” She continued sucking them into her mouth making them harder and pointier. She was ravaging them as I watched her as I smiled down at her. She looked so happy, she must have wanted this for a while but had no idea how to ask for it. I stood up and removed my panties Sarah was sitting on the bed breathing very heavy looking at me and smiling.

Once my panties were off, I walked up to her as she was still sitting on the bed. I raised my right leg and put it on the bed next to her and then I pulled her into my pussy. She opened her mouth and started licking my pussy like she’d done it all her life. “Oh, honey, yes,” I said as she latched on and sucked hard. “Uhhhh, yes!” she clung to my pussy sucking my lips into her mouth as I ground it on her face. “Uh, uh, uh” I moaned as she was licking my pussy and I was about to cum. Having my daughter licking my pussy made me so hot. “Ahhhhhhhh fuck yeah!” I screamed as I came all over my daughter’s face. Once I finished I lay down with my daughter and cuddled with her. “So was last night the only time you did things with your father Sarah?” I asked as I stroked her hair.

‘Uh uh,” she said.

“What other times?” I asked.

“When Daddy took us to school this morning. We took a really weird way to school. It was a long way out of the way and we ended up on a deserted road. Daddy pulled over and said he had a surprise for us. So he whipped out his big old cock and asked me to suck it right in front of Sandy. I did so of course because I love him and he was sitting there with this big old boner and I knew it was because of me. So I sucked his cock right there in the front seat. Sandy was quietly watching me from the back seat and he kept looking at her as I sucked him. I think he wants to get Sandy involved.”

“Oh, I bet!” I said to her as I continued stroking her hair. “What happened next?”

“He took us to school and wrote us a note so we weren’t late.” She said.

“Well thanks for telling me.”

“Are you mad Mommy?”

“Hell no! I just want to know. He’s beaten me to you, but I’m going to beat him with your sister. I want to play with her first. She’ll be home soon. Let’s go downstairs and I’m going to fuck you with one of my toys. Not the big ones, just one she won’t be scared about. Maybe she’ll let me fuck her too!”

“Okay!” Sarah said as she got up and ran downstairs.

I took a six-inch white dildo from her bed. It was the one she was fucking when I interrupted her so it must be her favorite. I stopped at the bathroom and cleaned it up and took it with me down to the living room where Sarah was bent over on her hands and knees waiting for me to come in the room and fuck her. It was a sight to behold. Her ten-year-old body was so hard and tight. Her ass was perfectly formed and her asshole was begging for my attention.

I leaned down behind her and I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and inserted my tongue into her tight pink asshole. “Ohhhh mommy!” she said as I shoved it as far as I could inside her. She was enjoying it so I kept it up. I rubbed her clit underneath her body as I licked her ass more and more. Her eyes were closed and I lubed up her tight little ass with my spit from my mouth and I soaked her ass preparing for my next move. I took the dildo I brought with me and I sucked it into my mouth and got it really wet as well. She was watching be over her shoulder as I prepared to insert the dildo into her tiny, hopefully, virgin ass. I think she knew what I was planning because she was wiggling her little ass in front of me as I sucked the cock. I moved it up to her tight ass and then I pushed it against the muscle.

She closed her eyes tight and grunted. “Ugh!” she groaned. I was not successful so she reached back and spread her ass wider with her own hands as I aimed again. This time with her assistance I was able to insert the head into her ass. “Ohhhh Man!” she said as she got used to it being inside her ass.

“Have you ever played with your ass baby?” I asked. She shook her head no and I chuckled. I DID beat Bob to something. I fucked her in the ass first! I was pleased. I pushed it deeper in her ass and I pulled it back out so just the head was inside then back inside I pushed this time adding another inch.

“Uh,” she moaned. I started pumping the toy in and out of her tight ass and she began going with it rocking back and forth ever so slightly. Soon I was fucking about half of its six inches in and out of the blonde little girl. Her hair was on one side of her face as I pumped it in and out. Her eyes were still closed as I fucked her. She was moaning more now, “Uh, uh, ohhhhh yeah Mommy! Fuck my ass!” she said.

Happily, I continued my assault as she fucked back on the dildo harder now. She was really enjoying it so I went for her clit again. This time when I rubbed it she exploded. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes! Cumming Mommy!” she cried out as she came pushing back as hard as she could taking the entire length of the toy in her ass. I shoved it deep and held it there as she convulsed cumming squeezing it tightly, gripping it with her ass as she came. After she came I looked over my shoulder hearing a clang as Sandy dropped her backpack on the floor.

I looked at her and smiled and said, “Next?”

Chapter 7

I looked at her and smiled and said, “Next?”

“Hi, Mommy,” Sandy said as she moved closer to us smiling. “What are you guys doing?”

“What does it look like we’re doing baby?”

“Having fun? I want to play,” she said as she came closer and joined me on the floor as I held the dildo in her big sister’s ass as she started coming down from a very intense orgasm. “Is that thing in her butt Mommy?”

“Yes Baby.

“Why is it in her butt Mommy?”

“Because it feels good,” I said

“Really?” She replied. “Did that feel good?” She asked her sister.

“Uh, huhhhh.” Sarah replied with a sexy little smile on her face.

“Why don’t you take off your clothes and join us?” I said.

Sandy stripped off her shirt and said, “You bet!” She removed all of her clothes and I admired the purity of her tiny form. She was always tall for a six-year-old and her skin was as white as a beautiful cloud. She took off her pants and she was left in her tiny white cotton panties and I reached up for her and I pulled them down her tiny, slim hips revealing her perfectly formed immature pussy. I got off the floor and motioned for Sarah to follow as I moved Sandy to the large couch and sat her down on the cushion. I knelt in front of her and leaned into her and kissed her on the lips. Her big blue eyes closed when I kissed her and I ran my hand through her shoulder length blonde hair. She opened her lips when I pushed my hot tongue into her mouth and accepted it. She was unsure what to do so I rolled my tongue around inside her mouth and she just let me.

“Copy what I do when I kiss you. Just do the same things and suck on my tongue.” I said trying to teach her how to kiss. She nodded and I went back to kissing her and she started playing with my tongue with hers. She giggled a few times telling me that it tickled. I never thought about it but I guess she was right. It does tickle when you French kiss someone but it tickles so good. That’s what makes me horny is the tickling.

After kissing her I pulled back and she played with my breasts with her tiny hands. She was just as fascinated with them as her sister was earlier. She was pinching my large nipples and squeezing them together and I watched as she played.

“Can I suck them, Mommy?”

“Yes, please,” I said as I pulled her head towards my tits. She moved willingly and captured my right nipple in her mouth. “Ohhhhhhh.” I moaned as she attacked my nipple sucking hard and she scraped it in her teeth. “Oh baby be careful and watch your teeth.”

“Sorry, Mommy!” She said and returned to my titty. Sarah, not wanting to be left out of anything came over and joined her sister on the sofa and took my other breast in her mouth and began sucking on it. She has obviously had a little more practice with Linda and she put a hand on either side of her object of affection and began squeezing it gently making it swell and contrast gently with her hands as she latched onto the nipple and sucked and caressed it with her tongue and lips making me feel really good. “Ohhhhhh Baby you are really good at this,” I said as I caressed Sarah’s hair and she looked at me while sucking it.

“Thank you, Mommy. Aunt Linda said I learn really fast. So did Daddy when I was sucking his cock in the car this morning too! He said I was a natural…” She stopped herself and giggled.

‘Did he say you were a natural cocksucker?” I asked.

“Yeah, he said I was a natural cocksucker just like you Mommy! And he said he would teach Sandy as well!” Sarah said then went back to pleasuring my breast.

“Sandy, would you like to suck your Daddy’s cock when he gets home baby?” I asked. She nodded and smiled at me around my nipple and continued trying to mimic her sister’s actions. I smiled and said, “I think that can be arranged.” I let the girls play with my tits for a few more minutes but then I was ready for more. I wanted to lick my baby girl’s pussy now.

I lifted Sandy’s head and she came off my boob with a pop and looked at me. “I want to lick your pussy baby,” I said as her sister took her mouth off me as well and watched us as I laid her sister down on her sister’s bed and she pulled her legs up placed her feet on the edge of the mattress. I moved down to her little pussy and pulled her hips closer putting it right in front of me. I adjusted my position and was on my hands and knees in front of her. I sank my tongue inside her and she moaned.


Sarah moved behind me and got on her back and scooted herself under my pussy. I looked down at her and she smiled at me and I spread my legs wider a little more putting my pussy in her reach. She started tonguing my pussy and I went to work on Sandy’s. Her legs were spread with her feet planted on both sides of her hips and I pushed them back and pinned them to her chest. She took them in her arms and held them for me giving me complete and total access to her tight pussy and asshole. I ran my tongue from the top of her pussy rolling it around her clit and then planted kisses all over her immature vulva. She smiled and giggled again. I reached up and spread her lips and her pink inner lips were ready. I could see the tiny hole of her pussy and I sank inside her as far as I could go.

“Oh Mommy!” she said, “I like your tongue inside me.” I fucked her with it and soon she was pushing up to meet my tiny thrusts. I imagined her fucking her father as I ate her pussy and I released a huge amount of pussy juice to my daughter. She moaned as she drank from me and I continued. Sandy was watching me as I licked her and I moved my hands closer and slipped a finger inside her. She gasped as I entered her and soon she was moaning again. I felt like she was going to cum soon and I looked down at Sarah as she licked my pussy like mad. She was rubbing my clit and licking my hole shoving her tongue in and out of me.

I knew I would cum soon so I focused on Sandy’s pussy and picked up my rhythm and fucked her with my finger faster. Then I added a second finger and she groaned louder. I fingered her tiny pussy and then she pulled her legs back towards her tighter and she screamed. “Oh, oh, ahhhhhh Mommy! I’m doing it!” She cried as she obviously was in the throes of a big orgasm. I mouthed her sucking any pussy juice she pushed out of herself and focused on her clit as she came. She pulled my face inside her tighter getting as much of my mouth on her pussy as she could. I finished sucking her and removed my mouth with a whine from her. “Oh, Mommy I want more!” she said. I looked down and Sarah was still sucking my cunt and another minute later I came in her mouth. I must have flooded her as I heard her gulping my juices as I writhed on her tongue. “Oh, oh, oh, yes!!!” I yelled as I came. I wound down and I was covered in sweat. My long blonde hair was sticking to my face as I opened my eyes and looked at Sandy and smiled.

“I like cumming Mommy! It’s the best thing ever!” She said as she stroked my face.

“Me too!” I said panting trying to catch my breath. I got up off Sarah’s face and sat down on the sofa with my daughter.

Sarah stood up and wiped her chin and smiled and said “Yummy!”

“Okay girls. Let’s get dresses on for Daddy. He loves to see his girls dressed up for him and it’ll set the mood for our seduction of Daddy.”

‘Yeah!” They said in unison.

“But tonight, no undies…” I finished and went upstairs. The girls looked at each other and giggled.

We all got dressed and it was close to time Bob was home so we went downstairs and gathered into the living room.

After watching a little TV I heard Bob’s car pull up in the driveway. I turned off the TV and looked at the girls. “Are you ready girls?” Both of them nodded and were smiling. We all stood up and waited, all of us were watching the door. “Are you sure you’re ready baby?” I asked looking at Sarah.

“Oh yeah!” she said with a smile. I smiled back at her and adjusted my cleavage as the door opened and Bob walked in. He saw us all and smiled looking at me with an odd look on his face.

“Hi girls, don’t you all look nice. Are we going out for dinner or something?” Bob asked admiring his family.

“No Daddy,” said Sarah, “Mommy wants us to eat in tonight.” She continued as she walked towards her father who barely closed the door. She walked up to him and kissed him straining on her tiptoes to do it. She reached down to his belt buckle and smiled saying, “We want to suck your cock Daddy. Sandy wants to learn how to do it and then she wants you to make love to her just like you did me last night. Is that okay?”

Bob looked at me and I nodded smiling at my husband. “I ate their pussies today and I fucked Sarah with a dildo… in the ass.” Bob smiled and let Sarah unbuckle his pants and she unzipped his fly and let his slacks drop to the floor. He stepped out of them and unbuttoned his shirt and removed his tie. Soon he was only in boxers and Sarah reached inside them and pulled out his hardening cock. She put it in her mouth and began sucking the head as she rolled her tongue around it making Bob moan.

He admired his girl sucking his cock as she wore one of her silk dresses. It was tight and form fitting and revealed her undeveloped chest as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Her baby sister moved towards them and knelt next to her sister as she watched her suck his cock. She was just as nicely dressed in a pretty yellow Sunday dress, pigtails with curls and a beautiful smile. She watched her sister for a while then she said, “My turn!”

Sarah turned and looked at her sister as she continued sucking Bob’s cock and then she pulled it out of her mouth and said, “Okay come and get it!” Sandy moved closer and she started putting it in her tiny mouth. Bob watched as his youngest daughter sucked his cock and Sarah reached down playing with his heavy balls. She licked them and rolled her tongue around them as her sister bobbed up and down on his cock only getting about an inch or two in her tight young mouth.

“Oh Daddy, your thing is so big!” Sandy said as she looked at him with amazement.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom girls,” Bob said looking at me with a wink. The girls ran to the big bedroom and Bob came to me and kissed me.

“I love you!” He said and he smacked my ass and we followed our children into our room. Once we were there the girls were standing there waiting for us. Bob removed his boxers and lay on the bed. Both girls were still dressed.

“Do you want us to take off our clothes Daddy?” asked Sandy.

“Uh uh.” He said shaking his head. “I like how you both look in those dresses. Sandy, get on the bed and go back to sucking my cock. Honey, I want you to come lay next to me on the bed and Sarah, I want you to eat your Mother’s pussy.” He directed everyone. I moved to the bed next to him and kissed him deeply as our daughter crawled between his legs and started sucking his hard cock. Sarah worked her way between mine and she pushed my legs up and sank her little tongue into my wet pussy.

Bob and I continued kissing as our children pleasured us in our marital bed. I broke the kiss because I was getting too excited to keep kissing him. I looked down at Sarah and she was licking my pussy and getting ready to start putting her hand in my pussy. She had three fingers in me right away and she was finger fucking me better than Linda did. She latched onto my clit and sucked. “Ohhhhh” I gasped. She made me feel so good.

Bob was teaching his daughter how to suck his cock better. I heard him telling her to watch her teeth how to open her jaw wider and about taming the gag reflex. Within five minutes she was sucking him better and soon over half his hard cock was being fished in and out of her mouth. She was slobbering a lot getting it super wet and slippery and that made it slide in and out better. I was amazed that my six-year-old daughter was able to suck half of Bob’s eight-inch cock. She was on her hands and knees on the bed and she was bobbing up and down on his cock. Bob was really excited and he warned her, “Baby I’m gonna cum soon!” she never slowed down and she tightened her grip on his cock and sped up her motions. “Oh fuck, here I cum!” he said warning her again but she never stopped and he began shooting his load in her six-year-old mouth. “Ahhhhhhhh!”

Sarah and I watched Sandy gulp down his seed and she swallowed it all. She gulped down spurt after spurt as he shook his head enjoying the feeling of cumming in her mouth. Once he was finished cumming she took her mouth off his cock and said, “Wow Daddy! You came a lot!” She kept pumping his cock with her tiny hands and she cupped his balls and licked his balls like she saw her sister doing earlier. She liked the feeling of his ball sack and she smiled as she stuck out her tongue and bathed his balls in her spit.

Sarah returned to licking my pussy and I was so turned on I started panting and breathing harder as she prepared to make me cum like her sister did for her Daddy. “Oh, baby! Suck it and shove your fingers back in mommy’s pussy.” I said and she shoved four fingers inside me pumping them in and out. “Ahhhhhhhh! Shit, cumming!” I screamed as I came over my daughter's face and fingers. “Ah, ah, ohhhhhh, uh, uh, mmmmmmm.” I looked back over at Bob and Sandy and she was straddling his hips squatting over his cock that was lined up with her tiny vagina. “Oh baby, please make sure you don’t hurt her,” I said with a worried look on my face.

“Me?” he said, “She got up here on her own. I’m just being molested here.” He said with a wink as she continued to drop her weight on him trying to squeeze the giant cock into her baby pussy. I rolled over and grabbed a bottle of lube and handed it to him. He opened the bottle and dropped a generous amount on the head of his cock and began rubbing it all over his still huge penis. He handed me the bottle back and I smiled and watched as she tried again and dropped her weight on top of him again. This time he was really slippery and the head popped inside the girl and she gasped as she felt a live cock inside her for the first time.

“Ohhhhhh, ahhhh! Wow, Daddy!” She said. He was much bigger than the toy her sister took her cherry with. She stopped and waited for herself to get the feeling of his cock inside her. She stayed still and now Bob was lifting her body up until the tip of his cock was just inside and dropped her again. She gasped each time she moved down his cock. Her tiny naked form was easily lifted up and down and soon he was gently fucking her as she closed her eyes and let her father fuck her.

I decided to fuck Sarah too. I disappeared into her room and took my strap on and tied it around my waist. Then I guided her to face the front of the bed and I inserted the large black dildo into her soaking wet pussy. “Ahhhh, Mommy!” she moaned as I penetrated her. She spread her knees wider and exposed her ass to me. I reached down and inserted my thumb into her ass and she gasped loudly as I got most of the digit inside her. “Oh, Mommy I like your thumb in my ass while you fuck me. It feels so naughty,” she said as I continued fucking her from behind.

Bob was enjoying her on top of him, but he slapped her on the butt and asked her to get off. She did as she was told and he moved behind her next to me and reinserted into her pussy and shoved the first three inches inside her. “Oh Daddy!” she said as he drove her deeper and deeper until over half of his cock was inside the child. He leaned over towards me and I met him and we kissed again as we both fucked our daughters. I broke our kiss and we both started fucking the girls harder and soon he was about to cum and Sarah was moaning and she was about to cum herself!

“Oh. Oh, oh, uh, uhuh uhuh, mmmmm. Yes, Mommy!” Sarah exclaimed as I fucked her almost completely with the large dildo. I grabbed her tiny hips and pushed harder and faster until she came all over the hard plastic toy. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Shit, shit, shit! So fucking good!”

Next, to me, Bob was fucking Sandy gentler and not as deep. He was soon going to cum as well and he stroked her hair and back as he stroked inside her pussy. She had her head down and legs spread as he fucked her relentlessly. Soon her mouth opened and she formed an O with her lips. She was cumming. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned. “Daddy! It feels, so… so… so… gooood! Yeahhhhhhh” She cried and as her pussy continued grasping his cock making his cock spew cum inside her unbelievably tight pussy.

“Oh Baby! So tight! Fuck yes!” He yelled as he came for the second time in about 20 minutes. We both collapsed on top of the girls and kissed them and massaging their bodies until we were all ready to fall asleep. It was only 6:00 but oh what an evening.

Chapter 8

We lay on the bed and recovered for a little bit and dozed. I had a very busy afternoon and Bob just came twice. I woke up about an hour later and looked next to me and Sarah was sucking her Daddy’s cock. He was laying on his back and she was between his legs as she wrapped one hand around his cock and pumped him hard as she followed her hand with her mouth sucking about ¾ of his big cock in her mouth. She was talking to her baby sister as she sucked it giving her tips. Sandy was watching intensely learning anything she could.

I pulled on Sandy’s shoulder and got her attention. “Mommy!” she said as she came closer to me. I pulled her up and began kissing her. She accepted my tongue and I swirled mine inside her mouth looking searching hers out. Once I found it I rolled my tongue around it and coaxed her to seek mine as well. She mimicked my motions and soon her tongue was in my mouth and I began sucking on it like a tiny red penis. “Mmmmmmmm.” She moaned as we kissed. “I like kissing you, Mommy!”

“I like kissing you to baby! Now lay on your back and let me kiss your little pussy.” I said as she quickly moved on her back and spread her short little legs wide for me. I moved down to her pussy and began sucking on her clit. She moaned as I did that and grabbed my head that was between her thighs and she squeezed it with her tiny white thighs. “Mmmmm,” I said, “you taste so good, baby.”

She giggled and continued watching me lick her pussy. Sarah was sucking Bob’s cock like a pro now. She’s been practicing with my toys and her friend’s brother Toby for a while now hoping that she would someday be able to suck her Daddy’s cock. She loved him very much and she wanted more than anything to make him happy. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and began pumping his cock with both hands as she looked at him. She smiled and Bob watched her as she pumped it. “Does it feel good Daddy?” she asked.

“Oh yes, baby. You’re doing great! Why don’t you lick my balls baby?” She immediately went down and he opened his legs and cocked his knees giving her better access to his balls. She had never thought about sucking on a man’s balls before. Her Dad’s balls were large. She put one in her mouth and gently sucked on it swirling her tongue on it and rolling it around and around. She watched him as she did it and he seemed to like it a lot. She moved to the other one and did the same thing. He grabbed her by the back of the head and began rubbing her hair. Soon he guided her head further down to his hairy asshole and he moved her tongue and she ran it around his ass. “Ohhhhhh yeah, baby! Lick my asshole.”

Sarah was grossed out at first. If she never thought about sucking a man’s balls she definitely never considered licking his asshole. She rolled her tongue around it with her tiny tongue and soon she was able to get deeper when he raised his ass up for her access.

I looked at Sarah as she was sucking Bob’s asshole and I was surprised. He never asked me to give him a rim job ever. I figured he was in a nasty place since he was already breaking a taboo fucking his daughters and he was going to do anything he wanted or desired. I decided to introduce Sandy to a little bit of ass play. She was watching her father getting his ass licked so I pushed her tiny legs back and pinned them to her shoulders. This gave me complete access to her tiny bald pussy and pink asshole. I began licking her with a long flat tongue from the top of her clit to the bottom of her asshole.

“Ohhhhh, Mommy! That’s so nasty I poop from there. Ohhhhhhh but never stop Mommy it feels so weird.” she said as I rolled my tongue around her asshole sinking my tongue into her ass. Her eyes rolled back in her head as I did that. She was really enjoying it. I reached up and placed a finger inside her ass. “Oh!” she yelped as I entered her. Likely the first time anything was inside her. At first, it was only the tip, then I added more and more spit and was soon sliding half of my finger in her ass.

I sat up and guided her to get on her hands and knees in front of me. “Spread your ass open for me baby,” I said as I moved her hands to her butt cheeks and she instinctively spread herself wide for me. I went for her ass with passion. From this angle not only did her tiny ass look amazing, but I was able to insert my finger again and continue fucking her with it easier than on her back. Soon she was moaning and groaning as I fingered her tiny pink asshole.

“Oh Mommy, this is so bad. It’s so naughty.”

Bob watched as I rimmed his daughter next to him and he reached down and brought Sarah up to straddle his hips. He was going to fuck her again. She got up on him and her pussy was very close to his cock. He kissed her deep tasting his ass on her lips and he didn’t care. She kissed him back and then reached down and grabbed his cock lining it up with her tiny wet pussy. Once he was at the entrance she sat down and he slipped about halfway inside her.

“Uhhh, yes Daddy. Your cock feels so good!” She said as she began riding her Daddy’s cock up and down. She was straddling his hips sitting straight up with her hands on his chest. Her naked flat chest was so pure and white with her tiny nipples hard and pink. Her long blonde hair was cascading down her shoulders and back; Bob thought she looked so unbelievably beautiful as she fucked him. “Uh, uh, mmmm yes Daddy!”

Her pussy was taking more and more of Bob’s eight-inch cock as she gained leverage and momentum as she continued to rise and fall on top of him. She leaned down and kissed him again swallowing his tongue in her mouth and she continued fucking him deeper. “I love you, Daddy! Please don’t ever stop fucking me!”

“I won’t baby!” He said as he kissed her again grabbing her from behind her head and kissed her hard and long. Sarah rose again and sat down harder and then her pussy enveloped the last of his cock inside her as she finally took the last of his length. “Ohhhhh yeah baby fuck!” he said.

“Ohhhhh, uh, uh, uh, uh, ummmmmm.” She groaned.

I had two fingers inside Sandy now and her eyes were closed as she fucked back on my fingers. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, Mommy it feels so good.” She moaned as I continued fingering her tiny pink asshole. I wanted her first anal experience to be really good so I didn’t grab the big strap on like I wanted to. I continued finger fucking her and she was soon beginning to show signs of another orgasm. I reached around with my other hand and found her clitoris. She moaned when I touched it. I rubbed her and she buried her face in the mattress again and then she exploded.

“Oh yes! Mommy…I’m cumming! Oh, oh, yes!” she cried as I rubbed her clitty and continued fingering her tiny ass. I stroked in and out as she came her ass was grasping my fingers and her pussy was leaking pussy juice more as she came. “Ohhhhhhhhhh.” she moaned as she started coming down.

I looked over and Sarah was lying on her Daddy’s hairy chest and her knees were at his sides and she was raising her hips up and down quickly fucking her father. He had his hands on her small hips and helping her fuck up and down on his cock. She sounded very wet as I heard her cum at least twice while she fucked him. Bob was bouncing her on top of him and groaning. I knew he was going to cum again soon. She moaned on top and her pussy was getting pummeled. Then he came.

“Oh yeah, here it comes baby girl.” He said as he pulled her pussy all the way down and shoved his hips up to meet her. He did that three or four times obviously unloading a huge load of cum inside the little girl. “Oh Sarah, yes, I love you. Cum, cum cum. Yeah!”

They lay there collapsed with each other breathing heavy but in unison. Their sweaty bodies looked beautiful. Her tiny chest on top of him exposed her tiny size compared to his massive chest. I thought it was beautiful. Looking back at my pre-pubescence I would have loved to have made love to my father when I was her age instead of the string of maintenance men, gardener’s and other random strangers I fucked before I turned twelve.

I love our family and I wanted this to continue.

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