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/files/Authors/pedrovila/The Old Switcheroo revisited.txt
Paragraph 154

Stacy worked her hips and ended up grinding herself down to his pubic
bone. She might have been doing damage to her daughters body but it didn't
matter anymore. She felt small and tight and wanted him to take her
forcefully with his bigger, stronger body.

/files/Authors/Acid/Cassidy the Bikini Girl.txt
Paragraph 60

Cassidy surprised him when she switched from stroking to only down
strokes, her hands glided down one after the other before the bottom one
quickly jumping back to the top. Hand over hand she went as quicky as she
could. Stan had never had a woman do this to him before, the feeling was
intense, it was definitely something he would request in the future from
now on. Cassidy giggled and laughed at her mad motions, her hands almost a
blur as she continued to hand over hand him. Finally Stan had to stop her
hands just before he exploded all over her, he did not want to cum just

Paragraph 9

"Are you afraid?" His voice no more then a whisper brushing past her
cheek, licking at her deeply flushed skin. There was no fear in her, he
knew that. His words held a teasing tone. Although she could not see his
face, she felt the smile playing on the corners of his lips.

Paragraph 8

"Oh, dear Lord, it's been so long," Laura cried softly, holding onto her
husband's nearly bald head.

Paragraph 7

While you'd be working on her pussy, I would come up behind her, taking
her tank top by the bottom and lifting it up over her head and off. As I'd
touch her for the first time she would really get nervous, but I would tell
her to relax, that it's going to feel really good. I would be right up
next to her from behind, her back leaning into me. I would start by
placing my hands around her stomach and slowly move them up to her tits.
I'd cup one breast in each hand, gently squeezing and rubbing. I'd whisper
sweetly into her ear, telling her how hot and sexy she is. She'd turn her
head around to meet my mouth with hers and we'd start to kiss deep and
sweet. While I would be kissing her and rubbing her tits, you'd start to
intensify your attentions on her crotch. She'd start to writhe with
pleasure, grinding her ass against my own crotch as I hold her tight. Soon
she'd be coming, and you would be able to feel her pussy contract around
your finger while her body would be shaking.

Paragraph 47

I packed the last of my things while Tiffany sat on the bed waiting.
"Well, what next?" I inquired, wondering what plans Tiffany had made about
staying with her sister. She walked over to me, put her hands up on my
shoulders, looked into my eyes and whispered, "Dripping Springs."

Paragraph 6

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/files/Authors/kamasutra/June 2006-August 2006/maid.txt
Paragraph 22

and it became a routine till one day she left the locality and moved to
some other locality.i still remember all the sessions we had together.

/files/Authors/shefux/Carol/Carol 2.txt
Paragraph 57

"Smiling he sat back licked his lips, and said, "I've always wanted to
do that."

/files/Authors/JPB/Just a Small Family Problem.htm
Paragraph 31


0in;margin-left:.75in;margin-bottom:.0001pt'>When I came back six hours
I found Jane on the phone talking to her mother, "Yes. Were doing

Paragraph 118

Standing in the shallows (less shallow than yesterday), she tries out
her transport. First she fits the suit around herself and the pack, so the
tied ends are in front of her chest, and the open 'front' of the suit is
behind her and the pack. The suit legs come around to her front just below
her arms, and the suit arms fit around her waist. Then she lets herself
fall backwards into the water.

...s Adventures with Girls/My Son's Adventures with Girls - Chapter 5.txt
Paragraph 20

All the boys were asked to take off their shoes because of the new
carpets although they all had socks on.

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