Stories involving Gdom or 'Girl Domination' by little girls on men or little boys.

The Preteen version of Femdom. Little girls (preteen) domonating men/boys or at least taking the lead in 'activities'. This will usually involve little girls face-sitting men or boys or initiating / forcing ORAL sex. This will be usually be male on girl (cunnilingus) but may contain instances of the girl going down on the male (blowjob) in a reluctant-male / sex-plaything type of scenario.

This theme isn't too heavy and 'unrealistic' here. They occur in everyday settings as a sort of experimental / spur of the moment / accidental start. I'd like to think the stories can be related-to and 'believable'.

Quite often more than one girl in a range of preteen ages. May occasionally involve Toddlers or even Babies (helped into facesit position by other mischeivous girls....) This may appeal to our Nepi fans! The stories will usually, by definition, start off as the males being reluctant. Also activities may well start off quite innocently as 'girly fun and games' and build up...

Please Note: The focus of my stories is on ORAL sex activities, usually via facesitting. Hence actual intercourse is quite rare but may still appear. Rape / violence / non-consensual towards towards the preteen girls is non-existent.

On the 'oral menu' there may be the odd instance of ws (watersports - peeing on the male submissive), rimming or even scat (forced shit facials / eating). Where the little girls do force intercourse it would be followed by a creampie facesit.

Story categories could include: gdom, preteen, pedo, oral, facesit, Mg, Mg+, bg, bg+, reluc, cons, ws, scat, toddler, nepi, creampie


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Last updated: 2011-05-25

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