Lauren Gisal

by Francis Dashwood f: ff teen school

Chapters 1-3 of Lauren Gisal, Book 1


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Chapter 1

Thursday 9th July

Lauren watched the convoy of coaches winding their way from the lush green valley a few hundred meters below. They slowly snaked and shuddered up towards the mountain pass, bound for Italy and the crystal clear lakes beyond. She envied the tourists their freedom and opportunity to explore beyond the closeted environment of the picturesque alpine valleys. Recently, her own yearning for discovery had driven her to feign sickness. She had walked one glorious summer day up through the dark, steeply sloping forest to emerge again into the shimmering heat of the late morning and there, lazing on the deserted mountainside, she had gazed down at the people in their tiny villages below. The weather had been perfect, the sun shining brilliantly in a cloudless blue sky, reflecting off the snowy mountain peaks, with just a hint of a breeze that cooled her tanned face and rippled the soft down of her arms.

Andleburg, the village where her grandmother had settled forty years earlier, was a few kilometers from Interlaken. It possessed an air of bygone tranquillity coupled with stunning views of the Jungfrau and the majestic mountain range beyond. But occasionally, more so recently, she had felt cramped and concerned that while time marched on in the world at large, it passed over Andleburg with abandon, choosing to concentrate on a more receptive audience in the larger towns.

Lauren was not one of the village's prettiest girls, but her features were distinctive, characterised by her boyish face, deeply set brown eyes and strong nose. It was a face, she thought, that people would find pleasant rather than beautiful, that people would be happy to kiss as a duty rather than as a source of pleasure. Her skin was perfect and unblemished from the childhood ravages of chicken pox or measles. Her wavy brown hair normally fell to her shoulders, but was constrained presently by an elastic band (the height of fashion, she thought to herself) and tied back.

A sharp crack brought her out of her reverie, as Lauren realised that some optimistic team-mate had passed the ball to her.

"Lauren Gisal, for goodness sake run with the ball, look around you!" shouted the games-mistress, umpire and part-time sadist Miss Connely, in her Irish-accented Swiss-German.

She was a petite woman who in Lauren's estimation was about twenty-five. She looked like as though her body had given up adding inches to her stature during her mid-teens to concentrate on providing a mane of straight dark hair that hung down to her waist, tied back in a similar manner to Lauren's at the nape of the neck. Miss Connely wore a tracksuit making it difficult to judge her physical build, although the tracksuit looked only partially filled. Lauren remembered that she had seen her undressing in the staff changing area a couple of weeks ago and had remarked to Nikki at the time that she could have passed for one of the senior girls.

"I don't think so" Nikki had said, "she looks like a virgin". Lauren smiled at the conversation, looked up towards the goal and hit the ball resoundingly. She was surprised to see it scythe through the grass at great speed, and moreover, in the direction that she had wanted. The flow of adrenaline and the rush of expectation subsided as quickly as it had begun, as the opposing goalkeeper gathered the ball safely just to the side of the net.

She counted herself among the more fortunate of her contemporaries. She had a family who had few financial worries, she had a brother (Lauren saw Mike only when he returned from boarding school), she had a very comfortable house and now had found a wonderful friend in Nikki Brugen. Although Lauren had lived in Andleburg all of her life, Nikki had arrived only a couple of years ago due to her family's relocation — her father managed one of the largest hotels in the area. It had taken only a few weeks for Lauren and Nikki to become the staunchest of allies, confiding in secrets and personal tittle-tattle that is usually reserved for one's inner-most thoughts. Nikki was a never- ending source of knowledge (on occasions inaccurate but always entertaining) which came from eavesdropping in the hotel. Lauren's father, who worked for a government research department, rarely overheard gossip or conversation that was interesting, unless of course import quotas could be considered suitable material for the exchange of whispered wisdom.

Lauren determined that she had spent the past thirty minutes walking, trotting and running around the rectangle of grass to little advantage, the ache in her limbs testament to her exertion. There was a hint of shape in her long brown legs, accentuated by her red socks at half- mast and her dark blue games shorts. Recent months had replaced her gangly features with a recognisable feminine form. Some of the girls said that the exercise would help to give them beautiful legs in later life, but Lauren was a firmer believer in destiny and fate being responsible for shaping her legs and every other event in her life. The final whistle sounded, and so she spun on her heel and headed for the changing rooms, noting that Nikki's game must have ended earlier as her pitch was now empty.

As she trudged past the goal post, she looked across the fence of the field and down again into the valley. She could see pollen and seeds flying into the summer air as Mr. Hubert, who owned the Chemist shop in town, cut a plot of very tall grass in his back garden. Mixed in with the grass were buttercups, daisies and edelweiss, and the scent wafting up to the school was rich and comforting. In contrast, Lauren thought, to Mr. Hubert's one and only little girl, Claudette, who was in the same class as Lauren and had recently become a thorn in her side. The animosity had started, as far as Lauren could recall, in this spot, the hockey pitch, when Lauren had accidentally swiped Claudette across the shins with her stick. In revenge, Claudette had struck Lauren on the back of her legs while Miss Connely was repeating commands for the linguistically disadvantaged. That was a week ago today, and they had not spoken since.

Despite Lauren's lack of exertion, she was hot and sweaty from the afternoon's exercise and small beads of perspiration clung to her forehead. She looked forward to the end of term, only ten days away, when she wouldn't have to run up and down in the heat, and could lay by the hotel pool with Nikki — assuming that Nikki's father didn't object to them occupying "marketable real-estate in premium season" as he called the few square feet they needed. Lauren entered the main changing area for the school and turned into the girl's section. At the far end of the changing rooms she could see Miss Connely standing already by the entrance to the showers, waiting to catch some poor girl who tried to leave without showering. Noise echoed around the room as girls shouted, lockers slammed and the showers hissed.

The rows of benches were arranged three on each side of the central aisle leading to the showers and could accommodate about one hundred girls. Presently, there were fewer than fifty, all in various states of undress. Lauren recalled how painful it was during the winter, after the freezing temperatures outside to undo her buttons and pull off the heavy hockey shirts. Today there was no such problem as she sat down on the bench seat to remove her boots. She knocked the mud off them and walked over to her locker to retrieve her white towel and clothes. A pair of her classmates skipped past her on their way to the shower, their cute bottoms showing a hint of shape.

She returned to the bench and pulled down her socks, discarding them by her side. Despite the cacophony of shouting and giggling, Lauren returned to her reverie, remembering her fascination almost a year ago when she discovered two or three minute hairs growing above her vagina. She had wondered how long they had been there and that night had taken a long look at herself in the mirror in her parent's bedroom, striking a number of poses in a similar fashion to those she had seen on the Miss World contest. Returning to bed, her hands had explored every potential source of interest, finding conclusive evidence that her breasts were starting to form. She had pulled her nipples and discovered that they did indeed get hard and elongated, just as she had hoped they would.

Lauren stood up and saw the steam billowing through the doorway of the showers. Ms Connely looked at each of the girls as they made their way to and from the shower stalls, trying to be the model of supervision and discretion. With a thumb either side, Lauren pulled her shorts down past her knees, bringing each leg up in turn to allow them to drop to the floor. She took hold of her shirt and pulling upwards, removed it in one swift movement to reveal her small breasts. She liked her breasts. In fact, she was very proud of them even though she had nothing to do with their shape, size or circumference. In her opinion, they were classically shaped, and much nicer to look at than the girls she seen in her brother's magazines. She hung the shirt on the hook above her head, and quickly pulled down her knicker. Lauren now had a thin layer of hair growing above her vagina, which scarcely concealed the lips of her vulva. Then came the walk she detested — past Ms Connely on the way to the showers and the feeling of her eyes taking in her shape and mentally comparing her to the other girls. The return journey, for some obscure reason didn't matter; she could look at her bum all she wanted.

Lauren took her towel and strategically moved it as she walked down the aisle. Few of the other girls looked at her, although Lauren glanced at Annika sitting naked on the end of the final row. She noted that she had large breasts, much larger that Lauren's, and a thick mat of black hair between her parted legs. Annika's head leaned to one side as she dried her hair and talked to her neighbour, Claudette. Lauren quickly averted her gaze, deposited her towel on a hook outside the showers, and entered carefully.

The square shower room was completely white, tiled from floor to ceiling in a utilitarian manner and must have been about twenty five feet long. It was much warmer than the general changing room area, and had a smell that reminded her of wash days when she was a child. A small three foot high wall ran along the centre of the room with the exception of about two feet either end to allow all-round access. Lauren took a bar of soap and moved under a vacant shower. Two of the girls were shrieking in the corner of the room as they tried to rub soap into each other's hair. Lauren smiled, and peering through the steam recognised Ruth and Alysia who had become very good friends in recent months. Ruth deftly moved to position herself behind Alysia with her arms around her waist, and rubbed a soapy hand across her face. Alysia screamed with delight as they fought.

As Lauren watched, she realised that the whole class was growing up quickly, including herself, making the transition from childhood into womanhood. Whereas a year ago there were only a handful of girls who showed signs of development, all the girls in her class were now blossoming. The two girls continued to laugh and fool around. Lauren noticed that they both had pendulous breasts that swayed and bounced as they frolicked in the spray. As she continued to stare, she realised that she had been watching Ruth's hands roaming over her friend's breasts. She was unsure whether the girls were aware of being watched, but Lauren was slowly coming to the conclusion that while their movements would have been considered horseplay a year ago, it could only be described as mild petting now.

Lauren turned quickly towards the wall as a million thoughts raced through her mind. She lathered up her hands and soaped herself under her arms, then reached up high to the shower head and to allow the water to rinse her off. Glancing at the two in the corner again for an instant, Lauren caught a glimpse of a hand between Ruth's legs moving quickly backwards and forwards. Ruth had closed her eyes and held firmly onto the wall. Unable to contain her curiosity, Lauren turned her back to the shower, and ran the bar of soap across her legs while surreptitiously watching the action in the corner, convinced by now that the mystery hand between Ruth's legs belonged to Alysia. The clouds of steam lent a surreal backdrop to the performance, as the girl's activities drifted in and out of focus while the showers hissed. As the water rinsed Lauren's legs, she took the bar of soap and let it lazily slide over the contours of her breasts. Unconsciously, she paid special attention to her nipples, running the corner of the bar of soap around them in small, firm circles. Her nipples responded, hardening and crowning her delicate breasts.

Alysia's hand was moving more rapidly now, and Ruth gripped the shower head for support, giving her breasts a classic shape and preventing them from swinging so violently. The steam momentarily parted and gave Lauren a startling view of a number of soapy fingers flashing in and out of Alysia's vagina. As the picture faded back into steam, she saw Ruth's mouth slowly open and heard a low moan from the corner as though she had been hit in the stomach. As Lauren's young mind analysed the information she had gathered, another part of her was more concerned with mimicking the action she had observed, and her hand had now found it's way from her breasts to between her own legs which were parted further than necessary for standing up in the shower. Again, she used the corner of the soap to massage her vagina, while her thumb trailed behind adding further assistance, the whole action causing her to lean forward slightly. The outer lips of her vulva soon parted and bubbles of soap ran along the delightful virgin skin.

With the middle finger of her right hand, she ran over her wispy pubic hair and down along the length of her slit, exploring and probing as her clitoris became enlarged and stood to attention. Lauren felt bubbling activity inside her stomach and slightly light-headed. With unconscious abandon, her middle finger slipped into her tight little hole up to the second knuckle while the palm of her hand rubbed over her clit. Slowly, she extracted the finger and marveled in the pleasure that emanated from within her pussy. While she had experimented before to this degree there was something intangible this afternoon that added an extra dimension of intensity. As her actions became more confident, her pussy lips fought to retain their hold on her finger each time she pulled it out, giving up their little prisoner with increasing reluctance. Her anus joined in the celebration, squeezing tightly in a seemingly random manner.

"Clean enough down there for you, is it Lauren?" said Anke as she moved under the adjoining shower.

"What? Oh, er, really hot games today" said Lauren, fumbling with the soap.

"Yeah, I caught the tail end of their act too. Not the first time you know" she said with an air of confidentiality.

"Oh, I wasn't watching, just dreaming".

"Whatever" said Anke, grabbing a bar of soap as she turned her back to Lauren.

Regaining some of her composure she left the showers, took her towel from the hook, and skirted around the ever-watchful Miss Connely. She was aware of an unusually warm glow between her legs, and determined that as soon as she had the chance, she would play with herself and a bar of soap again.

She returned to the bench and stood with her right leg on the seat, toweling herself as she replayed the action in her mind. Only as she dried between her legs did she realise that she was still very aroused, and immediately brought her leg back to the floor to preserve her modesty. Confused, Lauren reached for her white knicker in the pile of clothes and quickly stepped into them and pulled them up. It sounded like Ruth and Alysia were still fooling around as a cheer went up from the shower area. Lauren remembered that she had promised to invite Nikki for tea at her house, so she hurriedly slipped her blouse on and did the buttons up. She checked the waistband of her knicker to ensure she had not put them on the wrong way round, and sat down on the edge of the bench to pull on her white socks. She stuffed her bra into her skirt pocket and pulled her skirt up, zipping it at the side. Finally, she jumped into her shoes, grabbed her towel and school bag, and flew out the door.

Turning left into the main corridor she breathed in the fresh, cool air. Lauren pulled off the elastic band holding her hair and let the brown locks fall over her shoulders. She took a hairbrush from her bag and quickly ran it through her hair giving it some semblance of order even though the ends were still wet. Her pleasure from the anticipated meeting was evident as she jumped over a small wall surrounding a formal flower bed. As she landed, she again thought that she must have dressed upside down or inside out or something, but decided it could wait until later.

Chapter 2a

Nikki was leaning against the wall of the school just outside the gates, watching the traffic coming up the hill from the bus stop. As Lauren approached, Nikki smiled and started to walk slowly down the hill waiting for Lauren to catch up. From behind, Nikki looked like another average schoolgirl, with flat black shoes and socks that should have been pulled up to her knees. Her legs had more shape than Lauren's, but were shorter, giving Lauren a height advantage of a couple of inches. Nikki's blonde hair was parted in the middle with a fringe over her eyes, falling loosely either side of her head and down to her shoulder blades. As Lauren caught up with her, she noted that Nikki's breasts were at least a couple of inches larger than her own, and could recall that the last time they had been in the showers they certainly wobbled a little. Her face was impish, cute and rounded with a small nose and bright blue eyes. And in a similar fashion to Lauren, she was only average in the beauty stakes.

"What kept you, I thought you were just behind me?" said Nikki loudly.

"Hey Nik, you'll never guess what, it was so weird" whispered Lauren, looking furtively about her.

"Tell me, tell me" said Nikki, genuinely excited. Given Lauren's usual inability to be the harbinger of gossip, this had to be world- class. And so Lauren recounted the story of Ruth and Alysia in the showers (although she would only say at first that it was two girls until Nikki demanded the truth), and mentioned that it seemed that they were enjoying themselves. Lauren continued the story with the arrival of Anke, and explained that there had been some misunderstanding about her washing herself.

"Hey, what's the big deal? So you did it in the showers, everyone's doing it somewhere or other, stupid!" said Nikki treating her expose as an enormous joke. Lauren didn't try and argue that it was a misunderstanding; Nikki knew her too well and Lauren realised that there was no sense prolonging the facade, so she just turned to Nikki and grinned wickedly at her. Nikki smiled and nudged her in the ribs like a fellow conspirator as they turned to walk side by side to the bus stop.

Lauren felt a mixture of relief and excitement. She was surprised that not only did Nikki confirm that she played with herself, but that she thought everyone else did as well. On balance she felt that more experimentation in the bath tonight was called for in the name of self- awareness. As she reflected on the nature of the conversation with Nikki and her light treatment of the subject, she couldn't help wondering why she hadn't talked to Nikki about it before, if it wasn't such a big deal. It would certainly be easier to talk to her than her mother. On balance, she considered herself very lucky to have such a vivacious and mischievous friend as Nikki.

"Oh, and I think I have some of my clothes on inside out, I feel strange" mentioned Lauren as they arrived at the newsagents. "Hang on, I need to get a mag for my mum, come on", she said, pulling Nikki into the shop.

"Where do you feel strange? Perhaps you've got your period" said Nikki, taking down a men's magazine from the shelf behind the stationery and books.

"It was last week. Hey, you can't look at that!" squealed Lauren, grabbing the magazine. She reached up to replace it on the shelf, causing four or five others to fall from the top shelf to the floor. Hurriedly, she gathered them together as she blushed profusely, feeling the eyes of other shoppers on her as she squatted on the floor. She stood, showed a copy of "Metrofile" to the curious girl beyond the counter and offered her the correct money.

Leaving the shop, they crossed the road and leaned against the bus stop. The daily ritual of traveling by bus meant that they only had two minutes to wait and then a twenty minute ride as the bus looped around the village before crossing the valley and heading back up the hill to where both Lauren and Nikki lived.

They boarded the bus and made their way to the back seat as usual, sat down and flicked through the magazine until they found the problem page. Silence reigned as the two girls read about a woman whose husband wanted her to invite friends to their house to watch them have sex. One paragraph that received prolonged attention was concerned with how her husband wished his wife to masturbate him, including orally. Lauren and Nikki were delighted that the letter contained graphic detail of what the husband wanted her to do.

"Can you imagine, having sex while people are holding you? I wonder what it's like?" whispered Nikki, rhetorically.

"Come on, next, next!" answered Lauren, turning the page. The next letter was a long one from a young girl in university who wanted to know why she had started her course a virgin and now felt it was compulsory to have sex with as many different boys as possible. The girl was sure that her requirements were abnormal and went on to say that she didn't think she ever orgasmed.

"Did you orgasm in the showers?" inquired Nikki nonchalantly.

"Of course not, I told you".

"Hey, relax, you would know if you have. I know I haven't ever, not if it's like it is in the films."

Now this was news to Lauren which needed investigating, but today was getting out of hand and making Lauren nervous. Her calm little world of day-dreaming had been shattered by revelations and conversations that were both graphic and personal. On the one hand, she felt uneasy with herself and on the other she felt reassured that Nikki was there to defend her emotions as required. The warm glow from between her legs convinced her that further investigation was warranted.

"What are you talking about now?" asked Lauren nervously, staring at the magazine.

"I was helping Dad clear up after a convention had rented out most of the hotel, and I found a dirty film in one of the VCR's that the guests can rent. I've seen it." Nikki mimicked one of the actors by licking her lips and squeezing her breasts together.

"Tell me. Now!" insisted Lauren, giggling at Nikki's acting as she shook her arm. For the remainder of the journey, Nikki related the contents of the film in almost the right order, leaving out some of the action that she found difficult to explain or where she thought that Lauren wouldn't believe her. At the end of the ride, Lauren's knicker had a tell-tale damp patch as a measure of the potency of Nikki's narrative.

The bus pulled up about one hundred meters from Lauren's chalet- style house, and the girls walked up the hill. The house stood back from the road, with a line of fir trees forming a border around the side of the ornate garden. The roof overhung the three floors by several feet, with it's ornately carved and gaily painted woodwork typical of the area. A wooden balcony stretched around two sides of the house on the uppermost floor. The red-framed windows had contrasting black and white wooden shutters either side. A small pathway led from the low garden gate up the back door on the right hand side of the building.

By this time, Lauren had decided that she had to get out of these clothes and find out what was annoying her as the feeling was becoming a nuisance. She opened the back door with her key and passed through the kitchen into the stone-floored hallway. Traditional carvings hung on the facing wall with a large formal mirror at head height. The wood-covered walls made the room dark and the large light hanging from the ceiling was required most of the day. To the left of the hallway were the stairs to the bedrooms, bathroom and toilet while further at the end was the entrance to the lounge.

Visitors could hardly miss the ornate gilt-framed photographs on the hallway walls of Lauren and Mike from early ages, playing on the mountainside and paddling in the freezing cold lakes. Lauren wished they could be exchanged for something, even more recent ones. But her mother always said that they were both such sweeties at that age, and the photos were her treasures.

Lauren bellowed "Mum" at the top of her voice making Nikki jump. They received no reply.

"Good, should be a note from her about tea somewhere. Whenever they collect Mike at the end of term they're always really late", said Lauren looking around.

Both girls dumped their schoolbags on the floor, and went back into the kitchen. Lauren left the magazine on the table for Nikki to read and found her mothers note stuck on the `fridge. In summary, it warned against opening the door to strangers, had emergency phone numbers, return times that night, and finally a request to take something from the freezer and heat it in the microwave. Lauren left the note with Nikki and went upstairs. Nikki filled the kettle and plugged it into the wall socket. She could hear Lauren walking along the landing above and into her bedroom. Just as Nikki flicked the switch on the wall, an almighty scream filled the house, followed by another and another. Then sobbing.

Chapter 2b

Nikki raced out of the kitchen and bounded up the stairs three at a time. She burst into Lauren's bedroom to find her face down on her yellow bedspread, sobbing into her pillow. Nikki noted that she had all her clothes on (minus her shoes) and there seemed to be no obvious reason for her bewildered state. Nikki looked across the bed and noted that the yellow curtains round the window were open. The white dressing table, desk and bookcase around the room were all in order. The top drawer of her four drawer chest was open, revealing her collection of underwear.

"Lori, what the hell's wrong? Speak to me!"

"Claudette" was the only response in between sobs. Nikki could see tears running down Lauren's cheek. She sat down on the edge of the bed and put her hand on Lauren's back. Nikki knew only too well of the simmering feud between the two girls, but didn't understand how Claudette could have hurt her in her own bedroom. She looked down at the pale pink carpet around the bed as if expecting a letter, or a dead cat or some other token of her affection, but there was nothing except scattered make-up, magazines and a couple of T-shirts. There was apparently nothing unusual to be seen at all although Nikki had often joked that some of the posters of pop groups on the walls could have been changed for this year's.

Nikki's hand gently brushed her cheek. The sobbing subsided slowly as she ran her hand through Lauren's hair. Lauren raised her head and rested it on Nikki's lap, allowing a tide of tears to trickle onto her skirt.

"The little shit put gum in my knicker, it's everywhere!" moaned Lauren. Nikki looked down to Lauren's skirt and couldn't see anything. "I can't get my knicker off because of the stupid gum. That cow is going to die for this." screamed Lauren. Nikki had never seen her so angry, and maintained a look of grave concern on her face. Inwardly, she thought it was a clever prank that she would have to remember.

"What are you going to do? You'll have to get cleaned up somehow. How much is there?" said Nikki hoping to get a rational answer.

"How much can she get in her fat mouth? It's the size of the goddamn Eiger!" shouted Lauren. And with that, the clouds lifted and the tears slowly subsided to a drizzle — at least enough for Lauren to look up at Nikki and smile.

"Is it really everywhere? I mean, is it on your blouse and skirt as well?".

"No, I don't think so" said Lauren as she looked down at her clothes. "I hate that fat bitch! I really, really hate her!"

"OK, so take off your other clothes before it gets on them as well. Then we'll think about your knicker".

Lauren was suprised by Nikki's authoritative tone and the assumption that this was going to be a joint venture. However, there was some logic to what she said and there was nothing new in being half dressed in front of Nikki. Lauren sat up on the bed and undid the buttons on her blouse and let it fall, making no attempt to cover her naked breasts from the gaze of Nikki who remained sitting on the edge of the bed. As she sniffed loudly, she knelt on the bed and unzipped her skirt, rolling onto her back so she could get it down her legs and off. She then sat up again with her legs curled under her and looked at Nikki.

"Now what, then?"

"I don't know, let's have a look. Stand up" said Nikki, as she sat with both legs over the side of the bed with Lauren between her knees. Nikki took hold of the elastic waistband of her little friend's knicker and slowly pulled down. Whining sounds and the look on Lauren's face confirmed that the gum had well and truly stuck to her knicker and the small patch of pubic hair just above her pussy. Nikki looked up at Lauren knowingly.

"We'll have to cut the material off, then get rid of the gum with a razor. Let's go to the bathroom, there must be something there that your Dad uses" said Nikki, getting up off the bed.

"Are you crazy? cried Lauren in astonishment. She shook her head and looked down at Nikki, thinking hard about the suggestion. Again, there was logic in the idea, but having someone, even Nikki, so close to her pussy, not just touching, smelling and probing but being able to see inside and change the appearance of her most personal and private place was the most outrageous proposal.

Lauren thought quickly, hoping that there was a more palatable solution to her dilemma. Eventually, Nikki's obvious care and concern for her friend persuaded Lauren that on balance, she should agree — at least until it became too embarrassing. As she arrived at the conclusion, a genuine warmth was born inside Lauren for her friend, and she looked on her with a new degree of friendship. The image of schoolgirl chum and giggling little classmate diminished as one of companion and fellow teenager of the world took its place. Lauren wanted to hug Nikki, but chose to refrain, at least until this was over.

"Any better ideas? Perhaps your Mum could do it, or maybe your Dad?" joked Nikki, taking her hand as she moved towards the bathroom. "Come on, I've used a razor before on my armpits, it's no sweat" said Nikki, confidently marching out of the room. Lauren followed reluctantly, pleased to have had the decision made for her but apprehensive about Nikki's ability with a razor. "Where do you keep the scissors, and what about your Dad's shaving cream?".

"The scissors will be in the kitchen" replied Lauren as she reached the top of the stairs. "I'll get them and bring the coffee up. My Dad uses an electric razor so he doesn't have shaving cream, but I think he's got some razors for emergencies in the bathroom cabinet. Have a look"

"Lori, try and find some cream then down there" shouted Nikki as Lauren disappeared down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Lauren had to search a couple of drawers before she found the large blue scissors that were kept for domestic use. She remembered there were some nail scissors in the bathroom if they needed them as well. Lauren took two cups off the hooks under the cupboard and switched the kettle on again to make coffee. The chewing gum was beginning to hurt now, and was no doubt responsible for the itch between her legs. Lauren sat on one of the kitchen bar stools while waiting for the kettle to boil, one foot dangling towards the floor while the other was pulled up onto the chair, giving her a good view of the problem area and some room to scratch. She leaned back onto the kitchen worktop and rubbed her vagina with her hand through her knicker, trying to reduce the itching. She concluded after a minute or two that it was only rubbing the gum deeper into her pubic hair, so she crossed her legs tightly and tried to forget about it. She ran her hands over her breasts, feeling the tightness of the young nipples that perked up in response to her attention. She smiled naughtily as she ran her finger lightly around each breast, noting the warm feeling inside as she massaged the little mounds.

She hadn't really thought about wandering around the kitchen in just her knicker in broad daylight. She glanced out into the back garden to confirm that nobody was there, and looked through the backdoor window. She wondered if she had seen a curtain move in the Renzer's house, but there was certainly nobody was there now. That would have given the neighbours something to talk about, seeing a teenage girl with only her knicker and socks on in the kitchen apparently playing with herself. She hoped to see the children next door, Rebecca and Stefan, during the summer holidays because they had a pool in their garden which she had enjoyed when the previous owners lived there last year. Mum and Dad kept saying that they should make an effort to get to know the neighbours once they have settled in.

Lauren opened the fridge and took out a can of pressurized cream just as the kettle clicked off. She returned to the bathroom with two cups of coffee, the scissors and the cold can of cream to find Nikki sitting on the edge of the bath. She had placed a towel on the woodwork that surrounded the half-full basin, and had obviously found two or three disposable razors as they were floating aimlessly waiting for action. Nikki directed Lauren to sit up next to the basin, and positioned her so that her right leg dangled over the edge, and the other (after some experimentation) was pulled up onto the woodwork, much like the position she had adopted in the kitchen earlier. Nikki took the scissors, and after exchanging glances, cut the material at its thinnest points at her hips, allowing the underwear to fly apart, leaving a small heap of cloth in Lauren's lap.

"I hate her, you know. I'm going to get her back for this!" said Lauren, the words hissing between her clenched teeth.

It was now easy to see the way that the gum had adhered to the inside of her knicker and her dusky pubic hair. Tugging gently at the material, Nikki was able to pull another inch away from Lauren's vagina before Lauren's hand on her shoulder told her that this was becoming too painful for her friend.

"OK, I think we'll have to cut from here" said Nikki, snipping off the material below her pussy that wasn't stuck too badly. This left a small patch of white cloth between Nikki and the very center of Lauren's sex, giving Nikki a close-up view of the rising mound of her vagina. Nikki looked closely, and noticed the little valley between her pussy lips through the material. If Nikki had really looked even more closely, she would have seen a small damp spot towards the bottom of the cloth, confirming that while Lauren had superficial control of her emotions, other forces inside her had a different agenda. Nikki inhaled the sweet stickiness of the chewing gum wafting up from her warm pussy until she realised that she had been staring at her friends pubic area without doing anything for rather too long. She was about the take hold of the material when Lauren tilted Nikki's face upwards to look at her, pushing back her friends hair out of her sweet face and behind her ear in the gentlest of manners.

"Be careful. I don't .. " Lauren trailed off. She didn't know if she wanted to make light of the situation with a joke or say thank you for being here to help or whatever. Nikki stood up straight and leaning forward, kissed Lauren lightly on the forehead. Nikki smiled and crouched back down to resume her work. She rested her left arm on top of Lauren's leg so that she could hold the cloth and scissors without tiring too much. Starting at the top, she pulled gently at the cloth, snipping between her knicker and Lauren's skin, releasing a little each time. After a few seconds, Nikki could clearly see that Lauren's pussy had opened to reveal the pink folds of her inner lips with the hood of her clitoris standing slightly proud above her young virgin tunnel.

After a couple more cuts about half of the material had been removed, and Nikki was well aware of the young dusky scent coming from between Lauren's legs. Whether this was as a result of her escapade in the showers, or their discussions about the problem page, or Nikki's tale of the erotic video or Nikki's ministrations or even a culmination of all was hard to tell. However, Nikki was quite sure that Lauren was aware of the view she presented to her friend, and decided that she would make this experience one of the utmost pleasure, making up for the discomfort and embarrassment that she had been forced to suffer that afternoon. Nikki moved her left hand down so that her fingers moved over Lauren's clitoris and into the ever-widening valley between her moist lips. She kept her fingers there while pretending to attack a particularly stubborn lump of gum. Lauren stiffened noticeably, involuntarily increasing her grip on Nikki's shoulder. Nikki quickly decided that there was still some work to be done, and that sitting up there beside the bathroom sink was not the place for a girl's first orgasm. Snipping more quickly now, she moved her hands back to the cloth and had the whole piece off within a minute.

"There, that wasn't too bad, was it? Now I'll get rid of the rest and you'll be back to normal. Coffee time, I think," said Nikki, offering one of the mugs to Lauren. They drank in silence, remaining in their respective positions. Lauren noticed that she could clearly see Nikki's nipples through her school blouse, and was convinced that she had not seen them in such an aroused state since they had both played with each other's breasts last summer. The thought vanished from her mind as Nikki started to shake up the can of pasteurised cream. Nikki squirted a little onto her hand and rubbed the cream over the patch of stubble above Lauren's vagina, noticing to her satisfaction that her state of arousal had reduced while they had coffee.

"Hey, that's cold!"

With a smile, Nikki used the tips of her fingers to massage the cream over Lauren's pussy lips and down towards her anus, bringing her fingers back again between her pussy lips and up to Lauren's mouth.

"Have a taste" said Nikki, enticing Lauren with a mischievous smile.

Lauren's tongue slowly curved up as she lowered her head towards the cream-covered hand and licked Nikki's middle finger, from the bottom to the top, to the bottom, and then all around as she took it in her mouth. Once the finger was cleaned of cream, Lauren leaned back on the medicine cabinet and giggled in an almost drunken fashion.

"Oh God, this is so ...." She smiled, her head inclined slightly to the right as she looked at Nikki through half open eyes.

Nikki sprayed a little more cream and administered it to the stubble again. Taking one of the razors from the sink in her right hand, she checked Lauren's posture. She was still sitting approximately how she had been earlier, but Nikki pushed her left foot tightly in against her bottom to make sure that she had the best possible access to her vagina and the patch of cream that seemed to have covered much more skin than necessary. Lauren's right leg continued to dangle over the edge of the surface, while she propped herself up with her right hand, and again placed her left hand on Nikki's shoulder.

With a cautious sweep from left to right, she removed a swathe of cream and a little of the stubble. Lauren was pleased to note a number of things, namely that she still had two legs, she hadn't screamed and that the razor seemed to have cut through cleanly. Nikki continued for a couple more strokes until the majority of the upper stubble had been removed. She rinsed the razor in the basin and stood up to survey the scene. It looked as one would have expected. There was a very young girl with a happy face, beautiful breasts, sitting by the sink, legs apart with her vagina covered in dairy cream. Nikki saw Lauren looking down at the area where her pubic hair had been, and noted the sweet face with such a look of innocence in her eyes. The little mound of cream over the entrance to her vagina looked so inviting, and Nikki felt her own body trembling slightly as Lauren again ran a finger through the cream and tasted it with her tongue. She would have loved to do the same, but there first came a real test of dexterity where she had to shave the tiny amount of hair that usually covered the upper reaches of her young pussy.

Changing razors, she bent down and pulled Lauren's left pussy lip across her moist tunnel entrance using the thumb and forefinger of her left hand at the bottom and top. Slowly, she ran the razor down shaving the lip and turning it at the bottom, shaved her inner leg. She repeated the process for the other lip. Taking a flannel, she rang out the warm water and very gently placed it over Lauren's vagina.

"Hold that in place. Go and lie on you bed and I'll finish it off and clean you up", she said, watching Lauren's little bottom wiggle as she left the room. Nikki took a towel and placed it on the worktop. She opened the medicine cabinet and helped herself to some small scissors and a bottle of Baby Oil, wrapping them in the towel. She went quickly next door to the toilet, and lifting her skirt, pulled down her knicker and sat on the toilet. Looking down, she could see a large damp patch in the gusset, evidence of her afternoon of fun. She took the Baby Oil and dispensed the smallest amount onto her fingers, guiding them to her pussy and around her clitoris. She wiped her fingers on the toilet roll, flushed the toilet and left with her toys.

She found Lauren lying face up on her bed wearing a new blouse although she had not bothered to fasten the buttons. The fading sunlight of the early evening flooded the room, causing Lauren's tan to be contrasted even more strongly by the whiteness of her blouse. Her small breasts caused the material to rise slightly either side, and her left nipple was just visible underneath the fabric. Her legs stretched to the end of the bed, with her hairless pubic mound between them beckoning invitingly. Lauren's head was inclined towards the door, her lips were parted in the beginnings of a smile and her eyes looked longingly at her best friend. Nikki placed her towel on the bed and sat on the side as she had done less than an hour ago, facing Lauren. Glancing at her bedside table, Nikki was pleased to see that her small torch was as usual resting on a shelf.

"I'm going to make sure that all the little bits have gone, then I think we had better make sure that when I put your knicker back on they won't irritate you", said Nikki, glancing up and down Lauren's body. Her gaze rested on the hairless vagina of her friend, and moving Lauren's legs across to the far side of the bed, indicated that she wanted to lie down alongside her to get a closer view. Lauren lifted her bottom off the bed, pushing her pubic mound way into the air (and much higher than necessary) and then let herself down again, giving Nikki enough room to join her on the bed. She guessed correctly that Lauren's sole purpose for the rest of the evening was to reach orgasm — a desire that was growing into an obsession as evidenced by the natural parting of her outer lips and the display of her pretty pinkness. A copious quantity of lubrication had already seeped out of her pussy, glistening in the evening sun.

Taking the torch, Nikki bent Lauren's legs and pulled her knees apart. She flicked the switch on the torch, took hold of the small scissors and positioned her head between Lauren's legs so that Lauren had to put her right leg over Nikki's shoulder. She trained the torch on her newly shaved pussy, noting that in fact she had done a remarkably good job. There was no chewing gum to be seen, but she had missed some small hairs above Lauren's clitoris, which were easily accessible thanks to her aroused state. Moving Lauren's right outer lip to the side, she gently snipped a couple of hairs, making a few little noises to ensure that Lauren appreciated the effort involved while preparing her for the stimulation that she was about to receive.

"There are some tiny bits of gum that we ought to get rid of if possible. Hang on, I'll see what I can do" lied Nikki, putting the scissors out of the way.

Very lightly, and very slowly, she ran her middle finger along the outside of her labia, caressing gently her inner thighs, teasing with the suggestion of more intimate caresses to follow. Down the right hand side and up the left, then around the bottom. Nikki repeated the movement a number of times, until she was both convinced that Lauren's orgasm was gathering momentum and that Lauren realised that this was pure sexual arousal rather than anything to do with the gum anymore.

Lauren indeed understood what was happening, and her senses focused on the light touch of Nikki's young fingers as she caressed the smooth skin of her inner thighs. Her vagina felt heavenly as she anticipated that longed for touch between her legs. The fingers drifted slowly closer, moving from her thighs to just above her clitoris, moving so gently around the outside of her pussy as Nikki teased, aroused and excited her, promising to touch her very centre in a way that nobody had ever touched her before. Lauren thought she would scream any minute as her need to feel Nikki's fingers on her swollen clitoris overtook all rationality she may have possessed. She moved her whole body forward to engage her fingers only to sense Nikki move out of the way, prolonging her foreplay as she began to tremble slightly, her legs wobbling as her stomach fluttered delightfully. Nikki watched as Lauren raised her legs, desperate for deeper stimulation as she pulled her knees towards her chest.

Nikki reached beside Lauren for the Baby Oil and flipped the cap. She let a small quantity drop onto the fingers of her right hand. Resuming her position, she pulled the hood of her clitoris up and exposed the little bud in all its splendor. She allowed a drop to fall over it and again, delicately, massaged all around it. Taking a few more drops, Nikki ensured that both inner lips were coated in the magic potion causing them to glint in the torch light. Slowly, but absolutely surely by now, Nikki inserted her index finger between the folds of skin into her vagina, causing Lauren's legs to tremble once again and move together. She withdrew her finger and again returned to massaging her, waiting to discover whether this was either a shock or a moment of intense pleasure.

"Nik, something's.....God, I feel so trembly..."

Nikki discovered a small, young hand exploring the area just above her own knee. Nikki bent her right leg, allowing instant access to the knicker inside her open skirt. She took the wandering hand and pulled it gently up, allowing Lauren to feel the wetness from her vagina, and run a finger between her own labia to give a sense of her arousal. Shortly, she kissed Lauren above her pussy and slid her legs around so that she was sitting facing Lauren, directly between her legs and out of the reach of Lauren.

Nikki reached over Lauren's head, took a pillow and placed it doubled up under Lauren's bottom. This extra-exposed view afforded all the access she needed. Lubricating her right hand again, she placed her left hand on the top of Lauren's pubic mound, and gently, slowly, inserted two oil-covered fingers into the depths of Lauren's pussy, this time pushing firmly all the way until her little finger lay along the hot sweet valley of Lauren's young pussy. Lauren let out a gargled groan as new sensations flooded her body, registering the two fingers exploring deep inside her pussy. Nikki was convinced that Lauren needed very little artificial lubrication, given the thick, slick tunnel that she had encountered. With all the thoughtfulness of the caring child that she was, she allowed Lauren to grow accustomed to the sensations between her legs, before pushing slightly harder into her, increasing the rate of stroking with her fingers as she employed her other hand over her engorged clitoris. Nikki marveled at the tightness of her pussy, and the grip on her fingers on every stroke, which coincided with a now regular moan from Lauren. Slowly, she withdrew her slippery fingers and took a swollen outer lip between her thumb and finger, running up and down the length of it. She swapped to the other lip, gently squeezing as Lauren twitched on her bed.

Looking up at Lauren, she saw her running the palms of her hands over her breasts, tweaking the nipples occasionally and massaging the small cones in fevered activity. Her face was contorted seemingly in pain, possibly because she felt she might not achieve orgasm, but hopefully because the feeling of lust and sexual abandon had now swept away her modesty, inhibitions and reserve in a tide of unbridled desire for release. Nikki slipped two fingers back inside her young friend as they both reveled in the new experience. Nikki took a good look at Lauren's vagina, the position of her little brown hole, and the secret folds of skin that were now fully exposed to her view.

Lauren raised her bottom in time with Nikki, and although the syncronisation was (as to be expected from two young schoolgirls for the first time) less than perfect, the effect when they did connect served to provide deep penetration inside Lauren's pussy. Nikki looked down at her fingers moving quickly in and out of her friend, and parted her own legs in sympathy for her own pent-up desires. She felt the walls of Lauren's vagina suddenly relax and then contract just as Lauren screwed up her eyes and brought her hands from her breasts down in between her legs to rest the palms of her hands either side of her virgin pussy. Lauren grabbed her feet and pulled them wide and back above her body, in the process giving Nikki maximum room to administer her therapy.

Lauren's thrusting was curtailed by her position, but her whimpering gave Nikki the timing cue she needed, understanding from her own efforts how close her friend must be at that moment. Deciding to take her the rest of the way, she increased the depth and rate of her finger fucking, turning her fingers on the way in and out to stimulate every conceivable surface inside her beautiful friend.

"Oh, Jeeze!..... Something's going to happen!" panted Lauren, a look of shock across her sweaty face.

She bucked violently on top of the pillow, pushing herself high off the bed, maximising the power of the thrusting fingers that penetrated her. Sensing the final hill, Nikki pushed deep into her and put her free hand underneath her bottom, grabbing her cheeks while she maintained her rate of finger fucking, pushing hard on each down stroke to enter as far as possible. Lauren started to say something, but no words followed, even though Nikki could see she was trying to speak. Her orgasm engulfed her as she felt the walls of her vagina pulsing and gripping the fingers rhythmically at first, giving way to random seizures of pleasure in sympathy with contractions of her vagina. After what seemed like eternity, Lauren exhaled loudly and took in a deep breath, releasing her vice-like grip on her feet and allowing her knees to bend slightly into a more relaxed position.

Nikki slowly removed her fingers, and helped Lauren to lower her legs onto the bed. She then pushed Lauren onto her side and arranged her in a fetal position. Laying now the correct way on the bed, she maneuvered herself alongside and put her right arm around her waist. Nikki kissed the back of her head and pulled Lauren tightly to her, cupping her right breast. A feint smile passed across Lauren's lips as she drifted into the arms of Morpheus.

Chapter 3

It was over an hour before Lauren woke up, finding Nikki still cuddling her and breathing gently. She carefully moved her arm, and slid off the bed. From a drawer she took a pair of knicker and slowly pulled them up and into place. She was relieved to discover that there was no particular pain or chaffing as she could have expected. She buttoned up her blouse, picked up her skirt off the floor and made her way to the bathroom. Nikki had evidently cleaned up before they went into the bedroom as it was perfectly neat and tidy. Lauren was aware that while she could feel her now hairless pussy, she really wanted to know what it looked like. The bathroom afforded no means of discovery, and so she padded out down the passageway into her parents room.

The largest bedroom was also the brightest, and even in the late evening sun was bright enough for her purposes without switching on the light. Lauren walked across to the wardrobe and looked at her image in the big mirror that covered one of the doors. As she parted her legs she concluded that superficially there was no difference in her appearance. She watched her right hand move across her stomach and down between her legs, searching for any new feelings or sensations that might be found as a result of her misfortunes. Lauren considered that she was very lucky to have been able to get rid of the gum so quickly, but even as this thought passed through her mind, her attention was grabbed forcefully by the `apres-shave' that had taken place with Nikki. There was definitely, in her mind, some rationalisation that was required with respect to their love-making.

While for someone ten years older the act of masturbating with a friend would have been a major turning point in that persons life, Lauren had no such considerations. She knew that other school friends were doing something similar, and moreover, there was no long-term agenda attached to their playing. And so her feelings towards Nikki were separated from the afternoon activities they had enjoyed and Lauren felt inwardly reassured that she was simply growing up rather than embarking on a course into dangerous territory.

Lauren put her thumbs into the sides of her knicker and pulled them down. She kicked them over into the corner of the room, and sat down in front of the mirror. Sunlight streamed through the window, illuminating her legs and providing her with a perfect opportunity to view Nikki's efforts. She bent her legs and parting them to expose her vagina, put her feet up against the mirror and leaned back on her left hand. Strangely, the first thing that Lauren noticed was that she had a freckle just above her clitoris. She rubbed her thumb over it and proved to herself that it was real. Looking at the view in it's entirety caused her to grin widely. What a fabulous sight she thought, noting that yet again, her pink inner lips were pushing their way out allowing a view of the inverted V of the hood over her clitoris. Lauren noted that there was probably some of the Baby Oil inside her as it glistened still in the sunlight. As she ran her finger over her inner lips,

she quickly gasped. Lauren realised that she was a little tender.

Lauren dressed and went back into her own bedroom to find Nikki still asleep, but now curled up tightly facing away from her. She put her hand on her thigh and gave her a little shake. Nikki stirred, and rolled over onto her back. Lauren didn't bother to move her hand, which was now in between Nikki's legs. Nikki slowly opened her eyes and smiled at Lauren. She followed Lauren downstairs into the kitchen, noting that it was now seven o'clock.

"What are you doing tomorrow evening?" asked Nikki as she took plates from the cupboard. Lauren was reading the instructions on the microwave packet for their meal that she had taken from the freezer.

"Don't know, nothing much. I expect I'll talk to Mike and find out what he's been doing. After all, I only see him when he comes home for the school holidays, and we had quite a good laugh last time he was here at Easter". Lauren remembered that they had exchanged confidences about their loves (he had many, and Lauren had none) and Lauren had felt that at last she could now talk to Mike without him treating her like his baby sister. Lauren was also pretty sure that Nikki had designs on her brother after the looks that passed between them the day they met. As Lauren mentally ran through her Friday schedule, it suddenly dawned on her.

"Oh Shit, I've got that doctor's check-thing!" squealed Lauren, frozen to the spot.

"So what, we've all got to have them" replied Nikki. Half the class had already visited the local clinic for their pre-teen well-woman checkup which had been mandated as part of the area's health policy.

"Yeah, but how do I explain what's happened down here?" said Lauren, pointing to her skirt.

"Relax, just say you are on the swim team, or gymnastics or something. That's what Elena did!" offered Nikki in a tone that assumed there was nothing left to discuss.

"How do you know she said that? I didn't hear about it. Do you think they will believe me?"

"Of course. And what if they don't, they can't do anything, can they?" answered Nikki as she laid the table, clearly amused at Lauren's concern about her unavoidable denouement at the hands of the local doctor.

Lauren silently ran through the possible scenarios and her responses to awkward questions. She decided that if asked she would say that she was on the swim team and leave it at that. Dismissing further thoughts from her mind, she served the meal and the two girls sat down to eat. There was no mention about their previous intimacy, and the main topic of conversation concerned Lauren's forthcoming day as bridesmaid to the girl who used to be the household baby-sitter, AnneMarie. They discussed dresses and styles, and eventually determined that it was worth a visit to Interlaken to choose a suitable pattern. The dress itself would be made by a friend of Lauren's mother, Kristal.

After the meal Nikki asked if she could be excused the washing up and leave for her house. Lauren was happy to let her friend off the chores and the two girls hugged each other on the doorstep. Lauren lightly kissed Nikki on the forehead and whispered `Thank You' as they parted.

Her kitchen duties only took a few minutes, and Lauren then went back upstairs into her bedroom with her mothers magazine to prepare for a bath. Stripping off all her clothes she raised her hands above her head and stretched. In the bathroom, she ran the water and added some essence to provide a soothing scent and a great deal of bubbles. She lay down in the water for a few minutes, relaxing with her eyes closed and running through the evenings events. There were aspects of their intimacy that she found very suprising, not least that she had allowed it to happen, but secondly that she had enjoyed it so much. The warm water, bubbles and her thoughts all served to content her to the point that if she had been a cat, she would have purred loudly.

Stirring from her reverie, she opened the magazine and continued to read about the problems that afflicted, it seemed, every reader of the publication. Of particular interest was the article from a woman who complained about the taste of her husbands cum, and her nervousness about allowing him to come in her mouth. The article explained that the husband came all over her face, hair and breasts, which was not a problem. But for Lauren, this was a revelation in that she had heard that boys produced a lot of sticky stuff when they orgasmed, but she was unaware that it could be so much. She also gleaned from the story the methods the woman used to bring her husband to climax and the most sensitive areas of his cock. Her thoughts drifted back to Mike, and she wondered if he had had sex with any girl since they last spoke. He had confided last time that a girl in the same town as his school had played with his cock but she hadn't asked about whether he had orgasmed. She would have to find out.

Lauren knelt in the bath, and with the soap, cleaned her stomach and between her legs. Her soapy hands roamed over the little mounds of her bottom, running between her cheeks and, as she parted her legs as far as the bath would allow, she introduced her little anus to the pleasures of a soapy finger. She was so surprised by the effect to the point of being shocked as to why she had never really experimented before with her bottom. Gradually, and with a finger renewed with soap, she slowly pushed her finger into the crinkled little hole. The completely new sensation was tempered by a feeling of acting dirty and improperly. However, it was clear which emotion gained the upper hand as Lauren stood in the bath and, holding onto the medicine cabinet with her left hand, she placed her left leg on the side of the bath.

The view between her legs would have been stunning to anyone who walked in at the time, the cheeks of her little bottom separated by the position of her legs, and her shaved pussy lips parted to reveal not just her inner folds but a wonderful view inside her as her whole tunnel opened as though begging for attention. Her clitoris stood proudly out from underneath its normally protective hood as her fingers slid underneath her, over her stomach and felt that total lack of hair between her legs. Taking the soap, Lauren explored every possible source for new feelings and sensations, again coming to rest at her anus. She dropped the soap into the bath and massaged the hole, probing slowly but further and further, deeper and deeper until she was sure that she was not doing herself any damage. The feeling of guilt subsided into one of pleasure, not as intense as that produced by Nikki, but nonetheless very satisfying. After a couple of minutes, she made her mind up that she would bring herself to orgasm, and so she let half the water out of the bath and sat down again just in case she fell over.

The room was warm as she leant her head against the towel she had placed at the end of the bath. Her fingers again found her clitoris and ran around the delicate little bud in slow, light circles. Her legs involuntarily parted to accommodate her attention, and she felt her anus more forcefully now, a warm glow emanating from her newly discovered source of fun. Lauren really wanted to use both hands, so she moved the towel to the side of the bath and turned to face the wall, causing her to squash up into the width of the tub. But now she could rub her clitoris with the fingers of her left hand while pushing firmly into her bottom with her other hand.

Her legs were straight, stretched pointing to the ends of the bath, and her head was right back on the towel so she would have had a view of the ceiling if she had opened her eyes. Instead, she had visions of Nikki and Mike, alternately, as she fantasised and masturbated wildly. She felt the signs of her orgasm approaching as her stomach muscles tightened and her face screwed up. Her finger was now simply pushed as far as it would go into her anus, while her left hand continued to flash across her clitoris and now and then her fingers would disappear into her pussy, only to re-emerge with a slight slurping noise, covered in thick secretions, to return to their duty. Her fantasy finally conjured up a picture of Mike coming over Lauren and Nikki's naked breasts as they both had their hands on his enormous cock. As the orgasm reached her, she had the presence of mind to keep quiet just in case anyone had come home without her knowing, but the sound she might have made with her open mouth was exchanged for a violent movement of her head in time with a final push into her anus with her finger. She lunged forward and back against the bath, hitting her head on the side covered with the towel as she grunted. Although she was dimly aware that she had banged her head, she was not going to stop as the waves of pleasure took command. She stopped rubbing her clitoris to roughly place her hand over her pubic mound as though to grab it all and squeeze it together. Her leg muscles ached badly, but there was a rapidly increasing warmth as her body spasmed in the throes of ecstasy for almost a minute. As they subsided, she slowly pulled her finger out of her anus, causing another wave of pleasure to ripple though her as beads of sweat formed into rivulets and trickled down her face.

Eventually, she turned and stretched out fully in the remainder of the water, soaking up the last of the magic, eyes closed again. For almost ten minutes she remained motionless in the water, as waves of pleasure subsided and a feeling of calm and contentment carried her to a lofty plateau of peace and tranquillity. At last she returned to reality and stepped carefully out of the bath, noting that she felt a little light-headed as she wrapped the towel around her shoulders. She saw in the mirror that her hair was matted and feeling the ends confirmed that it needed drying. As she explored her hair, she encountered the bump she had sustained, and marveled not at the slight pain to her touch but at the energy released during her orgasm. Lauren wondered if everyone felt the same way during sex and decided she would probably never know.

She dried her hair and let the hot air stream play across her breasts, legs and over her pubic mound. It tickled slightly and she stopped when she realised that it was making her too dry between her legs. Taking a little Baby Oil, she remedied the situation by rubbing the tiniest of amounts onto her pussy lips. Noticing that she was, yet again, becoming aroused, she stopped and after clearing up, went into her bedroom with a feeling that she was becoming a slave to her sexual desires. While this was not strictly true, it was hard for her to feel any other way given that today she had had the first orgasm of her life, followed by another, all in the space of a few hours. So Lauren arrived at the conclusion that she was in an experimental stage and there was no harm in finding out as much as she could, especially as everyone else was doing the same. It was therefore with some satisfaction that she pulled on only a T-Shirt that barely covered her bottom, and went downstairs whistling a tune.

Lauren made sure that the plates were put back in the cupboards, and standing again on the bottom rung of the stool, she reached up and put away the dishes that they had used. As she stretched the true shape of her legs was displayed through the back door for anyone to see, along with a perfect view of the cheeks of her bottom and the delightful valley of her pussy.

Switching off the light, she passed the stairs and opened the door of the lounge. She checked that everything was in order, shut the door and went upstairs to bed. She would talk to her mother and Mike tomorrow and get an early night. Indeed, it was an early night, and probably she slept as soundly as she had ever done before, content in the knowledge that she was rapidly progressing from a giggly schoolgirl into a blossoming teenager.

end Chapter 3

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