STORY TITLE An Engagement Request Satisfied
AUTHOR UncleBeefer
CODES MF, Cuck, Impreg
DATE ADDED 24th February, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

Corey and i had dated for almost 11 years before i bought her engagement ring. we always knew we would eventually marry, but i knew she had never had sex with anyone else but me. i told corey that i would like her to experience sex with another man before we became engaged . that way she would have no regrets. although the idea fascinated her,she would not accept the offer, saying that i was all she wanted. our sex life was awesome and sometimes kinky.

She really enjoys being tied,blindfolded, and forced to surrender control of her body to me. usually during these sessions, we would imagine that she was being raped by a stranger or friend, and that he was going to ejaculate deep into her unprotected vagina. corey has never used birth control, so this fantasy would drive her wild to the point that she has swore to me that if she were ever in a rape situation, she would submit to his desires. this gave me an idea. i had a good friend(rob) in the navy that would stay with me when he was home on leave. he liked to flirt with corey and had mentioned to us that he would like to do her if he ever had a chance. corey was not interested,but i wanted to see that show. the next time rob was home on leave we all went out. corey and i went to my place around 1am. but rob stayed out trolling for girls. i decided to launch my plan. while we were in bed, i blindfolded and tied coreys hands to the headboard. she was fairly intoxicated so she went with it. after a few minutes she remembered that rob would be coming back to my place eventually and suggested that maybe we should stop. i reassured her that he would be out for hours and that he may not come back at all if he hooked up. satisfied with my explanation, corey relaxed as i started fondle her. my goal this evening was to make fantasy a reality, so i whispered in her ear that i wanted to take her shoping for an engagement ring the next day, but to do so meant that she needed to do as she was told until sunrise. she paused for a moment not sure if this was fantasy or for real then stammered "yes,i will do as i am told."

i felt her pussy, it was soaking wet with excitement. the front door opened, it was rob coming home from the bar. we listened closely and heard the door to his room close. suprised that he was back so early, i asked corey if she was still willing to do as she was told. she gulped and said yes. i proceeded to tell corey that i was going to invite rob to our room. i touched her leg and could feel the tension in her body. the funny thing was that her pussy was drenched and her nipples were rock hard. i think she was so turned on, but she would never admit it. at robs room i told him that corey was tied, blindfolded, and ready for his cock.

he was fired up and said ok let me grab a rubber and i will be right over. i told him not to worry about a rubber, she hates them and loves the feel of hot sperm being ejaculated into her vagina. he said giddy up lets go. when we arrived at my room i told rob to wait at the door for 2 minutes and then come in. i laid on the bed next to corey and told her to spread her legs and submit to her rapist. she complied but asked if he was going to wear a condom. i told her no, and that she was to tell him that she wanted him to cum deep inside her. the reality of the situation was setting in for corey. she responded "are you fucking crazy? i dont really want to fuck him let alone have him impregnate me." i reminded her that tonight rob and i are her rapists not her lovers, and that she swore to do what she was told. all she did was wimper and respond "ok" as i saw a tear escape from under her blindfold. rob entered the room and without saying a word, began sucking on my girls nipples while he explored her shaved vagina with a couple of fingers.

i maneuvered just off the bed to my ringside seat. thats when i caught my first glimpse of robs cock. it was probably a good 3 in. longer than mine and much thicker. i knew corey would enjoy his rod. corey began to stir and hump back at robs finger manipulation, and her breathing became quick and heavy. sensing that corey was very hot, rob positioned himself between my girls thighs so the head of his bulging babymaker was resting at the folds of her vagina. what a beautiful view. coreys hands bound above her head, her legs splayed wide with those beautiful red painted toes high in the air. i heard her whisper "please fuck me." she moaned loudly as rob sank his cock deep into her pussy. i knew she just came for the first time. after a few more strokes, rob was in to the balls and deeper into corey than i will ever be. even though corey didn't really like rob as a person that much, i knew she was now in love with his cock. after about 15 minutes of deep stroking my girl, rob withdrew to the tip and held position. corey tried to raise herself up to get him deeper but could only move a little with her hands tied to the headboard. rob asked corey if she wanted more. corey purred yesssss. "yes what?" rob asked. "yes master" corey replied. rob buried his cock deep into corey and held it there. rob asked corey "who is the best fuck you ever had?". corey responded "you are master". corey was now totally lost in lust as rob continued his assault on her pussy. she came on his cock again. as rob began to pick up the pace, it was evident that he would cum soon. corey said "please don't pull out, i want you to cum deep into my unprotected vagina." rob replied "i may get you pregnant."

coreys response was decisive " i am bound,blindfolded,and have submitted to you completely rob. my vagina is your sperm bank, please breed me." with those words rob ejaculated deep into my girfriends vagina. he kissed her deeply and untied her hands as his cock continued to twitch inside her vagina.

rob left the following morning for his flight to japan. as promised, corey and i found her engagement ring. we never told rob, but corey got pregnant and carried for about 10 weeks before she lost the baby.

knowing she was pregnant with my buddies baby when i asked her to marry me was the hottest time of my life.

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