AUTHOR Unknown
CODES mf, Unsafe, Impreg
DATE ADDED 3rd June, 2007

DISCLAIMER:- The following text is sexually explicit and contains depictions of sexual acts that have been classified by the surgeon general as potentially dangerous and unhealthy. You must be a broad minded adult to read the text, and you must not make this text available to minors or to any person who does not wish to view it. Unprotected sexual relations with unknown partners is hazardous and we urge the use of condoms and safe sex at all times.

This is a fond memory I must share. I was 18 and dying for a hot piece of ass but at that time in my life I had never actually got lucky without having to use a rubber. Like any guy I wanted to know what a girl really felt like inside without the use of a condom. I did have a girlfriend at the time but I wanted to go out with someone who was on the pill so I could cum in her. I figured every girl but my girlfriend was on the pill and that a lucky encounter would be so good that I would never want to use a rubber again. I was right about never wanting to use a rubber again but I never grasped the fact that not every girl takes the pill.

I can still remember that night to this day and how it all got started. We were just kids hanging out in a parking lot when I decided to reach over and squeezed this girl’s big titty. I knew her a little but her boy friend was close by so she pushed her friend over towards me. I guess she thought I was going to reach over and squeeze her friend’s titty next but instead I reached down between her friend’s legs and rubber her pussy through her jeans. Her friend liked it!

Her friend and I then decided to go for a ride and discuss why I couldn’t keep my hands to myself. We talked as I drove and through our discussion we decided we should just park and do something besides talk. I was happy and hoping for the best but fearing she was just a tease. When I saw her tits pop out though I felt a little better and then when she rolled around on the truck seat and showed me her sopping wet pussy I felt much much better!

My dick felt like a throbbing jack handle from the sight of her and with little effort I was on top about to give her a good hard fucking! She said aren’t you forgetting something? I didn’t know what she was talking about but I could feel the heat from her pussy and then I rammed my dick in. She screamed out in surprise oh God! I held it in deep for a second and then gave her two good little bumps and she said Ohhh, Oh… GODD!!

All I knew at that point was that it was way better than I had ever imagined any bareback sex could be. It was fucking good with a capitol F and I mean it was Fucking Dam Good!

She screamed good and loud for me the way every guy always dreams a girl will when he sticks it to her. She screamed and gasped and then said oh God you’ve got to put on a rubber. I said what! Oh she shuttered you’re going to get me pregnant! I paused and felt my nuts tighten from the thought. I said you’re not on the pill? No she gasped and I nearly exploded right there but then my heart sank with the disbelief that I couldn’t cum in her.

All I wanted was to find out was how it felt to just cum in a girl’s pussy. I couldn’t believe my luck was so bad. What was I going to do I thought? Did she really say put on a rubber can this be happening I thought? I could feel my dick throbbing in her hot vat and my nuts continued to tighten but I didn’t have even one single rubber to put on. I said as I strained to hold my cum back I’ll be careful.

I then gave her a few more strokes for good measure but I had to stop rather quickly because I just simply couldn’t hold it back. Her cunt could feel the uncontrollable pressure building in my dick and to my surprise she seemed to want it. I could feel her insides sucking for me as she whimpered about me going to get her pregnant. Just the thought of blowing her up was more than I could handle. I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on. I also couldn’t believe what was happening as she beckoned in response to the sensation of my load that was about to blow. She knew she was about to get it big time and in return she pulled her legs back even wider. She opened them all the way and got ready for me to shoot it to her.

I don’t know how but despite the fact that her hungry pussy sucked down on me for all she was worth and the fact that she keep her legs spread to the max I somehow stopped my load a half a second before detonation. I held still and prayed she wouldn’t move and then I pulled out to show her that I was still in control. It only took a second for her sanity to return and she said okay we better stop. I thought silently to myself wow you just came like ten times you’re provably getting tired. Oh I thought to myself don’t forget I would like to cum at lest one time!

I tried to regain as much control as I could while keeping my thoughts to myself but the longer I waited the more convinced she became that we shouldn’t be doing it. Don’t worry I said. Then I pulled back and rammed it back in. Instantly I felt that uncontrollable sensations return. I just hammered down hard on her and held back for all I was worth. Ohhhh she screamed. Ohhh Godd! It was working but God did I want to cum.

I pushed it in deep and held my position. I was going to blow like hell. I new I would half to jerk it out and pour it all her tummy but I also knew it was going to feel really good. Just the thought of knowing my dick was buried in a hot unprotected pussy set my cream in motion. She somehow felt this and let out a hellacious scream. Oh God she squealed you’re going to get me pregnant! You’re going to Get Me PREGNANT She SCREAMED!!! In fact her scream was so intense and so unexpected that my dick instantly went limp and my nuts curled up into what felt like a giant throbbing knot numb with frustration.

I didn’t cum in her and I knew that it was going to be even harder to control my eruption the next time I tried to get off simply because this unexpected delay had put even more tension on my swollen balls. My biggest fear was that I would just explode without warning. I told her not to worry that I had no intentions of cumming in her. Just don’t scream like that anymore was all I asked.

She agreed and away I went. I pumped in and out of her and prayed for the feelings to come back to num balls. I wanted it to feel so good that when I finally came it would be worth the risk. I truly did hope I wouldn’t just suddenly feel an unexpected gush that would only cum if I had exploded with out warning. I couldn’t say that wouldn’t happen and I did continue to pump that pussy for all I was worth. I took the risk so I could have an orgasm but the next three or four times I got ready to cum she screamed like a raving lunatic. She screamed that I was going to get her pregnant. She did this every time to point that I couldn’t cum even if I had to.

I finally pulled out and let my cock rest on her belly. She screamed oh God did you cum in me. No I told her I can’t cum because you won’t stop screaming. We laid there for a few minutes while our roasting bodies cooled. I thought to my self that I’d provably already gotten some in her and the thought of her getting knocked-up from something like that pissed me off. My thought was the next time I’ll give her a few drops for good measure and then I’ll pull out and enjoy a numb nut organism.

She sighed like she was ready for a nap and I figured it was time to get back to work. The brief break had been wonderful for my balls even though they felt like they were starting to turn blue. I told her that if she screamed again I was going to cum like hell in her until I didn’t have a drop left. She opened her mouth like she couldn’t believe what I had just said and then I plunged back in.

I pumped her hard and then looked her straight in the eye daring her to utter one word. I could feel my nut cumming unexpectedly fast and she could too. To my surprise she opened her mouth like it was feeling incredibly good and started to spread her legs like she was hoping I would blow it straight into that hot pussy of hers. I felt her begin to tremble and her pelvic rocked to me as her insides suddenly sucked down on me. At that point it was only one thing left to do and that was to cum like hell!

I slammed up into her deep as she threw her legs all the way back. A couple drops I said to myself and no one will ever know. I could feel the tip of my dick taping her most fertile confines as my cream began to exit my swollen balls. That’s the spot I thought that’s where she needs it.

I pulled back and punched back in with all I had. In fact I punched it in so hard that I gave her a multiple orgasm. She wasn’t screaming because she couldn’t. She just lay there with her mouth gaped open and thrashed as she tried to catch her breath. She was cumming like hell and I was about to make her cum even harder.

I felt the tip of my dick suddenly began to swell with sperm and without warning she threw her arms and legs around me squeezing for all she was worth. She griped my body tight as her baby maker lapped the cream off the tip of my dick before it could even come out. I punched in even deeper struggling to give her maximum penetration when I felt something hot and sticky in there. I punched forward again and again struggling to tap her core and each time I felt a little more of that stickiness. I didn’t think I was actually getting my cum in her yet but it sure felt like it. Then I decided it was time to pull out and as I did so I suddenly felt a distinct whoosh like sensation. With the head of my dick barely in her pussy I couldn’t stand the thought of pulling out not knowing how much damage I had just done.

Reluctantly I pushed back in and instantly felt the distinct sensation of cum. The further down I went the more I felt and just as I bottomed out in her the feeling of her hot snatch combined with my cum sent a distinct and instant sensation through my rod like a bolt of lighting. She bulked hard under me and clutched me for all she was worth as a warm spiraling sensation swirled around my cock all the way up from the tip of my rod to my balls that were tightly pressed against her pussy. A micro second later another sudden even more intense sensation shot through my rod like a bolt of lighting and she bulked even harder that time. She yelped woooo opening her legs wide like she was trying to get that sperm to blast straight home.

It was no doubt at that point that she provably knew I had just seriously fucked her but I jerked it out anyway. To my surprise I stopped cumming the instant I pulled out. Rubbing my knob on her belly didn’t help either because I needed the sensation of her hot pussy to keep my goo flowing. I knew I wasn’t done but without the sensation of hot pussy I just couldn’t finish. I then raked the head of my cock up and down her slit while sliding it in and out of her lightly. It worked but I couldn’t believe how much goo I’d gotten in her. Gobs upon Gobs of hot Goo and I wasn’t even done. She felt it too and let out a rather sweet sounding scream the kind you would expect to hear from a fucked pussy that was getting fucked the way it needed to be fucked. She screamed not loud but very sweetly as I continued to rake that scorching hot jiz up out of her hole right up over her clit. The sensation was more intense than she could stand. Even though she didn’t want me cumming inside her she slammed her pelvic up against me and made my rod go back inside so I couldn’t get any more of that scorching hot cum on her clit. I wasn’t in her for a second when she felt my next wad blast out. To my surprise she let out another nice deep wooo and sucked down on me hard with that hot pussy.

That sweet satisfaction of jism flowing deep from within my balls to deep within her fertile folds was just what the doctor ordered. My balls never felt better and she seemed to be getting very satisfied. I then jerked it back out again and she gasped like she couldn’t believe what I was doing to her. Again my orgasm stopped and I began to see that she was coming out of her fog. She was becoming very aware of the extreme damage she was receiving. Without hesitation I pulled back one last time and slammed it back in. She bucked up tight against me and pealed her legs back as I began to cum again. I still say to this day that her hot hole was sucking it out of me faster than I could shoot it. With another moment of pleasure flowing into her heavenly hole I made one last attempt to cum on her belly. I pinched my cum vein and told her to get ready. She looked down in disbelief as I withdrew my cum soaked cock and managed somehow to jerk out a few pathetic drops.

It was obvious that I had just tried to pull of an impossible lie. She looked at me like she couldn’t believe I had even bothered to try and pull out. She said you fucking came in me but I insisted that I had only came on her. I then looked down and all I could see was gobs and gobs of thick white goo covering her entire gash. I looked down a little further in disbelief and watched as a steady stream of sperm spilled out of her hole as it ran down the crack of her ass where it pooled on the truck seat like a little lake.

She grabbed a sock and then frantically began to try and clean up. The more she got the more it came out. To say the least I knew I was dead and then she asked me if I had another sock because that one was soaked with cum. I gave her the other one and watched her spayed hole spasm as it tried to contain my eruption. I new she could try to clean up but there was no way that pussy of hers was going to let it all spill out.

She then threw the other sock down and said you fucking came in me. No I insisted sheepishly I came on you. With that she sat up jerked on her jeans and then jumped slightly for no apparent reason. She gasped paused and then reached down and placed her hand on her lower tummy. I didn’t know what was happening but I new her nipples were getting real hard for no apparent reason and I feared the worse. She did too with her mouth opened in shock she took one of her breast and squeezed it. Oh my god she stammered you fucking Bred Me! She paused and then nodded her head. Oh yeah she said I just felt it, it just took. You fucking got me Pregnant!

She was just a country girl but she new that pussy had been fucked! I didn’t know what to say but I knew it was going to be hell to pay. After we were dressed I couldn’t help but to notice that her nipples were protruding through both her shirt and bra. She noticed too and said you better hope nobodies looking when you take me home. She then spread her legs back open and told me to turn on the light. I didn’t ask why I just did. Oh yeah she said that’s what I thought. Fuck she hissed your cum is leaking through my jeans! I saw it but I couldn’t believe it. God was I busted!

After I dropped her off she told me she would let me know when or if she had her next period. Luckily I got to drop her off at her drive. It was her idea because she didn’t want anybody to know she had just fucked a perfect stranger. What would have happen if I’d been there and she got busted with a cum spot between her legs while having those rock hard tits to stare at? Luck was on my side that time.

A couple of months went by and I was glad not to here from her but then the phone rang one day and she said we needed to talk. I felt this was not good but I agreed to pick her up at her drive late that night. When I saw her I was elated that she didn’t look pregnant but she was only a couple of months. She told me I did it to her but so had her boyfriend. She really didn’t want me to know about him because she said I had cum in her when she was ovulating and when he did it she was provably already pregnant.

I felt relieved to know that someone else had given her what she needed but she was bent on nailing my ass and I was sure I was screwed for life. We made out that night for the second time and I just told her flat out that I didn’t believe she was pregnant mainly because she didn’t look pregnant. She said well just be sure not to cum in me. I replied no that if she was knocked-up it wouldn’t hurt anything and dumped my wad right there on the spot. To my surprise when she felt it shoot off in her pussy she pulled those legs back nice and wide and rocked her pelvic for me as she sighed with a delightful little purr. It was a good nut and I was pleased to see her hole stay spayed wide with my cream filling after I pulled out.

After I dropped her off she said being that I enjoyed cumming in her so much she would give me a ring in a few more months and then I would know she was pregnant for sure. I told her that was fine but I really hoped to never hear from her again. As I drove off I was sure she was torturing me for cumming in her. You idiot I told myself all you had to do was just pull out!

Well a few months went by and no ring. Boy was I happy! She was just fucking with me I said. What a bitch! Then the ring came and it was her. Well she said how have you been doing? Great I said how about you? Well she replied not long after our second union the news got out that she was pregnant and all hell broke loose. I got grounded for life she said and my boyfriend became my fiancé who is going to marry me next week. We are expecting she said so we are going to half to get married real quick being that I’m starting to show.

You are I said? Yeah that’s why I’m calling she said! I thought we could get together one last time and then you could see for your self that I’m going to be having a baby. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea but she meant we were going to meet. I felt it would be a good night to get shot but with luck maybe she just wanted to see me so she could see my reaction if she was truly pregnant. At this point I felt the worst had come and it would be no doubt that she was knocked up. Oh God I thought what am I going to do.

To my surprise she said she wanted me to pick her up the next week. That was the week she was supposed to get married so that told me she wasn’t getting married and she had been lying. If she was lying I said maybe she’s lying about everything else. There was only one way to find out and that was to see her up close in person. As I drove to pick her up that night it occurred to me that she had been sneaking to meet with me and what would happen if we got caught. When I pulled up to her drive she was there and I could see she was indeed pregnant. I can still see her getting into my truck with her tum poked out and those tits about to pop out of her bra to this day.

I looked in disbelief and she said lets go before someone sees us. I drove off and continued to look over and she couldn’t help but to notice that I was staring. Yeah she said you see now don’t you. I told you she said! You did it! You fucking came in me and got me pregnant she said! Now I’m going to half to get married tomorrow and you’re the daddy but nobody knows that yet she said. The way she said it though I new it was going to be hell to pay. God I thought this can’t be happening?

I looked over to see her taking off her bra. You don’t mind do you this is the third bra I have out grown in three months. I could see that she had real jugs at this point and there was no doubt that they were bigger than normal. My nipples will never be the same again she bitched. Did you see them she asked? Their brown and look like shit! I didn’t see them but I could feel she had an ax to grind so I found a place and parked.

What are you doing she asked? Well I said you asked if I saw them. She looked at me like she wasn’t about to just show them even though I told her I wanted to see. We talked a bit more and she kept referring to getting married tomorrow. I told her that was fine and that I had no intention of marrying someone because of one night that may or may not have caused her to get pregnant. I think she wanted me to say I’d marry her but there was just no way. Besides I was pissed for the hell I’d been going through and she even admitted she had fucked both of us that same month so it was possible her husband to be was the real father.

When I saw her tits though I agreed that her nipples had looked better when they were nice and rosy pick. I didn’t tell her they looked like shit brown but it really wasn’t the prettiest shade of brown. I had never saw a pregnant tit in my life and wasn’t a fan of the color brown but I did tell her that they looked juicy and that turned me on. I don’t like brown I told her but your boobs look really good. She squeezed them a little and seemed to be surprised that I looked genuinely turned on. You are sick she said and then I noticed that her swollen tummy was kind of erotic. You know I said I’ve never seen a pregnant woman before.

Her look was disbelief but I think she liked it. I don’t believe her fiancé had been sharing the same eagerness that I was expressing as I felt my dick getting harder and harder. Were not doing anything I herd her say as I tugged for her to get naked. Come on I said I just want to see. Like I said I’d never seen a pregnant woman before and wanted to seen what everything looked like. To my surprise she took off her shirt and stripped right there on the truck seat. When I saw that naked pregnant tummy and that hot snatch between her legs I went bonkers. I couldn’t believe it was the same crack I had ram rodded not so long ago and now it appeared virtually unchanged but that tummy showed that she had definitely been on the receiving end of somebody.

Oh my God I told her you are unbelievably beautiful. She looked shocked to hear me say it but it was true. With out thought I pulled out my dick and said look if you looked ugly my dick wouldn’t be looking like this! She pretty much new what I wanted to do at this point but I don’t believe she actually believed I was going to be so insistent on getting some of that pregnant stuff.

I’m getting married tomorrow she said or maybe it was this week. Any way I got between her legs and rammed it in so hard that she came hard and instantly. I sucked down on one tit and then the other before I made her come again and then I exploded. When it happened it was so sudden and abrupt that the sheer sensation of my cream blasting into her made her have a multiple. Dame it was good!!

After a few minutes of collecting our thoughts she couldn’t believe we had just done it for real and she had just enjoyed it very much. With my sperm inside her I fucked her again and within minutes felt another load about to cum. She was between orgasms and gasped oh my God are you going to cum again. I pushed her legs back and told her to get ready. Then I shoved my dick in and out of her in a way that would make her sore but it felt really good. Oh she said not so hard. I’m going to get married tomorrow she said and then I blasted off like a mother fucker and she came like hell with me.

After that I rolled her over and hard fucker her from behind until she said it was really hurting. I don’t know what had got into me but after blowing my load twice in a row I had incredible staying power and seeing her there pregnant was driving me mad! I stopped for a second and told her that I needed to cool off. After a few minutes I slid back in and told her to get ready. Oh God not again she said I’ll smell like sex tomorrow she blurted. I rammed it in good and hard and told her to make me cum or I was going to fuck her until the sun came up and I believe I would have. She with out thought reflexed that pussy up tight against me and arched her back deep. The sensation drew my cream instantly and she cooed in disbelief as I filled her once again.

At that point I was pretty much done but I told her that I wasn’t. The last thing I remember was holding my position and we passed out from exhaustion right there. I must have started to snore when she awoke realizing we had fallen asleep. The reality that someone might notice she was not at home sleeping in her own little bed was a concern.

Wake up she screamed! Get off of me! I felt her push me back and realized she was getting dressed. I put two fingers in her crack and pulled her ass to the edge of the truck seat. She bitched like hell but she was really sore and felt it was better to go along with me than to resist as I held my fingers in her sore little pussy. My dick struggled to get hard but the feel of that hot wet pussy made it happen. Within moments my cock was in there and my fingers were holding her half dressed naked body in place. I pumped her hard and told her to make me cum again. Not so hard she screamed! Not so hard!

I then told her that I was going to be fucking her hot pussy a lot more because it just was too good to be true. I told her that seeing her pregnant had driven me completely insane and that I wanted her to have at least ten kids for me. I told her that I was going to take her up to the door of her parent’s house and then drop a load in her doggy style and ring the door bell at the same time so that they would know the exact moment when the next one had been made. I then told her that I was going to stick her in front of her fiancé and the preacher and that everyone would know without a doubt as to what her pussy was for. I squeezed her hips tight just at the thought. I sucked her tits as hard as I could suck and all but gnawed on her nipples trying to make her milk come.

She evidentially got off too because she pulled her hills deep into the small of my back as her bumped yummy pressed tight against mine. We embraced tightly as her heavenly hole rocked for my every last drop. With the thought of doing her on her parent’s door steps I blew like hell and she jumped hard orgasming with me. I new her pussy was going to be sore but she didn’t seem to be complaining after that. I think she was actually afraid I might ring mom and dad’s door bell.

I got off and began to back of our parking spot before I was even fully dressed. She a little idled as to the fact that I was leaving so fast began to get dressed without cleaning up. Baby I said you’re getting cream all over my seat. Where are we going she replied? Where do you think I said? Don’t get dressed! She looked at me and said I’ve got to put my shirt on. Well just don’t button it I told her and drop those drawers. I could see her eyes widen and I was serious. What do you mean drop my drawers she said? Come on I said drop em you’re going to get fucked in front of mom and dad and I want to see those tits flop back and forth when I do it to you.

No she said buttoning up her shirt with no bra I’m getting married tomorrow your going to get us killed! A minute later I was at her drive way and told her to get naked. I reached over and gave her a kiss as I jerked her shirt up and began to squeeze those beautiful tits. Turn the lights off she pleaded. I reached over with my foot on the brake and she began to make her escape. I grabbed her with one hand and turned the lights off with the other. I did notice that she seemed genuinely concerned but I had gone crazy over that pussy. I then pulled her shirt back up making her luscious cones drop out as I gave her a kiss and probed a finger down into her pussy. I don’t know how she did it but with one slip she was out the door. Her ass was shining and her tits were illuminating the world. I could all but see that snatch glisten down there but within a second she had rearranged everything and looked fully dressed other than her tits bouncing a little extra due to the lack of her bra. She started to run home and stopped briefly as she jumped up and down waving her hands for me to leave. I can still see those pregnant tits bouncing around in her shirt as she ran home. At that point I knew I couldn’t catch her even if I tried. Besides she was provable right we might have got killed if we were caught fucking on the door steps.

Oh well we will never know. I never saw her again after that night. I don’t know if she got married the next day or week but that I have never seen her again. I’ve dated some beautiful girls over the years but nothings better than the girl with the best pussy on earth. That’s why I usually say when I see a pregnant girl that she was provably a little to good in the sack for her own good. I’ve knocked more than a few and plan to knock a few more. So if your one of those ladies who loves to feel a guy inhale you as your bodies smolder together then look out chances are you’ll have a bun smoldering in your oven sooner rather than later. Any luck it will be a passionate moment you’ll adore for the rest of your life. Just try and not get knocked-up from an encounter you don’t even remember that’s all I ask. Baby making is supposed to be a tremendously special moment no matter how it happens. I just like to think that when I got with a girl and something happened she knew when it happened and at that moment it was a very memorable experience for her.

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