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Published: 9-Nov-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"When is Ed going to learn to keep his window locked?" Edd inquired, opening the basement window of his friend. Before he could get inside, the shorter boy cut in front and slid through the rectangular hole.

"Why? What could get in here?" Ed asked when his feet reached the floor.

Scrawny legs first, Double-D entered the basement. "Oh, I don't know." He closed the window. You and I, burglars, wild animals..."


The boys turned to the source of the sudden shout. Eddy struggled to keep a straight face when he saw where it came from.

Slouched on a purple mattress with his mouth wide open and his baby blue tongue hanging out the side, Ed was snoring loudly. His neck was held up by a purple pillow, putting his head in an uncomfortable-looking arch. Occasionally, he would mutter random words like "Ravioli" and "UFO".

Edd held back a snicker with his right hand.

"Shh!" Eddy said before tiptoeing over to his sleeping friend. Gently, he stepped on the mattress and stood before Ed with his legs on either side. "Dog-pile!"

"Aliens!" Ed yelled just as Eddy jumped into the air. Before the confused boy could land, however, Ed's arms shot out and grabbed him by the sides.

"Whoa!" Eddy's arms and legs wildly waved about as he was held in mid-air. He turned and helplessly looked at a now laughing Double-D. "Help me! Double-DEEEEEE!" He barely had time to finish his plea as he was flung across the room.

The loud 'CRASH' of Eddy slamming into the wall and 'THUD' of him hitting the floor brought Ed to life.

"Hi, guys!" Ed said with a grin that exposed his purple gums.

Edd was giggling in his spot. Eddy was lying on his chin with his body vertically clinging to the wall in reverse. His yellow shirt was ruffled up to his stomach, exposing part of his back. He let out a distressed groan and fixed himself.

"So what are we going to do today?" Ed asked.

"I was thinking we could have a nice, peaceful, trouble-free, 10 hours of fun," Double-D suggested.

"Nah, I like my idea better," stated Eddy.

"Really?" Edd asked sarcastically while narrowing his eyes. "And just what idea is that?"

"Why, come up with another get-rich-quick scheme to get us some jawbreakers, of course!" He grinned and rubbed his hands together.

A high-pitched scream caused the boys to raise their heads to the ceiling. It sounded like the wails of a small girl. Edd and Eddy turned to Ed, who was still looking up.

"What was that?" Eddy asked.

"I don't know. *gasp*" Bending his knees, he began to cower in fear. "Maybe the aliens that I dreamed about came out of my dream cloud and are upstairs trying to use my mom's satellite dish to channel Earth's information to their spaceship so they can conquer the whole world someday!"

Edd and Eddy blankly stared at their friend before another shriek caught their attention and prompted them look up again.

"Let's go check it out!" suggested Eddy, heading for the door. "Maybe we can get them to bribe us."

"Eddy," Edd closed his eyes and pointed a finger upward, "someone's clearly in trouble, and all you can think about is..." Opening his eyes, the boy realized that he was talking to air. Ed and Eddy had already left the room. With a sigh, he followed. _

The shrieks led the boys up to Sarah's bedroom. Eddy put his hand on the doorknob just before a familiar-sounding yell rang out. Twisting the knob, he pushed the door open a little and the duo peeked inside.

Jimmy was laying on Sarah's bed with his short legs dangling off the side. White jeans were pulled down to his ankles. His braced mouth was wide open, emitting high-pitched squeaks of either pain or delight. Sarah was sitting on his lap with her hands by her side, roughly bouncing up and down and making the bed shake. The petite girl was naked with her back turned to the door.

Edd had just come up the stairs, grumbling about how Ed and Eddy never listen. Seeing his two friends glued to whatever was on the other side of the door, he became silent and moved closer, looked over Eddy's head. His face immediately went crimson and his heart nearly dropped. Sarah's bare little ass was hopping around above the knees of a torso-less young male body, repeatedly slamming into a small, hairless sack. Upon seeing this, he yanked the rim of his black hat over his face with both hands covering his entire head and half of his neck. Mouth and eyes agape, Eddy closed the door.

"The door's closed, Double-D," said Ed, seemingly unshaken at what he'd just witnessed.

Edd slowly lifted the hat until he was certain that it was safe. "Phew."

"It's just sex, sockhead," Eddy groaned with a smile.

"Just sex?!" Edd whispered loudly. "Eddy! Sarah and Jimmy are way too young for that! We're too young to even see that! It isn't right!"

"See what?" Ed wondered aloud.

"Sarah! Sarah!" Jimmy's muffled voice whined.

"Heh-heh." Grinning wickedly, Eddy slowly cracked the door open and peered inside. Standing taller, Ed calmly watched with him. Edd crouched behind them with his hands covering his ears and his knees at his chest.

"Eddy, I think Sarah's gone mad," Ed said cluelessly.

"Let's just go!" complained Edd.

"What?" Eddy turned to address the cowering boy. "And miss out on Jimmy getting more sissified than usual by Sarah? No way!" He resumed watching the action.

"Sarah!" The timid boy stiffened and lifted his legs until they were sticking straight out. His head turned to the left and he closed his eyes.

Sarah kept bouncing and grinding in his lap. Jimmy's upper body suddenly sprung up like a drawbridge, his red face nearly hitting Sarah's. The redhead pushed him back down. Seconds later, he sat back up, gritting his teeth and shivering as if in extreme cold. Tightly holding onto his shoulders, she laid him back and held him down.

Jimmy had three more jolts, this time suppressed by his friend's grip. A deep sigh followed the last flinch. When his orgasm appeared to end, his head drifted to the left and his eyes closed. His breathing became steady as his heartbeat went back to normal.

Sarah's grinding slowed to a stop, seeing that her partner was out cold. With a frustrated groan, she hopped off her fallen friend, making his limp dick slide out and rest just below his bellybutton. Her back was still turned to the door.

"What were they doing, Eddy?" Ed questioned.

"I'll tell you what they were doing," Eddy smirked, "They were..."

"Eddy!" Edd yelled louder than he had intended. He was still sitting with his knees up.

It was then that Sarah turned and noticed Eddy's back through the crack of the door. The trio was too engrossed in their conversation to notice her approach before she yanked the door open. "Get in here!"

Eddy spun around in surprise.

"Sarah!" exclaimed Double-D, "we were just leaving."

After knowing Sarah for several years, Edd should have known better than to defy her. After a fierce growl, the redhead literally pounced on the three boys, forming a cloud of smoke. Boyish screams could be heard, mostly drowned out by the sounds of punches and kicks. The cloud drifted back into the room, right in front of the bed. A red shirt was tossed aside, followed by a green jacket, a pair of purple shorts, and other apparel. When the smoke cleared, the boys were on the ground, completely naked with Sarah standing before them.

Sarah's snarling ceased and was replaced by a look of astonishment. Dropping her hands, she stared downward and tilted her head. Ed and Eddy looked to their sides and dropped their jaws in disbelief at what was between them.

In the scuffle, Edd managed to lose his hat. A thin, purple Mohawk topped his otherwise bald head. It was a 6-inch-high tidal wave shape that faced backwards. The tip curved into a spiral.

"What?!" Edd cried when he noticed that all wide-open eyes were on him. "It was an early science experiment gone awry! I can't cut it or dye it!"

Everyone stared blankly.

"Stop looking at me!"


Sitting up, Edd scoped the room for his hat. He soon found it beside the bed and rushed to it on his hands and knees. Before he could get to it, a short pair of legs stepped in front of him, causing his face to bump into the genitals. In doing so, his tongue brushed by the opening of a wet labia and caused the owner of the limbs to gasp. The boy looked up and saw Sarah gazing down at him with a half smile.

"Oh, Double-Deee-eeee," Sarah said in a sing-song voice, stroking his hair. It felt similar to wet clay. "Could you do that again?"

"Sarah, please don't do this!" Edd begged.


"I don't think you..."

"DO IT!" Before Edd knew it, his face was buried in Sarah's crotch. Using her left hand, she held the back of his head and humped against him. Stiffly, his tongue lapped up and down. "Uhhhh, that's good..." Starting with a double-take, her attention then focused on Eddy, who was nervously standing against the closed door. "What the heck is that?!"

The shortest Ed's cock was about 2 inches long, though it was erect. Its head was lime green.

"Um..." Eddy stammered with sweat coming out of his pores.

Before he could excuse his 'little' problem, he felt himself get yanked by the wrist and stumble over to his captor. She then pushed Double-D aside, making him fall against the foot of the bed and on the floor.

"Goodness gracious, what have I done?!" Edd whined, dramatically looking to the ceiling.

"Since you won't fit your little dick in my pussy, you eat me!"

"What?!" Eddy protested, snatching his arm out of her grasp. "I'm not gonna put my tongue in that diseased hole of yours!"

In a flash, Sarah's hand reached into Eddy's open mouth and pulled his lime green tongue out. It extended to about 5 inches before bringing him to his knees. She dabbed her cunt with it several times, getting drool on her hands, cunt, and the floor. Next, she pried her cunt open and stuffed half of the tongue inside.

"Ghhwwaahh!" Eddy gagged awkwardly.

Sarah's upper thighs were now closed on Eddy's tongue. Cunt juice leaked through the tight space between it and her labia. He could taste the sweetness and smell the aroma, yet refused to admit that he liked it. Both of her hands had a steady grip on it. The girl's body rocked back and forth and her head leaned back as she rode his organ.

"That's enough!" She yanked Eddy's tongue out and let it roll back into his mouth like a yo-yo. "Ed, get on the floor!"

"Sarah, stop it now!" Ed said sternly, angrily pouting his lips and pointing a finger.


Ed became as stiff as a plank and fell on his back with a sound of a diving board flinging. The head of his cock was baby blue and the upraised shaft was 3 inches long. His sister literally fell from the air and landed right on his lap, causing his dick to disappear up her pussy. The walls squeezed his shaft tightly, nearly peeling the foreskin off.

Aaahhh!" the siblings yelled out together.

The pain of impaling herself on her brother's hard cock quickly subsided and Sarah rode him like a beast, growling as she did it. Each bounce made his body flinch as if the floor was moving. Her knees were beside Ed's hips and her hands were on his chest like she was performing CPR. The boy's arms were flat at his sides. His eyes were rolled into the back of his head and he had a toothy grin on his face.

"Double-D?" Sarah requested with sudden shyness. "Could you get behind me?"

Edd was still sitting on the floor, beside the bed. Not wanting to anger the little redhead, he slowly came to her, though he felt as if he would soon have a nervous breakdown. His dick was 4 inches long and had a light blue head.

"Now stick it up my ass." Sarah bent forward, attempting to expose her anus to the shaken boy behind her without leaving her brother's dick.

"This is very, very, very, very wrong!" Edd stammered. Sarah turned her head and snarled. "I can't!"

Annoyed with the time that her crush was wasting, she reached back and held Double-D's hips, forcing him to his knees and his pelvis to slam into her ass. In doing so, his hardened cock managed to slip between her cheeks and up her asshole.

"Oh yeah! Come on, fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck me!" Rhythmically, her lower body moved up, down, forward, and backward, adjusting to being full of two cocks quite well.

Sarah's ass was incredibly tight. Reluctantly, Double-D held the child's thin hips with two hands, careful not to touch her cunt or ass cheeks. She responded by twisting her bottom in his grip.

"Uh! Uhh! Uhh!"

"Ed, please forgive me!" Edd wailed.

By this time, Ed was asleep. He loudly sucked in air through his open mouth, then blew it back out with pursed lips. The snores were just as loud as his sister bouncing around on his lap and slapping against his balls.

"Hey!" Edd shouted. "When am I gonna be a part of this little sexcapade?"

"Whenever you can afford some viagra!" Sarah replied.

"Grrr!" He sat on the bed, beside Jimmy's unconscious body.

Squeezing Ed's shoulders, Sarah girl buried her face in her older brother's chest. The sudden pinches from her fingernails woke Ed from his slumber. A low growl could be heard, muffled by the boy's torso. Cautiously, Edd stopped pumping her. Her skinny legs rapidly quivered and she stopped grinding on Ed and Edd. Even Eddy looked over in wonder.

When Sarah's orgasm settled down, she arose, making the cocks fall out of her cunt and butt. "NOW GET OUT!" she roared, balling her fists.

At the sound of Sarah's voice, the trio nearly teleported out of the room with their clothes in their hands and went into the living room. Neither of them had came, so their balls ached for a while.

When Edd and Eddy were dressed, they went out the front door. Not bothering with his jeans, Ed followed with his white briefs looking odd together with his jacket and sneakers.

"What in the world just happened?" Edd exhaustedly asked when Ed closed the door.

"I believe my younger sister just had an insatiable urge to have sexual intercourse until she could successfully achieve her orgasm after her friend, Jimmy, failed to assist her in doing so," Ed explained. "Had we not been there at the moment, I assume she would have had to wait until Jimmy had awakened before satisfying her desires. Of course, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and thus became her pawns. Combine Sarah's extreme arousal with her short temper and that, Double-D, would result in what just happened."

Eddy and Double-D stared at Ed, who was now gazing into space with a half smile.

"Ed... shut up," Eddy grumbled.

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Dave Miyagi

Fun story J, thanks. I dont know the cartoon ED Edd and Eddy but your discription of Sarah made me want to read more. Stories of young kids having sex with one another is hot!

Mr Magee

This story is JUST like the actual cartoon! I could see and hear everything like I was watching the show.

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